This story is a remake of another story I've done using the same characters from that story in the TV show Reba. The characters all know each other but no sex has taken place until this story. Without further ado...

Reba: Reba's Lust For Boys (b-solo,bF,bbbF,inc,oral,anal,ws,bukkake,cons,nc-cons)
by Dr. Demented 666

Jake was having his 12'th birthday party sleepover with his 2 best friends, Eric (a strong resemblance to the boy who played Eric in Jurassic Park 3) and Josh (a boy who was the spitting image of a young Dominic Scott Kay at age 12), all Jake's age.

Reba got back home late that evening and missed Jake's party, no sound could be heard in the house so she thought the boys must have already went to bed since it was 10 PM. Reba went up to her bedroom and stumbled upon a naked Eric masturbating in her room using a black nylon to stroke his 5" shaft with. She couldn't believe her eyes as she gazed over the young boy's body, taking in his youthful appearance and prepubescent frame with peach fuzzed balls.

She could tell he was getting great delight as he smiled with his eyes closed and made facial expressions as he stroked his erection while saying, "That's it Mrs. Hart, just like that."

Reba let go of the door knob and it rattled, alerting the boy and his eyes sprang open to see the milf he was fantasizing about standing there in her work clothes, a white button-up top; black skirt with thigh high black nylons like the one he was using on himself. He could see she was stunned and utterly speechless.

Eric pulled her nylon off his cock and exposed its rigidness, walking to her and reaching out and caressing her soft cheek with his fingertips; working his way down her neck to the first button on her shirt. Reba got her wits about her, "Stop, Eric..."

"Please...I really want to with you...I always have..." Eric confessed.

Reba couldn't believe her ears and the fact she was actually falling into the boy's seduction, watching as he unbuttoned her shirt and pulled it open. Eric slid it off her frame and went to work on her white-laced bra, unsnapping it and pulling it off her full breasts and than off her body. Eric cupped her warm breasts and chills ran over Reba's body, making her hairs stand on end from her goose bumps and her nipples become erect.

"Play with it." Eric said as he took her hand and placed it over his cock, squeezing her fingers around it as he leaned in and flirted kissed onto her lips. Reba found herself parting her lips and welcoming the boy's tongue into her mouth, reciprocating with her own tongue into his as she gently stroked his erection.

Eric pulled away and led her to the bed where he had her lay on it on her back. Eric got into bed with her and worked her skirt off of her, exposing her black-laced panties and the hint of muff showing through them as they were slightly see-through. Reba watched as Eric lifted her leg up over his shoulder and tucked his cock into her nylon and began to fuck the backside of her leg, letting the elastic fabric of the nylon keep him pulled tight to her smooth leg as he licked her calve.

One by one Eric began to roll her nylons off and then went up and tied each one to each of her wrists.

"What are you gonna do?" She asked of him with curious confusion as he outstretched each arm to either side of the bed over her head and tied them to the bed posts...

"I'm playing out a fantasy of mine. Don't worry, I think you'll like this..." Eric said as his heart pounded with excitement.

Eric began to rub his cock down the underside of her arm and then over the bangs of her hair that dangled over her forehead, slowly working down her cheek and to her mouth.

"Open." He told her.

Reba opened her mouth and Eric fed his cock to her, feeling her tender sucks and watching her lips wrap around his shaft as he gently face fucked her. Eric pulled from her mouth before he came and went down to between her legs and tugged her panties off of her. Reba gasped with excitement as he licked his way down the inside of her leg, stopping at her pussy and prying open her pussy lips with his hands and exposing her pink inner vaginal walls.

Reba's red pubes tickled the side's of Eric's face as he flicked his tongue over her hole and buried it deep into her, flicking it up and down inside her and driving her insane. Reba squealed with delight as she hooked a leg around his neck and her body quivered as she filled his mouth with her squirts. Eric couldn't believe it, he made her orgasm and his dick was super hard as he got to his knees between her legs and slowly ran his shaft through her pubes.

Reba lifted her head and watched as he entered her for the first time, dropping her head back down to the mattress saying: "I can't believe I'm doing this...", as her lower half arched up.

Eric laid down on her and the two began to kiss as he made love to her, fucking her and feeling her wet pussy soak his shaft with its hotness as it clamped around his shaft with each thrust into her. A look of surprise came over both their faces and Reba's pupils dilated as she felt his thing throb inside of her, his cum shooting deep inside of her and lubing her inner walls and his heat massaging her inner pussy.

"Did you just...Eric...You came in me?" Reba asked in disbelief and somewhat horror as neither of them were using protection...

"Yeah, and it felt awesome...I want to make it happen again." He stated as he continued his thrusting inside of her. Reba couldn't believe the stamina of the boy and the fact he wanted to try again immediately after cumming...

"Here it comes...Oh man! I'm gonna do it on your face!" Eric exclaimed.

"What!?" Reba shouted. She never had a facial before or tasted cum so as she felt him pull out of her during mid-orgasm she started to squirt as his cum dropped on her on his way up to her face. Once there, Eric jerked off onto the gorgeous mother he always wanted, watching as his cum coated her lips and chin.

Eric sat back against her upper breasts and let his hard cock come to rest in the base of her neck. He smiled down at her as she parted her lips and his cum stretched across her open mouth and her tongue swiped across it and broke it. Reba had her first taste of cum, it didn't have any particular taste to it but was slimy as it slid down her tongue and into the back of her throat. Suddenly, Eric felt a tap on his shoulder and he looked behind him.

There was Josh standing there totally naked, he must've heard and seen what had happened and decided to join in. Josh motioned for Eric to get out of the way and he climbed on the bed in between Reba's legs.

"Not you, too, Josh..." Reba said in disbelief as Josh entered her pussy...

"GOD! You're so cute!" Reba exclaimed as the boy took her and excited her in ways she's never been excited before.

Josh laid down on her and they began to make out as he humped her slowly, Eric's cum smearing onto both of their faces as their tongues rolled over each others. Reba quickly began to orgasm, her squirts showering Josh's lower half and his legs as he gave 3 last jabbing thrusts; each one followed by a cum-shot into her.

Reba could feel his streams shoot deep into her and she grasped the nylons binding her arms and her whole body tensed-up as veins popped out her neck and she groaned from a series of orgasms. Josh got up off of her and let her catch her breath when she heard, "Your turn, Jake."

Reba opened her eyes and was stunned by the presence of her son in the room, standing there completely naked and stroking his 5" wood in front of her. He, too, must've seen enough to put him in the mood; even if it was going to be with his Mother. She watched as he started walking to her...

"JAKE! NO! I'M YOUR MOM!" Reba shouted.

"Grab her other leg, Josh!" Eric ordered as he took hold of one of Reba's legs at her ankle. They both pulled them open and held them there as her son got on the bed and between them...

"JAKE! PLEASE DON'T! PLEASE, HONEY!" His Mom pleaded...

Jake didn't listen and he eased himself into his Mom's pussy and watched as her eyes became watery and her breathing become heavy as he started to fuck her.

"Lay down on her, Jake...Make love to your Mom." Josh said.

Jake was all to happy and put the full weight of his body onto her, feeling her warmth under him as Josh and Eric hooked her legs around his waist as he took her again and again. Within seconds she felt her son cum in her and the throbs of his cock sent shivers up her spine as they both looked into each others eyes as Jake made out with his Mom.

Eric and Josh let go of her legs and she kept them hooked around her son all on her own as he fucked her and made her cum.

"YOU'RE MAKING ME CUM! YOU'RE MAKING ME CUM, JAKE! I HAD NO IDEA, HONEY! DON'T STOP, NOT YET!" Reba screamed, wanting to get one last squirt in before her son finished in her.

Reba finally let her son up and the boys untied her. She got to her knees on the bed and watched as the boys whispered in each others ears with smiles emerging as they finished talking. Josh laid on the bed on his back and Eric positioned Reba over him in a 69. Reba began to suck his cock as he licked her pussy, all while Eric got behind her doggy style and forced his cock into her ass.

Reba's painful moans were muffled with Josh's cock in her mouth as Jake watched his Mom get fucked in her ass, he even spread her cheeks for Eric. They both were amazed at how her ass stretched and pulled outward with each backward pull of his cock. Jake went around to the fron of his Mom and pushed his cock into her mouth along with Josh's.

Reba sucked on both their cocks at the same time as her ass fucking continued. Shortly they all started to cum, Eric in her ass and Josh and Jake in her mouth; filling her like never before. Jake quickly took Eric's place and stuck his hard cock into his Mom's ass gape, fucking her anally and she squealed in delight.

Reba was back to sucking Josh's cock while Eric ran his dick up through her hair and watched her son fuck her in the ass...

"Ready?" Eric asked of the other boys, to which they all gave a 'Mmmmmm Hmmmmm'.

"On the count of 3: 1....2....3!" Eric counted as Reba listened with wonder...

As soon as Eric hit 3 Reba felt a rush of liquid in her and on her...Her mouth filled with pee as Josh pissed down her throat and fucked her mouth by thrusting upward into it; Eric pissed all over her hair and back, letting his steamy pee glide down and off her body onto Josh under her. Jake watched Eric's pee pool in the small of his Mother's back as he began to pee in her ass, filling it with his liquid gold as he pumped his hard dick back and forth in her.

The sudden rush of fluids on and in her made Reba have the need to pee herself, pissing all over Josh's face followed by a series of orgasmic squirts. She couldn't believe that just happened and was overwhelmed from the sensation. She got up drenched in pee and all 4 went to her bathroom and took a shower together, playing and making out with each other in the shower until all of them were clean.

When they were done they stayed in her room for the night, snuggling with each others nakedness as Reba wished her son a 'Happy Birthday' before falling off to sleep with the boys' smooth legs sliding up hers.


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