Resident Evil: Homestrike Part 2 (MF,ncon,creature)
by PJ

Nessa reached an intersection in the hall. She peeked around the corner, her pistol held ready in both hands. The lights overhead flickered again, the length of each blackout seemed to be increasing. Discovering nothing but empty hallway, Nessa sighed with relief, taking out her notebook and flicking it on. The map schematic placed her on the second underground level of S.T.A.R.S. HQ, the living quarters level. She had to reach the level above her, ground level. She could either take one of several elevators, or one of the emergency stairwells. Not trusting the elevators with the electricity going crazy, Nessa decided to take the stairs. The nearest staircase was down the passage directly in front of her, so she tucked away her notebook in her vest, checked her pistol one more time, then cautiously proceeded down the target passage. The hallway was quiet, just like everywhere else she had been since the explosions had sounded from above. As Nessa approached the end of the hall, she detected moaning and the sound of tearing clothing.

Standing on the left side of the doorway, Nessa peered inside the square room, another guard checkpoint. She bit her lip when she saw Dr. Wallace sitting on the floor, surrounded by two..things. The creatures were humanoid, but they moved on all four limbs like animals. The monsters had no skin, just exposed, glistening muscles and bones. Their brains pulsed atop their heads as they removed the last of Dr. Wallace's clothes and spread her legs apart. Angela sat in a daze, a deep cut bleeding across her forehead. One of the creatures lowered its bleeding face next to Angela's pussy, licking at it with a very long, green tongue. The other monster turned to face Nessa, hissing angrily at

"Good lord," whispered Nessa, leveling her pistol at the thing watching her.

The monster smiled at Nessa, revealing its razor sharp, dripping fangs. It lashed out with its tongue, the appendage stretching to an unbelievable length, wrapping around Nessa's right wrist. Nessa yelled out, tugging at her tightly bound hand. The monster jumped up onto the guard workstation, then dived at Nessa, spreading out its arms and legs, claws open. Nessa screamed, firing her pistol wildly. Bullets smacked against the far wall, but one round did graze the right side of the attacking creature. The monster hissed as it fell atop Nessa, driving her to the ground with its weight. It pried the pistol out of Nessa's hand, transferring its tongue from her wrist to her neck. Nessa shuddered in revulsion as the creature's tongue slithered around her throat, cutting off her air, making her dizzy. The monster opened her vest deftly with its claws, then grasped her heaving breasts, scratching thin red tracks down to her belly. Nessa gasped for air, consciousness slipping away, her vision becoming dark.

The creature released Nessa's throat just before she fainted. It grabbed her booted feet and dragged her across the room to where its companion was playing with Dr. Wallace. Angela groaned weakly, her lips trembling while the monster between her legs probed her cunt with its agile tongue. The slimy green tendril dug deep into her uterus, making her pussy wet and musky. The monster dragging Nessa sat her up against the wall next to Angela. Nessa moved her head from side to side, her brain foggy from her near strangulation. The creature in front of her stood up on its two hind legs, pressing its front claws against the wall above her, positioning its long, engorged cock in front of her face. The monster shoved his cock into Nessa's open mouth before she realized what was happening. She groaned in protest, the creature's shaft ramming deep into her throat. The creature hissed with pleasure, pumping its hips back and forth, its member staining Nessa's lips and chin with sticky black goo.

The monster tongue fucking Dr. Wallace's pussy turned the doctor onto her stomach, positioning her ass high enough for his own dripping shaft. Holding Angela in place with its fore claws, the creature thrust his cock into her moist hole, violently humping the raven-haired woman's ass while she moaned in vain protest.

While the monster in front of her filled her mouth with his wide meat pole, Nessa slowly reached behind her back for her spare weapon. Seizing the butt of the pistol, Nessa whipped it around, pressed it against the creature's belly, and fired three shots in succession. The monster howled in agony, its cock yanked out of Nessa's mouth as it fell onto its back near the workstation. Nessa aimed her gun, firing three more shots into the thing's head, exploding its exposed brain like a melon. The second monster hissed sharply, slashing out with its left claw, ripping Nessa's bare left leg. Nessa rolled away from the surviving creature, sitting up to aim and fire two shots at its head. The bullets slammed into the monster's face, jerking it back. The thing continued its charge, claws extended searchingly. It lashed out with its long tongue, wrapping it around Nessa's slim waist, reeling itself in towards her. Nessa ground her teeth, firing three more times at the creature, blasting its brain to a pulpy ruin. The monster fell between her legs, squirting green ichor over
her thighs. Nessa made a disgusted face, quickly climbing to her feet to go check on the naked doctor.

Angela lay on her stomach, her buttocks wet with the monster's cum. Nessa pulled the doctor into a sitting position, gently slapping her cheeks to return the woman to her senses.

"What..What happened?" groaned Angela, reaching up to touch her cut forehead.

"Looks like you got ambushed," replied Nessa, crouching down next Angela, pulling her battle vest back on.

"The phones were dead. I came here to try the phone, but those...things attacked me. They used to be men! They mutated right before my eyes! It was horrible!"

"It's okay, they're dead now," soothed Nessa, squeezing Angela's shoulder. "You better come with me. I'm getting out."

Angela nodded, then gasped when she saw her cum drenched pussy. She looked around fearfully for her discarded white coat, snatching it frantically when she found it. She withdrew a syringe, popping the cap and jamming it into her left arm.

"What's that?"

"The T-Virus cure. That guard was infected by it."

"That means Umbrella was behind this attack on HQ."

"Without a doubt. We've become too much of a threat to them."

"We better go so we can alert the other S.T.A.R.S. units."

Angela closed her torn dress the best she could before draping her coat back on.

"Can you fire a gun?"

"I've had some basic weapons training."

"Take this," said Nessa, offering the doctor a pistol and some ammo clips from one of the mutated guard's belongings. Nessa replaced the gun next to her back, retrieving her primary pistol from the corner of the room.

"The stairs are this way," remarked Nessa as she led the way through a doorway opposite the entrance she had come through.

* * *

"Is the building locked down?" inquired Mr. Moriarity from his richly appointed oak desk.

"Yes, sir. The phones and the computer systems have been disabled as well."

"Excellent. Purge the main computer core of all information pertaining to Umbrella and the T-Virus, then activate the virus designed to purge the rest of the S.T.A.R.S. databases when they attempt to link in with their HQ system," ordered the obese executive, watching while a young girl in a french maid uniform entered his office and refilled his crystal glass with wine.

"I'll have it all done in a few more hours. The virus seems to be very effective, almost eighty-percent of the building's personnel have already mutated in just the first hour after the bombing."

"Very good," smiled Moriarity, motioning the blonde girl to kneel in front of him. "When you evac and return to us, you will be well rewarded for your efforts."

"I look forward to it, sir. You have quite a reputation for your generosity when rewarding success."

"I do indeed, my friend. You have much to look forward to," chuckled Moriarity, cutting the comm line just as the young girl unzipped his trousers and placed her small mouth around his hardened cock.

* * *

"The door's locked," frowned Nessa, tugging on the door at the top of the stairwell.

"Automatic security protocol. It must have sealed all the doors in the building."

"Guess I'll have to use my key," replied Nessa, aiming her pistol at the lock and firing two quick shots. The door opened easily, granting entrance to another guard station. Nessa searched the room carefully for zombies or any other monsters, but the room was thankfully empty. Dr. Wallace checked the phones and the terminals, but everything was still off-line.

"Can I use this card to get us out?" asked Nessa, brandishing the access card she had found earlier.

"Ordinarily yes, but someone has activated an ultra-violet lock-down, only General Asim has ultra-violet clearance."

"General Asim? The commander-in-chief of S.T.A.R.S.?"

"Yes. He's on the command level, level four."

"Great. Now we're stuck here. Guess we better get back down," shrugged Nessa, leading the way back down the stairwell.


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