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Starring: Cindy Lennox (Resident Evil Outbreak)

Codes: Cons, MF, Oral

Resident Evil: Infection Part 8
An erotic Resident Evil fan-fiction story.
by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

"Is this about that incident?" Vincent Pierce asked, shuffling his feet somewhat as he was escorted by a BSAA team and 'Scientist B' towards the 'Sample Room' of the secret facility. "You know, the cafeteria..." He said. Clad in the familiar baggy 'standard issue' civilian attire of camo pants and olive green tank top.

"Yes and no." The scientist said, deliberately vague as ever to the man who has been infected with a bizarre sex-driven virus. "Yes due to the fact that we were not able to capture much usable data from the 'incident' as you put it. The CCTV placed in that room had for some reason had its footage wiped before we were able to extract it..." He noted with a hint of being far from happy about that fact. "And no due to the fact that the particular cafeteria had been deliberately set aside for... Let's say, such eventualities."

"What? I was sent to eat there, as was... Mia, was it? So that my infection would... You know..." Pierce questioned.

"Ah! You are catching on quick! That's a bottle of bourbon my colleague owes me!"
"Wait, what?"

"Here we are!" The group stopped at the door into the room as 'Scientist B' announced. "Now, let's get lots more samples from you. Your... 'partner' today has experience in an 'Outbreak' so I hear!" He stated, punching in a multi-number code into the keypad followed by a swipe of a coloured key card.

Ah yes, another sampling session. According to the scientists in this place Pierce was required to give them samples of his semen so they can research the virus inside of him. Why they don't just work on blood samples or whatever was never a question he'd ever asked them, and one he probably should have done. Regardless, getting those 'samples' from him required him to partake in sexual activity since they needed the effects of his infection to show, as well as be dealt with. Since it was widely agree that he would most likely suffer extreme pain leading to death if the enlarged size of his manhood was allowed to remain to painfully throb. To arrange for samples to be obtained, the BSAA was actually seeking out women to pay to fuck him. As unlikely as it sounds, but had already proven to be quite effective.

The room was the standard as he was now rather worryingly familiar with within the confines of this unknown location BSAA base as a cure to his infection was worked on. A sturdy table in the middle with a couple chairs, and a desk almost on the side with some bottles, clearly marked of the contents within include one of sex lubricant. However as the door shut closed behind him, Vincent's attention went right onto the stunning form of a blonde female with her long hair tied in a ponytail. Black high heels and the uniform of a waitress with black skirt, blue and white striped shirt, a darker blue vest and topped off with a black bow-tie. Even with a gold-coloured name-tag that read 'CINDY' to complete the look.

Naturally, knowing that this was the woman he was bout to have sex with? It created more than the desired effect. A pained groan escaping him before his cock literally sprung out from his pants, shredding that lower clothing in the process. His infection-enhanced, massively sized in length and thickness cock now at full, throbbing attention to point at his latest fuck-buddy.

"Oh. My. Gosh!!!" Cindy Lennox gasped with wide, shocked eyes as she stared at his man-meat. "I m-mean... I'm Cindy! And I'm here to... T-to..." She stuttered out as she witnessed close up the size of cock she's was going to be working with.

"Yes, I know! It's... Hnnnnnng! Fucking weird!" Vincent said though gritted teeth as he felt that uncomfortable pulsing within himself. "Let's get to it! Please!"

"Yes! I mean, of course!" Lennox quickly agreed, racing forward and grabbing his tool with both hands. The effect was instant as he let out a low groan of relief. "Sorry... I was briefed about this, and we both know what's going on here..." She apologised. Something helped by how she was stroking his dick with those hands to further make him sigh. "It's just... Wow! She never said you were THIS big!" She added with a cheery laugh.

"N-no worries..." Vincent said, staring down at her chest which even covered with clothing looked ripe and sizeable. "Wait, 'she' said?" He tried to question before he hissed again. A simple handjob was not going to cut it with this infection.

"Right! So, let's just get this done with! After all, I always do a good job..." Cindy stated with a flirty smirk and a raised eyebrow to match. Not that she needed to from how her hand was pumping up and down this massive cock from the man she was being paid to 'service'. She clearly knew her job here, and wasn't planning on hesitating either. Leaning in so she could let her tongue swat against the tip of his dick. Easily getting another groan of both pleasure and relief out of him. The licking didn't stop there. Moving around the top, then slowly around the fat crown. A controlled swirl followed by a slow second, and all the while her palm travelling up to under the head before back down to the base. She certainly wasn't a novice when it came to this.

"I can... Mmmmmm! See that Cindy! Ahhhhhh..." He stated, watching the double teaming being done to his oversized rod to make her moan low with each flick of the tongue and stroke of the hand she delivered. There was more to come, and thankfully for the brief return of the throbbing from that virus it came right away. Her mouth opening, taking his bell-end inside and making him moan out clearly, and without much shame either, the moment her lips sealed around him. "MMMM! Oh yeah... Mmmmm! I can really see that..." He said with a happy sigh. Getting to experience how nicely damp and soothing her mouth is as she pushed downward onto his inches. Her hand easily dealing with the rest of his massive size as she began to slowly and smoothly bob away on the upper part.

"Hmmmmphhh... Mmmmmmphhhh!!" The former Raccoon City waitress groaned around the thickness she was taking in and out of her oral hole. Already putting on quite the porn star performance as she used her free hand to brush strands of her blonde hair away from her face as she moved back and forth onto this big cock. "Mmmmm... Mmmmmphhh... Mmmmm!!" Her eyes were locked onto the man she barely knew, but was slurping away on while stroking off at the same time. Her tongue briefly patting the underside of the shaft when it pushed in past her soft lips. Helping to apply her saliva onto without a doubt the biggest dick she's ever seen in her life.

"Mmmmmm FUCK!! Ahhhhh shit!! Mmmmm..." The infected man could only sit and watch as he moaned out. Loving the sight of the pretty face pushing down towards his crotch before sliding back upward again and again almost as much as the feeling itself. Of course it was the pleasurable sensations that were keeping the painful side-effects of the infection within him at bay. Knowing himself that this will just be the start of things, but having no rush at the moment to cut off enjoying a red-hot blowjob from a stunning female in full waitress attire. Seemingly his past, unlikely as they have been, experiences with other women giving him the smarts to go with the sexual flow.

"Mmmmmphhh!! Mmmmm... Mmmmmphhh!!" Speaking of flows, saliva was now starting to drip down the big cock Lennox was working over. Seeping past her lips that were stretching to the limit as she boldly pushed down further onto this fat fuck-stick. Helped to be stroked into his shaft by the still pumping motion her now sticky fingers were doing to the lower portion of his rod. "Mmmm... Mmmmmphhh!! Hmmmmm..." She groaned again around that thickness, seemingly reaching the maximum of this vast size she could fit into her oral hole. An amount that even the most addicted to Glory-hole servicing whores would struggle to even manage. The man receiving this certainly doesn't mind. Moaning out with every smooth bob of the head or pump of the hand she gives to him.

Another slurp dished out, before she pulled her mouth right up and off from him. Taking a moment to draw in a deep breath while she let her hand take over to stroke away and work all that spit over his thick inches. "Well shoot! There goes my plan of just blowing you to get this done with!" Cindy admitted with a laugh. "She was not kidding about how fucking big you are!"

"Uhhhhh, thanks?" Vincent offered, not sure if he was being complimented or not. Yet still moaning as her hand pumped away at him. "Wait, 'she'? Who was saying that about me?"

"Guess we'd better just get to the 'Special of the Day' now, right?" Lennox grinned, standing up and rather easily pushing Pierce onto his back onto the table he'd been sitting on. Following up by eagerly climbing up onto the furniture, and hiking up her black skirt.

"That's... That's special all right..." He half-mumbled, his attention going to the large vest-covered chest swaying above his face as she mounted him. More than a distraction while she reached down to grip and guide his cock towards her snatch. Her skirt prevent the sight of the fact her neatly trimmed pussy was uncovered due to the lack of underwear downstairs.

"MMMM!! Oh wow!! Fuck that's... That's big!!" The beautiful blonde gasped out as she rocked backward, taking that virus-effected cock into her tight, but tellingly already just a little bit damp, pussy. A moan soon following as she shifted forward, her hands now resting on the chest of the man she's not willingly fucking, but being paid to do so. "Oh gosh!! MMMMM!! She wasn't kidding... Ohhhhhhhhh! About how good you... Mmmm... Feel either!" She added between groans. Once again wasting little time in getting down to dirty business on a man she's only just met. The clothed stunner working her gorgeous frame up and down on the fat cock she's now impaled on. Her saliva coating that pole acting like a lube of sorts to allow for a smooth and steady motion already. Much to the moaning approval of both parties involved in this sinful encounter.

"AHHHHHH SHIT!! Mmmmmm!! Oh yeah!! Feels... Ahhhhhhh... Real fucking good!!" The lucky (in some ways, all things considered) man underneath the horny waitress stated the obvious as he moaned his approval as well. His hands finding a place to rest on her her hips as they shifted towards then away from him. Getting an added visual treat as her chest bounced delightfully within her upper clothing she still had on. Not even bothering to question who the 'she' was as his focus was on how this woman he'd only just met was now riding his cock with clear experienced skill. Not that anyone could blame him. Her moans of delight as she took his dick would easily distract anyone let alone the sensations from taking such a ride.

"MMMMM... Oh yes!! UHHHHH!! Mmmmmmm!" She groans out, tossing her long ponytail back before using both hands to brush loose stands of hair out of the way from her moaning face. Unintentionally putting on a show more suited for a XXX-rated film as her hands soon go right back to onto the man she's riding for support. Still smoothly shifting her snug snatch on the fat shaft of the man she's being paid to fuck. "I would have... MMMM!! N-never dreamed to do this... OH MMMMM!! Before in my old uniform!" She admitted with a groan. Yet here she is, doing just that in her full 'J's Bar' waitress attire with her knee-length skirt covering up the sight of her pussy sliding down onto and then sharply back up the biggest cock she's ever taken. Her moans showing that she's loving it however just as much as the guy she's riding.

"AHHHHHH!! Believe me Cindy... MMMMM SHIT!! I appreciate this!!" Vincent states with a groan, meaning it in more ways than one. Knowing that as bizarre as it sounds the only apparent way to starve off the painful effects of the infection within is through sexual action just like this. Getting his cock taken deeply in and out some tight, wet pussy of the former waitress mounted on top of him. He can happily take advantage of the fact the virus is both making his cock far longer and thicker than it'd usually be, making for a perfectly snug to say the least fit within this wonderful feeling love tunnel of the blonde bombshell above him.

"MMMMM!! I bet you do! Naughty boy!! Ahhhhhh!!" A playful laugh escaped 'Outbreak' survivor before she moaned again from the feeling of her snatch being stuffed already far fuller than she's ever been before in her eventful to say the least life. Not showing any same at all from either the sex she's engaged in or the fact her stunning body is clothed while doing it. "Oooooooooooh GOODNESS!! MMMMM... Ahhhhhhh..." She groaned in delight, looking back over her shoulder at her rounded backside even though she knows her skirt is covering up the riding action underneath. Her long ponytail swaying in time with the shifting motion her frame is doing on top of the man she's helping to 'collect samples from' via some red hot riding fun.

"MMMMM!! Naughty? H-hey! It's not... UHHHH!!" Pierce tries to defend himself, but is cut off by his own groans of pleasure from her bounces. "Not like I... MMMM!! Planned all of this to happen!"

"MMMM... That's not what... Ahhhhhh! I've heard..." Cindy teased as she delivered a last bounce before pushing herself forward and all the way up and off of his dick. "Besides! I think I've been doing to much of the work here so far..." She added, before making her intentions clear as she moved from off of him to now lay down on her back on the table they've been screwing on.
"What do you mean, not what you've heard?" Vincent tried to enquire, but the burning feeling of painful throbbing returning to his member made him rush up from off of the furniture as he moved to between her now spread legs. "N-never mind!" He quickly decided, his hands pushing up her skirt so he could see that tight, wet pussy now for himself.

"Good answer..." Lennox licked her lips, watching as he gripped himself by the base in order to push that oversized rod into her snatch.

"She did say you talked to mu-UUUUUUCHHH AHHHHHH!!" Now it was the turn of the former waitress to have her words cut off. An unanticipated hard and deep thrust both filling her tight up and making the pleasure race back into her. Eyes widened in surprise but her open mouth letting approving to say the very least cries escape out of her. "OH GOSH!! Ahhhhhhh!! MMMMMM OH YES!!" She gasped out as he already started to break into a steady and firm motion to work his fat shaft in and out of her box. Her tits bouncing within her clothing as her body shifted back and forth on the smooth surface of the table. Able to watch that dick plunging so deep into herself from the tilting of her head. Which in turn allowed her long ponytail to sway in time with the rest of her frame as she, as she'd asked for, now was the once taking instead of giving.

If not for the rather important issue of making sure the infection within him is suitable 'satisfied' Vincent might have tried to question who this 'she' is that has been apparently watching him. Instead he's focused on the rather pleasurable feeling of ramming his enhanced cock in and out of the lovely, tight and wet pussy of this stunning blonde. His hands gripping her thighs as he sends his hips smoothly towards and then sharply back away from her crotch. Able to stare right down and watch his member vanish almost completely up into the 'Outbreak' survivor before reappearing to the midway point of his tool. Then it's racing back up into her tightness to make them both moan out without any hint of shame as he repeats the motion again and again.

"OH GOSH!! MMMM! Oh... Oh ahhhhhh!! MMMMM!!" The stunning female groaned out, showing her clear approval of the banging she was getting from the younger man she'd only met today. Yet she'd already willingly and happily blown, ridden, and was now getting stuffed full with his virus-enhanced inches nearly to the hilt already. Her arms reaching back behind her to grab the edge of the table she was getting nailed on for some kind of support as she took this pumping. Drops of sweat now starting to form on her face and the other exposed skin shown off by her waitress attire.

"UHHHH!! MMMMM!! Gotta admit... MMMMM FUCK!! Fucking a waitress? AHHHHH!!" He groaned out, his words and attention briefly broken off as he took a moment to stare at her jiggling tits. A red hot sight even as covered by her clothing as they still are, but made to bounce away thanks to the force he's putting behind the deep thrusts going into that wet and snug twat of hers. "That's a fantasy... MMMMM SHIT... I never thought would... UHHHH!! Fucking come true!" He admitted, accompanied by an unusually confident smile as he thrust away into the moaning beauty laid out in front of him on the table he'd been taking a ride on several minutes ago. Soon enough he was back to 'normality' as he groaned out when he balls slapped against her skin when he drove in forward between her folds. That slap of bodies connecting off of each other now mixing in the air along with both of their cries of delight.

"MMMMM!! D-dirty boy!! MMMMM OH GOOOOOOOOSH!!" Cindy moaned out, and further showing how much she's loving that big cock ploughing into her as her head tilts back on the table. Eyes closed and just letting the sounds of sinful delight pour out of her as she's banged over and over by the biggest dick she's ever had, and will likely ever have in her life. "MMMM!! Oh yesssssss!! AHHHHH!! M-more!! Please!! MMMMM..." She begs with another long and low groan. Making it look and sound like a scene from a clothed fuck porno as her covered body slides back and forth on the table she's laying on. Those large tits still shaking delightfully within the confines of her attire but providing a visual treat regardless as that big pole stuffs all the way into her twat in swift and stiff fashion.

"MMMMM... Hey! You aren't exactly... AHHHHHH! Being uhhh, not-dirty yourself here!" Vincent notes as he uses a hand to wipe off some formed sweat of his own off from his forehead. Groaning as he pulls his cock out of her already well fucked to put it mildly pussy.

"T-that's not true!" Cindy claims. But the sight of her soaking snatch provided by her hiked up skirt proves otherwise. "I'm just doing this to help you out if anything!"

"Well, that is true... Pierce states, gritting his teeth as that uncomfortable throbbing starts again. "Actually let me just get on with this then!" He quickly says, reaching forward as he uses her legs to roll her over onto her stomach before pulling her back so her long legs hang off the table completely.

"That's a plan I can get behind..." Lennox smirks with a lick of her lips as she looks back over her shoulder at him. All too eagerly she spread her legs apart, her high heels firmly planted on the ground so her ass was sticking out towards him. Completely exposed thanks to the currently pushed up over her cheeks position of the skirt of her uniform.

"But I'm the one who is behind... Ah, never mind!" He decides against questioning that figure of speech, and wisely (not just in terms of preventing the mood from being killed) gets down to business. Pushing his big shaft back in past her folds, all it takes is one firm thrust to drive every enhanced inch into her snug and soaking box. Easily getting them both moaning out as the first smack of skin meeting skin sounds out. Then soon followed by plenty more as, also thanks to the new found sexual skill the infection is providing him with, he soon establishes the rhythm as he fucks the stunning female from behind with a round of stiff and quick pumps.

"OH GOSH!! AHHHHHH!! MMMMMM... OOOOOOOOOH YESSSSSSS AHHHHH!!" The beautiful blonde moans out, her eyes locked onto the massive shaft ramming balls deep into her snatch again and again. The force of his motion sending her rocking forward against the furniture she's being taken over before she sharply shifts back to meet his cock the next time he ploughs into her. "UHHHH!! OH! MMMMMM AHHHH!! M-more! MORE!! UHHHHHHH!!" She lustfully demands, caring little for even the loose stands of her hair sticking to her pretty face right now. Even less about how her clothes are starting to cling to her body from the sweat forming across her curvy body. Just craving more of that massive dick working in and out of her pussy in such a way that anything less than 'Size Queen' size of a sex toy might not even make her moist downstairs from now on.

"MMMMM!! Believe me Cindy... AHHHHH FUCK!! I'm... UHHHHH!! Not done yet!! MMMM..." The man behind her vowed, knowing himself that for his own well-being he can't afford to not stop banging her and risk the life-threatening effects of the virus within him become a reality. Thankfully from the way his hips are shifting in machine-like fashion to pump her love tunnel with every inch of his dick? There's no risk of either of them being disappointed by the outcome of this sexual encounter. "AHHHHH... MMMMMMM FUCK!! Yeah!! MMMMMM SHIIIIIIT..." He groans, watching as her shapely butt cheeks jiggle delightfully every time his waist smacks off of her backside as he feeds her snatch every infection-enhanced inch of his member. His hands up holding her hips as he makes sure her skirt stays hiked up so her can get that red hot, unrestricted view of not just that booty. Of his dick vanishing into her soaking wet but still pleasurably snug twat each time he pumps firmly forward into her.

"OH G-GOODNESS... AHHHHH!! MMMMM... OH YESSSSSSSS" The former waitress of 'J's Bar' in Raccoon City groans out. Sweat starting to drip off her nose and chin as the effects of taking such constant, dirty action takes its toll, let alone from such a massively thick and long cock. Yet taking it she is, despite the size and pace being enough to more than render a normal woman unable to walk straight for well over a week even before this point of the banging. "UHHHHH!! P... Pull my hair!! MMMMM!! U-use me!! OH YESSSS!! AHHHHHH!!" She demands, so deep in a lusty state that she never even would have fantasised about doing before in her life. Perhaps it's not just from that huge rod slamming into her again and again that's made her this way. Knowing that she's willingly fucking a younger man she's only just met, is being paid to do so, and all the while dressed in the uniform of her ex-job from years ago.

Wisely, Vincent's recent unlikely sexual experiences have taught him not to deny the urges of a stunning beauty that he's balls deep in. Reaching forward with a hand he takes a firm hold of her long blonde ponytail. Delivering an extra hard thrust into her snatch as he tugs and forces her head to tilt back. The resulting moan that escapes the woman being fucked from behind would be one that alone would easily send many a red blooded male into a premature ejaculation. More follow soon after as her eyes roll upwards in shameless delight at the new roughness of this fuck that she'd demanded herself. Her upper body lifted up just enough that her clothes-covered tits jiggle away with every pump she takes.

"AHHHHHH!! AHHHHH AHHHHH OOOOOOOOH GOOOOOOOOOOOOSH AHHHHHHH!!" The tongue of Cindy Lennox starts hanging out from the corner of her open, moaning mouth as she cums hard over that virus-effected cock ramming balls deep into her snatch. Getting her hair pulled and pussy stuffed balls deep with dick, she looks more like a cheap porn film starlet than a zombie 'Outbreak' survivor. All she can do now is moan and orgasm as she's made to feel every moment of the hardest peak of her sexual life. Her juices flooding out across the huge rod she's now extremely familiar with to the point of a sinful squelching sound being heard any time that dick plunges into or swiftly out of her well-hammered snatch.

"I.... UHHHH!! I could get used to this!! MMMMMM..." The man getting to pump this fine, wet piece of pussy allows himself to grin for another moment before he groans. Loving the feeling of the stunning blonde he's tugging on the ponytail off cumming all across his dick. However soon enough he's feeling a this time pleasurable throbbing sensation in his cock. The telling sign that the unique to say the least method of 'calming' his infection has done the trick. Pulling out of that dripping twat with a groan and letting go of her hair, he grips that pulsating member and starts to stroke off. As if his life literally depends on it.

"Mmmmmmm... That... That was amazing!!" Cindy purrs as she tiredly looks back over her shoulder at the jerking off man behind her. Barely enough energy in her to prop herself up on her elbows on the table she's been fucking on and banged over. "Now be careful... I don't want too much of your load on this outfit..."

Perhaps there was a detail that the mysterious 'she' failed to mention to the blonde prior to this meeting. Cindy soon found out exactly what when the first massive, oversized blast of spunk shot out and came splashing down into her hair, ponytail and across her face. Making her gasp, and then gag as the spunk flooded into that open mouth from the vastness of his load - another side-effect of the infection within him. There was of course more to cum as he stroked himself off. Sending jizz crashing onto her body to wreck and stain her waitress outfit as it landed across her back. Making her ponytail stick almost like glue to her attire as he load plastered onto her shirt, vest and skirt. Even giving her thick backside a generous coating for good measure with the last drops of his load that were jerked out, and then wiped onto her skin.

"Ahhhhh... Ummm, hey were you saying something?" Vincent asked, drawing in air as he let go of his now spent, and regular unimpressive sized cock. "Got caught up in, you know the moment there..."

"GAHHHHHH HHHHHLLLKKKKK..." Cindy gagged out, spunk falling out from her mouth like a waterfall as she coughed. The jizz coating her back dripping down the sides of her outfit to leave her laying in a pool of cum on the table they'd been using to fuck on and over. Needless to say her outfit was more than just a little ruined, and no doubt beyond simple cleaning or repair either.

There was little time to dwell on what might have been however. Bursting into the room were several scientists and 'sample collectors', some of whom were encased in full biohazard protection suits. Scooping up samples of the vast load into jars, beakers, containers... Wait, is one just shovelling spunk into a bucket? In case it's leaving Lennox groaned as the cum is 'cleaned' off her, with some vacuum suction devices leaving her moaning as well from the close touch.

"Uhhhhh... Nice meeting you?" Pierce offered, once again feeling rather defeated and ignored despite the sex session he'd just been in. With that, he turned and left towards the open door with the 'escort crew' and a new set of much needed clothes waiting for him. Along with the lingering thought that there was a 'she' that Vincent may, or may not, have to be concerned about.

* * *

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