Reba: Reba's Boy Scouts (b+m+F,inc,oral,anal,cream pie,bukkake,first)
by Dr. Demented 666

It's been a little over 6 months since the birth of her new children to the fathers of Josh, Eric and her son, Jake, who are all now 13 years old and joined the boy scouts. Reba decided to become more active in her sons life, especially since he's also the father of one of her new babies, so she decided to be a troop leader. This would be the first weekend as the troop leader and she has an adventure planned for the whole troop to go camping at the nearest lake.

Reba set up the reservations and made sure the spot they had was secluded and no unexpected guests would happen by. There were 30 boys ranging in age from 12-13 years old in the troop, including Jake, Josh and Eric. She drove her son, Eric and Josh to the camp site and had the other parents drive their own kids and drop them off for the weekend at the camp. Upon arrival she had all the boys set up camp and pitch the tents along with a make-shift shower by a tree. Everyone did as they were told and soon it was nightfall and they were all sitting around the camp fire talking when Reba lit up a smile and offered a suggestion...

"Hey guys, you all want to earn a special badge?...You'll be the only ones to have one since this is the only troop that will do this particular thing."

"Sure, but what do we have to do?" One of the boys asked as Reba laid out 30 gold badges shaped like torpedoes.

"Watch what Jake, Josh and Eric do and you all can join in once you learn from what you see." Reba stated as she stood and began to unbutton her tanned top with multiple badges and patches on it, opening it and exposing a light blue bra that hugged her tits tightly.

All the boys eyes grew wide as they watched Jake's hot mom unsnap her bra and then worked her tight black shorts down her smooth peachy legs and exposing a pair of blue-laced undies that she took off after removing her hiking boots and socks. Each boy smiled with delight as they stared at her naked splendor and fire-red bush to match her shoulder length wavy red hair. They couldn't believe a naked women was right there in front of them and teasing them as she ran her tongue over her full lips and her skin shimmered from the fire light bouncing off her body.

Reba laid down on her back on a blanket and motioned for her lovers Eric, Josh and her son, Jake, to come to her and show the troop what to do. Eric, Josh and Jake knew what she wanted and what o do so they took off all their clothes and Eric was first to get between her legs and push himself into her wet pussy that encapsulated his cock with her warmth and clenched at it like a snug glove as he worked it back and forth in her...

"I'm cumming, Reba...GOD! I love it in you so much!" Eric squealed as his dick pulsed furiously in her. He pulled out and Josh was quick to take his spot, Easing himself into Reba's freshly fucked pussy and feeling Eric's cum lather his cock and turning it frothy white as he laid across Reba and worked his tongue into her mouth as he took her.

Josh winced and groaned as he started to cum in her as well, filling her with his hot cum and pushing himself up and off of her to let her son, Jake, have a shot next. Jake moved in and pushed his hard cock into his mother and the boys in the troop gasped with shocked as they watched Jake sexualize his own mom. The boys, each of whom could be a boy model for a clothing magazine and all of whom are caucasian, watched as Jake fucked his mother while they all stroked their now erect cocks through their uniform shorts.

Jake twirled his tongue over his mother's and soon expelled a full load of hot cum into her pussy, filling it like he hasn't had sex for a year. As Jake got up and off his mom she turned her attention to the rest of the troop...

"To earn your badges you have to do just what my son and his friends just did to me...And you all have to finish in me...So get them clothes off and come do me." Reba stated.

The boys were all to eager to do what they just witnessed to such a beautiful mom, so they took their clothes off and exposed their prepubescent frames for Reba to see and the first boy got between her legs...

"This is my first time doing it, tell me if I'm doing it right." He said as he inched his hard cock into her pussy and Reba watched it disappear in her along with his virginity.

"That's it, honey...Just like that...Work it...Work my pussy, baby..." Reba moaned with pleasure as the young boy took her in a push-up position and pumping his hips up and down until Reba orgasmed and her squirts spurted around his shaft...

"Holy crap, I never felt like this before...You're so hot..It's sooooooo wet and tight...I...I'm...What's happening!?" The boy squealed as he experienced his first ever orgasm and filled Reba's pussy with his semen, making her laugh with delirious smiles and swirling flashes of ecstasy as she knew she took his virginity and made him cum inside of her.

The boy slowly pulled from her pussy and watched as his white sperm oozed from her pussy and the next boy in line took his place and slid inside Reba, fucking her spermy pussy and tonguing her mouth with youthful frolics as he, too, grunted as he came in her. Reba was in heaven as she felt her 5'th creampie fill her milf pussy to the point of explosive nature, expelling the cum with force and spurts as he withdrew from her and letting the next boy in line take over.

Reba experienced boy after boy take her and cum in her pussy, filling her with 30 loads of cum and making her red pubes turn white from the amount of semen coating them and oozing from her pussy with slimy heat and pooling on the blanket under her. Josh went in for his second time and went down on her, plunging his flirting tongue into her cum-filled pussy and lapping the boys cum out of her and making her squirm and arch her back until she orgasmed, squirting vaginal fluids mixed with hot boy cum onto his face and coating it in a glistening nature.

Josh slid up her body and spit a mouthful of cum into Reba's mouth and surprised her with it as he put his hard dick in her for the second time that night. Reba wrapped her legs around her boy lover as he took her and felt the other boys gathering around her and Josh, rubbing their hard cocks against her warm and smooth body, pleasuring themselves to her soft texture and making her dizzy with excitement and horniness.

Reba couldn't believe her body was literally being molested by dozens of boys using their cocks and rubbing them against all parts of her body...Legs, feet, ass, sides of her stomach, hair, face, breast sides, everywhere! She was horny as hell as she felt her hardest orgasm ever arise...Hard pulses went through her entire body as she quaked and spasmed with squirts spurting out her pussy and past Josh's cock as the other boys began to cum and cover her body parts they were pleasuring themselves to.

Reba laughed hystarically to what just transpired as her legs sunk back down to ground level and let Josh up off of her, revealing her cum-covered body in all its sweaty glory. She got up and could barely stand with her legs wobbly and nearly giving out under her. Reba manged herself over to the shower where she stood under it and turned it on, leaning against the tree beside it for support and watching as Jake came to her...

Jake stood directly in front of his mom and inched himself into her, fucking her while standing and kissing her tenderly until he exploded inside of her. Reba was ecstatic and motioned for another boy to take her sons place; over and over...Boy after boy, took her in the shower; each time one pulled from her pussy his cum dripped off her pubic hairs at her vaginal slit and onto the ground where it was washed away from the water.

After all 30 boys took her yet again, giving her a total of 60 cum loads in her pussy thus far, Reba went to the picnic table and leaned forward onto it, resting her upper body on it as her legs and feet touched the ground and held her up as she spread her legs wide....

"Now, my ass...Fuck my ass and fill me up there!" Reba demanded.

Josh sat on the ground and began to lick Reba's cum-soaked pussy as Jake was first to thrust his hard cock into his mother's ass. Chills shot up her spine as her son penetrated her anally, making her ass spasm and tingle with delight as she felt him throb inside her ass as he grunted with orgasmic delight. Jake withdrew and Eric was next to fuck her beautiful asshole with hard thrusts as he cupped her ass cheeks until he, too, dumped his hot cum into her.

Soon, boy after boy took her anally as Josh licked her pussy as each one fucked her ass. As each boy withdrew from her pussy his load of cum flowed from her ass and down her inner legs and the center of her vaginal slit, coating Josh's face and flowing into his mouth; making his face and neck a white mess of sticky glaze.

After all the boys were threw, Josh got up and climbed atop Reba; pushing his hard dick into her ass as he laid across her back and flicked his tongue at the corner of her mouth. Reba struggled to get her tongue to reach his as she felt the boys take their turns fucking her pussy as Josh took her in the ass. She couldn't believe the sensations provided by the boys as she was DP'd and sometimes double-ass-penetrated as a few adventurous boys sunk their cocks into her ass along with Josh's hard cock.

Reba exploded with several orgasms with each boy that fucked her, filling her pussy yet again with loads of cum as Josh finally filled her ass with the longest and hardest cum-shot of his life. Reba's eyes popped open wide and she squealed with loud groans as Josh's cock swelled and pulsed with rapid throbs in her ass, expelling a huge amount of cum and making her ass explode with a back draft and force his cock out of her along with his cum.

It looked like a gallon of milk shot from her ass as Josh's cum and the 29 other boy's loads that mostly remained in her blew from her orifice and onto the ground. All the boys stood there in disbelief as Reba sucked off Eric and Jake, making them cum and cover her pretty face with thick loads of white cum, stranding up her cheeks, lips and forehead.

Josh got off Reba and she attempted to stand, her legs wobbled and gave way under her as she collapsed to the ground where she laid for nearly a half hour to gather herself and muster enough strength to stand.

Reba experienced the sex of her life...A huge orgy of 12 and 13 year old boys that included her son...Multiple inseminations of her pussy and ass that amounted to over 120 creampies, between her ass and pussy; a shower of cum over her body, as well as a couple final facials to top things off. Reba caressed her gorgeous body with her fingertips and pleasured her still soaking pussy as she watched the boys gather around the fire and talk about what just happened and will happen the rest of the weekend...

Reba knew she had another full day to let the boys do to her whatever they wanted...And they did..Over and over...Again and again...Anally...Vaginally...DP...DPP...DAP...Facials...Body shots...Everything...Again and again! Reba experienced over 1,000 cumshots and creampies by the end of the weekend by her son and the Boyscout troop; what would be the most outrageous time of her life...





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