WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, video games, franchises, developers etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Starring: Jill Valentine, Jessica Sherawat.

Codes: Cons, MF, MFF, FF, Oral, Anal.

Resident Evil: Infection Part 6
An erotic Resident Evil fan-fiction story.
by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

Deep within the secret Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance base, at an undisclosed location...

"So, who was that woman I met the other day?" Vincent Pierce asked, moving along the corridor with 'Scientist A' and an escort of some armed guards. "I mean, not Sherry. Claire, was it?"

"As yes, Miss Redfield..." Scientist A explained. "Another survivor of Raccoon City, and several other bio-terror incidents. We would be very fortunate to have her as part of the BSAA but she is in high demand for her skills and knowledge. She and Miss Birkin have a long history... Redfield was simply checking up on Birkin I believe after having a meeting with BSAA superiors about herself and an associate joining our organisation." He explained. "So just fortunate timing she walked in as your... Infection started up. Or unfortunate, depending on how full or empty you prefer your glass."

"Wait, she watched the whole thing??" Vincent questioned, clad once again in BSAA issue camouflage pants and olive green top.

"As odd as it may seem, your... Infected state seems to attract attention from the opposite sex." Scientist A reasoned. "Perhaps a residual effect?"

"Whole lot of stuff about this virus in me I don't get yet..." Pierce said with a sigh. "I mean, like how has none of the women I've... Uhhhh... Had sex with. How have they not gotten knocked up yet? I mean with all the huge amounts of, ummmm... Cum I end up letting out... It's you know, weird I guess."

"Valid points. Which is why we continue to require samples from you for testing." Scientist A stated as the two arrived at a room that Vincent remembers as being the 'Sample Collection Room'. "To continue working on possible antidotes, and figuring out what exactly is within you. There's several things we still do not know about your infection and if we are to finally cure it full from you, we do require further testing and samples." He paused, motioning towards the door. "They are waiting for you Subject Pierce."

"They?" Vincent questioned as he stepped forward as the doors opened up for him to go inside.

The sight he saw within instantly made his infection reappear as his pants burst away from his body, his fat and long enhanced in size cock springing free and already rock hard as he stared at the two women within the room.

One familiar to him in the woman who had first saved him, and in more ways than one, on the first night when he had gotten infected in the first place. Jill Valentine, the BSAA Operative and survivor of Raccoon City among other incidents. This time however the attired of the woman with her dark hair in a pony tail was smoking hot and skin-tight, but perhaps unsuited for a military-like base. A tactical wet-suit of shades of clue that ran from the neck all the way down to boots, already unzipped at the front slightly to give a glimpse of her cleavage from her large, rounded breasts. Topped off with a knife holster around an ankle with what looked to be like a Combat Knife sheathed within.

Beside her another stunning female in a black with purple wet-suit of a different design with the addition of a 'hood' covering her head so just her face and an amount of her long dark hair were revealed up top. While one of her legs was fully exposed from the hip all the way down to the boot. This female happened to be Jessica Sherawat, a former BSAA agent who had actually betrayed not just the organisation but Valentine and her team years ago when she revealed herself to be a secret double agent.

"Well well... You weren't kidding around!" Jessica's eyes widened and lit up as she looked over the huge cock of Vincent. "This... This might be better than jail time after all..." She said teasingly as she started to approach the staring man.

"Don't get ahead of yourself Jessica..." Jill warned with narrowed eyes. "You are still a prisoner of the BSAA after what you pulled during the Veltro Investigation. But as you can see... Vincent here has an unusual infection that requires, well..."

"Fucking?" Sherawat laughed as she glanced back at the other woman. "I doubt you brought me here because of my skills or dazzling personality... I know I'm hot as fuck... Had I not been so sloppy and fallen for that BSAA trap, I wouldn't be here in the first place. So I might as well see how things play out..." She said, turning to face Vincent as she boldly took a hold of his cock. "So, is it true? You need to get off or this big fucking cock here kills you?"

"Ye-yeah... That's true..." He said with a gasp as she stroked him off with a couple of pumps.

"Well, I guess I'd better get to it then..." Jessica purred. Her gloved hand running over his fat inches to ease the painful throbbing and make him moan from the soothing strokes. Smirking at the reaction she leaned in, letting her tongue slide across his bell-end. A quick, circling motion to test him and all the while pumping at his pole as she licked. "Mmmm... I think we're going to have fun with this, aren't we?" She shamelessly said, knowing full well what this is all about and why she's here. She further proved that as she moved her head in, brushing the exposed hair hanging out from her wetsuit back slightly to look up with a saucy look. She kept that gaze locked as she wrapped her big, pouty lips around his member. Groaning as she stretched already to handle his size, but not quite making the cry of delight the man receiving this was.

Just as she started to move her head along his size, Jessica glanced back as she felt cold air hitting her skin from back behind her. Jill had a smirk of her own as she expertly and carefully used a Combat Knife to slice open Jessica's wetsuit right at the crotch. Showing no objections, Sherawat just shifted position, offering up both of her now exposed lower holes as the ripping sound of material tearing apart was heard as moved. Taking the offer, Valentine set the blade, usually reserved as a weapon, aside and shifted in. Both hands going onto her former team-mate's partially covered ass to give it a squeeze, making Jessica groan around the cock she's sucking off. It wasn't long before Jill moved downward, placing herself into almost a doggy style position so she could lean her face in towards the snatch of the other woman.

"Mmmmmphh!! Mmmmm... Mmmmm..." Jessica moaned around the dick she was blowing, feeling the first flick of Jill's tongue against her snatch. Already making Jessica push her backside back towards the other gorgeous female as Jill's tongue started licking at her sex. Yet with the new sensation, she still kept up the task at hand. Keeping her mouth and hand working over the oversized shaft of the man in front of her, while the female behind started softly eating out her snatch. "Mmmmm!! Mmmmphhh... MMMM..." Sherawat's eyes narrowed up at the moaning hunk she was bobbing on. Getting her saliva nicely applied to a thick cock quite unlike anything she's seen before. She would be this energetic with her sucking even if she wasn't having to do so to atone for her past traitorous, criminal actions that involved the very woman currently working her tongue around Jessica's dampening pussy.

"Mmmmmphh... Mmmmm..." The current BSAA operative moaned as she applied her mouth to the twat of the former BSAA agent. Hands firmly applied onto Jessica's shapely backside as she sucked and slurped onto her folds. A sign that this may be far from the first time Jill has enjoyed a good time with another woman before. From the muffled moans the beauty taking this oral treatment is letting out, Valentine is certainly skilled at it as well. Already getting juices left across her lips from the quick lapping her tongue is doing against those folds. "Mmmmm! Mmmmphhh..." Jill groaned, eyes closed as she concentrated on her job here of getting the other woman ready for what's to come. Knowing how good it felt to have that virus-effected cock deep within her the night this younger man was first infected. Even though she knows this should be done more to collect samples and help protect his life than just for sinful pleasure.

"Oh shit!! MMMM!! Holy fuck... This is... AHHHH... This is something fucking else!" Vincent states the obvious, eyes wide but with a big smile on his moaning face as he watches the first threesome of his life unfold. One stunning woman bobbing her head up and down on his dick while she gets her pussy licked and pleasures by an equally red hot female behind her. The sight alone of it all would easily make him moan, but he's getting to feel the pleasure. A surprisingly soothing (considering her past cold and cruel acts) and damp mouth gliding smoothly back and forth along his pole. "MMMMM... Thought this kind of stuff... MMMMM... Only happened in pornos..." He was able to half-mumble out. His eyes finding it hard to stick on one sight - the face sliding along his cock, or the partially obscured one face-deep between the ripe cheeks of the woman sucking him off. Not that either was a bad choice, and the oral work he was getting more than making sure his infection was suppressed for the time being. Sherawat's long hair occasionally brushing against his cock as it sways from the effort her head is using as she deeply blows him to leave a coating of spit across him.

Giving another long slurp onto that dick, Jessica lifted her head away with a smirk and a groan. "Kid, you need to get out more..." She mocked. Her laugh was cut off when she had to moan out as Jill pushed her tongue forward into the snatch she'd been working over up until now.

"H-hey! I would if I could!" Vincent protests, watching as Jill backed away from the woman she'd been eating out. "Not like I have a choice in the matter right now..."

"OK you two, settle down..." Jill states with glances cast at them both before she picks up the Knife. "We're going to get along just fine here, right?" She says with a smirk of her own. Making sure they are both watching she uses the blade to cut a hole down in the bottom of her wet-suit with the kind of precision that makes it appear like she's done this before.

"Oh, I'll play with that all right... Especially after you just showed me you were still into having fun with the other girls like back in the day!" Sherawat grins, watching as Valentine pulls the material apart to show off her own already glistening pussy. Further making her intentions clear as she moves towards the other woman with a seductive crawl on her hands and knees as she approaches that tempting twat.

"I've heard better lines that than at the bar after a mission... But if you hadn't turned your back on the BSAA, maybe you'd know of plenty more changing room stories..." Jill teases, shifting to lean back with her arms behind her and legs spread wide apart. Watching as Jessica positions herself to lower her face down towards her crotch. Now it was Valentine's turn to get a licking treatment, moaning the first moment the other woman's tongue lashed out against her already a little wet folds. "Mmmmm... Vincent? You don't need my permission to join in here, you know?" She says with a glance across at the man who just stares and watches the lesbian display in front of him. Not that anyone could blame him from being 'distracted' from one curvaceous female pleasuring another. Sherawat now showing that she's no stranger to sex with someone of the same gender as she lets her tongue work across and around Jill's tasty pussy.

"R-right! Yeah!" Pierce says, snapping to his senses just as the throbbing of discomfort starts to flare up again. He takes the advise and moves in behind the former double agent, her raised ass an open invitation for him as he grips his cock, still coated with Jessica's saliva from the previous sucking. Pushing in, he moans out as his enhanced inches slide forward into that wet tunnel, more than readied for his size thanks to Jill's oral work. "MMMM... Oh fuck... MMMM!! Yeah, that's... MMMMM!! Real good..." He groans out, showing his relief as starting to pump in and out of Jessica's snatch already makes that pulsating feeling vanish. Now able to focus on the sinful pleasure as he thrusts into the snatch of a woman he barely knows, while she eats out the snatch of a female she betrayed years ago. His eyes locked down onto the shapely, semi-exposed booty of Sherawat as he works his member into her tight, wet snatch.

"MMMMM... Mmmmmphhh!! MMMMM HMMMMM..." Jessica groans into the pussy she's eating, her face sliding against the other woman's crotch as she responds to the pumping she's getting from behind. Rocking her wet-suit clad body now back and forth between the two people she's sandwiched between. Causing her mouth to grind against the twat she's munching away at to both stain her lips and allow her tongue to probe deeper into Jill's pussy. "MMMM... MMMMPHHHH!! Mmmmm..." At the same time, she's able to get more of that massive cock into her slick tunnel, groaning as she feels her walls being made to stretch unlike anything she's ever felt before. Paying no attention to the exposed strands of hair from out the side of the top of the 'hood' of her attire as it falls over her face and eyes to even land by the very pussy she's licking away at.

"MMMM... Mmmmmm FUCK!! Who would have thought it... MMMMM! A fucking traitor like this... Knows how to eat some pussy..." Jill groans, watching the gorgeous face of the former BSAA agent push up against her pussy. Feeling Jessica's hungry tongue servicing her with clear experience as she slides in deep and around her wet hole. As she takes this eating out, Jill reaches up to slowly pull down the front zipper of her wet-suit. Allowing her large, rounded breasts to spill free and then instantly be grabbed as Valentine plays with herself while she takes this oral action from a fellow female. "MMMMM... How's she feel Vincent? AHHHHH... Just as good as me?" Jill teased, smirking across at the man she's already knows sexually from the first night they met. She already could tell he was enjoying himself from his constant moaning. Let alone the smooth and steady way he was thrusting his cock in and out of Jessica's snatch, causing her in turn to groan into the pussy she was dining on. Seeing glimpses of that big rod bringing back dirty memories of when she first 'saved' him through sex, and how good it felt, making her lick her lips as she moans from the licking being done to her own snatch.

"MMMMM... Ahhhhhh... You're both... UHHHHH... Really fucking hot..." He perhaps wisely picked the diplomatic answer, considering how battle experienced and dangerous both drop dead gorgeous women are. Even as he briskly fucks one from behind while she has her mouth clamped onto the other female's pussy, ensure all three groan out in delight from this dirty three-way action. There's no risk of things turning violent here, even with the history of known betrayal the woman currently in the middle of this has done in the past. Instead it's all about the pleasure and he's getting plenty of it as he slides his oversized shaft back and forth into the woman pushing her snatch back to meet each of this thrusts. Showing impressive ability to take his cock so deep while still eating out another woman at the same time, without missing a beat on either sexual act at either of her ends.

"MMMMM... Mmmmmphhh!! MMMMM..." Jessica groans into the pussy she's licking away at. Having no issues at all with drinking down the sweet juices being provided by the other curvy, dark haired woman she's between the legs off. Her chin now messy with the fluids from all the grinding against that hot pussy she's been doing. Not to mention how she's been pushing herself between this former ally and the man she's 'looking after' to work against his thrusts and keep herself face deep into that snatch. Looking up, she smirks into Jill's pussy as she pushes her tongue right in to return the favour from before. Easily making the current BSAA operative moan out with a lusty look of her own. As if they're playing a little sexual game of 'Anything you can do' in the middle of taking care of the effects of the infection inside the man currently fucking Jessica nice and deep from behind.

After another tongue lashing, Sherawat lifts her head away with a moan as she looks back at the man banging her. "MMMM... That's a fucking boring answer you have..." She teases, putting on a further show as she licks her lips clean of Jill's juices. "Don't lie kid... MMMMM FUCK... You know my pussy is way better than this bitch..." She boldly, considering the circumstances, states with a glance back at the woman she just insulted.

"If you're trying to get at me, you'll need to try better than that..." Jill responds with a raised eyebrow. "Besides, he's already knows what it's like to fuck me. Can't compare that with sloppy seconds like you..." She added with a smirk before she moved to lay on her back on the 'Sample Room' floor.

"That so?" Jessica smirks, groaning as she moves forward, making Pierce's cock fall from her snatch. "You fucking loved the taste of me just before... Maybe you need a reminder." She states with a snap, as she moves over to mouth the face of the other woman.

"Ummmmm... Yeah, I'll just... Yeah..." Vincent mumbles, watching as more woman-on-woman action unfolds before him. This time, he helps himself to some fun himself as he moves in, grabbing Jill's legs to spread them apart so he can push his cock into her wet snatch.

Once again it's the turn of the former member of S.T.A.R.S. to put her oral talents to work, her hands up to grip the thighs of the woman with her crotch mounted of top of Valentine. Allowing her head to lean upward so her mouth can start to suck on the even damper than before snatch she'd already gotten a taste of when this threesome kicked off. Now though she's the one having to deal with two different sensations at the same time. Moaning into the pussy she's eating out as she feels that big, fat cock sliding not just into her, but deeply to stretch her in a way no normal man or dick ever could. That just drives her on to show the woman who betrayed her in the past what she can do. This takes the form of flicking of her tongue against Jessica's snatch to rather easily make her moan out even before Jill had properly established a rhythm.

"MMMMM!! Oh yeah Jill... MMMMM!! Eat that fucking pussy! I know you missed this pussy... AHHHHHH... You hot fucking bitch you!" Sherawat moans her approval, staring down between her legs at the gorgeous face pressed up against her exposed sex. As she grinds her wet twat against the munching mouth underneath her, she's finding herself taking a page out of the other woman's play-book as she pulls down the front zip of her wet-suit. Letting her nicely rounded chest escape with her arousal clear from the rock hard nipples topping each breast. "AHHHHH... Yesssssss MMMM!! Almost makes me wish... Oooooooohhh FUCK!! We did more missions together..." Jessica teases, daring to make a joke about the fact she betrayed the woman currently eating her out during a mission years ago. Her taunting got the desired effect however as she soon gasped out in delight when Jill shoved her tongue right in deep into Jessica's snatch. The probing and licking making the former BSAA operative grope her own tits to enhance the pleasure even more in an openly shameless way.

"Guess... Awwww FUCK!! MMMMM... You two... AHHHHHH... Have bad blood or something?" Vincent moans between him finally figuring out the obvious. Although no one can hold him against being slow off the mark here with the clear distraction of the lesbian sex going on in front of him. Let alone this being his first ever threesome action, which is supposed to be for the benefit of both his health and to collect vital samples needed to cure the infection within him. From the way he's moaning out as sweat drops start to form on his forehead, perhaps those facts are far from his mind right now. Just caring about how good it feels to once again have his cock balls deep within the snatch of the stunning Jill Valentine. His deep, firm and repeated pumps making her in turn let out muffled groans into the snatch she's munching on while she takes this fucking.

"MMMMM... Let's not... AHHHHH... Dwell on the past baby..." Sherawat purrs with a glance back at him, one eye looking through the dark long hair hanging from the 'hood' of the wet-suit she still had partially on. Unzipped at the front and cut open at the crotch, allowing her to rub and work her snatch against the hungry and talented mouth of the woman she's on top off. That flicking tongue and sucking lips easily making the former double agent moan out loudly around this 'Collection Room'. "MMMMM FUCK!! Don't have too much fun... AHHHHH!! With her... MMMMM... I want another round with that fucking... OH FUCK!! Huge cock again..." She says between her moans. Jessica's gaze staying on that shaft in question as she watches him pump every enhanced in length and thickness inch into Jill's soaking but still snug snatch. Was it that sight? Or the continuing lapping being done to her similarly moist pussy? Maybe a combination of both that made Jessica bite down on her bottom lip as she pinched and tugged at her nipples.

"MMMMMPHHH!! MMMMM... MMMMPHHH MMM!!" The woman still an active member of the BSAA moaned into the snatch she had her mouth clamped like a vice against. Her hands gripping Sherawat's shapely thighs to help keep her lips pressing into those folds, and in turn make sure she could get her tongue as deeply into that twat as possible. "MMMMM!! MMMMMPPPHHHH... MMMM..." Jill's eyes were closed, both due to her focusing on dishing out a lesson in oral pleasuring and from her own enjoyment from this three-way. Loving that feeling of having the biggest cock she's ever had in her life once again filling her up to the hilt. Easily leaving her soaking wet but still craving even more from him in a feeling exactly like how she'd turned from professional to rather slutty on that roof-top the night he had first got infected.

"That... Awwwww FUCK!! MMMMM... Yeah, that... AHHHHH... That sounds real good... UHHHH!! Good to me!" Vincent unsurprisingly agreed quickly to that idea. Even when he was enjoying a fine and tight enough pussy right at that very moment. Keeping his grip on the legs, he continued to pump his cock balls deep into Jill's wet hole. The smack of skin meeting skin ringing out each time he drove forwards and pumped into her pussy, all thanks to the hole she had cut into her wet-suit herself. "AHHHHH... I mean... MMMMM... If Jill is cool with it... MMMM SHIT... I-I mean..." He says, still showing his inexperience with sex in general, let alone with this being his first three-way, as he stutters his words between his lusty groans. Thankfully the effects of the sex-driven virus within him keep a primal instinct at work so his hips work with machine-like pacing. Swiftly and smoothly pumping his fat inches deep into Valentine's pussy before drawing quickly back just to repeat them motion. Making them both moan out, even though her cries are muffled by the snatch she's busy eating out while she takes this fucking.

"Hey!" Jessica snaps with a glare as she dismounts the pretty face of the woman she'd been on top of. "Jill this, Jill that... I'm the fucking hottest woman here!" She says with a glare.

"First of all, no you aren't..." Jill says with a smirk, using the back of her hand to wipe away juices from her mouth. "And second... I wasn't fucking done with that pussy!" She adds, before suddenly making a move up and tackling down a squealing Jessica to the floor.

"Oooooooooh!! You... MMMM!! Fucking bitch!!" Sherawat groans as the two women jostle for position with one another for a couple of steamy moments, with hands more groping the body parts of the other than any sort of proper 'wrestling'. "MMMMM... FUCK... Damn you're still... UHHHH!! Fucking good with that tongue..."

"Uhhhhhh..." Vincent just stands and watches for a moment before he glances around, wondering if he should be trying to do something as they settle into place. His attention is drawn to the table to the side of the room with bottles and towels on it. "Hmmmm... That one's sex lube, right?" He says to himself as he walks over and helps himself to a familiar looking bottle.

Meanwhile, the two former allies in the BSAA were now locked in a steamy to say the least sixty nine position. Valentine on her back and Sherawat on top with their sweating bodies pressed against one another. Most importantly, both face deep between the legs of the other with mouths hungrily eating away at the pussy of the other. Muffled moans being heard from both as they work their pouty lips quickly onto those lower lips that were already soaking wet before they had gotten to this stage of this sexual encounter. It's certainly not stopping them from continuing to battle with their tongues, probing in deep and licking away and in the process drinking down the other woman's juices without any issue at all.

"Well, that makes the choice easy I guess..." Vincent says, seeing which woman was on top of the other as he comes back over. Stroking a little more lube over his virus-enhanced dick before he moves into position at the end where Jessica's ass is sticking out as Jill eats away at her pussy. Spreading her partially wet-suit covered ass part, he then pours a little lube down onto the puckered asshole, causing Sherawat to groan into the snatch she's eating out. Seeing this happening above her, Jill joins in the preparation as she slides her hands up and around that backside. Scooping up lube onto her finger, she then pushes that digit into Jessica's asshole to begin a round of sudden pumping. An action that makes the woman on top of Valentine rock forward on top of her almost to the point to making her mouth leave Jill's snatch.

"MMMMMPHHHH!! MMMM... MMMPPHHH!!" Jessica groans out, her eyes snapping wide when she feels that fat cock-head pushing forward into her asshole. Thanks to his size and her tightness there already it's a super-tight fit even with all the lubing up just done to her. As the moaning male behind her starts to ease his dick in and out of her back passage, the feeling is too much as she has to lift her head away. "AHHHHH!! Y-you little fucker!! MMMMM... Who the FUCK! OH SHIT... Said you could... OH MMMMM... Fucking fuck my ass?!?" She demanded between her deep and loud groans. Yet she's not making any great moves to stop this anal invasion from happening. Rocking back against his pumps and in turn grinding against the mouth of Jill still clamped to her snatch. That licking then reminded her of her own job to do, trying her best to compose herself from this sexual double team of both her lower holes being seen to.

"MMMMM... MMMMMPHHHH... Mmmmm..." Jill moaned away into the other woman's pussy as the eating out of her own snatch resumed. Unfazed by the massive, fat cock being thrust smoothly and steadily into Jessica's asshole just a short distance above. In fact Valentine helped that anal action as she used her hands to keep Sherawat's butt cheeks spread apart to allow that open and gradually deepening access to the tightest of Jessica's holes. Jill herself kept busy by keeping her still hungry after all this time tongue working over the slick twat of her former BSAA team-mate. Her lips and chin now dripping from the plentiful juices provided to her, the result of the wild tongue lashing she's dished out and the grinding of that pussy against her oral hole done by the woman on top of her.

"AHHHHH... Well, I mean... MMMMM FUCK!! You're here to take care... OH SHIT... MMMMM... My needs after all..." Vincent points out between his moans. Although his gaze is currently locked down onto the backside he's pumping his member in and out of. The effects of the virus ensuring he uses a steady, smooth and stiff series of strokes to stuff that rump will with his enhanced size. "AHHHHH FUCK... Doesn't sound like... MMMMM! You're hating it... I mean... OH MMMMM... I mean, if you're asking m-me that is! AHHHHH..." He adds, sweat now dripping down his face from the effort put into making the most of this sexual situation. A normal man would struggle to last even half this long within her ass alone, never mind within the confines of a steamy three-way. So thanks again to the mysterious, sex-driven infection that he can last, thrusting his oversized shaft in and out that tight, thick backside that's being spread apart for him to so deeply fuck.

"OH FUCK!! AHHHHHH... Just... UHHHH!! Just fucking FUCK ME DAMN IT!! AHHHHHH!!" Jessica squeals out, unable to keep herself eating out the woman she's on top off as her head tilts back, her loose hanging down hair sticking to the side of her face from all the sweat. She roughly shifts herself back against the thrusts driving into her asshole from behind. At he same time still grinding her snatch down into that licking tongue and munching mouth of the woman she has betrayed in the past. "OH SHIT... OH FUCK!! MMMM!! FUCK... FUCK FUCK FUUUUUUUUCKK AHHHHHH!!" She gasps out, eyes rolling back as the pleasure further overwhelms her and her gorgeous, still wet-suit clad body shivers from the pleasure. Jessica starts to cum, and hard over the frisky tongue of Jill Valentine underneath her. The orgasm the most intense she's ever felt and greatly helped by the big dick thrusting away in and out of her booty. There's no relief for her during it either, held in place to be almost used by the other two involved in this threesome.

"MMMMMPHHH!! Mmmmmm... MMMMM..." Jill slurped away loudly onto that sweet, soaking pussy that offered up even more juices for her to drink down as if she'd just found a pure oasis in the middle of a barren desert. Smirking into that snatch as she dined away onto the former ally as she knew from the very start that Jessica wouldn't be able to handle both of them at the same time. Still, she didn't want to spoil the fun, or more importantly miss out on some shameless bisexual fun. Although she's reminded as she looks up and sees the man involved in this pulling his cock out of that more than just nicely fucked rump that there was an 'official' purpose to this all.

"Mmmmmmm..." Jill moaned as she rolled the now tired Jessica off from her body, allowing her to shift around and get up to her knees. "Well, now that we've gotten over that... Ready to give us some samples?" She grinned up at him, making a far from subtle suggestion as she cupped her own tits and held them together.

"Fuck yeah!" Vincent, as expected, eagerly agreed as she moved back in. His cock being captured between Jill's big, rounded tits to make him groan just from the soft feeling all around his inches. More moans were to come as she started to work her chest against and over his member, sliding it up and down between her breasts in a quick and smooth motion. "MMMMM... OH FUCK... MMMMM... This really is... UHHHHH... Like something from a porno..." He managed to comment between his groans. His eyes locked onto those jiggling boobs as they were worked back and forth along his pole. The beauty dishing this out showing little concern for the fact that this cock has just come from out of another woman's ass. Just focused on doing the best job she can and using her own breasts to pleasure him in the process.

"MMMMM!! Oh... OH FUCK... MMMMM..." Suddenly Jill was made to moan, almost leaning forward towards the cock she was wanking off with her tits. Jessica had helped herself back into the mix with a couple of fingers planted deep into Valentine's soaking wet snatch. Perhaps intending to finish off the task she couldn't quite manage to do during the previous position. "MMMMM... Now who is... MMMMM SHIT!! The fucking bitch?? OH FUCK!! MMMMM!!" Jill cast and narrowed eye look but with a saucy smirk at the other woman, now up close to her so her own nicely rounded chest was squashing against her arm. Jessica just grinned back, working her fingers briskly in and out of Jill's twat to quickly stain and soak her digits. Not quite a sensation enough however to throw Valentine off her tit-fuck work on the cock both women have already become very familiar with over the course of this three-way.

"Me? A bitch? Never..." Jessica laughed with a smirk of her own. Pumping in her fingers into Jill's hot twat again and again all the way to the knuckle. Ensuring to finger-bang the other woman as deeply and quickly as she can, even though she hadn't been strictly ordered to. Caught up in the sinful moment, feeling the need to return the favour and give the woman she'd just came all over the face up a sexual high of her own. "Now fucking fuck that cock Jill! Mmmmm... Fuck it with those big fucking tits of yours!" Sherawat added with a grin. Her dirty talk only adding to the point the man involved in this had made - her words would not have sounded out of place in a XXX-rated film. She's doing some actions that enhance it further as she drives her fingers swiftly in and out of the other stunning female's snatch. Juices easily dripping down along her hand and wrist from the repeated fingering motion.

"MMMM!! Oh FUCK!! AHHHHH... OH FUCK..." Pierce groaned, unable to help himself as his hips worked on instinct. Thrusting his fat rod up into the pushed together cleavage the beautiful BSAA agent was offering up to him. Making his moans even louder as the fucked the tits that were being rubbed and worked against that infection-enhanced cock of his. "UHHHHH... MMMMM... Gonna... OH FUCK... MMMM!! Gonna blow soon!!" He warned with a groan, but far from shockingly carried on pumping his rod forward and up between her mounds. The familiar throbbing sensation, and the good kind unlike when this virus first reappears, was starting up as he grunted with every thrust. Watching the fat crown of his pole pop up between her titties before vanishing back downward as the woman sandwiching his man-meat made sure to perfectly time the motion for maximum pleasure. This was far from the first time she's dished out this kind of sex act before.

"MMMMM!! Fucking do it!! OH FUCK!! Fucking!! AHHHHHHH... Fucking come all over us!!" Jill moaned out the demand, gritting her teeth herself as her own fingers dug into her breasts as she held them in place. Her ass shifting back against the hand fingering away at her snatch and making her moan out. Hearing and feeling from his pulses that his own peak was near, she allowed herself the freedom to 'let loose' with a deep groan. "MMMMM!! AHHHHHH FUCK!! AHHHHHH... MMMMM..." She moaned out, cumming over Jessica's fingers to leave her smirking with a sense of sinful pride about her work. Further drenching those pistoning digits with juices that are dripping now down to the floor below. A naughty squelching sound just able to be heard along with his deep moans as he carries on fucking her tits as she cums.

"OH FUCK!! HERE... AHHHHHHH UHHHHH!!" He tried to warn them, but failed as the first blast of hot spunk fired out, splattering all over Jill's face and forehead to just like the last time leave spunk through her hair. The rest landed across her nose, lips, chin to make her groan as she just managed to close her eyes in time to avoid being blinded. The second shot splashed more over onto her chin and neck, leaving more than a generous 'pearl necklace' not to mention some covering over the tops of her tits for good measure. As this went on, Jessica stared with an open mouth in awe of the inhuman amount of jizz being produced by that massive cock. She soon regretted just watching when he pulled his dick from out of Jill's tits, stroking for a moment to send another blast of spunk all across those big breasts.

"HHHLKKKKK!! GAHHHHHH!!" Jessica soon gagged loudly as the next round of cum blasted over and into her mouth, easily filling her up before the shot had finished to leave her almost choking from the amount of it. As the seed drooled out of her mouth to down her chin, his next load splashed across the side of her face where her long dark hair was hanging out of the 'hood' of her wet-suit. Completely staining and wrecking her locks as it dripped from her down onto her exposed tits. That's exactly where he aimed his last strokes, sending jizz out to coat those breasts and down her front, to seep down under her wetsuit so much it appeared out from the hole cut at the bottom to noisily splatter onto the floor below.

By the time he had finished, both stunning women were left cum-covered messes with their hair, faces, and wet-suits stained and coated with spunk. That left him to sigh in relief as he stumbled back to slump against the nearest wall. His cock now spent, soft and at it's original uninfected and unimpressive size. Even with the previous experiences, taking part in his first ever threesome had taken a lot of of the man, but tellingly he had quite the grin on his face to show he loved every moment of it.

Bursting in through the door, the Sample Collection Team arrived. Men clad in full biohazard suits with various forms of collection equipment from the usual tubes and pipettes to implements that resembled more like vacuum cleaners. Gathering up not just the cum from off the floor, but from the bodies of the two women coated by him and just from their clothing either.

"Mmmmmm... Sign me up again..." Jessica groaned as the spunk was scooped and sucked from off of her. "You can keep me arrested... Ahhhhh! All you fucking want after that..."

"See? Knew you'd agree to sticking around here..." Jill smirked, before groaning herself as one crewman rather eagerly focused on her tits as the area to collect from.

"...Just how many women involved in this bio-terrorist stuff are there??" Vincent questioned as he sat back and watched, taking the time to recover as his chest heaved for much needed air. It did seem to be an unlikely large amount of ladies who were being lined up to 'help' him.

From the smile still on his face, he didn't exactly mind that all too much...

* * *

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