WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, video games, franchises, developers etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Starring: Ashley Graham

Codes: Cons, MF, Oral, anal.

Resident Evil: Infection Part 4
An erotic Resident Evil fan-fiction story.
by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

"Good afternoon Subject Pierce." The man greeted, but in a rather cold, professional tone. Dressed in a full lab coat, wearing glasses and with a clip pass card hanging with a clasp attached to the coat pocket. He was quite clearly a scientist, as that pass indicated by the words on it.

"Uh, I guess?" Vincent Pierce said, as he stepped into the room, clad in now familiar attire of baggy camo pants and no sleeved top. Looking around, it was a normal sort of room. As normal as it gets deep within a Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance centre that could be anywhere on the planet. Never mind the fact that it was hard without seeing a clock to even know the time of day it was. But back to the room he was now in. A sturdy, reinforced looking chair and a similarly far from fancy but strong table in the middle. Maybe they'd gotten stronger furniture in after the last incident of his infection appearing, leading to the breaking of a table. What did catch his attention was a side cabinet on the far wall. There were bottles of water, cloths, and... Was that a bottle of sex lube?

"Welcome to what we are calling "The Collection Room"..." The Scientist, and let's call him Scientist "A" for naming sake, explained. "Now, Subject Pierce as you are well aware we are still conducting tests about your current condition. That is, the virus you were infected with and still suffer effects of rarely from time to time."

"Yeah, I know..." Vincent said with a nod. "Is this about the table? And me ending up fucking Helena?"

"...In a way, yes. But also no." A said, still as calm as ever. "While there are concerns for keeping your... Outbursts shall we call them? Under some form of control, we cannot just assume we can prevent your infection from... Appearing just by keeping you away from women in a quarantine. At the same time, we also require... Samples, from you. So we can continue to test, and one day discover a cure for the virus within you. This is where this "Collection Room" comes into play."

"Why not just take more blood out of my arm again?" Pierce questioned. "Not that, I enjoyed that. Like, at all."

"Tests on those blood and tissue samples have proven to be..." A paused, adjusting his glasses for a moment with a slight frown. "Well, in perhaps not completely scientific terms? We've hit a major brick wall hard, and not even an industrial mining equipment could break through."

"I like those non-science terms. Keep them coming." Vincent said.

"...Yes, quite." Scientist "A" sighed. "To get to the point - we need samples of your semen. Your cum. We've noted the rather excessive amount of seed that your cock has produced every time your infected state reappears. Then the sexuality nature of this virus in the first place. We believe that perhaps studying your semen will produce, if you will excuse that pun, better results than our current testing methods will."

"So... So what, you want to me try jerking off or something?" Vincent asked, not looking like he still fully understood what was going on here.

"If only it were so simple." A replied. "As you know from your past experiences with the infection, that just attempting to... Masturbate, did not help things at all to calm down your condition.

"Yeah, left my cock still burning like it was going to explode!" Pierce said, the worry in his voice even then showing he remembered full well that feeling.

"However, engaging in sexual intercourse with a woman, as we now have seen on numerous occasions, has proven effective in stopping the effects of your infection for a considerable amount of time. Therefore, to collect "samples" from you we, to be blunt again, require you to engage in some sexual activity." Scientist "A" states in a far more professional tone than many would be able to keep up with on such a subject. "We believe this will help us, and perhaps provoking and controlling your infection will in the long term be a benefit to yourself. We require you certainly to be alive so we can continue testing and create an antidote."

"So... What? I have to fuck?" Vincent questioned again. "How's that gonna happen? It's not like you can just pay someone to come and fuck me!"

"...That is exactly what we have done." A stated, motioning to the doors. "We have paid a woman to have sex with you."

The doors opened and stepping into the room was a stunning, blonde haired woman who has experience herself with being infected, but by Plaga after she had been kidnapped by Los Iluminados. Ashley Graham, the daughter of former US President Graham. She was clad in an attire almost exactly similar to the clothing she wore during that incident where she had to be rescued and the Plaga removed from her body. High boots up to the knees, with a brown buckled belt around the waist. A short, green plaid skirt that fitted nicely over her hips and shapely backside. Up top, a sleeveless orange jumper that seemed a size too small for not her body, but her large, rounded breasts that made her top strain to contain them.

"Hey! You must be Vincent, right?" Ashley greeted with a smile as she approached the men. Her large breasts jiggling with every step she took. "Guess this kinda weird, right? I mean, me being paid to, you know... Screw you and all..." She said with a giggle. "Beats the time I got kidnapped and got some creepy bug thing stuck into me!"

Vincent just stared, taking in all the sight of the busty blonde before the cogs finally turned in his head. "You mean... I get... To have sex... With you?!?" He said, the realisation hitting him like a bullet.

Right on time, that knowledge set off the virus within him. In a flash, his pants split away from his body as his cock burst free. Standing at a length and thickness far bigger than his normal size, the infection gave him this enhanced in more ways than one dick that was already now rock hard, ready to go go. It seems that the idea of getting some action with a stunning female just like this one was more than enough to trigger the virus within him. It was also already making him groan in pain as the less than pleasant side-effects causing that oversized member to start to throb.

Ashley gasped with wide eyes, seeing his huge dick. "Holy fuck!! It is fucking huge!!" She started to grin. "Why couldn't the crap they infected me with be something like this! I mean, not giving me a big dick... You know what I mean!" She laughed as she helped herself to step forward, taking a hold of his rod with both hands. After all, she was being paid to have sex with his man for the benefit of both him and the scientific cause to cure him for good. The feeling of her hands on his tool was enough to make him groan with approval already.

"I'll leave you two, well... To it." Scientist "A" said, coughing into his hand for a moment as he quickly excused himself and left the room, the doors not just slamming, but locking shut behind him.

"You mean... We're actually gonna... Oh wow..." Vincent said, putting the pieces together.

"Oh yeah!" Graham grinned at him, showing an open eagerness now she's seen what kind of a cock she's getting to handle here. "I'm helping you out here, right? And I get paid to do it? Sounds win-win to me..." She states, letting her hands stroke over his cock for a moment as she eyed him up. "To be honest, my life has been so fucking boring since that kidnapping... Not even my fucking rescuer wanted a piece of me when I offered it to him!" She said, shaking her shoulder length haired head. "You aren't gonna turn me down, are you?" She said in a seductive tone, staring up at the man she was jerking off with her hands.

"Fuck. No." Pierce quickly said, finding himself grinning back at her. "Let's fucking do this!"

"Good answer!" She laughed again, giving another pump over his whole, massive length as her eyes again locked onto the biggest cock she's ever seen in her life. "You're just as big as they said you'd be..." The blonde purred as she gazed over his length. Her hands stroked away at those fat inches a couple of times before she settled down to grip him by the base. Looking up, she leaned forward closer so she could start to swat her tongue against the crown of his member. That got him groaning in pleasure, the burning in his "enhanced" member already subsiding as her tongue ran across the head. "Mmmmm... Let's see if you can last as well..." She said with a giggle, giving another lick over the very tip of him before her hands stroked over his whole size. Back holding the base, now her gorgeous face leaned closer in, her mouth opening wide as she sank downward onto him. Not just down, but already taking plenty of his inches inside herself, groaning as her lips stretched around this fat rod.

"MMMM... Oh fuck... Shit, that's good..." The lucky, certainly in terms of getting to have sex with this busty beauty, man moaned as he got to experience her mouth around his tool. A soothing blend of warmth and dampness coming from that oral hole. The sight of her pretty face down on his manhood was hot enough to make any red blooded man moan out. She wasn't just going to leave it at just that though, already lifting herself back upward towards the head. "Ahhhhhh... Fuck yeah... MMMM! Yeah, suck that cock..." He added between his sighs of pleasure, his words surprisingly dirty considering how unusual these circumstances are to say the least. No one can blame him getting into it with the stunning daughter of a former President on her knees sucking his big cock. Her mouth smoothly now running up and down over the upper portion of his shaft, muffling her own groans as she works her mouth skilfully over his length.

"Mmmmmphhh! Mmmmm... Hmmmm mmmmphhh..." She groaned, her eyes locked upward at the man she was being paid to blow and later on screw. For now her focus was servicing this massive rod with her mouth. Bobbing along at a steady pace that was making her hair fall out of place from time to time. Showing experience in dishing out oral sex, she lifted a hand up to brush those strands back behind the ear. Never missing a beat as she smoothly slurped over his shaft, spreading her saliva over him with every suck she gave. "Mmmmmm... Mmmmmphhh!!" Despite this being the biggest size of cock she's ever seen before, she's eager to take as much of him inside her mouth as she can. Gradually sliding her lips further down towards her hand that's holding him in place by the base.

"MMMMM!! Ahhhhh fuck!! Holy Hell Ashley! Mmmmmm..." The infected man moans, staring down in pleasure and awe as more of his fat, "enhanced" inches are vanishing into her mouth as the curvaceous stunner works him over again and again. Her saliva now dripping downward over her fingers and towards his balls from the repeated motion. "Mmmmm... Fuck yeah... Ahhhhh FUCK... Fucking suck it! MMMM..." He grunts the encouragement to the blonde as she stuffs his manhood deeply into her mouth and now beyond, more saliva splattering over him when she lets out a gag. He's got no plans on asking her to stop however, so if she wants to choke herself on his dick like a cheap whore? He'll gladly let her, and take all the feelings around his prick as a bonus.

"HHHHLLLLKKK!! GAHHHHHH... MMMMMPHHHH GAAAAAHHHHH..." The woman once kidnapped by Los Iluminados gagged out nastily as she pushed her mouth far deeply down onto this fat shaft than she can actually handle. Acting lustfully she's refusing to stop, even as her eyes are starting to water up. So she continues bobbing away onto him, not even bothering to push her hair back as both hands now grip onto the man she's assisting in "collecting samples" from. "GAHHHHH... MMMMMPHHHH!! HHHHHRRRLLLKKK!!" Her saliva is seeping past her lips as they fail to stay wrapped around his size. Dripping not just off his shaft, but down her chin and off to collect onto her chest, staining her sweater and creating a pool of cleavage between her breasts.

Just as she's approaching being able to deep-throat him, with a final raspy gag she has to pull off from him with a loud gasp. "Fuck!!" She exclaims as she catches her breath. "Oh yeah... I know I made the right choice signing up for this..." Ashley adds with a grin, shifting back so she can stand up. Even with the previous discomfort from her choking, she's still ready for more action - as she's been paid to do with him.

"You sure you're OK?" Vincent asks, still taken aback by how openly into this the stunning woman in front of him is.

"Well, aside from this mess I've made on myself?" Graham laughs as she looks down at her own top. "Still, excuse enough to take this off, right?" She smirks, reaching down and doing just that as she raises it up and over her head.

"Ye-yes Ma'am..." Pierce half-mumbles, watching her large, rounded breasts bouncing free as she lifts the jumper up and casts it aside.

"How about we get to the real action now?" She asks, taking him by the arm and leading the still in-awe young man over to the sturdy looking chair in the room. Pushing him down to sit on it, she climbs up onto his lap, not even bothering to take off her lower clothing. She shows him that there's no underwear on downstairs either as she grinds her pussy, already a little moist, against his massive size. Moaning herself from the teasing motion, she reaches down and blindly lines his member up with her entrance, hissing when his bell-end presses into her folds. Then with a firm push down, they both loudly and clearly groan out as she takes him up inside herself. She's getting to feel just how fat and long that shaft is as his inches rush into her twat. While he gets to feel how pleasurably tight her pussy walls are all around his virus-enhanced cock.

"UHHHH!! Oh FUCK!! MMMMM..." Now it's Ashley's turn to gasp and groan, eyes full of lust as she stares down at the hunk she's sitting in the lap off. Only for a moment though, as she soon gets to work as she shifts forward and then straight back, moaning again as she takes his dick deeper into her snatch before lifting back upward. "Oh SHIT! MMMM... Never... Ahhhhhh!! Got a cock like this... MMMMM!! Back at College..." She says between moans. In impressively quick time, showing that she's also no stranger to proper fucking and not just blowjobs, she's established a rhythm to work over his cock with another of her holes. The smack of her curvy body meeting his is now sounding out each time she lets her weight drop down and stuff his member up into her wet and snug pussy.

"MMMM!! FUCK!! Y-you've never been... AHHHHH... In something like this??" The man getting this red hot ride questions. It's certainly far from normal for not just him to have such a long and fat to match cock like the virus running through him has given him. Add in the fact the woman bouncing away on his dick is actually being paid to fuck him? He can be forgiven for still being in a state of disbelief, even as he moans out with every motion she delivers onto his rod. "MMMM... Fuck!! Same, same here I guess... MMMMM!!" His words trail off again as he finds himself staring at her large, jiggling tits just in front of his face. With every bounce she gives, her breasts shake in time with the motion the rest of her gorgeous body. A visual treat that more than makes up for the fact that with the skirt she's still wearing he can't see his cock being taken in and out of her tightness. From his moans, he can clearly feel it and is loving every moment of it.

"MMMMM... Looks like someone likes my "ballistics"..." The blonde bombshell giggles before letting out another moan, her sexy smile showing she knows how attention grabbing her big breasts are. With him preoccupied by staring and groaning, it leaves her to happily do the work as she lifts and lowers that wonderful body sharply along his length. "AHHHHH... At least you... MMMMM... Take a fucking hint and didn't turn down a fucking... MMMMM FUCK! Open offer..." She says, sounding bitter about a past experience it seems. However as she now drops her snatch all the way down onto his crotch to take every inch inside, the pleasure is what she's more focused on. With the way she's energetically riding his dick and moaning away? It's almost as if the fact she's doing this to both prevent the sex-driven virus from harming him and collect "samples" from him.

"MMMMM... Who the fuck... OH SHIT... MMMM!! Would turn you down?!" He groans out the question, but again his attention is still on her massive, rounded mounds as his head is even nodding in time with how her chest bounces. That sight is easily helping make the painful burning caused by the infection be a distant memory right now. Although more credit of course goes to the pleasure being delivered to his member as her pussy. She smoothly runs her slick folds back and forth over his whole oversized length, still nice and tight even with his vast size. It's clear the former kidnap victim has enjoyed many a sinful encounter before this one, which is by far the most dirtiest of them all to date.

"MMMMM... You'd be surprised..." Graham smirks as she locks eyes with the man she's being paid to fuck. Bringing herself to a stop, she grinds her snatch down against his cock for a moment to make them both groan out. "Enough about him... Let's see what you can do with this big cock of yours..." She said, quickly dismounting him and again taking the lead. Grabbing him by the hand to lead him over now to the table in the room.

"Uh, you know that I don't... Usually have a cock like this, right?" Vincent explains as he follows, then watches as she hops up onto the table to sit on the edge.

"Lucky you... Or is that lucky me?" Ashley says, completely ignoring the fact that she's fucking him to protect his life, not for her own pleasure. Now though she's busy with her own desires, casting off her belt and then pushing her skirt downward to let him get a clear look at her wet snatch. "Well? What are you waiting for? Leon to rescue you?" She grins, spreading her legs wide as she makes a far from subtle invitation.

"I've heard that name before..." Pierce says, but soon dismisses the thought as he steps in, lining his fat shaft up with her snatch and pushing in. They both moan out again as he fills up her tunnel with his member, not stopping the first pump until his crotch meets her body. Even with his complete lack of sexual experience prior to his infection, he's quickly picked up the basics (aided by that virus and its effects). In the next moment his hips are working sharply back and forth, the smack of his body connecting with her gorgeous, curvaceous fame now ringing out along with both their moans. Not just the smoothness of his motion, but the pace and force that's making her body jolt back and cause her tits bounce just adding to the occasion.

"OH FUCK!! MMMMM!! Yeah!! Fucking fuck me!! MMMM FUCK!!" The daughter of former President Graham moans out, already more than approving his deeply pumping movement into her snatch. Her gaze is switching from staring down to watch his cock completely vanish forward into her twat, to up at the man taking her as she shows off a burning lust in her eyes. "OH SHIT... MMMM!! God, I'm so... UHHHH!! Fucking wet already... MMMMM!!" She shamelessly admits with another loud groan, enjoying this all far more than she should considering she's only met this man today. Yet she willingly signed up to suck and fuck him, and is getting plenty of pleasure to go along with the cash she's been paid to do this sinful deed.

"MMMM!! Ahhhhh shit!! MMMMM... Awwwwww FUCK!!" The infected man grunts, similarly forgetting himself as he's caught up in the desire for this busty blonde that he's fucking her to calm down the dangerous side-effects of the virus in his body. However he's more than happy to take advantage of his vastly increased in size cock he's gotten as a result. Driving his member quickly in and out of the tight, wet hole of the beauty spread eagle in front of him. "UHHHHH... Yeah!! Fucking... MMMM!! Take it Ashley!! Take it!!" He groans, reaching forward and taking a deep handful of her jiggling chest, making her groan in approval as he squeezes away at the more than ample flesh. She encourages it further with another lusty look, her hands going onto his to not just make him dig his fingers further into her mound. She's having both hands now grope away at her breasts while he pumps away into her snatch at the same time.

"MMMMMM FUUUUUUUUCK!! AHHHHHH... OOOOOOOOOOH FUCK!!" She gasps out, sweat dripping off her pretty face and the rest of that stunning body as she's taken again and again. Licking her lips, she can't help but take long stares down at her own pussy, watching that fat and long rod ram sharply and deeply into her tightness. Filling her up quite unlike anything she's ever, and most likely will ever, experience ever again in all her already eventful life. "Fuck YES!! MMMM... Come on!! Suck... AHHHHHH FUCK!! Suck on my big fucking titties..." The woman once infected by a Plaga parasite demands, now grabbing the man currently infected by a sexual virus by his hair while he fucks her. In her own desire she brings his face down into her chest, the jiggling done by them making her boobs motorboat him as she grinds against both him and his big cock. Her moans show that even this naughty action is getting her off, as if how dripping wet her pussy wasn't proof enough of that.

"Mmmmphhh!! MMMMM!!" Getting with the programme quick, he opens he mouth to take a rock hard nipple inside. Loudly slurping away onto her tit while he thrusts away with long, balls deep strokes into her snatch. While he moans into her chest, his hands still grope away onto her tits as he switches between sucking on one before moving to the next. If it wasn't for her legs now wrapped around his body, further showing her desire, the two of them might have collapsed back onto the table she was perched on the edge of. He wasn't even thinking about that possibility. Focused on dining of her wonderful, large breasts while pumping his cock deeply in and out of her soaking wet hole over and over.

"OH FUCK!! FUCK!! FUCKING... CUMMING!! AHHHHH GOD YESSSSSS AHHHHHHH!!" Ashley Graham near screamed out, eyes wide and starting to roll upward as her pussy clamped around the cock driving balls deep into her. She came hard, groaning out like it was the audio ripped from a porn film as her juices flooded out against the virus-enhanced dick she was finding herself rather easily addicted too. "OH FUUUUUUUCKKK... MMMMMM... AHHHHH FUUUUUUUCKK..." She gasped out, strands of blonde hair sticking to her face from all the sweat, and still groaning from how the man she was being paid to fuck was sucking on her breasts while he banged her. His continuous thrusts ensured she felt every moment of that intense to say the least sexual high, even if it was more of his own efforts to calm down that infection within him. The big, lazy grin now on her face as he eased off the pace of his thrusts showed she appreciated it.

"Fuck... Dear fucking God!!" Ashley gasped out, arms now around his neck as her eyes almost sparkled from the afterglow of her orgasm as she looked at him. His cock still buried deep in her twat even as he'd stopped his pumps for now. "Mmmmmm... That was something else..."

"Uhhhhhh, thanks..." He said, a little taken back by the rather affectionate way she was looking at him. Especially with how she was fluttering her eyelashes at him. "But... Oh fuck!!" He gasped himself, feeling the painful pressure and burning sensation returning to his cock. "We need to keep going! I'm... I'm not done yet!"

"You can fuck me anyway you want to baby..." Graham purred, licking her lips lustfully as she looked him over. "And I mean... ANY."

Just as Vincent pulled out of her with a grit of his teeth, he glanced over to the side table in the room. Somehow, no doubt due to the sexual nature of his "infection" he was drawn to stare at the bottle of lubricant amongst the items there. "...Any?" He questioned, a rather wide and unusually for him perverted smile creeping across his face.

* * *

"Everything seems to be going smoothly..." Scientist "A" remarked as he and another BSAA scientist watched the footage unfold via a display monitor.

"Indeed." The other man, let's call him Scientist "B" for naming sake, agreed with a nod. "The idea to have her clad in an attire that would deliberately provoke Subject Pierce in a sexual manner was a good one."

"...I believe that's what she used to actually wear." A remarked. "As in, when she was kidnapped years ago? She wore that."

"...Ah." B said after a pause. "...My statement still stands."

"Agreed. We have others lined up as well in the future of sample collection. Similar to her..." A explained.

"Similar in looks?" B asked. "Or in terms of exposure of prior bio-terror incidents or attacks?"

"Surprisingly, all of the above." A stated. "Not just victims like this one was either. Within BSAA, outside organisations... As unlikely as it sounds, we aren't going to be short of women to... Help get samples."

"Indeed. Will cost quite a bit to keep them all on the payroll, won't it?" B pointed out. "I mean, non-disclosure agreements aside and all that. We're paying these women to fuck this infected man after all."

"We've considered that..." A said, a smirk coming across his face. "Myself and the superiors that is. We think we might be able to keep things even more... In-house shall we say..."

* * *

Meanwhile, back in the "Sample Room"...

"OH FUCK!!" Ashley Graham gasped out, mouth open wide and eyes similarly staring as she felt that big cock entering into her once again. However in this position, bent over on the table she'd been taken on a few minutes before, it wasn't her mouth or her pussy getting filled up. Instead, her rounded, plump ass was being made to stretch as he dipped his cock right down between her smooth butt cheeks. Even with the amount of lubricant from the now empty bottle both over and in her ass, not to mention layered over his inches, it was a super tight fit to say the very least. She'd said anything, and was now paying the price so to speak for her lusty words as he began to thrust his shaft into her backside.

"MMMMM FUCK!! Holy Hell!! MMMMM SHIT..." Vincent grunted, hands on the table either side of her as he leaned over his new fuck buddy, making full use of the woman being paid to take care of his needs. That currently meant his enhanced cock sliding in and out of her vice-like asshole, causing the beauty underneath to groan and jolt on the surface of the table. "I always thought... AHHHHH FUCK!! This only happened... UHHHH!! In porn films!" He said between moans, sweat now dripping off from his own body as he puts all the effort he's got into tapping the fine ass of the busty blonde that he's already been in two of the pleasurable holes of. Now he's getting the tightest of them all, groaning each time he draws back until just the crown is within her before stuffing himself back in.

"AHHHHHH... FUCK... HNNNNNNGGG... SH-SHIT!! AHHHHHH..." She squealed out, roughly sliding back and forth as she took pump after deep pump into her ass. Surviving a kidnap ordeal by Los Iluminados felt like a walk in the park compared to handling this anal onslaught. All the blonde could go was groan and take it, laying down on the table that was already shining from the sweat pouring of both their bodies. "OH GOD... AHHHHH FUCK!! M-My ass!! AHHHHH SHIT!! MY ASS... AHHHHH!!" The cries, a mix of discomfort from her tightest of holes being stretched out and the dirty sin of engaging in anal sex with a man she barely knows. Let alone the fact she's being paid to fuck him. Perhaps never expecting things to take this kind of turn, as her breasts rub against the furniture she's laying on as she gets her plump and sexy booty stuffed.

"AHHHHH FUCK... MMMM!! Fucking hot... UHHHH!! Fucking ass!! MMMM..." He almost snarls as he pumps in and out of that asshole. Something about driving his dick into the backside of the stunning blonde triggering a more primal side to the usually stuttering and dominated man. A side effect of the prolonged effects of the infection within him? Whatever the reason, it's making him moan out as he enjoys the thick rump in front of him, her cheeks jiggling with every pump her delivers. With all the fucking she's taken, her back passage is now far more accommodating for his massive size. Allowing for a smooth and swift motion than many a veteran porno slut would struggle to handle even a short round of. Let alone the wild pounding he's been giving to his willing fuck buddy.

"AHHHHHH... AHHHHHH!! AHHHHHH..." All she can do now is groan and take it, her eyes staring almost blankly at the wall ahead as her head is slumped on the table she's being fucked on. Such a cock-whipped state she was in left her embarrassingly drooling from the mouth, the saliva starting to form its own puddle where her cheek was resting. "UHHHHH... AHHHHH... AHHHH AHHHHH..." The slap of his crotch smacking off her more than well fucked ass rang out along with her groans and his deep moans. Her breasts squished against the table as she was made to jolt back and forth on his pumping rod. As she gasped out, her hair a sweat-soaked mess and sticking to her pretty face, it was clear than if she ever gave up her ass for another lucky man it would never come close to feeling like this. Perhaps, from the exhausted in more ways than one state she's in, for her own good that she'd never be fucked like this again.

"Hnnnnnn FUCK!! MMMMM..." Vincent grunted, pulling his cock out of that pounded ass, leaving her asshole gaping from the near punishing pace he'd used. "Fuck... Fucking close!" He said, but instead of just stroking off he took a hold of her. Turning over the woman he'd been using, and near abusing in that last position, he then climbed up onto the table in order to mount her. Showing further uncharacteristic dominance considering his usual timid and controllable attitude.

So worn out by the previous fucking she's taken, the woman once infected herself by Plaga offered no resistance as her chest was mounted. She groaned when his hands dug into her tits to grip them, feeling him squeeze and toy with her more than just shapely mounds. Finding energy to look up, she watched as the big cock that had just come straight from her ass was now placed between her breasts. A small smirk appeared on her, knowing full well what attention her big boobs got from men. She wasn't surprised one bit that this man, even with his virus-enhanced dick, wanted to get to enjoy them.

"MMMM FUUUUUUCK..." He sighed in delight as he pushed her breasts against his cock. Feeling how soft they were, easily engulfing his rod to make him almost completely vanish between the formed cleavage. He wasted no time, feeling his own orgasm now finally approaching but still craving yet more pleasure from the beauty he's gotten to experience all the pleasurable holes of. "UHHHH!! OH FUCK... MMMMM!! FUCK... MMMMMM!!" He grunted out, staring down to watch his cock up between her breasts before disappearing back between them as he pumped her chest. His crotch slapping against the underside of her mountains, making them sexily jiggle even as he firmly gripped them to keep her chest in place.

The stunning blonde said nothing, just groaning from the rough way he was using her boobs for his own filthy pleasure. In fact, she couldn't help licking her lips as his fat cock-head popped up from out of her breasts before slipping back away from her. It wasn't the first time her tits had been fucked, but never by such a massive piece of man-meat. Let alone in such a rough, craving way that made her tits bounce as they got deeply and swiftly pumped. Laying back on the table in a pool of sweat, she looked more like a well fucked whore than the beautiful former President's daughter she actually is. Considering how she's been paid to be his fuck buddy? The former description is far more accurate for her now.

"HHHHHHNNNNGGGG FUCK!! Here... UHHHHH!! Here it cums!!" He managed to grunt out, his cock throbbing at long last in a more erotic way than the virus does when it first reappears. He doesn't stop his thrusting though, deliberately using those large, stunning tits of Ashley Graham to get himself off. It works a treat, as with a deep groan the first blast of spunk shoots out, splattering all across her gorgeous facial features, leaving her gagging again when her open mouth gasped in shock. That only gave her another thick and large load next, flooding her mouth and making her almost gargle as the seed spilled out from her lips to drool down over her neck.

The far from natural amount of cum, another effect of the infection within him, continued to blast out, leaving her with a "pearl necklace" as her neck got covered with spunk. There was plenty more for her face as the shots flew far and over her head, staining through her hair and falling beyond off the table to the floor. All she could do was gag, too much spunk for her to even swallow in one go - so caught up in the moment she forgot to spit to let there be as much "samples" to collect as possible. As the jizz dripped off her face like she'd just taken a gang-bang bukkake, the man responsible was still not quite done. Stroking his cock now, he groaned out in relief as the last, still thick and sizeable enough, shots of cum were sent out to cover the very breasts he'd been fucking. He easily left them coated with jizz, both boobs given a good spraying as well as the space between for good measure. Leaving her chest looking hotter than ever with the thick glaze of cum all over her and the rest of her upper body and face.

Just as Vincent climbed off the worn out frame of his partner in this sexual encounter, the doors into this "Sample Room" burst open. Several men in full biohazard suits rushed in, some with what appeared to be some form of vacuum equipment. Others had what looked like beakers and other sorts of containers and shovel-like implements. A few had more usually expected sampling equipment, one holding a test tube rack while the other used a medical swab to collect up some of Pierce's jizz to place into a tube. Indeed, this collection crew went right to work, picking up his load from everywhere they could. Off the floor, from the table, and of course from off of Ashley herself. The sensation leaving her groaning as spunk was scooped or swabbed up from off her tits, neck, face and even from her hair.

"Mmmmm..." Ashley squirmed as the felt the probing and "cleaning" being done to her. "Sign me up... For the next collection day..." She purred as the spunk, even as being collected from her, still deeply coated her face.

Vincent stood and watching this all go on, his cock back to its usual limb and far from impressive size. "I. Could get used to this..." He said out loud to himself, now finding this all rather awkward as he just stood and watched the sample collection for a moment. "I'll... Just go I guess?" He said, leaving the experts to it as he headed towards the door where already some escort guards were waiting. With a towel and much needed new set of clothing.

* * *

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