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Riverdale: Shedding Skin Part 3 (FF+,anal)
by LL

Betty Cooper loved to ride her bike, with the heat between her legs and her fellow female serpents powering beside her. The limits, speed or otherwise, meant little to the dark blonde - life was living and you couldn't live it properly if anyone controlled it but you. She opened the throttle and felt the engine roar beneath her, vibrating with sheer strength as it set out to achieve what it was designed to do. The concrete road whizzed by, the lines a blur. Behind her and beside her came her two fellow Serpents, her Mom - Alice and her friend Toni Topaz; both of them were powering their bikes with same determination as Betty, burning gas so hard that they were probably single-handedly causing an oil shortage.

They whizzed by a van parked at the side of the road, its occupants looking under the hood. Betty smiled, typical Riverdale girls who wouldn't know one end of a Carburetor from another. On she went faster and faster, until with a screech she pulled into the parking lot outside Pops. Her Mom and friend were in, spraying gravel as they turned, probably less than a second later. Betty pulled off her helmet and shook her blonde hair free. "That was fast."

Toni's helmet was also off and the other teen nodded, "You were fastest though."

"Not by much," Alice frowned, as if having your wheel first over the line shouldn't count as winning.

Her daughter smiled as Toni shrugged and said, "Enough."

"Hmpfff," Alice still looked disgruntled, even though she was only just back on her bike after not riding for years and it was Toni who should have been annoyed at being beaten by the less experienced Betty.

The blonde didn't want to get into that and quickly changed the subject, "Did you see those bitches struggling with their van? Seriously they're why guys think women are dumb."

"It was the Pussycats," Toni said, "I'd recognise that van anywhere."

"They may be useless with engines and I don't think much of their music," Alice said, "but I tell you I wouldn't mind one of them between my legs." She rubbed her crotch and wiggled it suggestively, whilst opening her mouth and breathing seductively.

Betty and Toni nodded in agreement. "With a name like the Pussycats they've got to be sluts in the sack," grinned Toni, "What you think Betty?"

"They're hot," nodded Betty with a smile. "I reckon they'd munch cunt like it was going out of fashion."

"So you reckon they're dykes?" Toni asked.

Betty paused for a moment, considering her answer, "Certainly dyekable," she said, thinking of how the three of them wiggled when they walked and strutted sexily across the stage. She sounded confident and just hoped she was right. "You want to see if we can pick them up?"

Toni nodded, "Sure I could do some Pussycat pussy."


"You know me Betty," said her Mom, getting back astride her bike, "I'm always in."

"Let's get us some pussycat," Betty smiled.

* * *

The three Pussycats were still standing by the hood of the van when the three Serpents arrived back. They looked up nervously as the bikes ground to a halt, looking relieved when they took of their helmets to reveal the Coopers and Toni. Betty got off her bike and placed the helmet on its seat. She made sure she looked concerned and sympathetic as she walked over to the three black girls, "Having trouble?"

"The van just died on us," said Josie.

"And we're in a dead spot for phone reception," added Valerie and Melody had nothing to say so she just nodded and looked useless but hot.

"Let us have a look," said Betty. She gently but firmly pushed the three Pussycats away from the engine and looked over it. Toni immediately joined her. Both Serpents quickly saw the problem - it was the work of five seconds to fix. Toni smiled at Betty, leant in and sabotaged it further, so that when the mechanics did come they'd have a job to do. The two Serpents remained in situ for a few minutes pretending to confer and discuss what to do, before Betty straightened up, "It's going to be a big job, I'm afraid, you're going to need some proper mechanics. Look I can show you..."

Josie replaced Toni in front of the van and Betty explained the problem, neglecting to say who had caused it. Josie nodded sagely as if she knew what Betty was saying. After a few minutes the blonde withdrew her head, "That sorted?"

Josie nodded, "We've still got no phone reception."

"And it's getting dark soon," said Valerie. Melody looked around as if the Black Hood was hiding in the bushes.

"There were some a twenty four hour auto repair shop down the road," said Alice, "We could mention to them as we pass you're here."

"Or, if you wanted, you could get on the bikes with us. Stop you being left alone," said Betty.

"Can we hurry up and decide," Toni looked upwards, "It's getting dark and it looks like it might even snow."

The Pussycats all looked up into the cloudy sky and shivered. Betty gave her friend a quick wink before turning back to the three young women next to the van. "The offer's there, we've got spare helmets."

The three black teens decided that being pillion passengers on the Serpents bikes was more appealing than waiting by the side of the road, hoping it wasn't going to snow. "If it's no trouble," said Josie and walked over to Betty. She took the helmet, forcing it over her frizzy hair and slipped a leg over the machine, perching precariously behind Betty. "Do I hold onto you?"

"Yes, tight. Don't worry about gripping too hard, you need to be comfortable, and you can rest your head on my back, if you lean into me it'll make you feel more secure than if you sit back," Betty said. She tossed her hair and grinned as she put on her own helmet, feeling Josie's hands clasping round her stomach and the young black girl pressing herself against her, her body wrapping so close to Betty's it was like they'd already fucked and were in a post-coital cuddle. She could see Melody was climbing behind her Mom and Valerie behind Toni. Betty waited until they were all in position and then went off.

She could have gone slow, allowed Josie to relax, but that wasn't the Serpent way and so she opened the throttle and sped. She could feel Josie gripping her even tighter in fear, her body shivering as they zoomed. Betty grinned and ignored her, or rather didn't - a nervous girl was often a submissive one, Cheryl had been almost unable to walk she had been shaking so much after her first ride and Betty had made the redhead a total ass slut. She hoped it would be the same for Josie and the Pussycats.

The garage was still open when they pulled in and Betty saw that Josie wasn't the only one whose legs were quivering as the black girls dismounted. The owner came towards them, "What can I do for you?"

"Our friend's van is broken down," Alice explained, turning to Betty who immediately explained the problem.

The garage owner sucked in his breath, "We can fix it, but even if we pick it up now, it'll be tomorrow before it's fixed."

The three Pussycats looked at each other, not that they had a choice and with a sigh Josie stepped forward and discussed prices. Once that was sorted she turned to Betty and the Serpents. "Thanks for a ride. We better see if we can find a bus."

"If you're heading Northside it's a couple of buses from here," said Toni helpfully.

"We were just going home when we saw you," said Betty, "From our house there's a stop just down the street which'll take you straight to the Mayor's mansion, that would work for you all?"

"We could borrow my Mom's car and I could drop you off," Josie turned to her friends and they all nodded. She turned back to Betty, "Thanks."

"We're all neighbours," said Betty and got on her bike again.

If they'd stuck to the limits all the way it should have taken them fifteen minutes to pull up into the Cooper's drive. As they didn't it took them significantly less. Josie was shaking gently as she dismounted and as she pulled of her helmet she still looked like she'd just base jumped from a suspension bridge. She was still gently shivering, as she asked, "Where's the stop?" Her voice had a sexy quaver to it that it never normally had.

"Down their, about three minutes walk," Betty pointed. She glanced at her watch, "It's thirty minutes to the next bus." It was more like five, but she guessed rich bitches such as the Pussycats wouldn't have a clue about something as mundane as bus times. From the shiver Josie gave, her arms wrapping round herself and the look up at the darkening sky, she was right. She winked at Toni and her Mom, who grinned back as the three Pussycats stood in front of them looking down the street, as if the bus stop was in Alaska not at the junction at the end. "Why don't the three of you come in for twenty minutes? We've got some tins, you can have a beer."

"A beer?" Josie looked surprised, for someone who was supposed to be a rock and roll chick she was surprisingly clueless in sex and drugs part of the equation.

"Yeah, come on, one can won't hurt you, it'll be out of your system in no time," Betty grinned.

"And I've got some mints if you worried your Moms might smell it on your breath," added Alice.

"It's a half hour wait in the cold otherwise," added Toni.

Josie looked at her friends and then down the road and then at the nice warm house behind them. "I suppose one won't hurt," she smiled brightly and easily as that she was hooked, now all that mattered was reeling the pussycats in.

Alice opened the door and switched on the lights. The three Serpents pulled of their leather jackets. Toni was wearing a heavy metal T-shirt underneath, proclaiming her latest musical allegiance. Betty and her Mom was both wearing tighter vests, which clung to their tits. Betty could see that the Pussycats were staring at the matching tattoos her and her Mom had on their arms, a naked woman bending forwards. In school Betty had to keep it covered, but there were no restrictions outside. She turned slightly so that Josie and the other Pussycats could see it clearly, flexing her arm so the tattoo seemed to bow forward, "What do you think?"

"Very artistic," Josie said.

Betty grinned as her Mom said, "Why don't the three of you take of your jackets and get comfortable? We'll just get the beers."

The three Serpents went into the kitchen and Alice got the beers out of the fridge as Betty opened them with a bottle opener. They picked them up from the table and Toni raised the one in her right hand in a toast, "To some Pussycat pussy," she grinned.

The Coopers clinked their bottles at Toni's, repeating the toast. The three of them returned to the main room, Josie and Valerie were on the main couch, Melody on the two seater. The Serpents moved in for the kill, Betty sitting close to Josie whilst Toni squeezed up with Valerie and Alice sat next to Melody. They passed them the bottles and the black teen's took them, drinking nervously, as if they'd never been passed a beer before.

Without saying a word Betty placed her hand on Josie's thigh, stroking and rubbing it. The teen looked down in surprise and then up again, but she didn't say a word as Betty took a sip of her beer and her Mom asked them about their music and Toni said she liked something heavier, whilst eyeing Valerie's chest and pressing closer to her. The two Pussycats were pushed closer together by the two other teens as Alice reached round to stroke Melody's hair and ask how she got it so curly. The black girl stammered an answer, but Alice continued to brush her fingers lightly through it. All the time as they were talking Betty's continued to massage Josie and the singer made no move to stop her.

"So the three of you lez it up?" Betty grinned and squeezed Josie's legs.

The black girl gave a small gasp and shivered beneath Betty's grasp. "Lez it up?" she tried to say innocently.

"You know three girls together, small changing rooms, long nights on the road, sweaty and steaming after having dozens screaming your name, it must be tempting to go for some girl on girl."

The three Pussycats looked at each and surprisingly it was Melody who spoke, "Nothing serious." She stopped and said nothing more, looking down embarrassed.

"You can't leave us hanging after that," said Alice, twirling a finger through the younger woman's hair.

"We'll spill if you will," grinned Betty.

"It was nothing," Valerie shrugged slightly, "We made out a couple of times, just to see what it was like."

"I bet you enjoyed it," grinned Toni. Her hand was draped around Toni's shoulder and she was leaning in close.

The black girl looked embarrassed and murmured about it being okay and Betty could feel Josie shivering slightly as if she wanted to say something, but couldn't quiet work out what it was. Betty's hand moved higher, hoping to encourage her - one way or another, "So Josie, what did you think?"

The singer didn't answer or at least not directly, "I heard you were seeing Cheryl." It was almost accusatory, as if she expected Betty to remove her hand and apologise for being a cheater

The blonde grinned and squeezed the thigh, making Josie squeak, "Cheryl's a bike dyke - she loves Serpent cunt, can't get enough of it and she has a hot little ass, which she's willing to give away. But I wouldn't say I was seeing her, more than she's available."

"Oh," said Josie and Betty could see her and the other Pussycat's resistance - limited as it has been - was crumbling like sandcastles against the tide.

"I enjoying fucking girls, we all do, Mom's fucking Veronica - if you didn't know she's a bike dyke as well and Toni's... well Toni fucks any pussy she can get."

"And I can get a lot," Toni grinned her hand stroking downwards over Valerie's chest and resting on the teen's firm boob so accidentally it was obviously on purpose. The young woman moaned slightly as Toni's hand played over her nipple, making it erect beneath her top. Toni grinned and with her other hand took hold of Val's chin, turning the musician's face towards her. She leant in and opened her lips.

Betty grinned as her friend's mouth latched against Valerie's, kissing her passionately. "That's hot," she said to Josie, who nodded, breathing heavily as she watched the women beside her make out. Betty took hold off her jaw and turned her away. Josie knew what was happening and her mouth began to open in preparation. "Let's make out as well," said Betty and planted her lips against the other.

It had to be said that Josie was a good kisser. For a second Betty worried that the hot singer would be all goldfish and no action, as her lips barely moved, but she quickly heated up, melding her mouth to the blonde's and tickling back at her tongue. As Betty squeezed her thigh she responded by placing her hands on Betty's waist and massaging her, pushing up the tight vest to get at the flesh. Betty was impressed by how forward Josie was, Cheryl had almost needed to be hand held through their first session - being instructed at every stage (her experience with boys not seeming to translate to girls). Josie was more eager and willing, not resisting as Betty reached for the buttons of her shirt to undo them. The black teen kissed her passionately as Betty's lithe fingers worked their way down the top, until it was open.

"MMmmnnn," Josie broke the kiss long enough to moan as Betty's hands went inside the shirt and pulled down the bra so she could fondle and knead the titties. They were ripe and firm. Betty grinned and moved in again, this time aiming for the black girl's throat like she was a vampire, suckling and sucking the flesh. Beside her Toni was all over Val, the musicians top already off and her bra underneath, rather than on, her titties. The Serpent's mouth was down there as well, licking at a nipple and making the young Pussycat shudder in enjoyment.

It was her Mom who was moving the quickest. Not only had she got Melody's shirt off and her bra half undone, she'd also managed to unbutton the top of the younger woman's jeans and had her hand inside.

It was time to replicate her Mom and friend's success "I'm going to feast on those hot tits of yours," she informed her Pussycat and immediately latched her mouth to a boob, suckling the nub and nibbling it between her teeth.

Josie giggled and gasped, shuddering on the sofa. with her hand's free Betty was down at the top of the black teen's denims, undoing them and pulling them from her hips onto her thighs. Josie giggled and turned her head to look at what her friends were doing. Seeing how far they were going she reached and pushed her jeans further down, exposing her panties in full. "Is that an offer?" grinned Betty and stroked the underwear. The material was thin and clung to the contours of the pussy lips. Betty's finger arched back and forth, rubbing the panties into the slit. She could feel them dampening. "You want me to finger fuck you?"

She wouldn't have asked if she didn't think the answer was going to be positive and so she wasn't surprised when Josie giggled and nodded, "Yes."

There was a loud moan from Valerie and Betty could see her friend had got her finger hand under the teen's slack and was working her elbow back and forth as she pleasured her. Betty grinned, enjoying the thought that soon she'd also be fingering Valerie's friend on the same couch, making both the black hotties sing together in a different way from usual. With practised expertise, she pulled the thin strap away from the slit, exposing the hole. Her finger slid at the wet slot, entering it deep. "Uuurrhh," Josie moaned with passion. "Uurrrhhh."

Moving her mouth back down to the boob Betty happily multi-tasked, sucking and licking and slurping at a titty and finger the fuckhole. Josie moaned and groaned, her body straining as she enjoyed both finger and mouth. Her grunts and groans were matched by Valerie and Melody, the other two Pussycats also making guttural noises of pleasure. The Serpents were quieter, as snakes are when compared to cats, they struck with a silent precision, the only sounds that of their mouths sucking and their fingers driving into wet and soft cunt flesh.

The three Pussycats went happily along with the finger-fucking they were all getting, not seeming to mind that they weren't in private - if they hadn't been bottoms their sense of camaraderie would have been Serpentesque. The three bikers penetrated the pussies deeper and harder, thrusting so that the Pussycats were shuddering and squeaking in unison, their naked tits bouncing as the Serpents mouths moved upwards again to control the lips of the teen's. Betty kissed Josie hard, their slurps sounding through the room. Her spare hand was removing Josie's shirt completely, the other teen helping by shifting her shoulder's back and wiggling. It fell.

"Let me get out of mine," Betty broke the kiss, leaning back and lifting her top. She hadn't bothered with a bra and her tits sprang free immediately, Josie looking at them with pure lust. Betty took the teen's head and encouraged her downwards, "Suck on these beauties," she instructed with a smile. Josie instantly obeyed.

In next to no time Toni and her Mom was also topless, their two Pussycats in turn worshipping their titties.

The three black girls may have been, to all intents and purposes, lesbian virgins but they mouthed the biker bosoms with an eagerness and enthusiasm which made up for any lack of experience. Their tongue swung round and licked the teats, slipping over the nubs and circling the darker skin around them. They nibbled at the nipples, making them stiffen and sucked the titties in, leaving the three Serpents groaning as there erogenous zones were pleasured. Betty was reaching down and undoing her jeans, sliding them down her thighs, her panties following. Josie helped, her hands pulling the denims and underwear as her tongue continued to lap the nipple.

Kicking the jeans down and removing them with her feet, Betty grinned at Josie as the black girl lifted her head. The singer smiled naughtily back, proving she was a big a bike dyke as Betty had suspected. The blonde spread her legs open, "Come eat some pussy Pussycat."

Josie got down between her legs, stroking the slit with her fingers. Betty looked round and saw that the other pussycats were quickly following their leader in dropping to their knees between the biker's thighs. Josie leant her head forward and began to slowly lick at the cunt in front of her, her tongue running over the slot and up to the mound above. "Like this?" she looked up with a sexy smile at Betty.

"Oh yeah, but get that tongue really working," said Betty.

The singer nodded and went down again. Her tongue resumed its business, stroking the clit and then moving to massage the lips. The teen's fingers were up as well, gently prying at the hole and easing it open. Betty gave a small groan as Josie's tongue tip teased inside her, the young woman wiggling it speedily at the biker's pink walls. "Uurrh, that's it you slut. Oooohhh, use that sexy tongue."

Beside her Toni shuddered as Valerie's tongue worked its magic on her. She grinned at Betty, moving slightly over so they were crunched closer together to feel each other's vibrations. The two Pussycats between their thighs moved with them, they too moving closer together. The two friends grinned and reached down to place their heads on the two black teen's, "Mmmnnn that's good, you're a real pussy muncher," said Toni.

"God, you too Josie, I think you were made for cunt."

"Oooohhhh, Melody, stick that tongue down my twat," on the other seat Alice Cooper was equally enjoying her Pussycat. The curly haired musician was going at the older woman's cunt with a passion, her head bouncing up and down as she licked hard and fast. The slurps from sounded as loud as from Josie and Valerie to Betty, even though they were much closer. Alice grinned at her daughter and shuddered, bucking and bending, her cunt thrusting into Melody's face, "Ooohhh, lick my hole, get all the way."

"You hear that Josie, Melody's giving my Mom such a good tongue fucking, she's giving it her all," Betty said. Her words were rewarded with an extra batch of pussy laps. The black girl went hard at the blonde, driving in and Betty could feel the pleasure flowing through her.

Toni was shivering and shaking as well, her hips rocking as she worked her cunt into Valerie. Her hand held the musician's head in place, gripping the hair like it was a handle and the teen between her legs was responding with an enthusiastic tonguing. "Ooohhh, yessss, uurrrrh, eat me," Toni gasped and cried, "Yessss, eat me good."

She grinned at Betty and then fell back against the couch squealing as Valerie hit the spot. "AAArrrghhh yessss."

"Come on Josie, make me cum, lick my cunt," Betty brought her legs together encouraging the singer's pussy performance. Jealous of her friend's success Josie was upping her game, her tongue speeding and driving at Betty's twat, slurping down the pink walls and then up to ram at the clit. The blonde shuddered as Josie did her work, the pleasure rising in her. The enthusiasm of the Pussycat was evident in her speed and power, and if she wasn't always consistent or accurate in her strokes she was hammering hard enough to make up for it. "Ooohhh God, yes, go for it you slutty skank. Make me cum."

The room was full of the sounds of pussies being pleasured, the grunts and moans of the Serpents and the slurps of lapping Pussycats. Whilst Betty loved having her pussy eaten at any time, she always found it more enjoyable when she was having it munched with her Mom and friend; there was always something special about sharing with Serpents. She didn't know whether Josie and her friends felt the same, whether tongue lapping as a band joined them closer together, but it certainly didn't seem to be putting them off their stride. Cheryl and Veronica had needed coaxing and controlling before they'd taken part in a group fuckfest, the Pussycats had fallen to it naturally.

"OOoohhh yesss, lap it good, fuck, fuck, fuck," Toni shrieked, "Aaaarrrgghh yessss."

On the other couch Alice writhed, "Aaaaaarrrghhh, keep that tongue working, stick your face all the way in my cunt. Fuuuccckkk!"

Betty was cumming as well, the pleasurable waves arriving faster and faster, each one more powerful than the last. She shuddered and shook, enjoying the tongue fucking she was getting. her own hands reached for her tits and she squeezed them sexually as her hole was vigorously assaulted in the most pleasurable way. "Aaaarrrghh, yesssss, God Josie, make me cum, aaaaarrghhh, yesss, that's it, oooohhh fuck I'm going to cum." The orgasm engulfed her like a tsunami, leaving her screaming and rocking, "Aaaarrrrghh, yessssss, aaaarggghh."

And even as she was shrieking her ecstasy her Mom and friend were doing likewise, the three biker's voices rising in an orgasmic chorus so loud and intense it was a miracle the windows didn't shatter.

Grunting the bikers collapsed against the couch backs as the pussy licking Pussycats looked up. "Was that good?" asked Josie, with a smile which suggested she knew the answer.

"Oh yes, that was good," grinned Betty.

"Very good," added Toni.

"We should return the favour and pleasure those sweet Pussycat pussies," said Alice.

"Oh yes," giggled Josie, speaking for her friends.

"You ever had a dildo?" grinned Alice.

"No," said Josie and Valerie shaking their heads in unison.

"I've got a small one at home I've used," admitted Melody.

"Well I've got some massive ones upstairs which the three of us can strap on and fuck those hot little holes with," Alice grinned.

"And if you want some plastic dick we want to give it you," Betty's hand brushed through Josie's hair seductively.

"We want it," grinned Josie not asking her friends their views, though as the other two Pussycats nodded enthusiastically she had guessed them right.

"Let's go upstairs to my room and we can fuck you properly," said Alice.

"Will the bed be big enough?" as she stood Val asked, ever practical.

"If we were sleeping it'd be a squeeze, but with the three of you draped across it and the three of us on you, they'll be room," said Alice.

The three naked Serpents took hold of the hands of the three equally undressed Pussycats and led them up the stairs and into Alice's room. "Take a seat," Alice gestured at the bed, "Let the three of us get equipped."

The Pussycats got on the edge of the bed, watching as the bikers opened one of Alice's drawers and perused the contents. As befitted a dominant top there was plenty of toys to choose, from double-enders to vibrators, butt-plugs to ball-gags. They were after strap-ons, however, and so ignored the remaining dildo's and sex-aids to concentrate on picking them. Again there was plenty of choice, from realistically moulded dicks to rocket shaped phalluses which bore no resemblance to human geometry, all sorts of colours from shocking purple and deep pink to jet black and boring tan, and sizes varying from big to very big to massive. The three bikers pulled out their choices, ten inch dildos which they knew would stretch the pussy-cats, with ribs and bulbed heads to pleasure them.

The three teens on the bed, looked on in shocked awe as the Serpents put on their toys. They shivered with nerves and anticipation as Alice opened a bottle of lube, squirting some of the gel onto her own hands before passing to Toni and Betty for them to oil the super-pricks. They probably didn't need it, as from the glistening on the black girl's cunt they looked plenty wet already.

"Lie back on the bed," ordered Alice turning.

The Pussycats scrambled back, lying across it. Betty walked over to Josie, who had, unsurprisingly, positioned herself in the centre. She took hold off the teen's ankles and spread her legs, dropping them over Valerie and Melody's shins. The three teen's held hands nervously as the bikers grinned down at them, before moving in.

"Oh!" Josie gave a quick gasp as the toy pressed in. Her eyes locked on Betty as the blonde came in, lowering herself forcefully onto the Pussycat. Betty smiled and pushed on, the toy going down the soaked twat without difficulty. She carried on descending until she was on Josie, the toy fully impaled in the Pussycat hole. Her Mom and Toni were coming down beside her, filling their Pussycats with dick as well.

Betty positioned herself properly, so that her hands were placed palm down on the bed and her tits were over Toni's, their faces facing looking at each other, Betty's blonde hair trailing down like drapes. "You want me to fuck you?"

"Yes," nodded Josie. "Bang my cunt."

With a grunt Betty went to it, thrusting into the wet fuckhole, driving her dildo in with speed and passion. The bed rocked as Alice and Toni joined her, the three Serpents starting fast and hard, slamming their dicks deep into the musician's slots. The three black girls gasped and squealed, the pleasure hitting them almost straight away. Their legs squeezed at the bikers and their bodies arched, rolling up to meet the down coming dicks. The tops thudded against them, their naked breasts rolling over and bouncing against the pert teenage tits of the Pussycats, the boobs battling against each other in a riot of titties. The dildos struck in and out with a powerful precision.

"OOhhh, urrrrhh, yes, yes, fuck," the three Pussycats groaned and cried in pleasure. Their beautiful sexy faces were twisting and changing as they were banged hard and deep. Their hands were on the Serpents, gripping their backs and scratching their Pussycat nails at the skin. The three Serpents slammed all the other harder, nailing the teenagers to the bed beneath them. The screams got louder and louder, "Oooohh, yesss, fuccckkk, aaaarrghh."

Slamming down Betty grinned, she loved hitting hot pussy with her Mom and friend. Sure, it was nice to bang a girl when it was just the two of you, but nothing screamed submissive slut like a hottie agreeing to do it with her friends around her. Once a girl agreed to that she was yours, she'd agree to anything. Betty slammed her midriff forward, driving her dick deep and feeling the vibrations of Josie as the singer shuddered and writhed. "Yeah, that's good," Betty said, "You can take my cock so well."

"Ooohhh, yes I can, oooohhh I want it so much. Oh God, fuck me so deep and hard, make me cum," Josie hands clawed Betty's back.

Thrusting hard Betty hammered the teen. Her head turned to look at her Mom, slamming away at Melody, the naked Milf making the Pussycat shriek with pleasure. She loved doing it with her Mom, fucking girls together - it brought the Mom and daughter closer together than they'd ever been, more like sisters than parent and child. Her Mom saw her looking and grinned, pounding her dick into Melody. Betty smiled back and turned to look at Toni. The Serpent was ramming Valerie with the same powerful strokes at the Coopers. Betty loved fucking girls with Toni as well, she was as much a sister to her as her Mom and more than her real sister, Polly. Serpents stuck together, they fucked together and taking a bike dyke on the same bed was a unifying experience. Toni grinned as well, her waist ploughing down so that Valerie's body shot up as if the bed was ablaze.

"AAAarrrghhh, yessss make me cum, aaaaarrghh, make me cum," Josie shrieked, her cries echoed by her friends.

Betty hammered home, her boobs beating at Josie's. Panting and gasping, she pulled the dick out and stood up. Josie looked up in disappointment, but before she could say anything Betty was speaking, "Turn round, on your front - I want to bang your ass."

It was the moment of truth, was Josie really a submissive bike dyke or was she just playing. With a nod Josie turned face down, spreading her legs and gently wiggling her ass. "Like this?" she asked.

"Yes, like that," Betty said, admiring the singer's firm, rounded cheeks. "Put your hands on your butt and spread them, show me that hole."

Josie did as she was asked, even as the other Pussycats were also being turned round. The three teens lay forward, their hands clenching their tushy cheeks, squeezing them and opening them. "Have any of you done it backdoor before?" asked Toni.

All three of them shook their heads.

"You're in for a treat," said Alice. She passed round the lube bottle and three Serpents liberally reapplied the gel, ready for some virgin asshole.

Her prick oiled Betty kneeled behind Josie and extended her middle finger. The other teen shivered as the blonde scratched her nail gently at the sphincter, twisting the finger so the tip traced round the muscle. "This looks so tight," she said and Josie nodded nervously. "Let me open it a little."

"Oooh," Josie squeaked as Betty pushed in. She turned the digit round, the walls gripping it tightly as she did. She continued to twist and lever it, pushing it down the tight chute. The hole clamped round her finger hard, making it throb and pulse, as the blood supply was restricted. She continued to push and work it, loosening the top of the tunnel and readying it for the big dick that was to come. Her Mom and Toni were doing the same to the other Pussycats, the three Serpents ass-fingering the black girls and making them easier.

Betty pulled her finger out and stood, "Keep that ass nice and open for me," she said and looked at her Mom and friend, "Ready?"

"Yes" they grinned.

"Let's pop some Pussycat cherry," said Betty and pushed her dick at the hole. Unlike the front hole the back was not designed to have massive ten-inch cocks going down and even with the fingering the tunnel was tight and resistant. Betty had fucked plenty of bitch ass before now and knew that slow and steady would open even the most reluctant butthole. She raised herself and then pushed again, lowering her body against Josie's ebony skin, forcing the dick downwards.

"Uuurrrghh," Josie grunted through gritted teeth. Her hands spread out in front of her gripping the bedding. Her friends were in the same position and without words the three of them took hold of each other, squeezing their hands encouragingly. It was sweet and encouraged Betty to pound harder, thrusting herself forward to gape the black teenager's hole. The cock went deeper and Josie grunted again, "UUuurrggghh."

"Keep those tight asses raised," Alice said, "We want to fuck them good."

At her words the three musicians' butts rose, going up to meet their Serpent owners. The three bikers drove down, deeper and harder. Slowly the walls were giving way and with each thrust the dildo's were vanishing further into the holes. The Serpents grunted and slammed, their bodies heaving with exertion as they went faster, their hips jerking and their stomachs lying over the Pussycat's lower backs. They pounded more violently forcing aside the resistance and breaking down the walls.

"Uuurrhhh, aaaarhhh, yesss," Josie squeaked.

"Ooooohhh my God," Valerie called out beside her.

"UUuuuhhhh, uuuhhhhh," Melody groaned.

The three Serpent's thighs battered down, their tits bouncing and squashing on the Pussycat's backs as they went all in. The three black girls cried their orgasmic pleasure again, still holding each other's hands so tightly you could see the whiteness of the strain on their dark fingers. The bed rocked underneath them and the pictures on sideboard jiggled as if there was a tremor as the hard pounding got harder.

"AAarrrghh, yessss, aaarrrrggghh," screams of pleasure ricocheted around the room as the Pussycats discovered that cock in the back hole was even better than the front. The three Serpents didn't desist, but instead slammed in harder, the three of them going up and down like a Mexican Wave, racing to drive their Pussycat to the orgasmic finishing line.

"Take it, yes, you can take it," Betty panted in Josie ear. With every thrust the toy bounced at her cunt and rubbed up against her clit. It wasn't sending her to the same heights of ecstasy as Josie, but it was still making her wet and pleasured, her slit slick with juice. But it was just the physical pleasure which was important it was the internal - the feeling which came from utterly dominating a bottom and making her yours. Josie was spread forward, her ass up, letting Betty pound deep into her most taboo hole - you didn't get much more submissive than that; perhaps only having your ass stretched in the middle of your friends was more bottom-like.

The black girl seemed to be enjoying it, however, screaming and squealing in pleasure, her body shivering and rocking with every hammering thrust. "Yesssss, aaaarrghh, fuck me Betty, use my ass, gape my hole wide open," she shrieked.

The other two were screaming their pleasure as well, "AAarrrghhh yesss, fuck me harder." "Oh my God, oh my God, pound me, I want it all in, ohh fucking God, you are making me cum."

The Serpents slammed, their naked bodies crushing onto the musicians' equally nude, the toys vanishing deep into the holes. All anal resistance was forgotten, the tunnel walls as easy to mould as soft butter. It meant the three tops could go faster and harder and they were all making the most of that opportunity, panting with exertion as they raced, sweat dripping down from their naked bodies. Betty could feel her blood pumping and her heart beating, her skin was soaked and warm, her cunt more so. She drove faster and deeper, loving the sensation of Josie rocking and wriggling beneath her, the black girl squealing in sexual enjoyment.

"Yes, take my cock, take it deep, I love fucking this hole my hot little bike dyke Pussycat," Betty grunted.

"Oh yes, fuck my butt, it's yours, aaaaarggghhh, you make me feel so good, aaaaarggghhh, yesssss," Josie shrieked in reply.

Faster and faster Betty went, her Mom and Toni matching her speed as they went all consuming on the black girl's asses. The three anal loving Pussycats were shrieking in ecstasy, cumming in wave after wave, their pussies squirting their pleasure all over the bed. Betty knew she couldn't last long and girded herself for one last effort. The dildo almost blurred as she sped it in and out of Josie's butt. The singer sang a orgasmic song, full of shrieks and cries and incoherent calls, high-pitched and loud and full of passion. "Aaaaarrrghhh," she screamed in culmination and Valerie and Melody joined in, the three of them wailing a chorus of cumming.

Betty popped her dick out, panting with the effort. Moments later Toni and her Mom were doing the same. The three of them looked down at their handiwork, three open butt holes stared back at them, so gaped that you could see down into the blackness. The three Pussycats lay still, sated and sighing.

Betty looked at her watch, "If you can get dressed in next five minutes, I can walk you to the bus stop."

* * *

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