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Riverdale: Riverdale Oreos Part 2
by MTL ([email protected])

"Cheryl, are you okay honey?" Sierra asked sweetly.

Quickly forcing a smile on her face Cheryl replied, "Yes Mrs McCoy."

Sierra stared at the redhead expectantly for a few seconds, then pointed out, "Are you sure? You've barely touched your food."

"Yes." Cheryl blushed, "It's lovely, I just have a lot on my mind."

Cheryl Blossom was normally a better actress than this, but this was literally coming out, a daunting task for any queer person regardless of the circumstances. And in this case, she wasn't just announcing herself as gay, or even just confessing that she was dating this woman's daughter. No, Josie wanted a lot more than that. She wanted another sign that Cheryl knew her place. And what Josie wanted, Josie got. However even though Josie had assured her that her Mom would be thrilled at hearing this type of confession, and Cheryl trusted Josie was telling the truth, she couldn't help worry that Josie was over estimating just how cool her mother would be about this.

Then there was the fact that Mrs McCoy was the Mayor of this town, and while she absolutely wouldn't want her daughter involved in any kind of scandal like this, especially with Josie's aspirations to break into the music industry, Mayor McCoy could easily repeat Cheryl's confession to her parents, and then she would never be able to taste Josie's sweet pussy or know the joy of the dominant girl pounding her most intimate hole again. Despite those reassurances Cheryl couldn't help imagining that horrific scenario over and over again in the hours, days and immediately weeks, leading up to the perhaps inevitable reveal of their relationship, especially the true nature of it.

Suddenly Josie gave her a little push, "Actually, Cheryl has something to tell you. Isn't that right Cheryl?"

"Right." Cheryl blushed.

To be fair Josie had waited until she and her Mom had finished their main meal to start prompting her, and it wasn't her fault that Cheryl had struggled so much to eat. In fact Cheryl knew she had been downright disrespectful of her top, and hoped that Josie would give her that spanking she had been threatening her for her disobedience. More importantly Cheryl hope she can make it up to her wonderful top now, and not embarrass her by stuttering of getting her lines, that Josie had been nice enough to go through with her before they came down to eat dinner in the dining room with the Mayor. But most of all, Cheryl hoped she would get the reward she was promised.

With a soft gulp and a deep breath Cheryl admitted, "I'm... I'm gay."

Raising an eyebrow Sierra simply replied, "Oh?"

"And, and I'm seeing your daughter." Cheryl said, before she began blathering, "No, it's more than that. I... I... God, I act like the Head Bitch In Charge at school, but all I really am is your daughter's bitch. I worship and adore her. It would be just an honour for me to grovel at her feet, but she allows me the privilege of eating her superior black pussy. Which I'm totally addicted too. Mmmmm, it's sooooo yummy. I'd eat it all day long if she let me. And her cum, God I love swallowing her cum. And getting it all over my face. Oh God, I've licked other pussies, because Josie is nice and shared with her friends, but none of them taste nearly as good as Josie does. She's the best."

"And?" Josie pushed.

"And I love it when she fucks my ass." Cheryl confessed, really in a rhythm now, "I was hesitant before, but now I'm a total anal addict. Which is why I'm so lucky Josie owns my butt hole. She takes such good care of it, pounding it hard and deep whenever she can and constantly making sure my ass is stretched. Either because it's got a nice big toy in it, or because it's so gaped that my butt-plug won't fit. And the plug Josie brought me is so nice. It does such a good job of reminding me that my most private hole is hers to use however and whenever she wants. But it's just not the same as having a nice big strap-on up my butt, especially when I'm on all fours, Josie making it crystal clear I'm her bitch. Or better yet Josie and one of her friends taking my pussy and ass at the same time, making me an Oreo cookie. Or best of all, when Josie and the pussycats make me an airtight Oreo cookie, with a girl cock in my mouth, pussy and ass all at the same time."

There was a long moment of silence after Cheryl's speech, Sierra enjoying the chance to make her sweat, but ultimately she smiled, and while still looking at the redhead she addressed her daughter, "Wow, you really have done a great job in training her."

"I know." Josie said proudly, "And you haven't even seen the encore yet. Babe, show my Mom my favourite fuck hole."

Emboldened by Mrs McCoy's reaction Cheryl quickly got out of her chair, walked around to stand in front of where The Mayor was sitting, and then with a flirtatious smile turned around and lifted up her skirt, exposing the fact that not only was she not wearing underwear but the plug she had mentioned was currently firmly entrenched within her ass hole. Which she couldn't have imagined doing a few months ago, but now Cheryl found it so exhilarating to do something so lewd as expose herself to her girlfriend's Mom. although it helped a lot that Mayor McCoy didn't seem at all surprised by such a display, just mildly amused, with more of a hint of enjoyment, although she did a good job of hiding it.

Sierra actually felt she did a lousy job of hiding it, as she could feel the big grin crossing her face. Which she opposed on it's own was okay, it was just that her daughter's ego was big enough already, and she didn't want to further spoil her by praising her too much. The girl still had a lot to learn about topping. At the same time Sierra wanted to wrap her arms around Josie and squeal. After all, Cheryl Blossom was quite the prize, arguably the biggest Josie could have landed, and her daughter made her so proud by not only doing it, but doing it with ease. For that it was inevitable that she had to give her some deserved praise. The only difficulty was finding the right balance.

"Oh baby girl, you've done so well." Sierra said softly as she reached out and slid her hand over Cheryl Blossom's pale little butt.

"It was nothing." Josie dismissed almost bashfully, "Cheryl was born for this."

"All white girls are." Cheryl murmured, clearly repeating something Josie and her friends had told her, and then after a brief hesitation continued, "We were born to be your sluts."

There was then a pause as Sierra waited for Josie to scold Cheryl for speaking without permission, but her daughter just grinned happily, again proving her inexperience as a Dom. Or worse, that she was a soft touch. At least with Cheryl. Although it was hard for Sierra to complain as she was sliding her hand over Cheryl Blossom's butt. So she let it slide for now and just enjoyed feeling up the teenaged bottom in front of her, eventually using her hand so she could give it a more thorough groping, inevitably spreading those cheeks so she could admire the little handle sticking out of Cheryl's shit hole. In quite a nice touch was shaped like a little cat. Not enough to definitively giveaway the truth about her daughter's relationship with this girl, but enough to hinted it, and remind the girl who her ass belonged too.

"It looks very fuck-able." Sierra admitted.

"Oh Mom, you have no idea." Josie grinned, "Cheryl is the best piece of ass I've ever had. It's round and juicy, yet firm, and her ass hole is to die for. As you can see, I always keep it nice and stretched, and yet still she is nice and tight for me. Mmmmm yeahhhh, next time you see that stuck up bitch Mrs Blossom you tell her that her daughter's cute little butt hole makes the perfect little fuck hole, and I use it all the time."

"Believe me, it will be very tempting." Sierra quipped, then after a few more seconds of groping she spanked Cheryl's ass, leaned back, took a sip of her wine and admitted, "That's one sweet little piece. You're a very lucky girl."

"I know." Josie beamed, "And, you're welcome to find out for yourself just how fuck-able that ass is. As long as I'm not using her, of course. My girl doesn't mind, do you Cheryl?"

"No." Cheryl quickly confirmed, "My ass is yours to give to whoever you want, whatever you want."

"I'll definitely have to take you up on that." Sierra said with a wicked smile, taking another sip of her wine, "After you demonstrating your spanking technique."

"Oh, right." Josie mumbled.

"You have spanked her before, haven't you?" Sierra raised an eyebrow, taking one side final sip of her wine before putting it down.

"Yeah, of course." Josie quickly said dismissively, then when her Mom gave her a look quickly followed up with, "Okay, no. But only because she's been so good, especially since I took her ass cherry."

Sierra stared at her daughter for a few seconds, then asked, "You haven't felt the urge?"

"Well, yeah... but-" Josie protested.

"If you want to spank a sub you spank 'em. Doms don't need an excuse." Sierra interrupted, then after staring at her daughter for a few more seconds before emphasising her next order with a slap to the redhead's perfect ass, "Cheryl honey, clear the plates."

"Ye, yes Mrs McCoy." Cheryl replied, awkwardly getting off of the older woman's lap and doing as she was told.

Once the redhead left Sierra leaned in and softly said knowingly, "You're afraid of losing her, aren't you?"

"Well, yeah." Josie blushed, "She's the hottest piece of ass in town."

"But it's more than that, isn't it? You love her. Or at least, you're beginning too. Aren't you?" Sierra pushed, and then when her daughter looked bashful she told her, "No need to deny it, or be embarrassed. These things happen, especially when you're young. And she was your first, wasn't she? Mmmmm, I still have an intense relationship with my first woman to this day. But I'd argue in those relationships it's even more important to show 'em who's boss."

There was a brief pause and then Josie admitted, "I just don't want to push it too far. And I've already pushed her a lot."

"Oh sweetie, you can push her as much as you want. Trust me, that girl adores you. Besides, I know a shameless bottom when I see one, and that one was clearly born to please black women." Sierra said confidently as Cheryl returned, eventually turning her attention to the pale teen and questioning, "But if you still have doubts, why don't we ask her? Blossom, do you want to be spanked like the bitch you are?"

Cheryl blushed, particularly at the mention of her cherished surname, but replied pretty quickly, "Yes Mrs McCoy."

Josie briefly glared at her mother who looked smug, then ordered her bitch, "Then what are you waiting for? Bend over my knee bitch!"

Sierra hated to have to openly overrule her daughter, but she was confident it wouldn't matter in the long run, "Stop! Take your clothes off first. Mmmmm, I want to see that hot body of yours."

Briefly Cheryl looked unsure of herself and then Josie snapped, "Did she stutter? Do as she says! And just in case there's any confusion, tonight you're her bitch too. That means you do whatever she says. Got it?"

"Yes Josie, sorry Josie." Cheryl quickly said apologetically.

This was more like it, Sierra thought with a smile. She'd hate to think her daughter was a gentle touch, and right now she was totally putting rich little white girl Cheryl Blossom in her place with only a few words, and in turn Cheryl was proving Sierra by being the perfect little sub, at least for her age, and desperately trying to please Josie while staring at her lovingly regardless of what was said. She even remembered to strip nice and slowly, Cheryl actually doing a good job for a girl her age, showing off those perky little titties and best of all that round white booty which practically had Sierra, and her daughter, drooling by the end of the striptease. Then the real fun could finally begin.

It made Sierra so proud to see rich little white girl Cheryl Blossom slowly walking over and then bend over her daughter's knee. It made her less proud to see the spanking that followed, although it was understandable given the hesitation Josie had already confessed too, and to be fair Sierra was just as nervous when she dished out her first spanking. But that was the whole point of pushing Josie, so her first time would be better and she would become a much more effective Dom faster, which would only help her keep that perfect bitch. Although Sierra had to admit to having an ulterior motive, mainly to get a turn with that perfect butt.

Josie had fantasised about having a white girl bent over her knee, especially Cheryl, so actually happened she had to take a long seconds to savour the moment, and the sight of that perfect ass being presented to her. Then she couldn't reach down and start groping that amazing butt she loved so much pause maybe a full minute, before finally raising her hand and then swiftly right back down again, causing Cheryl to cry out. In turn Josie smiled wickedly and then repeating the process, each and every sound causing the sound of flesh on flesh to echo throughout the room and those juicy cheeks to jiggle so delightfully, mostly drowning out any further cries from the redhead.

Those sounds, and that sight, completely captivated Josie for a few long minutes, the whole world falling away to nothing but that beautiful ass. Just like when she sodomised Cheryl, only not quite as pleasant, and after a while it caused her hand to ache a little. Of course it was more than worth it for the heaven of finally being able to give a beautiful and rich white girl a spanking, especially as Josie watched that pale flesh turn pink under the force of those blows. But it wasn't enough. Josie knew it wouldn't be enough for her mother, and it wasn't enough for her. She wanted to do some serious damage to that beautiful white booty, but she was still conflicted about it. Luckily her loving mother had no qualms about giving her the encouragement she needed.

"Harder!" Sierra called out, "Come on sweetie, spank her harder! Really show her who's boss! Mmmmm, come on honey, beat that butt! She wants you too. Can't you tell? Oh yeah, she wants it, now give it to her! Fucking destroy that ass! Make it as red as her hair. Come on, don't disappoint me now. Spank the bitch!"

As Cheryl didn't deny that's exactly what she wanted, and couldn't have given that her wet cunt was rubbing against Josie's thigh, the singer briefly glanced at her mother, smiled, then started doing what she was told. Namely increase the force and the frequency of the spanking. Josie did this slowly, mostly to ease Cheryl into it, but also because in between the strikes she had been gleefully groping those cheeks and she was hesitant to stop. But if she was going to give Cheryl a proper spanking she was going to have too, which was something Josie could no longer resist. In fact she thought she needed to prove to her mother that she could be just as talented a top as the woman who gave her life.

Given that the older McCoy had stopped her encouragement at this point was very promising, but Josie just couldn't look away to check that as more than ever she was captivated by the jiggling cheeks beneath her. Oh yes, she couldn't look away from those well-rounded butt cheeks as they rapidly jiggled with every blow in turned light pink to the same colour as Cheryl's hair, the sound of flesh on flesh and Cheryl's screams making it perfect. However Cheryl never asked her to stop. Not once, and again, Josie had other proof that she was enjoying this almost as much as she was. So she used every ounce of her strength to brutalise that gorgeous butt, using her girlfriend to please her Mom. Although she had only just started doing that.

Cheryl had never been more humiliated her entire life, and that was really saying something considering her girlfriend had not only taken her anal cherry in front of her friends, but taking it while they were using her, turning Cheryl into a little DP whore. Then a air tight slut. Or a fully stuffed Oreo cookie, as Josie and the Pussycats liked to call it. And yet although it was shameful to admit Cheryl had loved every minute of it, and amazingly Cheryl also found herself enjoying being spanked by her girlfriend, in front of her girlfriend's mother. Okay, there was no way this was going to make her cum, but the fact it made her wet made it very clear that beyond a shadow of a doubt she was a submissive slut.

Although it was mortifying that her enjoyment was that obvious it was somewhat comforting to know that Josie was fully aware how much Cheryl was enjoying this, and she wasn't knowingly abusing Cheryl against her wishes just to please her mother. More importantly what she had overheard earlier, and the look that she could just about see when Cheryl turned her head just right, it was clear that she was pleasing Josie, which was the most important thing in Cheryl's life right now. She was more than willing to receive pain in exchange for that, especially pain which bizarrely turned her on. So Cheryl whimpered, cried and screamed, but didn't complain and took everything Josie had to give her.

Josie didn't want to ever stop, but she wanted to do other things even more, and her hand ached, so when she felt she'd reached a decent point and the other girl's ass was bright red she suddenly stopped and asked her mother without looking away from that beautiful butt, "How was that?"

"Not bad. Not bad at all, especially for your first time." Sierra quickly complemented, before adding, "But, I could do with a closer look."

Getting the implication Josie reluctantly ordered, "Great idea... Cheryl, go stand with your back to my Mom. Mmmmm, show the Mayor of this town my handiwork."

"Yes Josie." Cheryl whimpered, quickly moving to do as she was told.

Or at least, Cheryl moved as quickly as she could with a really sore butt, which wasn't exactly super fast, and it was kind of awkward getting off Josie's lap, but in what felt like no time at all she was standing completely naked in front of the Mayor, and then while blushing as red as her hair turned around so that her ass, which was also as red as her hair, was directly in the Mayor's face. There was then a long pause as the mature and dignified woman just stared forcefully at her well beaten ass, before Mrs McCoy reached out and grabbed her booty, causing Cheryl to cry out softly. Cheryl then whimpered as Mrs McCoy started gently groping her behind, massaging the pain away and making her feel like a piece of meat, which was more appealing than it had any right too.

"Mmmmm yes, not bad. Not bad at all." Sierra murmured softly, before offering some constructive criticism, "But you're technique could do with a little work, and I still think you were too gentle with her. You're right, she didn't do anything wrong, but when she does I hope you'll find the strength to properly punish her for it. Trust me, she'll love you for it. Now, do you mind if I reward this little slut?"

"Go right ahead." Josie grinned, "Tonight she is yours to fuck."

"Is that right." Sierra grinned back, before turning her attention to Cheryl, "You mine to fuck? Do you want that Cheryl, huh? You want me to do whatever I want to you?"

"Oh yes please Mrs McCoy." Cheryl eagerly replied, "I'd love you to fuck me."

"Good, because I'm starting with your mouth." Sierra announced, and then when she was ready encouraged, "Mmmmm yeahhhhh, come and get it girl. Oooooh yeah, a nice yummy black pussy for your whore mouth! Oh yes, eat my pussy! Consider it your reward for taking that spanking so well. Yeahhhhhhh, eat it white slut, ohhhhhhh yessssssss!"

Initially Cheryl was a little surprised by this because while Josie had implied that she would be fucking other dominant black women she hadn't actually realised just how much she was going to do with Josie's Mom, who again was the Mayor of the town. It probably should be a deal breaker, but it wasn't. It really, really wasn't. Josie's Mom was incredibly hot, and the power of her position made it even more enticing for Cheryl. So she just watched the older woman stand up, pull up her skirt and then pulled down her panties, and then the moment Mrs McCoy sat back down again Cheryl moved her head between her legs to collect her prize.

Sierra almost stopped and scolded her because she wanted to keep talking dirty for a little longer, but it seemed a shame to argue with such natural enthusiasm. Besides, even her most well-trained bitches could get too excited and jumped the gun. Most importantly of all, after witnessing such a fine spanking, not to mention getting to see Cheryl Blossom naked and willingly confessing Josie was her top, Sierra was in no mood to deny herself pleasure. Especially the pleasure of the white teen girl licking her mature black cunt for the very first time. So instead of grabbing Cheryl's head to hold it in place Sierra grabbed Cheryl's head and pulled it into her pussy.

Then Sierra's words dissolved into moans, groans, gasps and whimpers as Cheryl immediately went to work licking her pussy, enthusiastically proving even further that Josie had done a great job at turning her school friend into the perfect submissive lesbian slut. Oh yes, Sierra had loved hearing Cheryl's earlier confession, but action spoke louder than words, and these actions were pretty deafening when it came to her daughter's skill, and almost certainly to Cheryl's love for pussy. Because in Sierra's experience a love for cunt could be taught, but it was a poor substitute for natural enthusiasm, and this little teen had an abundance of it.

Rewarding her for it Sierra not only didn't stop her cries of enjoyment, but even began gently stroking Cheryl's long red hair, the entire time smirking to herself as she thought what this girl's rich white family would think if they could see her now. If they could see them now. Or even better, what if this entire town could see them right now. Yes, it would almost certainly be the end to her political career, but it would worth it to see the look on everyone's face as this high and mighty rich white girl worshipped her black cunt with long slow strokes of her tongue which started at the bottom of her pussy and each time worked her way up to the top to tease her clit, but not too much. Not yet.

As she received that skilful look over and over again Sierra eventually spent her daughter a glance, intending to reward her as well, if only with a smile. Then she saw what her little girl was up too, which made Sierra smile big and wide. She'd always wanted to truly share a white girl with her daughter, and not just any white girl, but one of her daughter's subs, and now finally that dream would become a reality. It was almost enough to make her order Cheryl to go faster. But instead she would have to go slower, so she could savour the moment, her eyes going back and forth between the sight of Cheryl Blossom's beautiful face in between her legs and the sight of her daughter Josie readying herself for the next step.

"Ohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk yessssssss, lick me just like that, good girl!" Sierra moaned, "Mmmmm, but slow down. I'm not ready to cum yet. Oooooooh yessssssss, that's it, oh fuck, that's a good little pussy pleaser, ooooooooohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhh! Oh fuck! Oh shit! Oh God yesssssssss, ah fuck!"

Josie planned on just watching her Mom get head from Cheryl, and then allow her bitch the privilege of eating her cunt while she gave her mother the first crack at Cheryl's ass. Pussy too, if she wanted it. However she was already so God damn horny, and with Cheryl on her knees with that perfect ass of hers sticking out Josie just couldn't resist sneaking out, quickly grabbing a couple of strap-ons and then returning to the dining room. Once she got back her mother gave her a look, but Josie just smiled, stripped off her clothes and strapped one of the dildos around her waist. Still her Mom didn't comment, obviously not wanting to spoil the surprise for Cheryl.

Grinning wickedly Josie knelt down behind her girl and started playing with Cheryl's butt. She wanted to yank out Cheryl's butt-plug and brutally violate her butt hole, however given the plan was for this little hole to be thoroughly used tonight Josie wanted to be nice and thoroughly stretch it out before the real violation began. So she relaxed Cheryl, first by massaging the cheeks to her well-rounded rear, then by spreading them, grabbing the handle to the butt-plug and beginning to fuck Cheryl with it, sliding in and out and causing the little ass whore to moan with delight. She even slid around inside her so that Cheryl's back hole would be as relaxed as possible for her dick.

Of course it was only so long that Josie could wait to take what was rightfully hers, and long before Cheryl even started seriously going to town on the older black woman's cunt the younger one was pulling the butt-plug out of the white girl's ass hole and replacing it with her strap-on cock. Predictably Cheryl let out a soft cry of disappointment into the older woman's pussy as the plug was removed, which almost immediately turned into a cry of joy as Josie pushed the head of her dick into Cheryl's butt hole, the singer letting out a cry of joy herself as she watched her favourite fuck hole stretch quickly and easily to take firstly just the tip, and then soon after the full length of her cock.

Her big black cock! Oh yes, that pale little white booty took the full length of her big black cock, as always Josie fascinated by just how beautiful the difference in the skin tones between her and a white girl looked while they were fucking. Especially with this super pale redhead. And the only thing better than fucking her was sharing her with another black girl. Yeah, that's why Josie had been sharing Cheryl on a regular basis with her bandmates ever since that first night, and now would hopefully be sharing her with her mother just as regularly, because to her there was nothing hotter than Cheryl Blossom's pale little body sandwiched between two or more black women. Something she made very clear the second she received some encouragement from her Mom.

"That's it baby girl! Take that ass! Take that pale little white booty! Prove to me, and more importantly Cheryl Blossom, that this white girl's super pale butt is yours!" Sierra encouraged her daughter with delight, "Mmmmm, look at us sweetie. We're making your bitch our little Oreo cookie already."

"Yeah we are!" Josie quickly agreed, "Ooooooh yeahhhhh, we're already sandwiching the high and mighty Cheryl Blossom between two hard blacks, ohhhhhh yessssss, making her the creamy filling in our Riverdale Oreo cookie, mmmmm, turning her into what she was always meant to be. What she was born to be. The reason she exists. ooooooohhhhhh fuck, take it Cheryl, take it! Take it up your lilywhite ass while you make my Mom cum! Fuck yeah, make my Mommy cum in your hot little mouth and all over your pretty little face while I stretch your white ass out with this big black dick! Do it bitch! Make my Mom cum!"

Cheryl almost pulled her face away from Mrs McCoy's cunt to reply, but thought better of it. If she did Josie might pull her strap-on out of her slutty little ass, and that thought was unbearable. Cheryl lived for the indescribably wonderful feeling of Josie's dick up her ass, and now she was finally experiencing that heaven again after what felt like years of being denied that honour, even though in reality it hadn't even been 24 hours. But that didn't matter. What mattered was the big black dick violating her slutty little white ass, and the yummy black pussy being pushed into her face. Besides, all Cheryl was going to say was that how good all this was, and promise Josie that she would make her mother cum.

Achieving that turned out to be easy. Perhaps even easier than when she and Josie, or one of the other Pussycats, were having a quickie in the girl's bathroom at school, or a party. Like those times Cheryl was only permitted to gently lick pussy briefly before getting down to some serious rug munching, and like her least favourite times she didn't even get to slip into a black pussy. Instead Mrs McCoy started grinding against her face, while pushing downwards on the back of her head, practically suffocating Cheryl in the heaven that was black pussy, to the point where it was all she could smell, taste and see. Then all she could smell, taste and see was Mrs McCoy's cum. Well, mostly just taste, as Cheryl honed in on that since alone. That, and the feeling of pleasure coming from her ass.

It was difficult not to become distracted by the incredibly skilful ass fucking she was receiving, but Cheryl had a job to do, and she was determined to do it to the best of her abilities, even if that meant most of the yummy girl cum ended up covering her face instead of sliding down into her belly were it truly belonged. It was just one of those sacrifices Cheryl had to make to prove herself as a good sub, and she certainly didn't want to let her Dom down in front of her Dom's Mom. So Cheryl stuck out her tongue and held it there for as long as she could, meaning that Mrs McCoy was able to bash her clit into it repeatedly, repeatedly using it to get herself off.

When it became clear that Mrs McCoy no longer needed Cheryl's soft tongue, and the other girl's face would do fine, Cheryl begin swallowing as much as that heavenly liquid as she possibly could, but there was just so much of it, and Mrs McCoy was just cumming so hard and frequently. Most notably Josie had picked up the pace of the butt fucking just enough so that combined with constantly getting to swallow girl cum and having that cream so regularly squirted into her face Cheryl found herself already dangerously close to a climax. But again, she was determined to prove herself, no matter what painful or pleasurable, or painfully pleasurable, things she had to endure. She would endure them all with pride, because she loved Josie and it truly felt like she was born for this.

Sierra certainly felt like that. It had truly been a joy to feel Cheryl's eager and surprisingly skilful tongue work her over, and now swallow her cum without even needing to be asked like the good little bitch she was always meant to be. Especially as it was not only a sign of what a dominant top her little girl had become, but because she was getting another sign of that as Josie butt banged Cheryl right in front of her with incredible skill for her age. And Cheryl even kept up her work through this skilful sodomising she was receiving, which Sierra was positive this was a sign of the redhead's training rather than any failure from Josie. All of which just made Sierra cum harder and more frequently, until she just couldn't take it any more.

More accurately, she just couldn't continue to take it without losing consciousness and that would have been incredibly embarrassing without having her daughter witnessing it. As she would have it was unacceptable. Besides, Sierra was desperate for a turn with that hot little ass. So despite how tempting it was to fuck Cheryl's face until all three of them completely ran out of steam Sierra allowed herself a few climaxes before pulling her chair back and then, after a few long moments of rest, she retrieved a nice big strap-on and attached it around her waist while continuing to enjoy the show. Sierra then graciously gave her daughter a few long minutes to enjoy her bitch's butt before requesting a turn herself.

"Josie honey, do you mind if I have a turn with your bitch's whore hole?" Sierra asked softly but firmly, "It would mean so much to me if we could have a bonding moment of spit roasting this white bitch. Besides, I always wanted to fuck Cheryl Blossom up her tight little ass."

"Of course Mom. That's why I brought Cheryl here, mmmmmm, for us to share." Josie grinned, "Just don't make her cum yet. I still want to DP her later."

"No problem sweetie." Sierra murmured dismissively, clearly distracted.

Which caused Josie to chuckle as she walked around Cheryl and then as her girl opened her mouth without needing to be asked she grinned again, pushed her cock into the open hole and ordered, "Suck it Cheryl! Mmmmmm yeahhhhh, suck your own ass off my dick like the good little ATM slut you are."

While Cheryl clearly tried to respond it was muffled from the dick entering her mouth, and by the fact that she was interrupted with a loud moan of pleasure as her other open hole was invaded. Sierra had enjoyed admiring her daughter's handiwork, but it hadn't been long before she pressed her strap-on against that gaping open ass hole and slid her dildo deep inside it. Because of most likely both the butt fucking Josie had just given Cheryl, and the multiple butt fuckings Josie was now responsible for the redhead receiving, either from herself or her fellow Pussycats, Sierra's dick slid deep into the younger woman's bowels like a hot knife through butter.

In what felt like no time at all Sierra's thighs came to rest against Cheryl's ass cheeks, announcing the full length of her cock was buried in Cheryl's hot little butt. Sierra savoured that fact for a few long seconds, before beginning to sodomise the teen nice and slowly, her hands sliding to those juicy butt cheeks so she could spread them open and get the best possible look of her big black dick sliding in and out of the ass hole of the daughter of her rivals, the Blossoms. She had gone to school with them, and they had always been insufferable. As Mayor she constantly had to deal with them, but Sierra was now looking forward to the next time she saw them, as she'd be able to picture this beautiful sight, including others like it, like their daughter sucking her daughter's cock.

Cheryl had moaned loudly when she wrapped her lips around Josie's cock partly because simultaneously Mrs McCoy rammed her cock up her ass. But almost equally she also cried out with pure delight at tasting her own ass on that toy cock. It was incredibly embarrassing, but Cheryl couldn't help it. She just loved the taste of her own ass that much. And honestly her feelings of shame and embarrassment only made her love it even more. Along with the fact that she was taking it in both ends like a total whore, and from a mother-daughter team no less, making Cheryl feel even more slutty and wonderful. Now, if only she had a cock in her cunt the moment would have been truly perfect.

Of course this way she still got to be the creamy filling in a Oreo cookie. Cheryl had been one before when she had been eating Mrs McCoy's pussy, but she loved this just as much thanks to tasting her own ass, which she loved even more than cum and pussy juice, and more importantly was the fact that she was still pleasing Josie. Well, if Cheryl was being honest with herself she preferred it when Josie was the one fucking her, but from the sound of it she would soon again, and could have guessed it anyway from her previous times with her girlfriend and her friends. So for now Cheryl just had to concentrate on giving the best blow job possible.

At first that just included bobbing her head up and down on a few inches of Josie's dick as Cheryl savoured the taste of the deepest part of her butt. Then she bobbed her head lower and lower, pushing the ass flavoured cock down her windpipe until she was deep throating the entire length of the dildo with practised ease. Cheryl showed off by shoving the entire length inside her mouth for a few long seconds, then she started bobbing her head up and down again, partly to make sure she didn't miss a drop of her butt cream, but mostly to please her precious Josie. Which got her plenty of praise from the aspiring singer, along with encouragement and a little verbal humiliation thrown in.

"Yeeeeeesssssss, take it deep! Take it deep down your throat! Oh my God, good girl. Mmmmmm, good little cock sucker." Josie grinned, stroking the other girl's head lovingly, "You're such a good little white slut Cheryl. Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, all that practice with me and the Pussycats is really paying off, huh? Yeah it is, and now you're the biggest submissive dyke whore in Riverdale! Yeahhhhhhh, look at you go girl, sucking every inch of my cock while taking it right up the ass! Mmmmmm, right in your little dyke ass from my Mom! Oh yeah, if only that family of yours can see us now. You sandwiched between two beautiful black women, spit-roasted like the little white slut you are, mmmmmm, and my Mom and me, pounding your hot little whore holes!, mmmmmm yeahhhhhhh, it makes me so proud."

"Me too." Sierra interrupted, "I'm so proud of you sweetie. You'll be an excellent top. So demanding, commanding, and generous. Speaking of which, I'd love another turn with that sweet little mouth of hers. Which would be for the best, don't you think? Mmmmmm yeahhhhhh, that way she gets more of her ass cream, I get more of her mouth, and you get more of her ass. It's a win-win-win."

"Oh, I love that idea." Josie grinned, pulling her cock out of Cheryl's mouth, "What do you think Cheryl?"

"Yes, please switch holes." Cheryl whimpered, "Use me however you want!"

Which they did, over, and over, and over again. Which would have been the purest heaven for Cheryl, if only they would have let her cum. Ideally a lot of times. Although constantly getting a mouthful of her own ass juice while getting sodomised was pretty close to heaven as far as Cheryl was concerned, and because this meant she was pleasing Josie she was more than happy to be spit-roasted for what felt like hours. But eventually the dirty talk, butt cream, and most of all the ass fucking eventually became too much and Cheryl beg for more during one of the switchovers, silently praying before she did so that at this point the McCoys wanted her to break.

"Harder! Please fuck me harder!" Cheryl whimpered as soon as the Mayor's strap-on was pulled out of her mouth, "Fuck my ass harder and make me cum! Please Josie, pound my slutty little butt and make me cum like a bitch with a dick in my ass! Or let your Mom do it. Mmmmmm, I'd love for the Mayor to make me cum. Just please do it. I need it so bad."

"Really?" Josie interrupted, "Isn't that something else you want first?"

For a second or two Cheryl thought about it, then hesitantly offered, "For you to DP me? Because I'd love that. Mmmmmm, oh please Josie, DP me with your Mom. Really share me with the Mayor of this town, and really make me an Oreo cookie, by sandwiching me between two hard blacks. Ohhhhhh,and then you could really fuck me hard and make me cum like the submissive little bitch I am."

Turning her attention to the older woman and grinning at her Josie asked, "What do you think Mom? You up for it?"

"Definitely." Sierra grinned back, before sitting down, clicking her fingers and pointing to her dick while looking over at the redhead, "Get over here and sit on this dick! Mmmmm yeahhhh, give me that hot little white girl cunt."

"Yes Mrs McCoy." Cheryl said, before obeying happily.

Josie watched with glee as Cheryl quickly climbed on top of the older black woman as soon as she was sat down, and then impaled her horny little cunt onto her dick. Oh yes, her bitch's pussy swallowed the full length of that cock and then started bouncing up and down on her Mom's dick, Josie both admiring that sight and the cute little gaping hole between those jiggling cheeks. Then without another word she grabbed Cheryl firmly by the waist to keep her nice and still so she could line up her strap-on with Cheryl's battered butt hole and slowly push her way inside, causing the little Oreo cookie to cry out with pure joy, and then start begging again.

"Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeessssssssss, stuff my butt! Mmmmmmm ooooooh stuff it full of your big black cock!" Cheryl moaned shamelessly, "Ohhhhhh stuff my little white ass with your big black cock Josie. Ah fuck, I wanna be stuffed with black cock! Yours and your Mom's. Oh yes double stuff me, mmmmmm, fuck my pussy, aaaahhhhhh, fuck my ass, mmmmmm, make me the creamy filling in a Oreo cookie. Make me your Oreo. Make me a Riverdale Oreo cookie, just like you do with your band. Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk, just fuck me hard!"

As Cheryl begged Josie slowly buried every inch of her dildo inside Cheryl's butt and then started sodomising her again, this time with every thrust forward pushing the redhead down onto the other dildo inside her cunt and thus officially making Cheryl Blossom an Oreo cookie again. In Josie's opinion she was before, but this was the more traditional version, and there was definitely something about getting to DP another girl with her Mom. Honestly Josie would have been quite happy with this, which was why she allowed Cheryl to beg for so long. However there was something even more extreme she wanted. Something that her mother was expecting of her, and something which would destroy every ounce of self-respect that Cheryl had and turn her into a completely broken bitch.

"You wanna be the creamy filling in a Oreo cookie? To be my Oreo? To be my little Riverdale Oreo cookie? Huh?" Josie pushed, "You wanna cum from being double stuffed?"

"Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES! I want that! I want that more than anything!" Cheryl whimpered.

"Even more than pleasing me?" Josie chuckled wickedly.

There was a brief pause, and then Cheryl questioned, "Can't I do both?"

"Maybe..." Josie murmured thoughtfully, before grinning, "If you're willing to try a little double anal?"

"Double anal?" Cheryl parroted in disbelief as her cheeks went even more pale.

Even though Josie didn't think it was actually a question she decided to clarify, "Oh yeah, two cocks in one tight little bitch hole. Specifically your slutty little ass hole. Mmmmm yeahhhhh, that would definitely prove to my mother that I'm an awesome top who can break and train little bottoms like you to do whatever I want, no matter how extreme. Ooooooh yessssss, and it would definitely make you cum, because you know deep down you were always meant to be a massive anal whore, and here's your chance to prove it. Aaaahhhh shit, here's your chance to take two big black cocks up that sexy little white ass and cum like the complete and total anal whore you are! Ohhhhhh fuck, doesn't that sound like fun?"

Unsurprisingly Cheryl had to think about this. Josie didn't blame her. She couldn't imagine taking one cock up her ass, let alone two. Besides, while her own desire to cum was getting pretty overwhelming Josie prided herself on self-control, and was having so much fun DP'ing her first bitch with her mother that she was more than happy to do this all night if she had too. Of course while her Mom may have looked a little concerned there was no doubt in Josie's mind that Cheryl would do anything for her, even this, and though perhaps it took a little longer than she would have guessed that desire, and her own need to cum, eventually pushed Cheryl into giving Josie what she wanted.

"Okay." Cheryl whispered hesitantly.

"Are you sure baby?" Josie pushed.

Cheryl nodded, and then whimpered, "Just... just go slow, okay?"

"Sure babe, we'll go slow. At first." Josie grinned, slowly pulling her cock out of Cheryl's ass, "Now sit that ass down on my Mom's dick, then I'll slide in and take your double anal cherry."

Once Josie's dildo was free of Cheryl's ass hole the redhead lifted herself up, reached down with trembling hands and nervously held the black dick covered in her pussy cream steady while she slid her gaping back hole down upon it. Thanks to the multiple ass fucking she had received Cheryl was able to take it all fairly easily. The next part was less easy. In fact Josie wondered whether it would work on Cheryl's teen ass. But sure enough to her delight that already cock stuffed shit hole started stretching wider and wider until the head of Josie's cock slid into Cheryl's butt hole, meaning it was official, Josie had just taken Cheryl's double anal cherry.

"OH FUCK ME! Two dicks. That's two fucking dicks in your slut butt! Fuckkkkkkk, what a whore!" Josie exclaimed, her inexperience showing briefly, before she composed herself, "Mmmmm yeahhhhh, that double anal cherry is mine, so just relax Cheryl. Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhh, relax baby, cause I'm about to take your ass like never before."

Cheryl whimpered pathetically and desperately tried to do as she was told. But it seemed impossible. This whole thing should be impossible. And yet, not only could she feel her ass hole stretch around two big dicks, but she could feel the second one slowly sliding into her back passage alongside the first one, forcing the walls of the redhead's rectum wider apart than ever before. For more than they had ever designed to be stretched, causing Cheryl to cry out again in a mixture of pain and humiliation, both these feelings were overwhelming and causing tears to slide down her face, Cheryl unable to believe this was happening to her.

For a few long seconds she hated Josie for doing this to her, and herself for allowing it to happen. But then when there was about half of the length inside of Cheryl's ass Josie started pumping her hips back and forth, officially starting to give Cheryl her first double butt fucking. Even though it was gentle at first Cheryl hoped it would be her last, however just as she thought that she felt a spark of pleasure coming from her obscenely abused butt. At first she just thought it was an after-shock of the pleasure she felt earlier, but then she felt it again. Amazingly she continued to feel it and it got stronger, and stronger. Strong enough to make her moan in pleasure.

Then Cheryl began feeling the ecstasy she was used to receiving while getting fucked up the ass, only it was even stronger, mostly because of the added bonus of having two dicks inside of her shit pipe instead of one, making her feel like the biggest anal whore in Riverdale. Those dicks were also rubbing against each other inside of her, which create a truly unique sensation. And most of all else given Josie's giggles of delight, and the look on the Mayor's face, it was obvious Cheryl was fulfilling her life's purpose by making dominant black women happy. More specifically she was making Josie happy, which filled her with overwhelming joy.

All of a sudden Josie's thighs came to rest against her butt cheeks, announcing that somehow Cheryl's little ass had taken every single inch of those two big black cocks. Cheryl hadn't even been aware that Josie had been pushing more inches of dildo inside her butt, but all of a sudden she was very aware of every single inch of those dildos stuffing her back passage like it had never been stuffed before. Yet somehow it still wasn't enough. Only a short time ago it had been more than Cheryl could ever handle, and now she wanted more. She wanted to be fucked. More accurately she wanted her forbidden hole to be completely and utterly destroyed. She also wanted to cum. But most of all, she wanted to please her wonderful top, and her wonderful top's Mom.

Josie had been left dumbstruck by the sight of Cheryl's bitch hole stretching for the second cock. That was even more the case as she began slowly invading that rectum and inch after inch of her big black cock disappeared into that vulnerable little ass hole, which was already stretching for her Mom's dick. But the anguished sounds of Cheryl kept waking Josie up, and breaking her heart, and no matter what she said it was clear that her girl was still very much in pain. So she switched tactics, beginning the double ass fucking early in an attempt to loosen Cheryl's rectum. It worked better than she could have hoped, as not only did she soon have her little anal whore moaning happily for her, but soon she was able to bury every inch of her dick inside Cheryl's ass without any complaints.

Then shortly after that Cheryl started begging for more, "Harder! Fuck my ass harder. Ooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkk, please Josie, mmmmmmm, you promised you would fuck me hard and make me cum, so do it! Fucking wreck my ass! Ohhhhhhh Gooooooddddddd, I can't believe there are two fucking dicks up my ass, but it feels sooooooo goooooooddddd! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuck me! Fuck me please? I need to be fucked. I need to be wrecked. I need to be double ass pounded until my ass is completely ruined, mmmmmmm yesssssss, but I don't care, fuckkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhh, because I am cummming so hard. Please Josie, Mrs McCoy, ruin my fucking butt hole and make me cum! Ooooooohhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk!"

Despite Cheryl's increasingly passionate begging Josie ignored her. Partly because she was enjoying the begging, and partly because she wanted Cheryl to cum as hard as possible. Also partly because she still wanted to impress her mother. Most importantly of all though Josie wanted to savour this precious moment. The first time she got to double butt fuck another girl. And with her Mom no less. Yes, Josie wanted to squeeze every ounce of enjoyment as she could out of this extreme act, which definitely involves spreading both of Cheryl's cheeks so she could watch her black cock disappearing into that super pale butt hole and then sliding out of it, each thrust causing her Mom's cock to move at the same time so it truly was a double rectum ramming.

"FUCK ME! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuckkkkkkkk meeeeeeee!" Cheryl hysterically screamed, overwhelmed with burning need, "Fuck me and make me cum! Ah fuck, I need to cum! I NEED IT! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh Gooooooodddddddd, seriously Josie, mmmmmmm, make me cum! I need to cum! I need to get my ass completely destroyed so I can cum! Please, please, pleasssssseeeeeee, wreck my fucking rectum! Destroy it! Ruin it! Make it so I can't ever sit down again! Aaaaaahhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk, just fuck me harder! Please Josie, oooooooh Mrs McCoy, ohhhhhhh, I need two beautiful black women to pound fuck my rich white girl ass wide open and put me in my place as the creamy filling in a Riverdale Oreo cookie! OH YES, ooooooohhhhhhh yesssssssss, that's it, slam fuck that whore ass, slam it, oh shit, AAAAAAAAHHHHH FUCKKKKK YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS, FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCKKKKKKKKK MEEEEEEEEEEE!"

Satisfied with those words Josie moved her hands from Cheryl's cheeks to her waist and then started increasing the force of the double ass fucking, not stopping until once again her thighs were smacking into Cheryl's butt cheeks, causing them to jiggle and the sound of flesh on flesh to echo around the room almost as loudly as Cheryl's incoherent screams of ecstasy. Although before she reached that point the obviously overstimulated Cheryl Blossom came, and perhaps came harder then Josie had ever seen her cum before, which was really saying something given the number of orgasms that she gave her on a regular basis.

Once Josie really got going Cheryl seemed to be cumming so much it was practically a continuous orgasm, more or less ensuring that Cheryl meant every word that she said before, and the rich white girl would even beg the black girl to double butt fucker again with her Mom, or her friends, or more likely both. Josie certainly hoped that was the case, because they were definitely doing this again. It wasn't even up for debate. Josie didn't care what she had to do, this was becoming a regular thing. Maybe even a weekly thing. Or more. Because it really was so amazing, Josie feeling more powerful and dominant than ever before, and her eventual orgasms were just exquisite.

Sierra was so proud of her daughter. She had some misgivings at first, but it was clear that the apple had fallen right next to the tree as her daughter was an Alpha female brimming with natural talent for topping submissive female, and turning weaker minded females submissive. Just look what she had done to Cheryl Blossom. Cheryl might have been a top without the interference of her daughter, but now it was clear that Cheryl would never be anything but a total anal whore. Josie's anal whore. Oh yes, Josie had completely made that perfect little white girl booty 100% hers, and Cheryl her bitch forever. What could possibly make a mother more proud?

That overwhelming feeling, combined with the stimulator on her clit, along with having this beautiful white girl finally squirting her cum onto her stomach, and the sheer joy of completely destroying the teen butt hole of the infamous Cheryl Blossom was more than enough to make Sierra have one of the most satisfying climaxes of her life. It was quickly followed by another, and another, and another, as Sierra began using every ounce of energy she had left to thrust upwards, making Cheryl Blossom's first of many double butt poundings as hard and as brutal as possible, maximising the pleasure for herself and the little slut sandwiched between herself and her daughter.

It also undoubtedly maximised the pleasure her daughter was feeling, which was a weird thought, but totally worth it to brutalise Cheryl Blossom's butt hole like this. Impressively Josie somehow managed to continue even though she obviously came as hard and as frequently as Sierra did. Of course inevitably her inexperience caught up with her and collapsed down next to Sierra on the bed and force both of the strap-ons to come out of Cheryl's back hole with a truly obscene sound. In turn Cheryl collapsed down on top of Sierra, then rolled over and clung onto Josie like her life depended on it, adorably burying her face in her chest and whimpering as her body shook from the force of the orgasms she had just received. This caused Josie to grin and stroke her completely broken bitch's back while cooing softly as the three women just lay there for a while, completely and utterly exhausted.

Then Josie ordered, "Show us that ass!"

Despite the exhaustion they were all feeling, and the fact that those words were pretty weak, Cheryl somehow managed to find the strength to get up onto her hands and knees, turn around, and then collapse face down in front of them while reaching back to spread her cheeks, presenting the dominant women with her handiwork. The last part wasn't necessary, as it would have been obvious without that just how widely gaping Cheryl's ass hole was, but it was still impressive that Cheryl had managed to do it. She must be truly smitten with Josie. Although whatever the case Sierra didn't care, as she found the perverted sight in front of her to be rejuvenating.

Josie was the same way. After a energy destroying round of passionate ass sex there's nothing like admiring her handiwork afterwards to return her strength, or at least replace it with adrenaline long enough to maintain her dominance. That was especially true this time, because Cheryl's butt hole and back passage were stretched wider than ever before, allowing Josie to see deep into that brutalise rectum. Which really shouldn't have been a turn on, but it was, Josie grinning proudly as she and her Mom admire their handiwork for a long minute or two before inevitably giving her fuck pet another command. Although first she couldn't avoid seeking her mother's approval.

"So, what do ya think?" Josie grinned proudly at her Mom.

"I think..." Sierra said, pausing for dramatic effect, before grinning, "That's one fine gape, and you are one lucky bitch to have a bitch that submissive and eager to please, and with an ass made for fucking."

"I'm the lucky one Mayor McCoy." Cheryl whimpered softly.

"Kiss ass." Josie chuckled, her face lighting up as she added, "Now there's an idea. We could have you kissing our sweaty black asses. Won't that be fun? Then my Mom can see that you're literally an ass kisser."

"Oh yes please Josie, let me kiss your ass." Cheryl replied eagerly, looking behind her and pleading, "Please allow me the privilege of literally kissing your Mom's ass, mmmmm, and yours."

"Maybe later, if you're good." Josie teased, before ordering, "First, be a good girl and come here and clean our cocks of your yummy little ass."

"Yes Josie." Cheryl beamed happily and then scrambled to do as she was told.

Letting go of her cheeks, turning around and crawling over to them was the easy part, but then Cheryl was obviously unsure about who's cock to clean first, the redhead biting her lip in this way which Josie found adorable. Although what was even better was the fact that Cheryl chose her cock. Which technically was the wise choice, as Josie was her Dom, but it felt like there was more to it. Or at least Josie chose to take it that way, especially given how Cheryl looked up at her dreamily as she wrapped her lips around her cock and moaned at the taste of her own butt. Which could have been an manipulation, but Josie was sure it wasn't, and it made her heart flutter.

They continued staring into each other's eyes as Cheryl's head bobbed up and down the first few inches of Josie's shaft, before switching over to her mother's and giving her the same treatment, except without the loving stare. Cheryl then went back and forth just like Josie and the Pussycats had trained her to do when there was more than one cock in front of her. And oh, did Cheryl have a lot of training for those occasions, training which she definitely put into good use as she greedily cleaned those dicks. Although Cheryl concentrated on just the first few inches for quite a while, clearly waiting for permission to go lower. Permission that Josie had no problem giving her.

"Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhh, suck it! Suck those cocks! That's a good girl. Good little cock sucker. Now take it deep." Josie ordered, "Take my cock deep down your throat! Come on bitch, show my Mom what a well-trained cock sucker you are! Come on girl, you've been such a good little bottom for me. Don't let me down now. Ooooooooh yessssssss, that's it! More, more, more, more, ah fuck, more, oh fuck yeah! Every inch! Every single inch down your fucking throat! Oh fuck yeah, mmmmmm, that's a good little ass to mouth bitch. Oh yeah, you make me so proud Cheryl. Ooooooohhhhhhh fuck, you really are the perfect bitch. Now do my Mom! Yeahhhhhh, show once again that you really are the perfect little sub by deep throating my Mom's cock and getting every drop of your butt cream! Oh God yeah!"

Unsurprisingly it didn't take much encouragement for Cheryl to do as she was told, stuffing the entire length of Josie's dick into her windpipe and greedily cleaning the last of her ass cream from it. She then did the same with the cock strapped around the waist of Josie's Mom, before returning to going back and forth between them like the perfect little bottom she was. As they were both tired Josie and her Mom were very content to enjoy this little show for quite a while, especially Josie as she loved providing the commentary for it. Which Josie happily did so, until her mother stopped her to enquire about the future.

"So, are you going to bring any more of your... 'friends', over for dinner?" Sierra asked with a grin, confident she knew the answer.

Proving her mother right Josie grinned, "Absolutely. In fact, I have my eye on one right now. I just need to find the right motivation, and then she'll be mine. Then, after a little training, ours."


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