Disclaimer: I have zero rights to the Resident Evil series or any characters
mentioned within..

Rating: NC-17 with M/F. Female in control but I don't think I would
characterize it as Fem-Dom

Storyarc: Occurs after the game ends, is in reference to Ashley coming on to
Leon and getting turned down.

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Resident Evil 4: Walk in the Woods
by Archer

"No!" Leon said firmly as he walked down the wooded path.

"Oh come on Leon," Ashley whined as she followed him. "Why not?"

"Because that isn't what I came here to do," Leon said trying to ignore her.

"Leon!" Ashley yelled at him, finally getting him to stop. "Why the hell
won't you fuck me!?"

Leon sighed as he turned to look at Ashley. They had just got off the jet
ski a little bit ago and her wet clothing clung to her body and Leon had to
remind himself not to stare. "It just isn't going to happen."

"Why not?" Ashley demanded. "I am pulling rank here."

Leon sighed turning himself away again. "Ashley, you are the daughter of the
President, you don't actually have any rank. Have you considered maybe I just
don't want to?"

"Like hell you don't," Ashley snorted, she was well aware that men found her
highly desirable. "Well, maybe you are gay."

"What, of course I am not gay," Leon said as he spun back around to face her

Ashley smiled, another thing she knew about men was threating their sexuality
was a sure way to get them to go against their other wishes. "Well I should
of guessed, you did look up my skirt a lot."

"I did not!" Leon defended but Ashley shot him a determined look. "Well, yeah
I guess I did. But that base was just filled with high places and that skirt
is so damn short."

Once again Ashley smiled, if she had him talking about her short skirt things
were going in the right direction. "So we have determined you are interested,
so why not?"

"I could lose my job," Leon replied simply as he shrugged.

"It isn't like I will tell anyone, and I doubt you worry about that," Ashley
told him. "Come on, I'll put in a good word for you if you do."

"And if I don't?"

"Well, I will still put a good word in for you, just if you do I will put a
really really good word in for you."

Leon paused as he thought about it, trying to keep his energy focused on
using his mind, not his cock. "I ... I don't know Ashley."

Outwardly Ashley sighed exasperated, but inside she knew she had him. "Fine,
how about you just make me cum a couple times. You can even use your tongue,
if you don't want to no fucking involved. I'll stop bugging you after that
and you will have a pleasant memory of a hot young naked girl that you
rescued for later."

"Just the one time?" Leon asked hesitantly, his sense of duty conflicting
with his desires.

Ashely smiled sweetly at him, "If that is all you end up wanting."

"Alright," Leon finally said. "Soon as we get back to civilization."

"What? No I meant I want to do it right now," Ashley demanded not wanting to
give Leon time to rethink things.

"We were just almost killed by some of the most grotesque monsters in
existence and you want to do it?" Leon said a bit stunned.

"Hey, what can a girl say," she said with a shrug. "Excitement really turns
me on."

"You can be a little weird at times Ashley ... let's just get this over

"Sure," she replied in a chipper tone. She found a nearby fallen down tree
and took a seat spreading her legs. "Alright hero, let's see your other

Leon slowly got on his knees in front of the girl he was assigned to protect.
Despite trying to keep his head downcast at first he eventually had to look
up. "When did you take your panties off Ashley?"

Ashley giggled, she had been saving that surprise, "I slid them off when we
were getting out of the water."

Tentatively Leon leaned forward and began to slide his tongue up and down
Ashley's legs, nervously inching upwards towards her pussy.

While Ashley appreciated his foreplay attempt it wasn't necessary. "Come on,
you have had me waiting long enough, I want your tongue buried in my cunt,"
Ashley told him and backed her words by grabbing the back of Leon's head and
pulling him all the way up between her legs.

Leon had no real choice except to comply with her wishes now and took her
advice and stopped playing around, instead pushing his tongue directly inside
her pussy. He was initially overwhelmed by the strong taste and quantity of
pussy juice that met his probing tongue but stayed determined on his task and
was soon eagerly swiping his tongue around her cunt trying to make her even

Ashley had her legs thrown over Leon's back and one hand firmly locked around
his hair. While she expected him to be a good fuck she hadn't expected him to
be that good with his tongue, and it turned out he was very very good. He
kept changing up where he was going to hit, at one point pushing his tongue
in deep to lick her juices out, then running it around the sides of her twat
sending shivers up her back, before lightly flicking the tip of his tongue
against her G-Spot wracking her whole body with pleasurable waves. "Oh shit
yes Leon! You are wonderful at this."

Leon allowed himself a small smile but Ashley's pressure on the back of his
head wouldn't allow him anymore than that. While this wasn't his area of
expertise he prided himself that everything he tried to do he would do well.

"Enjoying the taste of that pussy aren't you?" Ashley asked rhetorically
getting a moan of approval in response. "I didn't expect a strong man like
you to enjoy being on his knees so much, maybe it just ... YES!!" Ashley
stopped mid-sentence letting out a piercing scream of pleasure as Leon moved
up and took her clit into between his lips gently sucking on the pleasurable

As her body came down from the sudden and intense orgasm her head rolled
backwards. She could see the rising sun beyond the trees indicating it was
getting later in the morning. She smiled as she said a little vow to herself
determining to get Leon back between her thighs before the sun marked midday.

Leon meanwhile was adjusting his cock, trying to calm down his raging
arousal. Ashley smiled at him as she pulled off her sweater, her large
breasts contained only now by a tight black bra. "Stop thinking about it
and fuck me."

Leon's will was already weakened and her simple declaration was enough to
push him over the edge. Quickly he pulled down his pants and boxers. Ashley
had only a moment to marvel at his impressive cock before he grabbed her hips
picking her up pushing her back into a tree. As she instinctively wrapped her
legs around him he buried his full length into her cunt.

As Ashley body arched in pleasure at her first cock induced orgasm from
Leon he went after her tits. He used one free hand to pull her bra down, not
wanting to take the time to unsnap it, freeing her breasts. With the bra
pushed down underneath them it made her boobs seem even bigger and Leon was
quick to bring them to his mouth. Once again Ashley wrapped her hands around
Leon's hair, this time to keep his mouth and tongue on her nipples.

Now with two hands free Leon took a fair grasp of her hips, pulling her up
and down to meet his own thrusts, driving his cock even deeper inside her.
The scratches that were likely being caused on her back by the rubbing tree
bark were only a distant thought as her mind had been overtaken by the
powerful full body orgasm caused by the hard deep thrusts she was receiving.

"Leon ..." she finally managed to moan out. "I want to taste your cum."

"You are a very dirty girl aren't you Ashley," Leon said as he allowed her to
slide down off his cock and down to her knees.

"Yep. When we do get back to civilization I will let you cum all over me, but
for the moment I want to swallow it," Ashley told him as she took him into
her mouth, getting a taste of his cock mixed with her own pussy.

Ashley had very little work to do after taking his cock into her mouth.
She had given it a few thrusts inside her mouth and was about to begin the
process of deep throating it when she felt him tighten up. She had time to
grasp the base in her hand, jerking him into her mouth as she turned her
eyes up to look at him. That was all Leon could take and as he clenched her
blond hair in one hand he felt his cock release, his pent up load shooting
out in stream after stream into her mouth. Ashley let his spent cock slip
out of her mouth as she swirled the cum around in her mouth savoring the
taste before swallowing it all.

Ashley smiled at Leon as she began to collect her clothes. As she bent over
the log to fetch her sweater and looked up at the sun she realized one of her
calculations was off. The sun wasn't even near midday and already she felt
Leon kneeling behind her his tongue once again exploring her pussy.


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