Resident Evil: Homestrike Pat 4 (MF,FF,ncon)
by PJ

"C'mon! Hurry!" urged Nessa, spinning around to face Angela as she backed into a wide sentry station, an elevator and a stairwell entrance on the far wall. Angela ran clumsily after Nessa, her breath coming in great labored gasps. The doctor staggered into the room, almost falling onto her face while Nessa fired several shots into the hallway, slowing down the group of zombies
shambling towards them.

Angela leaned heavily against the workstation counter, her skin deathly pale and moist with perspiration. Nessa frowned at her wheezing companion as she ejected her empty mag and slapped in a fresh one.

"Are you okay? You look sick."

"I just need to rest."

"We have to get to the command level. You can take a breather there," said Nessa, grabbing Angela's left arm and leading her towards the stairwell door. Loud moaning echoed in the room when the zombies stumbled in, arms outstretched, claws grasping. Nessa held the door open for Angela, leveling her gun at the zombies and firing over the workstation at the lead monster.
The zombie jerked as bullets slapped into his upper chest. Nessa cursed, aiming carefully before firing a round between the wounded zombie's eyes. The zombie fell cross-eyed to the floor, his comrades circling around the sentry station to reach the young woman. Nessa turned her weapon on the next closest adversary when the loud roar of auto-fire filled the room. All of the zombies
spasmed like puppets on strings before they collapsed to the ground.

"What the hell?" gaped Nessa wide-eyed.

A young woman with short blonde hair entered the doorway, sweeping her M-16 from one side of the room to the other quickly before focusing the rifle on Nessa.

"Name! Rank!" barked the girl, her blues eyes cold behind the sights of her gun.

"Lt. Nessa Stone! HQ Security!"

"Glad to meet you, Lt. Stone," smiled the blonde girl wearily, lowering the muzzle of her rifle to the floor. "Lt. Watson, on leave before this nightmare started."

"I thought Dr. Wallace and I were the only living S.T.A.R.S. left around here! We're going down to command level to get the clearance needed to leave this hell hole."

"Sounds like a plan," nodded Watson while she walked towards Nessa. A low scraping of claws was the only warning before a familiar fleshless stalker leapt from the floor and landed on Watson's back.

"No!" screamed Watson, rolling onto her back to dislodge the creature. The monster slithered onto Watson's stomach, knocking her rifle away when she tried to level it at him. He hissed with pleasure, running his long tongue over Watson's smooth cheek.

"Shoot this fucking Licker!" shouted Watson before the monster sitting over her reached into her open mouth and ripped out her tongue.

Nessa watched in horror as the Licker grinned maliciously at her, then bent down over Watson, tearing the girl's throat out with his razor sharp fangs. Wet smacking sounds assaulted Nessa's ears while the Licker fed on the dead soldier. A second Licker ran into the room on all fours, hopping onto the workstation to hiss at the frozen Nessa. Nessa blinked her eyes, returning to
her senses, aiming her pistol and firing five rounds at the Licker's head. The monster's exposed brain exploded, hurling grey matter across several of the room's walls. The Licker gnawing on Watson's neck growled angrily, jumping off of the dead girl to run around the sentry station towards Nessa. Nessa aimed instinctively, emptying her clip into the loping Licker. The monster writhed on the floor, bleeding from his many wounds until Nessa reloaded her gun and fired a single shot into his brain. Reluctantly, Nessa walked around the workstation to where Watson's body lay. Closing her eyes in anguish, Nessa left the girl's body alone, instead she retrieved the discarded M-16, discovering that it still had nearly a full clip of ammo. Shouldering the
rifle, Nessa returned to the stairwell door, where Angela waited for her.

"Is she..?"

"She's dead. We better keep going."

Angela began climbing down the stairs, occasionally coughing wetly, her dark hair plastered with sweat. Nessa guarded the rear, pistol ready, her mind still filled with the sight of Watson's ravaged body. Angela reached the landing for the command level, she slid the pass-card into the lock scanner, pushing the portal open when the lock glowed green for entry.

"Take it slow. There could be more zombies and Lickers down here," warned Nessa softly.

Angela nodded, her own pistol held limply in her right hand. She barely looked around before entering a passage, leaning her right shoulder against the wall as she progressed down its length. Nessa squinted into the adjoining hallway that went right before following the doctor down her chosen path.

"You really look crappy. Does the immunization have side-effects?"

Angela tried to reply, but only a weak moan escaped her chapped lips. Nessa moved up to Angela's side, stopping her with a firm hand, peering at the pale woman's blood-shot eyes and clammy flesh.

"Maybe you should..," began Nessa right before a series of loud reports filled the hallway.
Angela leaned heavily against Nessa, pushing the girl out of the way of the bullets hurling towards them. Angela jerked as the projectiles smashed into her right arm, side and leg. She smiled wanly at Nessa before falling bonelessly to the floor, blood pooling under her body. Nessa raced back towards the turn in the corridor, ducking as more bullets sped towards her. She dived to the left, just as three more rounds smacked into the wall of the passage.

"I'm sorry!" exclaimed a male voice from the far end of the passage. "I thought you two were zombies!"

"Shane? Is that you?" asked Nessa incredulously.

"Nessa? Are you alright?"

"I'm fine! We have to help Angela!" shouted Nessa, walking back into the hallway, hoping they could help the doctor in time.

The bullet caught Nessa in the right thigh. She gasped in agony, falling to the floor in a heap.

"Let go of your gun!" shouted Shane, his pistol aimed directly at Nessa's shocked face.

"Shane? What are you doing?" asked Nessa, letting her pistol fall from her weak fingers.

"Getting rid of witnesses," smiled Shane coldly, briefly toeing Angela's body before approaching Nessa.

"You betrayed S.T.A.R.S.? To Umbrella?"

"I'm hardly the first. I just happen to be the last one standing," chuckled Shane, sliding Nessa's pistol away with his boot.

"You bastard! You killed Angela!"

"The whore was already dead. I injected her with the G-Virus, she would have been a zombie in another few minutes. I just saved your life, you could at least show a little gratitude," grinned Shane, grabbing Nessa by her hair and planting a rough kiss on her mouth. Nessa spat afterwards, glaring at the smug soldier.

"Go to Hell!" shouted Nessa defiantly.

"Not yet," retorted Shane, relieving Nessa of her M-16. Placing the rifle over his own left shoulder, Shane leered openly at Nessa's curvaceous body.

"I wanted to fuck you the first time we met," said Shane, removing a pair of handcuffs from the back of his belt. "I've got time before my flight arrives."

"How will you get out? The entire compound is locked down," replied Nessa while Shane grabbed her arms and snapped the handcuffs over her wrists.

"I used Asim's clearance. Everything's open now," answered Shane, dragging Nessa down the hall by her bound wrists. Nessa grimaced as the cold metal bit into her skin. Just before Shane took her around another corner, Nessa watched Angela's body, and thought she saw the doctor's right arm twitch weakly.

"The General's office should be an adequate place for our little fuck session," chuckled Shane, dragging Nessa over to Asim's long, wide wooden desk, then depositing her roughly on top of it. She scowled in disgust when she spotted the dead General in a chair facing her, his skin blue
and slack, a neat bullet hole in the center of his forehead.

Shane turned Nessa onto her stomach, pulling off her boots, then yanking off her uniform trousers. He untied her red hair, unfolding it across her shoulders. Shane ripped off Nessa's panties, then slapped her bare buttocks till they glowed.

"You're one fine piece of ass. Pity I can't keep you," said Shane, reaching underneath Nessa's vest and shirt to caress the warm skin of her back while he slowly licked her buttocks. Nessa trembled with revulsion, glancing around for anything she could use against her tormentor.
Shane moved his left hand underneath Nessa's shirt, moving to her breasts, squeezing her left tit firmly. Shane's right hand slid between her buttocks, rubbing her pussy, pinching her clit until she gasped helplessly.

"If you're going to die, you might as well enjoy yourself, bitch," purred Shane, pinching her left nipple while his right hand pressed between her labia petals, fondling the opening of her pink vagina.

"Uncuff me and I'll do whatever you want, lover," murmured Nessa, glancing back at Shane with smoldering eyes.

"Nice try, slut," smiled Shane, wrapping his left hand in Nessa's red hair, yanking back painfully on it until tears appeared in the girl's eyes. He spanked her bare ass until it was red with bruising, then he resumed his probing of her cunt, two fingers diving deep into her slit.

"Um, nice and wet," observed Shane, raising his glistening hand to his lips, licking Nessa's honey from his fingers. The traitor moved directly behind the bent over Nessa, prying her legs apart while unbuckling his pants. He caressed Nessa's left buttock before spreading her ass cheeks apart and pressing his stiff cock into her crack.

"Please, don't," pleaded Nessa.

"Shut up and cum, bitch," growled Shane, yanking on the girl's hair again as he started pumping his cock inside her pussy, his meat filling her narrow hole. Nessa groaned, her buttocks slapping against Shane's crotch with each powerful thrust. Shane released Nessa's hair, placing his hands on her bare hips, holding her ass in place as he shoved deep into her belly. Nessa closed her
eyes, clawing the desktop with her bound hands while Shane rammed himself inside her.

Nessa opened her eyes in surprise when Shane cursed, his cock pulled abruptly from her pussy. She turned her head around, catching a glimpse of Shane being attacked by someone.

"Fucking bitch!" shouted Shane while Angela clawed at his throat.

"Angela! Help me!" exclaimed Nessa, holding out her handcuffed wrists.

Angela released Shane, stumbling towards Nessa with glassy eyes and peeling skin.

"Hope you two have a great time!" said Shane before he staggered out of the room massaging his bruised neck.

Angela took the link holding the handcuffs together and snapped it easily. Nessa debated asking Angela to break the cuffs themselves, but one look at the doctor's current state halted the words in her mouth. Angela waited in front of Nessa, drool leaking down the side of her slack mouth, her skin grey and dry. Nessa pulled up her pants, holding them by the waist while slowly backing
away from her transformed companion.

"Easy, Angela. Stay right there," said Nessa softly, backing towards the open doorway.

Angela's eyes blinked, then they turned to regard Nessa, the glaze transforming into desperate hunger. Nessa cursed, making a quick dive for the doorway as Angela reached forward with lightning quick arms. Nessa fell onto her belly, her feet held stationary by Angela's strong hands around her ankles. Nessa kicked with her uninjured leg, trying to break the female zombie's hold on her. Angela giggled, dragging Nessa back into the office.

"!" shouted Nessa, kicking out at Angela.

Angela reached forward, grabbing Nessa's vest, then pulling the girl forward, slapping her hard with her free hand. Nessa saw stars, giving Angela time to rip open her vest and shirt. The zombie tugged the destroyed garments off of Nessa's body, then ran her left hand up the girl's flat belly while her right hand tore off Nessa's bra. Angela pushed Nessa onto her back, crawling on top of the weakened girl, licking up her stomach to her heaving tits.

"," moaned Nessa, blinking her eyes slowly while Angela bit her right breast, gnawing on the hardened nipple. The zombie massaged Nessa's left tit, crushing the warm mound of flesh. Angela bared her teeth, then bit hard into Nessa's breast, tearing away a piece of skin, blood dripping down her pale chin. The pain cleared Nessa's foggy brain, she kicked Angela in the crotch, then pushed the zombie away from her. Angela rolled into the desk, her mouth still chewing the morsel torn from Nessa's body. Nessa struggled to her feet, escaping the office as quickly as she could. She kicked off her torn pants, clothing made little difference at this point. She stumbled down the hallway, pressing a hand over her bleeding breast. Nessa grunted in surprise when she found Angela's discarded gun on the floor. She bent down to pick it up, then spun when she heard the doctor behind her. Angela was some distance away, arms outstretched, stiff legs shambling one after the other. Nessa aimed the pistol carefully at Angela's head, biting her lower lip before she fired twice in quick succession. Angela collapsed onto
her back, two precise holes smoking above her eyes.

"I'm sorry," wept Nessa, clutching her aching chest, resuming her slow trek to the surface.

* * *

Shane smiled when the helicopter gracefully landed on the fully lit landing pad. He patted the leg pouch that contained hypos of the G-Virus, a sample of the T-Virus antidote, and the disks with the computer virus he had dumped into the S.T.A.R.S. mainframe. When the pilot waved to him, Shane crouched down and jogged towards the helicopter access hatch.

"Shane!" shouted Nessa over the roar of the whirling chopper blades.

Before Shane could turn to face her, Nessa fired three rounds into the traitor's back. Shane slammed against the side of the chopper, his eyes wide with disbelief as he slid to the landing pad surface. The pilot stared, paralyzed with shock at the naked girl pointing a pistol at his head. Nessa kept the gun aimed at him as she staggered across the pad to the hatchway. She
kicked Shane away from the chopper before yanking the hatch open and crawling inside.

"Take off," ordered Nessa.

The pilot nodded, pulling the airship back into the air. Nessa struggled up into a seat, her whole body aching.

"Moriarity to transport omega. Do you read?"

"Yes, sir. I've made the pick-up," replied the pilot at Nessa's urging.

"Very good," said Moriarity.

When the comm line snapped off, Nessa reclined into her seat, holding Shane's leg pouch in her lap. She felt nothing when the roar came, enveloping her in white fire.

Mr. Moriarity raised his fingertip from the red button on his desk. He rose to his feet, adjusting his jacket and vest before walking towards the door of his executive office. He turned to look briefly out the wide window of his office, the sun was just setting, igniting the entire horizon with dark red flame. All evidence had been eradicated, the S.T.A.R.S. files, the captured
virus samples, and the agent who had done all the clean-up work. The victims of the G-Virus bombs would soon be nothing but dust, the strain of G-Virus used was designed to devour its hosts quickly. Everything was taken care of, except for one last task. Moriarity patted his wide belly contentedly, now it was time to claim his place at the head of Umbrella, Inc. Now it was time to lead the way to the future.

The End


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