WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, video games, franchises, developers etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Starring: Sherry Birkin [Resident Evil 6 version]

Codes: Cons, MF, Oral.

Resident Evil: Infection Part 5
An erotic Resident Evil fan-fiction story.
by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

"Well, congratulations..." Sherry Birkin said with an amused smirk on her face. "Never seen that before... A complete round of shots, and not a single one hit the target." She stated.

Vincent Pierce frowned. He'd never even held a gun before in his life before the incident which left him 'infected' with some virus that seemed to be oddly sexually based. As a result he has become a 'resident' to this secret base of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance. While he'd gotten used to regular testing, and in pleasantly surprised fashion used to 'calming down' his infection when it reappeared through some wild, on-the-spot sex? Having to undergo firearms training for, as he'd been told, 'for his own safety' was something completely new to him. He wasn't exactly taking like a duck to water, or a zombie to some flesh for.

The BSAA had brought in a 'field expert' in not just a current Division of Security Operations federal agent. A survivor of the original Raccoon City Destruction incident and a woman actually herself infected with, and still living with the 'powers' as a result of, the G-Virus. Sherry Birkin, the stunning short haired blonde who was dressed in professional agent attire. Smart pants that nicely fitted against her shapely backside, and a white shirt that was perfect for her athletic and desirable frame.

Right now they were both in an in-house shooting range within the BSAA base. A top range set up with multiple booths to take test shots in. Currently they watched at the target he'd tried to shoot at came back to them along the overhead pulley. Completely pristine, without even a single mark on even the sheet outside the target in the middle.

"Listen, no offence Miss Birkin..." Vincent said after a sign as he took down the paper, knowing himself what a lousy shot he was.

"Miss? I'm not that old am I?" Sherry teased with a smirk as he turned to face her. "It's OK! Your first time shooting and you didn't hit anything. It's... Well, yeah it's bad." She admitted. "But trust me, you'll need to know how to defend yourself in case of a situation."

"Situation? What do you mean?" Pierce questioned. "Deep inside of a secret base with security all around? What could go wrong?"

"Everything." Birkin said with a more serious tone. "I know from experience. The man I trusted for so long in my life let alone my career in the DSO? He turned out to be the enemy all along and caused a major bio-terrorist because of his actions! So you need to be able to know how to handle yourself and defend yourself. Even against someone you used to respect and trust."

"Geez... Sounds, ah... Sounds rough?" Vincent offered, liking even less the sounds of this training thanks to her example. "I mean, I'll try and figure out how to shoot one of these guns... No way I can handle a gun like you can I mean."

"And what's that supposed to mean?" Sherry questioned, putting her hands on her hips.

"...I mean, you know what you're doing. Like when you hit the target before and hit them all in the middle of it?" He says, not getting her meaning.

"Sure... That's all you meant, huh?" She smirks, assuming he meant something completely different. "I've read your file Vincent. I had a feeling all these 'encounters' you've had with women weren't just as random as they reports made out..." She claims as she steps forward.

"Uhhhhh... Sorry, I don't quite get what you... What you mean..." Vincent says, still clueless to the innuendo he'd made by accent. Backing up, he found himself stopping at the small ledge of the shooting booth they were in when his butt pressed against it.

"Oh yeah? But I don't see this supposedly big cock of yours appearing now, do I?" Birkin says, boldly reaching down and running her hand over his currently looking anything but impressive package. "What's the matter? Helena Harper is good enough for you but I'm not?" She teases again as she gives him a squeeze.

Whether it was her intention or not, her actions got the reaction of making the virus flare up within him. In a sudden moment his pants ripped away from his body, leaving him in just a BSAA issue camo top and boots on his feet. His cock stood fully hard at an over-sized length and thickness, both caused by his infection and now was in her grasp as she stared in shock at a dick far bigger than anything she's ever seen before.

"Look what you did!!" Vincent yelled in his own horror, before gasping in pain as the familiar and far from pleasant throbbing sensation rushed through his enhanced member. "Oh shit!! It fucking hurts! Just like fucking always!"

"This... OK, yeah... The report did say you were... Really, really big..." She half-mumbled as she gazed over his size. "Fuck... I've messed this one up, haven't I?" She stated the obvious, glancing up at him for a moment before back to his cock. "I mean... Well, I'm not technically with the BSAA here... But I am supposed to be supervising you, right?" She reasons, letting her hands run up and down his cock in a stroking fashion.

"Ahhhhhh... W-wait... Do you... Mmmmm... Do you mean w-what I think you mean?" Pierce said, watching her pump his cock a couple of times to make him sigh with some relief. The sexual stimulation once again working to sooth the infection for a moment.

"Well... You die if you don't fuck with your cock like this right? Besides... It would look really bad on my report if I ended up letting you get killed because of this, right?" Sherry states, before making the decision clear as she slips down to her knees in front of him. "Trust me, I know exactly what I'm doing here..." She said with not just a confident smirk, but the kind of tone of voice that showed she wasn't bluffing. She made good on that vow when she sank her mouth down onto his cock, getting to work already with a long and loud slurp. More than enough to make him groan already in approval. "Mmmmm... Mmmmmphhhh!" Her lips weren't properly sealed around him just yet, allowing her to slide her tongue right out so it could be seen as she ran it along his crown and a little beyond. That just added to the pleasure, and soothing that burning sensation caused by the virus.

Still looking up, Sherry increased her efforts as she applied her lips tightly around this oversized member. Pushing down, she slipped in a few more inches into her oral hole, making herself groan as she quickly had to adjust to such a vast size. With her hands gripping him by base to keep him steady, it was only her mouth being used to take care of him, or more accurately the effects of his 'infection'. There was no problems on his end, equally staring down to watch the short blonde haired beauty taking his tool in and out of her nicely warm and wet mouth. It was becoming clear already she wasn't lying about knowing what she was doing in terms of handling a cock, even of this massive size.

"Mmmmm shit!! AHHHHH... Holy fuck!! Mmmmmm..." Despite the repeated, unlikely sexual encounters he's had with a few government and BSAA agents, he's still in awe of such a beautiful woman doing such a dirty act to him. He of course is loving it as his escaping moans prove. Knowing however it's not just for the sake of some sinful action, he's happy to roll with it and let the DSO agent show off some skills far removed from any combat incident. "MMMMM... Sweet fuck!! How the fuck... Ahhhhhh!! Does this shit keep... Mmmmm!! Happening to me..." He ponders aloud before he lets out a groan. Those soft and lovely lips of hers easily glide back and forth along his tool even with how thick he is. The repeated sucks already spreading out her saliva across his rod, making it drip downward towards her own fingers still gripping him. All in all making sure to keep the painful side-effects of the virus at bay for the moment. If his past experiences are anything to go by this will just be the start of things.

"Mmmmphhh!! Mmmmmm... Hmmmmphhhh..." Letting her mouth work up and down like a swift elevator, she took in some more of his inches inside her talented oral hole. Finding herself groaning again, she knew however this was too far big a size for her to possibly take too much more in. The biggest dick she's ever seen before in her life, and she can just about take in near three-quarters of him which is far more than a normal woman could. "Mmmmm... Hmmmphhhh!! Mmmmm!!" Changing tactics, she lifted one hand off from his base while still slurping away on his mighty and fat shaft to keep him moaning. Her free palm now travelled downward to his heavy, similarly enhanced in size ballsack. Starting to cup him, she almost smirked around his dick when he groaned out loader as she started to play with his nuts. The exact reaction she was hoping for. So she carried on, now double teaming him and working over both parts of his manhood.

"Ahhhhh SHIT!! Mmmmm fuck... FUCK!!" He voiced his approval again, feeling her saliva dripping down his inches and of course watching every moment of this fantastic feeling blowjob. Moaning from every bob of the head she delivered, and groaning from the gropes and squeezes to his balls. A combination more suited for a porn starlet than a talented federal agent. "MMMMM... Shit... You weren't fucking kidding... Ahhhhh... About knowing that you were... Uhhhh!! Fucking doing!" He stated the obvious, even smiling as he did so. Another slurp on his pole got a moan coming from him as he watched her gorgeous face slide towards his crotch before pulling back. Moments of pleasure like this made him forget about the potential impending doom if the 'infection' isn't put on ice by this sexual action. Not that anyone could blame him for just enjoying the moment with such gorgeous female working over his cock and balls so skilfully.

"Mmmmmphhh!!" Sherry groaned around his cock as she lifted her mouth up and off. Pausing to spit out saliva down onto his cock and stroke it over his rod for good measure. "That supposed to be a compliment?" She teased before letting out a laugh. "I've read the file. Helena alone is kinda impressive, but Jill? Rebecca? I think I'm against some tough competition in the "skills" stakes here."

"It's not like... Ahhhhhh fuck!" Vincent hissed, as the slow-down in action allowing the painful throbbing to start to return. "I planned any of this to happen, y-you know!" He protested in a whine.

"Relax, I know... Come on, let's keep this going!" She said, getting up to her feet and quickly undoing her pants. "But, just between you me... How was that just now? Just as good as Jill?" Birkin asked, smirking in a flirty way that was all the more hotter as she slipped down not just her pants but her underwear as well.

"...R-right... Right up there with them..." He wisely answered, even as distracted by the sight of her completely shaved pussy as she quickly loosened her laces to remove her boots, followed by her lower clothing.

"Smart answer..." She teased again as she turned and hopped up onto the resting ledge of the shooting range booth. "What? Not going to make me do all the work here, are you?" Sherry challenged as she made an open invitation by spreading her legs eagle for him.

"R-right! Sorry!" He stuttered before he stepped in, lining his cock up and pushing to forward against and then past her folds. Both of them moaning out at the initial invasion as he got to feel how wonderfully snug her tunnel was. While she was stretched out pleasurably already from the biggest piece of man-meat she's ever taken in her eventful to say the least life. "MMMM!! Geez... You're just as tight... Ahhhhh... Even tighter than those others..." He commented, and not just to butter her up either. Even as he just started to build up a pace to slide his cock in and out of her snatch he was loving the tight sensation all around his inches. Yet something told him he'd be able to fit in a lot more of his size into her as this action went on.

"Mmmmm!! You don't say? Nice and fucking tight, right?" The stunning survivor of the Raccoon City Destruction Incident grinned, as if she knew he was going to have that response to her. She certainly was equally voicing her approval for his motion. Moaning as she watched his length move back and forth into her snatch to begin to make her a little more damp down there. "Ahhhhhh... Good old... MMMM... Regenerative powers..." She added before further showing how much she was enjoying taking his virus-enhanced dick by wrapping her legs around his waist. Making him shift closer in towards her and in turn push more of that fat rod into her twat. Despite the fact this sexual encounter is supposed to be for his benefit in more ways than one, she can't help but let her own sinful needs become clear as she groans out and grips him firmly. A clear sign that she wants a whole lot more of this.

"MMMM... Awwwww fuck!! Ahhhhhh!!" Pierce groaned, looking down as he watched his rod vanish forward into the beautiful blonde as they fucked in this shooting range. Her shapely ass just resting on the edge enough for her to lean back as she grabbed the edges of the booth walls. That allowed her lovely, partially-clothed body to rock back when his stiff thrusts drove his cock right up into her snatch. "Ahhhhhh... MMMMM!! Fuck yeah, that's nice..." He said between his moans, keeping his hands on her toned waist just by the bottom of her shirt. Both his past experiences in 'calming down' the virus and the effects of the 'infection' had given him skill enough to know how to handle himself in this kind of situation. Hence why his motion was firm and steady, working more of those fat inches further into the woman moaning away on his cock. "W-wait, powers? What?" He tried to question before he cut himself off with a groan.

"AHHHHH... Never mind about that now! MMMM..." She said, but the lusty tone in her voice made it sound more like an order than a simple request. Even with all the reading up on the reports of the infected man she's letting thrust his cock deeply into, she wasn't quite prepared for the action to feel so good already. Not that from the openly moaning and half-dressed state she was in she looked anything like the professional agent she's known and respected as. "MMMMM!! I'll fill you in... Ahhhhhh!! On the details later... MMMM... Just you keep filling me in, with that fucking cock!" She said, grinning again at her own pun. The gorgeous DSO operative gasped out when, as she'd craved, that cock deeply slipped in rather too easily into her tight and now quite wet hole. Her jolting back motion now more profound as his body began connecting with hers and sharply so from how close up towards her he is thanks to her legs secured around his frame.

"MMMMM!! Good, good idea... Yeah! MMMM FUCK!!" He agrees, knowing better than to deny the lusty request of a beautiful but talented and dangerous female like this. Especially when it's getting him not just plenty of pleasure from stuffing his man-meat deep into her pussy. It's helping him prevent an early demise as every deep and swift pump keeps the painful effects of the virus within him smothered for the moment. So rather than question her comments, he sticks with sticking it to her. Drawing his hips as far back as the grip of her legs will allow before sending his dick firmly forward to make them both moan as the smack of skin hitting skin rings out around the shooting range.

"MMMMM!! Yeah, you like... Ahhhhh... Taking orders huh?" Sherry teased again, bringing herself back forward towards him with a smirk. "At least you're... Ahhhhhh!! A guy willing to fucking listen... And not just run off to fucking drive motorbikes in the desert!" She adds in a snappy, somewhat bitter tone.

"Uhhhhhh... You OK there?" Vincent questioned, his mood somewhat dampened by her outburst. Perhaps a former lover she's not over or something?

"I'm fine!" Birkin rather too quickly claims, in a flash unwrapping her legs from around him and pushing him back so she can hop off the ledge. "Come on! We've got a virus to fuck out of you!" She says, turning around and bending over so her upper body is now sticking out through the 'window' of the booth.

"Yeah, good ah, good point there..." Pierce reasons as he steps back in towards the very shapely sight of her rounded backside. Lining his dick up, he slides himself back into her pussy to get them both moaning out. With how wet her love tunnel now is, he can easily go all the way in to the hilt with just the first push forward. Once his waist meets her backside, he takes a hold her waist once again and starts to rock his hips back and then sharply towards her. Another stiff motion but all the more hotter with him now able to go balls deep into the stunning blonde every time he thrusts forward to fill her up with his infection-enhanced cock.

"MMMMM FUCK!! Oh fuck yeah!! AHHHHH!! Mmmmmm..." The DSO agent groans, looking back over her shoulder at the she's rather too willingly letting enjoy her tight, slick twat with pump after pump deep between her folds. So caught up in the pleasure she isn't caring at all about her still semi-clothed state as gets taken from behind as she herself had gotten into position for. Let alone how open this sexual encounter is in this shooting range setting. "UHHHHH!! Mmmmmm fuck yeah!! Fuck me... MMMMM!! Fuck me!! Oooooooooh FUCK!!" She groaned out her demands even as she was getting just that. Her rear cheeks made to ripple from the firm impact when his crotch smacks off her ass. In turn making the rest of athletic and desirable body rock forward as she remains half within the booth, and half sticking out of it with her hands gripping the edge of the 'window' she's leaning out of.

"AHHHHH... I thought... MMMMM!! This was supposed to be... AHHHH FUCK!! Helping me out, more than just you?" The infected man notes, able to smirk at the fact that it's looking more like her sinful needs are strong than his from how she's moaning away. That clear fact is just helping him to continue on 'calming' the throbbing of the virus as he works his cock in and out of her wet and snug pussy with pump after stiff and quick pump. "MMMMM... Not that I'm like... AHHHHH... Complaining of course!" He quickly adds before letting out another groan. He has no idea that the woman he's driving his dick in and out of is herself living with the aftermath of a G-Virus infection as a result of the Raccoon City Destruction Incident. Her state however is far removed from the 'fuck or die' predicament he's in, which is why he's making sure to keep smoothly and steadily pumping his dick deep into her wet and ready snatch.

"MMMMM... You'd better not be! AHHHHHH FUCK..." The blonde grins back at him, shifting back herself now to meet his pumps. Causing the slap of their bodies connecting be even louder to further add to the sinful sounds of both their rather shameless moans. Let alone the sexy sight of sweat now starting to form across her pretty face and exposed lower body as she takes his cock again and again balls deep and bareback into her snatch. "AHHHHH FUCK... Yeah!! Fucking fill me up!! MMMMM!! Show that dumbass... UHHHHH!! What the fuck he's missing out on..." She groans out, another reference to a former 'partner' she's clearly no longer in contact with. Perhaps it's that bitterness that's fuelling her on to make the most of this unlikely situation. Let alone the biggest cock she's ever seen, and ever likely to see again in her life. Which is exactly why she's shifting herself back hard with perfect timing. Meeting the motion of the man behind her so each time he thrusts into her, she slides her pussy back to get him as deep as possible into her needy hole.

"MMMMM!! FUCK... Dumbass? Who are we... AHHHHH FUCK!!" Vincent tries to ask, but is cut off again by one of his own moans escaping him. It's hard enough for a previously far from sexually experienced man to focus on one thing, let alone what she might be talking about. Especially when he can just stare down and watch his cock disappear into this gorgeous female at the same time as seeing her rounded butt jiggle erotically each time he crotch smacks off her booty. "MMMM... Never mind... AHHHHHH... Probably something... AHHHHH SHIT!! MMMMM... I don't want to know about..." He adds, wisely opting to focus on the task at hand which is supposed to be for his own well being after all. Keeping his hands on her waist just by the bottom of her shirt, he keeps the stiff thrusts coming to send every inch of his enhanced in size cock deeply into her very wet but still very tight snatch. Even after all the thrusting she's taken from him, she's still as snug as she was when this all began. What was that about 'regenerative powers' again?

"MMMMM... You have no... UHHHHH!! Fucking idea..." Sherry groans, sounding bitter again as she glances back. "I mean... AHHHHHH!! 50 fucking million dollars he was wanting to start with!" She snaps, giving a harsh push back with her ass against him as she spoke.

"Uhhhhhhh... OK?" Pierce says, sounding totally lost as he has no idea what she's on about. "Wanna... Wanna try a different position, or...?" He offers as he pulls out of her snatch with a groan of his own.

"Oh, I've got a position all right!" Birkin says, standing up and turning him around within the booth. A push back to make him lean back with his ass resting on the ledge she'd been fucked on before. "Give you something I better Jake could never fucking handle from me!" She vows as she jumps up onto him, causing him to react quickly in order to grab and hold her. With her legs she doesn't wrap around him, letting them hang off to dangle out of the shooting range booth. Instead she reaches up, grabbing the overhead beam running along all the booths to support herself. "Come on! Get it back in me!" She snaps in that tone of half-lust, half-anger. That quickly gets him moving as he reaches down, lining his cock up with her snatch and the moment he does is when she drops her body down onto him.

"AHHHHH FUCK!! MMMM!! Oh fuck... MMMMM FUCK!!" The beautiful DSO agent groaned out, almost doing pull-ups with her grip on the beam as she lifts herself upward to the mid-way mark on his virus-enhanced in size and thickness cock. Then gravity takes over as she lets her body fall down with a firm smack ringing out before she repeats the motion again and again. "Oh fuck! OH FUCK!! MMMMM... Fucking... Huge! FUCKING... COCK!! AHHHHHH..." She moans out, staring up at the room of the shooting range for a moment as she feels the pleasure of getting her snatch stuffed full over and over. The sweat is not just dripping down her face by this point. It's left her shirt sticking to her skin. Making the material see-through to show her bra underneath as her tits bounce in time with the harsh motion she's making her body do.

"AHHHHH FUCK... MMMM!! Oh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!! AHHHHHH..." The man taking this ride to remember just sits back and takes it, groaning out every time her stunning body crashes down onto his member. He just holds her, his gaze able to switch from her moaning face to down to watch his cock vanish up into he before soon reappearing as she bounces away on his cock. The slight creek of the materials of the booth straining from their motion being heard as the structure gets used for a far more lewd than its designed for purpose. It's all working as he's feeling nothing but pleasure from her riding action, with just the obvious vast size of his cock the proof of the infection still having its effect on him.

"AHHHHH FUCK... FUCK! FUCK FUCK FUUUUUUUCK!!" The short haired blonde starts gasping as she groans, attempting as best she can to keep up this wild, determined pace than even a seasoned porn star would struggle to do. It's left her pussy soaking wet as she impales herself time and time again straight down onto the biggest cock she's ever taken in all her days. Yet still as super tight as she'd been at the very start of this action - a very pleasurable side-effect of her 'regenerative powers' to say the least. "FUCK... Come on... I'm... UHHHH!! So close!! AHHHHH..." She curses at herself, feeling herself becoming worn out from the hauling herself up and down she's being doing in this position. As sinful and pleasurable as it had been, it's left the stunning female almost soaked in her own sweat, no doubt leaving her shirt ruined for good. That being the least of her concerns right now as she gets almost desperate for a long needed sexual high.

Not foolish enough not to see the clear writing on the wall in front of him, Vincent firmly grips her hips as he starts to fire his cock upward and hard into her snatch. The initial scream of delight from her proves he'd made a wise choice as soon her arms were wrapped around his neck. Holding on for all she had left but even as she took a now pounding pace she still tried as best she could to bounce on his pumping rod. The smack of skin hitting skin sounding more like the automatic firearms used in this shooting range instead of the actual shameless fucking going on. He let out a grunt as he drove his dick inside her folds to the hilt, his own needs driving him onward to fuck this unexpected but gorgeous fuck-buddy as she jolted back and forth against his thrusts.

"AHHHH FUCK!! FUCKING... FUCK!! OH FUCK... OHHHHHH FUUUUUUCKKKK AHHHHHH!!" Sherry screamed out again as her head tilted back, the sudden and near furious turn of pace rendering her unable to do anything else but take it as her tight, dripping snatch got hammered in a way she'll never likely take again from any normal man. Perhaps unsurprisingly considering her current sweat-coated state, this kind of wild fucking easily sent her racing over the peak that she'd been almost desperate for. "FUUUUUUUUUCK... AHHHHHH OOOOOOOOOHHHHH... MMMMMM AHHHHHH..." She groaned loudly and without shame as she came, juices flooding out of her snug hole and all over the cock still pistoning in and out of her box. She'd given up on trying to ride him now, but her body was still made to rock back and forth on his lap as he kept her held in place. His continuing powerful thrusts ensuring she rode out every last moment of the most intense orgasm of her life.

"UHHHH!! Oh FUCK!! AHHHHH SHIT!!" The man lucky (in some ways here) enough to get to experience suck pleasure from her tightness groans out as he delivers a couple more deep and hard thrusts into her soaking hole. Sweat was dripping off of his own face from the energy put into giving this beauty the fucking she deserves, not to mention to also prevent his infection from 'overwhelming' him. However he had his own limits, feeling his dick now start to throb and not in that concerning, painful way when the virus reappears. Pulling out of her snatch with a groan, he lifts her off and off from his cock, setting her down onto her knees on the floor while he takes a hold of his own cock. Rapidly stroking himself off as he pulses even before she's opened her eyes to see what he's up to.

"Mmmmm... No way Jake could have..." She starts to say as she opens her eyes, but she's cut off when as he grunts, the first thick blast of massive spunk fires out and splatters across her face. Forcing her eyes shit as the seed coats not just both eyes, but her forehead and her hair to stain through it. "Holy fuck!! HHHHHLLLLLKKKK!!" She exclaimed, but paid for leaving her mouth open as the next shot of cum landed right into her to fill her up even before the shot has finished firing into her. The jizz spilling out over her lips, down her chin and splattering all across her chest to further wreck her shirt. As she coughed and forced down the load with a loud swallow, the spunk continued to rain down over her to easily coat her pretty facial features. Her chin, cheeks and nose were left dripping with his cum to leave her looking like she'd just taken a bukkake finish from a gang bang. Let alone the mess of spunk now running through her short, blonde hair that wouldn't likely be easily cleaned out from just a single, normal shower either.

"Ahhhhhh... Holy fuck!!" Vincent exclaimed with a gasp, finally letting go of his spent and now returning to a far smaller and unimpressive size. Stumbling back, he leaned against the ledge of the booth they'd turned into their own fucking area as he gasped for long overdue air. "...Heh... Shooting range... Well, I sure 'shot' something all right..." He said, smiling to himself for a moment. Then frowning and shaking his head at how terrible a pun that was.

"Oh fuck... I'm fucking covered!!" Sherry laughs, still down on her knees and trying to scoop off cum from off her face so she can see. "Never mind Jake... What the Hell would Claire or Leon say if they saw me like this??" She joked as she dropped down a couple handfuls of his cum down to the floor.

"Leon? I've heard that name before..." Pierce starts to say.

"What would I say?" A new, female voice says that makes them both look to the side. "I'd say nice going Sherry... Never knew you had it in you!"

Sherry's now clear eyes went wide in horror at who she saw. "...Claire!!!"

* * *

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