Relic Hunter/Tomber Raider: Finding The Jade Monkey
by Hamster

Sydney Fox tiptoed through the rubble of the old ruined temple. Carefully she
picked her way through the rubble and debris looking sighs of her employer's
prized statuette. Her skintight pants and her shirt where getting dusty and
dirty from the scavenging.

She heard some rustling behind her.

Sydney spun around to face whoever was sneaking up on her. A very attractive
woman in a painted on aqua colored top and leather shorts had two Uzis
pointed at her.

The woman lowered the Uzis.

"Professor Fox I presume, your reputation presides you. Your almost as good
as me." The woman said.

"And you must be Lara Croft, I've heard much about you. And I'm afraid you
have it backwards. I heard YOU are almost as good as ME." Sydney corrected.

"I'm here for the Jade Monkey," Lara announced.

"So am I, any luck?" Sydney asked.

"Not really, want to combine efforts? We can share the profits and its better
to work together than against each other," Lara suggested.

...The Jade Monkey sensed the presence of mortals. It hungered to be found.
It needed release...

For hours the two explorers combined efforts in digging around and searching
for the monkey.

...So close...

"Hey, I think I found something." Sydney exclaimed. "I saw greenish light
glinting in between these rocks."

The two women worked together moving aside large heavy rocks. After straining
their muscles and sweating profusely they managed to clear the rubble off the
Jade Monkey.

Lara lifted the Jade statue over her head and gazed at the incredible

FREE ME the evil creature tried to will the two women, but trapped as it was,
in a statue it was rather pitiful.

The two women hugged at having found the statue.

Sydney was a bit aroused as she felt Lara's big tits mashed against her own.

"Ummm uh lets get out of here," Sydney stammered.

"Yes well certainly, The British woman, also a bit hot and bothered,
hurriedly agreed.

The two women make their way out of the temple ruins.

Later, outside...

The Lara and Sydney had decided to make camp together.

Lara lay near the fire thinking as Sydney unrolled her sleeping bag. Sydney
began to take off her cloths stripping to her tiger-striped bra and panties.

"What are you doing?" Lara asked, trying to fight back her arousal and trying
hard not to stare.

"Well I'm not sleeping in my dirty cloths! Sydney said.

"Oh, well of course not luv...its just..." Lara began.

"Don't tell me your shy. What's wrong havn't been around a lot of naked
woman?" Sydney said slyly.

"Well not exactly...damn I'm sore," Lara said trying to change the subject.

"Here let me rub your shoulders," Sydney as she placed her hands on Lara's

"No really luv that wont be...ahhhhh that feels soooo good." Lara was
enjoying the massage greatly.

Sydney rubbed Lara's shoulders for a while, getting wet just from touching
the sexy adventurer. Sydney slid a hand down from Lara's shoulder to her
breast. Sydney rubbed and kneaded the tit through the shirt.

Lara's eyes widened in surprise, but she didn't stop it, rather she leaned
back and enjoyed the tit massage.

Lara turned to face the beautiful Amer-asian. Lara parted her lips and kissed
Sydney twisting and turning her tongue in Sydney's mouth.

Lara broke the kiss to peel off her top. Her two huge tits strained against
her bra. Deftly she removed the bra letting her massive mammary explode
forth. Sydney stared wide-eyed at the feast before her. She took one of
Lara's rock hard nipples into her mouth and sucked hard. She roughly squeezed
the breast as she did this.

"Mmmmm yes!" Lara moaned softly.

Sydney stopped and took off her own bra. She then leaned down slid her
sopping wet panties off. She grasped Lara's belt buckle and whipped it off.
Sydney the un-zipped Lara's leather shorts and slid them off.

Lara laid on her back, her naked cunt exposed to the moonlight. Lara spread
her legs slightly. Sydney took advantage and lay down so her lips where just
above Lara's delicious pussy. She slid her hands underneath Lara's hips to
squeeze and knead the ass ass cheeks. Sydney licked and sucked the nubbin.
Lara's hips bucked with pleasure.

"Mmm yes baby, shag me baby, shag me." Lara moaned.

Sydney rammed two fingers into Lara's anus and pumped it good and hard. She
used her other hand to spread Lara's pussy open. Sydney thrust her tongue
into Lara's pussy, wiggling it around inside her. Lara squeezed her own tits
and pinched her nipples spasming in pleasure. Finally she felt her muscles
tighten and she screamed an orgasm out into the night sky. Sydney lapped up
Lara's warm girl-cum as the tomb raider purred contently.

"We must do this again." Lara said.

"Yes we must." Sydney agreed.

"Join me at my hotel once we arrive in the states?"

"Count on it." Sydney replied.
_ _ _

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