WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, video games, franchises, developers etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Starring: Rebecca Chambers

Codes: Cons, MF, Oral.

Resident Evil: Infection Part 2
An erotic Resident Evil fan-fiction story.
by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

Vincent Pierce has suffered a change of life plans, to put it mildly.

Just days before, he'd become the only living, non "turned" as it had been described to him, victim of a bio-terror attack that had turned normal people in a small area where he lived and worked in into... Zombies? Sex-craving zombies? Whatever they were, or had been, one of them managed to attack him and leave him "infected" with an apparent mutation. Instead of becoming a zombie, he instead suffered from a vastly increased sex drive. That and making his cock massive increase in length and thickness. Which perhaps would be fine, if it didn't leave him feeling like his dick was going to explode at any second.

After having been saved by Jill Valentine, which had meant him getting blown, fucked, and getting to bang her as well, the "clean up" team took over duties to extract him from the scene of the outbreak. That now led to his current situation - a place far away from anywhere, and he wasn't even being told where he really was. All he had been told was that it was a Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance facility where he could be monitored, and eventually released from once a cure had been discovered for his current infection. When would that be? Another apparently "need to know" piece of information.

Still, they said they would be covering any expenses and bills while he stayed here. He was getting fed as well. Plus, the company wasn't all bad. Aside from the seemingly endless legions of heavily armoured and armed guards at every turn in this place.

Specifically, his current company wasn't at all bad. In fact, she was downright gorgeous.

"And this, is your living quarters!" Rebecca Chambers, the current BSAA Operative and former Special Tactics And Rescue Service Medic and Rear Security, introduced with a cheerful tone and smile.

"...Looks like a prison cell to me..." Vincent flatly stated the obvious as he walked into the room. A plain looking bed in one corner, a toilet in the other, a few empty shelves for books or items presumably, and a bare desk against a wall with a chair in front.

"...Yeah, it's a cell." She admitted with a sigh as she closed the heavy, reinforced door behind them as it clicked to be locked. "We aren't used to keeping too many living test subjects around here. Either bioterrorists awaiting transfer or trial, or "turned" zombies or monsters down in the testing labs. But I'm sure we can easily get you some more things in here to pass the time while we cure you!" She added with a more hopeful smile.

Chambers had her hair in her signature, short and dark style. A perfect fit for her slim, petite but very easy on the eye body. That frame however was currently mostly covered up by her uniform which harked all the way back to her S.T.A.R.S. days. A white, tactical vest with short sleeved olive green top underneath. Matching were her pants which went down almost fully to her standard issue boots. All topped up with a belt, and underneath a utility belt of sorts with gun holster, ammo and first aid pouches, and walkie-talkie communicator attached.

"That would be cool. Beats answering endless science questions like I've been doing..." Vincent commented as he turned back to look at her. He was dressed in rather basic military-style pants and a top, with boots to match. As if they'd just given him whatever was spare from a box in storage to just about fit him.

"Right. The BSAA is here to make sure whatever it is that's infected you is taken out and cured as soon as possible." Rebecca stated with a nod. "I read the field report of the outbreak that Jill wrote up. Your case is without a doubt the most unique case we've ever dealt with, but don't you worry. We'll get you back to your home and family in no time, I know it." She said with another warm smile.

"Ummmmm... You read about what happened?" Pierce questioned, suddenly finding the floor a lot more interesting. "So, you know that... Me and Jill... Kinda..."

"Yes, that you had sex." Chambers bluntly said. "Like I said... Unique. But it had to be done. Until we can find a real antidote, we have to do whatever it takes to keep you alive until we cure you. Same for me, same for Jill. Anything we have to do, we'll do it. That's why we're making arrangements..."

It had been a few days since that infection. Seemingly the wild, roof-top sex with the stunning Jill Valentine had worked to calm down the virus and he hadn't yet experienced anything like it. For some reason though, perhaps from being kept away from any other females for such a long time, hearing this cute and stunning woman talk about sex? Being willing to do anything for him? That easily set the virus off inside him once again.

"OH SHIT!!" He yelled as suddenly his pants were ripped off from his body as his hard on burst through. His cock, under the full effects of the infection, stood proudly erect at a vastly long and thick to match size, accompanied by heavy balls. Normally, his dick was a tiny, unimpressive size. Not when the virus takes a hold, making him groan as he stood as his now enhanced member visibly pulsed, begging for a release. "Not again!!" He groaned in a painful tone, staggering backwards against the nearest wall as his chest heaved for air. "Oh fuck!! It's burning!! It's... It's gonna pop I swear!!" He said in horror, showing his cries are certainly no act.

"Shit!! It's OK, stay calm!" Rebecca said, her eyes wide as she looked over that massive rod pointing right at her. "It's just like how Jill said..." She mumbled for a moment before shaking her head. "The situation is under control!" She claimed as she quickly moved forward, taking a hold of his cock in both of her hands. "Talk to me Vincent. Tell me, how... How does this feel?" She asked, watching herself as she let her palms give a cautious slide along his dick for a moment.

"Ahhhhhh... That... Shit, yeah, that's a little better..." He groaned, glancing from her hands up to her. "It still... My dick feels like it's on fire again!!" Vincent whined.

"I couldn't believe Jill's report when I first read it... But now I see it's all true..." She said, her eyes again locking onto his oversized dick for a moment longer than she professionally should. "...There's no other choice. We have to do this." She stated with a determined tone as she shockingly dropped down to her knees in front of him.

"Y-you sure Rebecca??" He said, stunned by how quickly she moved into that position. "Ahhhhhh!! I can't believe this... A-again??" He stuttered, not actually referring to having yet another beautiful BSAA Agent handling his virus-effected cock.

"Don't worry! I'm a professional!" She said, staring up with a surprisingly focused, considering this sudden sexual turn of events, look in her eyes. With both hands gripping his pole, she started stroking up and down along the shaft. Both palms sliding along his vast length at the same time, working over the entire size from the base to the fat bell-end. "Hell, I used to be the Bravo Team Medic... I know how to look after people!" She said with a smile, perhaps trying to make the situation easier for the worried, infected man she's jerking off. It's certainly her hand work that's settling him down in a way, making him moan out with approval. "Like I said, I've read your file... Until we find a real cure? I know what I have to do..."

Letting actions speak louder than words, Rebecca leaned her short haired head in down towards his enhanced in size and thickness dick. Showing a boldness already she opened her mouth wide in order to slip his thick crown inside. Letting her tongue slide across the head, she kept her hands stroking away for good measure to keep him moaning as she conducted the swirling motion. Glancing up, she pushed her mouth down further onto him, causing herself to groan as she adjusted to this fat fat rod. Pressing her soft lips around the shaft, she narrowed her eyes in determination - knowing that to sooth the effects of this virus, she had to take care of the heightened sexual needs. Hence why in the next moment she raised her mouth back upward towards the tip, before pushing back down in a smooth and steady motion that made them both groan out.

"MMMM... Guess... Guess you know what you're doing..." Pierce said in a half mumble, keeping his arms outstretched against the walls of his "cell" to keep himself up. He moaned, feeling how hot and damp her oral hole is as she slides herself up and down onto his rod. From how quickly she's gotten into a rhythm of blowing him, it's seems clear she's done this kind of dirty act before. Never quite with such life-saving intentions however. "Ahhhhhh shit!! Can't fucking believe... MMMM!! I have to... Uhhhhh... Fuck to stay alive..." He states about his unlikely situation. From his moans however, he's certainly not minding right now as he gets this blowjob from the BSAA Operative. His gaze is locked down onto her gorgeous face pressing downward onto his member before soon lifting back up to repeat the motion as she pleasures his cock.

"Mmmmmphhhh... Mmmmmm!! Hmmmmphhhhh..." She lets out a muffled groan around his prick. Keeping her hands pumping along the lower inches, she has her mouth servicing the upper part. That stroking also helps work her saliva over his entire length as it begins to seep past her nicely full lips and drip downward. "Mmmm... Mmmmmphhh! Mmmmm!!" She stares back up at the man she's blowing, a rather too lusty of a look considering she's supposed to only be dishing out this oral act for his own benefit. Perhaps after hearing the story about the night of his infection, her curiosity (and desire!) is getting the better of her. Which is why she's pushing her mouth gradually further down onto his pole with another groan.

"Oh shit!! MMMM!! Ahhhhhh FUCK... Holy shit..." The young man moans out, looking on in awe as her gorgeous facial features approach his crotch before, but not intentionally teasing, shifting back up as the slurping continues. The steady pace even as her short hair swaying and falling out of place across her forehead. Her hands however are too busy now holding his dick in place by the fingers at his base to deal with that far from distracting issue. "AHHHHH... Fuck!! Ok... MMMM... You really know... Ahhhhhh... What you're doing..." He states the obvious, seeing the petite beauty rather easily and impressively handling the majority of his vast size deep into her talented mouth. Her lips are beginning to fight to stay wrapped around his man-meat, mouth beginning to ache from having to handle such a size quite unlike any cock she's even dealt with before.

"Mmmmmphhhh!! GAHHHHHHH... HHHHHHRRRRLLLKKKK..." Chambers' own eyes go wide herself when his dick slips past her mouth to venture down into her throat. A raspy, sinful gag let loose around his dick as her saliva splatters over him. Even then, she doesn't stop her sucking motion, keeping her head bobbing away while she stares up at the man she's supposed to be looking after but not entirely in this kind of manner. "AHHHHHHLLLKK!! Mmmmmmphhh!! GAAAAAAHHHH..." Once again her eyes narrow as she refuses to let herself be beaten as she forces her head right down onto him. With another loud gag, she deep throats his whole length, her nose pressing into his crotch and chin resting against those similarly oversized like his cock balls of his. She could only manage a few seconds staying down onto him before having to lift right up off of him. Many a normal woman however wouldn't have been able to even fit half his current length as she so impressively had just done.

"Fuck!!" Rebecca exclaimed once she'd lifted right off of him, having to spit a thick wad of saliva onto his dick for good measure to clear her throat. "The report... Did say you were... Big..." She said, staring with more than just a hint of disbelief at what she'd just been choking on.

"I, uh... I appreciate you doing this..." Vincent offered, still stunned himself at what was unfolding due to his infection. "Are... Are we gonna, you know...?"

"Of course!" Chambers stated, getting up from the floor. "Jill said that just blowing you wasn't going to be enough... I'd need to eat food through a straw for a month if I tried just sucking that thing of yours off any longer!" She added with a cute laugh as she reached down, unclipping her holster and then the belt of her pants.

"Uhhhh, how much did Jill say... About..." Pierce tried to ask, but found himself trailing off as she started lowering not just her bottoms, but panties as well to show off her stunningly rounded ass and her shaved pussy.

"We can talk about briefings later!" She stated, turning with her lower clothing still around her boots to she could bend over in front of the "cell" wall. "Come on! This is your life on the line we're talking about here!" She stated, trying to sound as professional as possible. A difficult task considering she's sticking her backside along with her invitingly already a little wet pussy out towards him.

"R-right!!" He stutters but gets with the programme as he steps up behind the now partially-naked beauty. Gripping his cock, still coated with her saliva, he lines it up with her snatch and starts pushing forward. He moans out with relief as he feels how tight, along with the already formed wetness in her twat, she is as his inches slide in. "MMMMM... Oh fuck Rebecca!! That's... AHHHHH... Gonna help me, for fucking sure..." He hisses as he starts to ease his dick in and out of her snatch. At the same time, her hips actually rock back to push herself back towards his cock out of reflex. She's already groaning out quite audibly as her tightness gets made to stretch to accommodate quite clearly the biggest piece of man-meat she's ever taken.

"MMMMM... Damn... Ahhhhhh... Damn right I'm gonna help you..." She stated, arms outstretched against the wall as she looked back over her shoulder at the man she's willingly letting fuck her from behind. "Mmmmm!! You might just... Ahhhhhh... Be helping me out as well..." She teased with a smirk, already approving of how his virus-effected cock feels pumping into her snatch. She can see that there's about half of his size already fitting into her box, but with how good that alone feels? She wants even more of that dick deep within her. "AHHHHH... I mean, from a professional... UHHHH... Data collecting stand-point..." She claims between her moans, that attempt to try and keep this situation "business-like" failing with every pump she takes, let alone the groans of enjoyment she's letting out. Not to mention how she's shifting her sexy, athletic body back and forth so she can meet every one of his thrusts going into her pussy to work him in even deeper.

"MMMM!! Wh-what was that?? D-data?" AHHHHH..." The young man questioned, but once again his thoughts were caught up by the superb pleasure he's getting from the former S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team operative. Hands gripping her vest-covered waist, he used a steady sharp series of pumps to send his shaft deep into her snatch. Each pump got a little bit more of his vast, but infection-enhanced, size further into her snug and wet hole. That was to both their moaning approval as he banged his sudden, unexpected fuck-buddy who he'd only properly met just minutes ago. "I'm... AHHHHH... Sorry, I'm still... UHHHHH SHIT... Getting used to this all..." He admitted. The effects of the virus in him wasn't just giving him a far larger cock than he normally has. It had created a sex drive that allowed him to stiffly and repeatedly drive deep into this tight pussy of the woman bent over in front of him. If he wasn't so fearful of what might happen to him if he didn't "fuck out" his current state, he might appreciate the fact that he's able to last far longer in sex than he possibly would have before his infection.

"MMMM... I could get... AHHHHH!! Fucking used to this..." Rebecca grunted under her breath as she kept her body in place against the wall, her legs eagerly spread to accept his mighty, enhanced shaft plunging in and out of her folds. It seems that not only is she getting more and more turned on by the fucking she's taking, she hasn't quite gotten this kind of dirty action in a long while either. "Don't worry Vincent! MMMM!! You're doing... AHHHHH!! Really good!!" She told him out loud as she raised her head back up in order to stare back at him, the lust quite obvious to see in her eyes. Even despite how he's only now starting to make his waist crash against her gorgeously rounded backside to feed all those fat inches into her red hot and wet pussy.

"It feels... AHHHHHH... Really good too... I mean! MMMMMM FUCK!! It's working!!" He said before letting out another deep groan as he gave a balls deep pump forward into her tight twat. Indeed, as he continued to firmly and swiftly thrust into the love tunnel of the sole S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team survivor, he could feel the pressure and throbbing of his cock easing off. "I mean... AHHHHH... Just like with Jill... MMMM!! Fucking seems to really... OH SHIT... Fucking help here..." Even though this is the second time he's had to use sex as a temporary "cure" to his "condition", he's still finding it difficult to get to grips with it all. He's not letting that stop his hips from working on instinct, shifting towards that stunning body bent over in front of him. Thrust after thrust sends his cock all the way into her snatch, keeping them both groaning out perhaps a lot louder than they both know they should be.

"MMMM!! Does it feel good??" Rebecca moaned out as she looked back at him again. The tone of her voice sounded more suited for a porn film than within a BSAA facility. "You like fucking me... AHHHHH!! Like you fucked Jill, huh??" She said as more a demand for an answer than a simple question.

"AHHHHH... We didn't... UHHHHH!! Exactly do it, like this... If that's what you m-mean!" Pierce stuttered out between his grunts.

"MMMMM... Pull out of me Vincent!" Chambers instructed in her lusty state. When he did that, she turned around, putting her back to the same wall she'd been bending over against. "Did you fuck her like this?" She offered with a saucy grin, raising a leg up and offering up her snatch, even with her pants still around her ankles.

"You're... You're really into this, aren't you?" Vincent finally twigged to the glaringly obvious. However, as ordered, he moved in, sliding under her leg in fact to get between them as he lined his cock up with her pussy once again.

"You have NO fucking idea..." The short, dark haired beauty flashed an almost wicked smile as she suddenly jumped up onto him from off the wall, wrapping her arms around his neck and doing the same with her legs around his waist. As her pussy sank down onto his shaft, making them both groan out in delight, her uniform vest and perky breasts pressed against his nicely toned (another side-effect of the virus) chest. "MMMMM FUCK!! Girl like me... Surrounded by men every fucking day..." She almost ranted as she actually got the work first onto him. Once impaled enough onto that massive rod, she started to bounce her desirable, petite body up and down forcefully onto his member. That easily got them both groaning out loudly in quite shameless fashion as she soon bottomed out to hit his base every time she dropped onto him. "FUCK!! Ahhhhhhh... I haven't had... OH SHIT!! Action like this in... MMMMM!! Fucking years!!"

"AWWWWW FUCK!! Glad... UHHHHH... Glad to help??" The young man offered, wondering who was exactly trying to help out who in this situation now. He certainly couldn't complain too much, considering how fantastic it felt to be balls deep again in some tight, wet pussy like this. However, her sudden and aggressive movement was making hard for the inexperienced male to keep his balance as he had to move forward, pressing her back against the wall of his "cell". "MMMM!! Shit!! Hang on, let me just... AHHHHH..." He groaned, his hands going to the padded service either side of her for support. Once again being driven by the lust caused by the infection, his hips started working almost without any instruction. His dick started driving right up into the snatch of the former Medic and Rear Security of S.T.A.R.S. His balls already started slapping off her exposed skin, as the bottomless woman remained tightly holding onto him as he now started pumping into her.

"Ooooooooh FUCK!! MMMMM YESSSSSS... AHHHHHH FUCK!!" Rebecca moaned out her approval, as if the wetness he felt all around his pistoning cock wasn't proof enough. Half-naked with her pants and panties around her boots as her legs stayed gripped around his waist, she jolted back against the wall she was not getting fucked against. Add in how beads of sweat were beginning to trickle down her pretty face? It's clear that she's in her own state of lust, but one not brought on by any infection. "AHHHHHH... Fucking FUCK ME!! MMMM... Fuck me... OHHHHHHH!! Like you fucking did Jill!!" She demanded with a glare cast at the hunk she's attempting to still ride the cock of, even as he pumps away deeply up into that wet and still snug snatch. She certainly doesn't have to worry about him pulling out any time soon. Her wrapped around arms and legs on his frame ensuring he's not shifting away from her needy twat any time soon. That also leaves her sandwiched between him and the very wall she'd been willingly bent over in front of for him to hammer into several sinful minutes ago.

"AHHHH FUCK!! Like J-Jill?? What... MMMMM!! What about her??" The young, sex-virus effected man tries to question in between his to-the-hilt thrusts upward into her snug snatch. Not for the first time, his own thoughts are cut off by having to let out a deep groan. He's very much, as any red blooded male would, enjoying that feeling of her soaking wet hole all around his cock. "UHHHH... You two... MMMMM... Are like rivals, o-or something??" He grunted out a question, his hips sharply feeding his manhood right into her still erotically tight hole again and again. Thanks to the "side effects" of this unusual infection however, he can actually give her the pounding she seemingly has not only been desperately craving for a long time. She's never gotten it quite as good as this wild fuck before either.

"MMMM... No! Not like... AHHHHHH FUCK!! Like that..." The stunner getting banged against the "cell" wall of the man she's supposed to be helping "calm down" the infection of shook her short haired head. "AHHHHHH... But all these fucking guys around... MMMMM SHIT!! Around here!! Jill this, Jill FUCKING that AHHHHHH..." She groaned out, venting personal as well as sexual frustrations it seems as she continues to roughly jolt on his pumping pole. The still half-naked agent let out another deep moan when the man between her wrapped around legs slammed his fuck-stick all the way into her snatch. Only to do it again and again as that slap of skin against skin rang out. "Just fucking because... OH FUCK YES!! MMMM... She has those big tits... And huge fucking ass..." She almost snaps between her groans. She can't complain about her current situation, taking the huge cock of the man she's only met today all the way deep into her tight, hot and getting dripping wet now snatch over and over.

"AHHHHH... Sounds... Kinda rough, I g-guess?" Vincent, still unsure about the intentions of the woman he's fucking, offered. He eased off his pumps, but couldn't quite pull out of her pussy yet due to her clamping around his body. "I mean, I think you're... Mmmmmm!! Fine as fuck... Great ass too!" He said with an honest nod.

Licking her lips, Rebecca smirked at him. "Bet you said that to Jill as well..." She teased as she finally unwrapped her legs, and then her arms from around him. "Come on! You've still got to get me off!" She added, grabbing him by the arm to rather forcefully bring him over to the plain bed in the corner of his "cell".

"Ummmmmm, you mean help me with, you know..." He tried to say, but was more interested, quite rightly, in watching her as she moved up onto the bed onto her back. "The fact that if I don't cum, I might like, die?"

"Not gonna happen..." She said, not even bothering to take off her boots, let alone her pants and underwear still around her ankles. Instead Chambers rolled back onto her shoulders, raising her ass off the sheets before gripping her own thighs as she curled almost into a ball on the bed. "Now come fuck me... Like your fucking life depends on it!" She ordered with another wide, sinful grin.

"...Yes Ma'am!!" He wisely, and quickly, said as he shifted right forward onto the bed just as his cock began to throb from the effects of the infection once again. Moving up close to that lifted up butt, he lined up his cock back with that already well fucked up to this point snatch. Holding her by the boots, he easily plunged his cock all the way down into her snatch in this piledriver position. The moan they both let out was soon followed by another as he got straight to work with breaking into a thrusting rhythm. "AHHHHHH FUCK!! MMMMM SHIT... MMMM!! Oh sweet FUCK!!" He grunted out, his crotch smacking off of her sexy, slim body each time he pumped straight downward to stuff her wet snatch full with his member. Her legs were spread apart, and his grip on her feet as well as her clothing hanging there off her footwear, just enough that staring down he could see her moaning face as he banged her. More than a motivating sight to go with the still superb feeling of her twat all around his thrusting rod.

"OH FUCK!! AHHHHH!! AHHHHHH FUCKING YES OOOOOOOOH!!" She yelled out in joy as he body started shifting back and forth in response to the thrusts into her pussy. Caring little for her semi-clothed state, she stared at the shaft swiftly slamming down deep into her snatch. The sweat continued to roll off her body, showing the effects of how long this sex has gone on for, let alone the intensity of it all. "OH FUCK DON'T STOP!! MMMMM!! FUCKING... AHHHHHH!! FUCK MY FUCKING BRAINS OUT!!" She glared her demand up at the virus-powered hunk stuffing her twat full with his length again and again. Her lust-drunk state may have made her give that almost threat to the stud she's supposed to be only help temporarily "cure" the "condition" of. She need not have worried, as from his own groans and the way he's dipping his dick in and out of her snatch? He's got no intentions of cutting short this sexual encounter that's got him moaning out just as much as she is.

"UHHHHH... I don't... AHHHHHH FUCK!! Exactly like the sounds... MMMMM... Of what might happen if I stop! MMMMM SHIT!!" He groans out, the sweat now also starting to trickle off of his body from the effort he's using to deliver this top-notch fucking, even if it's all thanks to his current infected state. The beauty he's on top off as he drives his shaft right down into her still pleasurable snug pussy certainly appreciates his actions from her constant, loud moans of delight. "AHHHHHH... OH FUCK!! MMMMM FUCK!! AHHHHHH..." He keeps the grip of her boots, letting his hips so the slamming work as he pulls only a few inches of his fat cock out of her. That lets him drive straight back down with a slap of skin meeting skin as he goes in balls deep. Then it's right back out to repeat the motion at a machine-like pace to give it to her just as she demanded. Even if, perhaps as it had been from the very start, this all hasn't just been for his own life-saving benefit.

"OH FUCK... YES FUCK!! AHHHHH FUCK!! FUCK FUCKING FUUUUUUUCK!!" The hands of the former S.T.A.R.S. and current BSAA Operative were now grabbing tight handfuls of the "cell" bedsheets on either side of her. Eyes closed and her short haired head rolling from side to side as she was deeply lost in the pleasure overwhelming her. This was kind of fucking she'd clearly dreamt about but never gotten in her life before. Now all she could do way lay back and very willingly take the cock of a man she'd only met this day. Ye now had already blown and now gotten nailed in a couple of sinful positions by. "AHHHHHH SHIIIIIIIT!! MMMMM!! OH YES!! YES YES YESSSSSSSSSSS AHHHHHHH!!" She moaned out, head now tilting back into the bed as she felt her own pleasure, having long forgotten the true purpose of her being here with this infected man. Her petite and stunning body continued to jolt back and forth with every thrust she took. The clothes on her upper body were now sticking to her from all the sweat. Same time, her bottoms and panties were just hanging around her boots from grip of the "effected" stud pounding away into her.

Looking far from the respected, veteran field agent and survivor of the Mansion Incident and Destruction of Raccoon City, Rebecca Chambers started to cum hard on that virus-enhanced cock stuffed deep into her snatch. She stayed held in that piledriver position, moaning loudly out as her snatch clamped against that thrusting dick. Now the naughty, squelching sound of her juices all around his pole were heard to mix with the smack of skin hitting off of skin and those shameless moans from them both. The big, cock-drunk smile on her gorgeous face showed she regretted nothing as she took pump after pump, his continuing motion ensuring she got every last moment of the kind of sex she'd already wanted. Yet ironically could only get from the man she was supposed to be protecting, instead of basically whoring herself out to.

"UHHHHH... Can't... OH FUCK!! Last any longer!!" Vincent grunted out a warning, shift up so he can pull out of her snatch. The throbbing feeling now his cock was doing was far from that worrying, life-threatening one from before. It still required him to grip that massive length as he started to stroke himself off at a rapid pace.

"Mmmmm... Just let it..." Rebecca tried to purr out the request. She was cut off however by him showing her that the other part of that field report was also true about his "release". The first inhuman almost blast of cum burst out, completely splattering her stunning face and staining her short dark hair. She then paid for letting out a gasp, then choking as her open mouth was filled up well past the point of overflowing with spunk as the excess then dripped down her chin. His strokes kept the vast loads coming, sending his seed out to cover and stain to the point of ruin the vest and the rest of her upper clothing. She could only groan and gag, out of reflex swallowing down some his cum as she was still buzzing from her orgasm just moments ago. That left her face and hair wide open to take cum to the point of bukkake porn-levels well before he started easing out the last doses onto her already jizz-coated clothes.

"HHHHHLLLKKKK... GAAAHHHHHH..." Chambers gagged again as she forced down another huge mouthful of his load, before finally being able to gasp out and take in air. "Sweet! Fucking!! Christ!!!" She exclaimed, eyes still shut from all the jizz over her face as she reached up, trying to clear it away. "Jill was not fucking kidding!!" She stated, groaning from just the feeling off all that cum across her.

"Glad... Glad to help..." Vincent muttered, legs becoming weak as he slumped down to the floor, spent in more ways than one as the effects of the virus subsided to leave him drained.

"Mmmmm... You fucking helped all right..." She mumbled back, finally able to look around now that her cum-covered fingers had cleared her line of sight.

The sound of her communicator attached to her tactical belt on the ground snapped her attention back to reality. Slowly, seemingly weighed down by the spunk all over her, she got off from the bed, stepping around the now out of it Pierce on the ground. With cum dripping off her onto the floor as she walked, she eventually got to the walkie-talkie and knelt down to answer it.

"Agent Chambers here!" She spoke professionally, in complete contrast to her current spunk-covered state. "...Yes, he's... Settling in nicely. I'll need a clean-up and... Sample collection team sent over to his quarters right away." Rebecca requested before she paused to listen. "...Yes, yet it did happen. ...Yes, yes I did. Just as Agent Valentine warned in her report. ...Good, I'll wait for them here. Oh, and about that offer? The transfer to officially watch over Subject Pierce?" She glanced back at the man now snoring on the floor by the bed they just fucked on. "I want the transfer papers on my desk by the end of the day." She said with a very dirty smirk.

* * *

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