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Resident Evil: An Unfamiliar Evil (MF,F-best,ncon,bond,viol,mutil,necro)
by Mugetsu G ([email protected])

As Jill and company searched the wooded area in the dark of night for clues,
it soon became apparent that the situation was as a grim as was expected.
Chunks of human flesh were strewn about here and there with an occasional
foot or hand, but there were no bodies completely intact.

"Good god..." Jill said out loud to herself as she picked up the blood-soaked
remains of a shirt belonging to one of the missing S.T.A.R.S. members of
Bravo team.

"What the hell happened here?" Chris Redfield asked as he neared Jill and
saw the shirt she was holding.

"Simple. They're Bravo. We're Alpha. We aren't going to die," Albert
Wesker responded while still staring at a nearby pile of mutilated flesh.

"They were Bravo anyways," Barry coldly shot back at Wesker as he stooped
next to him to investigate the pile. "It was that attitude that got them
killed. Did you read up on anything about Umbrella? They are experimenting
in some bizarre shit. Bio-terrorism, human mutations, reanimating the dead."

"All highly illegal shit at that," Jill added. "One of their research
facilities is supposed to be nearby, but all that has been found is a rundown

"You people are paranoid," Wesker said blowing the three of them off as he
walked away.

"Not paranoid, just cautious," Chris responded glaring at the back of
Wesker's head.

"Don't be fool Wesker. This won't be a cake walk," Barry murmured to

"As much as I hate to admit it, as arrogant as he is, Wesker has always
managed to handle himself and get out alive," Jill sighed.

"So it seems," Barry replied. "Let's head for the mansion then. I have a
feeling more will be uncovered there than either of you expect."

Jill, Chris, and Barry had started back towards the chopper when a commotion
was heard in the distance.

"Shit!!" A male voice rang out in the night followed by several gunshots.

"What's going on?!?" Barry demanded of the night.

"Back to the chopper! Back to the chopper!" A heavy breathing Wesker
shouted out as he came running past the three of them.

"What's going on?" Jill yelled as she, Chris, and Barry started running
following behind Wesker.

"I'll explain when we get back! Just keep running!" Wesker screamed back.

As the four of them continued running more shouting and gunshots could be
heard going off. The noise silenced though as the chopper came into sight.

"What the hell?!? NOOO!" A voice screamed from the chopper as a deep
growling followed by what sounded liked barking soon followed.

Several shots rang out followed by some animal yelping and human screaming.
Soon the screaming ended and all that could be heard was the growling and
heavy breathing of a wild beast.

When Wesker, Jill, Chris, and Barry arrived at the chopper it soon became
clear what happened. The pilot was dead and slumped over the controls. His
body was ripped wide open in several places and bleeding profusely. Behind
him in the seating area was what looked to be a rabid dog. This one was a
bit different though. It looked to be severely injured but certainly did act
like it. The gunshot wounds it received from the pilot's gun didn't seem to
bother it too much either.

No sooner had the four of them stopped to take a look, the dog lunged at Jill
striking her in the chest. Jill fell backwards and blacked out as her body
hit the ground and her head struck a large rock in the process.

* * *

With a sharp pain in the back of her head Jill slowly regained consciousness.
Although a bit groggy she could make out two male voices arguing.

"This is bullshit! We agreed to help you obtain the virus! Nothing was said
about kidnap and rape!"

"Look, everyone else from Alpha and Bravo is dead. Did you think we would
just let her go? She has to join the rest of her team!"

A sudden panic overtook Jill as she realized two things. One, she was nude
and tied to a bed spread-eagle and two, the two men arguing were Barry and

"Ah look, our sweet Valentine is finally awake," Wesker said grinning as he
walked to her bedside and squeezed her breasts with his hands rubbing his
thumbs over her nipples.

"What the hell are you two up to??? Where's Chris???"

"You've got nice breasts, you know that Jill? Very nice breasts," Wesker
said as he continued squeezing them and rubbing her nipples.

"Wesker this was never part of the plan!"

"Barry I'm not going to sit here and debate this with you. You're either
with me or against me. There's a lot of money to be made here and you and
Chris agreed to help. Now shut up."

"What the hell is going on and where's Chris???" Jill screamed.

"Shit! It wasn't supposed to happen like this!" Barry said to himself.

"Barry what's going on?" Jill asked.

"What the hell was I thinking..." Barry mumbled to himself as turned and
started walking towards the door of the room.

"God damn it old man I knew including you was a bad idea," Wesker sighed as
he watched Barry walk into the hallway and shut the door behind him. "Ah
well. Anyways Jill to get to your question. Officially our mission was to
investigate the murders and what was going on around here. That was
S.T.A.R.S. objective anyways. Mine was simply to get the data and whatever
existing samples of the virus that Umbrella was producing, which I already
have. I in turn will sell the info to the Canadian government for a rich
fee. I recruited Chris to help because he can use a little extra money,
besides it'll be easier to kill him when he's on my side, although I suppose
I could have left him outside with those hellhounds and let him die with the
others. As for Barry's involvement, he has some gambling debts and he's the
only one you trust implicitly."

"Wesker, the madness has got to stop," Barry said firmly as he reentered the

"Ah, speak of the devil. It's unfortunate that you had to say that because
now I have to do this."


Barry slumped to the floor as a single bullet from Wesker's gun penetrated
the front of his Barry's head and exited through the back.

"It was sad I had to do that, but the best laid plans don't always go
accordingly. Anyways with you and Chris out of the way this would be a cake

"You fucking bastard you won't get away with this!" Jill screamed enraged.

"No you noisy bitch I think I will," Wesker growled as he punched Jill in
the stomach knocking the wind out of her.

"I wonder if Chris is having as much with that broad Chambers from Bravo as
I'm about to have with you Jill," Wesker sneered as he lowered his face
between her legs.

* * *

"Who told you to stop?!?!?" Chris screamed at the young brown haired girl as
his member slipped out of her mouth.

"You bastard! You won't get away with this!"

"Like hell I won't. Who's gonna save you? Everybody else is dead. Now on
the bed before you piss me off."

With a look of disdain the nude girl climbed onto the bed on all fours.

"Good. Stay just like that," Chris, also nude, said as he climbed on the
bed behind her.

"You know Rebecca, you're nice and tight even for an eighteen year old, but
that's just the way I like it," Chris grinned as he slipped his cock inside
her cunt.

"You stupid fuck, if only you had a small idea of what was going on,"
Rebecca said to herself as she felt Chris' pace increase and his member
started to gorge her insides. "Now to just hurry this along," Rebecca
thought as her pussy started to release its juices.

"Good, very good," Chris said as he pulled himself out of her box and poked
the head of his member into her ass.

"I swear to god, you stick that thing in my ass and I'll fucking hurt you to
no end," Rebecca warned Chris.

"Shut up you Bravo whore," Chris said ignoring her as shoved his dick deep
inside her ass, the juices helping it along.

"Oh god..." Rebecca grimaced as her asshole was spread open wide.

"Shut up. You'll like it soon enough," Chris said as he continued to force
his cock in and out of her anus.

"Oooooooh Chris, you're right! I love anal so much!" Rebecca feigned in a
sudden reversal of moods.

"You nasty... little... whore..." Chris grumbled out as he suddenly relieved
himself and came all over the insides of Rebecca's anal cavity.

After a few minutes of regaining his composure Chris started to redress.

"It's been peachy but now it has to en---," Chris stopped in mid-sentence as
he had reached for his gun in the holster and relized it was gone.

"Oh, were you looking for this?" Rebecca asked pointing Chris' own pistol at
him as she climbed out of bed.

"What do you think you're doing??" Chris asked trying to act cool.

"I have a question I want to ask you."

"Oh? And what's that?"


Blam! Rebecca shot Chris in the left knee and he nearly fell to the floor
before propping himself up on his one good knee.


Blam! Rebecca then shot Chris in his right knee and he fell to the floor.

"whore now?" She yelled at him.

"You bitch! That hurt!" Chris screamed wildly at her.

"Oh really?" Rebecca asked rhetorically as she unbuttoned his pants and
pulled them and his underwear down exposing his cock.

"How bout this?!?" She said maniacally as she removed her knife from its
sheath and sliced off Chris' dick in one swipe.

"SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!" Chris screamed in agony as blood started to spurt

"You fucking bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Chris screamed again.

"You know, you're right Chris. I am a bitch," Rebecca said before placing a
bullet in his head.

"Time to get paid Wesker," Rebecca said as she picked her things up and left
the room.

* * *

"Oh... God... Jill..." Wesker panted as he frantically thrust his cock in
and out of Jill's cunt.

"Wesker you bastard..." Jill moaned half in disgust half in pleasure.

"Good God!" Wesker moaned as he split Jill's box one last time before coming
inside of her painting her walls white.

"You're just as good as I thought Jill. Simon will like you as well," Wesker
said as he climbed from the bed and dressed.

"Simon? Who's Simon? Wesker you bastard, I swear to god I'll get you for

"Tsk Tsk Jill. Why the hostility? I'm not going to hurt you," Wesker
reassured her as he untied her from the bed albeit with a gun pointed at her

"This way," Wesker ordered her pointing towards the door leading to the

After walking down several halls and up and down various staircases, Wesker
and Jill briefly came to a stop in front of a door before walking through it.

Inside was a room that looked to be a lab. Tables with computers,
microscopes, and various papers were spotted here and there through out the
room. The lab would look like any other except for a large glass cage that
had a door to get into it accessible from the room, and a second door that
looked to be built into the wall. Nearby was a computer terminal that seemed
to be set up solely for the glass cage.

"In you go," Wesker said as he place his foot on Jill's butt, pushed her
inside the cage, and closed the door behind her.

"Wesker! WESKER!" Jill screamed at him.

"It's been swell knowing you Jill. It's nothing personal, it's just
business. Now meet Simon." Wesker said with no emotion as he pushed several
buttons at the console and the second cage door opened up.

Still naked and unarmed Jill's situation turned grave as she realized who
Simon was. Simon looked to be another of those dog creatures that had killed
the pilot in the chopper earlier that night.

"Wesker! Wesker! Let me out know and I'll let you live!" Jill screamed.

"Petty threats will get you nowhere Jill. It's all in how you react to
things." Wesker replied as her punched a few more buttons at the computer.

Tiles on the cage floor move and four mechanical tentacles shot out each
wrapping itself around one of her legs or arms.

Jill struggled with them and soon found it to be useless as they pulled her
down towards the floor but kept her body floating just above the floor.

Unlike the dog in the chopper it didn't attack Jill right away. Simon slowly
circled around Jill a few times before stopping to sniff at her crotch.
After a moment it's ears pricked up and it's tail started to wave. Simon
started to sniff again and then began licking at Jill's box.

"Wesker you're a sick pervert!" Jill screamed in fury.

"Jill you misjudge me so. It's not that I'll get pleasure out of watching
him mount you in a moment. Oh no, the pleasure will come when plants his
seed inside of you and it kills you from the inside out."

"REBECCAAAAAAAA!!!!" Jill screamed in disgust as Simon stopped licking and
mounted her placing his paws on her stomach. "Where are you????"

As Jill continued to scream and thrash her body wildly, Rebecca walked into
the room through the same door Wesker and Jill had come in.

"Good to see you again Rebecca," Wesker said as Rebecca made her way to his

"Same here Wesker," Rebecca replied. "My things are taken care of, are

"Just about. I don't particularly like Jill tonight, so I changed plans a

"Just one thing though," Wesker said as the two of them watched Simon
continue to penetrate Jill's cunt.

"What's that?"

"Just before you came in she yelled your name asking for help."

"Oh, is that so?"

"Yes it is," Wesker said removing his gun and pointing it at Rebecca, "And I
don't like being crossed."

"Oh come on Wesker you think I'd really double cross you? I have no idea how
she found out about me but she's trying to get us to turn on each other."

"OH MY GOD!" Jill screamed as Simon was furiously ripping at her pussy in a

"Doesn't much matter now," Wesker said as he looked over at the cage. "Simon
is close to coming. She'll be dead within the hour."

"No Albert you will," Rebecca said take advantage of his brief distraction
by ripping the gun from his hand and pointing it right back him. "Bye bye

Blam! A single shot is fired and Wesker brain explodes as the bullet passes

Rebecca pushed several buttons on the console and the door to the cage soon
opened up. She quickly stepped inside and fired a shot into the air
distracting Simon. Not one liking interruptions Simon dismounted Jill and
growled at Rebecca. Not letting him have time to do anything else, Rebecca
fire several shots into the dog's head killing him.

"Good... god..." Jill breathed heavily and out of breathe. "What... took so

"Hey now Jill things went according to plan on my part. You screwed up."

"Had the dog attacked Wesker like it was supposed to then I wouldn't have
been on the floor getting screwed by one of those things. Ah fuck it, it's
done and over with. Just get these things off of me."

"Just a sec..." Rebecca replied as she stared at the computer screen and
pushed several buttons.

After about five minutes the tentacles retracted and Jill fell to the floor.

"Here you go," Rebecca said tossing Jill her clothes.

"Where you find these?" Jill asked dressing herself.

"I'm assuming in the room where you were initially taken. You have the data
on the virus?"

"Right here," Jill said smiling as she pulled two sealed petri dishes and
data folder out of the bag Wesker had brought into the room with him.

"Good work Jill, soon we'll be relaxing on the beaches of St. Croix,"
Rebecca smiled as she pecked Jill on the lips and the two of them headed for
the door.


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