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Additionally, in many ways this story is a joint effort. (although I hate
admitting it cause RPG stories written in novel form generally suck), it
does in fact come from an RPG me and my friend played (although the RPG had
much less graphic sex in it). Regardless, many of the characters and
situations are his creation and I wanted to give him credit.

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Robotech: Invid Invasion Part 1 - Salt Lake City
by Invid Writer

"Andrea Robertson loved riding her cyclone. It was a brilliant piece of
machinery. In it's current form it looked more like a motorcycle then
anything else. She wore special riding armor on top of her white tank top
and tight blue jeans. The riding armor was dual purposed. It's first and
obvious use was to deflect any bullets or energy beams that may be heading
her way. But in times of crises, with a simple flick of a switch she could
cause the cyclone to transform around the riding armor into a sort of
mini-battleoid. An extremely useful device for armored or heavy weapon

That form of course was much more useful and took quite the skilled driver
to operate. It was often necessary if an Invid scout were to fly by and
discover her presence.

The Invid were insect like creatures that arrived on Earth about three
years earlier. They came with no warning. The Robotech Expeditionary Force
(REF) had recently left to battle the Robotech Masters and therefore left
the planet nearly defenseless. All the Invid had to do was mop up. And mop
up they did. After the first week every major city was destroyed and left
in ruins. By the end of the first month they had set up "hives" in countless
locations mostly around North America. No one knew why they came. Only that
they did and they weren't going away.

Negotiation was impossible due to their unwillingness to communicate with
any Human. They saw Humans as a viral infection upon the planet. One in
which the planet would function better without. Obviously, the Humans
disagreed but it didn't matter to the invading race. They forced people to
work as slaves if they were lucky enough not to be experimented on first.

Quickly small resistance cells started to pop up to fight the Invid.
Unfortunately, the people were too busy fighting amongst themselves in
gangs to do any real damage. Some barony cities were set up ruled by petty
(and sometimes not so petty) dictators.

Andrea was born in Calgary, Alberta but was forced to depart when the Invid
first came at age 16. Both parents were killed in the attack and Andrea
left to go do what damage she could to the invading race. She could never
go back to her home city due to the fact that a rather large hive had been
built there. It had been three years since she left home. A long time.

The was nearing Salt Lake City, travelling on one of the old roads. The
whole terrain around her had been irradiated during the first defense
against the alien attackers. Little grew here now but a few farms became
apparent as she got closer to the old town. What buildings remained were no
more then two or three stories. Any higher and they became in risk of being
destroyed by an Invid passerby. The old Downtown had been destroyed and now
there was only a pathetic town of maybe 10,000 people left in its wake. All
these people clustered around some of the safer building in the south and
that's where Andrea was headed.

People stared as she moved into town, driving down Main Street. A cyclone
was rare in this day and age and a beautiful female driver even more so.
Andrea pulled over in front of a bar/diner. Every town had plenty of bars.
Alcohol was probably one of the few things still in abundance. She took off
her helmet and riding armor strapping them onto her backpack. Armor was
rarely welcomed in a hotel or restaurant.

Before she could even get inside three men wearing yellow and black gang
colors approached her. The leader was a large gruff man missing a few teeth
with breath that smelled like rotting fish. They all had knives strapped to
their belts.

One of them spoke, "That's a nice bike. I wouldn't mind having one of

The leader looked at Andrea as if sizing up a piece of meat, "I know what
else I wouldn't mind having." The man drew the knife off his belt.

"Come on guys, give me a break. I've got better things to do." Andrea moved
to push past them but the leader was quicker then he looked. He reached out
with his free hand and grabbed her on the shoulder, turning her to face

"Where do you think you're going?" The man barely had a chance to finish
his sentence before Andrea quickly span, freeing herself from his grasp. In
mid turn she twisted the man's knife hand and she heard the chunk as it
imbedded itself in the dirt roadway. Continuing in one fluid movement she
brought up a leg and kicked one of the other men in the head, quickly
flooring him. She brought her own knife up to the leader's throat.

"I'm going to get something to eat. Do you have a problem with that?" The
man shook his head nervously and briefly, Andrea was tempted to put him out
of his misery. But the thought quickly faded and she let him go. The two
took off helping their dazed friend off the ground.

Andrea turned to head into the bar when a middle aged man in blue jeans and
a thick blue jacket came up to her. "That was very impressive. The way you
handled those men."

"Thank-you." She decided to leave it at that, not wanting to get involved
any more then she all ready was.

"Can I buy you diner?" The man grinned a trustworthy grin and opened the
door for her.

"I'm not looking for a date. Thanks."

"No, you misunderstand. I want to talk to you about recruitment"

'Hmm... Even worse,' she thought. 'Now they want to get me involved in all
this gang crap.' But for some reason she didn't suspect he would take no
for an answer. "Alright, but I'm not promising anything."

The two sat down in a booth. It was mid afternoon so the place wasn't very
busy yet. Only a few hard core drunks were left sitting around at some of
the stools. A few looked at her briefly but quickly went back to their
drinks. Shortly, a waitress approached.

"What can I get you?" The waitress was a fairly young woman with a scar on
her cheek. Probably from a fight she didn't win.

"Do you have steak?" Andrea asked.

The waitress nodded and looked over to the middle aged man beside her. "And
for you?"

"The same. Bring some beer with the order." The waitress nodded again and
disappeared into the back. Andrea turned her attention back to her diner
partner. "My name's Sean. It's nice to meet you." He extended a hand and
she quickly took it.

"Andrea." She shook and withdrew her hand. "So what's this about Sean? I'm
not really the gang type."

"I hope that you'll make an exception with us. We work less like a gang and
more..." He took a minute as if rolling the words around in his mouth. "More
like the police did when we still had them. We protect people that aren't
in the gangs and try to prevent them from doing anything too serious."

"I see... I don't really stay in one place for too long though." She still
wasn't sure about the offer. They seemed to have a good cause but... Before
she could finish her thoughts she was interrupted by his response.

"That would be fine. We always appreciate having members on the road to let
us know what's going on outside. And you could help out while you're in town.
We would give you free food and a bed to sleep in."

Now that was a tempting offer. She didn't have any money with her and didn't
like the idea of sleeping in her tent with such a dangerous group around.
"That sounds good actually."

"We do have a sort of initiation. To make sure you're loyal to us and so
on. It could be disastrous to have one of the reds or greens join up with

Of course. There was always a catch. "What would you want me to do?"

"Simple really... Just bring us three scarves from the reds. Do that and
you're in."

Thoughts began flying past her mind. Three scarfs have sounded easy enough.
She may have to beat up a few guys but she was taught how to fight by the
best. She could take a few gang members. And for a resource like this could

"All right deal. I'll get them for you."

The man smiled obviously happy about his new potential recruit. Before an
awkward silence could set in, the food came and the two began eating.

* * *

It was about 8:30 making everything gloomy in the just setting sun. Andrea
had gone back to the blue's headquarters to see where the red's base was.
She also left her cyclone; weapons and riding armor behind so she wouldn't
be too suspicious. She put on a white tank top with no bra (bra's were
mostly a thing of the past due to the limited manufacturing facilities
available). She had changed her pants and now wore desert camouflage. She
didn't want to give any misleading signals by wearing gang colors.

As she approached the building she began to get more and more nervous. The
old warehouse looked run down. It had a large metal door at the front and
was painted in imposing shades of red and black. Andrea approached the door
and knocked on it loudly. Soon after she heard a "chunk" sound and a metal
eye slit moved aside to reveal a pair of brown male eyes behind it. The man
had a fairly nice voice but sounded angry.

"What is it? Who are you?"

Andrea was nervous. "I'm Andrea Robertson. I was thinking about joining the
gang but I wanted to take a look around inside first."

"Sorry, not allowed."

"Come on," Andrea pleaded, turning on the charm. "There must be some

"Look lady, there's only one way people get in here on my watch."

"I'm sorry, I don't really have any money."

"That's not what I mean bitch. Think harder."

Now she knew what he wanted. But was it really worth it? She could use the
room and board and did want to stay in the city for a while. Besides, it
was for a good cause. "All right, you win. What do you want?"

"Good. Get naked."

"Out here?" Andrea looked around now noticing a few passerbies' walking on
the other side of the street. One man was carrying groceries, another just
moving along, minding his business.

"Now, girl. I don't have all day. Stuff your clothes through the slot."

Andrea nodded and bent over to take off her shoes and socks first. Standing
barefoot now she took her socks and put them in her shoes. The doors slot
was just tall enough for her to stuff her shoes through so she did so. The
man inside took them. Next, Andrea grabbed her tank top around the waste.
She took one last look to make sure no one around was staring and quickly
brought her shirt up over her head exposing her breasts as she did so. She
quickly stuffed the shirt inside.

The man was definitely impressed with what he saw. Andrea's breasts were
quite firm, still being on a young body. Not very large but definitely
enough to get a handful. Her nipples were a nice brown, and she was tanned
with no bikini lines. Her muscular frame was also clearly visible. Still
very feminine but her abs, arms and rib cage were all well defined. Her
stomach was nice and flat. She hesitated here with her back towards the
street knowing someone must have seen her by now.

"And the rest of it," came the bellowing voice from inside.

In one motion Andrea quickly undid the button on her pants and slipping her
thumbs into the waste band, pulled her pants and underwear down in one
movement. She stuffed them through the slot too and they were quickly taken
by the man inside. She thought she saw those brown eyes gleam as he smiled.
He was still very impressed with her body and was now looking down towards
her crotch. She kept the hair there trimmed. After staring for a second the
man spoke again. "Turn around."

Andrea hesitated again, but wanting to get it over with she turned around
to face the street. Across the road a teenage boy had stopped to watch her.
Previously he had only got a glimpse of her long curly brown hair and her
tight butt but now he got to see her from the front. He continued to stare
not bothering to hide the fact that he was looking. It felt like an
eternity but was in-fact just a minute or two when the man inside said,
"Turn back around now. You can come inside." The eye slot quickly closed
and she heard some loud metal noises inside. Probably removing a metal bar
so the door would open.

Andrea quickly turned and the door cracked open. She pulled it the rest of
the way and went inside, closing it behind her. Inside it was pitch black.
No lights were on what so ever. If she couldn't hear the clunking behind
her she wouldn't have even known that the man was baring the door closed

She spoke, her voice quivering slightly, "It's dark."

"That's the way I like it."

"Are you the only one in here?"

"Sure am, honey." The man took off his shirt and undid his pants, sliding
them down his body. She heard them hit the floor and knew that he was naked.

Next, as if out of nowhere she felt his hand grasp her arm and pull her
towards him. When she was close he dragged his hands up to her breasts and
squeezed hard causing a grunt of pain to seep through her mouth. This only
seemed to encourage the man and he used both hands now, molding and playing
with her breasts. Squeezing them regularly. "Very nice," he said. "If only
all the girls had a body like yours."

Without warning he pressed hard up against her and kissed her wetly on the
mouth. As he continued to kiss her roughly, she could now tell that this
man was largely overweight. About 300 pounds she guessed as he continued to
press up against her. After a little more kissing (if you could call it
that) she began to feel something lightly touch the inside of her thigh. As
the touch grew stiffer she realized it was the man's penis and instinctively
tried to back away. The man changed his grip, moving his hands to her ass
and squeezed there now instead. "Mmmm... You work out." Using his grip on
her he moved her pelvis closer to his until his cock pressed up against her
opening. She panicked slightly now realizing she wasn't nearly aroused
enough for entry. Of course she probably never would be with the way this
guy treated her.

"Hold on, I'm not ready. Let me..." That was all the man needed to hear and
he thrust quickly inside her. "Ahhhhh..." In barely any time at all his
length was completely insider her and Andrea couldn't help but moan in pain
as he pushed harder in and out of her dry pussy. It felt like her insides
were on fire. The man was at least 8 inches long and wide enough to support
her theory that he was largely over weight. He wrapped one of her legs
around him and still inside her moved her into a lying down position. Once
there he began to thrust inside her faster and faster. He moved his mouth
down to her left breast and began roughly sucking on her nipple forcing it
to become hard. Then, leaving behind plenty of drool he moved over to her
other nipple and sucked on that until it was equally hard. He bit down on
it just before he lifted his head up to speak.

"You're tight baby. I bet you haven't done it with anybody in months. Am I

"On the road..." She gasped, "I don't normally have the chance."

He continued to push into her as if trying to get even deeper every time.
All Andrea could respond with was heavy breathing and large moans of
discomfort. He grabbed her wrists with one hand and forced them stretched
out above her head. This caused her breasts to lift up higher on her chest
which only encouraged the man's rough treatment of them. And then it
happened. The man cried out, "I'm cuming."

He pulled outside of her and dragged his cock against her trimmed muff. His
penis convulsed and ejaculated in a high arch soaking her between her
breasts and down the middle of her stomach. He supported himself above her
as two more arches ejaculated outwards, covering more of her breasts and
stomach with the white sticky fluid. He then forced out the last few drops
over her pubic mound, causing the short hair to stick to her body in
clumps. He rolled off of her and Andrea just laid there for a short time
allowing the fire to dissipate in her loins. The cum started to collect
around her belly button and between her breasts but she didn't care. She
was just glad that was over with.

Eventually, the man stumbled back to his feet, wiped his dick off in her
hair and put his clothes back on. She heard him walk across the room and
flip a switch. A light turned on and Andrea could finally see her
surroundings. Sitting up, she noticed that the room was indeed empty. A
booth was in one corner of the room next to a normal wooden doorway. Her
clothes were in a pile in one of the far corners and the roof was about 20
feet tall. She sat up to get a better look around and the man went over to
her clothes. He picked up her tanktop and tossed it at her. "Clean up with

Andrea frowned, "Then what am I supposed to wear." The man gestured to her
pants and shoes, still in the corner. She sighed and used her shirt to wipe
off the cum he left splattered on her. She then walked over to put her
socks, pants and shoes on. She noticed her panties were missing. But before
she could say anything, the man took the shirt back and tossed it in a
different corner of the room.

"You won't need that." He walked over to the doorway beside the booth and
opened it.

Topless, Andrea went through and he followed close behind. On the other side
of the door was another guard. The guy that just had sex with her spoke.
"Watch the front door will you Ed?" Ed nodded and went into the room that she
just excited, staring at her breasts the whole way in.

'Well, this place certainly doesn't have a high respect for Women,' Andrea
thought to herself as she followed the large man down the hallway. Of
course, she was the one walking around topless so she could steal a few
stupid scarves. It certainly wasn't the most well laid out plan she'd ever
come up with. But to be fair, she was still pretty new at this infiltration
stuff. Unfortunately if she were to grab the scarves and run she wouldn't
even make it out that door because of all the heavy and time consuming locks.

Andrea was still going over her thoughts when the man in front of her opened
a door and walked inside. The scene quickly put an end to her thinking. Two
attractive women were 69ing each other in front of a fairly large crowd. The
man spoke "Well, here's the first room on the tour. Not bad eh?" The two
women were covered in a sheen of sweat and their pussies were extremely red
and raw. They looked really tired. "They've been at it for about..." He
checked his watch. "About 13 hours now." It's one of our initiations. They're
best friends that wanted to join the gang. If they can go another 11 hours
then they're in."

"Wow." That was all Andrea could think to say. "I guess the initiation here
is pretty intense." Then a shiver of fear went down her back. "You guys
aren't going to make me do that are you?"

The man laughed. "No, of course not. It's different for everybody." Andrea
nodded relieved. She had never had any lesbian tendencies and didn't want
to start now. "You want to see the next room?" The man seemed almost proud
of what he was saying.

"Yeah, sure... Why not?" She followed the man back out the room leaving the
slurping and moaning sounds behind. This gave her a chance to put some more
thought into how to get out of here. Obviously she was in over her head.
Why would she make such a stupid move like that? Going into a place without
knowing what's inside.

The front door was certainly out for escape. There were guards there by
now. Besides, now she was topless. She didn't know if she could face the
city like that until she found a shirt first. Her only option left was to
continue in the tour and keep looking for a way out.

The next stop was the cafeteria. A few guys were eating a late dinner while
joking in the corner but the main site was a girl sitting naked on a table
with probably 10 full sized glasses of a white swirly mixture. Two were all
ready empty and she was drinking a third. She looked as if she was about to

"She's one of our regulars. She's not a member since she failed her
initiation so we keep her and a few others like her around to do whatever
the boss thinks up next. You ask me, he's got a pretty sick mind but hell...
what do I know?"

"What is that she's drinking?" Andrea was almost afraid of the answer.

"I'll give you one guess honey."

Andrea just made a disgusted face and moved on out of the room. "Do you
guys do anything here that doesn't involve sex?"

The man looked at her a moment then answered. "Of course. We drink, we
cause trouble in town, we do whatever we want. It just so happens that the
boss is a pervert. That makes most people in here Pervert Jr." The man
smiled and for a brief moment he didn't even seem like that bad of a guy.
Then she remembered that he was still making her walk around topless. Looks
can be deceiving.

"You know, I'm getting kind of cold."

The man laughed then. "You'll be a lot colder tonight, I'll tell you that!"

"What do you mean?"

"You'll see."

Next the man brought them into a pool hall where some people were playing.
There were pinball machines and the works. "This is one of the reasons
everyone puts up with this place. Where have you ever seen a working
pinball machine in the last few years?"

"It works? Wow!" Before she could gawk any further, the man grabbed her arm
and continued walking. She tore her eyes away and followed, crossing her
arms over her chest. She was tired of everyone staring. The two began
walking to the back of the building.

"You know, you're a fairly tough girl."

"I exercise most mornings."

"Well that too. I meant I've seen girls who've been in tears by now. You
seem to be handling it fine." Andrea just grunted in acknowledgement and
the two went outside. "And here's the other initiation that's going on
right now. Even I think this one's a bit much."

The back yard was pretty big with a large fence around it. Guards were
posted on the four corners.

A short distance away was a small table with a block of cement on it. The
unusual part came in what's sticking out of the cement. There was a girl
trapped inside. Her face, breasts, and hips (which of course included her
pussy and asshole) were the only parts exposed from the block. Her skin was
covered in a dried white flaky substance. Probably dried cum. Her hair
(what was above the cement anyway) was stuck together due to the same gooey
fluid. One of the gang members was forcing himself into her mouth, getting
a blowjob. The girls' eyes seemed glazed over.

Andrea couldn't believe it. "Is she okay?"

The man looked a little sad then. "Physically, sure. She'll be let out
tomorrow evening and she'll be okay. A little stiff maybe. Psychologically?
I don't know. We've never done this before. It was a new idea."

That did it for Andrea. This was about more then scarves now. This place
had to be shut down. And if even the pervert beside her thought this was
too much there must be a way to pull it off. Maybe if she brought it down
from the inside. She was pretty sure she could pass the initiations and
hold it together. Hers couldn't be any worse then these ones. "I'll join."

"Sorry?" The man was still watching the guy humping the girls' face.

"The gang. I'll join."

"But I haven't even shown you the bar. Or the bedrooms... We have hot running
water here too!"

"I've seen enough." Andrea didn't want to have to witness anymore of these
disgusting sexual fantasies. "What's the girls name?"

"Hell if I know. Alice... no. Aria I think. Yeah, Aria." He paused a moment,
"so are you really serious about joining the gang?"

"Well it's not like you guys are going to let me leave now anyway. I may as
well join right?"

"Yeah, whatever. Well then... Get some sleep. I know what the next initiation
is and you'll be up all night. I'll take you to one of the cot's." Andrea
nodded and the two went back inside.

* * *

Andrea was shaken awake. She must have only been sleeping for a couple of
hours. The guy waking her up was the replacement guard at the front. Ed.
"Hey, wake up. You need t' get going." He had a good voice. Fairly soft and
even toned with a western accent. It was relaxing.

"Go where?" She was still hazy from her nap.

"Back of a truck for now. Ah don't know where they're goin' though." Andrea
sat up and stood slowly.

"I'm tired. What time is it?"

"About 11 o'clock. Come-on, we gotta go."

The two walked out of the room. Ed barely looked at her still naked chest
on the way out and she felt even better then she did after hearing his
voice. He quickly led her outside and into the backyard. Aria was still
there and she appeared to be sleeping. People were leaving her alone for
the moment.

Ed hustled her into the back of a pick up truck and stepped aside.

"You're not coming?" Andrea felt saddened that she had all ready been
abandoned by her first potential friend here.

"Ah can't. Ah gotta stay on night watch. Ah'll see ya tomorrow. Good luck."
As he spoke the truck began to drive away at the head of a small convoy.

It was a cold night and the ride in the open-air truck didn't help Andrea's
comfort level much. She had goose bumps all up her arms and stomach from
the cold wind. After about 20 minutes of driving they finally came to a
stop and Andrea felt some of the warmth returning.

Quickly, a stranger from the gang drug her out of the back and brought her
over towards a tall pole. The pole was about 20 feet in height and was
probably just a steel rod. He handcuffed her hands on the other side of the
pole leaving her bound to the cold metal. She didn't like the feeling of
being trapped there.

The headlights on the trucks went off and a middle aged man, maybe about 50
years old with a raggedy beard came over to her. Six strong looking men
followed behind him. The man pulled out his knife and began using it to cut
away her pants while he spoke. Andrea cringed as she felt the first tear of
fabric. "Your initiation, will be one of survival. In about..." He checked
his watch, "5 minutes, we'll undo the handcuffs and you'll have a ten
minute head start. After that point these six will try to chase you down...
and kill you." Andrea's heart skipped a beat. She wasn't expecting anything
where her life may be endanger.

"Will I get any weapons? Will they?"

The man laughed. "Of course you won't. You don't even get clothes. But on
the plus side, they don't get any either." The man bent down and untied her
boots, removing them and her socks leaving her completely naked. The
coldness returned as he handed her clothes to an associate of his whom
promptly took them away. She had a feeling that was the last time she would
ever see that particular set of garments.

"So, all you have to do is stay alive until sunrise. If you can do that,
then you're in. You can also use whatever means you want to keep yourself
safe." He quickly made sure that the other six men were secured to a
similar few poles and then pulled a remote out of his pocket. Wasting no
time he pressed the button and Andrea's handcuffs fell away. "Begin."

Not wanting to waste any time Andrea quickly took off as fast as she could
away from the group. Unfortunately she had never been a very fast runner
and the tall grass was rough on her feet, slowing her down even more. Had
that guy taken off the other men's shoes? She couldn't remember.

After about 10 minutes of running she knew she had to take a break or she
would be too exhausted later. But the whole area was field, where could she
go? The moon wasn't out tonight so she had practically no light. Then she
saw it. In the next field was a grouping of large rocks. She headed that
way and went into the middle of them hoping for some cover. It looked like
a good spot and she sat down on a smaller one to catch her breath. The
stone felt cold on her butt.

Time passed to slowly. How long had she been there? 10 minutes? 20? She
wasn't sure. She decided it best to poke her head around the corner and see
what she could see. But as she got up her head brushed past some animal
resting on one of the taller rocks. As it took off in surprise she
immediately knew what it was. A bat. And not just one either. With the take
off of the one a whole fleet of them lifted off and flew skyward, paralyzing
her with unexpected fright. She let out a yelp but quickly shushed herself.
But the damage had been done, she heard one of the gang members now and he
was getting closer.

Her combat training kicked back into gear as the bats left and she crouched
down low, staying out of site. She was just ready to head out and pounce
when a loud bang rang through her ears. Someone just fired off a gun. That
wasn't a good sign at all but curiosity got the better of her and she peeked
around the corner. The gang member was lying on the ground, probably dead.
She couldn't believe it. Where had the gunshot come from? Then she knew. On
the horizon someone was getting closer.

"Andrea? Is that you?" She immediately recognized the voice. It was the man
from the blue gang that bought her dinner. She let out a sigh of relief.

"Yeah, it's me. What are you doing here?" The man came closer, lowering his

"I heard you were out here." He looked her up and down now that he was close.
'Man she was beautiful,' he thought. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm joining them."

He didn't hide his surprise. "Joining them? You can't join us both."

"I'm not going to. No, I mean... I'm joining them to bring them down. You
could use someone on the inside right? These guys are real bastards. I want
to help get rid of them."

He gave her a look as if sizing her up. "Are you sure you know what you're
getting yourself into?" She nodded. "All right then. I guess I better not
stay or they'll see me. That gunshot would have attracted them. Good luck."

"Thanks. Umm... Can I have your gun?"

"Just take his." He gestured over to the fallen gang member. She looked over
and her eyes opened in surprise as she realized for the first time that he
was not only armed but had night vision as well. She turned back to talk to
her friend but found no one there. Sighing, Andrea went over to the fallen
guy and took his gun and night vision. As she looked closer she realized that
it wasn't a normal gun. This one shot tranquilizers.

She let out a shudder of relief. 'At least they're not going to kill me like
the old man said.'

Then she saw it. Another figure further down the field. Definitely one of
the gang members. He hadn't seen her yet. She started to move forward slowly,
staying low to the ground, hoping to surprise him so she didn't have to deal
with the noise of another gunshot. The man seemed oblivious to her being
there. He was still looking off to his right where the gunshot came from.

Finally, she was close enough to jump him but her luck worsened as he turned
to his left and saw her only a few feet away from him. Quickly, raising his
gun, he fired, glancing her in the arm. Fortunately, Andrea was thinking the
same thing and fired her weapon too. Her aim was worse though and just caught
him in the foot. It didn't take long for both of them to collapse and fall
asleep. Her only hope was that the glancing blow would mean she would wake
shortly. Not to mention the hope that her shot was good enough that he would
stay unconscious longer then her. Her thoughts quickly came to an end as she
hit the ground and the surrounding area went even blacker.

Andrea awakened about a half hour later realizing that things didn't work
out as well as she hoped. The rest of the gang had heard the shots and come
running. The remaining four members were all hear now and they had used some
sort of twine to tie her spread eagle to some near-by roots. 'This looks
bad,' was the only thought that went through her head before the first guy

"Hey, check it out. The bitch is awake." The attention of the four men turned
on her. She could feel their eyes roaming over her body, now having a chance
to look at it. Naturally, the moon had come out and was giving off plenty of
light to see the surroundings now. That's how she noticed the fifth man that
she tranquilized slowly waking up. "And Greg's waking up too." He turned his
attention to his friend, "hey man, how's it going?"

"I feel like shit. Where's the girl?"

"Right here man. We got her tied up. We all thought we'd wait and see what
you thought we should do, seeing as how you're the one she knocked out and

"Well I got a few ideas. Where's Larry?"

"The bitch killed him somehow. Managed to get her hands on a gun. Where was
she hiding that I wonder." He looked down at her crotch hungrily.

"Larry's dead? Damn, man... She's gonna get it good tonight." He took off his
night vision and put it on the ground. He walked over to her and sat down on
her breasts, with one leg on each side of her torso. "We're gonna make this
the worst night of your life. You hear me?" He inched himself forward so the
tip of his limp penis rested on her mouth. "Suck it bitch."

Andrea hesitated, "My name's Andre..." Before she could finish he jammed his
cock into her mouth, forcing her to take his entire limp member inside. It
didn't take long for him to harden but at the mercy of these men, Andrea
didn't dare bite down.

"The bitch is good at this." Greg said as he started to rock his hips, moving
his cock in and out of her mouth. Once at full hardness, Greg didn't waste
any time, jamming his 7-inch long dick to the hilt. Andrea gagged but that
only seemed to encourage him. She could barely breathe and felt herself
quickly getting dizzy from lack of oxygen. That didn't stop him though. He
just sped up his rhythm, enjoying the feel of her gag reflex pulsing around
his swollen member.

The other four guys all huddled around, watching. They were slowly stroking
themselves to arousal as Greg continued to pound her face. "Oh God, this is
good." Feeling himself close, Greg pushed all the way in one final time and
let loose with one of the biggest orgasm's he'd ever had, coating the inside
of her throat with his sticky fluid. "Oh shit, she feels nice."

Andrea could feel the cum sticking to the inside of her throat, refusing to
go all the way down. She kept gagging and started coughing up bits of sperm
on to her chin and lips. A new gang member spoke up. "Look at this man, she
can't take it! It's like she never swallowed cum before. Ha! Maybe we need
to help her get used to it."

Not pausing for a response, the man bent down over her face and stuck his
hard rod into her mouth. Andrea quickly realized that this guy was a lot
larger then Greg. Probably 9 inches long and a little thicker. It didn't
seem to matter much to her assailant though as he thrust the whole length
inside her. This was bad news since she never had the chance to catch her
breath from before. After a couple more minutes of this, her new attacker
wasn't even close to cumming but Andrea didn't think she could stay
conscious much longer. Her eyes started to glaze over, her face became red
and her arms went limp as she slipped into unconsciousness.

"Hey man, pull out. She passed out."

"Why should I? I'm not even close yet."

A man named Steve spoke up. "Cause it's my turn next man and I don't want
to fuck a dead chick. So pull out."

Annoyed, he did what Steve asked. "I'm not going to lose the mood just
cause she passed out man."

"Fine, just don't choke her to death okay? I still want a couple goes at
her." The man grunted and repositioned himself at the entrance to her pussy.

"I'm still gonna have my fun, whether the bitch can keep up with me or not."
He thrust all the way into her mostly dry pussy the first time in, moaning as
he did so. "Man, she's totally relaxed." He started his thrusting anew as he
pushed in and out of her pussy all the way to the hilt. Andrea's limp body
moved up and down, her firm breasts bouncing attractively as he entered and
exited her. After a few more minutes of regular thrusts Andrea started to
stir again, temporarily forgetting where she was. Then she felt the pain in
her loins and it quickly came back to her. She was tied down, being raped
while she was unconscious. Immediately, due to reflex she clamped down making
the man inside her really have to force in and out. "I'm gonna cum guys. The
bitch is clamping down on me."

"Well don't cum inside her. I don't want to be surrounded by your jizz when
it's my turn okay?" Andrea was still regaining her senses but couldn't help
being relieved when the man inside her pulled out. It didn't take her long
to wake up though when she started to feel his warm cum spray all over her
well toned abs. She squirmed to try and get out of the way but of course it
was useless. The man just kept coming. He must be really proud of himself
she thought as the torrent of cum finally tapered off. Her whole stomach
and abdomen was completely soaked with his jizz. It was already collecting
in her belly button and she could feel it rolling down in between each of
her stomach muscles and off the side of her tanned body.

"Oh man that was good. I'm gonna take another couple goes at her once you
guys are done." Andrea could still feel the cum in her throat but most of
it she had coughed up. She realized rather embarrassingly that it came out
almost like drool out the side of her mouth, slowly flowing down her jaw.

Steve stepped up putting his cock in front of her mouth. "Lick it." Seeing
no other option, Andrea did so, licking around the base and then going to
the tip. Steve moved it around until it was covered in saliva.

Obviously Steve had a plan. He moved his hips down his body so he was
straddling her breasts and crushed the two orbs together. He put his dick
in between and started to move his hips. Andrea was barely big enough for
the tit fucking he was giving her. She was a large B or small C cup the man
decided. Enough to have some nice curves but small enough that she wouldn't
sag. A good thing since nobody made bra's anymore.

Steve kept moving his hips, letting his medium sized cock protrude from the
other side, then disappearing into her cleavage again. He used his thumbs
to stimulate her nipples, slowly making them more erect. A few more minutes
of this and Steve was ready to cum. He let out a loud groan and held her
breasts around his dick.

The cum arcing out surprised Andrea as the first strand landed across the
side of her face making a bridge connected to her eyebrow and cheek. The
second one didn't make it quite as far but caught her across the lips. She
could taste the saltiness of it. The rest of the cum landed in her cleavage
and on her breasts, slowly making it's way upwards to collect around her

The rape continued for a number of hours, each guy taking turns, each one
drenching her more in his ejaculate. By the end of it, Andrea found out
that she really didn't mind. It was a little uncomfortable sure and not her
idea of a good time but she was getting used to it. 'That's good,' Andrea
thought. At least she wouldn't have to deal with all the post rape mental
consequences she's seen so many times before in other victims on the road.
The end of the ordeal came almost as a surprise. Without saying anything,
the spent men untied her arms and legs and lifted her up by her armpits.
One of them even helped her walk the long walk back towards the truck. She
could feel the cum dripping down her body. It was everywhere, in her ass
crack, her ears, and her nose. Her bangs and pubic hair were matted against
her body. Her torso and face was completely covered. Her rib cage and toned
stomach muscles created rivets for the cum to travel in as it flowed down
her. She could feel it dripping between her legs as she walked but most of
it flowed down her thighs.

The guys just talked about how good it was on the way back but Andrea
pretty much tuned them out, only hearing the occasional derogatory remark.
At this point she was too exhausted to care. They put her back in the
truck, got dressed themselves and they sped back off home, leaving two
people to guard her in the truck, so that she didn't jump out. She could
feel the cold wind drying all the sperm on her body.

The truck pulled up to the warehouse and went into the back yard. The two
men that had been guarding her pulled her up and offering the smallest
amount of support, drug her back inside the building. People stared as she
went by enjoying the site of her. The two men deposited her in a blank room
with a concrete floor. By this point Andrea was exhausted and closed her
eyes to sleep but one of the man's voices kept her from drifting off. "You
shouldn't have killed him bitch. We'll make you pay for that."

Andrea opened her eyes just in time to see a yellow stream of liquid
heading towards her breasts. The other guy seemed to think it a good idea
and pulled his own dick out, relieving himself on her. Then, without a
further word, the men left and lying drenched in cum and piss Andrea
couldn't help but go to sleep.

* * *

Andrea woke up to warm water flowing over her body. Her first thoughts were
that another man or group was pissing on her again but it didn't feel like
that. Reluctantly she opened her eyes to see Ed's concerned face. She was
in a tub of water and he was wiping her clean with a sponge. He smiled at
her as she looked up at him again and she became much more relaxed.

"Are you okay?" The concern in his voice was evident.

"Let's not talk about it all right?" Ed nodded and Andrea just lied back
feeling much more refreshed. Slowly, the caked on cum and urine washed
away. After a while Ed emptied the bath and starting getting a new clean
one going for her. A little under an hour later, she was as clean as she'd
ever be. Ed helped her out of the bath and dried her off. "Do you have
anything I can wear?"

"Sorry. If Ah give ya anythin' the others would get really pissed. Ah'd be
payin' the price for it."

Then she saw it. The look in his eye that said he still had some decency
left in him. The look that said he may be here with them, but he really
wasn't one of them. "Why do you stay with these maniacs anyway?"

Briefly, Andrea worried he had overstepped her bounds as she saw the brief
look of hurt on his face. But the look quickly faded and his response was
encouraging. "They've been mah family. Both mah parents were killed when Ah
was younger and the gang took me in. They gave me a family. But hey... No
family is perfect right?"

"Especially this one," she responded.

"You're right. Especially this one."

"Help me get out of here. You can come with me on the road."

"Are you serious? Ah thought you wanted t' join?" Andrea stared back at
him, their eyes meeting. "But that's just a cover isn't it? You jus' wanna
get on the inside."

"This gang has caused all kind of trouble around town. Raping and murdering
people. They've got to be stopped." Ed's face took on a look of despair.
This woman wanted to destroy everything he's knows for years. He couldn't
let it happen.

"No, no, no." He shook his head. "You can't destroy this. Ah'll help you
escape, because Ah don't want you here. Ah don't want you 'inside.' This
gang may cause damage in the city but it's important to people. You can't
ruin it." Andrea's heart sank. She screwed up. Letting him find out what
she was up to was a bad idea. Now she really did just have one choice.

Ed stood up. "Come on. Let's get you outta here." Andrea frowned. This
wasn't going well at all. If she tried to stay he would surely expose her.
She had to convince him her way was best. "Well," Ed said, "come on."

Andrea reluctantly stood, still naked. Goosebumps darted over her skin as
the cold air got to her. She went over to Ed who promptly left the room
with her.

As the two walked in silence, Andrea contemplated how she could bring him
to her side. Unfortunately, nothing came to mind, so as the two stepped
outside into the darkness of night, Andrea tried the same old argument.

"You can't tell me you support all their actions. They're monsters."

Ed didn't feel much like talking. "Maybe so. Be quiet now. We're almost at
the edge of the compound." Andrea took the hint and stopped talking. After
short order, the two arrived at the perimeter fence. "This is the only part
of the fence that isn't electrified. You can climb it here."

"Thanks for not telling the others."

"Well just 'tween you an' me? They are bastards. But don't come back. Ah'll
tell them you escaped, but if you come back, Ah'll tell the truth."

Andrea frowned. "I understand. You can still come with me you know. At
least then you won't have to stay."

"No. Mah place is here. Have a good life Andrea. An' leave town as soon as
possible. They'll come lookin' for you." With that, Andrea hopped the fence
and began walking. She was already near the center of town and decided it
best to head for the blue gangs headquarters. If she could make it there
she could get a change of clothes out of her bag and also, have the cyclone
to help her with whatever she decided to do.

In her current cloth-less state, Andrea thought it best to stick to the
shadows on her journey to the Blue's base of operations. All she needed was
to instigate more attacks on her. Or draw attention to her escape.

Finally, after an hour traversing a ten-minute walk, Andrea walked up to
the back door of The Blue's headquarters and knocked on the door. A slot
opened in the back and after looking at the state of her, the person inside
opened the large metal door for Andrea to come inside. The door guard was a
woman of about 20 years old, wearing the typical blue garb of the gang.
"Hey, are you okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine. Just looking for some clothes. I've got some in my bag."
Andrea smiled a genuine smile. Her nudity didn't seem to bother her.

"Come on in." The woman stood aside so Andrea could enter. "You're Andrea
right? Your stuff is in room 212. I'll walk you there."


The woman extended a hand, "Sorry, I didn't introduce myself. My name's
Keri." Andrea met her hand with her own and shook.

"Good to meet you."

"If you don't mind my saying so, you seem to be pretty at ease for someone
who's naked in a building full of people."

"You seem to be pretty at ease talking to someone who's naked in a building
full of people."

Keri smiled. "My dad walked around naked all the time at home. You get used
to the idea. So what happened to your clothes anyway?"

Andrea looked down. "I'd rather not get into that."

"Sure, no problem," Keri said. "Ah, here we are." She stopped next to a
door with the numbers 212 on the front. Meanwhile, a middle aged man walked
by, trying not to stare at Andrea. He quickly passed and Andrea and Keri
entered the room.

"You know, I think you're the only person in the world that can look
dignified while walking around without clothes."

Andrea smiled. "I'll take that as a compliment." Despite her apparent at
ease with the situation, Andrea still went immediately to her bag and
pulled out a pair of jeans and a white tank top. No underwear. She got

"You probably want to talk to Sean?" Keri asked.

"As soon as possible."

"I'll take you to him."

"Thanks." Andrea smiled again and Keri marveled at her ability to stay in
good spirits despite the obviously horrible things which had happened to
her. She was like an old military general. Always in command no matter what
her position or appearance.

"It's too bad the military isn't still around. I'm sure you'd fit in well
with them."

"My teacher would like to think so I'm sure."

"Oh?" Keri asked as the two left the room to go find Sean.

"Yeah. Michael Anders. He taught me everything I know about cyclones."

"I've heard of him! That guy's a legend. He single handedly took out an
Invid hive." Andrea only nodded. Often times when she mentioned his name,
others around her could go on for hours about how good a soldier he was.
Andrea had learned to tune it out, obviously knowing the real him much
better than many. He really wasn't all that amazing.

"Well here we are." Keri knocked on the door that presumably held Sean
inside. It was room 101.

"Come," came Sean's voice from inside the room. Andrea entered, leaving
Keri to return to her post at the back door. "I take it your initiation
wasn't as successful as you'd hoped."

"I'm afraid not. One of them found out what I was up to. He isn't going to
say anything but he didn't want it to happen."

"That's most unfortunate," Sean frowned. "What do you plan to do now."
Andrea's expression turned solemn.

"Leave. It's not safe for me to stay."

Sean frowned again. "I understand. I do have a request however."

"Of course." Andrea opened her eyes wider, curious about what it could be.

"I'd like three of my people to accompany you for a short while. You came
in from the North so I'm presuming you're going south?" Andrea hesitated.
She didn't much like having an annoying group following her around
everywhere. Sean seemed to see her hesitation. "They're all fine people, I
promise you. And it would only be as far as a small town about four days
drive from here."

"I suppose so. That will be fine."

"Excellent. You should leave within the hour. I'll get them together." Sean
stood up from his desk and walked over to a small closet. "Oh, and I have
something for you." He pulled out a blue jacket slightly armored, and blue

"It's our uniform, more or less," he said. "It may keep you safe. In more
ways than one."

"Thank-you." Andrea took the clothing and tucked it under her arm.

"Well you had best get ready. Good journey's too you. I will have everyone
meet you at the front door in 30 minutes." Andrea nodded and left the room,
closing the door behind her.

* * *

30 minutes later, Andrea headed for the front door, her cyclone in tow. She
was now wearing the blue jacket over her tank top and found it to be most
comfortable. Reaching the door, Andrea was surprised to see Keri standing
there. Along with two other men she didn't know. One looked like a total
geek. Bad suit, glasses, pocket protector, the works. He quickly introduced
himself, speaking nervously, with a stutter.

"uh... H... Hi. My name's Bob. I'm the d... d... doctor, round her."

The other man seemed much more likeable. He was attractive and looked
slightly European. "I'm Pepsi. I've heard a lot about you."

"All ready?" Andrea was surprised the rumors had started to fly this
quickly. Pepsi nodded. After a short time of looking at each other,
Andrea's curiosity got the best of her. "Pepsi?"

"Yeah. It was some drink that my parents used to love. They named me after
it. Great, huh?"

Andrea wasn't sure what to say so she figured agreeing was probably the
best policy. "Yeah. Well it certainly is unique."

Pepsi smiled mischievously, "So are we gonna get to see you naked? Bob was
asking about it earlier, but was afraid to ask."

Bob's expression turned to one of pure fear. "I... I... I... Did not. T...
Tell her, Keri. I would nev... never say anything of the sort."

Keri smiled at Pepsi's joke. "Bob speaks the truth. He'd be too nervous to
even think about it."

Pepsi turned to Keri, still smiling "Oh, thanks for ruining the joke." Bob
looked down, his face flushing with embarrassment.

Andrea decided it best to change the subject. "You guys all ready to leave?"

The three companions nodded in agreement and turned, opening the front door.
To Andrea's surprise, she found Ed there, raising his fist to knock when the
door has been open. "Well ah'll be. That's good timin'."

"Ed," Andrea exclaimed. "What are you doing here?"

"Ah decided Ah might come with y' after all if that's still all right? Ah...
Ah got mah own bike." Andrea smiled happily.

"Absolutely Ed. You're welcome to come." Pepsi gave Ed a questioning look
before exiting out the door. Bob and Keri came soon behind and Andrea pulled
her cyclone out.

"We only have on extra bike," said Keri. "So we'll have to double up."

"No problem," exclaimed Pepsi quickly. "I'll ride with Andrea. If that's
alright with her of course."

"Of course," came Andrea's reply. She quickly hopped on her bike and waited
for Pepsi to get on behind her. Bob got on the bike with Keri and Ed climbed
aboard his own.

"So... Ah... Where are we goin'?" Asked Ed before the roar of the motorcycle

"South," came the only answer. "Come on. Let's go." And with that, Pepsi
wrapped his arms tightly around Andrea's waist and Andrea took off at high
speeds. Letting the others catch up on the road.

End, part 1


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