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Relic Hunter: Sydney's Seduction (MF)
by Asclepios

"Can you reach the knot to undo it?" asked Sydney in an irritated voice. She
hated being in situations were she wasn't in control and right now she was
totally helpless. Sydney and Nigel had been on the trail of an ancient
Egyptian artefact and right now they were tied to two chairs courtesy a rival
relic hunter who'd stolen the very artifact they were after.

"I can't reach it," said Nigel with an edge of worry in his voice. Sydney
usually got them out of situations like this in minutes but they had been
stuck here for a good half hour and didn't seem to be going anywhere soon.
Sydney's eyes darted around the room. A spear, a sword, a sharp rock anything
to cut these ropes.

"Wait Nigel, can you see if our chairs are tied together?"

"Hang on a second," he strained around to look.


"What happened?" asked Sydney.

"I hurt my neck."

"Nigel," warned Sydney in a very stern voice that showed her considerable

"Ok, Ok. No, they're not tied together. We're just tied to them."

An idea had come to Sydney. "Ok Nigel I want you to topple your chair and see
if u can fall by my right boot. I've got a knife in there that you can use to
cut your ropes and then free me."

Falling over wasn't quite as clever as how they usually escaped but if it got
them out of here it was worth it. "All right, here goes."

He made his chair wobble and fell to Sydney's right, thankfully her boot was
in reach. "Yes I've got it!" he said triumphantly.

Sydney's spirits lightened considerably. "Great, cut your ropes." Nigel
hacked off his ropes and stood up off the chair and dusted half of the desert
off his clothes.

"Now untie me," said Sydney nodding to the ropes that bound her hands behind
her back.

"Oh right," said Nigel. He moved to behind her and was about to cut away the
knot when a fleeting thought entered his mind and quickly took precedence
over anything else he was thinking. The great Sydney Fox was sitting in front
of him tied to a chair totally helpless. They had been working together for
over a year and he had a lot of respect for her, but he had had a huge crush
on her from the moment he saw her. He'd imagined taking advantage of
situations like this before and here they were all alone. Who would know?

"Nigel, what are you waiting for? Untie me so we can get out of here!"

"You know Sydney you look very good today," he said. It was true she did look
very good today. She was wearing a very low cut and very tight brown shirt
with equally tight matching trousers and a nice pair of leather boots. He
began to walk around the chair she was still tied to.

"Nigel, what are you doing we don't have the time for this!"

"I disagree Sydney, we have all the time in the world." He was smiling now
thoroughly enjoying his power over the situation. He stopped circling in
front of her and crouched down in front, her ankles were bound to the chair
also so there was no danger of being kicked. He placed his right hand on her
thigh and gave it a slight squeeze.

"You know Syd I've always been really attracted to you, the amount of times
I've wished for a chance of us being together and here we are, all alone with
you like this I just find it exhilarating don't you?" he said this very
slowly, his voice calm but with no doubt as to what he was getting to. His
hand was stroking her thigh oblivious to the fact that it felt good to its
helpless recipient.

Sydney was breathing heavily now, she couldn't believe what was happening, of
all the people to have done this Nigel would of been the last one...or so she
thought. Nigel was moving his hand farther up her leg now and was getting
closer to her crotch. His hand was resting between her legs, she was totally
helpless. She daren't admit it to herself but it excited her a bit, perhaps
more than a bit.

"Oh Sydney what's this? You seem to be a little damp." Encouraged by this
Nigel got out the knife again. Seeing the look of shock on Sydney's face he
smiled again. "Don't worry Sydney I'm hardly going to hurt you am I?" He
moved the knife up to the strap holding up Sydney's top and cut them, another
cut down the side of it and the top fell free revealing Sydney's more than
substantial breasts which were straining against the black bra holding them
in place.

Her chest was rising and falling with her breath. It was a magnificent sight.
He'd seen Sydney in her underwear before and it had excited him then but that
was nothing to what it was doing to him know, being mere inches from her
smooth barely concealed flesh. Nigel began to feel her breasts, her nipples
were hard already. Sydney had her eyes closed now, her mouth was moving as
if she was speaking soundlessly to herself. She heard the sound of tearing
fabric and felt her bra fall away. A wet mouth then covered her right nipple,
a tongue was circling it, teeth giving the occasional encouraging nip. She
moaned slightly which echoed around the cavernous room. She had forgotten she
was tied to a chair, forgotten all about that multi-million pound sceptre she
was supposed to find. All that mattered was the pleasure she was feeling
right now.

Nigel was encouraged by Sydney's seeming receptiveness, he began to get more
adventurous. He slid his right hand down her belly before sliding it under
her pants. He found that she was indeed wet. He began to gently stroke her
sensitive folds with a finger, he began to probe into her causing Sydney to
moan even louder. She'd always been very vocal in sex and normally tried to
restrain herself but right now there didn't seem much point to it.

She arched her back as a second and then a third finger found their way into
her. She was lost in pleasure as her clit was stimulated. Closer and closer
she came to release. Almost...nearly...a few more seconds. Then, agonisingly,
the pace slowed. Sydney managed to open her eyes. "Oh God please more!" She
said under her breath

"That's my girl," said nigel. In response his tantalising fingers returned
and Sydney soon exploded with pleasure. She cried out loudly as sheer heaven
coursed through her veins. The hand withdrew itself from under her pants.
Sydney opened her eyes again, a slightly dazed expression on her face.

Nigel licked his fingers clean and leaned so his face was close to Sydney's.
"I think someone enjoyed that." Sydney answered by kissing him forcefully on
the lips, her tongue penetrated his mouth exploring it. She could taste her
own juices in his mouth. She broke the kiss and it was Nigel who now looked

"Untie me," said Sydney. Nigel looked hesitant, he'd seen Sydney flirt and
be very sexual around people before only to lull them into a false sense of
security usually right before she kicked their ass. "I can't fuck you if I'm
tied to a chair, unless you're a contortionist and you haven't told me." She
said with a smile.

Nigel smiled back, it didn't seem like he'd be getting his butt kicked any
time soon. He took the knife and cut away the ropes that bound her legs then
cut free the ones around her arms. Sydney stood up and stretched. Nigel just
stood there looking at Sydney's gorgeous half naked body, transfixed by her
beauty and the way the gentle light made her golden skin almost glow with

Sydney looked over to Nigel, he was staring at her. She was gorgeous, she
knew she but still she hadn't been with someone in quite a while. She walked
over to him swaying her hips extraordinarily sexily. She wrapped her arms
around him and pulled him close to her. There was not a millimetre between
them. She could feel his erection pressed up against her, feel as his
breathing increase. another passionate kiss followed.

"Syd..i-i-i'm sorry abou-," Sydney cut him off by pressing a finger against
his lips. The dominant Nigel seemed to have vanished. Fine by her, she
relished the chance to take charge.

"Ssshhh Nigel, its all right. I enjoyed that. I enjoyed it a lot and I'm
going to make sure you enjoy yourself as well." She gave him a large smile
as she unbuttoned his shirt. He kicked off his shoes as she unbuttoned his

Sydney kissed her way down his chest as she pulled his trousers down around
his ankles followed by his underwear. She bent over and licked the end of his
cock. Nigel couldn't believe this was happening, he had had the biggest crush
on this woman for ages and now here she was bent over taking him in her
mouth. Sydney took the head of his cock in her hot mouth now, she swirled her
tongue around it. She then slid herself down his considerable length, grazing
her teeth against the sensitive underside of his cock as she brought her head
back up before plunging herself down again.

Her pace began to quicken. "Oh yes...oh Sydney yes," panted nigel. Sydney
was incredible at this, he'd never felt so good. He should have known, those
beautiful, full lips were just perfect for this task.

He was struggling just to stay on his feet as Sydney's expert touch nearly
made him weak at the knees. Sydney was sucking on him as she took him
quickly, her tongue ran along him as the occasional grazing of her teeth ran
sharply through him. She felt him stiffen and then he came in her mouth.

A happy half moan emanated from her throat as she swallowed all of his load
of which there was plenty. Her tongue ran along her perfect teeth making sure
to get every single drop.

"How was that?" she asked as she stood up and wiped her mouth clean.

"Oh my God Sydney that was just...brilliant." A wicked smile crept across her
lips now. "Well don't think I'm done with you yet." She said. She then looked
down at herself, "I seem to be a tad overdressed, don't ya think?" Nigel
could only smile in response.

She stepped back from him into a beam of light that was filtering in through
a gap in the ceiling, it made her skin practically glow giving her the
appearance reminiscent of some goddess out of an ancient Greek myth. There
was nothing mythical about her beauty though, it was very real.

She reached down and unfastened her boots then she slowly pulled her tight
trousers down off her hips and legs quickly followed by her panties. Nigel
was watching with rapt attention which made Sydney smile, she did love a
captive audience. Her hand moved to rub against a sensitive nipple then slid
down her belly, his eyes following it intently. It moved down to between her
legs where she slowly ran two fingers over her wet pussy.

"Like what you see?" She asked seductively knowing the response. She could
see his cock was already getting harder.

"I'll say," he replied. Sydney moved over to one of the chairs, she put her
hand on the back of it then an idea came to her.

She walked over to him until she was so close she could feel the heat of his
body radiating against her skin. Nigel put his arms around her, his hands
rested on her butt cheeks. Her hips were perhaps a bit bigger than some women
but it made her even more sexy. His hands squeezed her butt cheeks and pulled
her close up against him so she could feel his cock pressed up against her.
The sensation just made her crave him even more.

She kissed him deeply. Sydney's tongue plunged deep into his mouth, she
pressed herself up against him as hard as she could, her large breasts
crushed up against his chest.

"God I want you to fuck me," Sydney said. Nigel could feel himself fully hard
now, hearing Sydney saying words like that turned him on more than anything.

Before he could reply Sydney's right hand gripped his cock firmly. She then
walked over to the chair Nigel following her, Sydney still firmly grasping
his cock. She let go then and rubbed the back of it with the back of her

Sydney then bent over the chair thrusting her ass in the air behind her.
Nigel looked at amazement at her perfect, full body bent over. "Well, what
are you waiting for?" Sydney asked. She shook her butt which brought Nigel
to his senses.

He moved behind her marvelling at the sight. He rubbed his cock over her ass
sending delight through her, the touch tantalisingly tempting. Nigel leaned
down to rub his hands under her full breasts before standing up straight
again. His guided his cock to between her legs where he rubbed it over her
sensitive pussy.

"Oh God Nigel! Hurry up and fuck me!" She exclaimed. With a smile he eased
his cock in between her wet folds.

"Oh God Sydney you feel so good." He said. He eased his cock slightly out
before plunging it in further. Again and again he pumped into her until he
was plunging his full length into Sydney's wet pussy. She was backing into
him in rhythm with him soon.

"Oh god! Harder! Harder!" She was crying out in ecstasy. It felt so good to
have him pumping into her, so good to feel a cock plunging deep into her

Sydney could feel release building up inside of her. It was like a storm
approaching, ready to wipe away everything in its path and she was nothing
more than a mere lead ready to be swept away in the gales. She was moaning
out now, any self control long since gone. Closer and closer it came.

"Oh fuck!" She yelled out loudly as she felt her pleasure overwhelm her. Her
pussy flooded as she relished in the second delicious orgasm of the day.
Sydney's cries of joy was just too much for Nigel, he felt himself shoot deep
into Sydney's pussy. It seemed like forever until their hot, sweating bodies
separated. Exhausted from the effort. They both sat down totally drained.

"So, is that what you wanted to do?" Sydney asked with a smile.

"Yeah I think that just about covers it," Nigel replied kissing her perfect
lips again.


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