The following is a work of fiction-of fantasy. It never occured. Any relation
to any person living or not is purely coincidental.

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by Jet Hawk ([email protected])

Laura Breckinridge

Rose Sorelli looked at her bare body in the mirror. The pretty nineteen year
old had firm C cup breasts topped with quarter sized puffy brown nipples. Her
stomach was as flat as a washboard, accented by her cute belly button. Her
pussy gave her concern. Her bush lived up to it's nickname looking like an
untrimmed yard hedge. Rose was going to be appearing nude in a play in less
than two hours.

Rose sighed and took out a pair of scissors. Ten minutes later, she had
trimmed until there was a ragged fuzz on her pussy lips. Breaking out the
shaving cream she stepped into her tub and lathered up her pussy lips.
Carefully wielding her razor the teen shaved until her pussy was as bare
as it had been when she was eight. Rose stepped back in front of her full
length mirror and re-examined her body. The bare pussy matched her innocent
face. Yes, Rose now felt like the innocent "Susan" she was going to be in
the play. Rose hurriedly dressed and headed for the the theater.

When she entered the theater, she found a scene of chaos going on in the the
theater. Upset cast and crew members paced back and forth. Rose tried seeking
out the director but found him just as agitated. Giving up, she sought out
her boyfriend Alex. A minute later she found him in his dressing room.

"What's going on?" Rose asked.

"Word about the nude scene leaked out. The board is threatening to shut the
play down".

"But it's artistic" she complained.

"I know, it's just...argh!!"

"Let's just go on with the show. At least we can go down swinging".

"Thanks Rose" Alex said as he walked over and kissed her on the forehead.

Rose smiled and headed to her own dressing room. She got into costume and
had another look at the script. A knock on the door told her that it was
five minutes until showtime. Rose took a deep breath, exhaled, then headed
backstage. Several crew members wished her luck. Rose made her way to the
curtain and peeked into the audience. Her sisters Ginnie, Kiele, and Lizzy
were in the audience, but two rows back she saw her father sitting with
his girlfriend. Rose suddenly realized who had complained about the nudity.
Feeling the anger rising up, she went to find Alex.

"If I ad lib" she told Alex, "go with it. Ok?"

"Yeah" Alex agreed.

Rose stomped off and took her mark.

35 Minutes Later

As Act three opened, Rose stepped from backstage wearing only a robe.
Stepping onto her mark onstage Rose gave her line: "Bill, you can't leave to
find work. I'll be destroyed".

"But, we need to eat".

"We'll live on love".

Rose opened her robe and let it drop to the floor. She saw the look of
surprise and happiness on his face. She felt a tingle between her legs as
extra moisture appeared on her pussy lips. Alex felt his dick begin to rise
to the occasion and he tried to fight it as he undressed. Ginnie, Kiele, and
Lizzy gasped as Alex's semi hard dick came into view. Joe Sorelli squirmed
in his seat as gazed at his daughter's 19 year old naked body. Joe felt an
arousal he hadn't known in years.

A now naked Alex stepped forward to meet Rose midstage where they were
supposed to kiss, but Rose ad libbed by climbing into the bed. A stunned
Alex followed her into the bed. Rose pulled Alex to her, pressing her body
to his. She squirmed until she had placed her body under his. She could
feel Alex's now erect dick pressing into her thigh. Pressing her lips to
his ear she whispered, "Put your dick in me. I want to feel the passion of
the moment."

A stunned Alex looked her in the eyes, but saw the willingness that surprised
him. Alex reached down and pushed his dick into her wet folds.

"Yesssss" Rose hissed as Alex filled her. She wrapped her legs around his
waist and pulled him into her. Using her ankles on his butt, she gave him a
motion she desired. Alex began humping the eager freshman drama student.
"YES, YES!!" Rose shouted.

Joe Sorrelli placed his hand on his erect dick and tried not to have his
girlfriend notice as he neared climax. His daughter, now fucking onstage,
had aroused him as he hadn't been in years. Joe felt the spasms as his dick
spurted in his pants. He felt the wet warmth spread on his pants and he hoped
it would dry before anyone noticed.

Rose now had her ankles around Alex's neck and was yelling for Alex to pound
her. In their seats, her sisters were trying to touch themselves in a subtle

A fully aroused Alex suddenly filled Rose's pussy with his hot wet cum. He
grunted and collapsed on her. Both Alex and Rose caught their breath before
realizing that they were in front of an audience. Smiling at each other they
shared the same thought. They climbed out of the bed, stood, faced the
audience and bowed.

The crowd stood, giving the two amateur actors a prolonged standing ovation.
Giggling, the two actors headed backstage.

Later, Joe Sorrelli met his rebellious teenage daughter backstage.

"Honey, I....." he tried to form a sentence.

Rose spotted the jizz stain on his pants, "I know dad, see you later
tonight?" she asked with a wink.

A very pleased Joe Sorrelli turned, knowing what awaited him later that

Fade to black, roll credits.


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