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Revolution: The Falling of Charlie Part 2 (MF,reluc)
by DulceAvril ([email protected])

After a few minutes walking through some trees, Charlie and the old man reached the destination. It was a small house, hidden by some trees. The old man opened the door and Charlie was surprised to see that the house was so messed up. There were shoes on the floor, leftover food on the table, it was an incredible mess, but that made ??Charlie realize that old man lived even in the midst of a mess, in a great condition. There was plenty of food thrown in there for those who said it had nothing

- Stop. Wait. You can not enter with these dirty boots and these clothes dripping in my house. - The old man spoke.

It was pretty ironic the old man to worry about it, see that the house was a mess, but this irony was not captured by the Charlie's mind, who just thought it was really a lack of education enter in the house of someone like that.

- B-but what do you want me to do, sir.

- I have to say everything letter by letter to you, is not it slut? You can put your wet clothes on top of that smaller tree. The sun will dry them in a few hours, or at most tomorrow. The boots, you can put here on the home front. - Said the old man.

Charlie could feel that she was no longer the same. It was as if someone was controlling her and making her do these things, when in fact she was doing it willingly and without any resistance.

- Can you hold please? - Charlie asked, handing to the old man his pants along with the crossbow and the arrows that she was holding.

Awkwardly she pulled the boots and put on the floor of the house. On the one hand was comforting remove the wet boots and give a relief to your feet, on the other she felt vulnerable when stepping on the floor and feel the earth with shallow grass touching her feet.

Now without the boots she pulled the leather jacket and placed it on the tree that the old man had spoke, noting the look of him on her breasts visible in her aqua-blue wet shirt.

A small part of her mind, one that did not have any control over her own body could not believe what she was doing. A few hours ago she was hunting Monroe. Now there she was, undressing in front of that old nasty man.

- I can not take all my clothes off sir, I dont have nothing to wear. I can not get naked, is wrong. - She said, struggling with her own body.

- You will not get naked. I have some clothes that I can lend you while your clothes wipe away, but you first need to get here at home and dry yourself. And to do that you need to at least take off this shirt and these pants. - Replied the old man.

It seemed he had a ready answer for any reaction from Charlie. He was in control and make her remind of that in each answer he gave. And again Charlie felt like a spectator in her own body, as she nodded her head positively for the old man and prepared herself to take the wet shirt.

With flushed cheeks she pulled the shirt over her head. So timid but yet so sexy that made the dick of the old react and stand erect again.

After removing her shirt and look to the man old, she noticed that he was now looking directly at her breasts covered only by that black bra that did not leave much to the imagination.

The old man looked at this beautiful girl squeezing her wet shirt, standing there, with just the bra covering her breasts and just about to stay only in panties in front of him.

Charlie was preparing to put her shirt on the tree, but she was stoped by the old man.

- Wait! Your jacket and your boots will take a while to dry, but we can light a fire and put your shirt closer to dry faster. - Said the old man, approaching of Charlie and taking the wet shirt of the girl.

When the old man took the shirt of the hands of Charlie, he took advantage and look more closely at the beautiful breasts of the young girl.

- You are very pretty, slut. - The old man spoke.

Charlie blushed and lowered her head with the "compliment" of the old man.

- Now, take your pants off. - The old man spoke, breaking the moment of shyness of Charlie.

That was like the last line of resistance from Charlie. After taking her pants off, she would be completely vulnerable in front of that old man who seemed to have complete control over her and over her actions.

To make matters worse the old man was now inches from her, which made ??her feel even more submissive.

With her hands still trembling a little bit, Charlie took off the belt and slowly started to lowering her pants over her hips until strip it completely.

What a magnificent sight the old man had now. That beautiful girl much younger than him standing there in front of him, with just that bra and panties covering her body.

He wanted to grab her and fuck her now and in his mind he knew she probably would not offer resistance. But this girl was not a usual whore, and the old man knew that. Even if her actions scream that she is a dirty little slut, he felt that the girl could at any time give up of everything and get out of there and he did not want that. He wanted to break it and master it mentally. He wanted her body , but not just once. He wanted her body anytime he wanted. That she become his personal slave and that the sole purpose of her life was to please him. Just think of how much fun it is to pervert this girl until she became one of the most dirt slutty whores he imagined, already made ??him more excited. And that was what he wanted . And so now he knew he needed to resist the urge to grab that girl here . The old man knew it was not the right time for that and decided to follow his instinct

Charlie could not help but feel embarrassed. She was now half-naked in front of this guy, giving her pants to him and exposing her body almost completely for this man that was old enough to be her grandfather.

To make matters worse he was a few inches of her, with a fully erect dick almost touching her thigh, and looking every inch of her body.

- Put it there to dry. - The old man spoke, breaking that awkward silence and pointing where he wanted Charlie put his pants.

Charlie obeyed and walked putting the pants near where hers jacket was. The old man took the opportunity to check how perfect was the ass of the girl who was now covered only by these modest panties.

The old man could already imagine how good it would be to put his cock inside that ass so plump and so teeny. His cock was hard like a rock and he wanted relieve himself there in that moment.

Charlie turned and went back after hanging up his pants.

- Come on - spoke to the old man.

He took Charlie into the house, putting his arm behind Charlie's back and the girl felt her body shiver with the touch of the old man now directly on her skin.

- You seem to have a problem down there. - Spoke the old man, taking the hand of Charlie's body and closing the door as the girl came into the house.

Charlie was a little confused until the old was more emphatic.

- How is possible that you are not noticing that? - Asked the old man pointing for the Charlie's soaked panties.

Charlie did not know where to hide, she was completely ashamed. She knew she was horny, but was while she looking down now that she realized how wet she was. The wet spot on the girl's panties was clearly visible and was almost dripping.

- You got all wet only taking your clothes off.. I did not know you were such a dirty little slut. - Said the old man.

His words were like slaps in Charlie's face. She became even more ashamed by the situation. And oddly enough her desire kept rising. Hear the old man talk about her like that, made her even more exposed. She was getting even more vulnerable and more horny.

- E. .. I. .. I'm sorry sir. I do not know what to say. I'm so sorry. - Charlie stammered.

- It's ok slut. You did nothing wrong. I can help you. I can make you feel better. - Replied the old man, approaching over Charlie.

He was walking in front of Charlie and guiding her to the couch in the middle of the cabin. Charlie was standing in front of the couch and the old man was getting closer to her.

- I. .. I. .. I'm fine. - Charlie spoke with a trembling and uncertainly voice.

The old man dropped the clothes on the floor and approached even more of Charlie. He was now face to face with her. With his hand he stroked the golden brown hair of the girl. He was so close to her that she could feel his breath against her skin. His erection was within inches of touching the girl's thigh.

- Are you sure? Because I can feel your body goose bumps, burning in flames. - Said the old man, touching the sweaty arm of the girl.

Charlie was sweaty and her pussy was so wet.

- Since I saw you in the creek I've tracked how much you have struggled with your body. How much you tried to postpone the inevitable and how much you have suffered in the process. Why go through this? Why not just go for the easy way if you know that's what you want? If you know that your body craves a touch, why try to prevent him from having it? - Asked the old man with his mouth very close to Charlie.

At that moment the girl lost her last point of resistance. She was going to give her body to the old man in that cabin, and there was nothing she could do. And worst of all is that she was glad not to have more to fight against that.

The old man took the silence of Charlie as a sign that he could move forward. Without another word he put the girl on the couch slowly and don't saw any objection from her. Contrariwise. Now she looked more vulnerable than ever, and the old man knew that was time to attack.

He started to kissing the girl's neck and his hands started to walk on Charlie's body. The girl rolled her eyes and accept what was going to happen at that time without any objection.

The old man was now on top of her, kissing her neck and stroked her body. The old man's cock was hard as a rock and he wanted to fuck that girl in that moment.

He started down the kisses while his hands removed the bra of Charlie.

He removed her bra and threw it away as he contemplated that beautiful pair of breasts there in front of him.

He led his mouth to Charlie's breasts with hungry, and began to play with them. He licked the left while he squeezed and stroked the right and then shifted. Charlie bowed her head back and bit her lower lip. Her pussy was on fire and she wanted that the old man touched her there. Her hands were now holding the old man's head while he played with her breasts. She was lost in the moment.

The old man continued kissing the boobs of the girl and then he was going down in the belly to get to her crotch.

He licked the girl's pussy over the panties, just to feel her taste. She was sweet as honey.

With his hands he was taking off the lightly soaked panties of the girl. The last piece of cloth covering Charlie was being torn by the old man and the only thing she wanted was for him to go faster. She hungered for her touch. The old man noticed the hunger of sex in her eyes and decided to be more incisive. He was now not taking off the panties of Charlie, he was pulling with such force that it tore the panties. He threw it away and was awarded with the vision of the perfect pussy of Charlie there in front of him.

The girl's pussy was completely shaved, and the old man knew how difficult was doing this in those times. He was now certain that the girl was a real dirty slut.

He put his head between Charlie's legs and approached his mouth to her pussy. When he was only inches close he stopped. Charlie could feel the old man's hot breathing, touching her pussy.

Charlie that was practically in a state of trance, came back to reality when she realized that the old man had stopped moving forward.

She did not want to say anything. She wanted to remain silent all the time. Her body wanted it, but she did not want to humiliate herself even more.

The silence lasted a couple seconds, until Charlie could not resist.

- Why did you stop? - Charlie asked, seeing the reality of the situation when she heard the sound of her own voice. It was humiliating.

- I want you to beg. - Said the old man, raising his head slightly and looking for Charlie.

- What? - Charlie asked, not believing in those words.

- That's right. You have been nothing more than a annoying spoiled little brat since I met you. Why should I give you something? If you want me to lick your cunt, you gonna have to beg slut. - Said the old man.

Charlie could not believe it. He really wanted humiliate her that much? She could not believe it. But the worst was the realization that she needed to feel the touch of that man. She could not fight against that and after a few seconds of resistance, the words started coming out of her mouth.

- Please. I need you to continue. - Charlie spoke, giving up.

The old man was still not satisfied and decided to push her a little more.

He went to Charlie's pussy and licked her a few times, but when she began to get involved in the situation, he stopped.

- If you want me to continue, will have to do better than that. Come on, we're alone here. No one will know. You know you want to, so stop fighting against this desire and show to me what you want. Beg like a little slut that that I know you are. - Spoke the old man.

Charlie felt that the old man did not want to just fuck her, but also wanted to humiliate her in every way possible. But the truth is that she was tired to fight. She wanted just give up and enjoy the moment, and like the old man said "there is no one here". In Charlie's mind after she have sex with that old bastard, it would all end, that fire inside her body would lessen and she would stop feeling so vulnerable. In her mind, she felt she could fuck with this man, and then get out of there without anyone figure out what she had done. For more disgusting that it was, she had never felt so horny in her life. So she simply stopped fighting..

- I want you. I want you to do whatever you want with me. I want you to fuck me and use me in all possible ways. I want and need to cum. Please go on. I beg you - Charlie spoke, surrendering to that old man who had his face between her legs.

The old man could not believe in that. He had hit the jackpot. That little bitch was begging.

The old man's response was dive his head between Charlie's legs and stick his tongue inside her pussy

A low moan came out of Charlie's mouth. Now she did not need to contain herself. She had begged for it. Moan was not so embarrassing now.

The old man enjoyed licking this little slut cunt. He ran his tongue up and down in Charlie's pussy. He was licking every part of Charlie's pussy, paying special attention to her clitoris until she was fully involved in pleasure. Her pussy was dripping wet, the smell was making the old man even more aroused. His tongue penetrated deep into her cunt and she moaned. He lifted her legs and began to penetrate his entire tongue into Charlie's pussy. She squirmed in a wonderful way, grabbing and pulling the old man's head against her pussy, holding so strong that he thought she would tear his hair.


Charlie was sweating, panting and moaning. She's never been so horny before. This old man was introducing Charlie to a new level of pleasure. One that she never even dreamed existed. Her cunt was soaked, and the old man knew how to use the his tongue perfectly, leaving Charlie almost to the point of orgasm.

The old man put a finger in Charlie's pussy. He did not know what was more surprising. If it was how tight her pussy was, or if it was how wet she was right now.

He put a second finger and Charlie's groans began to become increasingly high. After playing a little with Charlie's pussy, he took his fingers and placed near the face of the girl, they were completely soaked with Charlie's juices.

Charlie soon understood what the old man wanted when he took his juice-covered fingers of her pussy and put them, still dripping, inches from her mouth. Charlie did not contest and opened her mouth as the old man put his two fingers between her lips, making Charlie savoring her own taste. It was the first time that Charlie did something like this, but she actually like a lot. She had a sweet flavor. She sucked and licked his fingers until remove the last trace of her juices.

- Do you like your own taste, slut?

- Yes sir, I do.

Charlie did not know why fucking reason, she still called him sir.

Charlie was still very close to orgasm while the old man with his other hand played with her clit. But every time she was about to cum, the old man slowed down the pace, delaying her orgasm and leaving Charlie's body in a constant state of tension.

The old man soon found that his efforts were already insufficient to delay Charlie's orgasm and if he continued to play with her pussy, she would reach the climax. So he decided to stop.

Charlie watched the old man walking away from her pussy and looked at him with a look of confusion and disappointment while trying to understand why he would not let her come.

- Why did you stop?

- Calm down slut. You will cum, but it will be with my dick inside you. Now shut up and do what I say. C'mon, it's your turn. - Replied the old man sitting on the couch

Charlie quickly understood what the old man meant. There was no room for modesty with her body burned in horny. She got on her knees in front of the old man's dick, he was so hard, it was almost pulsating. Charlie put his hand on it and you can feel how hard was the cock of the man.

Charlie wrapped her hand at the dick and for the first time she felt something more than just the shame and the desire that follow since she had known that old man. She felt flattered to have left the old man at this level of hornyness.

Charlie could now feeling in her hand how hard and hot was his cock. Charlie started making movements with her hand and soon realized another aspect of the man's penis, it was quite thick. Charlie had difficulty closing the hand on him.

The old man was enjoying it, but certainly wanted much more than just a jack off. Without any warning, he led the head of Charlie closer to his dick, indicating what he wanted her to do.

Charlie's face was now a few inches from the old man's cock. She was sweating and her hair was now completely disheveled. Pre-cum ran down of the old man's dick letting Charlie's hand sticky. She opened her mouth slowly and her lips start to slide over his cock. She was sheltering every inch of that piece of meat in her mouth.

The old man almost came only with the girl's lips on his cock. It was almost like a shock going through every inch of his body. He wanted to cum in her mouth right now, but somehow he managed to resist.

Charlie was giving it your all. She sucked his dick with hurry and determination, and it almost took the old man to an immediate orgasm, but again he was able to resist.

To control Charlie's urge, he put his hands behind her head and held her golden hair controlling the pace of this blowjob and reducing it to a speed that was more relaxing than urgent. Thus the old man knew he could enjoy every minute of that blowjob, maintaining control over Charlie.

They keep this pace for a few minutes until the old man make sure that he would not cum in that moment, just then he started to change the speed of this blowjob.

Holding Charlie's hair, he forced his dick all the way down her throat for a couple seconds and then took, leaving her breathe.

Charlie did not have much time to catch breath, before he again put his dick between her lips, and this time he began to make moves with the hip, fucking her mouth.

Charlie opened her mouth as much as possible. She can feel his dick slammed against her throat repeatedly times. Her face was kinda red, a couple tears slip from her eyes, sweat dripped from her forehead and her hair was a tangled mess.

That was a perfect view to the old man. That young girl, on her knees with his dick on her mouth, giving it everything she had to please him. It seemed like a dream, but it was real.

The old man could not take it anymore, he needed to come. He started fucking Charlie's mouth with more speed, until he no longer could hold. Charlie knew what that meant, but at that point she did not want to put up a fight. He grabbed the back of Charlie's head and pressed hard against his cock, and howling he poured sperm on her throat.

Three powerful and long cum shots directly on Charlie's throat who had no choice but to swallow, while more cum seeping out of his dick. Charlie swallowed the most part, but a couple of jizz leaked from her mouth down the chin, falling a little in her breasts and a bit in her legs.

After dump all his semen on Charlie's mouth he pulled his dick out. Charlie coughed a bit as she tried to normalize her breathing. She can not help it as she licked the bottom lip, proving far more calmly the taste of cum. Was not bad after all, a kinda salty but, she enjoy.

She looked back up, and the old man was standing there. She did not contain the surprise, as she faced his penis still hard as rock.She wondered how it was possible a man of that age still keep a erect penis after cum that much.

Charlie ended up taking it as a compliment. She felt she was turn him on that much.

Charlie had not come this far just to suck the cock of old. She wanted to be fucked. She needed to be fucked. And as soon as she stopped coughing, she put her mouth on his dick, who had not yet softened. She made sure to clean up the last traces of cum on his dick.

The old man was very pleased with the dedication of Charlie. He was also not satisfied just with that blowjob. He wanted more, so he let Charlie suck his dick for a few minutes

- Now I'll give you what you want. - Spoke to the old man, sitting on the couch.

He nodded, clapping his hands on the lap. It was obvious what he wanted and that was also what Charlie wanted. She got up from the ground, her knees ached and her body glistened with sweat. She turned her back to the old man and start to sit on his cock

- Stop - Spoke the old man.

Even wanting more than anything disobey this order, she did what he say. She froze with her pussy inches from the old man's Dick, she turned and looked at him wondering why he wanted her to stop.

- I want to fuck you, looking in your eyes slut. Turn around.

Was amazing how that old man in small acts could destroy more and more of her self-esteem. Was not the sexual position that offended Charlie, but the way he treated her, calling her slut and giving orders as if she were some sex slave.

Charlie however once again decided not to question and just followed the old man, after all, she felt the need to have something beating her pussy. So even if it meant be humiliated for him, she was willing to do.

She turned, stood in front of the old man, looking into his eyes. He was not attractive at all, he was just old, rude and disrespectful, but in the end of the day he would fuck a girl who was old enough to be his daughter or even his granddaughter. And the worst was that, right now, Charlie wanted this more than anything.

She sat down on the old man's cock, feeling every inch enter in her wet pussy.

The old man grinned to see Charlie's pussy go down on his cock. She was so pretty. Her boobs were there, for his taking, they were perfect, in fact, all in her was perfect and he knew it. He knew he had hit the jackpot and that he would never get such a hot girl in normal circumstances. Even if he paid a whore, she would not be as pretty as Charlie and the taste of conquest, the taste of knowing that she was doing it willingly. That was a like a dream came true.

He knew he had cum recently and it would take a time to come again, so he would enjoy every single moment of that. He put his hand on her waist and grabbed her right breast tightly.

Charlie closed his eyes and began to ride in his dick.

- Open your eyes. Look to me while you are riding my cock slut.

Charlie obeyed, opening eyes and staring the old man who made no effort to screw her. He stood there and let Charlie do all the work, and she knew it was just another way to humiliate her. But at this point, she did not care.

As she rides, her hair was disheveled, she put one hand on his chest and continued bouncing on his cock, as he stared at her with a deep look, almost as if looking her soul.

Yeah. Like this little slut!! Ride my dick. From the first time I saw you, I knew you were a whore.

Those words don't hurt Charlie anymore. Rather, they just turn her on.

The old man release her breast and grabbed her hair from behind, bringing her close to him.

Charlie's breasts touched the chest of the old man and he kissed her. Charlie offered no resistance, and kissed him back. The old man could not remember the last time that he had kissed a girl and she had corresponded with that passion.

He had sex with some prostitutes, but he always knew that they did anything for money. There, at that time, was different and that made him feel victorious, proud, powerfull.

He stopped kissing Charlie, but continued to hold her hair. Their foreheads were touching and he look deep in Charlie's eyes as she writhed in every possible way on his dick.

Charlie was lost in the moment. She wriggled her ass and felt the old man's cock in and out of her pussy. But even all that friction was not able to make Charlie cum . She was turning crazy. The feeling of being so close to an orgasm and can not reach the ecstasy was awful.

She tilted her head back and began to ride hard. The old man barely keep up while she was doing that. He lifted Charlie, even old, he was a strong man enough to do that.

He fucked her hard. He heard the groans of Charlie and knew they were about to cum. He just wanted to enjoy every second of that fuck. He did not know this would happen again.

He went down Charlie and put her on all fours. He put his cock back in Charlie's pussy and fucked with all forces that had. It was something almost bestial.

The old man fucked her and she moaned, he pulled her by the hair tightly and gave several hard slaps at Charlie's ass. And again she just moaned in pain and pleasure. She felt her orgasm closer than ever, the two were about to came. The old man knew that there was no way to delay that.

He pushed the face of Charlie against the cold and dusty floor. He pushed his cock with all the strength that was left inside him and just came strongly into Charlie's pussy. She felt free, finally reaching the climax in the biggest orgasm she had experienced throughout her life.

Compared to this, the other orgasms that Charlie had experienced during her life were just ridiculous. She felt every millimeter of her body contract and relax as her pert ass came down and his body went into full contact with the ground.

The old man stood there, lying on top of Charlie, kneading the girl's body to the ground. Feeling her tits squeezed on the wooden floor as his body still had spasms of pleasure. He came out of Charlie and rolled to her side as her pussy began to leak all the sperm that the old man had deposited there.

The two tried to catch the breath. That was something from another world. It was by far the best fuck that any one of the two had in their lives.

But now the old man knew it was time to test whether he still had Charlie's control, after the orgasm. He knew it was risky, but after having experienced something so amazing, he felt he had to have it again and again, and how many more times as necessary.

Now that he had experienced this feeling, he would do anything to have it again even if it put his life at risk.

He breathed calmly and joined forces to speak those words.

- No time for rest bitch. You made the mess, so get your mouth up here and let my cock clean and be care for this naughty pussy not dirty the floor of cum.

Charlie got up slowly and stared at the old man. It was the moment of truth.


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