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Riverdale: Shedding Skin Part 2 (FFFF,anal,atm)
by LL

"You ready?" Alice Cooper asked her daughter.

Betty nodded. "Yes," she said and to emphasise the point she gave her jacket a small tug bringing it further forward on her shoulders. The leather of it smelt good, cool against her bare arms and creased into comfortableness. To the teen it was almost like a second skin and she sometimes wore it to bed - if she was alone - and all the time around the house. It was a sign of her birth as a Southside Serpent and the fact her Mom wore a near matching one as proudly as she explained why they'd become so close over the last couple of months.

"Let's go then," her Mom said, picking up Betty's helmet and passing it to the teen, before grabbing her own from the table.

There motorbikes were out on the drive, a 'gift' from her Dad's alimony check - two gleaming speed machines, with hot powerful engines which paid no attention to any speed limits. Betty was sure the neighbours disapproved of her and her Mom, but they didn't say anything, not wanting to cross a pair of Southside Serpents - even in this middle class 'burb. She sat astride the machine and bundled her hair up to put in the helmet. As she did so she glanced Archie in his bedroom lifting weights - he ignored her as he had done for the last few months - ever since she'd told him she wasn't leaving the Serpents and her Mom had fucked his ex-girlfriend. She should have felt sad that she'd lost her oldest childhood friend - in reality she didn't give a fuck. Her friends were in the Serpents now and Archie was far from Southside material.

"Let's go," said her Mom, her voice muffled through two sets of helmets and the sudden roar of the engine.

Soon they were powering through the streets, two leather clad vixens ignoring the limits, overtaking the slower moving cars and taking red lights as optional. To Betty it was one of the things she enjoyed most - the freedom from laws, the vroom of a pounding engine between her legs, the horrified disapproval of respectable citizens as they sped pass. Sadly it wasn't a long journey to their destination and Betty felt a brief moment of dissappointment as she slowed into Pops.

Of course the sadness didn't last long as she saw her favourite thing - hot slut.

She pulled her bike up next to her Mom's. Standing outside, a few feet from the door, were Cheryl Blossom and Veronica Lodge. The two rich bitches were standing almost to attention, wearing skirts that were too short for the weather and tops that were cropped to expose their naked stomachs. Both were holding their purses in front of them and fiddling nervously at being together and anxious in case they'd been stood up. They began to look more relieved as the two Coopers dismounted, Betty pulling off her helmet and shaking her hair free like she was in a shampoo advert.

"Hey," Alice Cooper had also removed her helmet and was walking the last few feet which separated them from the two rich girls. She stopped in front of Veronica and grabbed the teen under her ass, pulling her in for a kiss.

For a second Cheryl stood like a spare wheel watching the kiss, before Betty got in front of her and dragged her forward for a kiss. The redhead responded automatically and enthusiastically, her mouth opening for her girlfriend's and her tongue wrapping round Betty's. The blonde pressed her head forward devouring Cheryl's lips like they were a cherry chapstick. Her hands reached round, up Cheryl's thighs and under her skirt, until she found the rump, squeezing it tight and kneading it. Her thumbs moved up until she found the material of the panties, small and delicate, like Betty told her to wear. The blonde inwardly grinned as she broke the kiss, "Have you been waiting long?"

Cheryl briefly glanced at Veronica as the Latino reluctantly broke from Alice, the older woman pressing at the teen's chest to disengage her. "Not long," lied the redhead after a moment's hesitation, though Betty knew she and her Mom were near an hour late.

"Let's grab something in Pops before we go for a ride," said Betty and Cheryl nodded looked relieved, she hated the motorbike.

"Okay," Veronica nodded, looking briefly at her older girlfriend to check Alice was in agreement.

The four of them entered the diner. Pop, behind the counter, looking at them with disapproval. He wasn't a big fan of Southside Serpents, but there money was as good as anybody's and if he didn't take it he found himself coming, in the morning, to smashed windows and graffitied walls. And if Sweetpea wanted to fuck a hooker in the toilets Pop would just need to realise that was just the perils of doing business in Riverdale.

They went over to a small table, Cheryl and Veronica getting on the seats and sliding against the wall before the two Serpents joined them, their arms moving round the teens' shoulders. Pop scurried over, obviously keen to take the order and get the bikers out as soon as possible, "What you having?" he asked in a tone bordering on civility.

"You paying?" Alice fixed Veronica with a gaze.

"Oh yes," said Veronica blushing, "Cheryl and I are covering this."

Betty and her Mom quickly perused the menu's searching the most expensive meals they could. They probably wouldn't finish them, but the rich girls had plenty of credit and didn't mind using it on their girlfriends. "Triple bacon cheeseburger with all the trimmings and extra fries and an extra large chocolate milkshake," said Betty as Pop scribbled into his notebook. Before he could look up to take the next person's order, Betty added, "And a low-fat salad and a glass of water for Cheryl." She squeezed the redhead's arm and turned to look at her with her trademark smile, so sweet it could rot teeth, "We don't want you putting on the pounds do we?"

"No," said Cheryl blushing and nodding in agreement as Pop turned towards the other side of the table.

"The same for us," said Alice, "I want to keep my woman nice and slim."

"Yes," Veronica nodded and blushed, smiling a little happily - whether at being described as a woman, being referred to as Alice's or the inference that she was already slim.

"Coming right up," said Pop with the air of a man who wanted his diner to be empty as soon as possible. He bustled away.

"This is fun, doing something together," said Betty as her Mom nodded.

Cheryl and Veronica quickly chorused their agreement. Alice squeezed her teen lover a little closer and Veronica snuggled against her. The older woman looked at Cheryl smiling warmly, "Betty's told me all about the two of you."

Boasted more like, thought Betty as her girlfriend nodded happily, a couple of hours after she'd stretched Cheryl's virgin backdoor for the first time she'd been in the Serpent clubhouse regaling her Mom and some of the other bikers about it. And she'd kept her Mom informed over the next couple of weeks as she regularly pounded the redhead's taboo hole and made her clean the strap-on with her mouth.

She gave Cheryl a quick squeeze and a smile as the redhead burbled, "It's a real love match, Mrs Cooper, Betty's really the girl for me." She turned and smiled at her lover, "I'll do anything for her."

"And she does," said Betty with a grin, before wiggling her tongue out quickly like she was gobbling something and moving her left hand and sliding a finger through a hole made from the right. Alice laughed and Cheryl blushed again, but didn't answer back - she was well trained alright, the almost perfect bitch. Betty reached down to the redhead's thigh and gave a long sensual squeeze as a reward. Cheryl's face lit up in a smile. Ignoring her again Betty turned to Veronica, "What about you Ronnie? I never knew you had a thing for older women?"

"Neither did I until I met your Mom," Veronica said and glanced at Alice adoringly. "You could say she came along and swept me off my feet."

You could say that, thought Betty, though according to her Mom an offer of a ride to Veronica had quickly led to an a ride on Veronica. The stories her Mom told her was that twenty years ago Hermoine Lodge had been a bike dyke and now it seemed her daughter was the same. "How romantic," smiled Betty and Ronnie looked lovingly into Alice's eyes for a moment. "My Mom says you love anal?"

Veronica gave a little gasp of surprise that something so intimate was known. But Alice ignored the teen's horrified look and instead squeezed her shoulder bringing her closer, "She does. First date we were going b-doom, b-doom, b-doom, over my bike weren't we Ronnie?"

"Yes," squeaked Veronica, her face redder than scarlet. But she knew her place so didn't protest.

Betty grinned, "Cheryl's a bit of a butt-girl as well, aren't you?"

The redhead's cheeks were the same colour as her hair, but she nodded gamely, "Yes."

"First date and in," explained Betty, her hand stroking at Cheryl's shoulder. "In fact it wasn't even a date, you'd come to collect my old cheerleader uniform after I'd being expelled."

"You should never had been thrown out," said Cheryl, obviously trying to change the subject without being seen to do so.

Betty shrugged. It wasn't like she cared, Southside High was where the Serpents went so she'd have been leaving Riverdale anyway, even if she hadn't been caught trying to sell Jingle Jangle to juniors. She turned back to her Mom and a still blushing Veronica, "My hot ho is a champion pussy licker as well, she tongues cunt like it's going out of fashion." As she said the words she could feel Cheryl stirring uncomfortably, but she was so well trained she didn't complain.

"You don't like many things better than having your face buried between my legs either do you Ronnie?" Alice grinned and gave her teen lover a small kiss on forehead.

The Latino's face burnt with embarrassment, but she wasn't going to contradict Alice so she just gave a small, shy nod. The older woman gave the teenager another squeeze around her shoulder and smiled beatifically at her daughter. Betty smiled back. She hated to admit it, even to herself, but she'd been worried that Cheryl still had a touch of Queen Bee in her. It was good to see that she was as properly submissive as she should be and that the other rich bitch was the same. She looked up as Pop came over, "Here's our drinks," she said smiling sweetly.

* * *

Betty dabbed the napkin at her lips and then dropped it onto the plate. The burger had been too much for her and the fries were only half finished. Her Mom was the same. It didn't matter Cheryl and Veronica had already split the bill between themselves and as Betty was feeling generous towards Pop (and to make up for Sweetpea wrecking a toilet cubicle a couple of days ago with his over-energetic banging of a hooker) Cheryl had added a generous tip. Alice stood up and Betty joined her, sliding across the seat. Her Mom was already turning to the two teens, who were picking up their handbags and making a move to join them. "Let's go ride bitches." She turned and strode towards the door, Betty following her and their two girlfriends trying to quickly get out from behind the table and scurry after them in their heels.

Cheryl caught up with Betty as the blonde reached her bike. She opened the pannier and passed Cheryl a pink helmet; it suited the redhead and more importantly it showed she was a bike dyke not a Serpent missing a jacket. The redhead kicked off her heels and put them in the open pannier. "Where are we going?" she asked nervously, looking at the motorbike as if it was a hungry dragon and she was a maiden princess.

"The Serpents have a trailer a few miles out of town, we're going to go there and hang," replied Betty. She put on her own helmet and sat astride the bike. A few seconds later she felt Cheryl behind her, the redhead clasping her so tight that it was almost a struggle to breath. Not that Betty minded, be clung to by a sexy slut was hot. She revved, enjoying the snarl of the engine and its vibrating power, waiting for her Mom to shoot out first.

Then with an opening of the throttle she was roaring out after her, Cheryl holding on with a grim determination. The two motorcycles sped down the road and out of Riverdale town limits, their engines red hot as the turbos went to overdrive and the two Coopers touched a hundred and then beyond, wild Southside Serpents and their bike dykes slamming the highway. Cheryl's hands gripped Betty tighter, her head pressed down against the blonde's shoulder as if that would somehow keep her safer. Betty grinned and went faster, loving the freedom as the wind howled past and the asphalt highway shrieked underneath her tyres.

But the journey ended too soon. After twenty minutes they came to the turning, slowing down as they went from well-maintained road to one that was a cracked and underused side one and from that to a dirt track and then to just dirt. Betty rode her bike through the trees following her Mom to the trailer until the older woman stopped outside it. Betty slowed to behind her and then glided to a halt. She could feel Cheryl relax and clamber of the bike, glad they'd arrived. Betty removed her helmet and shook her hair free, glancing at the trailer. It was small enough to nestle comfortably in the woods without being seen from too far, the paint peeling from the sides but the windows still cleaned and mildew free. It was kept by the Serpents as a place where members could hide for a while if things got hot or where they could bring dates; as there was currently no one on the lam, Betty and her Mom had booked it.

Alice unlocked the door, slipping her arm round Veronica and escorting her inside. Betty took Cheryl's hand and followed them. The redhead's nose screwed up as they entered, her expression similar to Veronica. The Latino was a better actress and quickly changed her face to one of pleasure. "It's so quaint and small, I like it. It's cute, like a dollhouse."

Betty wondered what types of dollhouse the rich bitch used to have, but kept her counsel. Truthfully she thought Cheryl's reaction was more accurate, the trailer wasn't one which was deceptively spacious inside - it had a small cooker and table banged up against one wall, a cubicle for a restroom beside them, with a small bed at each end. Apart from that it was empty, no decorations or posters, not even a book or an old magazine. It'd be hell to be holed up here for a couple of weeks waiting for some fuss to die down. It was, on the other hand, perfect for some afternoon fun with some bike dykes.

"Come sit on my knee," instructed Betty taking a seat on one of the beds. The sheet and blanket were poor quality, but freshly laundered and for a second Cheryl looked at them as if she'd never seen bedding before dutifully doing what her more dominant girlfriend wanted.

Not wasting any time Betty slipped Cheryl's cute denim jacket off the redhead and turned her round enough so that she could kiss her easily. On the bed opposite her Mom had sat down and Veronica was on her lap, their lips locking together. Betty smiled and slid one hand up Cheryl's waist placing the other on the teen's naked leg, just above the knee. Gradually she crept it up, squeezing and rubbing the thigh, as her mouth dominated Cheryl's. The redheaded teen responded with her normal enthusiasm, her lips melting into Betty's as her tongue massaged the other teen's. Betty's hand continued upwards under the short skirt. She could feel Cheryl tense a little - which she expected and ignored. Upwards she went the last few inches until she found the panties.

"Oh," Cheryl gasped in surprise, breaking the kiss as Betty fingers started to pull the the panties to one side. Betty pulled her head back a couple of inches as Cheryl turned hers to indicate the making out couple a few feet away. "Betty, what about your Mom and Veronica?"

"What about them?" smiled Betty.

"We shouldn't be - you know being too intimate when they're here, it's private," said the redhead.

Betty frowned deliberately, inwardly loving the control she had over the submissive teenager, "Why do you think we're here?"

"Um," Cheryl blushed as she always did when faced with a question which might be difficult to answer. She paused, thinking, and then said questioningly, "To make out?"

"Yes, as foreplay," Betty said in a tone that implied her girlfriend was stupid, "We brought you and Ronnie here for fucking - you think I'm going to waste an afternoon without getting a go at that sweet ass."

"No, I mean..." Cheryl blushed.

Across the way Veronica had heard them and she had broken her kissing with Alice and was looking between them nervously, "We both... I mean... together... others can see..."

It wasn't coherent but the older woman understood, "Yes," she nodded, "Betty and I thought it would be fun to bang our bitches together, it's bonding for us and for you and Cheryl as well. If we're going to be seeing each other more, you're going to probably see a lot of each other, so it'd be good if you were close."

"Oh," Cheryl muttered soto voce and looked at Veronica, who had her mouth agape like she was catching flies.

"Of course if you don't want too," said Alice with fake reasonableness, "We can get back on the bikes and we'll drop you at Pop's."

"We could probably make that dyke bar over at Rosewood, Mom," added Betty, "They'll be some hotties there."

Veronica quickly interrupted, "I'm okay with it, I was just surprised."

"Cheryl?" Betty turned back to her girlfriend.

The redhead paused for less than a second, "Sure," she said with false brightness, "That'd be great."

"Okay then, where were we," smiled Betty and planted her mouth on Cheryl's again and sliding her hand to the panties. She pulled the soft material away the pussy and slid her finger under it, rubbing the shaven slit. The redhead's kisses weren't as enthusiastic as they normally were, she was still worrying about doing it with others around. Betty didn't mind as her enthusiasm was enough for them both, her tongue opened one set of lips as her finger slipped between another. The pussy was warm to the touch and as the blonde began to probe into it the walls began to wetten, physiology beating Cheryl's qualms.

Across the trailer she could see her Mom was already coaxing Veronica out of her top and Betty didn't want to be left behind. She slipped her finger out of the redhead's slit and licked it clean off the juice. "That was fun, now let's get this off." She reached for the top.

At first Cheryl looked like she was about to resist. Betty was just considering what cutting remark would work best, but then the other teen relented and allowed her lover to pull it over her head, though immediately it was gone her hands and arms were covering her naked tits. Betty smiled, amused by Cheryl's shyness - she'd never have thought the head cheerleader would be so easily embarrassed, but then she'd never thought she'd be such an anal submissive either. She could have yanked them away, but instead she moved to the redhead's skirt, giving Cheryl a choice of either trying to stop her undoing that or keeping her tits covered.

"This is going so fast," quavered the redhead.

"Is it? I think we're going too slow," said Betty and Cheryl's expression became even more worried. The blonde smiled and finished removing the skirt, happily noting that her Mom hadn't yet coaxed her girlfriend out of hers.

She moved in again on the reluctant redhead, "You can remove my jacket if you want." To Betty taking of her leather Southside Serpent jacket was like peeling skin, she'd even been known to fuck Cheryl still wearing it. But she knew that the redhead didn't like the roughness against her skin and would take up the offer. As soon as she moved her hands to take off the jacket Betty pressed forward more, driving her own stomach at the teen's tits and leaving no space for the hands to return. Her jacket fell back on the bed and she kissed Cheryl hard, the redhead responding as she got more used to sitting half naked.

It was time for full nudity as Betty could see that Veronica was now just down to her panties as well and her Mom looked like she was about to get them off any moment as she slid her thumbs under the elastic.

"What are you doing?" gasped Cheryl as Betty flipped her onto her back on the bed.

"Getting these off," said the blonde as she hooked under the panties and dragged them down revealing the redhead's sweet snatch in all its glory.

Cheryl was left in the unenviable position of trying to cover her cunt and her tits at the same time and not totally managing at either. Betty decided she'd had enough of the redhead's modesty. She reached down and gripped the nearest of Cheryl's wrists firmly, "Up you get and give me a naked twirl, no hiding bits."

Cheryl's skin was as red as her hair, but she did it. Betty sat down grinning as her girlfriend span. Opposite her a totally naked Veronica was sitting on her Mom's knee, the older woman still in her jacket. She gave the Latino a light slap on her butt, "Up you get as well, why don't you give us a spin as well."

Veronica did so, slowly and carefully, and if she was blushing it wasn't as much as Cheryl. Betty had to admit her Mom had taste, she'd always thought Veronica was hot, but it wasn't until you saw her naked, her teen tits wiggling and her ass jiggling that she saw how much. Betty could certainly see why her Mom liked having the teen's beautiful face down at her cunt or her rounded cheeks spread.

"The two of you stand together, yes, that's it, wrap your arms round each other like your best friends," said Alice. "Betty and I are just going to take a few photos on our phones."

"You won't send them out will you?" Cheryl asked anxiously and even Veronica looked nervous - probably scared Mommy would stop her allowance.

"Not widely," said Betty as she pulled her phone from her pocket, "Just to Toni." Her Mom also nodded, which might have meant anything, and also took her phone. The two Coopers snapped some shots of their naked girlfriends hugged against each other, their tits and pussies on display before putting the phones back in their jeans.

"Stay there whilst we get undressed as well," ordered Alice as she shrugged of her jacket.

It didn't take long for the two of them to shed their clothing, even their socks joining the pile. Betty glanced at her Mom, hoping that she was still as slender and sexy when she was her age - she was definitely a Milf and if she couldn't blame her Mom for Veronica she could also see why Veronica loved lapping at her Mom. She could see Cheryl looking at her Mom's tattoos; two older ones - a small snake at the top of one tit and another one on her lower back with a double headed snake, the legends SOUTHSIDE SERPENTS and SEXY SLUT etched above and below. Betty had a similar one, except below it she had tattooed PUSSY TAMER as that seemed apt. The teen seemed more interested in the new one on her Mom's arm and Veronica was looking at it as well before flicking her gaze over to Betty.

"We got matching tatts last week," Betty confirmed to their girlfriends. She stood next to her Mom, so that the tattoo of a naked woman bending forwards, the only difference was the direction so that if they stood next to each other it looked like the tattoos were facing each other, "You like?"

"Oh yes," both Cheryl and Veronica agreed whether they did so or not.

"Enough talk," said Alice, "I don't know about you Betty, but my pussy is starting to feel dry."

"Mine as well," said Betty, "but nothing a good tonguing won't cure."

She turned to her bed, barely sitting down before Cheryl had scampered over. The redhead immediately dropped to her knees. Betty spread her legs open, showing her snatch to the other teen. "Make me cum, bitch," she purred.

"Oh yes," said Cheryl and buried her face in the snatch. Betty grasped the back of her girlfriend's head, the red locks flowing through her open fingers, pressing it down so that Cheryl couldn't escape. Not that the teen wanted to, her mouth was already open and her tongue was going a dime a dozen at her lover's cunt. Betty groaned in pleasure, looking across the trailer to where Veronica was on her knees, her ass jiggling up and down as she tongued at Alice's cunt with an eager intensity.

"Mmmnn, that's it," moaned the older woman, "Work my pussy with your slutty tongue. Mmmnnn, you know what to do."

Betty grinned at her, using her spare hand to give a thumbs up sign. Her Mom smiled back, pressing Veronica's head harder against her cunt. "Ooooh, that's good, pleasure me, mmmnnn my little slut bitch can use her tongue."

"Are you listening to my Mom, Cheryl, hear how she's enjoying Veronica's tongue? You need to be doing the same, making me quiver in ecstasy," Betty held her lover's head close, baiting her on as even though she was doing well, she could always do better. The redhead took heed of her words, adding a couple finger up to spread Betty's pussy allowing her tongue to go deep as well as concentrating on finding the sweet spots the blonde enjoyed having lapped so much. With each stroke Betty felt her excitement growing, whatever her faults Cheryl was a good twat-muncher and getting better all the time. "Oooohhh, harder, faster, work my hole."

The teen's tongue picked up the pace, driving over Betty's hole and leaving it slick and warm. A wave of orgasmic joy rushed through the blonde and she shuddered, making the bed beneath her shake, "Ooohhh, yesss, aaaaarrghhh, go for it, eat my twat, yum it good." The pleasure was intense, explosive, burning. It wasn't lessened by seeing her Mom a few feet away, writhing in orgasmic joy as Veronica went to town on her twat, the Latino back arching and bending as she lapped away, her hands on Alice's thighs, keeping them spread. "Eat me Cheryl, lap me like Veronica is doing to my Mom."

"AAaarrrghh, oooohhh use that rich bitch tongue," Alice cried out to her lover, "Wrap it round my clit. Uuuuuuhhh, uuuuhhh, hit it hard, make it zing, uuurrhhh, ooooohhh." She shuddered and gasped, straightening long enough to give her daughter a smile before Veronica drove her to another round of squeals and cries, "Aaarrrghh, yessss, aaaaarghhh, fuuuuckkkk."

Betty was cumming again from Cheryl's tonguing, the redhead's skilled licking sending her to orgasm heaven. "Aaaarrrghhh, yessss, yesssss." She pressed the other teen's head, keeping her in place and encouraging her to keep lapping, which Cheryl did with enthusiasm. The redhead might have been shy and embarrassed about the afternoon's activities, but once she got down to tasty cunt all her inhibitions seemed to vanish. "Keep at it you slutty bike dyke," cried out Betty, "Lick me out. Clean my cunt."

Cheryl continued to go with enthusiasm, her tongue moving with a practised expertise to find Betty's zones and to pleasure them into submission. The blonde shuddered and squeaked, rocking her body - all the time keeping a hand on the back of Cheryl's skull to make sure her girlfriend didn't start slacking. "Ooohhh, fuuuckkk, urrrhhh, yessss."

The trailer was filled with the sounds of pussy licking as the two rich girls lapped loudly at the Serpent's twats, the sound of tongue pounding through wet cunt competing with the knock of the shaking beds and the grunts and groans of the satisfied Coopers. Betty could see the naked back of Veronica in front of her, the two buttocks of the Latino teen wobbling juicily as she went down on Alice. Her Mom, in turn, was gazing down at her girlfriend admiring the bounce of the cheeks as the redhead worked so hard at Betty's pussy Cheryl's entire body was rocking.

"Mmmnnn, uurrrhhh, yes tongue my pussy make me cum one more time," Betty ordered, pushing her lover's head deeper at her twat.

"Yes, that's good, eat my wet twat, Veronica, slurp my juice out," her Mom grunted, thrusting her pussy at the Latino as she pushed the rich girl's face down at it.

Betty didn't know how Veronica responded to her Mom's commands, though judging from the squeals her Mom launched into it was positively; but Cheryl went even faster and deeper. The redhead's tongue ploughed a furrow through Betty's soft cunt flesh so hard that she was almost leaving a graze. Her tongue jammed down, lapping at the juice and special spots, her nose pressed between the slit so she was sniffing up the cum even as she was drinking it. Her thumb was pressing at Betty's clit above her, making the blonde cum even more, "AAAarrrghhh, yessss, aaaarrghhh."

Betty loved gushing all over Cheryl's pretty face, not just because it was the result of the redhead tonguing her to multiple orgasms but because it seemed to signify her control over the bike dyke, the redhead willingly accepting her role as a bitch. She quickly pushed Cheryl's head back so her face would catch the blast and let herself explode, the cum squirting out like a geyser hosing the teen's features in clear cum. The juice dripped down Cheryl's face as the redhead licked it up.

"AAaarrrrghhh, yessss, yessss," her Mom came loudly, slumping back on the bed and pushing Veronica away, the teen dutifully moving her head up from the pussy, her lips smeared with cum.

"That was hot," Betty leant down to reward her rich bitch girlfriend with a small peck on her forehead and Cheryl beamed so delightedly her face risked splitting. "If you go to the pannier on my bike there's a strap-on, bring it in for me."

"Okay," said Cheryl obediently and reached for her top on the floor beside her.

"You don't need to get dressed, no-one's going to see," said Betty languidly, pushing the top away from the redhead with her foot.

"Okay," Cheryl nodded and got up, her skin red, though not as much as before as she was obviously getting more used to the situation.

"I've got one in my pannier as well Veronica, go get it for me," said Alice, still half lying on the bed.

"Yes," the dark haired teen said without demure.

The two naked teens went outside, trying to ignore both their nakedness and the Fall chill. They were back quickly, shivering, as they closed the doors behind them, but both carrying their girlfriend's strap-ons and holding them out like offerings. Betty and Alice stood up to take them and as their teen lovers watched they hoisted them up their thighs and strapped them into position.

"You ready to bang some hot pussy, Betty," said her Mom as she sat back down on the bed.

"For a starter," her daughter smiled sweetly back as she took a seat on her bed. "Come ride me Cheryl," she said to her lover.

The redhead skipped over and climbed onto Betty's knees, her legs straddling either side and her pussy hovering over the rubber prong. It was interesting that she chose to go face to face as it meant that she couldn't see Veronica and her Mom - that could mean she didn't want to see herself being seen by them still, or it could mean she just wanted to look at Betty as they banged. The blonde metaphorically shrugged, she didn't care either way, "Plant that cute little cunt down then," she ordered.

"Yes baby," simpered Cheryl. She placed her hands on either side of Betty's face looking at her lovingly as she lowered herself. Betty gripped the redhead's sides, keeping her on the straight and thick. Cheryl's mouth opened slightly as the thick dong penetrated into her, letting out a small moan. Betty kept tight hold, guiding her down and down, pushing up to make the descent easier. The redhead groaned louder, a sound of pleasured passion as the toy spread her hole open and rubbed at her spots/ She continued down, one of her hands moving to lightly take hold of Betty's shoulder the other gently rubbing at her clitoral hood. "Mmmnnn that feels so good," she shuddered as she came down all the way, her moist cunt taking the thick toy.

Betty pulled the redhead close in a hug, squeezing her arms round her. Cheryl gave a delighted squeal, resting her head on Betty's shoulder as Betty lowered her chin onto Cheryl's. Of course that gave Betty a better view of Veronica lowering herself onto her Mom's toy, the Latino's teens ass wiggling as her cunt slipped up and down the strap-on. It was a lovely sight and Betty began to thrust up it to her own girlfriend as she watched her Mom position Veronica. It didn't take long for Alice to have her lover fully impaled and she hugged her close so that she could rest her head on the dark haired teen's shoulder. She grinned at Betty and her daughter smiled sweetly back as they began to thrust up into the hot holes.

"Oh, oh, oh," groaned Cheryl as she was speared. Her body tensed and twisted against Betty's, their naked tits bouncing and pressing together as they moved. Betty smiled at her Mom and slid her hands down the redhead's slender sides and behind until she got to the ass. Still fucking her she cupped the cheeks in her hand and pulled them, showing the exposed asshole to her Mom.

Alice smiled back, repeating her daughter's movements with Veronica so they both got to look at the other's lover's most intimate hole. The sight spurred Betty on and she pounded into Cheryl's making the redhead bounce and jiggle, her breath coming out in short spurts of warm breath over Betty's neck and chin. "Oh god, yes, oh, oh," Cheryl grunted and gasped. Betty slammed in harder.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," across the trailer Veronica was moaning in equal delight, Betty watched the rich-bitch's bounce and shake, her Mom letting go off the cheeks to allow the blonde to watch the wiggle. Veronica certainly had an enthusiasm, going up and down as fast as she could Alice struggling to match her speed but giving it her best.

The older woman didn't look displeased, grinning happily at Betty and mouthing silently 'Bang your bitch'.

'Am doing - so sweet' Betty mouthed back and upped her speed, thrusting hard up into the wet pussy, making Cheryl buck and scream, the redhead's muscles tensing and stretching as she was driven to sexual heaven.

"Ooohhh, yesss, fuck Betty, ram me, make me yours, oooohh, urrrhhh, fill me with your strap-on," Cheryl hugged herself close against Betty as the blonde pounded her cunt, "Oooohh, fuck, urrrrh, uurrrhh, you're going to make me cum so good."

"Uuurrrh, fuck me Alice, I need this, I'm your bitch, just fuck my pussy," cried out Veronica from a few feet across the trailer.

The two Coopers slammed harder and faster, drilling their toys into the sweet snatch of the rich girls, giving them dick that no money could buy (though it was possible to rent). In turn Veronica and Cheryl squealed and writhed, riding the cocks with pleasure and giving the two Coopers a fine view of them bouncing butts and sexy buttholes, the cheeks being regularly spread by both Betty and Alice to show the rosebud they would soon be penetrating.

"Aaarrrgghh, yesss, yessss," squealed Cheryl as she came, her body bucking and rocking like she was sitting on a live wire. "Aaaarrrghh, that's so good, aaaaaarrghhh."

Betty slowed to a halt and let a gasping Cheryl rest against her as she watched her Mom pound upwards driving Veronica to orgasm. Soon the Latino teen was shrieking even louder than before, her head thrown back as she came, "AAaarrrghh, fuuuckkk, yesssss, fuuuckkk!"

"Now you've made these toys nice and wet I think its time for some backdoor fun, don't you," said Betty sweetly, and as Cheryl nodded, she pushed her up and then stood.

"I know you've bee waiting for this as well, Veronica," her Mom was saying as she stood up. Betty paused to watch for a moment as her Mom guided her Latino girlfriend down onto her knees and face down over the bed, reaching down to ease up her ass. Meanwhile Cheryl was assuming the same position on their bed, which was sweet but wrong.

"Up you stand," said Betty reaching down to take Cheryl's arm and help the redhead up.

"Oh, I thought you'd want me in this position, there's not much space elsewhere, unless you want me fully on the bed?" Cheryl said.

"There's plenty of space next to Veronica," Betty nodded her head towards where the other teen was face down and butt-up. "You'll be side by side as we ass-bang you, almost like sisters."

Cheryl blushed, but her pause was only for seconds before she padded over and dropped down next to Veronica. Behind them the Mom daughter duo lined up behind their girlfriends, reaching down to grab the teenage cheeks and spread them apart. The two tight little rosebuds winked heavenly at them, promising much. The Cooper women's hands caressed the cheeks as they stared greedily at the holes, allowing themselves a moment of pleasurable anticipation as the held the quivering butts.

"Mmmmn, it looks tight Cheryl, have you been exercising?" said Betty.

"I know you like it tight," said Cheryl, a small quaver in her voice. If she had the choice, Betty knew, her girlfriend would have stuck to pussy fucking and cunt lapping; she wasn't a natural anal lover. But as Betty loved it, Cheryl always put out. The blonde smiled and slid in a finger and her lover gave a little yelp. "Ow... I mean I want your big dick."

"You want some big dick dildo as well Veronica?" asked Alice as she pulled apart her girlfriends buttock, easing the top of the sphincter open.

"Oh yes," said the well trained Latino, "You know I love your dildo in my butt."

"Should we give them what they want, Betty?" Alice smiled at her daughter.

"As they've been so good today I think we should stretch these assholes as wide as we can," Betty grinned and pulled out her finger, quickly shoving her toy so that the tip rested in the semi-open hole.

"Let's slam them," Alice laughed and nodded.

Together the two Coopers thrust the toys into the waiting holes, both their girlfriend's giving loud yelps as they were penetrated. Reaching down Alice and Betty both grabbed the teenage rich girl's waists and drove forward, sending their dildos further into the tight holes. The redhead and her dark haired confederate squealed again, their hands gripping the thin blanket as tightly as their anal chutes were holding the strap-ons. Betty and her Mom pounded harder, working their waists back and forth and ram the toys down. Their own pussies purred in pleasure as the toys rubbed at them, exciting them with each thrust.

"Take it Cheryl, mmmnn, that's good, take my big strap-on all the way in that cute little ass," said Betty.

"UUuhh, uuuhhh, I want this dick all the way in," panted Alice, speeding up.

"Oooohh, urrrhhh, oooww," the two bottoms grunted out. They were well-trained enough to push themselves back to help the Serpent lovers hammer the cocks in, the two toys stretching the tushie holes open. The Coopers went quicker and harder, slamming down so their thighs were cracking against the teen's, the two strap-ons going in all the way to their fake balls.

"Uuuhhh, that's it Veronica, let me hammer that asshole."

"Work it Cheryl, show me how much you love having this cock in your ass, tell me how much you want it," Betty smiled as she said it.

"Oooohh, urrrrhh, yes, Betty, yes. I'm a slut for your big dicked dildo, you know how much I love it. OOooohhh, fill my ass with your toy, fuck me so good, oooohhh, aaaarghh."

Betty grinned and slammed harder. She knew Cheryl disliked the stretch of her ass and found it sore, but she also knew the orgasms were genuine or the redhead needed an Oscar. She rammed down, enjoying the feeling of pleasure as the toy pushed back at her and the feeling of power as Cheryl shook and squealed under her blows. The redhead's hair was spread across her back, like a melting copper and her pale skin was flushed and sweaty. "AAaarrrghhh, yessssss, yessssss, you're making me cum."

"Aaaarrrghhh, fuuuucckkk, fuuuuckkk," Veronica wasn't a silent partner either, the dark haired teen shivering and shuddering as Alice gave the teen's butt the full-on treatment. The sounds of the older woman slapping into her younger lover was a music to Betty's ears and even as she was fucking Cheryl she was admiring her Mom's deep penetration of her old friend. The rich Latino shrieked again. "Fuck, fuuuuckk, yes, yessss, this is so great, aaarrggghhh fill my butthole."

Alice did as asked, repeatedly and vigorously.

Betty matched her Mom's pace, speeding up to stretch Cheryl's backhole and send the redhead in a frenzy of sexual pleasure blended with discomfort and soreness. The teen bit down into the bed, her screams muffled but still distinct. Betty held her waist tighter and rode her like a bronco. Cheryl responded as taught, wiggling her butt on the toy and bouncing back, doing half the work and taking all the dick.

"That's good, take my toy," her girlfriend said encouragingly whilst ramming forward.

In some ways Betty could have continued fucking Cheryl all afternoon, the redhead had the most bangable ass and so was so submissive that she'd never call time, always letting Betty continue until the blonde was both exhausted and sated. But today Betty wanted to save some energy for the second anal course.

"Want to swap bitch ass?" she turned to her Mom.

"Yes," grinned Alice and popped out her cock, "If that's okay with Veronica and Cheryl." She gave Veronica's butt a small spank to remind her who was boss as Betty did the same to her lover. They both grinned, knowing what the teen's answer would be, if they didn't they wouldn't have already agreed to make the switch and butt bang the other's hot girlfriend.

"Yes," said the teens immediately on being asked; not because they necessarily wanted to but because their biker tops did.

"You'll enjoy Cheryl," said Betty as she swapped positions.

"I'm sure I will," her Mom smiled, "Make sure you give it Veronica all the way, she loves deep anal poundings."

Pulling apart Veronica's cheeks Betty gazed down at the gaping open butthole, darkness ringed with red. She took hold off her toy and pressed it forward, "I am going to enjoy this," she drawled as her Mom, beside her, became only Cheryl's second anal lover.

Veronica groaned and shuddered as Betty pushed the toy in, her naked back arching and bending like it was curved. Betty gripped the other teen's waist and levered herself all the way in. Unlike with Cheryl earlier this tushie hole was easy, already stretched and open and ready for large cock. Within moments she was the strap-on equivalent of balls deep in the rich girl's ass and Betty was pounding it with vigour.

"Aaarrrghh, oooohhh, aaarrgghh, my butt," beside her Cheryl was squealing as Alice rammed the toy into her teen anal passage. Even as she sped up and fucked Veronica Betty watched her Mom pound her girlfriend, there was something super hot about it, watching the cock go deep into her girlfriend and watching the person who'd given her birth wield it. It was amazing that Cheryl was such a submissive was that she took her lover's Mom without complaint, whilst her lover banged another girl next to her. Betty grinned and gave a quick thumbs up to her Mom.

Alice smiled back and then turned her attention to Cheryl, "Yes, take my cock, don't slack, Betty's told me your an anal lover and I want to see it."

"Bang her ass, Mom, she loves it," Betty called out whilst not stinting on the attention she was giving Veronica's.

The dark haired hottie squeaked again and rose back to meet the down-coming dildo. The toy raced in and Betty smacked into Veronica's like stormy waves against a quay. The Latino screamed in pleasure, her head falling back so she could yell at the wall, "Aaaarrrrghhh, yesssss, more!"

"You heard her Betty, ram that slutty ass," called out Alice, "Come on Cheryl scream out, like Veronica. I want to hear you're enjoying this."

"AAarrrrghhh, yesssss, Mrs Cooper, pound my ass hard. Give it me deep, like you were Betty. I'm her slut for you, fill me with cock, like I'm a hole," the redhead screamed and squealed, her body rocking back and forth as she was hammered.

The two Serpents slammed forward, smiling happily as they shared each other's girlfriends, bonding over butt-banging. The two rich girls bonded as well, as two bike dykes being treated like the bottoms they were, holes to be fucked and shared. Certainly Betty was sure that they'd not look at each other in the same way again, you can't act cattily towards a girl who's lover has fucked your ass whilst you were also slammed deep beside her. Not that it mattered to Betty or Alice if there girlfriends bonded or not, if the Coopers wanted to double-date again (and Betty was hopeful her Mom would) they'd tell their rich bitches to come along and the two of them would obey or be dumped.

"AAaarrrrghhh, yesssss, fuccckkk!" Betty could feel the orgasmic shivers of Veronica as she came.

"AAaarrrghh, noooo, aaaaarrrghh," Cheryl's screams were loud as well and she again bit down on the bed as she often did when the anal orgasms became too intense.

The two Serpents continued to pound through the cumming teens, sending both Cheryl and Veronica to new heights, their screams of ecstatic pleasure filling the rocking trailer. The bikers panted and grunted, not letting up, and giving the two teen's their all. Cheryl and Veronica came again - loudly.

"Yes, yes, yes, this ass is so good," grunted Betty, "Thanks for lending it me Mom."

"Yours is really hot as well, I can see why you enjoy banging it," panted out her Mom, filling Cheryl with cock.

"More, harder, faster, deeper!" screamed the two bottoms and the Coopers shut up and gave it them. "Aaaaaarrrghhh, yessssss," Cheryl and Veronica yelled in unison, their bodies quivering, "Aaaaaarrrrghhh!"

Betty pulled out her cock, her Mom following her seconds later. Again they switched places, leaning down to grasp their bike dykes by the shoulder and twist them round and up so that Cheryl and Veronica were in a begging position before them, "Clean this," said Betty and pushed her dildo towards Cheryl's mouth. Her Mom didn't even say anything, just nodding and jiggling the toy in front of Veronica's face.

The two teen's got sucking, their mouths moving up and down the dildos with energetic enthusiasm, cleaning them of both the other's anal juice and their own. They ignored the taste and banged their heads back and forth, sucking the cocks deep and soon leaving them so shiny it was like they were new.

Betty smiled sweetly, "This has been great fun Mom."

"We'll do it again soon," her Mom promised.

The two teens nodded and bobbed their heads down the dick. Slurps filled the air...

* * *

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