Resident Evil: Homestrike Part 1 (MF,necro,ncon,horror)
by PJ

"Hey! Stone! You hear the one about the hooker and the zombie?" yelled the chopper pilot over the roar of the aircraft's blades.

"No," replied Lt. Nessa Stone, looking out the exit hatch window, trying to ignore the annoying pilot.

"If your cock was any riper, I'd be sucking down orange pulp along with your cum!" said the pilot before he howled with laughter.

"Yeah, funny," smiled Nessa weakly, hoping the pilot would finally shut up.

"There it is, S.T.A.R.S. HQ," pointed out the pilot as he banked the chopper to starboard. Nessa concentrated on the ground, barely making out the squat concrete shape of the compound. No lights were burning, the building was completely obscured by darkness as the transport began its descent. A flash of landing lights flared quickly, breaking the blackness of the night, guiding the pilot to one of the landing pads. Nessa held tightly to her restraints, gritting her teeth when the pilot dived towards the ground way too quickly for her liking. The chopper touched ground with barely a jolt, the pilot glancing back at Nessa, smiling smugly. Nessa unbuckled her restraints and grabbed her kit bag where it lay on the deck beneath her seat. Thanking the pilot swiftly, Nessa yanked open the side hatch and jumped down to the welcome ground.

A single male soldier walked up to meet Nessa, saluting smartly a few feet from the young woman.

"Lt. Harris, welcome to S.T.A.R.S. Headquarters," said the man, who looked about the same age as Nessa.

"Lt. Stone, reporting for assignment," replied Nessa, returning Harris' salute.

"Fresh from boot?" inquired Harris, guiding Nessa to the landing pad entrance of HQ.

"Does it show?" grinned Nessa self consciously.

"A little. Don't worry, nothing happens on HQ duty. It's been quiet my entire tour here,"
said Harris, holding the door open for Nessa.

"Who's our CO?"

"Commander Goldsmith is your immediate CO. He's head of HQ security. He's a bit of a tight ass, but he's fair."

"Have you heard anything new about Umbrella?"

"They're still refuting the evidence brought against them after the Caliban Cove op. The Feds have Umbrella under a microscope. It shouldn't be long before those bastards go down."

"That's good," nodded Nessa just as they reached a checkpoint station.

"Lt. Stone's arrived. I'm taking her to see Goldsmith," reported Harris to the duty officer.

"Go on," replied the guard woman, waving Nessa and Harris through.

"Things have become intolerable. S.T.A.R.S. interference with our research operations must be stopped, once and for all," declared Mr. Moriarity from his seat at the meeting table.

"That might prove difficult with the F.B.I. watching our every move," retorted Mr. Trent, CEO of Umbrella Inc., standing near the large wall length window at the end of the meeting room, looking out into the clear night.

"We have to take out the heart of the enemy, their headquarters," smiled Moriarity coldly.

"Umbrella security will be recognized," pointed out Trent.

"Something more covert. The G-Virus."

"S.T.A.R.S. still has samples of the T-Virus. They'll be able to trace the G-strain to us."

"Nonsense. This will be the first use of the G-Virus outside of our main research center, it's completely untraceable."

"I'm not entirely convinced."

"Let's put it to a vote. All in favor?"

Eight hands went up without hesitation.


Trent turned to face the rest of the executive board, raising his right arm.

"The majority is in favor of the operation. My division will prepare the required G-Bombs for deployment. Stealth aircraft will penetrate S.T.A.R.S. surveillance and deliver the weapons," said Mr. Moriarity, his face cloaked in shadow.

"You're all fools," warned Trent before he marched out of the dimly lit meeting chamber.

"Perhaps we should discuss the possibility of electing a new CEO," suggested Moriarity after the oak doors of the room slammed shut. "Someone with a, perhaps?"

"You will be a welcome addition to HQ Security, Lt. Stone," said Cmdr. Goldsmith, standing up to shake Nessa's hand. "Report to the Infirmary for your physical. You've been selected to undergo an experimental treatment that could help the entire organization if our conflict with Umbrella escalates."

"Thank you, sir," acknowledged Nessa, hiding her discomfort with being an "experiment", no matter how prestigious it might be. Saluting crisply, Nessa turned on her heel and left the commander's office, entering a brightly lit hall where Harris waited patiently for her.

"I'll show you our barracks where you can store your kit," offered the young man, walking down the empty passage.

"What's this experiment that Goldsmith mentioned?"

"Research has been working on an immunization for the T-Virus. It's worked well with animals, but now they want a human test subject. Guess you got the short straw," chuckled Harris.

"Lucky me," growled Nessa, glaring daggers at Harris' back.

"Just kidding, Stone," apologized Harris, detecting Nessa's acid tone. "Here we are."

After stowing her gear, Nessa followed Harris to the infirmary, where a Dr. Angela Wallace waited for her. Nessa endured a quick physical, then waited on an examination table dressed in a paper smock while Dr. Wallace prepared a syringe with a dose of the T-antidote.

"This won't hurt," smiled Wallace warmly, rubbing a cotton ball doused in alcohol over Nessa's bare left arm.

"That's what they all say," grinned Nessa wanly right before Wallace jabbed the syringe into her flesh. Nessa winced, she hated getting shots.

"All done," replied Wallace, rubbing Nessa's sore arm with the swab, then putting a small band aid over the injection point. "Want a sucker?"

"Ha, ha," retorted Nessa, hopping off of the exam table. "Can I get dressed?"

"Sure, although I bet young Harris would like to see your cute little butt peeking out there."

"He has to buy me dinner first," giggled Nessa as she retrieved her discarded uniform.

A dull thud reverberated over the ceiling. More rumbles followed, then silence fell over the infirmary.

"What was that?" asked Nessa, glancing at the ceiling warily.

"I don't know. I'll call the nearest checkpoint," replied Wallace, leaving Nessa alone in the room. Nessa quickly tore off her smock, pulling on white panties and bra. After tugging on her trousers and fastening her combat vest over her blue uniform shirt, Nessa checked her pistol, making sure it had a full clip and a round in the chamber. Pulling her ponytail of red hair out of her vest, she let it fall over her left shoulder as she quickly walked to the exit door. Pulling the door open, Nessa walked into a short hall. Moving to the end of the hall, Nessa entered a small waiting area. No one was in the room, the entire area was eerily quiet. Nessa went to the work station facing
the waiting area, picking up the nearby phone. Static hissed in Nessa's ear until she slammed the receiver back down into its holder. She booted up a nearby PC, discovering that the HQ network server was also down. Biting her lower lip, Nessa left the infirmary, marching down an empty hallway towards one of the security stations. The hall lights flickered briefly, then returned to full power. Nessa frowned at the lights, her right hand resting tensely on the butt of her holstered pistol.

Nessa reached a security station, the lone guard on duty slumped over his console. Nessa entered the c-shaped work area, grabbing the officer's left shoulder and pulling him back into his seat. The guard looked up at Nessa, his eyes blood shot, his skin peeling off in long, grey strips. Nessa screamed, hastily backing away from the guard as he moaned weakly and stumbled to his

"Stay...stay back!" shouted Nessa, trying to pull out her pistol, her fingers numb and clumsy with terror.

The guard groaned deeply, shambling towards her, arms outstretched. Nessa freed her pistol, aiming it at the guard's stomach just as his fingers touched her shoulders. Nessa fired, the shot roaring in her ears, the bullet blasting a hole in the guard's belly, blood spurting out to splash against Nessa's vest and face. The guard zombie crushed Nessa's shoulders in his grip, forcing her
to the floor. Nessa gasped in pain, trying to bring her gun up for another shot. The zombie knocked her weapon away, then slapped her hard across the face. Prone and dazed on the floor, Nessa was helpless as the zombie grabbed her belt and yanked off her uniform pants.

"What..what are you doing?" groaned Nessa while the zombie ripped off her panties.

"No!" screamed Nessa, pushing at the zombie as he tore open her vest and removed it from her torso. The zombie moaned, his eyes vacant as he pushed Nessa onto her back, holding her arms down by the wrists. The zombie lowered his face close to Nessa's, dry flakes of skin falling onto Nessa's cheeks
before he licked her neck with a thick, discolored tongue. Nessa grimaced with revulsion, struggling constantly, but unable to shift the heavy body pressed over hers. The zombie ran his thin fingers through Nessa's red hair, undoing her ponytail, letting her tresses spread out beneath her head. He ripped open her shirt, licking her breasts, tearing her bra apart with his teeth. Nessa whimpered while the zombie sucked on her tits, gnawing on her nipples painfully. He reached down to his pants with a trembling arm, unbuckling his trousers, releasing his huge engorged grey cock.

Nessa's eyes widened when she beheld the quivering shaft, green ichor dripping from the bulbous head. She redoubled her efforts to get away from the mutated monster, but the zombie's dead weight was too much. The zombie moaned forlornly, grinning at Nessa with dry, bleeding lips. He held her arms down as he thrust himself into her pussy, his member filling her vagina. The zombie began humping Nessa's cunt, his cold grey skin slapping against Nessa's warm, pink flesh. Nessa groaned, closing her eyes, feeling the zombie's cock stab into her belly. The girl and the zombie moved back and forth on the floor, the undead staring at Nessa, drool escaping from his slack lips to stain her bare breasts. Nessa's fingers worked vainly, her wrists held in a vice grip while the zombie fucked her cunt, his rotting meat caressing the moist pink walls of her slit. The zombie climaxed quickly, releasing a thin stream of green cum into Nessa's uterus. Nessa moaned as the cum burned the walls of her womb, her pussy itching with agitation. The zombie released Nessa's arms, preparing to turn her over onto her stomach.

Nessa moved quickly, sliding forward on her bare belly, grabbing her discarded pistol and rolling onto her back, aiming for the zombie's head.

"Eat this, fucker!" snarled Nessa, firing three rounds into the former guard's forehead. The back of the zombie's head exploded, blood and brains splattering against the far wall. The zombie fell onto his back, his limbs twitching briefly before death claimed him. Nessa lay on the cold floor, the zombie's cum drying on her bare inner thighs. She idly wiped the zombie's drool from her breasts, then staggered back to her feet. Nessa slid back into her pants, but had to discard the torn blue shirt. She fastened her vest over her bare torso before holstering her weapon and walking to the zombie's motionless body. She took all of the guard's ammo clips, then slid the extra pistol underneath her belt near her spine. Searching the work station, Nessa found an access card and an electronic notepad with the complete layout of the HQ building.

"I have to get out and let another S.T.A.R.S. unit know what happened here," muttered Nessa to herself, drawing her pistol and carefully advancing down another hallway in the direction of the nearest exit.


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