Disclaimer: These are fictional characters and therefore cant' get offended at anything I write about them so bugger off

Note: This takes place shortly before the girls meet the boys. Little Rock's real name is not revealed in the movie but since it's silly that the two sisters would call each other by code names when they were alone I decided to name her Zooey. Khrista is Wichita's canon name.

Note: in case you're wondering the scene at the radio station is loosely based on one at the beginning of Resident Evil 2 which is why I listed it as a crossover.

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Genre: Action

Codes: No sex (Don't worry, there will be in sequels), viol

Resident Evil 2/Zombieland: Part 1
by Tricksterson

"Khrista, I found something!" Zooey had been playing with the car radio as they drove through Arizona, on their way to Los Angeles.

"Yes, I can hear that," her sister said. "Now shh, and lets listen."

The voice was young, male and had an edge of hysteria to it. "Anyone out there? My name's Tommy Joe Bristol. I am...was an assistant here at OSG here in Pahuska and...and I'm the only one left." There was a pause and then Tommy continued, "If anyone's hearing me I'm at...," and a series of direction on how to reach his staion from various directions followed.

"Anyway, I don't got much to do so I'll be be back in about an hour."

Zooey looked at her older sister. "What do you think?"

Thinking was precisely what Khrista was doing. They had a car and she had a gun, even if it was only a .32 but they were running low on food and gas. Besides, even though the two of them were used to being on their own they'd never been *this* alone. It had been over a month since they had met anyone not trying to claw their faces off. She loved her sister more than anything else on earth but she had to admit, even if only to her self, that it had been nice to hear a human voice besides Zooey's.

"Yeah, but let's be careful okay?"

"When aren't we?"

* * *

It took them two hours to get there during which the message repeated once, with enough minor variations for them to know that it wasn't a recording.

When they got there the first thing they noticed was a toweingr cross that would have been lit up in neon on top of tthe station next to its broadcast tower which it was almost as big as. When it was on it would have drawn every zombie for miles. The parking lot had the usual assortment of abandoned vehicles plus an RV that really didn't fit.

Caustiously, Zooey behind her, gun in hand Khrista aproached the RV and knocked. Then knocked again. When there was no answer they checked the door and when they found it locked Zooey picked it while Khrista stood guard. Inside they didn't find anything worth stealing but they did notice that more than one person had been living here.

"Three or four, I think," Zooey said. "And one of them was a woman. A really fat one." The other thing they had found, not a big surprise considering the cross, were lots of religious pamphets, including some by Jack Chick.

"So he lied about being alone."

"He might be alone now."

"We're still getting out of here," Zooey opened her mouth but whether it was to argue or agree would never be known because just then an arm snuck through the door and threw in a canister that started spraying tear gas. Panicked the two girls rushed out only to be hit by tasers.

* * *

Zooey woke up with her hands manacled. The good thing was that they were manacled in front of her. Obviously whoever had done this were amateurs.

The bad thing was Khrista was missing. She heard sounds of rough laughter coming from beyond the door of the room she was in. She looked around, it seemed to be a janiitor's closet.

First things first. They had found the lockpicks she kept in her purse but not the one she kept in her hair. She bent over so that it flopped in front of her face and gave it a vigorous shake, dropping the pick onto the floor. After that it wasn't long before she was free. Whoever had captured them had been smart enough to lock the door but that too succumbed to her pick rather quickly.

An outside observer would have thought she had nerves of steel but they would have been wrong inside she was shaking and whimpering for her sister and even a little for the parents she'd barely known. She took a deep breath and pressed her ear to the door. Hearing nothing she opened it slowly and peeked out. Not seeing anything she let her breath out and stepped into the corridor.

Once outside she did hear sounds. Laughter and screams. Khrista's screams. She started trembling in fear both for her sister and herself. She'd never known Khrista to be afraid of anything. Cautiously and looking futilely for something to use as a weapon she moved towards the noise.

Then she stopped and went back to the janitor's closet she'd been in. She looked in there and found a bottle of bleach and a box cutter.

She was just about to leave again when she heard footsteps. And a voice, a male voice.

"Didja like that baby?" There was a pause as he waited for a reply, then Zooey could hear someone being pulled and slammed into a wall.

"I *said* did you like being dangled over the zombie pit?" The little girl heard a muffled whimper that she knew was her sister but still had trouble believing. Khrista never whimpered. But then she'd never screamed before, except as part of a scam to make some guy feel manly and protective either.

"If you think that was a good time, wait until you see what me and Gus have planned for you and your cute little sis. We'll have us a good ol' time." They had reached the closet now and he opened the door to recieve a faceful of bleach.

"Ahhh! Fuck!," he screamed, then screamed some more when Zooey slashed his face.

"Bitch!," he yelled and swung wildly. Unfortunately it connected. Zooey slammed against the wall, giving him time to wipe his eyes clear. Khrista grabbed him by the arm and sank her teeth into his shoulder, then she too got knocked away. However the distraction let Zooey run up and punch him in the balls. As he curled up moaning the sisters grabbed each other by the hand and ran through what seemed like a maze, sirrounded by yells as their captors took up pursuit.

Finally they reached what looked like the hall to the exit. Just before the reached the door a thin, greasy looking kid, looking somewhere between Zooey and Khrista in age slipped out in front of them carrying a leather wrapped club. Unfortunately for him he was close enough for Krista to kick in the kneecap and Zooey to slice across his throat with her stolen box cutter. She never knew if the slice was deep enough to kill him but it looked bloody. They pushed him aside and to the floor and fled out the door.

"Where'sthecar? Where'sthecar?," Khrista asked, clearly inches away from a breakdown. Neither of them could see the car they had come in but they saw a beat up Range Rover and headed towards it. Both of them knew how to hotwire a car with their eyes closed but would they have time?

Turned out the keys were in the igniition.

"Idiots," said Zooey

"Not really," replied her sister. " I mean, who's around to go stealing cars"

"Us," Zooey said back, then giggled.

Unfortunately things weren't quite done yet. As they pulled away a great hog of a woman came out from a side street with a shotgun and unloaded on them. Neither of the girls were hurt but small holes peppered the car.

* * *

A little over an hour later the engine gave out. Zooey immediately looked behind them.

"I don't think they followed us."

"Good. Listen," Khrista said as she reached out and stroked her sisters hair. "From now on we have one absolute rule. 'Don't trust anyone but each other'. Ever."

"I thought that was our rule already," Zooey said as she snuggled into Khrista's arms.

"Yeah but after this we have to double up on it. No matter how nice they might seem or how lonely we get, it's just us. Now and forever. " She kissed her sister on the forehead. "I can't lose you."

"I know," Zooey said softly, her small hands coming up to hold her older sister face. "I love you Khris."

"Me too." For a second thoughts ran through Khrista's head than had never been there before, at least not on the surface. Zooey's lips were so close, so soft, so...inviting. Then she shook then off. 'Jesus Christ, she's your *sister*!,' she thought to herself.

In order to change the subject she said, "Let's get walking. I think I see a building up ahead."

They started walking and when they got close enough to see that it was a mini-mart heard sounds of fighting.

"People," Zooey said.

"Remember our rule," Khrista said sternly. her sister nodded. "But we can use whatever weapons and vehicle they have."

"So what's the plan?"

"I'll think of something by the time I pick the lock on the warehouse door."

And she did and if you saw the movie you know what it was.

To be continued...


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