Reba: Kyra's Story Part 3 (FFFg,inc)
by Jack Bruton ([email protected])

Cheyenne shivered and looked down into Kyra's eyes as her orgasm passed She
reached out and ran a finger over her younger sister's lips. Then raised it
to her own mouth sighing as she ran her tongue over it tasting herself.

"She's got real talent." Barbara Jean gasped as she pulled her fingers from
her depths. Holding them out to Kyra she said, "Clean up this mess, bitch!"
and she opened her mouth as her step-mother fed them to her.

The fact that her older sister was watching her do this caused her to blush,
as she sighed softly. As they stood there savoring her, there was a knock
at the door.

"Oh shit!!" Cheyenne said "That must be mom, she sent me over here to find

"Really???" Barbara Jean said. "Let's find out, shall we.....Come in!!!"

"Cheyenne!! Kyra!! Are you two here???" Reba called out.

"In here mom!" Cheyenne answered as she stroked Kyra's hair. Her sister was
blushing wildly now and crying softly again.

Barbara Jean was laughing silently as she heard Reba getting closer and
closer. Knowing that in minutes she would see her two daughters, one
bottomless and one wearing just her boots and on her knees.

Reba rounded the corner and saw Cheyenne standing there without her jeans on
and beyond her half of Kyra's face...obviously on her knees and topless at
the very least it seemed. "What the hell is going on here, Barbara Jean??"
Reba yelled at Brock's wife.

"Just enjoying some quality time with my step-daughters Reba... and Kyra..."
she said lovingly " so talented." Barbara Jean answered.

Cheyenne stammered "I know how this looks mom...."

"It looks like incest, Cheyenne!!" Reba replied. She walked over to where
Kyra was still kneeling, and saw that she was naked. Turning to face Barbara
Jean, Reba asked, "What have you been doing to my baby girl??"

Kyra reached out blushing deeper as she began caressing her mother's lower
body through her jeans. When she felt hands on her body Reba gasped in
surprise saying, "Kyra stop it... this is wrong..."

"Is it mom? Then why does it feel so good?" as she began to unsnap her
mother's jeans.

Barbara Jean and Cheyenne both moved closer and began to help Kyra strip
Reba and soon she was standing there naked in front of her two daughters and
her ex-husband's wife.

As Barbara Jean and Cheyenne began to kiss her fondling her breasts, Kyra's
hands were busy exciting her mother. Slowly moving her face closer, sighing,
as she started to lap, slurp and kiss her mother's pussy... blushing...
savoring the taste of her honey...


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