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Author's note: This story takes place during Season 1 of Riverdale, but there are no real spoilers.

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Riverdale: Riverdale Oreos Part 4
by MTL ([email protected])

"Good news." Josie murmured to Veronica while walking through the halls of their school.

"You're finally going to share what your little plan for introducing Betty into all this fun is?" Veronica quipped.

"Funny you should say that..." Josie grinned, enjoying the hopeful glance the other brunette gave her before revealing, "Cause tonight you take another step to getting what you really want."

"Look..." Veronica sighed, "I love bottoming as much as the next switch, but-"

"Tonight, I'm going to give you Cheryl." Josie grinned.

Veronica grinned right back, "You have my attention."

Stepping closer Josie softly revealed her plan so no one else would hear it, "I'm thinking your place after school you help me make Cheryl Blossom an Oreo cookie, and in the process you get her mouth, pussy and ass to play with as much as you want. And trust me, as tempting as it is to just abuse that cute little white butt of hers, her mouth is definitely worth your time."

"Sounds good to me." Veronica nodded, "My Mom's out on a date tonight, so we should have the place to ourselves."

"I know." Josie revealed with a grin, "I'll see you then... and try not to wear anything too slutty, for a change. Remember, if you want to roll with the Pussycats and top your precious Betty, you're going to have too impressed me tonight."

* * *

Veronica wasn't sure how Josie knew about her mother's love life, but honestly she barely gave it a second thought next to the exciting chance to finally top Cheryl Blossom. The promise of that had been made what felt like a lifetime ago as one week had turned into two, then three and then a month. Honestly Veronica half expected Josie to back out of her earlier promise, even when a few hours later she showed up to her home with Cheryl following behind her like the well-trained pet she was. True, the night would be fun regardless, but after all this time Veronica told herself to be strong and put her foot down. After all, she had plans for the girl who was such a bitch to her when she first arrived in Riverdale.

"Hey, where's the rest of your little team?" Veronica asked.

"Val and Mel? I decided that they should sit this one out." Josie revealed, "Mostly because they're getting a little spoilt and stepping out of line, but also because I thought it would be nice and cosy being just the three of us. And I'm still rooting for you, so if you need pointers before trying to join in a big gang bang session, I can give them to you."

"Oh trust me, I don't need any pointers." Veronica promised.

"We'll see..." Josie said dismissively, joining Veronica in sitting on the bed before adding, "Well, let's see what you got..."

More than happy to make the next move Veronica grinned and turned her attention to the redhead, looking her up and down like a piece of meat before ordering, "Strip. Nice and slowly. Hey! What do you say?"

"Yes... Mistress Veronica?" Cheryl replied cautiously.

After Veronica gave a little nod of approval Cheryl went back to slowly stripping off her clothes. Which she'd been doing before, but Veronica wanted to make it clear how she expected to be addressed tonight. Briefly Veronica glanced at Josie for approval, but all she got was a blank stare. Still, it was hard to be disappointed with Josie's poker face when a beautiful redhead was stripping in front of her, Cheryl slowly revealing her perky little titties, wet little pussy and cute little ass during what was clearly a more practice routine than those she forced upon the River Vixens. Cheryl then lowered her head and waited for further instructions, Veronica leaving her there for a few long seconds before getting up and circling her prey so she could admire that amazing body some more.

"Very nice." Veronica mumbled conversationally, then before the redhead could reply added, "You remember when I first got here, don't you Cheryl? How very unimpressed you were with my little audition for the River Vixens, and more importantly the ending of it?"

"You mean your little attempt to get Betty Cooper out of your system by tricking her into a kiss?" Josie quipped, "How did that work out by the way?"

"Total backfire." Veronica admitted with a grin, before quipping, "But let's see if we can do better at impressing Josie."

As Veronica stepped into Cheryl's personal space Josie hollered, "Yeah, and put more effort into it than Betty did. If that's possible."

Ignoring the playful comment Veronica concentrated on cupping that beautiful face and pulling Cheryl up to look into her eyes, checking to see if the other girl was cool with this, because they might have got off on the wrong foot, but Veronica wasn't into forcing anyone into anything. Thankfully, and unsurprisingly, she only saw submission and anticipation, so Veronica smiled wickedly, leaned forward and kissed the infamous Cheryl Blossom, who immediately kissed back. That kiss was weirdly sweet at first, mostly because Veronica wanted to savour this moment she had been anticipating for so long. Of course ultimately things heated up, just like every other time they'd locked lips. Which by now, was a lot.

There was nothing Josie and the Pussycats seem to love more than making their bitches kiss, sometimes to put them in the mood for hard-core fucking, but mostly so Cheryl and Veronica could share the taste of pussy and ass. Veronica was a little disappointed when Cheryl's lips and tongue didn't taste like one of those two things, and she had been half expecting her to taste that way now. After all, Josie did enjoy receiving head while she was driving, not to mention all the other ways Cheryl could have ended up with her face buried in Josie's cunt. Although there was definitely something to be said for kissing Cheryl without that added bonus, as for all her faults Cheryl Blossom was a damn fine kisser.

Cheryl also missed tasting pussy and/or ass on Veronica's lips, but she certainly wasn't complaining about the kissing, and not just because she was a happy little bottom who would do anything to please her top. Or just a top. Or even a switch. No, she also liked just kissing Veronica for the pleasure of it, as the other girl was really good at it. The only thing she had mixed feelings about was the fact that while she liked to be teased sometimes she was hungry for Veronica's yummy pussy and the longer they kissed the longer it would be before she would get it. Also she was worried that Veronica would be too gentle with her. Luckily that wasn't the case.

Suddenly breaking the kiss Veronica asked, "So Cheryl, do you want to eat my pussy?"

"Oh yes." Cheryl quickly and eagerly replied, "Please Veronica, let me eat your pussy."

"You can do better than that." Veronica challenge playfully, before ordering sternly, "Get down on your knees and beg me for the privilege!"

Cheryl was a little taken aback by the sudden change and thus hesitated for a few seconds, which was a few seconds too long as far as she, and clearly everyone else, was concerned, so she then quickly dropped down to her knees and shamelessly begged, "Please Veronica, may I have the privilege of eating your cunt? I want it so bad. I need it! I'm a pussy addicted dyke slut who's desperate for her fix. Please give it to me. Please Veronica, let me eat your pussy. I've been thinking about it all day long, since Mistress Josie promised me that this would be the day that you topped me. So please, give me that yummy little twat of yours."

"It's Mistress Veronica tonight bitch." Veronica reminded her.

"Yes Mistress Veronica, sorry Mistress Veronica." Cheryl quickly apologised, only to be interrupted again before she could continue begging.

"That's better, but don't make me remind you again." Veronica warned, "Now kiss my feet and continue begging for my pussy."

"Yes Mistress Veronica." Cheryl quickly obeyed, leaning down and pressing a lingering kiss to Veronica's right foot before beginning to go back and forth while restarting the begging, "Please Mistress Veronica, let me have the privilege of licking your pussy. I want it so bad. So, so bad. And I swear, I'll lick it so good. Better than your precious Betty ever could. Or ever will. But maybe you could imagine it's her between your legs, licking you with her well-trained tongue. That it's her mouth you cum in. Her face you cover with your cream. Oh yes Mistress Veronica, use me as your Betty substitute, until Mistress Josie finally gives you what you really want. In the meantime use me Mistress Veronica. Please use me however you want. But please use my tongue first, I really want the privilege of getting you off with my little lezzie tongue."

In between each of those words Cheryl placed a kiss to Veronica's expensive shoes, and then as time went on began increasing it to multiple kisses in between words as Veronica forced her to continue like this for several long minutes. Truth be told if the situation was reversed Cheryl would have done the same thing, but she and Veronica had been rivals ever since Veronica had showed up in Riverdale, and if someone would have told her then that one day she would be willingly grovelling at the feet of Veronica Lodge Cheryl would have undoubtedly laughed. And/or killed the messenger. Yet here they were, and Cheryl couldn't be happier. Except of course if Veronica finally gave her what she wanted.

"Take off my shoes and concentrate on worshipping my feet." Veronica suddenly ordered.

Again Cheryl was taken aback by the command, but obediently replied, "Yes Mistress Veronica."

Doing her best to hide her frustration at the continuation of this humiliation of not actually getting what she wanted Cheryl slowly helped Mistress Veronica out of her high heel shoes and then really went to town on those feet, not only covering them in kisses but beginning to slide her tongue over them. She even sucked on her toes, taking them one by one into her mouth, which had never failed to make Mistress Josie give her what she wanted. Yet still this bitch insisted on teasing and humiliating her. Which had to be because she mentioned Betty, which Cheryl had thought would have Veronica rushing to get her between her legs, but instead she was being punished for it. God, life was so unfair.

"Kiss your way up my legs, and remove my panties with your teeth." Veronica ordered softly.

"Yes Mistress Veronica." Cheryl quickly replied and obeyed.

It was hard for Cheryl not to rush her way up Veronica's leg given that she really was aching for cunt now, and more importantly the attention she received after she made the other girl cum. But she could feel the eyes of her temporary Mistress, and more importantly her real Mistress, both of them watching her carefully, and she didn't want to disappoint them. Especially Mistress Josie of course. So as slowly as she possibly could Cheryl kissed her way up Veronica's left leg, took a second to smell her prize and then bit down on those panties so she could slowly pull them down. She then looked up hopefully at Veronica as the brunette slipped out of her panties while smirking down at her.

"Okay Cheryl, you may now work your way back up my leg... and lick my pussy." Veronica ordered.

"Remove your dress first." Josie butted in before Cheryl could reply, "I wanna see everything."

Veronica briefly glared, and then smirked at the singer, "Yes Mistress Josie."

Josie smirked at this. It was said playfully, almost mockingly, but deep down Veronica knew the truth. Josie could see it in her eyes. No matter what Josie was the head bitch in charge here, and Veronica was only topping Cheryl to amuse the singer. Which Josie had not so subtly reminded Veronica as she forced her to remove that expensive little dress of hers, pulling it over her head and exposing herself. Veronica even took it one step further, reaching behind herself to undo her bra and then also throw that aside, leaving her naked except for her ever present pearl necklace, meaning Josie got to see everything, which definitely pleased her.

Meanwhile Cheryl had murmured a soft 'yes Mistress Veronica' just in case before quickly kissing her way up the Latina's legs so by the time Veronica was taking off her bra Cheryl finally reached her destination. Then once the bra hit the floor Veronica was crying out loudly in pure pleasure as Cheryl finally got to work, clearly very eagerly licking that pussy like the well-trained rug muncher she was. Like the rug muncher that Josie had personally trained her to be. Oh yes, Josie had personally trained that rug munching little dyke slut, and in that moment she felt very jealous of Veronica, who was clearly receiving the benefits of her training.

It was enough to make Josie's hand itch to wander to her pussy and give it a gentle rub, if only through her clothes, which was something she hadn't done since seducing Cheryl. And why should she? There was no reason she should settle for such inferior pleasure when she had the perfect lesbian slut as a girlfriend, and now a number of hot dyke bitches, including Veronica Lodge. Unfortunately Cheryl's mouth was preoccupied, and she didn't want to undercut Veronica's audition for the Pussycats by sitting on her face or something, and obviously she hadn't invited anyone else to the party, so for the first time in a long time Josie was stuck and contemplating touching herself. Which was so beneath her at this point, but desperate times called for desperate measures.

Then just as she was about to break her little self-imposed rule Josie got a wicked idea which made her smile. It was so obvious that Josie was kicking herself for not thinking of it sooner, and while it did undercut Veronica topping a little bit the real test would be for Cheryl, and Josie was confident that her favourite bitch would pass with flying colours, like she always did. Besides, Josie was beginning to feel overdressed, so at the very least she could strip down and get ready for what came next. Although it didn't seem like Veronica was in a hurry to cum, which would work out just fine for Josie's new plan. Or more accurately her slight adjustment to her old plan.

Veronica had spent the last month either eating the pussies of Josie and the Pussycats or watching one of her fellow River Vixens do it. Most frequently Cheryl. On the rare occasion she had been just watching she had mostly focused on the lucky bitch giving the head, as she couldn't help being jealous of them, but she was also focused on the receiver, and not just because she was jealous of her. No, she was mentally taking notes for when it would finally be her time to shine, and now she finally had the chance the last thing she wanted to do was screw it up. That was why she had suffered through that overly long teasing, so she could impress Josie. Well, also to annoy Cheryl, but mostly the former thing.

As such when she finally felt that hot little tongue against her cunt Veronica became completely lost in that wonderful pleasure. So much so that she wasn't really paying attention to the speed of the licking, and when Veronica did realise she wasn't exactly in a hurry to tell Cheryl to slow down. In fact Veronica was tempted to push Cheryl's pretty face deeper into her pussy and order her to speed up even more. Which was a temptation she lingered on for a few long seconds. Maybe even a couple of minutes. But no, she couldn't just give in to such a basic temptation. Not if she wanted to impress Josie. So even though it was practically painful Veronica eventually ordered Cheryl to slow down.

"Ooooooooh Gooooooddddd, that feels so good." Veronica groaned after a series of gasps, moans and cries of pleasure, before reluctantly adding, "Mmmmm, but slow down. There is no rush. Yesssss, that's it Cheryl, mmmmm, good girl. Slow down so I can enjoy this. Ohhhhhh yesssss, I've been waiting to have you in between my legs for weeks now. Or ever since we met, if I'm honest. Ooooooohhhhhhh yeeeeeeeessssssss, I've been waiting all this time to see your pretty face in between my thighs, and really have a chance to savour it. Mmmmm, maybe a little more attention to my clit? Yeahhhhhh, that's it, oh fuck! Oh God! Fuckkkkkkkkk!"

Even though this wasn't Cheryl's first time eating her pussy, not even close, but this was the first time she truly got to savour it. The first time she briefly got to sit on Cheryl's face, which had been wonderful, but that had quickly transitioned to a 69 for the amusement of Josie and the Pussycats. After that they had mostly tasted each other through other 69s, although there was one time Veronica was lying on her back on the bed with her head hanging off the edge so one Pussycat could fuck her throat Cheryl had been ordered to lick her pussy while she was being fucked by another Pussycat. And Cheryl had licked her clit a few times while Veronica was taking a double or triple stuffing.

Obviously each of those times though she had been distracted, so this was something special. Her chance to be the main focus for a change, without any distractions. At least for a little while. Veronica should have guessed that Josie wouldn't be happy with just watching for long, as that had been her previous experience with her Mistress, but it didn't disappoint her too much. In fact it only pushed her towards orgasm, and at this point if Cheryl got too distracted Veronica could easily grab onto her head to hold it in place and then just rub herself against Cheryl's face until she came. Although she was confident that wouldn't be necessary, so Veronica just grinned wickedly as she watched Josie strip off, strap on and re-join the fun.

Cheryl was dully aware of someone approaching, but she just assumed that Mistress Josie was going to make out with Mistress Veronica, and/or give those big tits some love. Or maybe she was just getting a closer look, or to whisper some tips into Veronica's ear. Or maybe if Cheryl was really, really lucky Mistress Josie would play with her a little bit. Slide her hands over her body, gently teasing her before touching anywhere fun, and then probably further teasing once she reached the place that Cheryl really wanted her. Maybe she would even play with the butt-plug which was currently firmly entrenched within Cheryl's ass hole.

Of course any attention from her Mistress would be welcomed, but Cheryl thought it was unlikely given that the purpose of all of this was to train Veronica when she got a chance to impress the rest of the Pussycats, and more importantly Josie's mother. Besides, Cheryl was just too lost in licking Veronica's yummy little pussy. Which she had tasted before, but she had always been distracted while doing it, and welcomed the chance to give it the attention it deserved. Even though she would have liked to have been able to taste Veronica's cum a little quicker, and she initially attacked her with her tongue as a way to show her friend what she had been missing out on by drawing out the teasing so much.

Then Cheryl felt Josie's hands on her, and she got excited. But then much sooner than expected she felt something rubbing against her pussy, and before she even worked out what was happening it was stretching her open and forcing it's way inside her. Luckily from all the teasing and dishing out head, and anticipating what was going to happen tonight, Cheryl's pussy was wet and ready to be invaded. Especially by her precious Mistress Josie. Mistress Josie's dick! Oh yes, Cheryl was being invaded by Mistress Josie's big black dick, the redhead smiling with delight as she recognised the feeling of what was stretching and filling her eager little twat.

Moments later her suspicions were confirmed by Mistress Josie's thighs coming to rest against her butt cheeks, announcing that every inch of that big black dick was inside her little white pussy. God, these were the moments Cheryl Blossom lived for. A yummy pussy directly in her face while her own pussy was being filled with a nice big dildo, two women of colour using her like the little lesbian fuck toy she was. But she tried not to become so lost in that, especially when Mistress Josie started pumping in and out of her, which was always very distracting. Just not distracting enough to make Cheryl forget completely about her pussy licking duties.

"Just couldn't let me have her all to myself, could you?" Veronica teased.

"What can I say? I just couldn't resist these hot little fuck holes." Josie purred with a wicked grin.

"And I can't get enough of you Mistress Josie." Cheryl shamelessly chimed in, fully intending to return to Veronica's pussy the second she was done speaking.

Before she got the chance Veronica shoved her face into her cunt and growled, "Less talking, more licking!"

"Sorry V, I thought it would be less distracting for her if I fucked her pussy. Clearly I was mistaken." Josie chuckled with what was clearly a faux apology, before smacking Cheryl's ass again, "But she's not getting a dick where she really wants it until she makes you cum. You hear that Cheryl? So you better pick up your game. Come on, mmmmm, don't embarrass me now. Make Veronica cum! Unless of course, you're not ready for it V?"

Veronica considered this for a few long seconds. On the one hand it had been so long since another girl licked her pussy like this and she didn't want it to ever end, especially not now she got the added bonus of watching Josie strap-on fuck Cheryl's little cunt. But on the other hand there had been so much build up already, and she was aching to cum. And to sodomise Cheryl. So while it was a tough decision Veronica ultimately smiled at the girl who had spent the last few weeks topping the hell out of her, which was more than enough to tell Josie what she wanted, and Josie was only too eager to pass on the message to her favourite white bitch.

In fact as soon as Veronica smiled and nodded Josie called out, "Yeahhhhhhh, you ready to cum in that hot little mouth, huh? Yeah you are. Mmmmm my girl Cheryl is so good at eating pussy. Mmmmm, and now, you're going to get the full service treatment. Yeahhhhhh, make her cum Cheryl! Make Veronica Lodge cum in your pretty little mouth! Yeahhhhhhhh, I want to see a couple of spoilt little rich girls get down to some serious lesbian action. Yes, fuck her Cheryl, fuck her with your tongue and I'll give you what you so desperately need you little slut! Oh yeah, that's it, tongue fuck her, mmmmmm, that's so hot! Good girl."

Surprisingly Cheryl didn't pull away to submissively coo 'yes Mistress Josie' before doing as she was told. No, to Veronica's delight Cheryl mumbled it into her pussy just before shoving her tongue as deep inside her as it would go, almost instantly triggering an orgasm. Veronica was just about able to stop herself in the nick of time by digging her fingernails into the palm of her hand and biting her bottom lip in the name of savouring this heavenly moment. The moment another girl's tongue was inside her cunt and she actually got to savour it. No pussy in front of her. No strap-on in her pussy and/or ass. No need to respond to anything Mistress Josie was saying. Just a soft girl tongue inside her, making her feel so good.

The feeling got even better when Cheryl, who Veronica could sense was annoyed at not immediately getting a mouthful of cum, started pumping her tongue in and out of Veronica's cunt, slowly at first, but gradually gaining speed. That combined with the constant commentary from Mistress Josie, and the fact that that was who Josie McCoy was in Veronica's mind right now, her wonderful Mistress who was responsible for her receiving all this pleasure, all combined to give Veronica a truly satisfying climax. It was then quickly followed by another, and another, and another, Cheryl maybe proving she was even better than Veronica at eating pussy. Maybe, although Veronica would never tell her that.

Once she was passed that first climax Veronica allowed herself to indulge in one of her favourite fantasies. She had indulge in it many times before Cheryl was eating her pussy, especially while making her cum, that of course being that it was Betty who was doing this to her. Except it was so much more vivid now it was the only thing Veronica had to worry about. Only that wasn't true. She finally had the chance to top Cheryl, which meant as blissful as it was to get lost in the ecstasy the redhead was giving her Veronica ultimately had to pull away so she could recover enough to do the one thing above all else she really wanted to do tonight, namely fuck Cheryl Blossom in her perfect little ass.

Cheryl was able to swallow a decent amount of girl cum before then. Almost all of it actually, as unlike Mistress Josie and the Pussycats Veronica didn't grind her cunt into her face. But better yet Veronica did grab the back of Cheryl's head and push it deep into her cunt, meaning not a lot of cum and pussy cream escaped. But just enough to make sure she was thoroughly marked as a pussy licking slut, and would have a constant reminder while she was being fucked exactly what kind of whore she was. However despite getting a lot of cum and making Veronica go over the edge several times before she pulled away when she did Cheryl whimpered pathetically.

This was mostly because she instantly missed the feeling of being made an Oreo cookie while eating pussy, but she also became extremely aware of what her Mistress Josie was doing, namely gently pumping her dick in and out of her pussy and playing with the plug in her ass. Of course Cheryl had been aware of those things before, but now she became hyperaware of them, and her need to cum. Plus it didn't help that Mistress Josie chose that moment to start pulling the butt-plug completely out of her ass and pushing it back instead of just gently stretching her back hole, and increasing the force of the pussy pumping nearly enough to give her the satisfaction of cumming, but just not enough.

"Well, what are you waiting for V? Go get a cock and strap it on so we can really make Cheryl our Oreo cookie." Josie ordered playfully.

"Yes Mistress." Veronica grinned playfully.

Sadly it took about another minute before Veronica recovered enough to retrieve a strap-on. What was even worse was Mistress Josie pulling her cock out of Cheryl's cunt and moving away entirely, leaving the redhead feeling horribly unloved. Thankfully Mistress Josie wasted no time in laying down flat and looking at Cheryl expectantly, meaning that Cheryl didn't even have to waste time listening to her top and submissively saying 'yes Mistress' at the end before finally being able to take her place on Mistress Josie's dick. No, Cheryl got to just crawl over and impale herself on that dick, and even bounce up and down it for a few long minutes while Veronica prepared herself.

Another good thing was that Veronica prepared herself directly in front of Cheryl, the redhead licking her lips as she watched the brunette slowly step into a harness, pull it up her thighs and turn it around her waist before covering the shaft with lube. That last part disappointed Cheryl a little bit, and she had been hoping to be able to suck it first, although she was sure Veronica and Mistress Josie would make sure she put her cock sucking skills to good use later. Besides, the sooner that Veronica shoved her cock up her ass the sooner Cheryl could cum. So of course when she was finally in position Veronica played with her plug just as Mistress Josie had done, causing Cheryl to whimper pathetically and beg for what she so desperately wanted.

"Please Veronica, don't tease me. Fuck me." Cheryl whimpered, fully intending to continue, although she was interrupted before she could.

"Oh Cheryl, you can do better than that." Veronica grinned, "Come on bitch, beg for the butt fucking we both know you so desperately want."

"And remember to show Ronnie the proper respect." Josie added.

"Yes Mistress Josie." Cheryl whimpered again, before she finally began to shamelessly beg, "Please fuck me. Mmmmm, fuck my ass Mistress Veronica. I want you and Mistress Josie to stuff me full of cock and make me your little Oreo cookie. Your Riverdale Oreo cookie. Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhh, I want every single inch of your big cock in my butt so you can fuck me like a whore. Please? Ah fuck, please Mistress Veronica, butt fuck me! I want to be butt fucked! Oooooooh yessssss, give me the butt fucking I desperately need and make me cum like a bitch with your cock in my ass! Make me cum like a slutty little Oreo cookie! Violate both those little fuck holes of mine, oooooohhhhhh fuckkkkkkk yeahhhhhhh, fuck me! Fuck those holes, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh, oh fuck me!"

Veronica loved hearing bitchy little Cheryl Blossom begging for her, so she just listened to her for quite a while before she pulled out that butt plug completely. She was also having a lot of fun watching another girl's ass hole stretching for her for the very first time. Although it had nothing on pushing a cock strapped around her own waist into that forbidden hole. Her cock! Oh yes, in that wonderful moment where she pulled the butt-plug completely out of Cheryl's back hole and then quickly replaced it with the head of the dildo it truly felt like she was pushing her own cock into the other girl's ass, which was easily one of the most thrilling moments of her life, which had Veronica grinning wickedly.

Back in New York she had strapped on a dildo a couple of times before, but that had just been for pussy fucking. She'd never even tried to take one of these things into her ass, or convince another girl to take it, two things that Veronica now greatly regretted. Then again she had never encountered such a skilled top as Josie McCoy, so it wouldn't have felt nearly as good to receive back then, and it wouldn't have been nearly as satisfying as anally violating stuck up Cheryl Blossom to do this to anyone else. Well, maybe with one blonde exception, although hopefully Veronica would know that joy soon, and when she did she would be well practised. Because she would practice with Cheryl's ass. Oh yes, Cheryl was going to be her little practice dummy for Betty, and by the time she was through with her Veronica would be as skilled an ass fucker as Josie and the Pussycats.

She knew from personal experience that was going to take a lot of work, and the best thing to do was to start off slowly. After all, she fully intended to savour her first time with Betty, and it would have been wrong not to do so for the first time she ever took another girl's ass. Besides, Cheryl and her beautiful butt were worth the time. And even though she didn't like the redhead she didn't want her to suffer, and a slow anal penetration would help with that. Besides, there was something really beautiful about pushing the head of her cock into Cheryl's butt hole and then watching as inch after inch disappeared into that forbidden orifice. Especially as Cheryl moaned, groaned, whimpered and gasped with pleasure the entire time.

It wasn't an unfamiliar sight. Well, even if she hadn't seen something similar that it in New York, the past few weeks Veronica had spent a lot of time spreading Cheryl's cheeks and getting an up close and personal look at the redhead getting her ass hole get abused, but now she was responsible for that abuse it made it 10 times hotter. Veronica's pussy on fire the moment her thighs came to rest against Cheryl's butt cheeks, announcing every inch of her big dick was buried in the bowels of Josie's favourite bitch. Meaning that right now, she was her bitch. Oh yes, right now Cheryl Blossom was her bitch, appoint further proved as Veronica started fucking her in the ass, which continued to get positive reactions out of Cheryl, including more begging.

"Oh God yes, DP me! DP me like a slut! Oh God! Oh Josie!" Cheryl moaned deliriously, quickly correcting herself, "Mistress Josie! Fuck me Mistress Josie, ohhhhhhh fuck yes, fuck me Mistress Veronica, ooooooooh yessssssss, pound my little fuck holes! Fuck me hard and deep and make me cum! Oh yes, make me cum from being your little Oreo cookie! Oh God!"

Cheryl continued blathering on like that as Veronica settled into a steady rhythm, pumping her ass hole enthusiastically, if a little clumsily. Maybe it was because Cheryl had been spoilt by her Mistress Josie and the other Pussycats but Veronica didn't seem like a natural top. Then again it was still the early stages, and the slow anal penetration combined with Cheryl's ass being well-trained at taking dick meant the redhead felt nothing but pleasure from the first part of the sodomy, pretty much guaranteeing the second part would be just as pleasurable. Then of course there was the fact that Mistress Josie was underneath her, the black girl's cock stuffing her cunt the entire time, so Cheryl had the wonderful feeling of being double stuffed.

It wasn't quite as wonderful as when one of the other Pussycats was helping out Josie, or when Josie was part of the equation, or best of all when all three of them were making her airtight, but it was still pretty amazing and Cheryl happily kept begging Veronica to fuck her. But not harder. At least not yet. She of course wanted it harder, but of course she knew that Mistress Josie wanted Veronica to get used to fucking girls up the ass so she could join the Pussycats and finally get her precious Betty. And more importantly so that Betty could become a slut for Josie and the Pussycats, meaning Cheryl would be receiving some more competition soon, so she had to prove herself.

So Cheryl was careful to watch what she said for as long as she possibly could, meaning that she enjoyed a nice long DP. It got increasingly hard to resist, although Mistress Josie made it easier on her by continuing to stare lovingly into her eyes. Also Cheryl lived for this feeling of being sandwiched between two beautiful women, one in her cunt and another in her ass, and while she would prefer Veronica wasn't part of the equation Cheryl could forget about her as she stared at Mistress Josie and just allowed the pleasure to wash over her. Of course inevitably it just all became too much and she just desperately needed more. Then Cheryl just couldn't help herself.

"Harder! Mmmmm, fuck me harder! Please Mistress Josie, Mistress Veronica, pound fuck my slutty little fuck holes! Oh God, just fuck my pussy and ass hard and deep and make me cum like a little slut!" Cheryl practically wept with need, "Please? Please just make me cum! Mmmmm, make me cum like the little slut I am! Like a DP slut! Your Oreo whore! Oooooooh fuckkkkkkkk, ram those slut holes! Ohhhhhhhh yessssss, fuck me Mistress Josie! Fuck me like only you really can. Show Mistress Veronica who's really in charge around here. Ohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkk yeahhhhhh, let's see if Mistress Veronica can keep up. Oh God, that's it Mistress Veronica, destroy that little fucking ass hole of mine! Treated as nothing but your fuck hole to use. Ooooooh, because it is. Mistress Josie owns my ass, and she's pimped it out to you. So use it! Mmmmmm, ooooooh yesssssss, use it for Betty! Use me to practice for Betty, mmmmm, make me cum hard! Ohhhhhhhhh yessssssss, that's it, oh fuck, wreck my fucking ass! Wreck it! Oh Mistress Veronica! Mistress Josie! Oooooooohhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooddddddddd yeeeeeeeesssssssss, aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk!"

When Veronica finally gave her what she wanted Cheryl tried to keep up the begging to encourage the inexperienced top to give her what she so desperately wanted. She wasn't able to remain coherent very long, but luckily she didn't have too as Veronica finally started acting like more of a top. Or maybe it was easier for her now all she had to do was brutalise Cheryl's butt. Not that Cheryl cared. No, she was just grateful to receive a harder butt fucking, and more importantly cum. Oh yes, Cheryl came nice and hard all over her precious Mistress Josie's dick, and just when she didn't think it could get any better it did as Veronica and then more importantly Mistress Josie made her cum over and over again.

Veronica had to admit, it was weird being the one wielding the cock instead of taking it, and it was even more weird now she was fucking another girl's ass. It had been weird that other times she had used a strap-on, but this was even weirder, for obvious reasons, so it was only natural that she would struggled at first. Luckily Josie had anticipated that and given her this time to practice, something Veronica was very grateful for. Maybe even enough to tell Josie that. But not now. No, now she wanted to use every ounce of her concentration to destroy Cheryl Blossom's little butt hole. Not fuck it, destroy it and leave it a gaping mess, just like the little slut was begging her for.

For a moment Veronica allowed herself to indulge in her favourite fantasy again, only this time it was more perverted than ever before. This time Betty Cooper was bent over in front of her and she and Josie was sandwiching her between them. Making the sweet and innocent girl next door their DP slut. Their fuck hole. Their bitch. Then the fantasy got even better, as Josie disappeared completely and all that was left was sweet little Betty Cooper on her hands and knees, taking Veronica's big dick up her no doubt virgin ass, the entire time Betty begging for more and promising anything in return for cumming. Promising to be her bitch or whatever else she wanted. Promising to be hers. All hers. Forever.

Then Veronica focused on the equally wonderful reality of stuck up rich girl Cheryl Blossom bent over in front of her and taking her big dick up her slutty ass, these incredibly pale cheeks almost as bright red as her hair from the force of Veronicas thighs crashing into them. And God, they were jiggling for her, ever so slightly, but it was there. Cheryl Blossom's butt cheeks were jiggling for her. And Cheryl Blossom was screaming like a whore, and cumming like a bitch with a dick in her ass. And she wasn't the only one. Oh God, Veronica was cumming. She was cumming so damn hard, and it was exhausting. She needed to stop. But she just couldn't stop pounding Cheryl's slutty little ass.

Even when she had fucked those other girls with a strap-on it hadn't been anywhere near as satisfying as this. The first time Veronica hadn't even cum, and the other times the stimulator inside the harnesses had barely got the job done. But the added perversion of doing something this wicked just made all the difference, and sooner than she would have liked Veronica collapsed down onto Cheryl's body in a sweaty heap. Then she was pushed off, not by Cheryl, but by their Mistress Josie, who proved exactly why she was in charge, brutalising Cheryl with a force and a skill which made Veronica instantly jealous. She just wasn't sure who of at this point.

Josie was pretty happy with Veronica's first attempt at topping. She wasn't a natural or anything, but that was good, because the last thing Josie needed was another Valerie challenging her at every turn. No, better to add another Melody into the group instead. Someone who knew their place. Someone who knew they weren't in Josie's lead, but was happy to live in her shadow. Someone who would even let her fuck them. Of course that made Veronica even more submissive than Melody, but Josie could definitely live with that given how heavenly Veronica's booty was to fuck, and just what an amazing cunt lapper she was. Best of all she would have someone so grateful to her they would do anything for her.

Putting those wonderful thoughts to one side for a second to take her turn with Cheryl, the fact that Veronica had been doing all the work more than her lack of experience forcing her to stop sooner than she would probably have liked, and definitely sooner than Cheryl wanted. That was when Josie flipped them over and pulled Cheryl to one side so she could have her favourite bitch all to herself. In that same swift movement she switch from Cheryl's pussy to her ass, the dildo easily switching holes thanks to the pounding Veronica had just given the latter. And just how slutty that hole was. Although there was a little pain mixed in with the pleasure that Cheryl let out, so Josie made sure to start out nice and slow as she pushed the redhead's legs onto her shoulders and began pumping her cute little behind.

Of course after that initial cry during what was admittedly a quick anal penetration Cheryl only cried out in pure pleasure, or more accurately screamed in the pure ecstasy a white girl could only feel when a black girl was fucking them in the ass. At least in Josie's experience. Or more accurately the pure ecstasy a white girl could only feel when Josie was fucking them in the ass. Oh hell yeah, Josie knew how to make her girls cum hard and frequently, case in point just how hard and frequently Cheryl was cumming now, her cum squirting from her cunt and covering Josie's stomach as she continued using every ounce of her strength to brutalise Cheryl's butt hole.

She may have occasionally thrust up into Cheryl's cunt during the DP to make sure that her girl came extra hard, but for the most part she had stayed still so she could save her energy for this. She had even been able to put off cumming. At least for the most part. Sometimes she had caught Cheryl's eyes at the wrong moment, and just not been able to stop. That went double for when she was fucking Cheryl alone, and ultimately Josie just couldn't hold back energy destroying climaxes rocked her body, leaving her with the choice of maintaining her dominance or using every ounce of her strength to butt fuck her girl. Which was a hard decision, but ultimately she made the right one.

Abruptly pulling her dick out of her bitch's butt Josie ordered, "Spread your cheeks bitch! Show us that ruined hole."

"Yes Mistress Josie." Cheryl whimpered automatically, although it was several seconds before she could move.

Veronica sympathised with the redhead. It wasn't that long ago that she had been the one on the receiving end of the brutal rectum wrecking from Josie McCoy, her slutty little ass hole quivering with jealousy as Cheryl's lucky butt hole was used like a cheap whore's cunt by the extremely dominant woman. Further proving her dominance Josie was able to lift herself up and shuffle back onto her knees, despite using so much energy during that ass fucking, while Cheryl just lay there for a few long seconds recovering from it, and the multiple orgasms that her Mistress Josie had effortlessly given her. Josie probably sympathise too, which was why she didn't scold Cheryl for not obeying right away. Or maybe she knew it was just worth the wait, which Veronica felt as she got her first glance at Cheryl's gaping back hole.

She and Josie got their first glance it when Cheryl slowly rolled onto her side, deliberately pointing her ass at them, but then she finally found the strength to lift herself up onto her knees, pushing her well-pounded bottom into the air. Finally Cheryl reach back, grabbed her cheeks and slowly pulled them apart like the well-trained bitch she was, emphasising just how widely stretched her back door really was. Just how well Veronica and Josie had opened up her forbidden hole and turned it into a used fucked hole, Veronica thought with a wicked grin as she stared deep into Cheryl's bowels via the gaping crater in between her butt cheeks.

For a few long seconds the two dildo wearing women just stared at their handiwork, and then Veronica asked, "So, what do you think?"

"I think..." Josie began, trailing off to deliberately leave Veronica in suspense before admitting, "That if Valerie was here, or God forbid, my Mom, they'd say I was the main reason that bitch hole is now looking so owned. And they'd be right. You weren't terrible as a first time top. There's definitely promise. But you definitely need to step your game up if you want to impress my Mom, or your girl Betty."

Veronica grinned at someone calling Betty her girl, then she refocused on Cheryl and pointed out with another grin, "Well, it's a good thing I have my own little practice toy, isn't it?"

"Whenever I'm not using her." Josie reminded firmly.

"Of course." Veronica said dismissively, quickly adding in an attempt to score brownie points, "In the meantime, how about we make OUR bitch clean our cocks?"

"Great idea." Josie smiled, before addressing her favourite bitch, "You heard your fellow cheerleader, get over here and suck our dick bitch!"

"Yes Mistress Josie." Cheryl whimpered obediently, this time instantly obeying.

Clearly having recovered while lewdly displaying herself, and much like Veronica was clearly ravenous for the taste of ass, Cheryl quickly turned around and of course headed straight for her Mistress Josie. Mistress Josie didn't complain. Far from it, Josie giggled with delight and gently reach down to stroke the long red hair of her pet as Cheryl savoured the deepest part of her butt, and then started bobbing her head up and down on that cock, eventually taking the full length into her mouth and down her throat and getting all that yummy ass juice. God, Veronica was so jealous of her in that moment, especially as Josie began giving her some verbal encouragement to go along with the physical.

"Yessssss, that's it Cheryl, suck that big juicy cock. Get it all the way down your throat. Ooooooh yes, that's it, good girl. Good little deep throating bitch." Josie chuckled with delight, "Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, get every drop of your own ass cream you filthy little ATM whore! Yeahhhhhhh, make me proud. Make me proud by showing off just what a cock sucker I've trained you to be. Yeah, you're even better than Veronica, who always knew how to suck a good cock. Which means you're better than a professional hooker! Oh fuck yeahhhhhhh, both of you are my cock sucking hookers! My little cock suckers! My dick cleaning sluts. My-"

Again wanting to seem like a top Veronica interrupted, "Hey, isn't it my turn now?"

For a few long seconds Josie just glared at Veronica, before grinning, "You're right... Cheryl, get your gaped ass over to Veronica. Mmmmm yeahhhhh, you got another dick to clean."

"Yes Mistress Josie." Cheryl obediently replied once her mouth was removed from Josie's dick.

Although she was a little reluctant to remove her mouth from that dick once she had Cheryl was quick to turn her attention to Veronica, crawling over to her and taking her ass cream coated cock into her mouth. She then repeated what she had done with Josie's strap-on, at first just savouring the flavour before bobbing her head up and down, gradually going lower before stuffing it into her throat, Cheryl surprisingly showing Veronica's dick just as much love as Josie's. Well, almost. She looked up at her lovingly, which of course led to Veronica imagining Betty in her place, and boy, was that an image to imagine. Although having Cheryl Blossom kneeling before her and sucking her cock was good too. Very, very good. In fact...

"Wow, I could get used to this." Veronica smirked as she reached down and stroked the long red hair in front of her.

"That can be arranged." Josie grinned.


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