This is a make believe story about make believe characters.

If you read Star Wars - Episode 2: Geonosian Torture (Dark Version) and
found the ending to be a bit too squeemish for you, then don't read this.
It's worse. The story codes alone should show that. As for why I wrote it,
I did so because it was an idea that popped into my head one day and I
wanted to see if I could actually write it.

Resident Evil: Dark Night (MF,FF,MM,anal,snuff,mutil,necro,viol)
by Big Red Dope ([email protected])

With her shotgun raised and her aim dead-on Jill Valentine fired the two
shots at Tyrant, before dropping the casings and reloading with two fresh
shells. Though it was riddled with bullet holes Tyrant continued to lumber
after Jill chasing her around the lab. She frantically stopped and turned
firing the two shots. One shot struck the hideous beast and it took a step
back roaring in pain. Jill reached into her pouch for more shells, but her
heart dropped when her hand found nothing. She threw the shotgun onto the
floor and with her knife being next to useless against Tyrant she pulled
out her grenade launcher that had only one acid round left. She fired.

Tyrant screeched and bellowed as it flew backwards into one of the empty
glass housings used to store live specimens. The glass shattered into a
million pieces and the beast slumped to the ground. Jill dropped the empty
grenade launcher and fell to her knees exhausted. Then she fell to the
ground onto her stomach. After laying there for ten minutes Jill climbed to
her feet and headed towards the emergency exit in the lab that lead out to
the helipad.

"Good work Jill."

"Wesker!" Jill screamed spinning to face the traitor. "I saw you die!" Jill
looked back and forth from the body on the floor to Wesker to the body and
back at Wesker.

"Who you saw die was my body double. I always have a backup plan just in

"You killed everyone you son of a bitch."

"As far as that, you know I didn't. I killed Enrico and maybe a few workers
here at the mansion, but the zombies did most of the killing."

"You're the one responsible for the virus that created the zombies! I'm not
going to let you get away with this!"

"And how exactly do you plan on stopping me? I have the files you collected
here," Wesker said with a smile waving everything Jill had collected on the
virus, the mansion, and everyone involved. "And you're not armed. Trust me,
I can kick your ass in a street fight."

"Barry and Chris are on the helipad, they'll hunt your sorry ass down."

"Please stop with your empty threats. I know this place like the back of my
hand. None of you would ever be able to find me." Wesker turned to walk back
into the mansion.

"Don't turn your back on me Wesker! Don't think you've won!" Jill shouted
taking several steps toward him unsheathing her knife.

"I'd step back if I were you Jill," Wesker warned.

"Don't threaten me..."

"Fine. If you don't want to listen, I'll have to try this out on you then,"
Wesker said calmly right before connecting a roundhouse kick to Jill's hand
knocking the knife away. With his left hand he grabbed her by the wrist and
with his right hand he stabbed Jill in the arm with a syringe filled with
green liquid emptying it into her.

With her free hand Jill punched Wesker in the stomach and yanked her arm
free. Jill pulled the needle from her arm and gripped it when the area
surrounding the needle mark started to throb.

"What the hell did you inject me with???" Jill screamed demanding an answer.

"You'll find out soon enough. I told you to stop." Wesker turned to walk
back into the mansion. Jill picked up her knife and started after him. She
only got two feet when she screamed loudly fiercely clutching her arm that
now pained her immensely. Jill was in no position to fight Wesker so she
decided it was best to head up to the helipad.

Outside on the rooftop she spotted Chris Redfield and Barry Burton waiting
by the helicopter with Rebecca Chambers. Brad was still in the front piloting
the chopper and and ready to take off.

"Jesus Christ Jill what happened to you? We were about to take off without
you." Chris asked with concerned.

"I was attacked by Tyrant and after I killed him, Wesker showed up and
stabbed me in the arm with a syringe. I don't know what was in it, but now
my arm hurts like hell."

Suddenly the rooftop started to shake and Jill fell to the ground. Barry and
Rebecca helped her into the chopper. Chris was the last to climb in and as
he did so the far end of the roof burst into pieces sending debris flying.
Tyrant pulled himself up roaring loudly when he reached the top. Chris
removed his Colt Python from the holster and started firing at Tyrant. It
seemed impervious to the bullets at it started bounding towards the
helicopter. Chris reloaded and fired again. Tyrant didn't slow down at all.

"Hey Chris," Barry shouted tossing him a rocket launcher. Chris caught it
and fired one shot as Tyrant lunged into the air at the group. The rocket
hit it in the chest and the beast exploded. Chris and the others covered
themselves as blood, guts, and flesh flew through the air.

"Ok Brad, let's get the hell out of here," Chris said as he buckled into a
seat next to the others.

"Who's... this..." Jill asked wheezing and coughing.

"I'm Rebecca Chambers, I'm with Bravo Team. We met earlier remember?"

"What's wrong Jill? You and I met her in the dining room with Chris," Barry
gruffly said. "You ok Jill?"

"Not really... My arm doesn't hurt nearly as much, but now I've got a
headache and feel like shit. I'm getting dizzy too. Whatever Wesker injected
me with is certainly screwing with my body. OH MY GOD!" Jill covered her
face with her hands and started shaking violently.

"Holy shit! Jill? Are you all right? Jill! We've got to get her out of

As large explosions rocked the ground below leveling the mansion and the
helicopter shook from the shockwaves Jill faded in and out of consciousness.
She began to sweat profusely and murmur inaudible things. Jill closed her
eyes and leaned back. Suddenly flashes of red and black flipped through her
mind. Images of death and disease bones penetrated deep into her psyche.
Jill let out a blood-curdling scream and blacked out.

Slowly Jill regained consciousness. Her eyelids flickered before opening up.
She rolled her eyes around looking at the room. Though her vision was very
blurry Jill could still make out some posters on the wall and equipment
scattered through out the room. She was in a hospital room.

"Jill? Can you hear me?"

"Chr- Chris..."

"It's good to hear your voice again Jill."

"Where am I? I can't see, my vision is all blurry."

"We're still in Raccoon City. We didn't know what was wrong with you and
Rebecca has had some training in healing. We cleared out a small part of the
hospital. Barry's guarding the helicopter and Brad and I are taking turns
standing guard down here. Anyway, how are you feeling?"

"I'm feeling much better though I don't know if that means anything mentally.
But like I said my vision's still blurry and I can't really see anything."

"Just rest for now and we'll leave as soon as you're ready."

"Thanks Chris, the lot of you should get some sort of compensation or
promotion for all you've done."

"You've done just as much as we have so you deserve some credit as well."

"We'll see," Jill said sleepily as she nodded off to sleep.

Jill woke with a yawn rubbing her eyes. When she was fully awake she saw she
was no longer in a hospital room. She was now in a large plush bed in a large
bedroom of someone's house. Someone rolled over and pressed against her.

"Mmmm, good to see you're awake again Jill," A voice behind her cooed. It
was Rebecca pressing her nude body against Jill's nude body. Jill could feel
Rebecca's bare breasts pressing against her back.

"How long have I been asleep?"

"Just a few minutes," Rebecca replied reaching down and grabbing Jill's ass.

"Ooh, you like getting right to the point don't you?" Jill smiled turning to
face Rebecca.

"There's no reason to waste time and not fool around with someone with a
killer body like you."

Jill and Rebecca pressed their lips together and kissed. Each opened their
mouth pushing their tongue into the other's. Their lips smacked as their
tongues wrestled and beat each other exchanging saliva. Rebecca sat up and
straddled Jill's stomach. She leaned forward kissing Jill again.

"Tell me Jill, how many times did you and Chris fuck? He has a huge prick
doesn't he?"

"I don't know, we've never fucked. We've always been too involved in work and
when we had time he did want screw me because it would change our friendship
he said."

"That's most unfortunate, because you've got one hell of a body. It's a good
thing we're not great friends yet," Rebecca smiled.

"Undoubtedly." Jill wrapped her arms around Rebecca's neck pulling her head
in close. Their lips met again and a wave of passion bolted between their
eyes as they brought their heads apart and breathed heavily staring into each
others eyes.

Rebecca broke free of Jill's hold and slowly slid down her body. She took
Jill's breasts in her hands squeezing and kissing them. Jill let out soft
moans as Rebecca's lips suckled her nipples tickling the tip. Rebecca lips
started kissing down Jill's chest to her abdomen. She stopped momentarily to
suck on her belly button. Jill moaned again as Rebecca's tongue slid back
and forth across her navel. She could feel her pussy tingling and moistening
as Rebecca started kissing down her body towards her legs.

As the soft touch of Rebecca's tongue touched her twat, Jill's hormones
kicked into action. She pressed Rebecca's head hard between her legs and as
her body heat turned up, a dark cloud developed in Jill's head. Rage and
anger began to build up in Jill as Rebecca continued to stimulate her clit
and cuntal lips. Rebecca's flickering tongue helped to quickly envelop Jill
with anger as it passed along the cunt.

Suddenly Rebecca got into a sixty-nine position with Jill. The taste of
Rebecca's juices on her tongue enraged Jill to near delirium. Both girls
were letting the moans of pleasure flow like there was no tomorrow, and for
Rebecca she truly didn't know what the sounds meant. Jill felt her legs
start to wet and she had no clue what that meant as she continued to lap at
Rebecca's pussy. Out of nowhere Rebecca screamed loudly shouting Jill's name
as girl cum started to squirt covering Jill's face.

Rebecca moaned heavily as her ejaculation came to a slow stop and she fell
onto the bed next to Jill. After a few minutes of silence to regain her
composure Rebecca sat up and licked the sticky good off of Jill's face. Jill
only smiled not saying a word.

"You ready for another go around?" Rebecca asked. Jill smiled silently.
"Good I'll be right back."

Jill spit at the bedroom door as Rebecca left. She got off the bed and
intently looked for her things. Jill finally found them in the room's
closet. Her clothes were neatly folded and stacked on the closet shelf with
her beret on top. Next to her clothes lay an i.v. tube. Jill grabbed the
tubing and placed it on desk in the room. She waited near the door but far
enough away so that Rebecca couldn't see her immediately when she re-entered
the room. Five minutes later Jill could hear Rebecca coming down the hall

"Jill my dear, I've got something for you," Rebecca chirped as she re-entered
the room.

Jill immediately punched her in the mouth and that gave her enough time to
slam Rebecca's head into the wall. Rebecca fell to the floor screaming
holding her forehead that just broke a light fixture on the wall and was now

"Jesus Christ! What's wrong with you Jill!" Rebecca shouted from the floor
while trying to get up.

Jill grabbed a handful of her hair helping her up. Rebecca then screamed as
she was thrown to the bed by her hair and handfuls of it were in Jill's hand.
Jill stalked towards her expressionless and seeing the strap-on dildo Rebecca
was wearing forced it off her body.

"God damn Jill! If you didn't want to do the strap-on you could have just
said so," Rebecca shouted starting to get up. Jill punched her squarely on
the nose and Rebecca let the cusswords fly as she held her nose. When she
removed her hand Rebecca could the taste blood on her lips. She was now
bleeding from the head and nose.

None of Rebecca's wounds seemed to concern Jill too much. With the strap-on
now on her Jill grabbed the i.v. tube from the desk and forced Rebecca to
her stomach wrapping the tubing around her neck. Rebecca would have screamed
when Jill thrust the dildo into her ass without any lube or preparation, but
the tubing around her neck was choking the life from her. Rebecca clawed at
her neck trying to get her fingers under the tubing, but her efforts were
futile as Jill keeping pulling it tighter and tighter. She tried to kick her
legs to try and do something, but that was an impossibility too as Jill
continued to fuck her in the asshole tearing it up. Rebecca tried to reach
back to grab or hit Jill, but her hands couldn't find anything to latch onto.

Rebecca's arms started to flail about and her body twitched nearly knocking
Jill off as the last of bit of air was drawn from her body. With the tubing
around Rebecca's neck and her hand around the tubing Jill smiled with glee,
almost like a little girl, as she continued to assfuck the dead girl. Poor
Rebecca's life had been in Jill's hands and now she had no way to stop her
body from being defiled. As the lust for death swirled within Jill she
realized now how much she wanted control over Rebecca's life and Rebecca's

Having the sweet nubile girl to violate was one thing, but being able to
use one's own hands to choose whether someone lived or died was something
altogether different for Jill. It turned her on nearly as much as Rebecca
did. Jill got off of Rebecca's body and turning it over onto its back threw
the i.v. tubing to the ground. She parted Rebecca's lips with her hands
enough to allow the strap-on to penetrate her mouth and throat.

Jill's head dipped down between Rebecca's legs and her tongue flicked out
across her twat. Jill's body started burning again and she began to thrust
her hips towards Rebecca's face. The taste of Rebecca's pussy was like
ambrosia to Jill and she pushed her tongue deep into the lower orifice
trying to take in as big a taste of Rebecca as she could. Jill took
Rebecca's cuntal lips into her mouth engulfing her slit as her tongue
continued to gouge deep inside. Jill's hips were slamming hard into
Rebecca's face and she paid no attention to how she was treating the head
or face of Rebecca. Nor did she notice the blood that was stating to cover
the dildo.

All Jill knew was that she was turned on by the power she now had and her
body was letting her know that. Her pussy flared with ecstasy and her body
ached. Jill screamed loudly as her cunt erupted flooding Rebecca's face with
her cum. When her body strained and stopped tingling Jill pulled the dildo
from Rebecca's mouth and fell onto the bed next to her. After a few minutes
of silence to regain her composure Jill sat up and looked at Rebecca. Her
face was covered in Jill's cum and the same blood that covered the strap-on
was smeared and covered all around Rebecca's mouth, but that didn't seem to
bother Jill.

"Sorry to be so quick and to the point Rebecca, but like someone once told
me. There's no reason to waste time and not fool around with someone with a
killer body like you," Jill grinned widely. She leaned over and kissed
Rebecca on the lips. Jill pushed her tongue into Rebecca's mouth licking her
tongue and the inside all over. She then curled up next to Rebecca wrapping
her arms around her body waiting for sleep to take over.

"Jill! Jill!" Brad shouted shaking Jill's body violently. "Oh god I've got
to find Chris and Barry!"

Jill yawned and smacked her lips a bit before opening her eyes. "Brad? Is
that you?"

"Jill oh thank god! After you didn't respond I thought you were dead!"

"Dead? Why?" Jill asked sitting up in the hospital bed.

"It got a bit boring so I decided to walk around a bit. The door next door
was opened so I peeked inside just to make sure and I found Rebecca's

"What do you mean you found Rebecca's body?"

"I mean she's-- She's dead Jill. Rebecca's dead."

"Tell me you're kidding? Please tell me you're kidding."

Jill ran out of the room when Brad shook his head no. Next door she found
Rebecca dead, just like Brad said. Rebecca laid nude on the bed. Her face
was purple and some i.v. tubing laid on the floor. Her mouth was covered in
blood and some kind of whitish-substance. There was also a hole in the wall
and crusty blood around Rebecca's nose and and forehead. Suddenly Jill's
demeanor turned from panic and worry for Rebecca to anger and hatred for

"God damn it Brad! Why'd you have to go noising around where you didn't
belong???" Jill grumbled underneath her breath. She angrily stalked back to
her room with fury burning brightly in her eyes.

"Jesus Christ Brad, what happened?" Jill asked in feign bewilderment closing
the door behind her and slumping to the ground against it.

"I don't know, I found her like that. We need to go find Chris and Barry and
let them know what's going on."

"NO!" Jill cried diving to the feet of Brad grabbing his ankles. "Don't
leave me alone!"

"What's come over you Jill? Come with me I know where they are. Chris is up
on the heliport with Barry looking at some things."

"No Brad! Please don't go! The headache, the dream. I can't make it!"

"Alright, alright, I stay down here with you. Chris will be coming back
anytime. Something must have really shaken you up. I bet it was whatever
Wesker injected you with."

"Thank you Brad. My mind has been fried lately and I swear I'm going crazy,"
Jill said solemnly as she stood up and started pacing.

"You're not going crazy Jill."

"You fucking retard. God damn straight I'm not," Jill laughed pathetically
at Brad in her mind.

Jill stopped walking and started to act a bit woozy. She put her hand to her
forehead, then both hands to her face.

"You ok Jill?" Brad asked concerned. Jill's hand went down her shirt to her

"Oh god what's happening to me???" Jill cried as she hurriedly stripped down
to her bra and panties. "I'm burning up!" Then as if her sudden heat rise
was no more Jill climbed onto the bed and rolled up into a fetal position

"I'm going to lock the door, so nobody can get into this room while I go
get Chris and Barry now. You're starting to scare me Jill," Brad said as he
opened the door. Jill quickly sprang to her feet and made a dash for the

"No, no, no Brad. It's not time to go yet. The party's just getting started,"
Jill smiled closing the door. She placed her hands around Brad's face and
kissed him passionately. Brad jerked his head back at the sudden change in
Jill's behavior.

"Jill you are really acting weird. I need to get Chris and Barry."

"Please don't go. I have an itch and I need someone to scratch it." Jill
removed her panties and started to rub her hands between her legs. "It's
right here, can you help me with it?" Jill raised one leg onto the bed and
inserted two fingers into her pussy. Slowly she pushed them in and out
sensuously moaning along the way.

"Jill, no. Now's not the time."

"So when is?" Jill dropped her bra to the ground and climbed onto the bed on
all fours with her ass facing Brad. When she was situated her hand returned
to her legs and she started to finger herself again.

"Oh god Brad! Stick that huge cock into me! Oh yeah! Like that!" Jill moaned
as she furiously dug her fingers into her cunt exciting herself while she
tried to turn Brad on. "Mmmm... My pussy is dripping for you? See?" Jill
lifted her left leg and Brad could easily see where a sheen had started to
develop on them around her slit.

As dedicated to his work as he was the offer was the proverbial one he could
not refuse. He dropped his pants and underwear, but left his shirt on though
he did unbutton and open it. Jill smiled and death filled her heart when
Brad grabbed her hips pushing his cockhead between her pussy lips. Brad
methodically worked his shaft in and out of Jill's opening trying to create
an atmosphere of lovemaking. Jill patiently waited for Brad to pick up his
pace which he eventually started to do.

Jill's body began to rock back and forth as Brad started to put some force
behind his thrusts. With the large throbbing cock penetrating her pussy,
Jill's body began to warm up as the thought of holding Brad's life in her
hands like she did with Rebecca. Jill began to moan, her clit starting to
throb. As the large bulbous staff invaded her private domain, Jill began to
clamp her pussy down on Brad's prick.

"Oh god!" Brad moaned as he continued to Rock Jill's body.

"Just fucking come already!" Jill screamed in her head. "Jesus Christ, I'll
finish this!"

"Mmph! Oh god yeah!" Jill moaned in fake pleasure. "Come for me Brad! Come
in me!"

Sweat was beading on Brad's forehead as Jill screamed her empty calls of
lust to him. Perhaps in another time or place someone could use Brad's dick
for their own pleasure, but right now Jill had it under her control.

"Hey Brad sweetie?" Jill called out.

"Yes my little S.T.A.R.S. slut?"

"I fuck you once and you think you can call me a slut all of a sudden,"
Jill's thoughts raged in her head.

"Would you mind if I sucked on your big giant dick? It's been so long since
I've had one in my mouth."

"Any bitch as hot as you can suck my dick any time."

"You stupid motherfucker. You had to go there didn't you? DIDN'T YOU? Slut I
could have almost forgiven you for, but you went and called me a bitch. WHAT
THE FUCK POSESSED YOU TO DO THAT?" Jill screamed in her head infuriated.

She got off the bed so Brad could sit on it. With his legs apart Jill started
first by stroking Brad's shaft up and down. His cock head pulsed and grew
larger with each stroke. Then she teased him by flicking her tongue across
his balls. Brad then let out the longest sigh as Jill took his scrotum into
her mouth and sucked on it.

Brad's dick swelled and ached with pleasure as Jill's lips wrapped around it.
This was the first blowjob Brad was getting in a long time that wasn't from a
hooker and it felt great to have Jill's lips and tongue massaging his prick.
Jill sucked with exuberance and her lips made loud sucking noises as they
were drawn back and forth over the fleshy sword in her mouth. Brad's cockhead
trembled with excitement and grew larger as Jill continued to lather his dick
with her saliva.

"Lay back," Jill said as the first drop of Brad's precum touched her tongue.
"Now we can finish what we started."

"Excellent. I like what I hear," Brad smiled as he finally removed his shirt
and tossed it to the floor lying back on the bed.

"Good, now close your eyes," Jill whispered. "I've got a surprise for you."

"What is it? I love surprises."

"Shh! Just close your eyes and soon you'll get it."

Brad closed his eyes and laid in bed content and waiting. While his eyes were
closed Jill rifled through her pants to get her knife but it was gone. "God
damn bastards taking my knife. What the hell is this?" Jill said to herself
in her head. Finding Brad's pants she unsheathed his knife and stood up with
it in her hand.

"Are your eyes closed?"


"Good because if they weren't I'd be upset and wouldn't be able to give you
your surprise."

"Well Jill my eyes are definitely closed."

"That's what I wanted to hear."

With knife in Jill climbed onto the bed straddling Brad. She lowered herself
down onto his prick moaning as he filled her up. Like with Rebecca, Jill
wasn't necessarily turned on by Brad, but more by the control she now had
over him. Back and forth Jill rode Brad's prick. Her pussy was completely
engulfed by it and it seemed like it pushed into her womb everytime he thrust
into her.

"Oh baby. Let me open my eyes. I want to see your face when you come."

"You will Brad, you will. Just keep your eyes closed for a bit longer."

Brad's current bed buddy was so much of a fantasy of his that he was like a
teenager all over again thrusting and humping wildly like it was his first
time. Jill was leaning back on the bed holding herself up with her arms
behind her. The knife was still in her right hand. Jill was literally
bouncing up and down on Brad's dick as he rammed her cunt repeatedly. Jill's
juices were flowing and trickling down over Brad's prick.

"Oh god Jill, I'm fixing to come!"

"Do it Brad! Do it! Fill my womb with all your sperm!"

Jill was wildly thrusting her hips at Brad as he held them and pumped his
cock deep into her pussy.

"Oh god! Oh god! Here I come!" Brad shouted as he grunted and groaned
shooting his cum into Jill's twat. As the first shots of Brad's jizz rained
down inside her, Jill snapped again and lost it.

"Die you Bravo pig!" Jill screamed hysterically as she plunged the knife deep
into Brad's abdomen twisting it around.

Brad screamed as his belly was torn open. Jill laughed and continued to ride
Brad's cock squeezing every bit of cum from it she could. Brad reached for
Jill to hit her or try to do something to get her to stop, but was quickly
stopped in this tracks when Jill shoved her hand into the hole in his
abdomen. Screams of agony and pain filled the room as Jill found Brad's
stomach and ripped it from his body.

Brad's pain was immeasurable and only got worse as the hole in his body got
bigger everytime Jill reached into it to tear at it. Jill slashed the knife
across both of Brad's arms slicing through tendons, muscles, and ligaments
rendering his arms useless. Jill continued to ride Brad even though his dick
was limp and the blood squirting from his wounds was turning both of their
bodies red.

Brad did get to see Jill's face as she orgasmed, it just wasn't in bed alive
as he planned. He could feel the pain of the knife slicing through his skin
as Jill cut off his nipples, but he couldn't fully feel it. Brad just saw
the wild look on Jill's blood soaked face as she grabbed a handful of his
hair and pulled his face towards her. The last thing he remembered was Jill
howling in laughter as she brought the knife to his head before its razor
sharp edge separated his scalp from his skull.

With Brad's scalp in one hand and the flesh and blood speckled knife in the
other hand, Jill dropped them both to the floor as her twat squeezed on the
dead man's dick orgasming. Her head flung back and she began to howl like a
banshee as her pussy juice started to freely flow. Jill climbed off Brad's
dick as her orgasm subsided though she didn't climb off the bed.

"Bravo pig likes to fuck bitches and sluts," Jill said smugly. "Well suck on
this!" Jill grabbed Brad's dick and pulled it out as far as she could. With
one flick of her wrist she cut through his fleshy appendage right at the base
under the scrotum. Brad's testicles fell out of their sac and onto the floor
when Jill removed his dick. Brad's mouth was open from his shock during death
and Jill shoved his cock into it.

Laughing at the thought of Brad sucking his own dick, Jill got off the bed
and started walking for the door. Two down and two to go. There was no longer
any down time for Jill's uncontrollable rage and aggression. Nude and bloody
as hell Jill cared for nothing except her lust for death. She suddenly
stopped though when she reached the door. There lying on the floor having
rolled all the way from the bed was Brad's testicles. Without a second
thought Jill stomped on both of them with her bare feet. The fluids and
fleshy material of them squirted out from her feet and she smiled again.

She started to reach for the door when she decided she'd better arm herself.
Barry and Chris wouldn't go down as easily. She found Brad's pistol and
decided to dress just so she could carry extra rounds of ammunition and the
knife just in case she needed it. With the gun holstered and the knife in
it's sheath Jill made for the hallway. With the sudden lack of an active
guard, the section of hospital that the Alpha team had cleared out found
itself filled with hordes of zombies and a few zombie dogs.

Things were different with the undead though. Jill now longer had a fear of
zombies or any other creature in this god-forsaken place. In fact they almost
seemed to fear and cower from her as she walked by. Jill followed the signs
on the walls and found the helipad with little trouble. As she reached the
top of the stairs she became witness to a new situation. Albert Wesker was
armed with a rocket launcher and had it aimed at the helicopter. Barry and
Chris both had their guns aimed at Wesker. Barry had a shotgun and Chris had
a Colt Python.

"It's all over Chris. The mansion may have been leveled, but now the city is
overrun with zombies. You'll never get out alive," Wesker sneered.

"It doesn't matter. We've got all the files on you and Umbrella and you're
going down."

"Well if you're going to take me down, you might as well take Barry down

"What? What are you talking about?"

"Oh, you mean Barry hasn't told you or Jill yet?"

"Told us what? What's he talking about Barry?"

"I'm sorry Chris, but he forced me to help him with the virus research. He
threatened to kill my wife and kid. It was never supposed to get this out of
control. You swore to me Wesker it was all research!"

"So I lied. Research is nice and all, but we needed to experiment and get
some real data, not just theory. My investors weren't about to part with
their money for something that was unproven."

"So you killed an entire town to make a few measly bucks..." Chris growled.

"Not just a few bucks, but several million. The people in this town don't
mean shit to me."

"Fuck you Wesker, that meant something to us," Chris solemnly said cocking
his gun.

"I wouldn't do that Chris," Jill warned walking from the stairs toward the
three men with her pistol pointed at her partner.

"What the hell... What happened to you?" Barry asked. "There's blood all
over your face and arms." Jill quickly switched her aim to Barry and pulled
the trigger once. The lone bullet struck him square between the eyes and
exited the back of his head. His body fell to the ground in a heap.

"What the hell's going on??? You're working with Wesker?!?" Chris screamed.

"I only work for your death and the blood of your body."

"What the fuck is wrong with you???"

"Nothing that she can control," Wesker laughed.

"That stuff... What did you inject into her? WHAT DID YOU INJECT INTO HER???"

"Chris I'll give you the same warning I gave Jill. Turn around and leave. She
ignored me, and now look at her."

"Don't threaten me Wesker. Brad and Rebecca will come looking for us soon
and your ass is ours."

"They won't come," Jill replied walking to within feet of Wesker and Chris
her weapon still drawn.

"Why not?"

"Because I killed them."

"Wesker you soon of a bitch!" Chris fired several shots at Wesker knocking
him to the ground.

Jill fired her gun once striking Chris in the hand that held the Colt Python.
He screamed and dropped it clutching at his wounded hand. Jill holstered her
weapon and leapt at Chris knocking him to the ground sitting on top of him.
Without warning Jill bit down hard into Chris's arm and ripped away a piece
of his flesh between her teeth. Chris howled in agony as the pain swelled
through his body. Jill bit him again in the same spot the gaping flesh wound
became larger.

"That's enough Jill," Wesker said calmly placing his hand on her shoulder.
"You know Chris, if you're going to shoot a S.T.A.R.S. member it shouldn't
be in the chest. Kevlar body armor remember?"

Jill got off Chris and made her way to he helicopter where she watched Wesker
kneel down next to Chris. Jill's could feel her panties start to get wet.
More than Rebecca and Brad's deaths, tearing flesh from Chris' body and
hearing him scream turned Jill on. She loved the fact that Chris was still
alive and if she wanted she could tear into his flesh many more times and get
off on it.

Jill was confused as to why she almost wanted to help Wesker, almost as if
she respected him after he injected her with the green liquid. Now it was
different though. Jill had taken three lives tonight already, although
Barry's death was too cheap a death for her to count. Wesker though, would
be a life she now coveted to take. He was in much better shape than anyone
who had died tonight, and he was very good looking. It wasn't that the
physical attraction to him was strong for Jill, but that taking his handsome
looks would only add to taking his life.

With her new found lust for Wesker, Jill watched as he slammed Chris' head
once into the helipad. Chris seemed dazed and confused and the pain to his
arm and head certainly didn't help Jill though. She smiled almost laughing
at the absurdness of the situation in front of her. Wesker was now taunting
and cursing Chris with his pants down and his dick pumping into the fallen
S.T.A.R.S. member's mouth.

Without saying word Jill walked back across the helipad and down the stairs
into the building where she gathered the roaming zombies. Under her control
she lead them to the stairwell leading outside to the helipad where she
forced them to wait while Wesker finished his business. Chris was on his
stomach with his pants down bleeding profusely from the head and arm. Wesker
was behind him, driving his prick deep and hard into Chris' ass. He thrust
in one last time before coming as far as Jill could tell by the look on
Wesker's face. The cum dribbling from his penis and splashing down on Chris'
ass as Wesker pulled out was all the indication she needed. As he zipped up
Wesker turned and saw Jill waiting by the stairwell.

"Finish it," Wesker sneered.

"With pleasure," Jill remarked with a devious smile.

Slowly, but surely the zombies stumbled onto the rooftop lumbering toward
Wesker and Chris. Bloody and beaten Chris put up little resistance and was
quickly overcome by the flesh eating monsters. Wesker on the other hand was
healthy and able to fend off the zombies with Barry's shotgun and Chris'
Colt before using his own guns. As he ran out of ammo Wesker felt himself
being forced to the edge of the building.

Standing on the ledge and ready to be pushed over Wesker was surprised when
the zombies suddenly stopped advancing. Then he saw why as a walkway parted
between them and Jill made her way through the crowd. She stopped within feet
of Wesker and the two stared at each other.

The tainted blood running through her veins and the lust for all that was
diseased, Jill's body burned on the inside more intensely than it had all
night long. With no word or noise she grabbed Wesker by the shirt and threw
him to the ground. Jill stripped off her clothes as she walked towards
Wesker and tore of his clothes before straddling him. For once in his life
Wesker had no control over what was going on around him.

He could feel his dick sliding in and out of Jill's pussy or rather her
bouncing up and down on him as she was doing all the work. Once considering
her a hot piece of ass, Wesker could get no sexual gratification from
fucking Jill even though he was hard and she was riding him. Then Wesker
saw something that scared the shit out of him. Jill's eyes suddenly glazed
over and like she did with Chris, Jill took a bite out of Wesker though she
bit him in the left side of the neck.

Wesker screamed as blood started to squirt out and Jill dug her teeth into
his neck again this time on the right side. Things turned black for Wesker
when Jill bit into his Adam's apple ripping it from his throat. Blood
exploded from where Wesker's neck once was covering Jill's face in a sea of
crimson. Four lives taken with her hands and the blood soaked clothes and
body to prove it, Jill continued humping dead Wesker's prick. Jill's pussy
became wet again as the forever hard appendage continued to split her wide.
Then just as suddenly as it started it ended. Jill's pussy quivered and
tingled as orgasm washed over her. The sheer intensity drained the life from
and she slumped over Wesker's body as she tried to recover.

Eventually getting back to her feet she watched in glee as the roof top
zombies tore into Wesker's body. Little was left of the bodies on the helipad
save for some bones. With a blood thirst desire, Jill watched silently from
the rooftop as a lone police car came roaring into town.

"Time to welcome our new visitor," Jill said naked and bloody as she made
her way towards the stairwell.


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