Reba: Reba's Ready To Drop (bbbF,inc,oral,anal,cream pie,preg,bukkake)
by Dr. Demented 666

So now it's been 9 months after Reba's orgy with her son and his friends Eric and Josh and to everyone's surprise she's knocked up and her stomach is fully round. She's been totally silent to everyone about who the baby's father could be and hasn't even had an ultrasound done yet to determine the gender. But, there's only 1 of 3 possibilities of who the baby's father is: Eric, Josh, or even-Jake! But Reba would soon do the unthinkable yet again at full stage pregnancy...

Jake had his friends Eric and Josh over again for a sleepover and the thoughts of what happened last time were racing through their preteen minds as they watched Reba walk around the house in a dress speckled with flowers and showing off her gorgeous legs and baby bump. They all knew what they wanted but were hesitant since Reba never initiated another sexual scenario with them after the last time so many months ago. But as Kyra, Cheyenne and Van left for an out of town concert they all would find out that Reba was as horny as ever.

Once the others were out of the house Reba let the boys rest their heads against her stomach and listen to her baby inside her, feeling its kicking and heart racing...

"You know, guys...They say pregnant sex is the best sex..." Reba exclaimed to her three past lovers.

Their eyes lit up with excitement and wonder as they watched Reba slide out of her dress and expose her naked body to them. She wasn't wearing any panties or bra and her wavy red hair dangled against her shoulders as her pale frame made a point with the baby bump as the explanation of what happened many months ago. Her red muff was full and soft as ever as she sat back on the sofa and petted it with her hand as she watched the three boys take their clothes off and expose the youthfulness to her.

As they approached her she stopped them quickly: "Wait! Shave me! Shave my pussy, boys! It needs to be done anyway for the birth..." She exclaimed.

Jake raced to the bathroom and grabbed her lady shaver and a pair of scissors along with some shaving gel and ran back with his hard cock bouncing. Eric took the scissors and snipped the long pubes from her private area as Josh lathered her pussy afterward with shave gel, letting Jake rake the razor over her privates and shave her smooth. Reba was in heaven with the boys hands pleasuring her down below in the process of shaving her smooth.

After they were through they all looked at the smooth wonder between Jake's mothers legs and how it glistened in the room light as she held her legs open and massaged her baby bump. Josh was the first to dive in and plunge his tongue into her wet pussy and make her squirm with delight, squirting within seconds and filling his mouth with her vaginal fluids.

Josh rose to his feet and propped his hard cock against her pussy and everyone watched as he pushed it into Reba, her eyes watered and a tear rolled down her cheek as they young boy took her over and over until cumming inside her. Josh pulled from her womb and his cum dripped from Reba's snatch as Eric moved in next...

Eric, too, went down on her and licked the cum seeping from her pussy until she orgasmed and splattered vaginal fluids and boy cum all over his face. Eric licked his way up her body and as his tongue met her lips and went into her motuh so did his cock into her pussy. Reba was ecstatic from the feeling of another boy toy in her as he took her over and over until spending himself in her...

Eric pulled free of Jake's Mom and Jake was quick to take his friends place, giving himself sloppy 3'rds as he pushed his hard-on deep into his Mom's freshly fucked wet pussy. Reba moaned with delight and cupped her breasts as her boy laid her, feeling the vein-popped ridges of his shaft teasing her vaginal walls as it pumped back and forth inside her. She squeezed her tits at the nipples and breast milk shot from them that could have filled a glass.

Jake was surprised as his Mom's milk covered his stomach and chest and making him cum...But Jake pulled out and shot his load all over his Mom's baby bump and watched as she massaged it into her skin, covering the bump in a slimy and shiny lotion-like sheen.

"Jake! You came all over my baby!" Reba stated with a smile as Eric sat on the sofa next to her and pulled her on top of him, letting her lower herself onto his shaft and fuck him as Josh got behind her and sunk his hard cock into her ass...


But Jake wasn't to be left out as Josh rested his body against the back of Reba and licked the side of her face as Eric Frenched her furiously. Jake pressured his cock against his Mom's asshole just under Josh's cock and forced it into her ass long with his friends dick. Reba winced and screamed as her ass was filled with 2 cocks...

"SHIT! FFFFFFFUCK! YESSSSSSSS! THAT'S IT...FILL ME! I LOVE ALL THREE OF YOU IN ME AT ONCE! YESSSSSS! TEAR ME UP!" Reba screamed with joy as her son and two friends took her repeatedly on the sofa. Their shafts pounding away inside her like pistons in an engine and firing their loads of cum into her simultaneously as they felt her ass and pussy contract around their cocks as she, too, orgasmed.

Reba's body convulsed and shook as her pussy shot squirts that were blocked by the shaft of Eric inside her and her ass grasped at the two dicks in it. Reba panted heavily as her son and Josh withdrew from her ass and left it gaping and pulsing as Eric remained in her pussy. Jake pushed himself into his mother's pussy along with Eric's cock and the two fucked her as Josh stood over and straddled Eric's head, letting Reba suck him off with some Ass to Mouth action.

The boys were quick to cum again as Eric and Jake filled Reba's pussy with 2 more loads of cum as Josh shot his wad onto Reba's face and in her mouth. Several shots flew over her shoulder and onto Jake's face, who eagerly let his Mom lick off of him as he leaned over her shoulder and kissed her with heated passion.

As the boys finished and pulled from Reba, letting their cum pour from her smooth pussy onto the sofa and floor, they sat back with smiles and stroked their wet cocks as Reba dropped to the floor in exhaustion. Her body glistened in sweat and her pussy, ass, and face smeared with cum as she panted and groaned with sudden stomach pains...


Jake did as he was told and the boys got dressed quickly and so did reba after running a towel over her body to clean the cum off. The paramedics rushed through the door and helped her deliver her baby there on the spot...

But it wasn't just one baby, or two...There were three! The boys would find out soon enough after only a month and several paternity tests that Eric, Josh...And Jake!... Were all fathers of the babies. They were the only ones who knew of the truth and that's the way it had to remain...But the sex would continue for at least 3 more GENERATIONS!





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