Just a few quick thoughts before you get to the story. Originally I had seen
a request for a Tomb Raider/Resident Evil crossover fic at the Grey Archives.
I was intrigued with the idea so I started on this story. One thing led to
another and this story along with others got stalled. I saw the TR movie
recently and got into the mood to finish this thing. Anyways, to make it all
short I finally finished the story, but I don't like it a whole lot cause I
don't think there's a balance between RE and TR influence in the story.
Anyways, here it is so enjoy.

This story is a work of fiction based on fictional characters, if you're not
old enough to read then stop right now. Yadda yadda yadda. You know the

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This was a story that was started, stopped, and changed a bunch so something
was lost in quality.

Resident Evil/Tomb Raider: Surviving The City (Mg,FF,pedo)
by Mugetsu G ([email protected])

As the jeep chased the s.u.v. down the road, gunfire was being exchanged
between the two vehicles.

"Damn it Dreker! Give it up already!" Lara Croft screamed in vain as a
bullet whizzed by blowing the driver's side mirror clean off. Lara drove
with her right hand on the steering wheel while returning fire with the
pistol in her left. Several of the shots lodged themselves in the back
door and two shattered the back window.

Two of the gunmen who had been firing on Lara pulled themselves back inside
the s.u.v. and positioned themselves at the now shattered window. They
ducked momentarily as Lara fired off several more shots, then when she
stopped to reload they quickly popped up and returned fire causing her to
swerve all over the road.

After a few moments Lara regained control of the jeep and fired several more
shots back the s.u.v. Two of the shots struck the gunman on the right in
the throat knocking him backwards. As the dying man fell back his fingered
accidentally pressed down on the trigger to his automatic rifle and several
shots rang out.

"God damn it!" Thomas Dreker yelled as he quickly glanced into the back and
saw two of his goons dead. "Get the grenade launcher and take the bitch

Dreker's only remaining thug quickly jumped into the back, opened up the arms
case, and withdrew the grenade launcher. He stay hidden while Lara let off
several more shots and then went to reload.

As Lara started to reload her pistol the last of the gunmen popped up at the
back window with a grenade launcher.

"Oh shit!" Lara screamed to herself as he fired off several grenades before
she could finish reloading. Lara managed to dodge several of the grenades
until one hit the road right in front of her. Lara swerved the jeep to miss
it but the explosion from the grenade flipped the jeep over and the vehicle
rolled several times before coming to a stop.

As Lara's jeep stopped rolling the s.u.v. came to a stop momentarily.

After eyeing the wreckage for several moments and not seeing Lara emerge
Dreker spoke.

"She's finally dead," Dreker calmly still eyeing at the wreckage. "What
about the clock?"

"Still in good condition," the gunman replied as he opened then closed the
case it was sitting in.

"Ah, good work. You'll be richly rewarded when we reach Raccoon City,"
Dreker said with a smile as he started the vehicle back up and continued
down the road.

* * *

"Ugh..." Lara moaned as she regained consciousness and a headache pounded her

She rubbed her eyes a bit before pushing open the driverside door and
crawling out of the overturned jeep. Lara sat up for a moment and attempted
to regain her composure. After a few minutes she started to look around to
assess the situation. The jeep had apparently rolled quite a bit as there
were marks and debris scattered on the road for about thirty feet. Her watch
was busted and the jeep had no clock so she had no idea what time it was.
The jeep was upside down so it was inoperable to say the least. She rummaged
through her things that she could find scattered on the road. She found
several clips and her Uzi still in good condition. Lara also found her
flashlight which was great because only one flare could be found, and somehow
her change of clothes survived the accident which was a good thing since
there were several tears in her green tanktop and shorts. She quickly
changed into a pair of jeans and an old red t-shirt being the lightest
clothes she had.

After double-checking to make sure she didn't leave anything useful behind,
and seeing no other options Lara started to walk down the road in the
direction she had been chasing Dreker.

* * *

After what seemed to be at least two hours Lara finally saw some signs of
life. Down the road on the right she could see a sign saying "Raccoon City
5 miles".

"Damn it!" Lara muttered partly in anger at herself for letting Drekker get
away and partly out of frustration of having to walk another five miles in
addition to what she's already walked.

Just as she was about to continue down the road Lara could hear the sounds
of a car's engine coming towards her. As the headlights got within her sight
she took the safety off on her Uzi and holstered it then stood off to the
side of the road and waved her arms.

As the vehicle pulled closer, Lara could make it out to be a red Camaro.
Other than that there really wasn't much to distinguish it from any other
car. The car slowed as it got closer to her and having heard all the urban
legends regarding hitchhikers and such, Lara kept her hand ready to draw her
Uzi just in case. As the car came to a stop a man with dark hair dressed in
what looked to be a police officer's uniform stepped out of the vehicle.

"Can I give you a ride?" He offered Lara.

"No thanks. I'll be fine," Lara answered deciding that maybe five more miles
wouldn't be all that more to walk.

"But I saw you trying to wave me down."

"Well I changed my mind."

"You're not from around here are you?"

"What does it matter?"

"It doesn't really, but I don't recognize you and if you were a local you
would know better than to try to walk this road?"

"What makes this road so dangerous then?"

"Look miss, it's still dusk, but when it turns to night 'it' starts prowling
and it may feed on you."


"Awhile back reports start circulating about a large rabid dog. Now normally
we'd just get animal control to catch it and put it to sleep. However,
animal control didn't come back and when their truck was found it was
abandoned and there was blood all over it and the surrounding ground. And
then just last week apparently it snagged two hitchhikers on this very road."

"Ah so that's it. Thanks for the warning. Now I'll have a new story to tell
when everybody gets together again to tell camp stories."

The gentleman stared at Lara for moment before reaching into the car and
pulling out a file folder.

"Don't believe me? Here you go." He said as he tossed the file onto the
hood on Lara's side.

"What is in there?"

"Photos of one of the dead hitchhikers. What's left of him anyways. When
people disappear around here they usually disappear for good."

"Where'd you get these?" Lara asked as she opened the folder and perused
the photos inside. None of them were particularly gory. They were mostly
pictures of severed arms and legs with sleeves still on them and the end
where they were ripped off at were covered by part the sleeve or pant leg
for the most part.

"I work for the Raccoon City Police Department and before you ask here's my
I.D." He said pulling out his badge.

"Officer Kennedy eh? So where's the car then?"

"Call me Leon. I'm on vacation, was anyways. Everybody has been told to
report back to the station."

"Ok Leon, and so we can be on friendly terms my name's Lara. Anyways, I'm
just looking for somebody who was on his way to Raccoon City. If you can
give me a ride to town I'd much appreciate it."

"Not a problem, but a piece of advice. I take it that's your overturned jeep
back there. If you're looking for revenge I'd advised you not to do anything
illegal," Leon said emphasizing illegal.

"Don't worry. I'm just after something he stole from me."

"Uh huh, well after you put the safety on on that thing we can go," Leon said
as he gathered his things and then got back inside the car.

"Well?" He asked as he flung open the passenger side door from inside.

"Fine, let's go," Lara replied flipping on the safety and then getting inside
the car.

"Thank you. I much appreciate it Ms. Croft."

"Croft? How the hell did you know my name?" Lara demanded reaching for her

"Hey hey calm down. I saw it on some papers back at where your jeep was."

"Riiiiiight. Let's just go then." Lara said relaxing a bit.

"Besides, your exploits are well known even in a small town Raccoon City.
My guess is you were chasing the guy who stole the Clock of Ages from you."

"How you know about that?" Lara asked impressed.

"I keep caught up on things around here, even on vacation and it was
indicated that you and whoever it is you're chasing were coming this way.
Once whatever that's going on at the station gets situated we can send
someone out to arrest the guy your after," Leon said as he started up the
Camaro and headed down the road towards Raccoon City.

"Thanks, but I can take care of myself," Lara replied as she counted down to
Dreker's reckoning.

* * *

As the Camaro rode into the city, Lara sighted Dreker's s.u.v. parked near a

"There! Stop there!" Lara commanded Leon.

Leon stomped on the brakes and the car screeched to a halt.

"What is it?"

"That's Dreker's truck! The bastard's in the diner!" Lara scowled as her
eyes narrowed.

"Dreker huh? Look Lara, just don't do anything to get yourself thrown in

"Don't worry about me," Lara said as she jumped out of the car and headed
towards the diner.

"That's what I'm afraid of," Leon commented to himself as he took off.

"That's odd... Nobody's out..." Leon said after driving for a few minutes
seeing nobody.

* * *

"Gross!" Lara gagged as she peaked inside the s.u.v. and a saw a body sitting
in the front passenger seat missing bits and pieces by what looked to be
severe bite marks with blood pooling up around it.

Lara looked around the interior and noticed a shotgun and two pistols still
in working condition along with several clips. She took those and a backpack
that belonged to one of the dead gunmen.

"Why'd Dreker leave the clock here?" Lara wondered as she opened the case
containing the clock and saw that it was still inside. The clock was too
big to carry with her so Lara let it be, got out of the vehicle, and headed
towards the diner entrance.

The window shades were pulled and as she neared the door she could hear
something going on inside.

"What the hell's wrong with you?!? YOU BITE ME YOU BASTARD!" A familiar
male voice screamed inside before shots rang off.

Lara quickly ran inside and saw Thomas Dreker sitting on the floor leaning
against counter clutching his right arm with a gun in his right hand. Slowly
lumbering towards him was a haggard looking man with blood dripping at his
mouth and bloodstains on his clothing. This man though looked like he was
decaying like he was dead, but that would mean he was a zombie and that
couldn't be. Lara then spied two more figures just like the one above
Dreker, but these two were hunched over a dead body feeding off of it like
wild animals.

"Lara help me!" Dreker begged of her seeing her come into the diner.

"No dice Dreker. You tried to kill me," Lara said as she pointed a pistol at
his head.

"No Lara don't! These things aren't you human! They're zombies! You can't
kill them!"

"I can take care of myself," Lara said calmly as she pulled the trigger and a
bullet struck Thomas Dreker in the forehead.

The sound of the gun going off and Dreker's body slumping to the side
attracted the attention of the creature that had walking towards Dreker.

"Now it's your turn," Lara said as she fire off several shots into the
creature's body.

The bullets did nothing but force it to stumble back a few steps.

"What the hell..." Lara thought to herself as the creature refused to die
even after firing several more shots into it.

"Shoot the bastard in the head!" A loud female voice demanded from behind

Lara reloaded her pistol and fired several shots into the being's head before
it finally exploded and the body fell to the floor. The other two "people"
in the room heard the gunfire, got up, and started towards Lara.

Blam! Blam!

Two shots rang out from a shotgun and both creatures fell to the ground with
their heads missing as well.

"What the hell--" Lara started to ask as she turned to face the voice but
instead got a shotgun pointed in her direction.

"Who are you and what are you doing here?" The female demanded from her.

"Who the hell are you?" Lara scowled back quickly upholstering her other
pistol and pointing both back at the female.

"You're in no position to threaten me."

"Neither are you," Lara replied.

After several minutes of silence the woman spoke.

"Claire Redfield. I came looking for my brother, but found these bastards

"Name's Lara Croft. I came looking for this bastard," Lara said pointing at
Dreker, "but one of these things bit him and he stole something valuable from

"Well Lara I won't say anything about you shooting him," Claire said seeing
the bullet hole in his forehead, "as you did do him a favor. He would have
ended up like one of these things."

"Speaking of which, what the hell are these things?"

"They're zombies. Not impossible to kill, but a pain in the ass no less."

"Zombies? Those only exist in movies," Lara said in disbelief.

"Well this is no movie and these things are real. You can thank Umbrella for

"Who's Umbrella?"

"You've got to be kidding me."

"I've was on a dig in Europe and then spent the last week and a half chasing
this bastard," Lara said giving Dreker's body a sharp kick.

"Well if I didn't know better, I would've thought this was all a bad zombie
flick," Claire began as she rattled out a brief history of Umbrella, the
T-Virus, and S.T.A.R.S. Alpha and Bravo teams.

"This is all extremely fucked up," Lara said after mulling over Claire's
story for a few minutes.

"Yeah, and things are fixing to get even crazier I'd say," Claire said as she
looked out the window at a darkening sky.

"Yeah well good luck," Lara said as she headed towards the diner door.

"Where are you going?"

"I've got what I came for, and I'm outta here. Good luck finding you're

"Hey wait a sec--" Claire began before the diner door closed and Lara was
gone. "The police station would be the next stop then," Claire sighed as she
reloaded her shotgun and headed outside.

"Damn it! Who the hell did this???" Claire could hear Lara scream outside.

"Hey! You ok?" Claire asked as she ran outside and joined Lara at the front
of the s.u.v.

"Someone knows we're here and doesn't want us to leave," Lara commented as
she looked over the damaged vehicle. The hood was all smashed up, as was
the engine underneath it making the vehicle no longer an option in leaving
Raccoon City.

"It couldn't be..." Claire began to mutter.

"Couldn't be what?" Lara asked.

"What I didn't tell you about earlier, was when Umbrella was experimenting
with their virus they were also trying to create some sort of super human or
something. It was supposed to have a high threshold of pain and be very hard
to kill. Ironically enough, they named it Tyrant, but anyways from all the
reports that Chris left behind they killed it."

"So you think it did this?"

"If it's alive yes, it's the only thing I can think of that could create this
kind of damage, but like I said it's supposed to be dead. It's possible that
another could have been created, but by who?"

"It couldn't have been him... It's only been half an hour since I last saw
him... Unless it was frozen or something and he just had to release it..."
Lara wondered out loud.

"Couldn't have been who?"

"On my way into town my Jeep crashed and this cop picked me up and gave me a
ride into town. He said Leon Kennedy was his name and that all of Raccoon
City's cops had been told to report back in. He was going to the police
station he said."

"Well then Lara, we're going to the station so you better get ready," Claire
said with a determined look in her eye as she reloaded her shotgun and tossed
a box full of shotgun shells to Lara. "Maybe I can find some info on my
brother there, and then if nothing else we can use his car to get out of

"Do whatever you have to, all I need though is the clock," Lara replied.

"What clock?"

"The one the guy inside died for. Now which way to the station?"

* * *

The town had been eerily quiet and still, but that would make sense if it had
been evacuated and given the current situation and that was probably the case
Leon thought as he pulled into the RCPD parking garage.

Leon got out of the car and started toward the door inside when from behind
another parked car two zombies appeared.

"Freeze!" Leon shouted as the two creatures lumbered towards him gurgling.

"RCPD! Freeze!" Leon commanded the zombies. Ignoring him completely they
continued to stumble towards him.

Seeing no other alternative Leon opened fire on them. The bullets lodged
into their chest and stomach knocking them backwards a few steps. When Leon
stopped shooting they started towards him again.

"Jesus I'm a moron!" He thought to himself as he reloaded his pistol aimed
and shot one zombie in the head splattering it everywhere and then did the
same to the other.

Not wanting to encounter anymore of these things with just a pistol, he
checked several of parked police cars and found a shotgun with a box of ammo
for it and an Uzi with one clip.

"Grrrrr," Leon could hear something growling as he entered the main hall of
the police station.

"So your the bitch that's been killing everyone," Leon commented as he came
upon a Doberman guarding the station's main door. Much like the human's this
dog looked it should be dead, as its body was severely decayed.

"Rrrrar!" the dog barked as leapt at Leon.

"Not tonight," Leon said coolly as he pulled out his shotgun and fired once
at the dog hitting it in the side, it's entrails spilling out through the
massive wound."

"Grrrrrrrrrrr!" Four more Dobermans growled as they appeared from behind a
nearby staircase.

"Oh hell. I guess it was the only mutt killing people," Leon said as he
darted up the staircase with the dogs nipping at his heels. He ran across
the catwalk and tried to open the door to Chief Irons' office, but it was

"Great..." Leon muttered as he turned to face the charging Dobermans. He
pulled out his Uzi and began to open fire on the dogs. All of them got hit
and fell backwards, except one, which leaped at him biting down on his arm
knocking the gun from his hand.

"Shit!" Leon screamed as he fell to the floor with the dog still clamped on
his arm.


The Doberman's grip on his arm released after Leon shot it in the head point
blank with his pistol. Leon picked up his Uzi to get ready for the on
slaught of the three remaining dogs when the previously locked door opened up
and someone dragged him inside the room closing and locking the door behind

"Shit that hurt!" Leon grimaced as he clutched at the bite on his arm.

"It could be worse," A voice Leon recognized said.

"Chief Irons!" Leon said as quickly got up to salute him.

"Bah! There's no need for that now," the chief said with a haggard looked on
his face.

"This'll slow the bleeding," Irons said as he opened a desk drawer, removed a
first-aid kit, and tossed it to Leon.

"What the hell is going on?" Leon asked as he worked on his wound.

"I've got some bad news Leon. Apparently someone in the city continued to
work to develop a new virus and apparently they were successful---"

"And somehow it escaped and infected the city, right?" Leon butted in.


"Where the others?" Leon asked noticing nobody else was in the office and not
having seen any of the other cops in town.

"They didn't make it."

"Damn it!" Leon said in frustration as he finished bandaging his arm.
"What's the plan then?"

"We're not going to do a thing," Chief Irons said as he pointed a loaded
magnum at Leon.

"What the hell are you doing????"

"Helping science go forward, and if you want to leave town alive I suggest
you not make this difficult."

"Helping science?!?!?!? You've killed your own people and destroyed your

"Tsk. Tsk. No need to get angry Leon."

"Aaaaaaah! Help me!" A high-pitched voice screamed emanated from the
office's back room.

"What's that?!?" Leon demanded.

"What's what?" The chief asked non-chalantly.

"Heeeelp!" the voice squealed again.

"Oh... That's nothing." Irons said smiling.

"Bullshit! What the hell are you up to?"

"You ask a lot of questions Office Kennedy, but if you really want to know go
into the back," the chief replied pointing at the backroom's door with the

"Help me! It's hurting me!"

"YOU GOD DAMN SON OF A BITCH!" Leon screamed at the top of his lungs as he
entered the backroom and saw the nude figure of a young girl tied down to a
table. Even more disturbing than that to him was the decrepit zombie
penetrating the cavity between her legs.

Blam! Blam! Blam!

"God damn it Leon!" Chief Irons said getting out of his chair. "You've
ruined everything!"

"Ruined what???"

"We're still looking for an antidote to the virus. As soon as we have it,
people will be forced to pay our price for it if they want to live."

"Bull shit! You're just a sick twisted bastard!" Leon said screaming as he
raised his pistol and pointed it at Chief Irons' forehead.

"I have a magnum you have a pistol. Do you really think you'll win?"

"There's only one way to find out."

"Yes indeed Leon," Irons said as he pressed down on the magnum's trigger.


He pressed down on it again.


Chief Irons' fell to the floor bleeding from the hole in his head.

"You should know better than that. You were the one who said magnum's were
unreliable," Leon said staring down the dead body.

"Help me..." the young girl cried from the other room getting Leon's
attention again.

Leon ran back into the other room and untied the girl.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" The naked girl cried wrapping her arms
around Leon.

"Shh! Shh! Shh!" Leon said trying to calm her while looking around the
room for her clothes.

"Who're you and what're you doing here?

"Mine name is Sherry. Sherry Birkin. It's all my fault this happened..."
Sherry started to whimper.

"I'm Leon Kennedy. I work for the police department, or did anyways," Chris
began. "Look it's not. Chief Irons was a crazy man. No normal person would
let any of this happen," Leon said consoling Sherry.

"Put your clothes back on," he said finding them on a file cabinet and giving
them back to Sherry.

"No I mean the zombies and why everyone's acting crazy. My parents created
all this. They made a virus to make everyone like this, then Umbrella killed
them to get it."

"Then how'd you end up here?"

"My parents didn't know, but I found their science journals, and they said
that the virus can be carried by whoever is infected and be spread by
intercourse. Chief Irons found out about this and wanted to figure out how
the antidote was created, so he got one of the zombies to infect me..."

"And you'll turn into of them soon if we don't find the antidote right?" Leon
asked Sherry.

"Yes, but I know where the antidote is."

"Great! Put your clothes back on and let's go get it," Leon said noticing
Sherry was still nude.

"It's inside you."

"What?" Leon asked confused.

"The virus is spread through intercourse and is killed the same way. The
untainted semen of a man will kill the virus." Sherry said now looking
downward at the floor.

Leon stood there for a moment thinking about what was just said.

Noticing the silence Sherry began.

"I know you wouldn't want me after zombie, but please... I don't want to turn
into one of them..." Sherry began to cry.

"You sure there isn't any other way?"

"None that I know of... If you're worried about me getting pregnant it won't
happen. Your semen and the virus will neutralize each other..."

"Alright then...," Leo said a bit disturbed by the situation. "Let me get
rid of this first..." he said as he grabbed hold of the zombie by the legs
and dragged it into the Chief's office.

When Leon reentered the room, he saw Sherry now sitting on the table she had
previously been tied to. The young girl looked a bit timid and shook up by
the previous events, but at the same time she was very striking and
developing well.

"Damn Leon! Snap out of it!" He thought to himself as snapped back to
reality. "This is not the time or the place. You're only doing this to save

"Le-- Leon? Is everything ok?"

"Yeah yeah. Everything's fine Sherry."

"Please hurry then. I don't want to turn into one of them..." Sherry begged
laying back on the table.

As he stood in front of her, Leon couldn't but help feel sorry for Sherry.

"I'll try not to make this hurt too much," Leon said as he spread Sherry's
legs apart and then unbuttoned and dropped his pants.

"It can't hurt anymore than the Zom.. bie," Sherry moaned as she felt Leon's
cock penetrate her pussy.

"It'll all be over soon..." Leon grunted as he propped her legs over his
shoulders and slowly increased his pace.

"Ow! You're bigger than the zombie..." Sherry grimaced as her insides
swelled with Leon's member.

"Mmph! Sorry..." Leon moaned as he continued thrusting himself in and out
of Sherry.

"Aaaaaaah! Leeeeeeeeon!"

"Hold on Sherry.... You're going to be ok..." Leon gasped as he dove his
hard cock deeper inside of her.

"Leeeeon," Sherry moaned as her body began to feel weird.

"It's almost over Sherry," Leon panted as she continued to probe her vagina
with his cock.

"Oh Leeeeeeeeeon!" Sherry screamed as her young body experienced it's first

"You're safe now Sherry! Your safe!" Leon assured her as he felt the young
girls juices engulf his cock and he could no long hold himself and started to
come inside her small body.

"Oh Leon..." Sherry moaned as she felt his white liquid splatter her insides.

"Hmph... Oh..." Leon panted for a few minutes regaining his composure after
pulling out.

* * *

When both Leon and Sherry finished dressing he reloaded his weapons and
checked his ammunition stash.

"Stay close Sherry. There are more of those zombies out there."

"Ok Leon," Sherry responded as she huddled close to him. "How're we getting
out of here?"

"My car's in the garage. I just hope Lara got out of town safely...."

* * *

"God damn! There everywhere!" Lara screamed as she and Claire ran towards
the police station firing back at the undead Dobermans chasing them.

"Just keep running! We're almost there!" Claire yelled as they reached the
station's front door.

"Huff... Huff... That was close---" Lara began as she bent over to catch her

"Look, you try to find Leon and I'll check the S.T.A.R.S. office to see if I
can find anything on my brother. Meet in the garage in an hour regardless,"
Claire puffed.

"Sure thing, just be careful," Lara warned Claire as she reloaded her

"You bet," Claire replied before heading up the staircase.

Not being familiar with the station's layout tried all the first floor doors
until she found one left unlocked. It was the men's locker and had a foul
stench. There were five dead bodies; two leaning against the lockers, two
on the floor, and one only dressed in a towel bent over one of the benches.
Lara checked the lockers for ammunition and found a box of shotgun shells
and five clips for her pistols.


Lara upholstered her pistols and reloaded as a hissing sound filled the room.
She looked around and saw nothing so she slowly creeped toward a second door
leading out of the locker room.


Lara quickly turned to face the way she had come in, but saw nothing.

"Ssssssssssss! Raaaaaaar!"

A hiss and blood-curdling scream could be heard, before Lara felt something
crash into her body knocking her hard into a locker. The sharp pain in her
side stunned Lara momentarily before she drew her guns again and quickly got
up. She looked up at the ceiling this time and saw a scaly four-legged
creature crawling around on the ceiling. Lara fired several shots at it,
but the creature was too fast and was able to dodge the bullets even hanging
upside-down. When Lara stopped to reload, the creature lunged at her again,
but Lara saw it coming and was able to side step it in time. It crashed
into the lockers, but quickly got up. Lara fired off several more shots and
the creature scurried across the floor deftly dodging the bullets.

"Aaaaaah!" Lara screamed in pain as the creature's pointed tongued lashed
out at her piercing her arm.

Lara dropped both guns as a sharp stinging pain pulsed through her whole body
this time and she clutched at her wounded arm. Lara started to reach down to
pick up her pistol when she suddenly started to feel very dizzy. After a few
minutes Lara feel to the floor and passed out.

* * *

"Lara... Lara... You ok?"

Lara could her a faint voice in the background and someone shaking her body.
She slowly opened her eyes and the face of Claire came into view.

"What... What happened?" Lara asked her as she sat herself up with the help
of Claire.

"You tell me. I found what I was looking for," Claire began as she shook a
manila folder in her hand. "When you didn't show up in the garage, I decided
to look for you just in case you were alive. That's a pretty nasty wound you
have there, what happened?"

"I don't know. Something was crawling around on the ceiling, and when I tried
to shoot it, it dodged my shots easily. Anyways, its tongue shot out of its
mouth and pierced my skin and I passed out soon afterwards."

"You're damn lucky then. That was a Licker and something must have scared it
away, because those things don't let too many victims live."

"Thanks then I owe you one," Lara said leaning over and kissing Claire on the

Lara quickly drew back surprised by what she just did.

"Uh. Sorry, I don't know what came over me just now." Lara apologized.

"Don't worry about it, the toxin from a Licker's tongue has been reported to
be a bit of an aphrodisiac. It's all in this folder," Claire said waving the
folder around again.

"But even if you hadn't been pierced, I'd still want to make out with you,"
Claire said as she pressed her lips to Lara's. "I know all about you and
your adventures, including why you're in a god forsaken place like this. I
think you're a hot sexy thing."

"Uh Claire. What're you doing?" Lara asked as she attempted to scoot away
from Claire.

"Come on Lara don't run from me. I want you, I need you," Claire said before
kissing Lara again this time take her hand and feeling Lara up and down her
front side.

"What if more zombies or Lickers find us?" Lara asked nervously still trying
to get away, but feeling herself start to get wet.

"Shh. They won't come, we're safe in here." Claire said as she placed one
of her fingers to Lara's lips. Claire stood up, then helped Lara to her

"We're both wearing red, you know this is right," Claire said as she
unbuttoned her clothes and dropped them to the floor standing completely nude
in front of Lara.

Lara began to get a bit dizzy and then sat down on one of the benches.

"Oh Claire help me..." Lara whispered as she unbuttoned her jeans, reached
down and began rubbing her clit through her panties. "The toxin is starting
to take effect..."

"Here, let's start with these," Claire said smiling as she removed Lara's
shirt and bra and watched her breasts bounce back into place. "God those
are huge, I wish I had breasts like that."

Feeling the toxin start to take full effect Lara stood up.

"Your tits are pretty nice too you know," Lara said squeezing Claire's
breasts before gently pinching the nipples.

"You're too kind Lara Croft," Claire said playfully as she took hold of
Lara's face in her left hand and kissed her on the lips slipping her some
tongue and with right hand reached down Lara's pants and began to rub the
wet area where Lara had left off.

"Oh god Claire." Lara moaned as she felt the sensation Claire was creating.

"Good good. Things would be so much easier without these too," Claire said
smiling as she pulled down Lara's pants and panties exposing her curvy rear
and bushy front. "Now lay down on the mat."

"Where'd the mat come from?" Lara asked positive it wasn't there before.

"Shhh! Just lay down."

Lara did so and without being asked spread her legs too. Claire wasn't far
behind as she was quickly on her hands and knees with her face between Lara's

"Mmmmmmmm." Lara moaned as her body shook with excitement as Claire's tongue
traced the opening to Lara's inside.

"That's what I like to hear," Claire said egging Lara on. "Here's something
you'll really like."

Claire used her fingers spread open Lara's pussy and squirted her tongue

"Claaaaaaaaaire!" Lara screamed as she could feel her wet tongue probe her
vaginal cavity.

"Hehehe," Claire grinned as she inserted two fingers inside Lara's sweet
smelling cavity and started to probe them in and out.

"It's not fair Claire." Lara moaned as she felt the fingers pumping in and
out and Claire's tongue working it's way around them.

Feeling her body tremble Lara reached down and began to rub her clit to
help out Claire. Lara felt her orgasm start to develop so she began to push
herself down hard on Claire's still penetrating fingers.

"I'm fixing to come Claire!" Lara groaned as she continued to rub herself
and bounce up and down on Claire's fingers.

"Do it baby! Do it!" Claire commanded Lara as she took one final thrust
with her hand and shoved three fingers as deep inside her as she could.

"Claaaaaaaaaaaaaaaire!" Lara screamed once more as she felt her body tremble
with orgasm and her fluids began to flow covering Claire's hand.

Lara laid flat on the mat catching her breath while Claire began to lick her
fingers clean.

"Mmmmmmm. You taste good Lara dear," Claire teased Lara as she continued to
lick her fingers.

"Hehe, um thanks I think."

"You're most welcome sweetie."

"It's my turn to pleasure you now."

"Don't worry about it. Just sit there and watch," Claire said devishly as
she withdrew a nightstick from a nearby locker.

"This nightstick is at least eight inches long and two inches wide. You ever
have a cock this big Lara?" Claire asked as she teased her pussy with the
tip of the nightstick."

"No. No I haven't." Lara said in amazement as Claire slipped almost the
entire nightstick inside.

"Mmmmmmmmm.. Cock's are so nice when they can fill you up like this.."
Claire moaned as she plunged the stick in and out of her.

Starting to get wet watching Claire, Lara reached down and began to finger

"Oooooooh." Lara groaned as she felt herself getting wet again.

"Mmmmm. hehehe. You are one horny girl," Claire teased Lara as she continued
to thrust the nightstick in and out of her vaginal hole and increased her
pace at that.

"You're making me feel sooooooo goooood. I can't. help it.." Lara grunted
as her fingering increased.

"Good. Maybe we should get together once we escape." Claire said as she
continued pounding the nightstick inside herself.

"Oh god! I'm coming again!" Lara screamed as she dug her fingers deep
inside herself one more time as a second orgasm pulsated through her body.

"Fuck me Lara! Fuck me!" Claire screamed in ecstasy as shoved the
nightstick in one last time and started coming all over it and the mat.

After a few minutes of both women laying on the mat, Lara crawled over to
Claire and pulled the nightstick out of Claire's pussy.

"You know Claire, you're one tasty girl yourself," Lara said smiling at her
as she licked the nightstick up and down cleaning off Claire's fluids.

"Mmmm... Thank you my sweet dear, but I have something to tell you."

"Yeah what's that?"

"I'm not a girl at all," Claire said.

"Yeah right, what're you talking about?" Lara asked laughing.

Lara stopped laughing once Claire transformed from human to Licker.

"Oh shit." Lara whispered looking around for her guns but finding none of

Lara quickly got up and ran for the door.

"Raaaaaaaaaaaar!" The Licker screamed as it lunged at Lara.

"Nooooooooooooo!" Lara screamed as it came towards her.

* * *

"Nooooooooooooo!" Lara woke up screaming.

"Calm down Lara! Calm down!" A familiar female voice reassured her. "It
was just a nightmare."

"Where am I?" Lara asked trying to regain her bearings.

"We're on our way out of Raccoon City," A familiar male voice replied.

"The White House order this town blown up to get rid of all the zombies and
what not. Two missiles are on the way was we speak."

After clearing her head Lara recognized that she was now in the front
passenger seat of Leon's car. Leon was driving and Claire was in the back
seat with a sleeping young girl.

"Who's she?" Lara asked.

"Sherry Birkin. Her parent's are responsible for what happened her. They're
dead along with everyone else. She's been through some pretty traumatic

"Oh." Lara thought mulling over things. "How'd I get here then?"

"Sherry and I ran into Claire in the station's parking garage. This was
after we heard about the missiles over one of the radios in the S.T.A.R.S.
office. We did a quick search and were about to give up when Claire found
an unlocked door leading to the locker room where we found you passed out
on the floor. Claire bandaged your wound, and then I carried you to the
car," Leon explained.

"What's going to happen now?" Lara asked.

"My brother went to one of Umbrella's facilities in Europe, so I'm going
after him. Leon's going to let Sherry stay with him for the time being,"
Claire responded. "What about you?"

"I'm not sure. The client will be disappointed since the clock's going to
be destroyed, but there's not much we can do I guess. I've got other
assignment's though."

"Ah the clock," Leon began. "It' seemed important so I stopped on our way
out and it's sitting in the trunk."

"You're a real sweetie Leon," Lara said smiling as she leaned over and kissed
him on the cheek.

"Hey now, I saved you ass from the zombies in the diner," Claire butted in.

"That you did. You want a kiss to?" Lara teased Claire.

"Naw, that' s ok," Claire said. "I just wanted to make sure you remembered
that I saved your life and Leon just carried a clock to his car. It's not
like he saved you from someone who was beating you with a nightstick or

"What the." Lara began as she looked into the backseat at Claire.

Claire sat there with a smile on her face and she winked at Lara when she
looked back. Lara just turned back around slouched down into the seat
smiling to herself as the Camaro raced down the road and away from Raccoon

The End


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