Reba: Reba's Hermaphroditic Family
(bFFf,anal,cream pie,facial,first,dp,dpp,dap,tap,gang,herm)
by Dr. Demented 666

Jake got home early from school and no one else was at home, lucky for him since he was experiencing an unusual dilemma in his pants. He was having his first ever erection at the tender age of 12 years old and not only that but a tingling sensation was occurring directly under his cock in his virginal pussy.

See, Jake-like the rest of his family(His mom, Reba; and two older sisters, Cheyenne and Kyra) are all hermaphrodites. His sisters and mom got the outer looks of beautiful woman but with the added feature of a male penis. Jake, however, had the outer appearance of a cute boy with the added feature of a female vagina. Now, Jake had no idea his sisters and mom were hermaphrodites but they all knew he was since he's the youngest and each one took care of him as a baby.

Reba's DNA started it all as the matriarch of the family and passed her genes along to her children. Some may call it a curse and may make things harder in life to find a partner, but others may find it a blessing and get along just fine as did Reba and Cheyenne thus far.

So Jake went up to his room and stripped naked, staring down and admiring his hard erection and fondling it with his fingertips and rolling his hand over the tip of it; sending tingles through his naval as he slid his hand down and cupped his peach fuzzed balls. Slowly he inched a finger into his virginal pussy and threw his head backward over his shoulders with a huge smile on his face as he panted with boyish moans of pleasure...

"JAKE HART! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" His mother yelled from the wide open doorway and surprising her son since she came home and he didn't know it.

Of course she knew what her son was doing but it seemed the obvious thing to say at the time as she stared at her naked son, noticing his boyish good looks and seeing him without clothes on for the first time in roughly 6 years. Man, how he has grown and his cock was a good 5" fully erect and his prepubescent tanned frame glistened in the room light that sparkled off his hairless stomach, chest, legs and arms. His armpits were even hairless, well, he is prepubescent after all with a hint of peach fuzz starting to show on his balls.

Jake's cute face stared stunned at his mom standing there with a stern look on her face that quickly grew to a wide smile as she entered the room and pulled her green and white top over and off of her. She didn't have a bra on so her huge tits stuck straight out at her son with their stiff 1" pointy nipples. Jake couldn't believe his eyes at how big her nipples were and admired her beauty as he never seen her with her shirt off before.

"Do you like what you see, Jake?" Reba asked of her son.

Jake nodded a 'YES' and Reba proceeded to take off her tight jeans. Jake was again surprised to see his mom not wearing any panties and shock set in as he got his first glimpse of his mother's 8" erection, made that way by seeing her son masturbating...

"WOWWWW! You got a thing just like I do!" Jake exclaimed with excitement.

"That's not all, look..." Reba stated as she lifted her dick and exposed her pussy to her son.

Reba had herself completely shaven smooth down below and it matched her son's prepubescent private area perfectly, just with a bigger dick. Reba went to her son and began to swipe her cock over and around his, teasing him with her lustful advances until she leaned in and slipped her tongue into his mouth. Jake stood there with surprise as his mom made out with him, cupping his hot ass with both her hands and grinding her shaft against him.

Reba slowly sunk to her knees in front of her boy where she rubbed his shaft against her smooth skin on her neck and gorgeous face, running her tongue along the underside of his cock and stopping at the tip of it where she flicked the tip of her tongue into his piss hole. Suddenly, Reba felt something glide through her hair on the back of her head and she turned her head to see what it was...

There standing behind her was her daughters Cheyenne and Kyra, both totally naked and horny from what they discovered their mom doing to her son and their brother. Jake finally seen that the whole family was alike as he bewildered over Kyra and Cheyenne's 7" cocks and their wet pussy's just under them that dripped wetness down the insides of their legs. Cheyenne's sultry body with large breasts to rival that of their mom's and her athletic legs were stunning as she swooshed her back length blond hair over her shoulders as she ran her hard cock through Reba's red hair.

Next to her was Kyra with her back length red hair and medium sized breast with a pale tone to her body and long legs that led up to her smooth shaven private area that matched her sister's smoothly shaven privates. Kyra as well was using their mom's hair as a masturbation tool and relishing in what was transpiring since she was the only other virgin in the room other than Jake.

Jake marveled at all the beauty in the room and the fact he actually got to see his own mom and sisters naked and doing this to each other for pleasure and fun...

"Jeez, mom...I didn't know you were so kinky...With your own son? That's incest you know?" Cheyenne exclaimed with a devilish smile.

"I can't help it, Jake really got me going when I caught him playing with himself. Besides, the fact it's incest doesn't seem to be stopping you or your sister from joining in." Reba replied.

"I know...Suck ours now, mom." Cheyenne stated.

Reba turned her attention to her daughters while still jerking off Jake. Somehow both Cheyenne and Kyra got both their cocks into their mom's mouth and stretched it like never before. Spit was starting to pour out and dangle from Reba's chin as her daughters fucked her mouth until...

Jake blew his cum all over his mom's hair and the side of her face, sending his sister's into orgasm mode after witnessing their brother's cumming. Cheyenne and Kyra pulled from their mom's mouth and jerked off onto her face, covering it with sticky white strands of hot cum until she couldn't even open her eyes. Reba squealed with each blast of cum and from the slapping cocks against her face and neck.

"What is it?" Jake asked.

"It's our stuff...Cum, I mean...You know-sperm...The stuff that makes babies." Cheyenne exclaimed.

Jake giggled with an understanding look on his face as he sunk to his knees by his mother's side. He looked up at his sisters who stood there with disbelief and wondering: 'Is he really gonna do what I think he's gonna do?"

Their question was soon answered as he ran his tongue over his mom's face and scooped up all the semen into his mouth and then shared it with his mom. Cheyenne and Kyra were stunned at what their brother was doing, but they pleasured themselves by wiping the undersides of their erections against their brother's face until he turned his attention to them...

Jake took turns sucking and licking each of his sister's hard cocks while their mom stayed kneeling at his side and watching him pleasure his older sisters until they both came on his face, covering it with their mess and forcing him to shut his eyes and take the hot loads with a dimpled cheeky smile.

Reba did just as her son did previously, running her tongue over his face and licking up the cum and then spitting it into his mouth for a cum swap. After both their faces were cleaned they stood and everyone headed to the bed where they would go further sexually than any family ever should. Reba was becoming a sexual cougar and wanted to experiment sexually just like Cheyenne and Kyra both did. Now was their chance, debauchery on a whole new level amongst family...

Reba laid on her back and spread her legs wide while stroking her hard cock: "Who's first?" She asked of her daughters and son.

Everyone scrambled to get to her first but Jake was the quickest, surprising his mom by shoving his hard cock balls deep into her. She moaned with delight and her head sunk back into the pillow as her son took her pussy and Cheyenne went down on her, sucking her cock while Kyra straddled her mom's face. Reba licked her daughter's sweet honey hole and bellowed out a muffled moan into Kyra's pussy as Reba felt her son orgasm inside of her, creaming her inner vaginal cavity until she blew her own load into Cheyenne's mouth.

Cheyenne swallowed the whole load and watched as her brother pulled from their mom's pussy and his messy white cum followed. Cheyenne swiped her tongue over her mom's milky slit and Jake moved down to help her, both licking the cum from their mom until Kyra pushed Jake out of the way for her own fuck.

Kyra sunk herself into her mother for sloppy seconds and Reba purred with excitement as her youngest daughter at 16 years old took her again and again until exploding deep into her mom's pussy. Reba's eyes grew wide with delight at the sudden flood of cum into her, filling her pussy until it back washed passed Kyra's cock inside of her.

Cheyenne laid on her back and Reba climbed atop of her, her pussy oozing cum as she slid Cheyenne into her slimy puss. Cheyenne squirmed and cooed with delight as she felt her mother's warm pussy encircle her cock and Reba's vaginal walls gripping tightly around the shaft...

"Mom! I can't hold on much longer!" Cheyenne squealed as her body shook and jolted from the impending orgasm...

But Kyra and Jake weren't to be left out as Kyra slid into her mom's ass and made her cringe from the sharp penetrating pain. Reba moaned hard as she felt her son insert his dick into her Pussy as she fucked Cheyenne. Reba was getting a good DP that was quickly followed by Kyra pulling from her mom's ass and shoving her dick into Reba's pussy for a DPP. Then Kyra and Jake pulled from their mom's pussy and pushed themselves into her ass for Reba's first DAP.

Reba teared up as she was torn up by her kids, fucking her in the ass as she continued to fuck Cheyenne into a hard orgasm. Cheyenne spasmed under her mom as her pussy filled with her mother's cum and Reba squirted as she experienced an orgasm from her cock, her pussy squirting orgasm and an anal orgasm all at once. Never has she felt such intense contractions that released so much energy that her ass clamped so tightly around Kyra and Jake's cocks it felt like they were gonna be chopped off.

After they finished with their mom, jake and Kyra pulled out of her ass and left it gaping as the girls and Jake took turns fucking each other. Jake had both his sisters and mother in both their pussies and ass and each of his sisters and mother had each other in both their pussies and ass. What fun it was to have both a dick and a pussy to fuck-and an ass as well. But something still needed to be done...

It was Jake's turn to experience his own pussy and ass getting fucked. He used his dick on his mom and sisters and now it was their turn to do him. Jake laid on his back on the bed with uncertainty as his mom was first to get between his legs and slowly ease herself into his virgin pussy, watching the expressions on his face as she did so.

Jake winced with pain as his sisters kissed his face and brushed his hair back as their mom laid atop of him and began to flick her tongue about in his mouth. Jake panted heavily and his abs tightened from his hymen snapping and coating his mom's cock with a trickle of blood...

"Mom...You just popped his cherry." Cheyenne stated, staring down at her mom's now coated red cock sliding back and forth into her son's pussy.

Reba smiled and closed her eyes as she orgasmed, filling her son with her hot cum and making him pout with excited high pitched squeals as he felt his first ever internal cream pie from his mother. Reba pulled from her son's womb and Kyra was next, quickly shoving her hard cock into his pussy and fucking him, making the bed rock with each thrust until she, too, came. Another huge load flung itself into the boy's pussy, filling it and pouring out like milk from a pitcher after Kyra withdrew.

Jake's entire lower half was slimy white and the sheets under him were soaked with cum. Cheyenne was next but wanted something else from him...

"I'm gonna fuck you in the ass, Jake...I'm gonna pop that ass cherry and make sure you truly are no longer a virgin." Cheyenne exclaimed.

Jake lifted his head to watch his sister slide into his ass while their mom spread his ass cheeks wide. Jake turned red in the face under the intense swelling filling his rectum as Cheyenne sunk her cock fully into him and pulled back all the way to the tip of her cock and then plunging back into him, Jake shook his head side to side and screamed from his anal penetration his sister gave to him, but Reba wanted him as well. Reba shoved Cheyenne out of her son and pulled him onto her as she laid back onto the bed...

"Sit on it, Jake...Put my big cock up you little ass...Let me feel that tight boy ass wrap around my hard cock." Reba ordered of her son.

Jake in a squatted position over his mom as she held her dick straight up-sat on it! Her hard cock sunk fully into him as he sunk to his knees around her waist and began to fuck his mom, laying down on her and making out with her as lovers do. Their tongues playfully fluttered about in each others mouths as Reba thrusted upward into her son's tight ass, feeling its vice-like grip clench at her cock and each of her thrusts making him whine like a little girl.

Cheyenne and Kyra were getting bored and came up with a plan...

"Do you think we can fit in there too?" Cheyenne asked of her sister who devilishly smiled back.

Kyra stood behind her brother and began to force herself into his ass long with their mom's cock. Jake cried out: "It's too much! Stop, Kyra! STOP!" He whimpered.

She did stop, but only to allow Cheyenne her chance at triple anal entry after Kyra laid acros her brother's back. Cheyenne knelt behind her sister and forced her hard cock into Jake's ass along with Kyra's and their mom's already in him. Jake pleaded for them to stop but their onslaught was continuous and rampant as his asshole stretched to accommodate 3 hard cocks that most women couldn't handle.

Jake's tears dripped onto his mom's face until he felt Kyra explode into his ass, her hot cum soothing his inner anal walls and bringing the burning stretching to a cool tenderness. Kyra slowed her thrusts as Cheyenne was next to explode into her brother's ass, letting him feel her warmth as it filled him and then followed by their mom...

"Mom! My butt! You're filling it up! My butt!" His mom giggled with orgasmic delight as she now knew her son was having an anal orgasm as his ass walls spasmed and clenched and released rapidly around her shaft.

Everyone pulled from Jake's ass at the same time and stared at the amazing 2" gaping hole and the bucket of cum the poured from it. No one knew what to expect at the start of all this that evening, but now they knew what to expect this day forward...


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