Resident Evil: Secure Place (MF,M+bg,voy,ncon)

With amazing agility, the lithe Sherry Birkin clambered over a brick wall at
the end of one of Raccoon City's many alleyways. She had been running from
zombies and killer dogs for days, ever since Chief Irons had been slain
protecting her. Cast out of the safety of the police station, it seemed only
a matter of time before she too would join the soulless masses.

Now more than ever, it appeared her brief flight was near an end. A group of
canines let off futile barks at being denied their prey, which only served
to attract more former humans to her position.

Caught in a maze of winding passages, Sherry sped up and down the back
streets, dodging any that echoed with the tell-tale shuffling of the undead.
In a panic, she suddenly realized that an imposing barbed-wire fence was
blocking the path forward, and another moaning humanoid had just cut off any
means of escape.

"Come 'ere, kid!" a ragged voice suddenly called out, at last breaking
through when the young blonde understood it was not coming from a monster,
but a healthy-looking male lawman instead. Elated, she raised her arms so
he could pull her through an open window, the angry shouts of thwarted
zombies fading away distantly as gunfire erupted from her savior's pistol.

"We're lucky we found you when we did!" a redheaded boy commented as she
emerged in a large, well-lit room, looking as green to the force as she was.

"Yeah... sure are." said another in the shadows, a beefy dark-haired man
with an extensive gut. The hushed excitement in his voice made Sherry feel
a little uneasy, but the handsome male who had swiped her from harm's way
suddenly broke in.

"Hate to rush you," he said, looking up and down at her ragged and torn
clothes. "But it's not safe here anymore, and we need to head back to the
resistance soon. Why don't you go downstairs and freshen up? There's still
running water in this part of town, and it'll be your last chance for

Sherry blushed noticeably at his gaze, realizing that more of her
adolescent body was on display than she would have liked, but the allure of
the caressing water quickly washed away any hesitation. "Sure!" she replied
cheerfully. "That'd be neat!"

For the first time since her mother had confessed what was going on, Sherry
thought she might actually escape this madness alive.

* * *

Following the stairs down to the basement of the outpost, the young Birkin
child took great comfort in the pains made to keep this place safe from the
ravenous horde. It appeared to be an abandoned athletic facility, doors and
windows boarded up securely so the policemen could not be snuck up on from
behind by the zombies.

Rounding a corner and finding gleaming tiles staring back at her, the little
girl was suddenly struck with how long it had been since she'd been able to
enjoy such luxuries. Without stopping to check if any of the men upstairs had
followed her down, she pulled off her shirt and let her skirt and panties
drop down to the ground. After laying her golden pendant reverently on the
pile, she strode into the showers as nude as the day she was born.

The first blasts of warm liquid were like a heavenly blanket, immediately
rinsing off the grime accumulated from many nights of sleeping outdoors. For
awhile, Sherry simply stood in the gentle waterfall, relishing the feeling
of being allowed to be so defenseless once again. The petite female didn't
know how long she'd been standing there, or even when the falling water had
lulled her into closing her eyes, but the distinct sound of wet footsteps
brought her attention back in an instant.

"Thought we could use a little rinse, too!" the heavyset one sneered,
watching as his confused voyeur looked straight at lengthy rod extending
from his crotch. "Hope you don't mind sharing with us..."

"Oh!" Sherry gasped, instinctively attempting to cover her privates, and
managing to do so only because her hairless crotch and flat chest were so
underdeveloped. "I don't think I should let you see me like this..."

"Come on!" he barked in a mysteriously annoyed fashion. "After all that
you've been through, you're worried about letting us see your pussy?"

Sherry immediately turned red. She was not at all used to people using such
dirty words in front of her, and even less accustomed to them referring to
her own exposed genitalia. More out of sheer intimidation than anything else,
the pint-sized preteen reluctantly acquiesced, letting her hands fall away.
Her entire body was once again on display, and she could feel thee sets of
lewd eyes absorbing every minute detail of her flesh, almost as if they were
emitting a physical manifestation that was eagerly probing her naughty bits.

The dirty man eventually returned to his own bathing, and this time it
was Sherry who couldn't keep her eyes from roaming. Regardless of any
embarrassment, she *was* aware that there was something forbidden only
a few feet away, and the tiny blonde couldn't help making occasional
glances at the man's erect penis

"Go ahead and touch it..." the fat man said seductively, noticing her
curiosity and flexing his groin so the stiff member bobbed lazily. "It
won't bite..."

"No thanks..." she responded curtly. "I really shouldn't..."

* * *

She had seen many cocks in the past few days, of course - it seemed that
zombies almost never turned a girl before raping them, and Sherry had
inadvertently witnessed a good deal of these assaults already.

Upon first exiting the police station after days of isolation from the main
city by the adults, she was shocked to find the most debaucherous scene of
her life waiting outside. One of the STARS members was holding a lady clad
in red and black against the stone staircase. His pants were around his
ankles, and the shocked kid had a good guess as to what he was doing with

"Please, help me!" the violated girl called out, struggling so that the vee
between her legs became visible. Sherry let her mouth fall open in a gasp as
she watched the misshapen shaft that once belonged to Brad Vickers pierce the
woman's vagina with ease.

"Unnnngh!" Claire Redfield cried, shutting her eyes as the unwelcome lover
ripped her shirt in two, letting her shapely tits out into the night air.
"Do something!"

Even had Sherry the power to help the defiled female, her slender body was
totally bereft of will. She was mesmerized by the scene in front of her,
especially the large breasts that would soon spring from her own chest. The
astonished scientist's daughter was also amazed by how much she could make
out of the ravaged, but hitherto well-maintained slit, which was still
framed by more hair than she had at all below her head.

At last, Claire seemed to realize the futility in resisting, and simply lay
on the cold steps, letting Brad take her by force. Sherry continued watching,
unable to pull away from the erotic scene. She made sure to look around every
few minutes, in order to make sure another zombie didn't sneak up and do the
same thing to *her* cherished virginity, but at the same time wondered what
it would feel like with unusually depraved interest.

In only a few minutes, the dishonored Redfield sister let out a moan of
revulsion, wincing as the undead phallus twitched inside her passage. The
nosy blonde watching on saw Brad pull out with a grunt, leaving behind a
gooey white mess in his poor victim. Seeing him turn to her with the same
voracious leer was all the incentive needed, and in a flash, Sherry Birkin
was running as far away as her spindly legs could carry her.

If she had been running back home instead of further into the chaos, she
would have noticed her panties were mysteriously damp. Unfortunately, the
evidence dried before she could ever find out, and her first proof of
sexual arousal went completely unnoticed.

After that, there was no end to the opportunity for the young girl to spy
on more perverted acts of procreation. Although she was able to make good
progress in escaping the doomed metropolis during the daytime when the
predators were lackluster and sluggish, at night it seemed only building
rooftops were safe enough to hide. The downside, though, was that those
vantage points made it impossible to ignore the violation of Raccoon City's

She tried to drive the horrible sounds away, but they even began to pervade
her dreams, especially the worst ones. Quite a few times, Sherry had seen
youngsters who could not have been older than herself have to endure the
horizontal dance much earlier than expected. Now that most of their parents
had sacrificed themselves to the horde so their fragile offspring could
escape, the entire area seemed to be populated by scampering children.

The panther-like licking monsters seemed to have an affinity for juvenile
redheads, pinning their tiny bodies atop car hoods, store fronts, or even
the hard concrete before ravaging their tiny cunnies with vicious thrusts.
Dogs went after the brunettes and dark-haired kids mostly, often gang-banging
traumatized preteens two or three at a time before leaving them to become
zombies as well. Malformed humans, of course, took to pillaging the vestal
chambers of blonde minors, much to Sherry's horror. She almost couldn't
believe they would stoop to such levels of depravity, but the countless
screams of her peers losing their cherries to the monsters was plainly

* * *

Unlike those lecherous fiends, the man standing in the next shower over
had thick, massive phallus. It was much more pleasant to look at than the
deformed snakes protruding from a zombie's trousers, even if its owner had
made her feel a bit uncomfortable. Sherry almost felt a tinge of excitement
upon looking further down the line to her left, seeing two more penises
bobbing happily. The man who'd pulled her to safety and his redheaded
confederate looked immensely pleased at being able to showoff their manhood
to such an immature audience now that law and order had pretty much

"I still feel a little funny doing this with grown-ups." Sherry announced
abruptly, grabbing a nearby bar of soap to commence cleansing herself. "Are
you sure this is alright?"

"Yes, of course..." the good-looking one countered stepping over to the empty
space on her right. "We can't bring you back to base without being totally
clean. Now, do you want us to help you wash? I'm sure we can all get it done
quicker together..."

"Um... okay!" Sherry squeaked, hoping the others didn't notice the shimmer
in her eyes. The fat one came off as foul and immoral when he talked, but the
other suitor made her feel warm and fluttery inside. "Just try not to touch
my... *thing*."

Grinning cockily, he did just that -- for a time. As the heavyset male and
his younger partner stole looks at the show, Sherry handed over the soap and
allowed herself to be lathered up, trying to conceal an horny smile. She'd
gotten awfully worked up thinking about what had happened to all those poor
girls in Raccoon City.

"Wow, you must've been on the streets for awhile..." the man said, now
hunkered down and using both hands to caress and restore her skin to its
natural state. "How does it feel, getting cleaned up again?"

"It's... oooooh! Nice!" Sherry sighed, allowing him to rub her unblossomed
chest. She lifted her arms without question, shivering when the strong
fingers teased her underarms, moving down towards her butt.

"Does it feel good?" her elder partner asked, using the utmost restraint to
resist feeling up her pouty honeypot. "Like when you touch yourself at
night?" He knew it was a longshot, but it would be worth it to listen to a
ten-year-old confess to masturbating.

"Yeah..." the tender blonde replied dreamily, confirming his wildest desires.
"But I know I'm not supposed to do that..."

"Hey, it's perfectly natural." the suave cop soothed. "Everyone does it, so
you wouldn't mind if I played with it, do you?"

This was the moment of truth. If she didn't consent to at least this, he knew
there would be nothing stopping his two associates from taking her hidden
treasure by force. Both of them were watching the scene with lustful stares,
anxiously awaiting her answer. Were she to agree, the little girl might be
able to at least get off before they had their way with her.

"Okay, then!" she shot back warily, much to the relief of her three
onlookers. "Just... be gentle..."

* * *

Ever so innocent, Sherry let herself be coaxed into a sitting position with
her back against the wall, legs spread wide enough to show all she had.
Without wasting any time, her elated partner made his hands slick with soap,
then shoved one into the vee of her girlhood.

It was quite pleasant, far better than anything she'd ever experienced using
her own clumsy digits. Within seconds, her loins felt as if enkindled by a
blazing fire, and the naked child could barely contain her joy in mere
guttural sounds.

"Mmm... that's really nice!" she lauded truthfully, letting loose muffled
sounds of passion as her bare vagina was teased in the most gracious of ways.
The titillating sensations were so intense that Sherry could barely stand to
watch her hairless flower fluttering wildly, and let her head rest on the
cool tile. From this angle, she could see both the young boy and his
perverted companion had moved close to her, abandoning all pretenses of
showering now.

The rubbing continued for several minutes, and by then, Sherry was so far
into the new and wonderful feelings, she didn't offer a word of resistance
when the heavyset man knelt down as well, spreading suds over her nonexistent
mounds. "Keep doing it..." she moaned seductively, knowing her tiny nubs were
becoming excited and erect. Soon, the young boy had gotten involved as well,
caressing her extended legs with the look of a rabid dog who has at last been
given a scrap to eat.

Her mind muddled with a flood of eroticism, the preteen female did not even
see the runaway train that was her very first climax coming. Sherry's speech
had degraded into disjointed fragments by now, spotted with groans that were
far beyond the pleasure such a young body was meant to encounter.

"Don't... stop..." she panted, face crimson with the magic building up inside
her crotch. "Rub me, please! I think... something's happening... it's....

Totally lost with sexual abandon, the blonde girl leaned forward, grabbing
the hunk in front of her without thinking. Sherry was crying with delight,
nearly screaming as her virgin hole exploded with orgasmic glory. "Oh my
God!" she yelled into his shoulder, eyes involuntarily slammed shut. "It's
so good!"

A wicked smile appeared on the man's face as he continued to stroke her
clitoris, even while the oversexed kid female was coming all over his hand.
"Yeah..." he comforted, kissing her gently on the forehead. "I thought you'd
like it."

Even when the endorphins flooding her brain had long since ceased, Sherry was
still hugging her lover right, bucking her thin hips on his hand, which was
now motionless.

"More... please..." she begged, insatiable for more of what had just
happened. "I want to do that forever..."

"Well..." her mate responded, suddenly sounding quite formal. "Seeing as we
just made you feel really good, it would only be fair if you let us get off

"What... do you want?" Sherry asked innocently, still woozy from the

"You know..." the large man butted in. Looking over, she noticed he was
holding his dick with one hand, fingers curled into a fist and rapidly
pumping up and down the length.

"No... not that!" she pleaded, understanding how horribly wrong this was
going. She should have known it was too good to be true. Even after doing
such marvelous things to her body, the one thing they had all intended on
doing was sticking their big cocks in her little pussy.

"Sorry, baby..." the handsome one said, raising her up by the armpits and
pinning her small mass to the wall. "We've been lonely for a long time. So,
if you want our protection, you'll need to put out."

"You can't!" Sherry countered in a high-pitched voice, watching as he
positioned himself perfectly underneath her naked orifice. "I'm too little!
It won't fit!" After so long a period of arousal, the man's penis did indeed
look obscenely large below her small cunt, but there was no doubt in anyone's
mind now that the little girl was soon going to be riding atop the meaty pole
whether she liked it or not.

"Then you'd better hold those legs open more, sweetie..." he continued,
dropping her just enough so that his engorged manhood began to spear her
labia. "Because I'm coming inside you."

Sherry yelped as he let her go, forcing the entirety of her eighty
pound frame onto his stiff prick. Still being unsullied, her opening was
extremely tight, and kept the man from rushing all the way her womb in one
go. Unfortunately, gravity could only pull the uproarious female one way --
compelling the tiny female to accept more and more dick in her stretched

"Please, don't do it!" she bemoaned, feeling him ram even further inside
with every slight movement. "I promise I won't tell anyone if you just
stop... OW! Please, you're hurting me!"

"Uhhhhhh..." her rapist grunted, blown over by the thought of banging this
small child until she was leaking his seed. "How... could you not like this?
Look how sexy you are... I can't stop! Not now!"

Still fighting, Sherry tried to push against his chest, hoping to extricate
her sensitive hole from this undesired intrusion. Her feeble muscles, though,
were not match for his built frame, and the effort only served to hasten the
demise of her maidenhood.

"Can't... wait..." he groaned, holding her to the wall with his chest. "I
want to fuck you... so bad!"

"No!" Sherry shouted in vain. "I... don't... want to!"

A series of final squeals punctured the din of the running showers as her
partner brutally stabbed her hole, forcing her vaginal walls further apart
until at last breaking the hymen. With a satisfied heave of relief, he
leaned back with her in his arms, relishing the faces of him comrades. The
two other men had a mixed look on their faces -- both wonder at how the
diminutive female could have taken such a large rod, and anticipation at
the prospect of being able to discover the answer for themselves.

Sherry had opened both her mouth and eyes wide when she was defiled,
emitting a silent scream of anguish. Now, though, the pretty blonde was
silent, holding onto the man who had done it only to keep from falling to
the ground. "You're so lucky..." he announced haughtily. "Getting screwed
so early. It must make you feel proud."

"It feels like you're splitting me open..." she said with a sniff, seemingly
devoid of any fighting spirit. "Just do it quickly..."

"You have such a nice body.." Sherry's lover replied mockingly, lifting her
up by the hips and shoving his tongue in her mouth. They kissed for a few
seconds, and then he slammed her entire body back onto his phallus, evoking
a muffled "Uummmph!" from the terrified preteen. "I don't think I'll be done
for quite a bit..."

True to his word, the handsome man continued to assault Sherry's virile
pussy for some time, occasionally interjecting with dirty talk he knew would
embarrass her. "I bet you never thought you'd get to have sex so soon." the
pervert whispered into her ear, idly fondling her nude features with a free

"No..." blubbed Sherry ineffectively, still wheezing each time the crown of
his tool bumped her cervix.

"So, do you like it?" he continued, gaining momentum at his own words. "Does
my cock feel good inside you?"

"No..." Sherry repeated, blinking away a tear. "I wish you'd just hurry

"Don't you worry about that!" her forced lover said with a laugh, continuing
to pump past her inflamed vulva. "You'll be full of my cum in no time!"

The young Birkin daughter soon enough found herself pushed against the wet
tile wall again, knocking the wind out of her small lungs. She could feel his
knees spreading her legs wide, and arms moving to hold her hands high above.
Spread-eagle, Sherry finally felt the pistoning rod in her belly tingle. She
knew what was next.

"Uhhh..." her debased molester burst out, bucking into her feminine passage
with renewed vigor. "I'm cummin' in your twat, little girl. Oh, it feels

Sherry couldn't help moaning out loud when she felt his slimy load seep into
her womb. She was too young to know that her uterus still had a few years
before growing mature enough to care for a baby, and could only imagine what
was going to happen now that her crotch was leaking sperm.

"Geez, you were fantastic, kid!" her lover commented jubilantly, lowering
himself to the ground with the preteen's trembling body on top. He hugged her
tightly in the afterglow of his own climax, totally oblivious to the damage
he'd caused to her psyche. Only after growing too tired from the expending of
so much effort did he release his grip, allowing the deflowered female to
roll off and collapse on the floor.

* * *

"Oh, you're not done yet, sweetie..." a familiar voice echoed just as
Sherry was passing into blissful unconsciousness. "It's not nice to get us
all excited and then go to sleep like that."

The large man attempted to pull her into a standing position, but it was no
use. Her thighs felt like they had been battered with a steel pipe, and her
entire pelvis was throbbing intensely. "No... no more..." she sobbed, falling
to the ground again and curling up into a fetal position.

"Fine, then." her new partner said with a nod, lying down in the wet tile
behind the prone blonde. "I wanted to stuff your ass, anyway."

"Aaaaaah!" Sherry shouted, flailing away as his immense stiffy tried to
penetrate her rear opening. "Anything but that, please!"

"Then..." echoed the man sternly, pulling her back so that his thick cock
poked through her legs, teasing the valley of her childhood. "You know what
to do."

Sherry went limp, and the man knew he had won. Beaten, she waited for him to
get into position, somehow knowing he would want her to do all the work this
time. When the shuffling splashes finally ceased, she turned over, not even
able to get on her hands and knees. Instead, the dishonored blonde crawled
over to the next challenge.

Even his sizeable gut could not compare with the fat penis extending upwards
from the man's crotch. Sherry balked at first, halting as soon as she saw the
fleshy pole towering high, but quickly remembered how much it would hurt to
have get butt get reamed by this pedophile. Mounting his legs, she scooted
forwards until his erection was resting on her stomach, unable to continue of
her own accord.

"Well, go ahead!" he commanded roughly. "Put it in!"

A low, garbled "Unnnngh!" announced Sherry's second intimate encounter, as
she rose up and then sank down on the meaty spear. It was just as long as
the last, but much thicker. She wondered absentmindedly if her vaginal wells
would ever heal back after such pummeling.

"Oh yeah, that's good..." her large mate encouraged, watching her gently fuck
herself on his dick. After a few wobbly attempts, she leaned forward, putting
her small hands on his stomach in order to keep balanced. "Heh!" he smirked
suddenly. "I can even see my cock in your belly!"

Before she could think to not look, Sherry peered down, amazed to see the
outline of his shaft making a clear indentation in her pelvis every time
it bottomed out in her warm cavity. "That's so nice of you..." he went
on, impressed with the relative ease she was taking him compared to his
accomplice. "To try *so* hard!"

Nothing could have been further from the truth, of course. Sherry was merely
throwing herself into the depraved act in the hopes that the faster her
natural gifts placated the three men, the sooner she could put all this
behind her. Even the humiliation of having to play a willing participant
paled in comparison to sweet freedom.

"Rrrrr! Rrrrr!" she growled, gritting her teeth as the vast girth really
began expanding her wet tunnel. The man below took her grunts of pain as
sighs of pleasure, and began rubbing her buttocks at the thought.

"I knew you liked it, little girl..." the loathsome male taunted, grabbing
Sherry's slender hips and helping force himself deeper into her. "Now, be a
good kid and suck me dry with that hot cunt!"

"Eeehhhhh!" croaked the enslaved blonde, feeling the massive spike erupt hot,
greasy fluid in her private place. Her evil partner held his petite treasure
at the very base of his tool, allowing each explosive spurt of semen to be
felt. After what seemed like an eternity, risked a look down at her battered

By now, every exposed inch of flesh between her legs was red from so much
sex. Her dainty hole, still impaled on the man's member, was now oozing two
helpings of male cum, much more than her womb was designed to accommodate.
Had she any choice, Sherry would have instantly grabbed for the soap to
wash away every trace of this horrible act, rubbing herself until raw. That
satisfaction, though, would have to wait until she had bought her way out
of this situation with ALL the men.

* * *

Still atop her satiated partner, the former virgin look around. The showers
continued to spout warm water behind her, where the handsome man was lying
face-up. The immoral policemen she'd just conquered had closed his eyes and
was resting peacefully, enjoying the aftermath of a forbidden experience few
men can ever have. "One more..." she thought glumly. "Then I can get out of

As it turned out the redheaded boy wasted no time in getting to his turn.
Being on the bottom of the pecking order, he knew from the start that he
would be getting last licks at this underage prize. The wait, though, was
balanced by the fact that he had as long as he liked to do anything he
wanted to her childish body.

"He's not as big as the others, at least..." Sherry thought hopefully,
wincing as his eager hands ran over her flesh before placing her on her
back. His moderately-sized member was purple and throbbing as he hunched
into position above his tiny partner, markedly distinguished from being
stiff for so long.

"You're so pretty!" he complimented gamely, rubbing his shaft over her mound
crudely. "I'm really glad you're letting us all do this!"

Sherry groaned at his delusion, not meaning to but sounding faintly aroused
when his throbbing pole finally hit the mark, sliding deep into her messy
hole. The familiar fullness enveloped her loins once again, and the blonde
Birkin girl was yet again being used to pleasure a man.

"And... wet!" he pointed out impolitely furiously assailing her erogenous
zone. "The others must've really pumped you full!"

"No kidding!" mused Sherry in angry silence, knowing firsthand how bloated
she must be when a pistoning cock wasn't invading her innards.

"Unnnnh!" the maroon-haired boy grunted, holding her tighter as they coupled.
"I don't know how to thank you, this is great!" And, before Sherry understood
what he'd said, her mouth was being probed by a fleshy mass, eager to taste
her oral fluids.

She let him kiss her, of course. There was no way to fight it. But when
he started to trace saliva all over her face, Sherry closed her eyes in
revulsion. Of all the mortifying trials she'd endured that day, having a
complete stranger lick her face and neck was disturbingly unpleasant. He
might have thought he was being affectionate, but Sherry's final lover
was wholly mistaken.

"Yes, yes!" he chanted suddenly, ceasing his tongue-bath. "I'm gonna cum!

"Finally..." Sherry said under her breath, attempting to cushion her hips
from the redhead's savage thrusting. Within seconds, she could feel viscid
ejaculate flowing into her body. Her young fuckmate spewed a seemingly
endless supply of baby-juice, finally deflating enough to slip out. Even as
he humped her hairless slit unconsciously, more white cream leaked onto her
mons, soaking the preteen's crotch.

"Guess... I couldn't hold out any more..." the boy remarked with cheery
exhaustion, giving her one final smooch before sliding over beside her.
Sherry slowly moved her hands down to cover the evidence as he lurched
away, desiring no longer to let anyone view her pubic area.

"Mmm..." her semiconscious partner said sleepily. "I'm just going to take a
quick nap now -- you really wore me out!" Letting loose a gaping yawn, he
paused a moment before finishing. "Just don't go anywhere, little lady. We've
got some... big plans..."

* * *

But Sherry had plans of her own, ones that didn't involve her getting
repeatedly raped until the G-virus claimed all four of them. Still holding
her hands to her pussy, she quietly rose, rocking haltingly on resisting
limbs. Sensing no protest from her slumbering attackers, the nude female
sprinted quickly out of the shower room, veering only to grab her clothes.

Not even pausing to dress, she made her way up the stairs, almost bypassing
the policemen's headquarters before a wicked idea struck. Darting still-naked
over towards one of the desks, she grabbed the same pistol that had saved
her from certain doom only hours before. "Never again..." she growled in
defiance, then effortlessly glided over to the window and lowered herself
down to the street.

Besides the corpses of several undead humans, the alleyway was completely
empty. Steeling herself against the chill brushing her exposed flesh,
Sherry dropped her garments and took one last look at herself. Having not
the time to fully cleanse her body, she was forced to pull her panties
onto a revoltingly semen-pasted vagina. With a disgusting flinch, the
abused inadvertently child smeared the goo further over her dainties,
having no choice but to use the fabric to try and conceal what had

Donning her golden pendant and other apparel, Sherry Birkin started walking
back the way she'd arrived, gun tucked loosely into her skirt. There was a
long road ahead, alright, but at least the worst seemed to be behind her.

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