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Author's note: This story takes place during Season 1 of Riverdale, but there are no real spoilers.

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Riverdale: Riverdale Oreos Part 3
by MTL ([email protected])

"You might want to do a better job of containing the gay." Josie leaned in to her pray and whispered softly.

"What?" Veronica startled, turning to Josie and blushing.

"Your gay." Josie smirked, making sure to keep her voice low as she pointed out, "I mean, Archie and Betty are pretty oblivious to this kind of thing, but Jughead is pretty observant, and I'm not sure how he'll react."

Veronica just glared at her for a few long seconds, and then angrily protested, "I don't know what you're talking about."

"You're gay for Betty Cooper." Josie said as if she was pointing out the grass was green and the sky was blue, "And don't try to deny it. I just caught you staring at her longingly for like the millionth time. Which is why I'm surprised your girl boner for her isn't public knowledge. Maybe they don't care... or maybe Kevin said something."

"Kevin?" Veronica questioned hesitantly.

"Duh." Josie said, "You probably set off his radar from day one, but wasn't sure whether to say anything to Betty at first because he didn't trust you. An now, who knows? Maybe he's just waiting for you to step up. I know Cheryl was waiting for a rainy day to out you, but I put a stop to that. You're welcome, by the way."

There was a brief pause, then Veronica looked around, grabbed hold of Josie's hand, pulled her into an empty classroom and then protested, "It's just a stupid crush. Betty wouldn't care."

"She would." Josie corrected, "But she'd give you a super-sweet rejection, and you don't want that."

"That doesn't mean I'm going to let you blackmail me." Veronica snapped.

"Who said anything about blackmail?" Josie laughed.

Veronica blinked and stammered, "I'm... I'm sorry. I just thought-"

"Relax." Josie reassured, "I don't know what you've heard, but you and me, we're good. Cheryl was the one who used to lash out because she was miserable, but not me. In fact, I'm all about peace and love. Unless you cross me. And you haven't crossed me. Which is why I want to help you get the girl. Or at least get some desperately needed relief."

"Oh?" Veronica raised an eyebrow and cautiously asked, "And how would you do that?"

"Why don't you meet me in the music room after school, and I'll tell you." Josie promised, before sauntering out of the room without another word.

* * *

Veronica Lodge should be used to having her whole world turned upside down by now, but it happened again, her interaction with Josie McCoy echoing through her head for the rest of the day as she tried to decide her best course of action. That of course was probably not show up, and pray that Josie didn't say anything, but they both knew that wasn't a possibility. It was an offer Veronica just couldn't refuse, as not only did her curiosity get the better of her but she needed to make sure Josie didn't out her. Most of all Veronica couldn't help feeling hopeful about that last part in which Josie had promised to help her, one way or another.

So sure enough Veronica not only found herself heading to the music room at the end of the day but found herself counting the minutes until she could do it particularly towards the end of the day. Although when she arrived she was surprised to find that Josie wasn't alone. Which wasn't obvious at first, as Veronica had looked through the door's window and only seen Josie, then when she pushed it open with a smile on her face she found that there were three other girls waiting for her standing to the side. Namely Josie's fellow Pussycats, Valerie Brown and Melody Valentine, and more worryingly Cheryl Blossom, which made Veronica worried that she was walking into a trap or something.

Against her better judgement Veronica boldly strolled forward, then crossed her arms and grumbled while indicating to their audience, "What are they doing here?"

"Relax, my girls are just here to watch." Josie smirked, and beckoned Cheryl forwards without taking her gaze away from Veronica, "Except Cheryl. She's here to prove a point."

Once Cheryl had closed the distance between them Josie snapped her fingers and the most feared girl in school fell to her knees beside her, causing Veronica's eyes to bug out as she exclaimed, "What the-"

"You see Veronica..." Josie began slowly explaining while stroking Cheryl's long red hair, "I was always taught that girls like Cheryl here, and Betty, crave to be dominated by black women. Call it white guilt, call it the natural order of things, call it coincidence, I don't care, but three generations of women in my family have enjoyed making white girls our sluts. I mean sure, there were some Latinas, Asians, and even some inferior black women, but mostly we liked making little Oreo cookies. And that's what me and my girls have been doing lately, making our way through the cheerleaders, starting with Cheryl here, and making them our bitches. Isn't that right Cheryl?"

"Yes Mistress." Cheryl quickly replied while keeping her head down as before, then briefly looking up at Veronica and telling her, "I'm Mistress Josie's white bitch."

Josie allowed a few seconds for that to sink in, then she continued, "We haven't gone after Betty yet, but it's just a matter of time. Unless, you want to make a deal."

There was a long pause and then while still staring in disbelief Veronica quipped, "What happened to 'who said anything about blackmail'?"

"Oh honey, this isn't blackmail. This is an opportunity." Josie grinned, "See, girls like you can go one of three ways. Firstly, you can just stay out of it. But as you're obviously into girls that would be a fucking waste. So I expect you to go for one of the other options. Namely, submit to us, or join us."

Another brief pause, partly because at the end there Valerie and Melody came to stand beside their leader and then Veronica chuckled softly, "You're confident. I'll give you that."

"Why wouldn't I be?" Josie questioned, glancing down at her redheaded pet, "If I can do this to the most feared girl in school, do you really think anything can keep me from sweet little Betty Cooper?"

"I don't know, she seems pretty boy crazy." Veronica grumbled.

"Please, that girl is begging to be put in her place, and I guarantee that by the end of this month her ass cherry will be popped, and by the end of the next month she'll be fully trained." Josie boasted, "The only question is if, you're going to be a co-owner and take that butt cherry or not."

"Oh?" Veronica laughed, "So not only are you going to seduce sweet little Betty Cooper, the perfect girl next door, into being your lesbian sex slave, but you're going to fuck her up the butt too?"

"If you're not up to the task." Josie said confidently.

There was a long pause, or at least it seemed long, then Veronica's curiosity got the better of her, "Wait, have... have you fucked Cheryl up the butt?"

Josie smirked, "Only every single day for the past few months. Isn't that right Cheryl?"

"Yes Mistress." Cheryl blushed, again forcing herself to glance up as she continued, "I'm Mistress Josie's anal whore. I love it when she fucks me up the butt. Mmmmm, it feels so good. I can't get enough."

"See Veronica, all white girls crave it up the ass." Josie boasted, "Or at least, all the white girls I've fucked have."

"How many is that?" Veronica asked.

"You'll have to earn that information." Josie grinned, "But I will say there's nothing better than teaming up with my girls the Pussycats and making some sweet little Oreo cookies."

"Damn right." Melody happily agreed.

"Uh-huh." Valerie agreed dismissively, before asking, "You ever used a strap-on, Ronnie?"

"No." Veronica admitted, before grinning softly, "But it does sound like fun."

"So you're in?" Josie raised an eyebrow.

"Maybe." Veronica said dismissively, before bravely stepping forward, "But let's get a few things straight. I don't know exactly what kinky shit you and your girls are into, but Betty is my girl. I would never do anything to hurt her."

"Firstly, we're not talking about hurting her. Exactly the opposite. We want to introduce her, and you, to a whole new level of pleasure that neither one of you knew existed." Josie explained, before frowning, "And secondly, you're in no position to be making demands. You don't just get a pass because I'm feeling generous. Hell no! You wanna run with us, you gotta earn your place."

"Is that right?" Veronica smirked.

"That's right." Josie confirmed.

"And how would I do that?" Veronica asked, feeling like she already knew the answer.

"Well, for starters, you can get down on your knees and eat my pussy." Josie announced with a wicked grin.

Fighting the urge to do as she was told Veronica quipped, "Oh, so my choices are submit, or submit?"

"No. Your choices are submit, and prove that you still wanna top afterwards. Or submit, and prove that you really are nothing but a slutty little bottom." Josie explained, happily elaborating, "See, you eat my pussy and take it in the ass like a good girl and you'll get the chance to butt fuck Cheryl here. Then, if you can survive me and the Pussycats making you our little Oreo cookie, you'll have earned the right to take your precious Betty's anal cherry. Finally, you take a double ass fucking and you a certified member of Josie and the Pussycats, and together we'll have anyone we want, doing whatever we want, forever."

Yet another brief pause, then Veronica quipped, "Wow, that sounds like a long night."

"I was more thinking a week or two. If you can survive that long." Josie admitted with what was almost a friendly smile, "Honestly, I'm kind of hoping you do. It'll be more fun that way. And if you're still sceptical I can get you Betty, put it this way... I'm right, you get everything you want and more. I'm wrong, and you at least get some desperately needed relief from your burning lesbian lust. So, it's a win-win."

The longest pause yet, and then Melody nervously pushed, "So what's it going to be?"

"Yeah." Valerie pushed, "Are you going to join us in dyke heaven, or run-off to warn your precious Betty?"

Josie would have preferred that option wouldn't have been mentioned, but she shrugged it off for now and pressed on, "You're choice V. But I think we both know what you really want."

One final pause, and then Veronica grinned, stepped into Josie's personal space and teased, "I'm used to a little foreplay, so... seal it with a kiss?"

The truth was Veronica didn't need any foreplay because she couldn't remember being more turned on and she was right now, but under the circumstances she thought it was important not to quickly dropped to her knees like a submissive little bottom. The urge to do that was very powerful, but what Josie had described sounded like paradise, and Veronica was willing to do anything to make it happen. Plus, like Josie said, at the very least she would be able to indulge in some lesbian sex, which she had been really craving lately. Hell, it was just nice to kiss a girl while not having to pretend it was just for show, or for practice.

Unfortunately that kiss didn't last nearly as long as Veronica was hoping it would, as after a brief staring competition Josie sighed, grabbed the back of her head and pulled her into a rough kiss, which Veronica barely got to enjoy before being pushed down onto her knees. For a moment she fought against it, not because she didn't want to go, but because she wanted to seem like a top. Then with one cheeky little grin Veronica allowed herself to be 'forced' to her knee so she was eye level with her destination. After it became clear Josie was waiting on her Veronica leaned forward, ducked under the other girl's skirt, pulled her panties down and got to work

Josie let out a soft and delighted cry as she felt Veronica's tongue gently slide all the way from the bottom of her pussy to the top in one slow and confident lick. That lick was repeated just as confidently over and over again, Veronica not only establishing a steady rhythm with her tongue but giving Josie a perfect amount of it. Not too much, not too little, just right. Like Goldilocks. Oh God yes, this was the Goldilocks of pussy lickings, something which Josie had spent weeks training Cheryl to do, and now here was Veronica doing it perfectly without needing to be asked, proving that this wasn't her first time. No, Josie had been right all along, Veronica Lodge was no shy lesbian virgin, but an experienced pussy pleaser, and now Josie was reaping the benefit of that.

It almost made her regret going after inexperienced pussy cravers like Cheryl Blossom. But no, as while it was thrilling to fuck another girl for the first time and yet have that girl be so experienced Josie missed the feeling of those first few shy licks. Of the slow gaining of confidence. Of the pride she could see in another girls eyes when she started to get it right. Best of all the giving out of instructions, and eventually training the slut to please her right to those instructions, and just more practice. Veronica clearly didn't need instructions, or more practice, but Josie couldn't help given to her anyway, along with praise for her performance.

"Yessssss, that's it, lick me just like that, mmmmm fuck, I knew you were a pussy licker!" Josie moaned with delight, reaching down to stroke Veronica's head through her skirt, "Ooooooh shit, I knew Veronica Lodge was a pussy licking slut from the moment I laid eyes on her, ohhhhhhh Goooooddddddd, and you're proving me so wonderfully right. Oh yeah, you're proving me right, and proving that you might just be the best cunt lapper in this whole school, which is really saying something because my girl Cheryl is a total pussy whore. But you, oooooooh fuck, I guarantee if Betty Cooper ever finds out just how good you eat pussy she'll be yours forever. And don't worry, mmmmmm, I'll make sure she does. As long as you make me cum good and hard. OH FUCK! Not now! Oooooooh fuck, patients my little Latina bitch. You'll have the honour of making me cum soon. For now, mmmmm, just concentrate on making me feel good."

Throughout this little speech Veronica had been lapping away at Josie's cunt while more or less ignoring her clit, only occasionally brushing against it like the experienced rug muncher she was. Of course when Josie had chosen to tease Veronica by talking about Betty, she had sped up silently in sheer excitement, and Josie couldn't blame her for mistaking the little promise which followed it as a hint to make her cum. To her credit Veronica immediately slowed down when ordered too, although Josie was almost disappointed that she did, because in those few seconds Veronica's tongue had lingered exclusively against her clit and had briefly taken it into her mouth. Which was enough to make Josie consider ordering Veronica to make her cum as soon as she could, just to see how quickly she could do it. And because yeah, she wanted it.

Of course Josie had a reputation to uphold, and she couldn't just be giving in to such a basic temptation. Not if she wanted to remain top dog in a squad of lesbian Doms. Besides, Josie wanted to savour having such a talented tongue on her cunt for longer. In fact, before even letting Veronica near her ultimate goal Josie was going to make sure this beautiful girl spent hours between her legs. Oh yes, Josie could picture spending hours a night on her back with Veronica Lodge in between her thighs, eagerly licking her pussy like a good little lezzie bitch, just like her girl Cheryl. Who was watching her closely with an adorable amount of jealousy on her face.

Josie found it so endearing that shortly after telling Veronica to slow her roll she turned her attention to the redhead, "Cheryl, don't pout. You know you'll get the chance to eat some pussy soon enough. Mmmmm, or is it that you're just aching to please me? Huh? Answer me girl! What do ya want?"

"To please you Mistress Josie." Cheryl quickly replied, guessing it was what Mistress Josie wanted to hear, but then cautiously adding, "All I truly want is to please you. But you know I can't help it, I'm addicted to black pussy, and I'd love to show Veronica how it's done. Either with your yummy cunt, or one of your friends."

"Is that right?" Josie grinned, eyeing her grinning friends.

"Yes Mistress Josie." Cheryl replied eagerly.

"Well..." Josie pushed, "Remind me, how do you feel about black ass?"

"I love black ass Mistress Josie." Cheryl quickly replied with another smile on her face, "I love eating superior black girl ass! Especially your black ass Mistress Josie. I love it almost as much as I love your black cunt."

"Wait!" Melody protested, seeing where this was going.

Ignoring her friend Cheryl ordered, "Well then, why don't you get over here and stick your tongue up my black ass and help Veronica get me off?"

"Hell no!" Valerie whined, "You can't just have two bitches all to yourself, it's not fair!"

"Watch me." Josie huffed, reminding her friend, "I love you Val, but don't you dare forget who runs this show."

There was a long pause as the Pussycats, mostly Josie and Valerie, stared each other down until Valerie sighed, "Fine. But hurry it up. I really need some tongue action."

"Me too." Melody admitted, her eyes glued to where Josie was being spoilt.

"Don't worry girls." Josie promised with a wicked smile, "I got you."

Cheryl had mostly ignored this exchange as she was too busy murmuring 'yes Mistress Josie' and then crawling behind her girlfriend so she could finally joined the fun, Which she had been waiting for a painfully long time now. Sure, this wasn't the first time she was being forced to watch her Mistress with another girl, as after her the Pussycats had gone after Cheryl's now former minions, which they had rightly guessed would be easy pickings. God, it had been so hot watching those simpletons be so easily conquered, but the entire time Cheryl was jealous that their holes were used by these black goddesses. That was supposed to be her role. Oh yes, Cheryl Blossom's main purpose in life was to be the Pussycats' white bitch. Especially Mistress Josie's white bitch.

Even then Mistress Josie had used Cheryl to demonstrate what she wanted the other cheerleaders to do, meaning Cheryl got the first chance to eat her Mistress's yummy black pussy, and to take Mistress Josie's dick up her ass, and eventually to be double and triple stuffed by the Pussycats and turned into the little Oreo cookie she was always meant to be. The Riverdale Oreo cookie that she was. Oh yes, and it had been wonderfully humiliating to show off to her Riverdale Vixens just how much of a submissive lesbian whore she had become. And yet with Veronica she had been forced to just watch from the sidelines as her rival got to eat her favourite pussy.

So naturally as soon as she got permission Cheryl scurried behind her Mistress and pulled Mistress Josie's skirt up. Mostly Cheryl did that to get all the access she could possibly need to Mistress Josie's butt hole, however as a bonus she would rob Veronica of a joy she'd had several times now, namely being buried underneath a girl's skirt where the only thing she could see or smell was pussy until it became her whole world. Getting a close-up of Mistress Josie's cute butt was a nice little bonus, although it was the whimper from Veronica that Cheryl found most satisfying. Well, not including the happy sigh and then moan Mistress Josie let out as Cheryl pressed her lips to that beautiful black ass, just worshipping the cheeks for a few moments before pushing her face in between them.

That got some seriously loud moans out of Mistress Josie, and even though Veronica was at least partly responsible for them Cheryl chose to close her eyes and do her best to ignore that. Pretend that they were back in Mistress Josie's bedroom, with her Mistress lying on the bed on her front while doing her homework, or sometimes even just reading, texting or song writing, while Cheryl's face was buried in between those cheeks and gently licking Mistress Josie's butt hole in the hopes that the dominant black girl would get horny enough to fuck her submissive white ass. Or just about anything else. The difference being that right now Cheryl was putting her heart and soul into the rim job, eating Mistress Josie's butt with everything she had got in order to move onto more fun things, at least for her.

Veronica also wanted to move on, because that would mean getting fucked, and before that tasting Josie's girl cum. However it had been way too long since she'd ate pussy, so at the same time she wanted this to last the rest of the night. These two desires battled for dominance inside her throughout this pussy licking, the tiebreaker being just how much Veronica instantly loved the taste of Josie's cunt cream. Oh yes, Veronica loved that flavour right from the start, and while there was always plenty of that cream it only took a little more attention to Josie's clit to get even more of that heavenly liquid that she had been craving for what felt like a lifetime now. Besides, she was fairly certain Josie was going to beg for more soon. Or at least order it.

Another reason Veronica was content to spend plenty of time licking pussy was that she could just about pretend this was Betty's pussy. The delusion was easy to pull off when she was underneath Josie's skirt, but even after it was pulled upwards all Veronica had to do was simply close her eyes, and suddenly all the vivid fantasies she had been having ever since she met Betty Cooper became so much more realistic. Although it didn't last, because inevitably Josie started to speak, spoiling the illusion, and Veronica just couldn't ignore it in case Josie finally gave her permission to make her cum. Ignoring that could piss Josie off and Veronica couldn't afford that. Not if she wanted Josie to help her seduce Betty. So even though it was annoying, and disappointing, Veronica focused on Josie's words, which quickly had her forgetting any annoyance or disappointment.

"Mmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh, eat me just like that! Oh fuck! Ohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhh, eat my pussy, eat my ass, mmmmmm fuck, good slut! Good little lesbian sluts!" Josie moaned with delight, "Ooooooooh yesssssss, lick me! Lick my holes good! Soooooooo gooooooodddddddd, mmmmmm fuck yeah, lick it! Harder! Faster! More! Yesssssssss, lick my clit Ronnie! Ohhhhhh fuckkkkkkk yeahhhhh, lick my fucking clit like it was Betty's. Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh, take it into your mouth! Mmmmmm, make sweet love to that little black cunt of mine the way you want to do to Betty Cooper's sweet little white snatch. Yeahhhhhhh Cheryl, bury your pretty white face in my black ass! You too Veronica, bury your pretty Latina face in my black pussy. Now fuck me, oooooooh yessssss, fuck me with your tongue! Tongue fuck me Veronica, ohhhhhhh, just pretend it's Betty's cunt. Ooooooooh, you two Cheryl, aaaaaaaahhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk, I want both your tongues inside me now! Oh yes, fuck me with your tongues you little dyke bitches! Fuck me! Tongue fuckkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeee, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooddddddddd yeeeeeeeeessssssss, oooooooohhhhhhhh shit!"

Most of what Josie was talking about was stuff Veronica had already started doing, and when she finally got the permission she had been waiting for Veronica allowed her tongue to travel down to Josie's entrance but didn't actually penetrate her. Not yet. No, she chose to savour the moment for a few long seconds, and briefly debated whether to still try and pretend this was Betty or not. Ultimately she decided that would be too much of a disservice to Josie, who at the very least was providing her with her first lesbian experience in quite a while, and maybe even would allow her to do this to Betty. So when the time came Veronica opened her eyes and focused on the beautiful black girl standing above her before shoving her tongue as deep inside her as it would go.

Instantly her mouth was flooded with cum, and because it had been so long since she'd had that experience with another girl Veronica removed her tongue way too late, and the majority of that heavenly liquid was squirted over her face. Luckily a good amount shot straight down her throat, but it wasn't nearly enough for her. No, especially because she hadn't remembered just how amazing it was, and instantly wanted more. So she shoved her tongue back inside of Josie and fucked her with it until she got the chance for a do over, although Veronica still didn't swallow as much of Josie's cum as she would have liked, so she tried again. Hell, she would have probably tried all night, if only Josie would have let her.

Josie loved cumming in another girl's mouth for the very first time. It was something special, and as always she chose to savour it. Well, in this case it was mostly creaming on Veronica's face, the pussy licker seeming to be adorably out of practice at swallowing like a good girl. Which actually reminded Josie of Veronica's fellow cheerleaders, only they had been more clueless, and got a lot less cum. They had also spent a lot longer making her cum again, but to be fair they didn't always have Cheryl Blossom helping them out by literally trying to ram her tongue up Josie's ass, that extra bit of stimulation doing wonders for the dominant teen.

It was very tempting for Josie to just let Veronica continue making her cum with that hot little mouth and tongue. See if she could get it completely right the third time and swallow everything she had to give her. However she hated to admit it but Valerie was right, hogging these bitches all to herself was incredibly selfish, and never let it be said Josie McCoy wasn't an awesome friend to have. Just ask the two sluts she gave the honour of worshipping her holes like the lesbo whores they were. Or the girls who those lesbo whores were now going to pleasure instead. Yes, Josie McCoy was a fucking Saint, who pushed two eager lesbo whores away from her so her friends could get a piece of the action.

"That was great, but it's high time I shared the wealth." Josie announced, turning her attention to her friends, "Veronica's mouth is all yours, but remember, I get to break in her other fuck holes. Mmmmm, and I need to borrow Cheryl for a minute."

"Fine, whatever." Valerie said dismissively, before addressing Veronica, "Lay down flat on your back honey. I want to sit on that pretty face of yours."

"Wait, hold up. How come you get her first?" Melody whined, "You always get them first."

"No, Josie does." Valerie corrected.

"Yeah, then you." Melody pointed out, "Why is that?"

"Well it's not my fault I'm brave enough to admit what I want." Valerie huffed, "It's called speaking up, try it sometime."

"I'm speaking up now." Melody grumbled.

"You know what? Fine. You want her first, go for it." Valerie conceded angrily, "I'm already sick of this. We're wasting time."

"Fine, I will." Melody said, before turning to Veronica and ordering, "Come on girl, do as Valerie says. Mmmmm, sitting on your face sounds good to me. Especially as it looks so good covered in Pussycat cum, and it's going to look even better when you have all three of our cream on that face of yours."

In the middle of that little argument Josie whispered in Cheryl's ear, "Go get my cock."

Cheryl quickly whispered back, "Yes Mistress Josie."

By this time the argument was done and Melody was stripping off so she could sit on Veronica's face Cheryl had returned to Josie's side and submissively held out the harness for her Mistress to step into. After Josie did that Cheryl quickly pulled the harness up her thighs, strapped it tightly around her Mistress's waist and then grabbed a firm hold of the cock and lowered her mouth to it. Josie loved getting a blow job from Cheryl. She preferred to receive one after pounding some pussy, or some ass, but preparation for a slutty fuck hole was good too. However she didn't want to get carried away playing with Cheryl and give her bandmates a chance to get to Veronica's pussy and/or ass first, so Josie grabbed Cheryl's head, cruelly stopping her bitch when her parted lips were only few an inch away from her cock.

This caused Cheryl to look up at her with betrayal, "Mistress?"

"Oh don't worry Cheryl, you'll get a chance to suck my cock later." Josie quickly promised, before pointing out, "But this slut's pussy doesn't need any lube, so back off and let me get to it."

"Yes Mistress Josie." Cheryl submissively nodded, before apologising, "Sorry Mistress Josie."

"Such a sweet girl." Josie grinned, leaning down to give her favourite bitch a quick kiss on the lips before breaking away and promising her, "Don't worry, I've got a very special job for you in just a second. For now just watch me work."

"Yes Mistress Josie." Cheryl smiled shyly.

After giving the redhead another brief kiss Josie turned her attention back to where Melody was now riding Veronica's face. Luckily Veronica had chosen to wear a skirt today, which was even shorter than the skirt Josie had pushed off her body just before stepping into her newly equipped harness. This allowed Josie to reach underneath Veronica's skirt and pull down her panties, and then kneel down in between those legs which she gently encouraged to spread. Then Josie spat on her hand and rubbed it into the head of the toy cock, which was more than enough considering how predictably wet Veronica's pussy looked. Well, Josie also treated her to a brief fingering, although that was mostly just for fun.

Veronica was initially unaware of the strap-on as all she could see was the yummy pussy Melody was grinding down on her face. However when she felt someone, and she guessed Josie, kneeling between her legs and removing her panties she did everything she could to help, as her pussy was more than ready for some attention. Even if it was only a couple of fingers beginning to slide up and down her pussy lips. That alone was more than enough to make her moan into Melody's cunt, and Veronica didn't even have to wait that long to feel talented fingers entering her, first one and then two sliding inside her and then pumping in and out of her for a few glorious minutes.

Then they were removed, but before she could even really whimper in dissatisfaction Veronica felt something much bigger pressed against her entrance. Luckily she was far from a virgin, and had in fact been fucked by some decent sized guys, which was good because she didn't feel at all nervous by the sudden invasion. No, she eagerly welcomed it, and was rewarded by some wonderfully satisfying pleasure which had her crying out loudly into Melody's cunt, the vibrations of which caused Melody to cry out in turn. Veronica then avoided the temptation to focus on her own pleasure to redouble her efforts on Melody's pussy.

At least part of this was because Veronica felt at least a little sorry for Melody. It wasn't easy being a Beta in a team with two Alphas. Not that she'd know personally. No, Old Veronica had very much been Queen bee, and anyone else had to settle for second best and lower. She hadn't wanted to go back to being that person, which was why she hadn't challenged Cheryl for her crown, although apparently it was Josie who was the true Queen around here. She was definitely Queen of the Pussycats, and while Valerie was happy to challenge that Melody seemed happy to go with the flow. Then again perhaps if it wasn't for Melody being the peacemaker there wouldn't be a band, let alone a team of hot tops, so really Veronica should concentrate on thanking this girl for all she did.

She did that by mostly giving her slow and gentle licks, not wanting to short change Melody on the pleasure that Veronica had so lovingly given Josie, and would soon give to Valerie. God, from no pussy to three, Veronica was a very, very lucky girl tonight. Trying not to get distracted by that Veronica started to linger her tongue against Melody's clit every so often, giving her a teasing offer to turn up the heat. Melody's response was to grind down forcefully against her face, implying that while Veronica was more than happy to give a long, slow licking Melody might want more already. Veronica was more than happy with that, even as she was incredibly distracted by the feeling of Josie beginning to slowly slide the rest of her cock inside her.

As she was left on the sidelines, at least for now, Valerie provided commentary, "Mmmmm yeahhhhhhh, that's it Josie, stuff that little pussy! Mmmmm fuck yeah, stuff it and fuck it! Make that bitch feel good. Mmmmmm, how's the pussy?"

"Hot, wet, and welcoming." Josie grinned, "Tight too, but I've had a lot tighter. Mmmmmm, clearly this isn't the first time this girl has been on her back with a big black cock stuffing her snatch."

"Ooooooh, I hear that. Mmmmm, Veronica looks like the type of girl that could have the brothers lining up. And the sisters too." Valerie taunted.

"Damn right the sisters too!" Melody moaned happily, "Ohhhhhhh fuck, maybe sisters most of all."

"Yeahhhhhhhh, maybe they all lined up with their strap-on cocks. Maybe some Latinas too. And Asians. Fuck, maybe even some white girls fucked this hot little slut." Valerie grinned.

"They definitely had her mouth." Melody grinned while moaning, "Oh fuck Val, ya got to try this."

"Gladly." Valerie grinned, and then when Melody gave her a look pushed, "Come on Mel, I'm dying here. Can't we take turns? I promise not to hog her, I just really need some tongue."

Melody bit her lip, considered pointing out Cheryl was right there, but instead nodded, "Okay, but you owe me."

"You got it." Valerie eagerly agreed, beaming happily as she watched Melody slowly get up and give her some space.

Valerie then practically tore off her jeans and underwear, threw them next to where Melody's were, and then quickly sat down on Veronica's face before her friend could change her mind. She was rewarded for it with a slow and gentle licks which started at the bottom of her pussy and worked all the way to the top, even lingering on her clit. The next half a dozen licks completely ignored her clit, but that was okay, since she was finally receiving some relief for the aching need which had been burning inside her all day long as she anticipated fucking Veronica Lodge, perhaps the hottest girl in school. Yeah, she was up against a lot of competition, but Veronica might just have the rest beat, and she was one hell of a pussy licker to boot.

It was almost enough to make Valerie mad that they had wasted their time with those inexperienced cunt munchers when they could have been getting treated to this kind of skilled licking from day one. Then again in an incredibly short time Cheryl had got nearly as good, so really they were doing a service for these girls, and more importantly the tops in their future. And wasn't that what school was all about, building for the future? Still, Valerie had put in the time and allowed Cheryl and more importantly her cheerleader friends the time to work on their pussy eating skills, and it was only right that now she was finally getting rewarded for it. Of course all too soon it came to an abrupt end.

"Okay, my turn again." Melody said, pretty firmly for her.

"But I only just sat down?" Valerie whined.

"It might feel like that, but it's been several minutes." Melody explained, before pushing, "Come on Val, you said you'd owe me, remember? And I gave up her mouth when I didn't have too. So don't be a bitch."

Briefly Valerie opened her mouth to protest, then she realised her friend was right and sighed, "Alright, but I get her back soon, yeah?"

"Yeah." Melody grumbled.

With that Valerie reluctantly got off of Veronica's face and gave Melody all the room she needed to take her place. The upside to this was she got a real good look at Josie pumping Veronica's pussy with her big black cock, and Melody sitting on that pretty face, her two friends using the Latina like she was just another one of their fuck toys. Which she pretty much would be after tonight. Sure, she had the chance to join the Pussycats, but even if she did Josie had promised that Veronica would be the bottom of the barrel, meaning Valerie and Melody could play with her all they wanted. Which Valerie was very much looking forward too, given just how talented a cunt licker Veronica had proven to be in such a short time.

Of course there was just something special about topping white girls, and seeing Cheryl Blossom submissively kneeling next to Josie waiting for further instructions made Valerie want to get a white bitch of her own. Maybe one of the cheerleaders she had already fucked? They were all pretty submissive. Or maybe that hot music teacher? Valerie had definitely got some vibes from her that she'd be down for eating some black pussy. Or maybe one of the white Milfs? They all seemed like they needed some pussy. Just like Valerie needed some tongue right now, the next few minutes torturous until she could finally demand her turn again.

"My turn again?" Valerie asked hopefully.

Although she hadn't had that long Melody didn't want to argue every time, so she sighed, "Fine."

Josie chuckled as she watched her friends switch positions again, and then again, and then again, and so on, constantly treating Veronica to a fresh pussy to lick, which Josie had to imagine was heaven for someone like Veronica. Josie rarely ate pussy, preferring to finger fuck other girls and to used toys as a way to return the favour, making her a pure top. Well, she had tried it out while seducing Cheryl, and while it hadn't been bad it felt too submissive for her, and now the redhead was broken in it was Cheryl certainly doing the licking in their relationship. And it was proving surprisingly easy to get other girls to eat her out with just a little fingering, and a lot of strap-on fucking.

She certainly didn't seem to be getting any complaints from Veronica, except a clear desire for more given the way that the other girl began forcing herself back and forth, impaling her little pussy on Josie's cock and increasing the pleasure for them both. It was extremely tempting to just let her keep going, but Josie was nowhere near ready to make Veronica cum yet. So she took a firm hold of the other girl's thighs and pinned her down. Veronica initially tried to fight this, but Josie had all the leveraged she needed, and she would not be denied. This of course led to Veronica whimpering in displeasure, Josie somewhat taking pity on her by making it very clear what she had to do to get what she wanted.

"You wanna cum? Mmmmm, you have to make my friends cum first." Josie explained.

There was another whimper somewhat muffled by Valerie's cunt, then Veronica clearly upped her game without asking for it or being given permission. If it had been one of the white girls they had been breaking in Josie might have been mad at her friends for not stopping Veronica, or even stopped this herself, but as she had a different fate in mind for this girl Josie decided to let it slide. After all, she really liked the idea of her little plan to get Betty, and they were dangerously close to breaking Veronica already. If it was possible to break a girl who loved pussy quite as much as Veronica did, and she was taking that strap-on like a total whore.

It made Josie wonder how enthusiastically she'd take it in another hole that Josie was determined to get before the night was through, ideally when she had this girl all to herself, even though it was really, really tempting just to do it right now. Because Josie liked pumping pussy, but there was no greater feeling of dominance than fucking a girl up the ass. Although there was definitely something to be said with sharing a girl with her friends. Oh yes, Josie had quickly become addicted to the dominant feeling of sandwiching a girl between herself and one of her friends, or her Mom, and making her a little Riverdale Oreo, which as always was just something she had to point out.

"Yeahhhhh bitch, that's it, mmmmmm, eat that pussy while taking it in yours!" Josie broke the unusual silence which had fallen between them, "Ooooooh yessssss, take it! That's so hot Ohhhhhh fuck, I love sharing hot girls with my friends. And my friends love it too, isn't that right girls?"

"Fuck yeah it is!" Valerie agreed enthusiastically as she continued riding Veronica's face.

"We love fucking girls with you Josie." Melody agreed with a grin on her face, "Mmmmm, especially white girls."

"And especially with strap-ons." Josie continued gleefully, "Ohhhhhh yessssss, we love double stuffing sluts with our dicks and making them our little Oreo cookies, mmmmm, but having them eat pussy counts to, right? Cause it should. Ooooooh yeahhhhhh, me and my girls are totally making you our little Oreo cookie now Veronica. Mmmmm, our little Riverdale Oreo cookie. Our spicy little caramel Riverdale Oreo cookie! And it's only the fucking beginning for you. Oh yeah, you like that, huh? You like being sandwiched between two beautiful black women? Do you? Well prove it by making my friends cum. Prove it and I'll make you cum. Ooooooohhhhhhhh yeeeeeesssssssss, that's it, mmmmm, good girl."

Melody considered adding something, even though she knew her words would be just like the last few words of encouragement that Josie let out, a.k.a. completely drowned out by Valerie's screams of ecstasy. Veronica had been picking up the pace enough recently by concentrating on their clits and teasing their entrances, which after all the build-up, and thinking about fucking one of, if not the, hottest girl in school, was enough to have them both practically on the edge of orgasm. Whatever Veronica had done had clearly pushed Valerie over the edge of it, and all poor Melody could do was wait for the next few minutes as she watched her friend frantically grind down onto Veronica's pretty face.

Just as Melody was considering complaining, as her own cunt was aching for attention more than ever before, Valerie stumbled off of Veronica's face, and despite her desperate need Melody couldn't resist taking a few long seconds just to stare at that beautiful face covered in girl cum. The girl cum of both Valerie and maybe even some left from Josie, meaning that Veronica's face was about to take its third and final helping of Pussycat cream, Melody thought with a wicked smile. Then she carefully positioned her needy cunt over Veronica's lips and then lowered herself down, Melody instantly getting rewarded for it with the feeling of Veronica's tongue being slammed up into her pussy the second it was in range. Veronica even lifted her head up to attack her sooner than Melody was expecting.

That initial attack almost had Melody cumming, and all it took was a couple of tongue thrusts to send her over the edge of orgasm. Then Veronica again showed off her experience by quickly removing her tongue and wrapping it around the entrance to Melody's pussy, thus allowing Melody's cum to flow straight into Veronica's mouth and down her throat. Which of course just made Melody's climax that much more satisfying. And it was the same story when Veronica made her cum again, which the other girl easily did by reinserting her tongue and then pounding it in and out of her pussy even harder than she had before.

Which Veronica must have done to Valerie, given the way that Valerie seemed to be completely out of it, which was unsurprising given how earthshattering each of Melody's orgasms were. They were the kind that easily made it so very worth it to put up with Josie's diva antics, and getting caught in the middle of her bandmates squabbling. Especially when Melody started grinding herself down against Veronica's beautiful face, making her climaxes that much harder and satisfying. They also made it extremely difficult for Melody to think, until ultimately like Valerie before her Melody was nothing but a screaming wreck, completely unaware of anything except pleasure.

Veronica was likewise laser focused on making first Valerie, and then Melody cum. Partly because it had been made very clear that if she wanted her own satisfaction she had to give it to all three of the Pussycats first, and given that she had already satisfied one and that the other two were making it easy for her that was hardly a hardship. However it had been far too long since she had gone down on another girl, and eating Josie's pussy had in no way satisfied her. Exactly the opposite in fact, as it had only reignited her love for pussy. Well, considering how badly she wanted Betty's pussy she didn't really need it, but this reminder of how much she loved pussy sent Veronica's desire for it, and Betty, into overdrive, the possible chance to get to Betty being of course just another reason she was now laser focused.

Yet another reason was that she loves swallowing cum, and hadn't been able to get nearly enough of Josie's cum. On the one hand her current position made it easier at first, as her quick reflexes insured Veronica's mouth was wrapped tightly around each entrance in turn, and the girl cum had nowhere to go but down her throat and into her belly were it belonged, the heavenly flavour only making her more desperate for more. However on the other hand when Valerie and then Melody started grinding down against her face it actually got harder for Veronica to swallow cum. Although even then, just like Josie, just being marked with cum was almost just as good.

Towards the end of each rug munching Veronica even started to rub her face up into those yummy cunts just so she was completely drenched in cream. Pussycat cream, she thought with a wicked chuckle. Well, she also didn't maximise the pleasure of Valerie and then Melody, as never let it be said Veronica Lodge wasn't a giving lover. She was also hoping that if she so obviously gave an enthusiastic performance that eventually she would be rewarded for it. Alas not only was she denied that Josie skilfully increase the pace of the pussy pumping each time her friends were cumming so Veronica was on the edge of orgasm, only to slow down when her friends were done. Which was admittedly a good way to motivate Veronica, but it was still incredibly cool.

Although it had nothing on the cruelty towards the end of eating Melody's pussy, at which point Josie pulled her strap-on cock completely out of Veronica's cunt, leaving the poor girl completely unsatisfied. Automatically Veronica whimpered pathetically, and then cried out in protest, directly into Melody's twat, helping trigger one more final climax for that Pussycat. Then Melody fell off of Veronica's face, or Veronica pushed her off. Honestly she was so mad Veronica really wasn't sure. All she really knew was one moment her entire world was pussy, the next she was staring down at a chuckling Josie McCoy, and then snapping at the cute little diva.

"Hey! We had a deal?" Veronica whined.

"We did." Josie admitted, before pointing out, "I said I'd make you cum after you made my friends cum. I didn't say how."

"Well then just do it!" Veronica snapped, before whimpering, "I'm dying here."

"Oh, you wanna cum real bad, huh?" Josie teased, and then when the other girl glared at her and then reluctantly nodded she pushed, "Well, I want your big juicy Latina booty. So how about it? Your ass for an orgasm?"

"God, who do you think I am? Betty Cooper?" Veronica mocked, "Of course you can have my ass. All you had to do was ask."

"Oh I can believe that." Valerie quipped.

Avoiding the urge to say something bitchy and keeping her eyes on the prize Veronica ignored that and pleaded, "But you have to fuck my pussy first. Please Josie, I'm so close."

"Well just think how hard you'll cum when I fuck your ass." Josie pushed, "Which apparently you know all about, making my girl Valerie right about you, at least when it comes to anal. Which is a shame, because I love taking virgin booty. But yours is way too fine not to be fucked, and this just means I can get down to some hard-core butt sex sooner."

"Then shut the fuck up and do it!" Veronica snapped.

"Awww, Veronica... you just hurt my feelings." Josie mocked, before glaring, "It looks like you need a lesson in who's in charge around here, and my girl Cheryl has been so good tonight. So... Cheryl, go eat Veronica's ass! Mmmmm yeahhhhh, make it nice and wet for me so I can slide right in."

Clearly disappointed she wasn't the one getting ass fucked Cheryl softly replied, "Yes Mistress."

"Hey wait, that's not fair!" Veronica protested, "Your cock is already super wet and ready to go, and it's been awhile, but my butt can take anything you can give it. Fuck, just slam it in! Make it really hurt! I don't give a fuck, I just want to be fucked!"

"Well you should have thought about that before the backtalk." Josie shrugged, "Now flip over and let Cheryl fulfil her role as tonight's official butt muncher."

Cheryl had been jealous enough of Veronica when she had been turned into an Oreo cookie and fed all that yummy girl cum and pussy cream, and now the bitch was going to get butt fucked too? God, Cheryl was so painfully jealous that she almost complained. But she had made a promise to herself no matter what she would be the perfect sub for her beloved Mistress Josie, so even though it was physically painful Cheryl ignored her own need and concentrated on doing as she was told. Besides, it wasn't like she didn't love the submissive thrill of eating ass, and Veronica easily had one of the best asses in all of Riverdale, a fact which was proven when Veronica finally did as she was told.

That took a surprisingly long time as Mistress Josie and Veronica stared each other down, but inevitably Veronica lost the battle of wills to the superior woman and flipped over onto her stomach, pushed her big, juicy ass into the air and wiggled it at Cheryl, making those meaty cheeks jiggle in the process. Initially Cheryl was turned on by this, then she felt burning jealousy again when she became aware of Josie and the Pussycats staring lovingly at that big booty. But that was okay, because Cheryl could get their attention by crawling over and burying her face in Veronica's fat ass, and in the process she momentarily forgot about her Mistress as she became lost in her own lust for this beautiful bottom.

At first Cheryl just rubbed her face in those meaty cheeks, then she stuck out her tongue and slowly slid it over Veronica's back hole. She then repeated this process over and over again, frantically licking away at that yummy treat while Josie and the Pussycats hollered and offered her up plenty of encouragement, although Cheryl was too lost in the rim job to pay much attention to what they were saying. Well, she listened out for other commands, especially for Mistress Josie, but mostly she ate ass, not just licking it but swirling her tongue around it and even sucking it. Then finally she slowly pushed her tongue into Veronica's ass and started to fuck it. All of which made Veronica moan happily, especially that last thing which was almost enough to drown out a command that Cheryl had been waiting to hear.

"Yeahhhhhh, eat that ass butt muncher!" Valerie hollered, "Mmmmm, fulfil your purpose tonight."

"Fulfil your purpose in life." Melody eagerly agreed.

"Just get your face deep in that fat ass! Mmmmm, that's it, good girl." Josie happily praised her bitch as she did as she was told, "Ohhhhhh yeahhhh, munch that fucking butt you little butt muncher! Mmmmm, I just love it when a couple of sluts put on a show for dominant women like me and my Pussycats. Yesssss Cheryl, get your tongue deep into that ass hole. Make it nice and easy for me to slide right in. Oh yeah, I'm going to slide right into your ass hole Veronica, and make you my little butt sex loving bitch! Just like Cheryl. Ooooooh yeahhhh, I can't wait to see which of you is the bigger ass whore. Mmmmm yeahhhhh, that's enough teasing... Cheryl, stick a finger up that fat ass! Really stretch it out for me."

"Yes Mistress Josie." Cheryl eagerly replied.

Just as eagerly Cheryl did as she was told, barely pausing to shove a couple of fingers into her mouth and suck them before pushing one then another into Veronica's butt hole. Both slid in pretty easily, and while Cheryl had got pretty good at dishing out rim jobs, and her fingers were hardly that big compared to what was about to invade this forbidden hole, the fact there wasn't a hint of pain from Veronica proved that this wasn't Veronica's first time taking something in her ass. Which as Valerie had quipped, was hardly surprising. Cheryl had known Veronica was a slut from the moment they met. Maybe a high-class one, but a slut nevertheless. Although that would definitely help her out for what was coming, namely Mistress Josie's big cock, Cheryl's butt hole quivering with jealousy over what Veronica was about to receive.

"Veronica, you ready to get your fat ass fucked?" Josie finally asked.

"My ass isn't fat." Veronica grumbled, before pointing out, "And I've been ready since I ate your pussy."

"Then beg for it." Josie pushed.

Veronica let out a sigh of frustration, then took a calming breath before shamelessly pleading, "Fuck my ass! Please for the love of God fuck my ass! Fuck it hard and deep and make me cum! Please Josie... I mean, Mistress Josie, take my ass and make it yours. My fat ass! You think I have a fat ass? Then pound it and see if it jiggles for you. Yessssss, mmmmm, pound fuck my little ass hole and gape it wide! Ruin my little butt hole and make it hard for me to sit down tomorrow. Please? Just fuck me damn you! I need to be fucked! Ohhhhhh Goooooodddddd, I swear I'll do anything, if you just fucking fuck me!"

"I suppose that will do." Josie quipped before ordering, "Cheryl, back off. Veronica, spread your cheeks and give me your slutty little ass hole."

Josie chuckled as she watched Cheryl and Veronica do as they were told, particularly the latter grumbling as she reached behind her, but at least she had the presence of mind to slowly pull apart her cheeks to maximise the enjoyment for Josie, and to a lesser extent Valerie and Melody who were now watching in eager anticipation. God, there was truly nothing more breath-taking than watching another girl spreading her cheeks for her. Having another girl promising to do anything for her was just as breath-taking, and normally that was the point that Josie would pushed them to where they would submit to her completely. She almost considered pushing the issue, but that wasn't what she wanted out of Veronica, at least not now. And if she wanted it in the future, it seemed that this girl would make it easy for her.

Putting the future out of her head for now and concentrating on the pure heaven that was the present Josie shuffled forwards until she was kneeling directly behind Veronica, and then after a few more long seconds to admire her prize Josie pressed the tip of her cock against Veronica's butt hole and slowly began pushing forwards. This was another thing that was truly breath-taking, with the only thing that could possibly make this better being if Veronica still had her anal cherry. Oh well, Josie might not be the first, but from now on she would own this ass and use it whenever she wanted, which would be extremely often given how hot it was.

That ass was even hotter while it was stretching for a dick, and even more so when it finally stretched wide enough to allow the head of her dildo to slide through it and into Veronica's big booty, causing both girls to let out a cry of pleasure. Oh God, Veronica cried out in pleasure from being anally penetrated, and her ass wasn't even gaping. Josie didn't think she'd ever met such an anal whore. Which was further proven when she began sliding inch after inch of strap-on into Veronica's slutty shit hole and the perverted bitch just kept moaning in pure pleasure. Then what felt like seconds later her thighs came to rest against those meaty cheeks, Josie having buried her dick into an ass in record time, and Veronica just continued letting out moans of pleasure.

"Oh my God, that just slid in like a knife through butter!" Josie exclaimed.

"And she fucking moaned the whole time." Valerie added in disbelief.

"What an ass whore." Melody murmured lustfully.

"God damn right I'm an ass whore!" Veronica moaned shamelessly, "Mmmmm, I love it up the ass! Now fuck it! Fuck my fat ass! Make the cheeks jiggle! Ooooooooh fuckkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhh, fuck me! Mmmmm yes, fuck my ass, fuck it hard and make it yours! Make me yours! Ohhhhhhh shit, make me your fucking ass whore, mmmmmm yessssssss!"

Normally Josie prefered a little more taunting than that, but for the first time in her life she didn't feel like the dominant one during a butt fucking. Which was insane, because it wasn't her ass being stretched, and yet somehow it felt like Veronica's incredible booty was making her it's bitch, because Josie felt powerless to do anything except begin slowly pumping in and out of that pretty little butt hole, giving Veronica exactly what she wanted. What she clearly needed. What that ass needed. Oh God yes, it should be the fucking law that Veronica Lodge's ass was fucked like this every single day. Ideally by Josie, and only by Josie, the poor singer becoming completely consumed by her need to fuck this big beautiful booty that she couldn't think.

Veronica Lodge had been in love with Betty Cooper since they first met, and nothing had ever change that until this moment where Veronica finally fell in love with someone else, at least a little bit. Or more accurately something else. Yeah, Veronica fell in love with Josie's big dick. Specifically the feeling of it in her ass. Maybe even that her slutty ass fell in love with Josie and her big dick. Yes, in this twisted moment Veronica actually really loved the sound of that. That her heart remained true to Betty, but her ass fell head over heels in that moment for Josie and her big hard strap-on dick, and if Josie was to be believed then Veronica's heart and her ass were going to get the love they craved.

Seriously though, how was Josie this good at fucking ass? She'd been pretty awesome pumping pussy considering how easily she'd made Veronica want to cum, but this was truly out of this world. Then again Veronica had been distracted throughout the pussy pumping, and right now Veronica was more desperate to cum then she'd ever been before in her life given all the build-up. But still, every single little thrust Josie gave her was so incredible that Veronica actually forgot about her need to cum for a few glorious minutes. Or more accurately it was worth ignoring it just so she could enjoy this pure ecstasy.

It was almost enough to make Veronica want to forget all about Betty and begged to be nothing but Josie's personal ass whore. Maybe murder Cheryl and then the other cheerleaders Josie and the Pussycats had conquered just so she could have this big beautiful dick all to herself. Or more accurately just proved to Josie that she didn't need Cheryl's tiny booty when she could have Veronica's woman sized bottom whenever she wanted. And the Pussycats! Oh God, if Valerie and Melody were half this good at ass fucking Veronica would be forced on principal to become a pure bottom, more importantly start introducing herself as the official ass whore of Josie and the Pussycats, as she would never want any other job.

However while that was one hell of a fantasy to have while a nice big dildo was pumping in and out of her butt hole and giving her the kind of incredible anal pleasure that she had so missed, and had no idea how she'd ever lived without, Veronica knew she could never truly forget about Betty. Especially now that Betty had been dangled in front of her as something she could actually have, something Veronica truly allowed herself to believe. After all, if Josie could turn the scary Cheryl Blossom into nothing but a butt munching little submissive slut, and redefined Veronica's understanding of back door fun, maybe she really could deliver on her promise. And oh God, having Betty on her back with her legs spread in front of her would be the only possible way that this could be better.

Veronica considered begging Melody, Valerie or even Cheryl to get into that position to enhance her little fantasy about Betty being here, but there was definitely something to be said for just savouring the butt fucking. Besides, it was overwhelming enough to have three helpings of girl cum covering her face, and if she stuck out her tongue far enough Veronica could even swallow a little more of it. Hell, some of it even slid down to re-flavour the lips that she had licked clean immediately after each pussy licking was done. Also, Valerie and Melody seemed content to watch the fun with the help of Cheryl, who was busy fulfilling her role as tonight's official butt muncher, the two watching Pussycats silently trading the redheaded fuck toy back and forth to lick their butt holes while their leader gently pumped Veronica's butt hole.

In the past Veronica had been accused of being an attention whore, and while she would argue that it was only true some of the time it was so erotic being the main focus of tonight's fun. Which she had been from the beginning, but now it was so much more intense. Even Cheryl was doing her best to watch her, or at least her Mistress Josie anally pumping her, while going back and forth between Melody and Valerie. But it was Josie's attention Veronica liked the best, as the other girl was staring down at her ass hole stretching for that big strap-on cock, Josie getting a perfect view of it thanks to Veronica continuing to spread her cheeks, which in turn enhanced the wonderful submission that Veronica was feeling.

Then things became truly overwhelming as Josie regained her senses, "Yeahhhhhh, you like that, huh? You like a big dick in your fat ass?"

"Yes! I love it!" Veronica happily agreed, and then when she sensed that more was required she moaned, "Oh fuck, I love a big dick in my ass. Mmmmm, your big dick."

"In your big fat ass!" Josie pushed.

"I, oh, I don't, mmmmm, my ass isn't fat." Veronica whined in between moans, which just caused Josie and the Pussycats to chuckle.

"Take your hands off your cheeks!" Josie ordered, then the second that Veronica obeyed delivered a hard slap to her juicy rump which made the cheeks jiggle, "Not fat, huh?"

"No." Veronica huffed, and blushed.

"You should embrace your big beautiful booty, V. It's the best part about you." Josie chuckled, "But I don't really care, fat or not, I just want your ass. And not just for tonight. Mmmmm, no, I gotta have this big Latina butt whenever I want, and if you wanna cum your going to give it to me."

"Yeah fine, whatever, mmmmm, just do it." Veronica moaned, having enough of all of this and just wanting to cum, "Just make me cum and I'll be your personal ass whore."

"Not good enough." Josie pushed, quickly explaining, "My girls Valerie and Melody are going to want your ass too."

"Fine!" Veronica snapped quickly before the girls in question could waste any more time, "Fuck, you can all have my ass whenever you want, Betty or no Betty, just make me fucking cum already!"

"Convince me." Josie pushed.

Veronica took another calming breath to push down her annoyance and frustration at all this so she could concentrate on begging like the shameless ass whore she was, "Please fuck me Josie! Fuck my slutty little ass hole! Oh fuck me, pound it hard and deep so I can finally cum! Please? Mmmmm, please? I need it so bad, I swear I'll do anything for it. I'll be your personal ass whore, your pussy licking slut, and whatever else you want, just make me cum! Mmmmmm, and your friends can use me however they want. Oooooooh Goooooodddd, I'll be Josie and the Pussycats' personal little lesbian fuck toy if you just let me cum. Fuckkkkkkkkk, literally turn me into an ass whore and pimp out my slut butt! Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh fuck, fuck Betty in front of me and never let me get a taste, just please for the love of God fuck me and make me cum! Ohhhhhhh shit, please... Mistress Josie, wreck my fucking ass and make it yours, and make me fucking cum!"

"I suppose that will do." Josie said, "Lift yourself up onto all fours and slammed that fat ass back at me. Come on, don't make me do all the work. Yessssss, that's it, mmmmm, make those meaty cheeks jiggle for me. Oh V, you're gonna make such a great ass whore."

After all that Veronica felt it was only right that Josie do all the work, but she was far beyond the point where she cared, or was willing to argue. The only thing that really mattered now was she had permission to make herself cum, and as soon as she did she lifted herself up onto all fours and started impaling her own ass hole on Josie's big cock like a wild animal in heat. Ridiculously quickly she could feel herself reach the edge of orgasm again, promising herself this time she wouldn't be denied. And she wasn't. Best of all she didn't actually make herself cum. No, Josie might have spent about a minute laughing at her and mocking her, butt when Veronica finally reached that edge the other girl grabbed hold of her hips firmly and started jack-hammering the dildo in and out of her butt.

Combined with all that build up this caused Veronica to instantly go over the edge of the most powerful climax of her life, and somehow it was followed by another that was just as powerful, and another, and another, and another as Josie McCoy effortlessly redefined her understanding of the word ecstasy. It solidified every single word that Veronica had said before, including about the part about no Betty. Which might actually be for the best, because in this glorious moment all Veronica wanted was to be Josie McCoy's personal ass whore. Or better yet, the personal ass whore of Josie and the Pussycats, Veronica's last coherent thought for quite a while being that she hoped that Valerie and Melody were half as good as their leader when it came to pounding ass.

Josie honestly intended to let her best friends and bandmates get a piece of this amazing ass when she'd first come up with her little plan, and even while executing it. Hell, she'd even meant it before the hard butt pounding had begun. But now? She wasn't so sure. After all, it was bad enough she had to share Cheryl's heavenly white booty, but the thought of sharing this big juicy Latina ass was suddenly unbearable. Besides, she was the leader, that should count for something. And they could totally still turn Veronica into the creamy filling of an Oreo cookie, just with Josie always being the one inside Veronica's fat ass whenever she shared her with her Mom and/or her friends.

But no, as wonderful as it was to imagine Veronica Lodge as her personal ass whore, this big fat ass exclusively hers forever, and perhaps more importantly Cheryl and her perfect ass only Josie's too, Josie just couldn't be that selfish. Besides, it would ruin the legacy she was trying to create. Perhaps most of all, it was unfair to Cheryl and Veronica. Their asses had clearly been made to be fucked, and even if Josie devoted every single minute of the rest of her life to relentlessly slamming their needy anal fuck holes it just wouldn't be enough. So yes, Josie would share this incredible ass, but not before making sure no one would ever outdo her when it came to sodomising Veronica Lodge.

That involved using every ounce of her strength to brutalise Veronica's butt hole until the sound of her thighs smacking off these big jiggly butt cheeks were almost as loud as the other girl's screams of pleasure, and the cheeks in front of her became discoloured and constantly jiggled like jelly in an earthquake. Most of all Josie just made Veronica cum over and over again until her cum was almost constantly squirting out of her cunt, the poor little rich girl slamming herself back against her almost the entire time so they became like wild animals in heat, only stopping when Veronica collapsed face down in exhaustion. And even then Josie kept pounding her, her vice-like grip on her hips keeping Veronica's lower half in the air and turning Veronica Lodge into literally just an anal fuck hole.

Of course Josie held back her own urge to cum for as long as she could, which was helped by her previous orgasms, ultimately the stimulator bashing against her clit and the sheer joy of ass fucking Veronica Lodge pushed her over the edge of energy destroying climaxes time and time again until ultimately she was forced to stop or she was going to faint. Luckily this was far from Josie's first time, and although she had maybe got a little carried away she did have a sure fire way to regain some energy, or at least adrenaline. Or more accurately she knew a number of ways, starting with suddenly pulling her cock out of Veronica's ass and stumbling back to admire her handiwork.

Cheryl had been insanely jealous of Veronica all evening, but especially during the butt fucking, her ass hole literally quivering around the plug inside it. It then quivered with even more jealousy and need when Veronica was cumming just as hard and as frequently as when Cheryl was in that position, and when Mistress Josie pulled her cock out of Veronica's back hole, leaving a gaping crater in her wake. That should be Cheryl's butt hole gaping wide open dammit! She was Mistress Josie's personal ass whore, not Veronica. Of course she was only this jealous because Mistress Josie had seemed to enjoy ass fucking Veronica more than any other girl, maybe even more than Cheryl, which left the redhead feeling insecure. Thankfully Mistress Josie then gave her a small sign of affection.

"Veronica, spread those cheeks. Ohhhhh yesssss, show us that pretty little gape and prove you understand your place." Josie ordered, and then after watching Veronica slowly do as she was told the singer moaned, "Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, that's it. Good girl. Now... Cheryl, get my phone. I want some mementos of this."

"Yes Mistress Josie." Cheryl quickly obeyed.

"I don't know about this." Veronica hesitated, loosening her grip on her cheeks as she watched Melody and Valerie retrieve their phones.

"Do you want to join us, and have us help you seduce Betty?" Josie raised an eyebrow, before laughing, "More to the point, do you want to know the joy of my big black dick in your whore ass again?"

Quickly pulling her cheeks wide apart again Veronica grumbled, "Fine, but those pictures better not get out."

"Oh don't worry V, only the people who matter will see these." Josie promised as she and the other Pussycats began taking photos of Veronica's gaping ass hole, and then a few seconds later she ordered, "Mmmmm yes, this is the perfect memento for a perfect butt fucking. But I know what would make it better... Cheryl, get that pretty mouth around my cock and suck it clean!"

"Yes Mistress Josie." Cheryl eagerly replied before scurrying over.

"Yeah, what about me?" Veronica whined.

"What about you?" Josie scoffed.

"That's my ass juice covering your beautiful cock. I should be the one cleaning it for you." Veronica argued.

"God, she already goes ass to mouth as well?" Melody murmured in disbelief.

"What a total whore." Valerie agreed, before turning to her leader, "Are you sure she's a switch? Cause she looks like a total bottom to me."

"I'm beginning to wonder that myself." Josie quipped.

"Just give me a chance and I'll prove it." Veronica promised.

"We'll see." Josie said dismissively, "For now, just shut up and concentrate on being the perfect art exhibit while my favourite bitch Cheryl sucks my big dick."

Those last few words made Cheryl's heart flutter. Of course they were at least partly a jab at Veronica, and probably a little bit of manipulation, but there was at least a hint of an apology and genuine affection, and Cheryl would happily take it. Hell, she was so hopelessly devoted to her Mistress Josie that Cheryl would take any scrap of affection she could get, and the chance to worship this goddess with her unworthy body. Including her whore mouth, which she had eagerly wrapped around the head of Mistress Josie's big dick and eagerly began sucking while the other girls had their little conversation, Cheryl barely aware of it as she tasted the deepest part of Veronica's ass on her Mistress's cock.

Over the past few months Cheryl had been trained to crave the taste of ass, and to her delight, and annoyance, Veronica had one of the most delicious asses she had ever had the pleasure of tasting. It might even taste better than her own, which threw gasoline on her insecurities. Or at least they would do later, as for now Cheryl was focused on her desperation to get more of that yummy ass cream, the redhead first bobbing her head up and down the first few inches before taking even more of it. Soon she was pushing the dildo into her throat like the well-trained cock sucker she now was, not stopping until she had every single inch stuffing her windpipe, and had greedily slurped up every drop of Veronica's butt cream like a good little ATM slut should. Then she continued bobbing her head while staring up lovingly at her precious Mistress.

Meanwhile Josie was splitting her time between taking photos of Veronica displaying her thoroughly gaped butt hole and Cheryl eagerly cleaning her cock, and of course Josie provided commentary for the latter, "Mmmmm, that's it Cheryl, suck my cock like a good girl. Yeahhhhh, clean that dick like a good little white girl slut. An ATM slut! Ooooooh yeah, didn't I tell you that you'd get the chance to suck my cock? Well this is me once again proving that I'm a woman of my word, and best of all you're getting to taste my new butt slut's slutty little bottom as you do it. Oooooooh yesssssss, mmmmm, and you better get used to it, because you're going to be tasting that ass a lot. All the time! Ooooooh yes, and soon, mmmmm, Veronica is going to be tasting yours."

"What about us?" Valerie grumbled.

"What, you wanna taste ass on my dick?" Josie teased.

"No, when do we get a turn with Veronica's ass?" Valerie pushed, ignoring the dig.

"I already told you-" Josie began.

"You can't seriously expect us to let you have that ass all to yourself?" Melody whined, being really assertive for her, "It's not fair!"

"Especially after we've seen what an ass whore she really is." Valerie agreed, "And just how hot that ass is."

"What, Cheryl's ass not good enough for you? What about all those other cheerleader sluts we broke in, because of me? Huh?" Josie questioned sternly, then when her Pussycats didn't reply she continued, "Don't forget who runs the show girls. You'll get Veronica's butt when I say you'll get it, and not a second sooner. Mmmmm, but like I said, I just want a week to make sure this bitch knows who owns her ass hole. Then I'll be happy to share the wealth. In the meantime Cheryl here is clearly aching for some anal, so why don't you two get a couple of strap-ons and we get down to some serious ass wrecking. I'm thinking, I'll stretch her out, and then you too can treat Cheryl to a double ass fucking while I get seconds of Veronica's butt. Sound good to you?"

There was a brief pause and then Melody nodded, "Yeah, that sounds good."

"Yeah." Valerie grumbled.

As for Cheryl, she quivered with delight. The only thing that made her cum harder then an ass fucking was a double ass fucking, something she had been receiving very frequently ever since Mistress Josie and Mistress Josie's Mom had taken her double anal cherry. Mostly from the Pussycats, although Mayor McCoy had been joining the fun at least once a week, and seem to love Cheryl's ass almost as much as her daughter did. Yes, this was just the thing to make her forget all about how she now had to share this wonderful dick with another shameless butt slut. Of course Mistress Josie knew that, and perhaps proved Cheryl had nothing to worry about as she smiled down at her. And then wrecked her ass.


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