Resident Evil: Homestrike Part 3 (M+F,zombie,ncon)
by PJ

Nessa hugged the wall of the passage, pistol held between her breasts with both hands.

"It's clear."

"Do you really think we should stop here to wash up and get clean clothes?"

"I don't know about you, but I'm sick of sneaking around here covered in slime and blood dressed in only my combat vest and some torn pants. We'll watch each other's backs while the other person takes a quick shower and changes clothes."

"You go first," replied Angela skeptically.

"Suit yourself. Hope the water's still hot after I'm done," grinned Nessa as she walked down the adjoining hall and opened the door that led into a barracks. Angela held her gun in trembling hands, her eyes darting from one end of the hallway to the other, her ears straining to hear any sound of the zombies that wandered the halls of S.T.A.R.S. HQ.

Nessa gratefully peeled off her gore-covered vest, tossing it as far away as she could. She climbed out of her ripped uniform pants on her way to the communal showers. Placing her gun and holster within reach next to the shower doorway, Nessa walked naked into the large shower room, twisting one of the shower knobs and sighing in contentment as warm water ran over her sore body. Angela stood near the outer door, peeking from behind the half-open portal, the
barrel of her pistol resting against her pale cheek.

"Hurry up, Nessa," murmured Angela tensely.

Nessa finished washing the last of the soap lather from her tender, pink skin. She ran her fingers through her shoulder length red hair, relishing the sensation of being clean again.

"Your turn, Angela," called out Nessa, wiping water out of her eyes while she emerged from the steaming shower room into the cold barracks. Looking around, Nessa froze when she failed to find Angela near the door or anywhere else in the room. She grabbed her pistol quickly, flicking off the holster and brandishing the weapon with both hands.

"Angela? Where are you?"

The only exit out of the barracks was the door to the hallway. Nessa walked quickly to the door, toeing it open, jutting out quickly to scan the passage. No sign of Angela anywhere.

"Dammit! She has a great talent for getting caught!" hissed Nessa, turning her back on the door in order to search for some new clothes. Nessa was engrossed in one of the bed lockers when the door to the barracks moved aside quietly, allowing four zombies to shamble inside. Unusually silent, the first zombie managed to get within grasping range, lowering a heavy decomposed hand on Nessa's bare right shoulder.

"Aw, shit!" cursed Nessa, slapping the hand aside while raising her pistol.

The zombie released a loud moan, his rotting breathe washing across Nessa's face. He slapped her hard, knocking her back onto the floor. Nessa raised her gun, firing three shots into the zombie's grey chest. Holes spurted in the zombie's flesh, he staggered on his feet, then continued to advance towards her. Nessa snarled as she fired two more rounds into the zombie's forehead, blasting out the back of his head in an expanding cloud of gore. While the
brainless zombie fell, two of his companions rushed forward, staggering as they bent down to grab the prone, naked girl. Nessa blew a hole in one zombie's open left hand, but his right hand clasped around her throat. Nessa choked for air, her vision blurred while she pressed the muzzle of her gun into her attacker's belly and fired off the rest of her magazine. Blood splattered over Nessa as her bullets tore ugly holes through the zombie's stomach. Uncaring,
the zombie tightened his grip on Nessa's throat until she blacked out and released her weapon. As the gun clattered to the floor, the two zombies dragged Nessa across the floor by her ankles while a third zombie hurled beds against the walls, clearing a large area in the center of the room.

"No, not again," moaned Nessa, her eyes glazed as a zombie pulled her bare legs apart, exposing her sex. The second zombie knelt down on Nessa's right while the third zombie unzipped his pants above Nessa's head. The zombie between Nessa's legs groaned pathetically before he nuzzled the girl's pussy, his fat green tongue licking up and down her cunt. The second zombie dug his fingers into his torso, ripping a wide opening within his rotting flesh.
Glistening pink intestines quivered like eager snakes before they slid wetly from the zombie's belly and wriggled over Nessa, wrapping around her warm tits, squeezing them painfully. The third zombie stroked Nessa's left cheek with his moldering hand before he pried her mouth open and pushed his reeking cock into her sensual mouth. Nessa's eyes widened in disgust, she moaned weakly as the zombie shoved his member down her throat, filling her mouth was his rancid meat.

The zombie kneeling between Nessa's smooth thighs licked her skin with his bloated tongue, leaving a trail of sticky slime across her young flesh. He pried her cunt lips open with his bony fingers, pressing his melted face over her slit, probing her vagina. Nessa groaned, struggling vainly to break the zombies' grip. Wet intestines wrapped around her stomach and hips, holding her in place. One smoking pink tendril coiled around her neck, while another poked the opening of her anus. Helpless tears escaped from Nessa's eyes as her mouth
wrapped around a zombie's engorged cock, the shaft slithering up and down the inside of her throat. The zombie holding Nessa down with his entrails caressed the soft flesh of her belly and arm with his cold hands, drooling in ecstasy. The zombie sucking on Nessa's pussy knelt up, prying the girl's legs apart until her crotch ached. He rammed his tool into Nessa's cunt, filling her vagina with his throbbing shaft. He pumped violently, every thrust of his
decaying hips making Nessa's bound body jerk. She moaned with every stab, she could feel his cock ramming the wall of her uterus, filling her belly with his unwholesome cock-flesh.

"Undead bastards!" shouted Angela, firing her pistol, blasting the top off the skull of the zombie holding Nessa on the floor. Brains oozed down over the dead zombie's face as he fell to his side, his intestines becoming limp around Nessa's prone body. The zombie fucking Nessa's pussy turned to hiss at Angela's interruption while the zombie with his cock in Nessa's mouth removed his member to re-fasten his pants shut. Angela shot the zombie near Nessa's head five times, four times in the chest and once in the throat. He fell heavily to the floor, a pool of thick blood forming beneath him. The last zombie staggered to his feet, reaching out to grab Angela. She smiled before she shot him three times in the head, only a stump of bloody neck remaining as he fell onto his stomach.

"Nessa! Are you okay?" gasped Angela while she slapped a fresh clip into her gun and knelt at Nessa's side.

"I'm still breathing," replied Nessa, coughing zombie cum out of her mouth.

"I think you need another shower," smiled Angela, examining Nessa's blood drenched breasts and stomach.

"I'll wait until I'm in a nice motel room far away from here," retorted Nessa, rising to her bare feet with Angela's help, then walking stiffly to the locker where she had found some spare clothes. Moving slowly, Nessa pulled on a clean blue uniform shirt, white panties, and blue pants. She tucked the edges of her pants into her worn combat boots, then draped on a
new, clean combat vest. Transferring her ammo to her new vest, Nessa re-belted on her gun holster, but kept her weapon in hand.

"Let's go visit the boss before anything else goes wrong," said Nessa, leading the way out into the hall.

"Too late, I think," smiled Angela grimly.

"Where were you when I came out of the shower?"

"Patrolling the hall," replied Angela, rubbing a sore spot on the back of her neck.

Angela stood near the half-closed door, guarding the hall while listening to Nessa shower in the next room.

"I hate to admit it, but I'd kill for a shower right now, too," murmured the doctor, running her left hand through her filthy raven mane. A blur of movement caught Angela's eye, something that passed the mouth of the hallway up ahead. Squeezing the butt of her pistol, Angela left the door and walked slowly down the hall, her gun held out before her. When she reached the mouth of the hallway, a hand shot out, snatched her wrist, and painfully twisted the gun out of her hand.

"Hello, Doctor Wallace," greeted a male voice before another hand slapped Angela across the face. She fell limply to the floor just before a boot slammed into her stomach, knocking the wind out of her. The attacker grabbed Angela's wrists, snapping handcuffs around both of them. He dragged her down the left hand passage by the cuffs, the metal biting sharply into her flesh.

"Please! I'm not a zombie!" cried out Angela desperately.

"Shut up, bitch! You'll attract more of those vermin," warned her captor, kicking her in the belly again for emphasis. Angela coughed, her stomach on fire with agony. The stranger dragged Angela into a dark room, closing the door and locking it.

"You seem to be immune to the G-Virus, Dr. Wallace. How did you manage that?"

"Developed...cure," wheezed Angela, her eyes watery with tears of pain.

"Hmm, that could be a problem. Luckily your cure will die here with you. Your drug seems to protect you from the airborne virus, let's see how it works with a direct injection," chuckled the stranger before he seized a handful of Angela's hair, pulled her forward, and stabbed a needle into the back of her neck.

"," groaned Angela, her neck searing as the concentrated G-Virus flooded her bloodstream.

"I've always been attracted to you, Doctor," murmured the stranger as he roughly fondled her right breast. He unbuttoned the top of her dress, slipping a hand underneath her bra, teasing her nipple until it hardened.

"A shame you'll become a rotting zombie, such a waste," purred the man into Angela's ear
before he licked her earlobe. He rubbed her right leg, moving up her thigh, beneath her dress, stopping when he reached her panties. He pressed his fingers against the thin fabric covering her pussy, rubbing up and down, caressing her slit until it grew wet with her honey.

"Such a lovely little whore," whispered the man, nuzzling her hair while he fondled her cunt, stimulating it until her panties were soaked with her juices.

"I'd love to play with you more, but time waits for no man," apologized the stranger. Angela sat numbly on the floor, her eyes unfocused, her skin hot from the virus and her attacker's agile fingers.

"I guess you won't need these," said the stranger before he left, crushing the last of the syringes in his gloved hand.

Angela sat unmoving for some time, her mind in a fog, until four zombies shambled past the open doorway. They stopped to examine Angela, sniffing at her with their noses. Sensing that she would soon become as they were, the zombies departed, attracted to the sounds of water coming from a nearby hallway.

"Nessa!" moaned Angela, dragging herself clumsily to her feet. Collecting her gun that the stranger kindly left on the floor, the doctor stumbled out into the hall, leaning against one of the walls when a powerful wave of dizziness overcame her. With trembling lips, Angela moved as quickly as she could back to the intersection, concentrating on moving one foot in front of another, hoping that she would arrive in time to save her young friend.


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