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Reba: Reba's BJ (FF,b-solo,bg,inc,voy,toys)
by BBW Lover

"Reba!" BJ shouted as she entered Reba's front door.

Reba lying on the couch, felt her headache get worse. "What do you want Barbra Jean?" Reba asked.

"Reba, I just caught Jake peeking at me while I was in the shower. I tried to grab him, but he got away, again."

"Again?" asked Reba. "You mean he's done it before?"

"At least twice before." BJ replied.

"Once I found a stain of, what I can only assume, was semen."

"My boy has become a man." Reba said.

"Reba, what am I going to do?"

"Barbra Jean," said Reba, "It looks like he takes after his daddy. A Texas horndog thru and thru."

"But Reba, I don't want him, I want YOU!" BJ slowly bent down and gave Reba a gentle kiss on the lips.

Reba, at first, pulled away, but then held BJ's neck and slipped her a tongue. BJ reached down to caress Reba's breast, then moved down to her beltline. She pushed her hand into Reba's jeans and into her panties. She found her pussy and rubbed her clit, like she's done so many times before in her dreams. Reba pushed her hand under BJ's bra and found a nipple on BJ's massive DDs and pinched, ever so lightly. This made BJ moan softly and increase her manipulation of Reba's clit. It had been too long since Reba had felt this much pleasure.

Reba stopped and regained her composure. She broke her embrace with BJ and pulled her hand from BJ's tit. "We can't do this Barbra Jean. You're married to Brock. This is wrong."

BJ, also coming down to Earth, said "I'm sorry Reba. I don't know what happened. I just got so horny all of the sudden. The thought of little Jake watching me with his hand on his little dick, was just more than I could take. I need to get laid. With Brock out of town I just couldn't help myself."

"That's ok, Barbra Jean. I haven't had much action lately either."

The sound of the back door opening and closing drew their attention to Jake runny past them trying to get upstairs to his room.


Jake stopped and turned, red faced, to face his mother and step-mother.

"What's this I hear about you peeking at Barbra Jean in the shower."

"I was just curious, mom." answered Jake.

"Then why did Barbra Jean find a stain of semen outside her bathroom door the other day?"

Caught! "I'm sorry Barbra Jean. You just looked so good my willie just started to grow. I wanted to see more."

"Aw, that's so sweet." sighed BJ. She hugged Jake, purposely putting his face in her cleavage. She wanted to see how far Reba would let her go with tempting Jake.

"Alright Barbra Jean, that's enough. He's already seen your tits today, there's no need to rub his face in them."

"Ok Reba." she answered letting Jake go.

Jake ran upstairs as fast as he could to his room.

"Barbra Jean, it might be a good idea to lock the bathroom door until Brock comes back home."

"Well that's not as much fun, but alright." BJ turned and walked out the front door and went back home.

Reba laid back down, still trying to ease her headache.

* * *

Later that night, Reba was taking a shower, and Jake, of course, was peeking thru the door watching her, stroking his 3 1/2 inch dick. Unknown to him, his sister Kyra had been watching him and rubbing her 11 year old pussy thru her jeans. "Jake." she said in a loud whisper.

Jake jumped, turned and looked at his older sister in shame.

"What the hell do you think you're doing? You come here, RIGHT NOW!"

Jake stood up, his dick still in his hand, and walked meekly to Kyra.

"In my room, NOW!"

Jake entered her room and stood next to her bed.

"SIT!" she commanded as she closed and locked the door to her bedroom.

He sat on her bed and nervously looked at his sister. Kyra wasted no time. She got on her knees in front of her brother and grabbed his limp little willie. Jake was shocked. He thought he was in trouble, for sure this time.

"Don't worry Jake, I won't tell anyone. I get horny too sometimes. Maybe we could help each other, just this once."

Jake nodded his head and laid back onto the bed. Kyra stroked until he was hard and put it in her mouth and sucked like she'd seen the girls do in one of Van's porn tapes. She sucked and bobbed her head up and down until she heard Jake moan. She thought it was time for her to have some fun too.

She pulled her jeans and panties off and straddled Jake's hips. She slipped her hand between her legs and placed Jake's dick under her pussy and eased down. She knew that, because she's a virgin, it will hurt, but she was too horny to stop now. She came down onto Jake and slowly lowered herself further down until she felt it pressing against her hymen. She lowered herself until she felt it tear and felt the pain of losing her cherry. After several pumps, she felt better and soon was humping her brother's dick like a pro.

"I feel something happening, Kyra." Jake whispered. "Something good."

Kyra couldn't take it anymore, she felt her climax building. She'd cum before, but always when rubbing her clit. She'd never had a vaginal orgasm before. It felt better that anything she'd felt before.

Jake grunted and Kyra felt him shooting his jism into her eager pussy. Kyra started to have her own orgasm and shook and spasmed in the biggest climax she'd ever had.

After catching her breath, she gently kissed Jake on the lips and lifted herself off of him. She reached into the hamper and pulled out a towel to wipe herself and Jake off with. "Not a word to anyone, you understand?" Kyra instructed Jake.

"I understand Kyra."

Kyra opened her door to see if her mother was still in the shower, she was. "Go, now. While mom's still in the shower."

Jake quickly left and went straight to his room. Smiling all the way.

* * *

The next day at breakfast, Kyra and Jake quietly and quickly ate and left for school. Reba was too distracted by what happened with BJ to notice the strange activity between her two youngest children.

After they left, Reba went into the living room and sat down on the couch and turned the TV on. While surfing channels, in comes BJ. "Hey, Reba."

"Hey, Barbra Jean."

"Whatcha watchin'?" BJ asked.

"Nothin', just watchin'."

BJ sitting down next to Reba, "Can we talk?"

"Yes, I think we need to, Barbra Jean."

"Look, I don't regret what happened yesterday, I just want to know where we go from here." BJ started.

"I don't know, Barbra Jean. On the one hand, I'm still mad at you for breaking Brock and I up. But on the other, you are one hell of a good kisser and your tits feel great."

They eased closer together.

"So are you, Reba."

They couldn't hold back any longer. Within minutes, they were back in their embrace with their hands in each other's jeans. They wasted no time in stripping off all of their clothes. Reba had her hands on BJ's huge tits, finding her nipples between her fingers. BJ had one hand on Reba's ass and the other exploring Reba's size C tits.

"Oh, Barbra Jean. Your tits feel so good. I could do this forever."

"Oh, Reba. I've always loved your ass. I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to just reach out and grab a cheek in each hand and squeeze."

Reba pushed BJ back on the couch and kissed down to her neatly trimmed pussy. Finding her clit, Reba licked and inserted two fingers into BJ's wet pussy. BJ was in heaven. She began to hump against Reba's fingers and neared a massive orgasm. Reba reached up and found BJ's nipples. BJ held her tits and played with her nipples mingling her fingers with Reba's fingers.

"Oh, FUCK Reba!" screamed BJ. "You're making me CUM!!! Give me another finger in my pussy, PLEASE!"

Reba inserted one more finger causing BJ to hump even faster and cum louder. Several minutes passed before the orgasm passed and BJ could breathe again.

"Boy, they weren't kidding when they said the Earth moves. It really did." BJ was finally able to say. BJ sat up, pushed Reba back onto the couch and said "Now it's your turn."

Reba spread her legs and reached up and grabbed BJ's head and guided her down to her waiting pussy. BJ knew how to please a woman. Reba was not her first. BJ licked and kissed the inside of each of Reba's thighs, working her way up to her steaming hot pussy. When she finally got there, BJ went straight to work on Reba's clit. Lapping it up like a lollypop.

Reaching into her purse, BJ pulled out one of her well used dildos and put it into Reba's pussy. Reba, not expecting anything so big or hard down there, jumped when it first went in. But after a few seconds she began to fuck the dildo as if it were a real dick. Pushing the dildo in and out and licking her clit, BJ began to finger her own pussy and clit.

As Reba was playing with one of her nipples, she reached out with the other hand and placed it on the back of BJ's head, as if to make sure BJ didn't pull it away. She was nearing the first orgasm she's had in months. She even considered seducing her son-in-law Van. But BJ was much better. The room started to grow dark as Reba's orgasm began to peak. She humped BJ's hand and dildo harder and moaned louder than she ever had with Brock. Her hips buckled and jerked as she came. "Oh, BJ. I think I love you."

That was more than BJ could take. She gave herself another orgasm playing with her clit. Reba's orgasm lasted more than two full minutes. When it was all done, BJ kissed her way back up to Reba's tits, kissing each nipple. Finally ending up kissing Reba on her mouth, letting each Mrs. Hart to taste the other's pussy juices.

They fell asleep in each other's embrace on the couch and were awakened by the sound of the bus dropping Kyra and Jake off from school. They scrambled to get dressed and made it just in time when the two youngsters walked in the front door.

"Please tell me you two aren't fighting again." exclaimed Kyra.

"No. We're just chillin'." answered BJ.

As the kids went into the kitchen to get a snack, Reba and BJ shared one last kiss before BJ went back home. This time, Reba couldn't wait for her to cum back.


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