Reba: Part 2 - Kyra's Discovery (Ff,F-mast,inc,oral,F-dom,ncon)
by Jack Bruton ([email protected])

She was still on her knees in front of her step-mother when she heard someone
knocking on the door.

"I wonder who that could be??" Barbara Jean smiled down at her.

Kyra, pleaded. "Please let me get dressed."

"No! You stay right there bitch! Come in!!" Looking down at her stroking
her soft, red hair.

Then they both heard Cheyenne's voice asking "Is Kyra here, Barbara Jean??"

"She's in the kitchen with me, Cheyenne."

Kyra blushed and began to sob softly as she heard her older sister coming
closer. Trying desperately to cover herself as Cheyenne walked in and saw her
younger sister on her knees in front of her step-mother. "Oh my god, Barbara
Jean what kind of sick stuff are you doing over here!?"

Their step-mother replied softly, "Your sister, Kyra, is a lesbian, and I am
just enjoying her...talents. Why don't you come closer and let little sister
give you a treat."

Cheyenne said, "But that's incest Barbara Jean." as she looked down at Kyra's

Their step-mother said as, she stroked her long red hair, "You want to taste
Cheyenne? Don't you, bitch?"

Kyra sniffled wiping back a tear as she whispered, "Yes...she is so

"Well come on then Cheyenne, you heard her, off with those jeans....and give
little sister a tasty treat." Barbara Jean said, gently.

Moving slowly, as if in a trance, Cheyenne undid her jeans and slipped out of
them, and stepped in front of Kyra.

Their step mother snapped "Eat her bitch!!" and Kyra moved to obey running
her tongue over her older sister's sex, savoring her sweetness and hearing
both her and Barbara Jean moaning and gasping in pleasure.

She glanced over and saw that their step-mother was working three fingers
inside of herself, as she watched them. She heard Barbara Jean cry out in
orgasm many times before she first tasted Cheyenne's honey bathing her
tongue. By this time Kyra was so wet that she was sure that one of them
could have fit their entire fist inside of her, without difficulty. "Oh
well maybe later," she thought to herself as she continued to lap and slurp
up her sister's sweet sauce.


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