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Relic Hunter: The Eye of `Aisha Part 1 (MF,cons)
by Aguirre

Nigel Bailey found the dust and heat in Marrakech unbearable. Particularly
now as it was midday and he found himself trawling through the crowed streets
of the Moroccan capital during market time. The energy sapping heat was
causing him to perspire profusely, and this in turn ensured his clothes were
plastered to his body. The dust was causing him great discomfort as the
constant barrage of feet and bodies kicked up a constant cloud into the air.
Nigel let out a strangled cough and waved his hand in the air shooing away
the horse flies that buzzed around him. What was he doing here now? How did
that famous clich‚ go? Ah Yes! Only Mad Dogs and Englishmen go out in the
midday sun.

As he wandered the dusty winding streets the sounds and colours assaulted
his senses. The shouts of market vendors as they haggled and argued with
potential customers melded with the airy sounds of the musicians playing the
Ghaytah and Guenbri. He could smell the rich aroma of baking bread emanating
from the traditional bakeries and houses that littered the sides of the
streets; all of which he found intoxicating. Despite the blistering heat of
Marrakech in mid-Summer, Nigel loved the exotic culture of North Africa, and
would easily place it as one of his personal favourite locations where he'd
been relic hunting with his boss, Dr Sydney Fox, in the two years he'd been
working as her teaching assistant.

The fact that he was a westerner drew more than just curious glances from the
local merchants, and soon he found himself surrounded by a rag-tag assortment
of Men and Children thrusting items in his face and pleading with him to buy
them. As he pushed his way through the throng, one hand holding on to his
shoulder bag, he was looking left and right and addressing the myriad faces,
"No thanks...No...thank you I'm fine..No..really."

This continued as Nigel pressed on. He was finding it difficult to breathe
now as the packed street trapped all the heat at street level. Sweat ran into
his eyes, stinging them. He ran his forearm over his forehead and manfully
carried on. Why did he always get the crap detail?

The answer was simple. Sydney Fox was a well-respected Professor and a relic
hunter of some repute while he was her teaching assistant. Sydney had had a
meeting with the head Professor of Ancient Antiquities at the University of
Marrakech and so she'd asked Nigel to follow up a hopeful, very bloody
hopeful, lead into their latest quest. So here he was doing her bidding
again, not that he really minded that much. He'd do pretty much anything for

So here he was wandering the streets of Marrakech looking for a guide
called Omar who would lead him to a man named Al-Hussein who Syd hoped could
help them in their latest quest, which was to find the legendary Sword of
ibyn-Ziyad. He cast his mind back to their pre-Quest meeting at the
University back home.

* * *

He had been researching Ancient Mayan burial rites for her next class when
Sydney had burst through the doors of the office, a beaming smile on her

"Nigel...there you are...pack your bags...we're going to Marrakech!"

Nigel put down his pen, adjusted his glasses and looked at Sydney


Exasperated Sydney answered, "Yes Nigel. Marrakech. remember I had a meeting
with the Dean today..about the Sword of ibyn-Ziyad?"

The shrill lisped voice of Claudia, Sydney's ditzy, but very cute, blonde
secretary interrupted, "What is the sword of .what was it?"

Nigel answered Claudia's query as he stood up from the desk, "The Sword of
ibyn-Ziyad. The mythical sword belonging to Tariq ibyn-Ziyad the General
who led the Berber Muslim armies across the Straits of Gibraltar from North
Africa into Spain in the 8th Century. Supposedly it was blessed by the
prophet Mohammed himself and that the bearer of the sword would lead the
armies of Allah to victory. After ibyn-Ziyad had died the sword was
supposedly stolen from his crypt by an enemy of ibyn-Ziyad's family to pay
for a blood debt that was owed. It has never been seen since, although it
is rumoured to have surfaced in North Africa several times over the

Claudia wrinkled her nose, "Ewww...they broke into a grave and stole it from
a dead guy."

Nigel ignored Claudia and turned to Sydney, "So we got the grant for this.
When do we leave?"

Even though she was dressed in a conservative grey trouser suit, Sydney
looked incredible. Her exotic looks not hampered by the glasses she was
wearing or the fact that she had her hair in a ponytail. A little moan
escaped Nigel's lips when she let her hair down. She took off her jacket,
revealing a dark grey short-sleeved blouse. As she strode past him and
into her office she answered him, "We leave first thing tomorrow morning
for London, then on to Marrakech."

Claudia looked crestfallen, "It's not fair. You guys get to go everywhere
cool. London, Paris, Marra..wherever. While I'm stuck here answering the

Nigel looked at Claudia, sullen scowl across her forehead, lips pouting and
arms crossed in a huff. She tended to act like a spoiled child at times but
he was very fond of her, even if she was a complete flake. He walked over
to her and squeezed her arm, smiling reassuringly at her. Her low cut top
revealed an ample cleavage which Nigel did his best not to stare at.

"Don't worry Claudia, I'll get you a nice present there ok?"

She shot him a sweet, sexy smile and rubbed his arm with the palm of her

"Thanks Nige."

He watched her as she walked off, her short skirt highlighting just how great
her legs were. As he stood there admiring the view her voice piped up.

"Just make sure it's not a cheap one this time Nigel. And no perfume from the
airport, Kay?"

He shook his head and smiled thinking to himself, "Same old Claudia."

It was then that Sydney had opened her office door and called out, "Claudia?
Hold all my calls. Nigel?"

With that she beckoned Nigel into her office, leaving Claudia to mimic Syd's

"Hold my calls Claudia."

* * *

Nigel could see the meeting place ahead. It was a small-dilapidated coffee
house that was completely out of place on the colour festooned plaza around
it. The aroma of mint assaulted his nostrils as he entered the noisy
building. The room fell silent as Nigel entered it, every eye was observing
him. As he picked his way through the room searching for Omar, he smiled
nervously at the stony faces that stared at him, "Hello...Hi...How are you...
Nice to meet you."

A voice cut through the silence, a voice he recognised immediately, "Nigel...
there you are. I thought you were lost. It's good to see you again my

It was Omar.

"Omar! How the hell are you!"

The two embraced each other in the Arabic tradition. They knew each other
well as Omar was Syd's street contact in Marrakech and they'd met several
times before. He was a good man. On seeing the two men embrace as friends
the others in the room paid no more attention to them, and returned to their
own affairs.

Having greeted each other, exchanged pleasantries and drunk a cup of mint
tea, Nigel got down to business, "So where is this Al-Hussein bloke then
Omar. I thought we were meeting here."

"He could not meet us here. He is a very, very old man my friend. No for you
to find out what you wish to know we must go to him."

Nigel sighed and shrugged his shoulders, "Ok. But is it far? I mean I've
walked a hell of a long way to get here to you."

Omar laughed and stroked his beard, "You have walked from the Ambassador
Hotel? She would not even pay for a taxi? Nigel you should complaint to her!
How can you be expected to work under those conditions."

Nigel just smiled at Omar and shrugged his shoulders again.

With that Omar stood up and placing a hand on Nigel's shoulder said, "Ok my
Friend. It is not far. We will drive there together"

* * *

They drove west through the winding streets of Marrakech. What had taken
Nigel nearly forty-five minutes to walk took Omar less than ten to drive.
They pulled up outside a crumbling one-storey building .

"We will have to walk now my friend. It is down that alley there."

Omar led the way, Nigel following close behind. It was halfway down the lane
that Omar stopped at an open door and called out something in Arabic. He was
answered by a decrepit sounding female voice. Omar turned to Nigel and smiled
reassuringly, gesturing that they should proceed.

The coolness of the building was a welcome relief after the boiling heat of
he streets outside. The house was quite small. It seemed that there was just
room. Through the gloom, Nigel could make out an elderly woman standing
behind a table. She greeted the two men in Arabic and cast a stern eye on
Nigel. He looked at her and smiled; "Hello!"

She didn't return his smile and continued to gaze disapprovingly at him.

As his eyes adjusted to the gloom in the shop he saw several tables around
the room. And that is when he noticed that it wasn't in fact a house he was
in, rather it was a shop. He noticed that there were several tables that
seemed to be full of bric-a-brac. Most of it looked to be rubbish, just cheap
trinkets to sell to the locals and the occasional tourist. Several rugs hung
from the ceilings and these looked to be quite valuable, but certainly
nothing of any historic significance.

Nigel felt Omar's hand squeeze his shoulder.

"Come my friend. Al-Hussein is this way."

Nigel followed Omar behind the table and passed the old woman, through a door
behind her. Again Nigel saluted the old woman as he passed her, again she did
not acknowledge him.

The first thing that Nigel noticed in the next room was that it was filled
with tobacco smoke. The second thing he noticed was the frail figure that
was sitting in a chair with a cup in front of him and a pipe to his lips. He
looked to be as old as Methuselah. Omar greeted him in Arabic and introduced
Nigel. He just looked at the two men and nodded.

With Omar as translator Nigel asked him about the Sword of ibyn-Ziyad. The
old man listened intently and then addressed Nigel directly. For the next
twenty minutes he told them what he knew of the sword and it's whereabouts.
Apparently the last time it had been seen had been in the 1930's when German
men had come to Marrakech and stolen any religious artefacts that they could
find, including the Sword. Nigel was frustrated and turned to Omar, "But how
does he know this? How do does he know the sword was stolen by the Nazis"

Omar turned to the old man and asked him this question. The old man stared
sadly at Nigel and sighed as he spoke. Omar translated, "He knows this
because they stole the sword off him. He had spent twenty years trying to
track it down and eventually he did. One-day however three foreign men came
and asked him for the sword. When he refused they beat him and then stole
it..and he never saw it again."

Nigel looked at the old man who continued looking at him sadly shaking his
head. All Nigel could think to say was, "I'm very sorry."

The old man seemed to understand what Nigel had said and nodded his head. He
then slowly stood up and shuffled over to a box that was in the corner. He
rummaged around in the box and began talking aloud in Arabic. Nigel nudged
Omar and asked, "What is he saying"

Omar listened to the old man and translated, "He says that he is sorry he
cannot help you any further. He is sorry that you have travelled all this
way for nothing, but he knows no more about the whereabouts of the Sword of
ibyn-Ziyad. He would like to give you a gift because he senses in you what
he was when he was younger."

The old man had seemingly found what it was he was looking for. He stood up
and shuffled his way towards Nigel with something in his hands. He took
Nigel's hand in his and placed something in it, addressing Nigel in Arabic.
Omar translated, "He would like to give you this gift because he senses you
are a learned man and a wise man. He hopes that it will bring you what you
wish for most in your heart."

With that he removed his hand from Nigel's, leaving behind a pale sapphire
that was tied with two pieces of leather. Nigel stared at it and looked at
the old man, "Thank you very much...but I can't take this...this belongs to

He attempted to hand it back to the old man but his hand was pushed back and
the old man looked at him with a curious smile on his face. He began talking
and Omar translated, "The Eye of `Aisha belongs to you now. I have no more
use for it. But you are young. It will serve you well. It will give you what
your heart desires most. What all men desire most in this world."

The old man began to cough then, a dreadful hacking cough that shook his
frail frame. Both Omar and Nigel jumped to grab him as it looked like he
would fall over. Before they could get to him though the room was filled
with the angry shouts of the old woman whom had been in he shop front. She
caught hold of the old man and looked reproachfully at Omar and Nigel
cursing them in Arabic. Omar turned to Nigel, "We had better leave, my

Nigel nodded his head, and with the sapphire still clasped in his hand,
followed Omar out of the building the old woman following behind them,
continuing to curse them in Arabic.

It was only when they were in the car that Nigel realised that he still had
the sapphire in his possession. He unclasped his hand and stared at it. The
old man had called it The Eye of `Aisha, and Nigel saw that it was cut into
the shape of an eye. The sapphire sparkled as the sun hit it through the car
windshield. Omar turned his head and glanced at it, "Hmm...It is very pretty.
I wonder is it worth much."

Nigel continued staring at the sapphire, examining it closely, "He called it
The Eye of `Aisha. What is that Omar?"

Omar glanced at Nigel, "I don't know what The Eye is but `Aisha is `Aisha
Quandisha, the Goddess of Lust. She is considered a mischievous Goddess, one
who promotes virility and promiscuity. It is a pretty sapphire, yes."

Nigel continued to study the sapphire intently and murmured, "Yes...Yes it is
very pretty."

Sydney would no doubt be interested in it if he showed it to her, but
something made him decide not to show or tell Sydney about The Eye. Why
should he? It was a gift given to him. Besides it was probably just a plain
old counterfeit sapphire with no historical value at all.

As they neared the university Nigel slipped the sapphire into his pocket.

* * *

Sydney was extremely frustrated when Nigel told her what he had learned about
the sword. While he had been chasing down Al-Hussein, she'd been stuck in
lectures at the University, a quid-pro-quo for the University back home
allowing her to come to Marrakech.

"Damn it! It could be anywhere now! He didn't know anything else? He couldn't
tell you anything about it's whereabouts."

Nigel repeated himself, "All he told me was that he found the sword and not
three weeks later it was stolen from him by the Nazis."

Sydney's frustration was palpable, "Damn it!"

Nigel spoke, "Well at least we know that the sword isn't in North Africa.
How about using your contacts in Germany, Syd?"

Sydney was staring into the distance as the sun was setting on Marrakech,
"What's the point? It'll be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. The
sword could be anywhere in the world Nigel. No-one has seen it for 70 years."

Nigel asked, "What do we do next?"

Sydney turned and looked at him, "Catch a plane out of here. Tomorrow."

There was silence between the two as they walked through the university
courtyard towards the Ambassador Hotel, which was situated near by. Nigel was
looking at Sydney's face and thinking to himself, "God she is beautiful"

Unconsciously he placed his hand in his pocket and cupped The Eye of `Aisha
running it around his pocket. He fought an almost irresistible temptation to
slip The Eye around his neck. He remembered what the old man had said, "It
will give you what your heart desires most."

As he stared at Sydney Nigel thought to himself. "If only that were

* * *

Claudia was not impressed with Nigel when he returned to the office sans
present. "Nigel...You promised to get me a present," she whined.

"Look Claudia...I'm very sorry...but we were very busy in Marrakech...I just
didn't get the time to find anything..."

Placing her hand in front of his face she silenced him, "Whatever..."

For several days she had given him the cold shoulder. Sydney was also
distant, and had been since Marrakech. She had barely spoken to him since
they'd returned home. She had either been in lectures or in her office on
the phone. From what he could gather she was talking to someone in German,
and even though he had very poor German he was able to make out the words
ibyn-Ziyad, which seemed to suggest she hadn't given up on the sword yet.
He had noticed however that every time she was in the same room as him, no
matter how briefly, he was filled with the same strong impulse to slip The
Eye around his neck. It was something that perplexed him.

Nigel had been busy himself, although his work had little to do with the
Sword of ibyn-Ziyad. In fact that was the last thing on his mind. He had
spent the time since his return learning what he could about The Eye. As
he'd scoured text after text in the University library, he'd stumbled upon
a book that had told him enough about the Eye to sate a least some of his

The Eye of `Aisha was a gift that had been given to a great Moroccan Prince
named Calipe. He was, allegedly, of divine heritage. `Aisha Quandisha had
bestowed upon him The Eye as a gift for his deeds in her name.

Nigel smirked at this, "And since she is the Goddess of Sexual Activity, it's
pretty easy to guess what he had been doing in her name."

According to the legend Calipe had wanted possession of a beautiful young
peasant woman called Shire. She had rebuffed his best advances and a
lust-fuelled Calipe had beseeched `Aisha to help him. So she bestowed on
him The Eye. On seeing Calipe wearing The Eye, Shire had become overwhelmed
with passion for Calipe and all her inhibitions were forgotten.

Nigel mumbled to himself, "Lucky old Calipe."

Nigel read on. Seemingly there were two things that `Aisha had told Calipe
about the use of The Eye. Firstly, The Eye would only work if it was worn at
all times by the bearer particularly during the act of copulation. Secondly,
the object of the bearers' affections MUST possess feelings, no matter how
slight, of love or lust for the bearer.

Nigel had turned over the page of the book and in front of him was a drawing
of what The Eye looked like. His heart leapt. He reached into his pocket and
fished out the sapphire that Al-Hussein had given him. He looked at the
drawing and then at the sapphire, examining both thoroughly.

Nigel murmured to himself, "It is The Eye."

But could it really be the actual Eye of `Aisha?

There would be only one way to find out. Would Sydney be in the office now?
Nigel glanced at his watch and was surprised to find that it was 8 o'clock
in the evening. Had he really been this long in the library? He gathered
his books and headed out of the library and decided to take a detour to the
office. Maybe Sydney was there now, perhaps working late. He remembered the
story of Calipe and how it was necessary for the bearer of The Eye to wear
it around their neck. With that he slipped it over his head and tied it so
it was visible through the open neck of his shirt.

Much to Nigel's chagrin there was not a light on in the office.

"Damn it! Well I guess we'll have to wait until tomorrow to see if this is
The Eye of `Aisha."

* * *

Nigel arrived at the office early. He'd barely been able to sleep the night
before, his mind consumed with the story of The Eye and ghostly images of
Sydney flashing before his eyes. Each time he visualised her face, his hand
would stroke The Eye and he would be filled with a great desire to be with

He was just about to make a pot of coffee when he spied the note on his desk.
It was from Syd. He felt a gnawing dread in the pit of his stomach as picked
it up.


Good News. I have made some progress concerning the Sword.
I managed to get in contact with a German ex-patriot
antique dealer who believes he might have had the sword in
his possession five years ago. I have gone to Buffalo to
meet up with him. I'll phone you when I have some more
concrete details. Hold the fort until I get back. I
shouldn't be gone more than a day or so.


Nigel read the letter and re-read it, "Shitfire!"

He never heard Claudia enter the room.

"Boy...Someone is in a great mood today"

Nigel turned slightly and addressed her curtly, "Well Sydney has buggered
off to talk to some new contact about the Sword of ibyn-Ziyad. She never
even bothered to let me know."

Claudia took off her jacket and went over to the coffee machine.

"No coffee? know the rules...the first in makes the coffee."

Nigel raised his hand in a dismissive gesture, "I was just about to make one
Claudia...then I saw Syd's note"

Claudia busied herself with making the coffee, "That's no excuse
excuse. And Sydney DID try and find you yesterday but you like disappeared
off the face of the Earth."

Nigel growled, "I was busy..I had research to do."

Claudia turned and faced him for the first time, and her eyes were drawn to
sapphire that was dangling around Nigel's neck, "Well, she had a lot of work
to do as well but she...she...Wow...Nigel that is a really, really pretty...

Nigel, still nonplussed, answered gruffly, "Yes..Yes..I got it in Marrakech.
Look Claudia I'm sorry I didn't make the coffee but I have other things on my

Claudia answered, "Forget the coffee Nigel...can I see the...thing..."

Her voice trailed off. Nigel looked at her. She had the strangest look on her
face. She was staring right at him. At first he thought he had something in
his hair, and as a reflex action he ran his hand through his hair. He heard
her emit a little sigh as he did this. Then he felt it. It was a peculiar
warm buzzing sensation that seemed to engulf his whole body. He noticed that
Claudia was staring intently at him and as she did the buzzing increased. The
Eye felt as if it were pulsating against his flesh as Claudia walked over to
him. Her eyes darted from the sapphire to his face and back again. Within
seconds she was standing in front of him. She looked at him with a sexy
little girl grin on her face. Her hand reached out and touched the sapphire.
Nigel felt The Eye begin to pulsate wildly at her touch and felt a bolt of
heat throughout his body. Claudia obviously felt this too as she let go of
the sapphire with a little jolt. Nigel's heart leapt, "My The Eye it can't be."

But it was working, or it seemed to be judging from the way that Claudia was
staring at him. She looked at him again with a coy little smile on her face,
before she turned around and walked over to the office door, which she
proceeded to lock. She turned around and leant against the door. Nigel was
just about to say something when she interrupted him, "Nigel...I acted like
a real bitch when you got back from...Marra...what is it?"

Nigel croaked, "Marrakech?"

She grinned sexily as she stepped away from the door, "Yeah from Marrakech...
I didn't realise how busy you were there or how badly things had gone...with
that Sword thingy...but Sydney told me yesterday...and well I'm just really
sorry. I can't expect a present from you every time you go away...but its
just...well I really missed you Nigel...I missed you a lot."

Claudia had stopped halfway between Nigel and the Office door and as she
continued to talk she removed the green cardigan she'd been wearing,
depositing it on the Office floor.

"I missed you a lot Nigel I thought about it over the last few days
I remembered all the presents that you'd gotten me over the last two years
and you'd never gotten a present from me. I even forgot your last birthday.
So I want to give you a present Nigel. Something really special."

With that Claudia moved her hands up to the straps of her tight mini-dress
and pushed them down over her shoulders exposing a lacy white bra.

Nigel was shocked, "Claudia! What are you doing!"

Claudia replied, with a wicked glint in her eye, "I'm unwrapping your present
for you Nigel...unless you'd like to unwrap it yourself?"

Nigel ran his hands over his eyes and groaned, "Oh God! Claudia! The Eye does

Claudia ignored his comment and by this stage she'd managed to extricate
herself from her dress. She stood before Nigel clad only in her bra, panties
and a pair of red high heels. She ran her hands over her body and then walked
towards Nigel.

Nigel watched as the now semi-clad blonde moved towards him, her breasts
jiggling seductively with every step she took. She had a phenomenal body,
and truth be told Nigel had lusted after Claudia since she had started
working for Sydney. It was not the same type of feeling that he had for
Syd; he believed that he was in love with Syd. With Claudia it was just
pure lust. He remembered what the legend of The Eye had stated, the bearer
must possess feelings for the object of their affection and vice versa. So
Claudia had had feelings for him? Well if her reaction to him on seeing
The Eye was to be believed then that was a definite yes!

Now Nigel was in a quandary. The moral implication that faced him was great.
Could he take advantage of the opportunity that The Eye had presented to him.
It was Claudia after all! He worked with her every day. Could he do this to
her? There was no doubt that part of him wanted to, given that he cock was
starting to twitch into life and he couldn't take his eyes off the blonde
nymph sidling towards him.

"I can't do this to her. Can I?"

Claudia was now standing directly in front of him and what she did next
helped solve Nigel's dilemma. She cocked her head at him, smiled sweetly and
removed her bra and without saying a word she placed her arms around his neck
a look of intense passion in her eyes. With that she lifted her head and
placed her lips on his, kissing him softly. She ran her fingers softly up and
down the sides of Nigel's neck.

That was enough for Nigel and placing his hands on her hips he drew her in
closer to him and they started to kiss passionately.

* * *

Somehow they had managed to move over to Nigel's desk. As they continued
to kiss, his hands began to explore her breasts gently kneading Claudia's
nipples, which elicited little gasps from her. As Nigel continued to play
with her breasts, Claudia moved her hand to the crotch of Nigel's pants
and began to stroke the prominent bulge that was imprisoned there. Nigel
broke off the kiss and picked Claudia up placing her butt first on his
anally clean desk. He moved in close to her and began to kiss her again
as she wrapped her legs tightly around his ass. She ran her hands up and
down his shirt as he once again began to busy himself with her breasts.

Nigel began to nuzzle Claudia's neck and, not surprisingly, her pert tits.
Taking her left nipple in his mouth he began to suck on it gently, running
his tongue around her aureole. Claudia let out a little sigh as Nigel did
this, leaning back a little to allow him easier access. As he sucked and
licked her nipples his began to run his fingertips over her belly and
around her panty line, which drew little gasps from Claudia, who in return
was running her fingers through his hair. Taking his head in her hands she
guided it up to her face and the two began to kiss, hands exploring each
other's faces and hair.

It was Claudia who broke off the kiss. She ran her hand down the front of
Nigel's shirt and whispered in her cute little girl's voice.

"Take off your shirt."

Needing no further encouragement Nigel obeyed. As the last button was
unfastened Claudia slipped her hands in between his shirt and slid it open.
As Nigel removed it, Claudia ran her hands over his chest. Nigel let out a
little sigh and he placed his hands on her hips guiding her in closer to
him. She buried her face in his chest and began to kiss it softly, paying
close attention to his nipples which she began to lick and suck. Nigel
moaned a little and ran his hands over her back incredibly turned on by
Claudia's hot breath and moist lips caressing his upper torso. He felt her
hands stroking his belly and a bolt of pleasure erupted throughout his body.
As Claudia continued to nuzzle his chest, he felt her hand begin to stroke
his crotch, which was at this stage seriously straining his pants. She
cooed, "Mmmm...looks like something really wants out."

With that Nigel felt her hands begin to fumble with his belt. With very
little fuss she had his belt untied and his zip downed. Claudia pulled Nigel
in close to her and started to kiss him, her tongue invading his mouth and
swirling around his. He felt her fingertips run up and down his sides before
coming to rest on his thighs and start to rub them slowly them, which had the
effect of pushing his cords further and further down his thighs. Soon Nigel
was clad only in a pair of blue boxer shorts that did little to camouflage
the raging hard-on concealed within. Claudia's hands began to explore this
bulge and she let out a little sigh as she continued kissing him. Hooking
both her thumbs underneath the waistband of his boxers, Claudia emancipated
Nigel's erection. As she did Nigel felt The Eye grow even warmer, bathing
his body in an incredibly pleasurable warmth.

Nigel shivered when he felt Claudia's hand touch his penis. He jerked a
little and broke off from their embrace. He looked at her and spoke for the
first time, "Are you...are you sure you want to."

Claudia's eyes darted down to his penis and back to his face. He felt her
smooth hand encircle his cock and begin to slowly slide up and down his
shaft. She grinned at him, "What do you think?"

With that they began to kiss again.

Even the bleating of the phone was not enough to dim their passion.

* * *

Nigel laid Claudia down on the desk and ran his hands over her body. He was
kissing and caressing her breasts with his mouth while stroking her thighs
with his fingertips, which caused Claudia to jump a little. Nigel stood up
and ran his hands over her belly and down over her panty line. He leant down
and began to kiss her belly and hips, sliding his hand in between her legs
spreading them apart. Grasping one of her legs he began kissing her inner
thigh slowly working his way to her pussy. Claudia was squirming now and her
breath was becoming a little harsher. Nigel noticed her hands, which had been
fondling her breasts, had now slid down her body and had slipped underneath
her panties.

Taking that as his cue Nigel moved his hands to Claudia's forearms and slowly
removed her hands from her panties. She let out a little groan of protest.
Nigel smiled at her, "Allow me."

With that he slipped his hands underneath her panties and slowly removed
them revealing Claudia's neatly shaved pussy. Nigel ran his hands over her
sex and was surprised and delighted to find that she was very moist. Claudia
shuddered as he did this and let out a little sigh. Nigel started stroking
Claudia's inner thigh with the fingers of one hand and as he did this he
leant down and started to caress her clitoris with his tongue. Claudia let
out a cute little squeal when she felt Nigel's tongue lapping against her.
She ran her hands through his hair and closed her eyes biting her lip, her
breath ragged. She squealed again when Nigel slipped two fingers inside her
pussy and began to slowly slide them in and out. Nigel looked up at her and
saw she was obviously enjoying what he was doing to her. So he continued to
snake his tongue around her clitoris quickening the pace now, sensing that
she was on the brink of an orgasm.

Claudia was by now ready to explode. She could feel her orgasm growing and
it felt like it was going to be a humdinger. Nigel's snake-like tongue and
stabbing fingers were driving her wild with pleasure and her body felt as
if it were on fire. She looked down at Nigel again and a bolt of pleasure
racked her body when she saw the sapphire that he was wearing. She let out
a little moan and this caused Nigel to look up. A wave of inexplicable
pleasure wracked Claudia's petite body and she let out a series of little
squeals. Her back arched and then she went limp, breathing heavily,
perspiration drenching her.

Nigel felt it too and knew where it had come from. It felt as if a bolt of
heat had left his body and entered Claudia's. He watched Claudia as she
continued to breathe heavily, her eyes closed and a contented smile on her
lips. Her cheeks were flushed and she let out little sighs and moans. He
crouched over the desk and placed his lips on hers, kissing her tenderly.
Claudia's eyes shot open and she responded to Nigel's kiss enthusiastically.
She could feel his hard-on pressing against her leg and she broke off the
kiss. Stroking his cheek with her hand she looked at him, "Make love to me

Nigel was about to say something but on seeing the yearning in Claudia's
eyes he thought better of it. What was there to say any way? They both
wanted this, right? Nigel pressed his lips against Claudia's and kissed
her again. He guided his cock towards the entrance of her pussy and slid
it inside slowly. As he did Claudia let out an audible moan and they began
to kiss even more deeply. She was so wet and tight, he could hardly believe
it. He began to thrust himself forward slowly, grasping the side of the
desk with one hand and rubbing his free hand over her body, gently
caressing her silky skin. Claudia responded to this by wrapping her legs
tightly around his waist and butt. She was rubbing her hands over her face
and through her hair, moaning in pleasure as she did. Nigel leant down again
and embraced Claudia, she wrapping her arms around his neck as he did. Their
tongues danced together as their bodies continued to strain against each
other. Nigel was caressing Claudia's waist with both his hands when he felt
her hand guide one of his to her clitoris. Taking the hint he began to
manipulate it with his fingertips, and this drove Claudia wild.

Nigel could feel The Eye was starting to buzz like crazy again and as it
bounced off his chest. He realised that apart from Al-Hussein he was possibly
the only other person who'd used The Eye of `Aisha. This excited him and he
began to thrust harder into Claudia, grabbing her tiny waist in both of his
hands. Claudia let out louder moans as he did this. Her breasts were jiggling
wildly now as Nigel's thrusting became more and more relentless. Nigel knew
he wouldn't last much longer and so his rhythm became even more intense.
Claudia had now placed her hands on his belly and was raking it with her
fingernails, shrieking in pleasure.

As Nigel came he let out several harsh sobbing cries which were mirrored
by Claudia, whose own orgasm followed several seconds later. A wave of
indescribable pleasure washed over Nigel as he gripped the table, breathing
hard, body coated in a thin film of perspiration. Claudia was still lying
prone on the table, her chest rising and falling rapidly as he leant down
and stroked her cheek with the back of his hand. Her eyes shot open with
his touch and she took his hand in hers raising it to her lips and kissing
it. He ran his other hand through her hair and the tip of her ear with his
fingertips. He smiled at her, "Hi."

Claudia returned his smile, her eyes twinkling, her cheeks flushed with
pleasure, "Hi."

He cleared his throat and started to speak, "Claudia...I..."

Her hand shot up and silenced him. Raising her head a little she planted a
soft kiss on his lips. Nigel stood up and Claudia raised herself up on her
elbows. She looked delectable lying like that and Nigel's only instinct was
to place his hands on her waist and kiss her deeply. Claudia responded with
enthusiasm running stroking his chest with one hand and cupping his balls
with the other. Nigel jumped at her touch. As Claudia proceeded to massage
his scrotum, Nigel felt The Eye of `Aisha start to buzz again and as if by
magic he felt his cock start to stiffen.

"Already! God this was one hell of a gift that `Aisha gave Calipe."

Unbeknownst to him he'd just blurted this out loud. Claudia stopped and cut
him a strange look, "What are you talking about Nigel?"

Nigel went red and murmured, "Nothing Claudia...Nothing."

With a mock frown on her lips, Claudia encircled his throbbing member in her
hands and began to jerk him off, "Well stop blabbering and kiss me then!"

So he did.

* * *

After it was over, the two of them lay in an exhausted heap on the office
floor. Holding each other closely they dozed in silence, revelling in each
other's body heat. The phone had been ringing constantly for the last hour
but Nigel paid it no heed. He lay there with Claudia in his arms thinking
about what had just happened. It was obvious that what he had in possession
was in fact a relic of some historical significance. Any museum in the world
would love to possess such an artefact, and given his chosen profession he
was under a moral obligation to surrender it to the University ASAP. He
sighed and looked at Claudia as she dozed, her head planted on his shoulder
and then a thought crossed his mind. He had feelings for Claudia sure but...
but, "Sydney...Sydney."

He whispered this to himself over and over. Claudia's head shifted on his
chest and she moaned a little. He ran a hand through her hair and he thought,
"Sydney is the one I really want."

He closed his eyes and imagined her face, her sleek black hair and her
voluptuous body. He knew that before he could ever part with The Eye he would
have to see if it would work on Sydney.

He would have to.


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