WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, video games, franchises, developers etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Starring: Helena Harper

Codes: Cons, MF, Oral.

Resident Evil: Infection Part 3
An erotic Resident Evil fan-fiction story.
by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

"Agent Helena Harper. United States Secret Service." Helena Harper professionally introduced, showing off her official badge across the wooden table of the interview room.

"Uhhhh... Vincent Pierce... Guy that got infected." Vincent Pierce offered back with an awkward smile.

It had been a couple of weeks now that Pierce had been placed under this quarantine by the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance. The same group that had extracted him after he'd become the only infected victim of a now considered "amateur" bio-attack. He personally had doubts of that description considering his current position. Not so much the unknown location he was in, or the lack of contact to the outside world. The fact that at moments, usually those with thoughts heavily about sexual activity, the virus still within him would flair up. Making his cock increase to a massive size and thickness, and creature a painful, burning sensation within him that could only currently not be cured. Only "calmed down" through, ironically, sexual activity.

He was used to testing and experiments to try and cure him completely of this effect of this "infection". He certainly didn't complain about his previous, unlikely as they were, encounters to "calm" him before with Jill Valentine and Rebecca Chambers. However, a stunning Secret Service Agent about to question him about his condition? This was a different kettle of fish altogether. Not that he'd ever seen one of those before, but with everything he's been though up to now? He wouldn't be surprise to see anything now.

"I would shake your hand, but I still have concerns about your... Condition, shall we say?" Helena said, taking a seat opposite Vincent at the table. They were deep within the BSAA complex he was calling "home" as scientists and whoever else worked on a cure for him. "No disrespect intended." She added. Harper was dressed in a professional attire of black striped pants with a belt, a gun holster also hanging from her side with firearm in it. Up top a black vest-like jacket with a pink, opened up at several top buttons shirt which gave a nice hint to her cleavage formed from her nicely sized and rounded breasts.

"Yeah, I guess..." Vincent shrugged as he sat in a ill-fitting set of BSAA issue camouflage pants and top. "So... Jill, I mean Agent Valentine said you wanted to interview me Miss Harper?"

"Correct." Harper nodded. "I've read the files provided by the BSAA about the incident, the outbreak, and your infection. However, I have some doubts about some of the... Details, of what happened that night."

"OK... I guess the part about me, you know... And what happens to my cock?" Pierce guessed, squirming in his seat a bit as he bluntly said it.

"...Yes, that." Helena said after a pause. "No offense, but looking at you? I don't see anything too... Unusual."

"That's the thing! It doesn't... I mean, my dick isn't this massive huge size all the time!" He explains. "It's like, whenever I think a lot about sex it just triggers and then... Pow! Suddenly I have this massive cock, it hurts like all Hell, and I have to... Y-you know..." He trails off, embarrassment creeping in again.

"You just happen to only be cured by having sex..." Helena states, still remaining professional but showing she has read all the paperwork about him. "Yes, it is quite unlikely. Trust me kid, I've survived Tall Oaks and Lanshiang. It's gonna take a lot to surprise me." She said, a brief smirk as if she was daring him to shock her now. It would sure be quite cheesy and cheap if that was the moment when the effects of that virus suddenly showed up to surprise her, wouldn't it? Right?

"OH FUCK!!" Vincent suddenly exclaimed, his pants ripping in half as his cock sprung up to full erection in a second, standing rock hard and throbbing at a massive and fat to match enhanced sized. He stood up, gripping his dick and gritting his teeth. "Talk about... Bad fucking timing!!" He cursed his luck as he held himself.

"...Fuck." Helena stared, standing up and slowly moving around the table. Her eyes were wide, staring at by far the biggest cock she'd ever seen before. "Well... That answers almost all the questions I had..." She states the obvious as she approached him with some caution, still processing what she was actually seeing.

"F-Fuck!! It's... It's burning already!!" Pierce whined as already the great negatives of the virus effects were flaring up within his dick.

"Is this thing even real??" Harper questioned, ignoring his cries as she kneeled down, taking a close look before helping herself as she took a hold of his cock. With the first touch, he let out a sigh of relief as he let go himself, allowing him to place his hands back on the table as he turned to face her. "Don't mind if I... See for myself if the report was true?" She asked. Well perhaps asked was a loose term as she still was staring at his dick as she spoke. Also, she was already starting to move both her hands up and down his rod to stroke him.

"Mmmmmm... Yes please..." Was his response as he watched her pump, feeling that painful pressure being quickly replaced with enjoyment from her strokes.

"Yes please? Such a polite boy..." She smirked, letting her hands run up and down that over-sized length. "I mean... We're both adults here, right? You're just helping me with my report in a way..." She teased, giving him an already approving look before focusing back on his big cock. Spitting down onto him, she let her hands pump all the way over his length, working her saliva into his inches with every stroke. "Then again, it's not always about the size... It's about how you use it, right?" She said, but the tone of her voice showed she was far from caring about any actual response from him. Especially as she leaned her head in, letting her tongue slide against then across the crown of his toll as she gave another round of smooth pumps.

"Mmmm... Y-you don't understand! I... Ahhhhh... I need to..." He tried to stutter out the explanation to the stunning Secret Service Agent. Her licking work at his bell-end as she started to swirl around his crown with a smooth motion easily cut his words off as he moaned out. Add in the feeling of her hands stroking along his size at the same time? It was a double team that could easily disarm someone more than any combat skills could. "Ahhhhh... Mmmmmm... Fuck it... I've kinda given up trying... Uhhhhh... To explain this happening..." He says with a groan, perhaps wisely just letting things flow. Especially when it's getting a gorgeous woman sliding her tongue all around and across the fat head of his virus-enhanced dick like this. Already a nice amount of her saliva was applied to his crown, getting then worked over the rest of his member as she lifted away to let her hands roam over him.

"Sounds like one Hell of a story kid..." Harper smirks again as she pumps his tool. "You can debrief me later..." She adds before she leans back down towards his pole. This time she opens her mouth up, slipping his inches inside and groaning herself as her lips have to already stretch to accommodate this massive cock. Hands still gripping the lower portion, she starts to bob her head as she works over the upper part, again tellingly letting out a moan around his man-meat as she gets quickly into the task of sucking him off. "Mmmmmphhh!! Mmmmm... Hhhhmmmmppphhh!!" Her words are muffled by his member, but that already quite openly lusty look in her eyes as she stares up at the younger man she's blowing say it all. Her lips glide smoothly up and down his rod, already strands of hair falling out of place from the energy she's putting behind sucking off an uniquely infected man that she barely knows, but is rather eagerly sucking on his "enhanced" dick.

"MMMM... Holy fuck... Yeah, I'll tell you anything... Ahhhhhh!!" Vincent says, staring down and watching the gorgeous face of the woman heavily involved in the Tall Oaks and Lanshiang bio-terrorist incidents working over his tool. His hands are back behind him, gripping onto the table he's supposed to be being interviewed at for support. Instead he's moaning out, feeling her saliva start to be layered onto his prick from the repeated slurping she's doing to him. Considering how the painful throbbing caused by the mutated virus within him is getting replaced by dirty pleasure from her sucks? He's more than just pleased, even if he's still as stunned as ever by this sudden turn of events, that this has taken a filthy turn.

"Mmmmmphhh!! Mmmm!! Mmmmphhh mmmmm..." As she groans around him, Helena keeps one hand pumping over the part of his cock not taken yet between her lips. That leaves her other hand free to brush back her dark hair, keeping her attention all on the biggest cock she's ever seen in her life. She seems intent on making the most of this unique to say the least opportunity, her slurps loud and shameless as she blows this "infected" man. "Mmmmm... Mmmmmphhh!! Hmmmmmpppphhhh..." Her eyes narrow as she stares up at the man she's supposed to be collecting information from about the outbreak that's left him with this "condition". Instead she's sampling its effects for herself, bobbing along his length as her saliva drips down to his similarly over-sized balls. All the while her hand keeps on stroking over the lower half of him, her hungry mouth more than doing a fine job of seeing what he, or more accurately the virus, can handle from her.

Another round of smooth sucks, and she lifts her head all the way up and off him with a groan. "Who the Hell needs little blue pills if you can get a virus that does this?" Helena says, clearly approving about the size of his member. She shifts back, standing up as she reaches for her belt.

"It's not, uh, exactly all good..." Vincent tries to explain. Once again however his thoughts trail off as he watches her boldly push down both her pants and panties down to her knees.

"Come on kid, let's see what else this can do..." Harper orders, pulling him away from the table so she can hop up, sitting on the edge of the table as she finishes off undressing to kick off her shoes, followed by her lower clothing completely.

"Uhhhhh... Yeah... Yeah!!" He says, shaking his head to collect his thoughts just as the "burning sensation" returns to his shaft. He quickly comes in, seeing the invitation of her spread legs as he gets a good look at her neatly trimmed pussy. Pierce doesn't stare for too long, soon lining his cock up with her entrance as he pushes forward into her.

"Mmmmmm... Oh fuck!! That's... Mmmmmm..." The stunning Secret Service Agent already moans out even before half of his length slides into her. Further showing that this is by far the biggest cock she's ever taken before in her eventful to say the least life. She watches as that pole begins to be pulled back from out of her, but stopping short of a full withdrawal as he pushes right back forward into her to make them both groan out. "Ahhhhh! Shit!! That's... That's real fucking big!" She says with moaning approval as the pumping motion starts getting established. She arches so her back is above the table, her hands currently back behind her for support as she now sees what he can do in his "infected" state. Her groans are showing she's already more than impressed with the fat cock she'd only been sucking off moments before, and now rather willingly is taking in and out of her snug pussy.

"MMMMM... Ye-yeah, I know r-right?? Ahhhhhh..." The young man admits, honestly stating the fact that as a result of his "infection" it's left him with a cock far bigger in length and thickness than he usually would have. Not to mention that's it's allowing him the stamina to firmly and steadily pump back and forth into this wonderfully tight pussy of a woman who would be way out of his league in normal circumstances. "Takes... Ahhhhhhh!! Some real getting... MMMM!! Getting used to..." He adds between his groans. Even though this isn't the first time he's had to fuck to calm down the effects of the virus, he's showing his inexperience by hesitating from picking up the pace as her moans seem to be demanding. It's lucky though that this smooth round of pumps he's sending nicely deep into her tight tunnel is more than enough to make them both moan out around this interview room.

"AHHHHH... Believe me honey... MMMMM... I could get... Uhhhhhh!! Real used to this!" Harper grins, surprising him by wrapping his legs around his body to force him closer towards her curvaceous, semi-clothed frame. That forces his cock deeper into that dampening snatch, and in turn makes their groans get louder as his crotch connects with hers for the first time. "FUCK!! Oh shit... MMMMM!! Filling me... AHHHHHH... The fuck up already..." She groans, her arms out of instinct wrapping around him to further ensure he's right up close and going nowhere. She soon gets a reward for her sinful action as his thrusts resume, plunging his rod smoothly in and out of her wet hole as if they'd been lovers for years.

"MMMMM... That's... That's not the first time... AHHHHH... I've heard that..." Vincent says, wondering how lucky has he been to have been around a couple of stunning women before who have been surprisingly eager to help him out with this sexual "problem". Now he's yet again saving his own life through some sexual action, thrusting his meaty pole straight into the talented beauty with her legs wrapped around him. Even with his own life-threatening concerns about the virus within him, he's not foolish enough to not take advantage himself of being able to nail this clearly horny and up for it stunner in front of him. That's exactly why he's thrusting his dick into her wet twat with stroke after long and steady stroke to make them both call out in delight.

"UHHHHH!! I fucking... AHHHHHH... Fucking bet you've heard this before!" The woman who was both a survivor of and one of the central reasons for the Tall Oaks Incident grins as she grinds her pussy against the incoming thrusts she's taking. She's at this point already far from caring about the consequences of being seen fucking the young man she's supposed to be interviewing. Never mind the fact that she's completely bottomless as she moans and works her body against his stiff pumps. "MMMMM... Maybe I should fuck you some more... AHHHHH... See if I can get the names of who... UHHHHHH... Has been lucky enough to take this big... FUCKING... Dick of yours!!" She moans out with another intensely lusty look in her eyes as she takes this pumping from a man she only met less than half an hour ago. Yet here she is, getting fucked as she sits on a table with her body latched onto him to ensure his cock is only going one place - deeply into her wet snatch again and again.

"MMMMM... Guess ah, most of your... MMMM... Interviews never turn out this way?" Vincent asks, enough though the answer to that is pretty damn obvious. Considering his cock is buried deep inside the woman who should be the one doing all the question asking instead of getting fucked.

"If they did... MMMMM FUCK!! I'd be in the wrong line of fucking work!" Helena smirks at him, finally untangling her legs and arms from around her sudden lover. "Come on, we're not done yet..." She adds, pushing him back so she can hop off from the table, now turning around so she can lean forward over it, sticking her gorgeously rounded backside out towards him.

"Guess we aren't..." He half-mumbles, again lost in the sight of such a beautiful woman so brazenly offering herself up to him, or more accurately his massive cock.

"That's it... Back deep in me..." She said with a tone that made it to be more an order than a simple request. She got what she wanted soon enough, her body jolting forward towards the interview table just from the first deep thrust into her love tunnel he delivered. To her groaning delight it was soon followed by another long, filling up thrust and then another as he soon broke into another pumping rhythm. "MMMMM... You've... AHHHHH... You've fucking done this before, haven't you?" Helena almost purred as she looked back over her shoulder at the man now once again balls deep in her snug snatch. She certainly wasn't complaining as she took his fat inches, moaning each time he either pulled a few inches out of her or when he thrust firmly into her. His crotch starting to slap off her sexily rounded ass cheeks every time he drove into her.

"MMMMM!! N-no! I mean... AHHHHH... Yes! MMMMM!! Shit!! I mean... Kinda??" He stuttered out, as even with the "enhancements" to his sexual ability and size alone of his member, he's still finding it hard to believe he's gotten so lucky and not just with this stunner. Thankfully for him, his body is running on an autopilot he never knew existed within him, keeping his hips steadily and swiftly moving back and forth in order to work his cock deep into her. "UHHHHH!! It's... It's a really long... MMMM... Long story..." He stated the obvious between his groans. He had a fantastic view of proceedings as he stared down at her jiggling ass cheeks as his crotch smacked off of her every time he pumped forward. That allowed him to watch his entire, "enhanced" size vanish inside her snatch when he went balls deep, before a few inches of himself reappeared as he repeated the motion again and again.

"AHHHHH... Yessssss!! MMMMM FUCK!! Long is the right... AHHHHHH FUCK!! Fucking word!!" The stunning Secret Service Agent moaned out, tossing her long dark hair back so she can keep staring back with desire at the man driving his member not just so wonderfully deep into her needy, wet box. He's giving her the best fuck she's ever had in her life, her moans loud and shameless as her desirable body shifts back and forth against the table she's bent over. "UHHHHHH!! Keep... MMMMM!! Keep it coming baby... AHHHHHH... Fuck me!! MMMMM..." She demands with a groan, even as he's doing just that with pump after swift and stiff pump straight forward into her still tight snatch. Sweat is starting to form across the exposed parts of her body, and the clothing still on her upper body beginning to stick to her as the sinful encounter continues. She's far from concerned about her attire right now, her breasts grinding against the surface of the interview table as she's now finding it a struggle to stay up above it from how long, and how good, this fucking has been going on for.

"MMMMM!! I'm not... Awwwwww SHIT!! Exactly planning on stopping here! AHHHHHH..." Pierce said, knowing himself that as good as it feels to be so deep in her twat that this isn't just sex for the excuse of having sex on his part at least. Still, he's not letting the fear of impending doom if he doesn't manage to "fuck out" the virus once again as he keeps the thrusts coming into Harper's delightfully wet and snug pussy from behind. He's even getting into it, his hands gripping her shapely hips as he pumps away into her love tunnel again and again. Both of their moans are filling the air of the interview room they're in, along with the sharp sound of his body smacking off of her backside each time he drives his dick balls deep into that tight snatch.

"UHHHH!! OH FUCK YES!! MMMMM... Don't stop Leon... AHHHHH FUCK!!" She moaned out, seemingly letting some deep rooted desires escape her, caught up in the moment and calling out the wrong name. Her pretty face now is resting on the table she's bent over and being taken on, her clothes-covered chest rubbing against the surface as the rest of her still shifts back and forth in time with the hard thrusts she's taking. "MMMMM... Oh FUCK!! AHHHHHH FUCK!! MMMMM LEON!! Oooooooooh!!" She groans again, eyes closed and barely caring about the messy strands of loose hair across her face as she lets the pleasure overwhelm her. Thankfully for her cock-drunk state there's plenty more pumping for her to take as the man behind her keeps sliding his dick swiftly in past her slick folds to plunge in deep.

"MMMMM... You OK there Miss Harper?" Vincent questions as he pulls out of her snatch. Who the heck is this Leon guy? Some ex-boyfriend or something?

When he removes his cock from her, Helena's eyes snap open with a glare. "Who told you to fucking stop?!" She snaps, getting up and grabbing him to send him sprawling over onto his back onto the table.

"Ouch!! H-hey!!" Pierce starts to protest but is cut off when the lust-drunk beauty now climbs up onto the table and mounts him, using her hands to pin him down.

"No. FUCKING. Breaks." Harper grins down almost devilishly at him, before she reaches down to grip his over-sized cock in order to line it up with herself. "Not until... Uhhhhh!! I'm fucking done with you..."

She makes good on the vow as she lowers herself all the way down onto his cock, giving them both a moment to groan as she moves her hands to place them onto his chest for support. Then she starts to bounce that sexily curved, but still partially clothed body sharply up and down on his fat rod. The smack of skin hitting off of skin rings out once again each time she drops her frame and takes his pole in to the hilt into her still needed but pleasurable snug pussy. It's unsurprising therefore that the previous protests from the man who had been tossed into position here have now vanished as he moans out from her wild to say the least actions that see her now riding away on his dick.

"AHHHHH FUCK!! OH FUCK!! AHHHHH YESSSSS!! MMMMM FUCCCCCK!!" She moans out, increasingly looking more like a desperate slut than the professional Secret Service Agent she's supposed to be. As the sweat drips off her face and exposed body, her hair flying as she roughly bounces herself up and down on this huge fuck-stick, she couldn't care less about if anyone saw her right now. She needed this huge cock inside her, filling her up unlike anything before in all her days, and she needed the sexual high that was building inside her as a result of his shaft. "UHHHHHH!! YES LEON... AHHHHHH GOD KEEP FUCKING ME LEON!!" She screamed out, breasts bouncing away within her upper clothing that was now sticking to her skin from all the perspiration covering her. Same time her just as sizable and rounded butt cheeks were jiggling away, smacking off the body of the young infected man underneath her. Such was the energy and force she was putting behind giving herself the ride of her life on the biggest cock she's ever seen, and will likely ever see.

"UHHHHH!! Guess... MMMMM... I'm gonna be Leon then... AHHHHH FUCK!!" Vincent figures, just going with it seeing it's keeping her bouncing away on his equally as needy, but for the same reasons as her lust, cock that's stuffed deep up into her snatch. He grips her hips, starting to meet her motion with stiff thrusts of his own in order to send his manhood slamming up into her when she drops down against his body. "AHHHHHH... Whoever the fuck he is! MMMMMM SHIT..." He mumbles under his breath between his own deep groans. Now that sound of skin meeting skin is even louder than before, as are their moans as he now rams his dick right up into the snatch being slid back and forth along his "enhanced" inches. That's to both of their moaning and as shameless as ever delight as this sexual encounter continues out at an ever steamier pace than before.

"OH YES LEON!! YES!! AHHHHHH FUCK ME YOU BASTARD!! AHHHHHH OOOOOOOOHHH!!" One of the survivors of both the Tall Oaks and Lanshiang Incidents screams out in delight, lost in her own world of pleasure (and own desires for a former bio-terrorism fighting partner). It's clearly spurring her on to keep bouncing away on this big dick as if her life depends on it, despite the ironic fact that it actually might decide whether the man she's riding will survive or not. "UHHHHH!! YESSSSSS... AHHHHH FUCK!! MMMMM FUCK ME LEON... FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK MEEEEE!!" She gasps out, sweat dripping off her nose and strands of her dark hair sticking to her face as she shifts smoothly back and forth against each and every hard pump being delivered up into her snatch. As she works her body with the skill of a seasoned porn star, her hands slide across the chest of the man who she barely knows but is riding as if they've been fuck-buddies for years.

"AHHHHH... Holy FUCK!! MMMM... AHHHH SHIT!! Fuck... Fucking Hell!! MMMM..." Vincent groans out, just staring and watching the stunning, semi-clothed body of the stunning Secret Service Agent riding away on his dick like a woman possessed. From her loud cries for another man, it certainly seems that way. He's wisely taking full advantage of that trance-like state, continuing to slam his cock hard and fast into her dripping wet, but still nicely tight pussy as she rocks against those thrusts. "MMMMM... Whoever this Leon guy is... MMMMM... Must be one lucky guy...." He assumes as he speaks under his deep breaths. The beauty on top of him couldn't hear those words over both their combined loud moans and the constant smack of skin hitting off of skin. One thing is for sure, he's loving the tight feeling all around his cock as he pumps away into that wet, hot twat being pushed back against each of his strokes.

"AHHHHHH YES!! L-LEON... LEON!! LEEEEEEOOOOOOOOONNNNN AHHHHHHH!!" With wide eyes and mouth hanging open, Helena Harper starts to orgasm all over the cock of "Leon" underneath her. Completely forgetting in her lusty state that it is in fact a man with an usual "infection" that's seen his enhanced in size cock be the reason for her hard orgasm. Now though she's just jolting roughly on that dick still pumping balls deep up into her snatch. Her juices flow out over him, sinfully dripping all the way down onto the interview table they've been fucking on. In fact, even before she's started feeling the last waves of pleasure she has to collapse down on to of the man she's supposed to be questioning. Such is the power of this orgasm to remember as she groans out, still shifting against him each time a thrust is sent between her soaking wet folds.

"Oh FUCK!! UHHHHH..." Vincent grunts, managing to find strength himself to not just pull his now throbbing, but not in a painful manner, cock out of her. But to roll her tired frame off of his body as she slips off the table. "Fuck!! Gonna... Gonna cum soon!" He says already in relief as he grips himself and begins to furiously stroke off.

"Mmmmm... Give it... Give it me... Coat me with your..." Helena purrs, heading hanging off the end of the table as she lays on it, still buzzing from her sexual high. However, she can't finish that sentence as she's cut off in a true case of be careful what you wish for.

Helena's open mouth suddenly gets filled up to overflowing point when the first blast of his thick load fires straight into her, soon spilling out and splashing against her chin and nose as she gags harshly. Her eyes barely have time to open in shock before they have to close, the second shot then plastering her face and down further into her hanging down hair to tangle deeply in. Vincent groans as he strokes out his load, now aiming up but not completely intentionally. Now it's that clothed upper body getting wrecked as the blasts not just shoot over her attire to stain them to no doubt the point of beyond cleaning to fix. His shots are also seeping under her clothes with a well placed shot firing into the space created from her open shirt down into her cleavage. That splattering makes her shiver, going so deep it appears to seep out from the bottom of her vest jacket to run down her sides onto the table.

"Uhhhhhh... Sweet fuck!!" Vincent groans, letting go of his finally spent cock as he looks over the mess he's made across Harper's body, face and hair as his cum drips off her onto the floor of the interview room. "Guess... Guess actions speak louder than words?" He offered, briefly smirking at himself before he has to slump back against the nearest wall to recover.

"MMMMPPPHHHH..." Helena groans as she swallows down as much spunk as she can, letting out a loud gasp as she now draws in much needed air. "Mmmmmm... Sign me up... For fucking show and tell next time..." She mumbles with a groan.

The door into the room opens up, as the BSAA Operative Jill Valentine peeked in with a look of surprise of her own"Again?" She questions as she studies the scene. "Rebecca was right... We do need some "specialists" to take care of you Vincent... But first, we need a clean-up team here..." She states, letting her eyes gaze over the mess in the room for a lot longer than she knows she should before she finally departs.

"One... One question Miss Harper..." Vincent speaks after a silence.

"Mmmmm... Anything babe..." Helena says, wiping away spunk from her eyes as she rolls over to her front.

"...Who the Hell is this Leon guy?" He asks.

The wide-eyed look of shock was one to remember at that remark, especially with all the cum dripping off her facial features. It was soon followed by another surprised looked. When the table finally gave wave under the pressure of the previous fucking they'd done.

"...I'll ask another time?" Vincent offered with an awkward smile.

* * *

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