Resident Evil: Where's Wesker? (MMF,nc-cons)

"Yes, I'm here to see Albert Wesker, please." the pretty redhead said,
approaching the front desk.

The secretary was quiet for some time, not even glancing up at the waiting
girl. "Take this pass." she finally mumbled, making no secret of her
disinterest. Sliding a blue idetification card across the counter, he
continued on. "Go through the door on your right and keep going around the
building. Once you reach the stairs, go up and take it to the end of the
hallway. The STARS office is right there. You can't miss it."

"Thank you." the girl replied, quickly swiping her pass. She walked briskly
across the main hallway and into the aforementioned door. "This is so
exciting!" she thought, hardly able to stand the anticipation.

Rebecca Chambers had been a member of her local police department for only
a year when she found herself the center of attention, holding a promotion
to the prestigious STARS special forces in nearby Raccoon City. Her fellow
female officers of course, had a pretty good idea why such an inexperienced
girl was being called to such a demanding position, but Rebecca refused to
listen to them. She was quite naive, thinking it was her commitment to duty
and hard work that had earned her the position.

* * *

"So, there's nothing more to do today?" asked Chris Redfield.

Wesker smiled from across his desk. "One of the Umbrella research facilities
is complaining about someone sabotaging their equipment, but it's too late to
do anything about that until next week."

"Do you mind if we..." Chris replied quickly.

"Go home early?" finished Wesker. He laughed loudly. "Sure you can." He
waved his arm in front of him, dismissing his subordinate. Chris
immediately started for the door, eager to get a headstart on his weekend.
"But I wouldn't recommend it..." trailed Wesker.

"What do you mean?" queried the other officer.

"I have someone coming." he continued. "A new trainee. FRESH." He said that
last word with a tone that make Chris' ears perk up.

"On a Friday afternoon?" Chris asked incredulously.

"I wanted to... break her in." Wesker snickered. "Before the week starts."
Chris smiled at the joke.

Sensing his partner warming to the conversation, Wesker continued on. "Well,
she's got these great tits," he said, approximating the size on his own
chest. "And her lips... God... what I wouldn't give..." Chris' eyes widened
at the mental picture his boss was painting.

"So when does she get here?" The younger officer blurted out, his excitement

"Oh..." Wesker sighed, checking his watch. "It shouldn't be long now." As
if his words were prophetic, a low knock rattled the door that led to the
hallway. "Come in," Wesker announced in a very suave voice.

The familiar sound of the card reader granting access echoed through the old,
wooden room. The door opened with a creak, and Chris got his first glance at
the young woman he'd been thinking about for the past five minutes. Her dark
red hair was tied with a green ribbon in a neat ponytail behind her head.
Further down, he was disappointed to see she was wearing a white tank top
over her green jumpsuit. The double layer of clothing clearly muffled the
display of what was very obviously an amazing rack.

Without the slightest hint of what she was doing to these poor boys, Rebecca
sauntered over to the desk, swaying her hips unconsciously as a nervous
reflex. Chris noticed. As this was a casual report, he had been sitting in
Wesker's desk while the two were talking. Now, he was struggling to remain
in a seated position while he stared transfixed at this wondrous beauty.

Rebecca, however, was focusing solely on her new boss, trying her hardest to
maintain a professiona air. Extending a hand across the desk, she greeted him
with a warm smile. "Hi!" she said jovially. "I'm Rebecca. Rebecca Chambers."

"Nice to have you aboard," Wesker said charmingly. Rebecca emitted a tiny
squeak, and the three STARS members all chuckled in unison.

"Sorry sir," Rebecca apologized. "I'm just so excited that I'll be working

"Nothing to worry about, dear." replied Wesker in a soothing tone. "In fact,
we have a little ceremony to kind of calm you down a bit. Make you part of
the team."

"Oh?" inquired Rebecca, wondering what sort of initiation she was going to
have to endure.

"Yeah Wes," added Chris, suddenly becoming more informal. "What do you mean?"

Leaning over, Wesker jabbed Chris quickly in the ribs, flashing an uneasy
grin to Rebecca so he didn't seem crazy. "You know..." growled Wesker through
clenched teeth. Getting the idea, Chris quickly muttered approval and nodded

"So what do I have to do?" interrupted Rebecca with a puzzled look.

Wesker's expression changed immediately to one of happiness. "Have a drink!"
he cried out, reaching into his bottom drawer and pulling out an opened
bottle of whiskey. Chris' stunned reaction went unnoticed by the others.

Rebecca stood on in shock and her boss procured three large glasses and set
them in front of the group. In a flash, he spun the cap off the bottle,
letting it sail across the room and land in a pile of paperwork. His agile
hands whisked the brown liquid into all three glasses, with only a tiny bit
in Rebecca's. Just as quickly, the bottle was back on the table, with not a
drop spilled.

"Bottoms up!" smiled Wesker as he toasted to the air before swallowing the
contents of his glass.

Chris, meanwhile, was still staring at his own. "Jesus!" he thought, eyeing
the glass. "That's a regular glass. There's gotta be at least three shots
worth in there!" Wesker looked at him insistently as he pondered what he was
about to do. "Fuck it." he reasoned. "If he wants me to drink, then hell.
That's exactly what I'll do." Nearly choking from the amount of alcohol, he
managed to down all of it before slamming his glass down in a motion of

Meanwhile, Rebecca was looking on in trepidation. She'd always stayed away
from alcohol for fear of doing something she might regret lest she indulge
too much. She desperately wanted to fit in quickly for this new position,
and would feel rude turning down Wesker's offer. "Besides..." she thought.
"They only gave me a little bit. As long as I don't overdo it, everything
will be allright."

Putting the glass to her lips, she slowly let the bitter fluid flow into her
mouth. Instantly, her body rejected the harsh taste and she ejected it all,
spilling the whiskey all over her shirt. Wesker laughed playfully at the
sight. "Your first taste, huh?" he commented, standing up. Rebecca stood
there, too embarassed to move. She didn't even notice Wesker's lame excuse
to cop as feel as he brushed the spreading stain on her shirt. "Now you're
all wet." he added. "You should take that shirt off before you catch a cold."
Without thinking, Rebecca complied, her mind blurred half from the taste in
her mouth and half from the shock of what just happened. Stretching the loose
garment over her head, she let it drop limply on the desk.

Although her green jumpsuit was quite thick, both Wesker and Chris were now
getting a clear view of her bountiful chest. It was all Wesker could do to
prevent himself from stripping off her clothes right then and giving it to
her hard on floor. Sitting down again, he patted his groin. "Patience..." he
thought to himself.

To get everyone moving again, Wesker quickly refilled everyone's glass,
with a little twist. This time, Rebecca's glass was raised to the brim,
while the men only got a drop in their own. Eager to make up for her
previous clutziness, Rebecca steeled herself and chugged the entire drink
down. Grinning broadly, she slammed her glass down just as Chris did, now
quite buzzed. The other officers quickly smallowed their meager servings
and smiled.

* * *

Time passed, with the trio law enforcement swapping stories while Wesker fed
his new recruit a steady supply of alcohol. It wasn't long before the petite
girl was swaying precariously in front of them, waving her glass in the air
as she continued her story.

"So there I was," she slurred. "TOTALLY naked. And I had my baton... down
there, you know? Because sometimes you just need to let off a little bit,

"It's only natural." replied Wesker. "But please, continue."

"Yeah yeah yeah," she interrupted. "And my Lieutenant comes in. But he wasn't
mad or anything. He just smiled and closed the door. At first I tried to
cover myself up, but he told me not to. Said if I was going to tease him like
that, I had to help him out. I was real scared when he unzipped his pants,
but it wasn't that bad really."

"You gave him a blowjob?" interjected Chris.

"Oh, the best!" exclaimed Rebecca. "I tried really hard to make it good."

"Did you... swallow?" asked Wesker intently, hoping to hear the right answer.

"I would've," she replied nonchalantly. "but he just wanted to shoot it over
my face." She laughed for a moment. "I had to go through his secret back door
to get to the female showers so no one would see me wash it off. That's odd,
right? A door right from the Lieutenant's room to the showers?"

"I think we'll all have to take a visit to her old precinct!" roared Chris,
getting into the spirit. Wesker smiled throughfully, while Rebecca mimicked
Chris, totally unsure of what was so funny, but compelled to do so

"I worked hard after that," she continued. "Though not really 'official'
police work. Everyone was always fucking me or getting me to suck them off.
It was too much. The lieutenant had to limit everyone to one screw per day,
but he always got the first and last one."

"Geez." muttered Chris. "So how many times did you... do it?"

Spinning back and forth on one foot, Rebecca thought about it. "At least

"Per DAY?" Chris exclaimed, imagining this poor girl having to fulfill the
sexual needs of an entire police department on a daily basis.

"Yeah," she said with a devilish grin. "Something like that. Oh, they made
me do everything. If it was a busy day and the guys all got off duty at the
same time, sometimes I had to do three guys at once while the rest waited in
line. Even some of the other girls got in on the action. And if the prisoners
had money for the Lieutenant, I usually had to let them have me, too."

"And you put up with all of this?" Wesker asked incredulously, not
believing how deep this really ran. He knew when he bribed the chief at her
old precinct to allow her to transfer here that she had a reputation, but
nothing like this!

"Well, yeah." Rebecca replied with a charming smile. "I felt it was the right
thing to do. I was never really good at policework anyway, and all those big,
strong men deserved it. Besides, I really like it..." Her voice trailed off
as she lost herself in memories.

Suddenly, though, she felt very dizzy. Without realizing it, she had been
talking so fast the reflex to breathe had completely slipped her mind!
Raising her hand to her forehead, she started panting. In her confusion,
she loosened the grip on her glass, which dropped to the floor with a
brilliant shatter, spilling what little liquid remained onto the tile floor.

As a tiger which had been waiting to pounce, Wesker stood up and darted
around his desk, catching the redhead in his arms before she could collapse
on the floor. He gently coaxed the girl into a lying down position on the
desk, where she promptly let her dangling feet splay apart lewdly.

Grinning widely, he turned to Chris, who was staring on in amazement. "It's
time!" he cackled.

"Oh no!" whispered Rebecca quietly, thinking out loud. "Are you going to do
me now?"

Looking away from her displayed assets, Wesker leaned in close to her.
"We're going to do more than that, honey. We're going to fuck you until you
explode!" A big smile on her face, she stared at the ceiling and moaned

A step ahead of his superior, Chris was already beginning to unzip the green
jumpsuit that had been a thorn in their side for too long now. Wesker helped,
lifting the prone girl up while Chris slid the material off from her feet,
yanking her shoes and socks off in his earnest. Both of them could feel the
hear emanating from her body that the thick, wollen fabric had accumulated.
Her smooth, peach skin was coated with sweat, and shined in a most erotic

But even as he stared at her delicate pink panties, knowing the thin garment
was all that seperated her vagina from his gaze, doubt began gnawing at his
mind. "Are you sure we should do this?" he asked, looking up at Wesker.

The senior was already locked in a passionate kiss with Rebecca, whose arms
were flailing wildly in confusion. He broke it off regretfully, sensing his
partner's resolve failing. Reaching over, he slipped a hand into the girl's
panties, his expert fingers finding their target quickly.

Immediately the redhead arched her back as she felt indescribable pleasure
wash through her. "Ah, ah, oh God!" she grunted, rasing her head to see
what was happening to her. Her lips were red and puffy, no doubt from the
exhaustive lock they'd just shared with Wesker's.

The STARS leader ceased his ministrations, waiting for a response. As
expected, Rebecca quickly protested. "No, please!" she begged. "Don't stop!"
Grabbing his arm, she tried to force it back into her steamy quim, her big,
green eyes pleading with him to keep going.

Turning his attention back to her sweet lips, Wesker motioned behind him to
Chris. "See, she loves it. Now go and knock yourself out." Unzipping his
pants, he tilted her head to the side and shoved his member inside her mouth
before she could react. Her eyes flashed wide open in surprise, reflexively
trying to protest. Only a soft "Mmmph!" escaped her, though.

Given the needed okay to proceed, Chris wasted no time in releiving this
beauty of her panties, sliding them quickly off and tossing the damp clothing
aside. Her pussy was truly a spectacular sight. It was surrounded by a thin
frame of light red hair, proof she was a "true redhead." Moving in for a
closer look, he could see her inner thighs quivering slightly from being
exposed to the air. She was also nearly dripping from the magical, glistening
center of her pink flower. Wesker had done his job getting her ready, and
Chris was anxious to get started. Grabbing the desk with both hands, he
steeled himself for the awesome fuck he was about to get.

Rebecca had felt the last barrier to her pussy slide off her legs, but she
was powerless to resist even if she wanted to. Her head being turned so she
could swallow Wesker's cock, it simply wasn't possible to see what was
happening to her down below until it was too late. She felt the familiar
tingle as her other pair of lips opened wide to delightedly accept another
invading shaft. Her eyes fluttered briefly as Chris' member slowly made its
way inside. When it was finally nestled as deep as it could go, she let out
a deep moan, muffled by the penis thrusting repeatedly into her mouth.

"Holy Shit!" panted Chris as he let Rebecca's smooth vise-like tunnel engulf
him. She was still so tight and warm, it was hard to imagine so many cocks
had been inside of her already. He thrust easily in and out in unison with
her erotic moans, watching her puffy folds bulge outwards to accompany him.
She was warming quickly to her surprise fuck, grinding her hips in earnest
with his. She might have looked all sweet and innocent, but once her juices
started flowing, there was no stopping her insatiable sexual hunger!

He decided to indulge the prone maiden, and reached for the last remaining
stitch of clothing the girl still wore. Her pink satin bra heaved mightily
with her concealed breasts underneath, begging to release them into the
world. Oblingling happily, Chris grabbed the small band between the cups and
tugged quickly, snapping the delicate clasp. Sensing what Chris was doing,
Rebecca lowered her arms briefly, allowing her lover to slide the now useless
material off before it fell to the floor. Now that she had something to do
with her idle hands, she let her fingers dive into her flesh, kneading the
soft mounds with her palms while her fingers probed her sentitive nipples.

Wesker eyed her bountiful breasts lustfully, knowing he couldn't hold out
much longer. His eyes roamed over her pink nubs, dancing shamelessly as two
cocks rocked their owner's body. "Better go for broke now and enjoy it..."
he thought, reaching the young girl's red locks. He had long stopped any
motion of his own, simply standing there while Rebecca strived her best to
please him. Gently, he let his hands run through her hair, allowing her to
become accustomed to his touch. Then, ever so slightly, he applied pressure
to the back of her head, forcing more and more of himself into her.

Frantically, Rebecca tried to slow down as she felt him enter her throat,
but it was no use. Wesker was too strong for her, and soon she could feel
her lips smacking the hilt on each suck as she deep throated him. The
displeasure quickly passed as she got used to the feeling, and in no time
she was back in full force, letting her tongue ripple along the invader's

Meanwhile, Chris was still happily pumping away inside her wet passage, the
pink gash emitting a slight *squish* every time he slammed into her. The
warmth generated by his pistoning was incredible, and he could feel himself
ready to lose it. Wesker, as usual though, was a step ahead of him.

With a mighty roar, he gripped Rebecca's head even harder as he came,
insisting she keep going to the end. Her eyes wide as saucers, her throat
worked desperately to swallow the immense load while she moaned from the
fire in her pussy. Just as she felt her burning cheeks about to explode
from the frantic face-fucking, Wesker pulled out, utterly spent. The quick
respite was all she needed to redouble her strength, and while her boss
stood there reeling from his orgasm, Rebecca tilted her head over and
wrapper her lips around the tip of his penis for one final suck, cleaning
him off and draining the last bit of his fluid. This final act of please
was too much for Wesker's sensitive member, and he collapsed backward into
a stack of papers, more content then he could remember being in a lone

But Rebecca, however, was quite ready to continue her lovemaking session,
for all that was merely a prelude to her own climax. She sat up, getting her
first look at Chris' steady incursions into her love-starved vagina. "God,
that looks sexy..." she thought, admiring the slick piston and it repeatedly
entered her. "But it's not doing enough for me..."

Realizing her lips were finally free to do something so pedestrian as to
speak, she made use of them. "Can't you fuck me any harder?" she pled
innocently, looking exactly the opposite as Chris' thrusts racked her body.

"Ugh!" Chris grunted, speeding up the pace a little. "I'm going as fast as
I can!"

"Let me help you then," she whispered seductively. She lifted up her legs,
wrapping them around her lover's lower back. Then, with each stroke, she
pulled him into her hard, much to her own delight. "Mmmph! Mmmph!" she
cried. "Oh yeah, that's much better! One hand had drifted from her soft
mounds and was furiously fingering the small nub at the top of her inviting

Knewing he could last only a little longer, Chris had to go all out. Rebecca
was too involved in her clit-rubbing to help, so he uncoupled her legs from
behind him and raised them up so they were pointed at the ceiling, resting
on his shoulders. Her tunnel was now at an ideal position for both of them,
and he slammed into her as deep as physically possible, giving untold levels
of ecstasy to his partner.

Rebecca wailed at a banshee at Chris finally reached all the way inside her,
writing eroticly as the pleasure built up. "Oh, that's it!" she moaned. "Keep
going... I think I'm going to... come soon!"

A final grunt was Chris' response as he finally succumed to the feelings and
let loose. After all his holding back, his orgasm flew like a torrent through
his shaft, splattering widely all over Rebecca's insides, only to flow out
seconds later to make room for him as he entered her again.

Luckily, the warmness entering her was just what Rebecca needed to come
herself. The sensations flared up surprisingly quick, astounding her with
their ferocity. She lost all conscious though as her mouth gaped open,
letting loose an ungodly amount of expletives and dirty utterances. Her
crotch was pulsating wildly as she came, flooding her slippery canal with
telltale juices.

When it was all over, she looked down at her flushed body in amazement. "Oh,
yeah..." she sighed, looking at Chris who was still embedded in her. "That
was *really* good." She let her head drop back, lost in the afterglow.

Chris slowly slid out of his mate, watching as her sticky fluids seeped out
slowly, clinging to his softening cock and dripping onto the floor.

"I think we have a keeper!" chimed Wesker from the corner.

Rebecca and Chris could only smile at the anticipation of doing this each
and every day from now on.

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