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At some points, this story will contain scenes of rape (some chapters more
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Additionally, in many ways this story is a joint effort. (although I hate
admitting it cause RPG stories written in novel form generally suck), it
does in fact come from an RPG me and my friend played (although the RPG had
much less graphic sex in it). Regardless, many of the characters and
situations are his creation and I wanted to give him credit.

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Robotech: Invid Invasion Part 2 - The Wax Sculptures (MF,FF,food,splosh,voy)
by Invid Writer

Andrea pulled her shirt off and unbuckled her pants, slowly lowering them.
On the other side of the tent, Pepsi performed a similar ritual but he
didn't bother to wait once his shirt was gone. He moved over to Andrea and
began planting kisses on her collarbone, then moved up to her neck and
eventually her lips. Andrea kissed back with full force, aggressively.
Pepsi pulled their lips apart briefly to speak. "You're so beautiful."
Andrea barely responded to the comment. She just pressed her lips back to
his and allowed his tongue into her mouth, deepening the kiss.

She began to fumble with Pepsi's pants, trying to unfasten them in mid-kiss.
She eventually succeeded and grabbed the waistband, pulling them off quickly.
He was left in just his plain white boxers which she also, quickly removed to
reveal his hardening member. Still kissing passionately she grabbed it with
one hand and moved it to the entrance to her pussy, then slowly, shoved it

Pepsi broke the kiss to bend slightly and move his lips to her breast. He
kissed around the sides, gradually working his way towards the already stiff
nipple. Andrea began to sweat as Pepsi pumped in and out of her. A thin sheen
of perspiration coated her body, making her slippery. Pepsi just began to
pump harder.

Andrea moaned "Uhhhhnnnnnn... Slower... Slower," Andrea said in the hopes of
making it more enjoyable for herself. Pepsi didn't listen. Not this time
anyway. Meanwhile, his tongue finally reached her nipple and the contact sent
electric shocks down through her body. She'd always had fairly sensitive
breasts. But the nice feeling of his tongue gave way to the rougher feeling
of teeth as he bit down on her nipple. He began to pump even harder into her
pussy. Her free breast, moved wildly up and down as the shock from Pepsi's
thrusts moved her body. Her nipple began to hurt so Andrea moved her hands to
his face, applying a small amount of pressure to push him off her breast. He
didn't budge. "Stop. Pepsi… Stop."

Pepsi moved himself off her nipple and Andrea let out a moan of relief as
she was allowed to enjoy the pounding into her pussy more fully. But as she
began to relax, she felt Pepsi's teeth come down on her other nipple. Causing
it to become even stiff, but also painful. Pepsi was pounding into her hard
now, making her sore. This was fast becoming unpleasant. Andrea tried to
reason with him again. "Pepsi, stop." He didn't listen. He grabbed on to her
slender hips, slippery from sweat and thrust himself into her as far as he
could go, and reached orgasm, ejaculating deep into her. Andrea was breathing
heavily at this point. Relieved it was over she allowed herself to relax and
Pepsi, practically fell on top of her, his body pressed tightly against hers.
He didn't bother to withdraw himself from inside her. Andrea could feel him
slowly getting soft again.

"That was amazing," Pepsi said. "In fact... You're amazing. I'll be ready to
go again in a few minutes at this rate."

Andrea's hesitation was evident. It was obvious she wasn't real keen on the
idea of round two. But before Pepsi could inquire, Andrea heard the sound
of Keri speaking. "Andrea. Hey, Andrea." Andrea turned her neck, finding
Keri next to her in the tent. She was naked, with a hand to her crotch,
masturbating. Andrea noticed she was actually quite an attractive woman.

Keri pulled her fingers out of her crotch and licked them off. She then
reached her hand over to Andrea's shoulder and gave her a shake. "Andrea,
wake up. I think we have a problem."

Andrea's mind began to stir. That was a dream? Andrea opened her eyes to
see Keri's worried face looking down on her. Keri's hand was on Andrea's
naked shoulder shaking her slightly. Once Andrea opened her eyes, Keri
withdrew the hand. Andrea sat up fully, guessing something was wrong. She
forgot briefly that she sleeps naked and the sleeping bag fell to her
waste, exposing her breasts to Keri. Her nipples were still hard from the
dream and she was covered in sweat. Keri noticed, but didn't say anything.

"There's an Invid flying around outside. I think it's a scout but I'm not
sure." Andrea jumped to attention. An Invid scout was indeed dangerous. It
may not have any weapons to speak of but it would fly off to inform others
if it noticed anything peculiar. Andrea pulled herself out of the sleeping
bag and began putting on her riding armor, not even bothering with clothing
underneath. She always slept with her armor next to her in case of this
kind of emergency.

As Andrea put the riding armor on however, she realized that she never used
to be this open about her body. In fact she used to be quite conservative.
And now she could walk through down town Salt Lake City at night without
seriously being concerned about it. Perhaps her experience with the gang
had changed her more than she was willing to admit. Nonetheless, this was
no time for thoughts like that. There was an Invid outside to worry about.

Andrea finished putting on her armor and went outside, quickly hopping on
her cyclone parked beside the tent. Looking up, Andrea could see the Invid
circling around their camp. It was a crab looking creature. Somehow they
could fly but really it looked like it belonged in the sea. It had pinchers,
"furry" legs, and the works. The Invid had noticed them and just begun to
fly away to go get reinforcements. Andrea used her two years of training to
instantaneously transform her cyclone to battleoid mode and targeted two
missiles on the scout.

Without a moments hesitation she fired, blowing the rear section off of the
scout, causing it to crash land only a field or so away. It was almost
definitely dead and would be a great candidate for salvage.

Since the Invid ran on protoculture cells, it was often possible to find
clips compatible with energy weapons, or even vehicles. And since
protoculture was so hard to manufacture with the Invid blowing everything
up, it was really only possible to restock from downed Invid ships.

The battleoid mode for the cyclone looked similar to one of the giant mechas
of the past. Andrea had seen one once during her training and was greatly
impressed. Although her cyclone only added a foot or so to her height, the
mechas stood 40 or 50 feet tall. An impressive sight to be sure.

"I'll be right back," Andrea said, before transforming back to motorcycle
mode and screeching off in the direction of the fallen Invid.

"W... wa... was that really n... necessary?" Came Bob's question from safely
behind a tent.

"Of course it was," exclaimed Ed, who had been watching the scene from a
safe distance along with Bob.

"It would have told other Invid and they would have come back with a whole
fleet." Pepsi explained. "So yeah, it was necessary. Why, what does it
matter? It's only an Invid. Those ones aren't even supposed to be

"W... well, never mind." Bob made his way over to Keri and spoke quietly.
"She uh... She wasn't wearing anything under that armor... W... was she?:

Keri smiled at him. The answer was obvious.

"Oh, I... I see... wow," said Bob.

Elsewhere, Andrea was pulling up to the downed Invid vessel. It left a
streak of dirt in the grass from the crash. And it wasn't moving. Andrea
got off her bike and pulled an energy pistol out of the rear compartment.
She approached the Invid ship.

The ship itself was fairly big. Probably 10 feet across, and at least that
high. It was leaking a sort of green goop out of the rear, where the missiles
had created a large hole. Andrea approached carefully. She'd done this before
so she knew where to look but it was never fun, and it was always messy. She
stepped her armored boot into the ship and ducked to fit inside. Andrea
avoided the front of the ship because she knew that's where the pilot was and
that was never pleasant to look at.

She moved to one of the walls and shot it with the energy pistol. She then
peeled down the membrane of the wall and unhooked three small rectangles
from the power system. Quickly, she left the ship with her bounty in hand,
looking behind her to make sure the pilot was in fact dead and not following.
It seemed to be. Andrea got back on the cyclone and took off back towards
camp. It was seconds before she arrived.

The others at camp had all ready packed up on Pepsi's instructions and Pepsi
came over to her. "I packed up your tent. Your clothes are back in your bag."

Andrea felt nervous around him, probably due to last night's dream. She
wanted to avoid conversation. "Okay great. We'll travel for a couple hours
to get out of the area and then we can go back to sleep. Pepsi got on the
rear of the cyclone and again, wrapped his arms around her tightly. He was
enjoying the feel of her naked stomach, where the armor didn't reach. Ed
looked on jealously from the distance as he boarded his own bike to follow

* * *

It was morning now. The birds were singing as Andrea bathed in a lightly
flowing stream to clean off the green goop from earlier. When she was done,
she grabbed her nearby riding armor and wiped that clean as well. The others
were still sleeping from the previous night's late activities. But between
her uncomfortable dream and the Invid scout, Andrea hadn't slept any more
that night. She decided instead to get an early start and clean off.

Eventually, the riding armor was clean and Andrea stepped out of the steam.
She picked a comfortable part of the bank to lie down on and dry off. Maybe
she would have some time to work on her tan. She liked to keep herself
tanned fully. It seemed more attractive somehow.

Suddenly, Andrea heard footsteps and instinctively reached for her .45
caliber handgun. As the footsteps came out of the dense forest surrounding
her, Andrea realized it was Pepsi. Andrea should have relaxed but instead
found it difficult to do so.

"Hey. I read your note and found out you were here," Pepsi said.

"Did you read the bottom too? It said not to bug me unless it was an

"Whoa, whoa. Easy there. I wanted to talk about all the attitude you gave
me last night." Pepsi sat down, trying hard not to stare at her body. He
did a pretty good job at keeping eye contact, Andrea thought. Since she was
now dry however, she figured she may as well get dressed and not give him
any reason to stare. She pulled her pants on while they were talking.

"I wasn't aware I gave you any attitude last night."

"Well you didn't. That's the problem. It was like you were giving me the
silent treatment." Andrea pulled on her shirt.

"Just didn't feel like talking," Andrea lied.

"You know what I've learned about you so far, Andrea?" Pepsi took a moment
to think. "You're really a terrible liar." He smiled, trying to lighten the
moment. Even his smile seemed to set off her warning bells. This wasn't
someone she wanted to get to know.

"Come on, let's go back to camp." Andrea picked up her riding armor and
began walking away from the stream. Pepsi followed along beside her in

After only a short walk the two travelers made it back to their camp to see
Ed, Bob and Keri, eating around a fire. In the distance stood a large run
down mansion, with what looked like two human sized sculptures on the front
porch. The sun was disappearing behind some heavy looking clouds casting
the mansion in a gloomy light.

"When did that get there?" Andrea asked, referring to the mansion.

"A... P... Presumably, it's be… been there a while." Andrea gave him a look.
"B... But I gu... guess you already kn... knew that."

"I just meant I didn't notice it in the dark." As Andrea finished her
sentence, she felt a cool raindrop hit her cheek. She looked up just in
time for the clouds to open and begin pouring. "Looks like it's going to be
quite the storm. The mansion looks abandoned. Maybe we should spend the day
there." Andrea looked around, not getting a very good response from the
others, now soaking wet.

"Well... Ah guess if it gets us outa' this rain," said Ed reluctantly. "But
it doesn't look too invitin'."

"I'm sure it'll be fine. Besides, if we try to set up our tents they'll
probably blow away." Andrea looked at the trees, all ready tilting from the
wind. "The wind's picking up as fast as this rain came in."

By now, everyone was soaked. Andrea's shirt was soaked through, making the
white tank top nearly transparent. The darker shade of her nipples was
clearly evident. Not to mention the shape. The shirt also stuck to her
stomach, revealing her musculature. Pepsi was in a similar situation also
wearing white cotton. His shirt revealed he had some muscle on him too.

Andrea noticed Pepsi staring. "Well, let's go." The group began walking
across the field to the oversized house. As they got closer, they were able
to make out the two sculptures on the porch. One was a young woman that
looked like she was hit by an energy pistol. The other, an older man had a
dagger in his chest and a look of horror on his face.

"M... maybe th... this wasn't a good idea," said Bob, perhaps more nervously
than normal.

"Bah. It's just t' scare away the youngins. Ah'm sure it's fine. Right

"Right," she responded, not entirely convinced. She hadn't had much luck
with sculptures of dead people before. "Well, let's go in."

The travelling companions entered through the rickety, unlocked front door
into the mansion's lobby. Inside sat a dual, spiral staircase leading up to
the open second level. More wax sculptures sat in the main foyer. They were
all of people caught in their last moments before a gruesome death. They
left an obvious gloomy atmosphere inside, as well as out.

Pepsi looked around nervously. "Is this place making anyone else feel a
little concerned about its owner?"

"Well I'm starting to think this may not be the most comfortable house to
stay over in, if that's what you mean," came Andrea's reply.

"I don't know, I think it's kind of neat," said Keri optimistically. "Even
if it is a little disturbing." Andrea paused for a moment, looking around

"There's no dust on the floor," Andrea said. "Someone must be around fairly

Keri looked up to the second level and spoke loudly. "Hello? Is anyone
here?" A soft, female response quickly came back.

"Only me. I'll be right down."

Keri looked to Andrea. "Seems friendly enough."

"They always do," replied Andrea cautiously.

After a time of only a few seconds, footsteps began approaching from the
upstairs and a young woman, looking about 18 years of age came into view.
She wore a long white wedding dress. She was incredibly beautiful. Many
found her to be one of the most attractive people they ever met. She was a
blonde, with large unnaturally firm breast. Her waste and hips were narrow.
The dress concealed most of her frame but it was obvious she would look
astounding no matter what she wore. She walked down the stairs casually to
approach the group, her concentration obviously on Andrea's wet shirt. She
reached the group and spoke to Andrea.

"Wow, you have really nice breasts."

"Um," Andrea wasn't sure how to take that. "Thanks."

"Anytime." The woman looked away from Andrea's chest to talk to the rest of
the group. "So how come all of you came in here? Normally, I don't get

Andrea decided to respond. "The storms going to get pretty bad. We were
wondering if we could spend the day here."

The woman perked up. "Oh, that would be great! I could show you all around."

"W... Well, actually... I... If you don't mind, could I just g... go to a

"I think I'll join him, if that's okay with you all," said Pepsi.

The woman seemed disappointed. "Well... I guess so. Are you sure you don't
want to see the rest? I've got lots more."

"No, uh... That's okay," stated Pepsi.

Ed chimed in with his own excuse "Uh... This ain't really my thing either.
Ah'll catch ya'll later." The three men left in the direction the woman
pointed for a room. She seemed unhappy about everyone avoiding her tour.

Keri, seeing her disappointment tried to save face. "I'd love to see the
rest. What about you Andrea?"

Andrea was a little less enthusiastic. "Yeah. Sure."

The woman seemed not to notice Andrea's hesitance and let out a small squeal.

"So, what's your name? I'm Keri, this is Andrea."

"Oh," the woman's expression sunk slightly but quickly picked up again. "I
actually don't have one."

"Really?" Said Keri. "That must be kind of weird."

"You get used to it. Come on, I'll show you two everything."

An extended tour ensued in which Andrea was subjected to just about every
horrible death she could imagine. Keri didn't seem to approve much more than
Andrea but she was better at being complimentary towards the craftsmanship.
Eventually, Andrea decided she had seen enough. She decided to try to
politely excuse herself.

"I think I'm going to head off to the room. I'm pretty tired."

"All right. I can show you more later!" Came the cheerful response. "I'll
see you then!"

With that Andrea left Keri and the woman alone. She quickly found the room
that had been pointed out and sat down in a chair near Ed. The storm still
continued strongly out the window.

"She has a lot of sculptures," Andrea said to Ed.

"Ah noticed. Kinda morbid don't y' think?" Andrea only nodded.

"So, you changed your mind about coming with me."

"Well, Ah guess Ah was thinkin' about what y' said to me earlier. You know,
'bout them causin' so much trouble in town. Ah figured I didn't want to be
associated with that after all."

"Good choice."

"Ah thought so." Ed smiled at her rather sheepishly. "An' Ah thought it
would be nice to get to know y' better."

"Well I'm sure we'll have plenty of opportunity." Andrea realized then
however that she was in fact rather tired. She hadn't slept well the night
before so she decided it may be time for a nap. "I'm going to get some

"Sure. O' course," said Ed. Andrea settle into her well stuffed chair and
closed her eyes. She was asleep in seconds.

* * *

A few hours later, Andrea opened her eyes once more. Her dreams had stayed
at bay so she felt fairly refreshed. Ed was still sitting in the chair
beside her and Pepsi sat across the room with Bob. Keri had yet to return.
"How long was I sleeping?" She asked Ed.

"Oh, Ah don' know. About three hours Ah guess?"

"Wow," Andrea looked around, truly noticing that Keri hadn't returned. "Keri
still not back?"

"Well, uh... She was here for a few minutes just after y' went t' sleep but
she left right away. Said she was goin' to that other girl's room for awhile.
Guess they hit it off pretty good eh?"

"Guess so."

"Storms startin' to clear up though. We can probably get movin' any time
now. An' Ah don' know about you, but Ah'd just assume get outta here as
soon as Ah can."

"I'll go find her then. You guys can wait here"

"Sounds good. Ah'll see y' when y' get back."

Andrea sat up straight, allowing her to finish waking up and then got up
out of her chair to brave the halls once more.

A short while later, Andrea heard voices coming from one of the second level
rooms. She carefully maneuvered clear of a sculpture and headed down the hall
towards the noise. As she got closer she noticed that it wasn't talking so
much as groaning, coming from the door up ahead. The door itself was open a
crack and Andrea's curiosity got the best of her. She took a peak through.

What she saw, was a clear view of the bed. Irene and Keri were both naked.
Keri was straddling Irene, kissing her deeply. They were both drenched in
sweat which caused Andrea to believe that they'd been at this since about
when she went to sleep. Their endurance was remarkable, she thought to

Andrea continued to watch, despite her better judgement. She had to admit
she was curious as to how two women did it.

Keri was rubbing her hips into the other woman while the two French kissed.
She wasn't getting any friction at this point. It was probably more of a
subconscious reaction to her arousal. Andrea wasn't sure what point they
were at in their lovemaking. Perhaps they were just wrapping up.

Andrea was quickly proven wrong as Keri sat up and positioned her legs so
that they were scissoring with the young woman's. Keri grabbed the other
woman's thigh and pulled, still in her sitting up position. This caused
their pussies to hug together tightly. Wasting no time, Keri began to hump
her lover, moving her hips strongly into the other woman.

Now that Andrea had a good look at the other woman's breasts she became
immediately envious. They were perfect. Large, round, soft, firm. Of course,
Andrea quickly realized that they would get in the way whenever she tried to
do physical activity. Well, with the exception of the activity she was
witnessing now anyway.

Keri was pretty attractive herself. Her body shape was closer to Andrea's
in that she was much more athletic than her partner was. Her breasts were
smaller and her muscles more defined.

As Andrea continued to think to herself, the moans coming from the two lovers
intensified. Keri, lay back all the way but held on to the other woman's leg
as she did so, making sure their pussies continued to kiss tightly. Now
holding the woman's leg by the ankle, she continued to thrust her hips hard.
If it was at all possible she seemed to get sweatier. The two now reflected
light from around the room on their soaked skin. Keri's bangs were stuck to
her forehead and her eyes were closed tightly, enjoying the sensations.
Droplets of sweat rolled down her face and body.

After a few more minutes of humping, Keri's breathing quickened along with
the other woman's. They were fast moving towards orgasm. Keri wrenched hard
on the other woman's leg as she came, pushing her crotch even tighter into
her partner. "Ohhhhhh, Irene." The other woman let out a large squeal as
she came simultaneously. Keri let go of 'Irene's' leg and flipped herself
around so she was once again directly on top of her lover. She kissed her
hard, but eventually pulled back to admire her.

"Irene?" Said the woman curiously.

"Oh, I'm sorry. It's someone I once knew," replied Keri sheepishly.

"Don't be sorry, I like it."

"You're not offended?" Asked Keri, still concerned she might have damaged
her friends feelings.

"Of course not." The woman smiled. "Can I use it?"

Andrea thought this might be a good time to knock, but again went against
her better judgement and continued to watch. She didn't think the two would
mind if they found her out anyway, she justified to herself.

"What, the name? Sure. I think it suits you." Keri smiled and the newly
named Irene continued to smile sweetly. However, her smile quickly turned
into something more mischievous. Irene flipped Keri onto her back and lay
on top of her now. She pressed her breasts into Keri's tightly and with one
hand quietly reached over to the night table. With her free hand, she moved
Keri's arms up above her head and laid another strong kiss on her. This
kiss was perhaps even more intense than ones previous. Irene took Keri's
lower lip between her teeth gently and rubbed her tongue over it. She
quickly let go and continued to bite/kiss the woman beneath her.

Irene then quickly placed a pair of handcuffs (the item she had retrieved
from the night table) around Keri's wrists. She was now locked with her
arms above her head to the bed frame. Upon this realization, Keri smiled
through their kiss, obviously not concerned about the handcuffs. Irene
lowered her hands to massage Keri's breasts. She rubbed them roughly, with
her palms pressing into Keri's nipples as she moved her lips off of Keri's.
Irene then touched her tongue to Keri's chin and licked up the center of
her face. Her tongue caught briefly on Keri's upper lip causing it to move
out slightly until it slipped back into position and Irene continued.
Eventually stopping at the tip of her nose.

"Mmmm. Tasty."

"I'm glad you like it," responded Keri.

Andrea noticed even though she wasn't physically attracted to either
participant she was becoming aroused. Most likely at how 'into' each other
they seemed to be. She had never seen two people become so close, so
quickly as these two seem to have. Of course, she didn't often spy on young
lovers either.

Meanwhile, Irene had moved slightly down Keri's body. Irene's rear was in
the air to make sure she stayed away from Keri's sex. She was probably
trying to taunt her and it seemed to be working. Irene licked between
Keri's breasts, tasting the salt from their recent activities. She looked
directly at Keri and licked her lips. Then, without further hesitation she
buried herself in Keri's breasts. Her free hand would massage whichever one
she wasn't giving a tongue bath. All the while, Irene kept her hips
separate from Keri's. This went on for a few minutes until Keri was bucking
up and down on the bed trying to get some kind of contact in her nether
regions. Again, Irene licked the salty sweat from between Keri's breasts
and looked her in the eyes.

Irene then dragged her tongue further down Keri's body, until her mouth was
pressed into Keri's pubic hair only inches away from her soaking wet
crotch. Rather dramatically, Irene moved her head back and stuck out her
tongue. She held it a short distance from Keri's sex and teased for another
moment. Then quickly, all at once pressed her tongue against Keri's opening.
Keri's back arched violently as she came from the one touch alone. Her
breasts giggled from the sudden movement and her lungs took in gulps of
air causing her stomach to move in and out. Irene kept pressing further and
further into Keri's sex, licking as she went. She stuck her tongue as far
inside Keri as she could, causing her to orgasm yet again. Slowly, Irene
pulled away slightly until she was planting heavy kisses around Keri's pussy.

As Keri began to calm down, Irene went back to work, pulling at Keri's nether
lips with her mouth. She grabbed them between her own lips and stretched them
away from Keri's body as she sucked hungrily. It didn't take long for Keri to
approach orgasm once again. Keri was in a lust-crazed haze as Irene buried
her mouth back into the heart of Keri's sex. Irene was sticking her tongue
inside Keri again and once more Keri bucked, arched her back, and came hard,
moaning loudly.

"Oh my God," came the weakened cry from Keri as Irene finally stopped.
Irene's face, from her chin to her nose was completely soaked in Keri's cum
when she pulled away. Irene smiled seductively as she moved back up Keri's
body and planted a large wet kiss on her lover, smearing Keri's juices over
both their faces. Andrea was sure Keri was able to taste herself easily
from the kiss but Keri didn't seem to mind. When Irene pulled away, their
lips stuck together briefly from all the saliva and cum.

"Mmmm. You really do taste good," Irene said as she licked her lips. She
thrust her hips into Keri once more causing a noticeable shutter to flow
through Keri's body. "A little sensitive?"

"Oh, God yes," Keri said. "I don't think I'll walk normal all day."

"Mmmmm, good," said Irene. "There's just one thing left."

Now Andrea was intrigued. What could possibly be left to do? Keri could
barely touch her legs together without shuddering uncontrollably.

Irene got up from the bed leaving Keri to writhe slightly in the soaked bed
sheets. Irene moved across the room to the mantle peace. She disappeared out
of Andrea's view briefly but what Andrea saw when she came back startled her.
Irene was holding a large dagger. Immediately Andrea went for her gun,
pointing it at Irene through the crack in the door.

"What are you doing?" Said Keri, rather concerned.

Irene looked at her curiously. "Finishing."

"What?" Keri was growing more frightened. She tried to pull her arms free
of the handcuffs but had no such luck. "No."

"It'll be fun, I promise."

Andrea was thinking to herself. 'Come, on. Talk her out of it.'

"What, putting a dagger through my chest? No." Keri turned her head and
shouted. "Help, someone."

"No one can hear you. Their room is on the other side of the mansion. Aren't
you happy? You're going to be a sculpture in my house." Irene raised the
dagger with both hands, preparing to stab it through Keri's chest.

'Damn,' thought Andrea to herself as she pulled the trigger on her gun.
The unseen bullet slammed into Irene, knocking her away from the bed. She
collapsed to the ground and Andrea ran into the room, still pointing her
gun at the fallen woman. "What?" Said Andrea to herself quietly. "That's
not possible."

"What? What is it?" Spoke Keri, still handcuffed to the bed.

"Just... Just hang on," said Andrea.

Out of Irene flowed green blood. Andrea stood startled for a moment before
bending over to try and stop the bleeding. She never believed in killing an
enemy if it was preventable. Guns were merely something to stop them.
However, sometimes a fatal wound could not be helped. Such occurrences were
unfortunate but necessary for her own or others safety. After seeing the
wound, Andrea was concerned this would be one such occurrence.

The bullet appeared to have pierced the heart. Although, to Irene's credit
she was still alive and gasping for air. Andrea quickly grabbed Irene's
discarded dress and used the material to apply pressure to the wound.

"What are you?" Asked Andrea, still confused by the green blood. Not to
mention the fact that she was still alive.

Irene's expression was one of puzzlement. "An Invid." Remarkably she still
kept her normal, calm tone of voice. Andrea stood confused for a moment
before she remembered Keri. She looked over at the bed.

"You okay?"

"I'm fine," came Keri's response. "Thanks to you. Now what's going on down
there. Did she say Invid?"

As Andrea looked towards Keri she felt air beneath where she was applying
pressure. Worried that Irene had slipped free, she turned back to face her
but miraculously all that remained was a pool of green blood.

"She's disappeared," said Andrea. A moment later, Andrea recovered from her
initial shock and decided it best to free Keri. It wasn't hard to find the
key on the night table and Andrea unlocked Keri's wrists.

Keri wasted no time upon being free to sit up and plant a large kiss on
Andrea. Andrea opened her eyes wide at the gesture but was almost afraid to
pull away. She could distinctly taste Keri's juices on her mouth, still
present from her and Irene's rather passionate kiss. She wasn't sure she
liked the taste.

Finally Keri pulled away. "Sorry," she said after realizing her actions.
"Maybe I'm still a little horny. But thanks for saving me."

"Uh..." Andrea was still stunned. "No problem. I guess she survived if she
somehow teleported away."

"Guess so," said Keri. "So how long were you out there."

"Only a few seconds. I was walking by." Andrea cursed her lying ability. It
was obvious Keri knew she wasn't telling the truth but tactfully didn't say

"Well if you ever want to know what it's like with a woman," Keri said,
remarkably calm considering her recent experience. "Look me up."

"Thanks, but I doubt I'll take you up on that."

"You never know," Keri smiled seductively. For the first time, Andrea
noticed that her nose crinkled up rather cute when she smiled like that.
She quickly put the thought out of her head.

"You should get dressed. I think it's time to get out of here. I don't know
if she's coming back." Keri nodded and got off the bed. She was still covered
in sweat, but most of it had turned cold and was drying, causing her skin to
break out in goose bumps.

Keri was pulling on her pants. She also wore no underwear, Andrea noticed.
Of course, there weren't exactly any manufacturers of the stuff anymore. As
was the case with bras, it was next to impossible to find. "You think she
killed all the people that are sculpted out there?"

Andrea nodded vaguely.

"Wow. She must be one of the biggest independent murderers I've ever heard

Andrea nodded again. "That's why I want to get out of here. Figures she was
an Invid."

"You ever seen a human looking one before?"

Andrea shook her head negatively. "No. Never. I hadn't even heard they
exist. I guess they do."

"It makes sense though I guess. It's easier to spy on us if they can blend
in." Keri pulled her white T-shirt on and then her blue jacket. She quickly
set her hair so it was free of her clothing. "All right, let's go."

* * *

Andrea and Keri arrived at the others' room. Andrea kept her gun out and at
the ready, although always pointed down. She poked her head into the room.
"Come on everyone, we're getting out of here."

"About time," said Pepsi. "What took you so long? That was like half an

'Was it that long?' Andrea thought to herself as she looked over at Keri,
defeated. Keri smiled to herself but didn't say anything.

"I'll explain later. Let's go." Andrea thought it best to avoid the subject,
at least for now. She could explain about the attempted murder once they were
all out of this place.

About two minutes later everyone was filing out of the front doors and
heading back towards the bikes. As the group walked, Andrea explained
(leaving out a few rather necessary details about sex) that Irene had
attempted to kill Keri and in the process was shot and found an Invid. The
others took a while to believe the tale, but with Keri's reassurance they
all found themselves wondering what they were in for now that they knew the
Invid could take human shape.

The group arrived at the bikes while still talking over the strange events
that occurred over the last hour. Andrea let the others speak and hopped on
her bike. Pepsi moved over to join her but Keri quickly interjected. "I
think I'll ride with Andrea for a while Pep. Why don't you take the other

"Uh... Sure, why not," he said. It was obvious he would much rather be
fondling Andrea, but reluctantly went to the other bike anyway. "Come on,
Bob. Let's go."

"W... Why, of c... course. Bob got on with Pepsi, while Ed climbed aboard his
own bike. Meanwhile, Keri climbed aboard with Andrea and pressed herself up
against her back. Andrea took off with a start.

"Did you enjoy the show earlier?" Keri asked, clearly with a hidden motive.
The question made Andrea feel awkward.

"It was interesting, I'll give you that. I'd just never seen two women do
it before. I was curious. Hope you don't mind."

"Well, if it was Pepsi, or even Bob trying to get a quick peek? Probably.
But with you, no. I don't mind. In fact, I'm kind of glad you were watching.
It makes it more fun to think about it."

Andrea laughed awkwardly. "Well, to be honest, I'm still kind of concerned
about that Invid."

"I wouldn't worry about her. She disappeared. It's not like there's anything
we can do, so we may as well just move on and keep an eye out right?"

"Yeah I guess... But it feels wrong somehow, knowing she may kill someone

"Well, I try to think of the little things. And I'm just glad you saved me."
Keri softly placed her hand under Andrea's shirt to press it up against her
abs. Andrea felt goose bumps forming on her stomach but decided not to make
a deal of it. After all, Keri's hand wasn't anywhere all that bad.

"So what's Bob's story?" Andrea thought it best to change the subject. "He
doesn't seem like much of a diplomat or fighter."

Keri seemed to find that funny. "No, he's certainly not. Bob's a doctor. A
damn good one too. Probably one of the best on the continent. He just seems
to know everything you know?"

"Wow. That could certainly come in handy."

"It has, believe me. We're heading down to Las Vegas to try and expand the
group. I'm the diplomat, Pepsi's the reinforcement and Bob's in case we have
any trouble. And you of course, are the transportation."

Andrea smiled. "Of course."

"I hope it doesn't take us much longer to get there. I could use to sleep
on a bed again."

Andrea laughed. "I haven't slept in a bed in weeks. That would be a nice

"Yeah, I can imagine." Keri paused as if deciding whether or not she should
make her next comment. "Maybe we could share a room?"

"We'll see," replied Andrea. But to her surprise, she found herself actually
considering it. "It should only be another six hours or so at this pace."


* * *

The group of companions pulled into Las Vegas just after dark. Andrea was
surprised to find it raining, and raining hard. After all, they were in the
desert. As Andrea maneuvered her bike down Main Street she found she couldn't
help but remember all the wonderful things she had heard about this city.
The piles of rubble on either side of the road had once been huge hotels and
casinos. People would come from all over the world to gamble here. And now,
it was a giant pile of cement and steel. Just as the Invid had left it.

She noticed however, that unlike the downtown of most cities the roads here
had at least been cleaned. Perhaps this city did still have a few visitors
from around the area. Her hypothesis was proven correct as they traveled
down what was once known as 'the strip.' Torchlight from up ahead signified
a gathering of a number of buildings open for some form of business. Andrea
set a course and headed their way.

Keri spoke up from behind her. "That should be the hotels."

Andrea couldn't help but feel excited. Had someone actually tried to
re-institute tourism as a means of gaining money? The thought itself was
enough to bring her some joy. At least the human race wouldn't go down

The three bikes pulled up to a side road off of the strip. It was lit heavily
with torchlight and contained smaller versions of the casino's Andrea had
pictured once standing on the strip. Her spirit was not dampened after seeing
the smaller hotels. They may have just been shadows of the originals but they
looked better than anything she had seen lately.

"We're expected at the second last one on the right," came Keri's voice from
behind her. "The mirage I think it's called."

Andrea followed her companion's directions, quickly reaching the end of the
new strip. Sure enough, the second last one on the right was called the
Mirage. Its letters were painted vibrantly above the door to the building.
She pulled to a stop and dismounted her bike. Keri followed behind her as
she set a course for the double doors leading into the building. The others
also dismounted and followed from behind.

Inside, the hotel was much more glamorous than out. Large chandeliers hung
above plush carpets. To her left was a door leading towards the casino. There
were no slots or other electronic games but plenty of card tables and other
similar games. Off to the right was the bar. Both sides were quite busy.
Andrea and Keri approached the main desk. There was an attractive man
watching over the desk. He was dressed quite nicely.

"My name's Keri Sanders. We're here from Salt Lake."

"Ah yes, we've been expecting you." The man beamed back with a friendly
smile. "We've been saving two of our nicer rooms for your company." He
fumbled around beneath the desk. "Here we are." He handed over two keys to
Keri. "Someone will be up tomorrow morning to arrange a meeting with you."

"Great," came Keri's cheerful reply.

"You folks have a good night now."

"I'm sure we will."

"Oh," he perked up. "I forgot to mention. Drinks for all of you are on the
house tonight."

"Really? Thanks. I'm sure they'll all appreciate it."

"Of course."

Andrea and Keri gave the man a smile and went back to the others. Keri
handed Pepsi a key. "For you and Bob. Who are you looking to stay with Ed?"

"Well, uh..." He looked at Andrea and the over to Keri. "Ah reckon Ah'd best
stay with the guys. More appropriate."

"Okay, then it's all settled. Drinks are free so go ahead and grab a few if
you guys want."

"Free eh?" Said Ed. "Wow. Ah think ah'll grab a few." Ed headed off towards
the bar in no particular rush. Pepsi and Bob headed for the stairs. The sound
of thunder roared from outside.

"Guess we're not going for a walk today, huh?" Said Keri.

"Guess not." Andrea looked at either door. "I think I'm going to go up to
the room and relax for awhile."

"I'll meet you up there in a few minutes. I just want to talk to him again."
Keri gestured towards the man at the desk.

Andrea nodded and Keri gave her the room key before going back to the desk.
Andrea went to the stairs and began to climb. The room was on the fourth
floor. She easily traversed the stairs and reached her room door. With a
turn of the key she was inside looking around. The room was beautiful. Andrea
took off her boots and went almost cautiously further into the room. There
was only one bed she noticed with a frown, but it was one of the biggest
she'd ever seen. There would certainly be plenty of room. And if worse came
to worse she could always take the couch.

To her left after the closet Andrea noticed a door. She went over, noticing
it was a bathroom. She was about to dismiss it, closing the door when she
noticed there was a small bar of soap sitting on the tub side. And soap meant
water. Andrea went into the room afraid to get her hopes up and turned the
tap on the sink. Water flowed easily from the tap and Andrea's eyes opened
wide. She cupped her hands and put them under the stream of water. The water
nearly burnt her. Hot, running water. "Wow." She said to herself, then looked
back over to the bar of soap. She turned off the tap and quickly moved to the
bath, turning on both the hot and cold water. She then switched pulled the
lever and the water flowed out of the showerhead. She quickly peeled off her
dirty clothing and jumped in, letting the water course over her.

She moved directly under the showerhead, as if trying to make sure not a
single drop of water was wasted. Grabbing the soap, Andrea ran it over her
body until it lathered nicely.

The next fifteen minutes were spent soaping off and enjoying the feel of the
water. Eventually however, Andrea had decided she'd best save some for the
other guests. She shut off the tap and stepped out, grabbing a towel. A quick
rub and she was dry. She decided she'd let her clothes soak so she wrapped
the towel around her waist and filled the sink with water. Once full she
placed them inside and exited the bathroom, effectively topless.

Keri was sitting on the bed with her back to the headboard. "All done?
Where's your clothing?"

"I put them in the sink to soak. They're getting pretty ripe." She sat down
on the couch stretching her arms out to the side and casually resting them
on the couch back. "Wow... I haven't had a heated shower in ages."

"The shower is heated?" Said Keri, surprised.

Andrea smiled and nodded as Keri quickly stood up and walked into the
bathroom. She didn't even close the door behind her before Andrea heard the
shower start up.

Andrea smiled to herself and closed her eyes, allowing herself to relax. Her
body began to feel light and without realizing it, she drifted to sleep.

After what seemed like only seconds of rest, Andrea woke up startled to
someone sitting down on her lap. She opened her eyes to see Keri straddling
her hips. Keri's arms were above Andrea's still outstretched ones and wrapped
around her neck. Her face was only inches away from Andrea's which meant it
took her a moment to notice that Keri was not only completely naked, but
still soaking wet from the shower.

"Hi." Keri said rather nonchalantly. Andrea moved her arms down to her sides.

"Hi. Uh... What are you doing?"

"Trying to add a little spice to your love life," Keri said as she wiggled
her hips into Andrea's towel. "You'll like it I promise."

Andrea was hesitant. "I don't think..."

"Yes you do," Keri interrupted. "I can tell you're interested. You're just

"I'm not..." Andrea stopped as she realized that Keri may in fact be right.
"Well, even if I am… I'm not sure it's a good idea."

"Where could there possibly be any harm?" Keri could tell she was getting to
her. "Just let me kiss you. We'll take it slow and see how it goes, okay?"

Andrea sighed, getting closer to giving in when Keri moved her lips forward
to come in contact with Andrea's. Andrea's gut reaction was to pull back.
Keri licked her lips to give them some moisture. "Trust me," she said.

Slowly, Andrea let her muscles relax and placed her arms around Keri's waist,
letting her hands rest at the small of her back. She moved her lips forward
slowly until once again they made contact with Keri's. Andrea was surprised
at the gentleness of the kiss. They sat like that for a long while, kissing
gently. After a while, Keri moved her head away but the moisture had gone
from her lips and they stuck to Andrea's slightly. A soft sound came from
Andrea as Keri moved completely away, briefly pulling Andrea's lips apart.

"So?" Keri said. "Want to keep going?"

Andrea hesitated but Keri went in for another kiss, this time parting her
lips. Andrea felt Keri's tongue rub against the outside of her lips gently
and she opened her mouth, allowing Keri's tongue to enter between her teeth.
At first, Andrea found she was slightly disgusted by the action, but as the
kiss went on she found she became more and more willing until eventually she
inserted her own tongue into Keri's mouth. She probed cautiously into her
lover's mouth, twirling her tongue against Keri's and rubbing it over her
teeth. After a few more moments of this Andrea withdrew her tongue and
stopped the kiss.

"That was... Amazing," said Andrea.

"Mmmm. We haven't even begun, babe." Suddenly, as if on cue there was a knock
at the door. Andrea jumped up with a start and looked for something to cover

"Relax," Keri said. "It's okay. Someone's just brining some wine from
downstairs." Andrea calmed and Keri kissed her again, her tongue once more
finding its place inside Andrea's mouth. Andrea returned the kiss and for a
few moments it went on until there was another knock on the door. Keri
pulled away but Andrea moved her head forward as if trying to continue the
kiss. "Lie down on the bed." Keri said as she put her hand out to help
Andrea off the couch. Andrea graciously accepted the help up and was not at
all surprised or concerned when Keri tugged at Andrea's towel with her free
hand. Andrea quickly found herself naked but proceeded to the bed regardless
as Keri wrapped the towel around her chest, covering up her body.

Andrea laid down as Keri opened the door just enough to accept a platter from
whoever brought it up. Keri then closed the door and put it down on a night
table beside the bed. She undid her towel and tossed it in the corner of the
room as she sat down on the bed beside Andrea. Andrea noticed that there was
a lot more than just wine on the platter. Besides the two glasses there was
also a bowl of strawberries and a cup with a spout on it containing some kind
of dark liquid. The strawberries had no leaves on them. They must have been
previously removed. Keri poured two glasses of wine and handed one to Andrea.
Clinking her glass against Andrea's as she spoke. "To new experiences."

Andrea smiled, surprised at how fast the nervousness had vanished. The two
quickly drank the glass of wine and Keri poured another one. Again, it was
quickly downed by the two women. "Now for the fun part," said Keri eagerly.

"Oh?" Keri took Andrea's glass and picked up the bowl of strawberries. She
took one in her hand and moved it to Andrea's mouth. Gladly, Andrea accepted
the fruit, biting into it. Keri went back to the bowl and took out a handful.
She began to place them on Andrea's body. One on her neck, between her
collarbone. Three between her breasts and three more down the middle of her
stomach ending with the third on her belly button. One more was placed on her
trimmed pubic hair. Then, Andrea was shocked as she felt something push
against the entrance to her pussy. She used all her willpower to hold still,
thus not dislodging the other berries. The fruit easily went inside her but
she was surprised when she again, felt something push against her. And again,
she held still. A third time she experienced the feeling of something
entering her and let out a quiet squeal as she began to fill up. A fourth and
final strawberry was pushed inside her and Keri smiled.

"For later," Keri stated. Andrea felt wonderfully full in her nether regions.
The berries all moved independently when she squirmed the slightest amount
causing new sensations. She tried extremely had to stay still.

"Is it always like this?" Andrea asked.

Keri chucked to herself. "No. Often times it's better. Although there is
something to be said for the first time." Andrea's breathing increased
slightly as Keri went for the cup of liquid. She dipped her finger in and
moved it to Andrea's lips. Andrea opened her mouth, accepting it. It was
chocolate! She hadn't had that in years. She sucked greedily on Keri's
finger, making sure she got it all off. Keri smiled and took her finger out
of Andrea's mouth.

Keri moved the cup over Andrea's breasts and began to pour. First she held
it over each nipple. The cool sauce caused Andrea to yelp quietly. It also
quickly hardened her nipples as small rivulets rolled down her breast.
After that job was complete, she poured generous amounts of sauce down the
middle of Andrea's body, coating the fruit well. She applied extra to
Andrea's stomach and let a large amount drain out over her pubic region.
Finally, she spread Andrea's legs carefully and moved the cup up to her
crotch. With two fingers Keri pulled apart her lower lips and let a large
amount of sauce drip into her hole. Andrea found the feeling similar to
when a guy ejaculates inside her. The thick sauce gradually flowed deeper
into her as it worked its way around the strawberries.

Keri placed the cup back on the tray and stood back to admire her work.
"You look amazing," she said to Andrea. "I wish I had a working camera."

"Mmmmm... I bet you do," Andrea said seductively. Keri meanwhile went over
to the couch and sat down in silence. "Hey, what are you doing?"

"I'm taking a rest, what does it look like," Keri replied playfully.

"Get back here and finish the job," said Andrea seriously. She was more
turned on then she could believe possible and Keri was just sitting over
there, doing nothing.

"I'm sorry, I don't understand. What do you want me to do?"

"Finish the job!"

"Finish what job?"

Andrea groaned frustratingly, but quickly changed her mood as she became
hornier. "I want you to fuck me." Keri gave a smile and a gesture as if to
say 'go on.' "I want you to lick up all this syrup and then grind yourself
against me like I saw you do to Irene." She spoke genuinely. "Please, I
need it."

Keri smiled broadly and stood up from the couch. Andrea was surprised to
find her heart beating faster in anticipation of what was to come. Keri
moved her hips seductively as she walked from the couch to the bed and
Andrea couldn't help but be attracted by the motion. She wanted those hips
pressed against hers. Keri arrived at the bed and straddled Andrea, careful
not to disturb any of the strawberries. She bent at the waste and picked up
the one resting on Andrea's neck with her teeth. She allowed half the berry
to stick out of her lips as she moved up to Andrea's mouth. Andrea opened
to receive the fruit and Keri bit down, her lips touching Andrea's. Andrea
greedily sucked her half into her mouth and swallowed, then searched out
Keri's piece, her tongue hungrily darting into Keri's open mouth. Andrea
found it empty but saw that as no reason to stop the kiss.

A short time later Keri pulled away silently and went back to work. She
dropped her face in between Andrea's heaving breasts. She began to eat the
three strawberries in between them as Andrea moaned to herself. Keri's face
quickly became covered in chocolate sauce but she didn't seem to mind.
Sticking out her tongue, Keri dragged it to the next group of three and ate
those with just as much intensity. Finally, she moved to the last one, still
resting on Andrea's abdomen. Keri used her mouth to press it hard into
Andrea's pubic area, not eating it as Andrea had expected. The strawberry
became a red paste matted into either Andrea's pubic hair or Keri's chin.
Keri lifted her head and smiled at Andrea. A drop of strawberry juice rolled
down from her lips and dripped off her chin as she did so.

"Ready for this?" Said Keri as she placed a finger in-between Andrea's lower
lips and shoved. The four strawberries from earlier had long since turned
into a sort of puree from Andrea's instinctual vaginal movements, clenching
and unclenching the fruit inside her. Withdrawing her finger, Keri went to
the bowl and grabbed another four, shoving them inside Andrea slowly one at
a time. This time Andrea was able to squirm and she did so, valiantly.
Shifting and bucking her hips as each new strawberry was shoved inside her.
Keri was careful not to let either the previous strawberries or the chocolate
exit Andrea's hole as she added the new fruit. This forced the puree deeper
inside Andrea's canal. She moaned all out now as she was stuffed to the brim
with the wonderfully thick liquid and strawberries. As Keri forced the fourth
one inside, Andrea felt the feeling in the pit of her stomach intensify. Her
breasts began to tingle and a wave hit her going from her chest to her crotch
as she had her first orgasm of the evening, thus adding her own liquid to the
strawberry chocolate mixture already inside her.

Keri moved up Andrea's body again so the two were face to face. And as she
pressed her tongue into Andrea's mouth, she lowered her body onto Andrea's.
The chocolate made a squishing sound as Keri smeared herself against Andrea
as hard as she could. Andrea moaned again into Keri's mouth. A sensation
Keri found most pleasurable. Reluctantly, Keri pulled her mouth off of
Andrea's but continued to grind her body into her lover, shifting herself
around regularly to force a sort of friction between to two. "You still with
me?" Keri asked.

"Oh yes," replied Andrea. "Thank-you so much for talking me into this."

"It's been my pleasure." Keri said as she slid further up Andrea's body
placing her chocolate covered hands against the wall and her breasts in
Andrea's face. Andrea made it her first mission to clean the sauce off
of Keri's breasts. She moved her tongue around in circles, swallowing
regularly until there was nothing left either on or between Keri's
beautiful orbs. Satisfied, Keri moved back down so they were face to face
and noticed the amount of chocolate Andrea had acquired around her mouth.
Using long, pressured strokes, Keri licked Andrea's face clean substituting
chocolate for her own saliva. Andrea didn't seem to mind.

"I wish I could have you inside me," Andrea said to her new lover.

"Mmmm. I wish you could too. But we'll just have to settle for the other

"Like what?" Andrea was anxious to see what wonderful feeling could possibly
be next.

She soon found out as Keri scissored their legs as she had done earlier with
Irene. At first, Andrea found the sensation strange, having someone else's
pussy touch her own, but with the first thrust all doubts were pushed aside.
The force of Keri's humping would cause her own lips to push up against
Andrea's hard, separating them and exposing her clit to the rest of the
motion. Each time Keri would make a thrust she felt tingles through her
breasts and pussy. The feeling was intensified when Keri pressed her hands
up against Andrea's breasts and rubbed sensually. The chocolate made the
whole action slippery and messy but the slickness merely seemed to intensify
the feeling. It was obvious Keri had trouble getting a good grip but her
continuous attempts to do so kept adding more and more beautiful sensations.
Andrea was moments away from another orgasm. She reached out with her hand
to grab one of the bedposts for support. Her hand smeared it with chocolate
but she really couldn't care less. Her other hand reached behind Keri,
grabbing hold of her ass and squeezing the cheek hard. Her hand smeared
against Keri's rear and slipped easily. As was the case with Keri, Andrea
continued to try and get a good grip.

Keri's breathing began to move faster as she humped hard into Andrea. She
moaned loudly with each thrust, turning Andrea on more each time she heard
it. The wet sloppy sounds of sex emanated from their joined lower lips,
helped by all the chocolate, still coating them. Their bodies began to grow
sweaty, loosening up the sauce and making it even more slippery when finally,
it happened. Keri's pussy clamped down with orgasm and she moaned loudly,
not stopping. She squeezed Andrea's breasts hard as she came. The sound
itself was enough to bring Andrea off but that sudden squeeze was what really
made the moment.

Still thinking however, Keri continued to apply pressure to Andrea's crotch
effectively keeping the strawberry, chocolate and cum puree inside her
partner. Andrea watched Keri's breasts almost curiously while they shook
over and over again as the shudders of orgasm took them both. Eventually,
Keri collapsed onto Andrea, drained of all energy. She felt the pleasant
sensation of her breasts melding into her lovers as her body weight
compressed them. Keri wrapped her arms and legs tightly around Andrea
basking in the afterglow of her climax. They kissed lightly as Andrea
reached her other hand around to put on Keri's rear. Casually and gently,
Andrea massaged the smooth skin. Keri moaned lightly with approval.

For a long time the two lovers lay that way. Allowing their bodies to cool
off slightly. "So what are we going to do about this mess we made," asked
Keri, unconcerned.

Andrea just smiled and rolled the two of them over so she now lay on top.
"I think I have an idea." She reached over to the wine bottle and sat up.
"Close your eyes." Chocolate dripped down her body as she spoke. She turned
the wine bottle over and allowed it to poor first over Keri's face, and
then over her chest and stomach. Andrea then turned the bottle on herself,
letting it wash over her breasts and down her body to collect where their
pussies were still pressed tightly together. Andrea was instantly reminded
of how full her pussy still was. It made her think of the feeling when she
drank too much water on an empty stomach. The feeling when she would move
quickly and feel the liquid sway inside her.

She put the thought out of her mind, deciding to enjoy the feeling for a
while longer and laid back down on top of Keri, beginning to lick her clean.
Between the two glasses, and all the wine she was now consuming Andrea was
starting to feel a little giddy. Of course, that could have been from the
sex as well. Either way, it only served to intensify the full feeling she
had in her lower region. She continued the tongue bath of her partner until
nearly all the chocolate was licked up from her navel to her neck. Andrea
moved back up to kiss her strongly. What Keri didn't know is that Andrea had
saved a mouthful of chocolate for her. When Andrea opened her mouth the warm
liquid dripped into Keri's waiting mouth. She swallowed eagerly then stuck
her tongue into Andrea and moved it around the inside of her mouth as if
trying to get every drop of sauce as possible. When she was satisfied she
broke the kiss.

"Ready for the grand finale?" Keri asked. She didn't bother to wait for a
response from Andrea as she grabbed her by her slender hips and moved her
up her body. She only stopped when her pussy, (just starting to drip with
the strawberry, chocolate and cum it had held for so long) was directly
over her mouth. Andrea was stuck straddling Keri's face and Keri wrapped
her arms tightly around Andrea's hips. Andrea reached up desperately trying
to find something to grab on to as Keri's tongue pressed up against her
sex. Fortunately, Andrea reached to either side of her and grabbed hold of
the bed frame, slightly to her front. The sudden jolt of Keri's hot tongue
against her pussy caused her to thrust forward, pressing her face, breasts
and rib cage up against the wall, smearing it with chocolate and wine.

Andrea shuddered as Keri's tongue entered into her full pussy and began to
scoop out the thick liquid that it held inside. Her next orgasm hit her
unexpectedly and she thrust herself again against the wall, using her grip
on the bed frame to hold herself tightly against the structure. And this
time, Keri used her tongue to make sure Andrea's pussy was open for her
orgasm. As her muscles clamped down, it ejaculated a large amount of the
strawberry puree over Keri's face. Andrea moaned at the feeling as the
liquid exited her and came again, immediately after her last orgasm. The
cycle continued until Andrea had cum about five times consecutively. Keri
was biting gently on Andrea's clit and that was enough to bring her to
number six. Andrea moaned loudly once more before losing all strength in
her arms and practically collapsing backwards. She struggled to keep her
eyes open but found she couldn't. She fell unconscious.

* * *

The first thing Andrea noticed upon awaking was that she had a naked and very
sticky woman on top of her. The chocolate and wine had begun to solidify.
When she moved her head she caught a glimpse of the wall and couldn't help
but smile. There was a chocolate imprint of her torso clearly defined along
the wall. She suspected that if she looked she could even see the imprint her
nipples made. "That's a nice one," Keri said. "It'll be fun to clean."

"Mmmmm..." Andrea moaned, thinking back to the moment that caused the
imprint. "I think that was the best time I ever had in bed."

"I'm glad you think so," replied Keri genuinely.

Andrea looked down at the bed sheets. They were covered in sweat, chocolate,
wine and to a lesser extent, strawberries and cum. "We sure made a mess."

"But it was worth every second." Keri kissed her hard. Andrea noticed this
kiss wasn't as soft as any previous. It was pure passion, and what surprised
her, is that she returned it fully. Keri pushed her breasts against hers,
letting them rub softly adding to the sensation of the kiss. After about
thirty seconds of rather intense tongue play, Andrea felt that familiar
feeling in her loins as they contracted in orgasm. She moaned into Keri's
mouth and shook uncontrollably. She was extremely sensitive she realized.
Eventually, once her orgasm calmed down, Keri released the kiss. "Well, that
was fun."

"You're incredible," was all Andrea could think to say. Keri smiled to
herself and opened her mouth as if to speak but closed it again, thinking
twice. Andrea noticed the hesitation. "Say it, you." She said playfully.

"Nah, forget it."

Andrea found herself growing slightly frustrated. "If there's one thing I
can't stand it's knowing someone wants to say something but won't."

Keri gave in. "It's just one more thing I'd like to do. But it's pretty
kinky, so don't worry about it."

"Awww, come on," Andrea said, her playfulness returning. "I can do kinky."

Keri spoke. "I want to fill you up with strawberries again..."

"Mmmmm, sounds good so far. Then what."

"No, you won't like it, forget it."

"Keri..." Andrea pestered.

Keri spoke quickly, blushing while she did so. "Then, I want you to rub
yourself all over me so the crushed strawberries cover me." Keri flushed
further after speaking. She was obviously embarrassed after saying it.
Andrea found it strange how the tables had turned. Now she was in control,
deciding what was okay and what wasn't. Quite the switch from a few hours
ago. Keri continued speaking, interrupting Andrea's thoughts. "It helps me
feel close to someone if something that was inside them is covering me. And
I just want to feel closer to you."

Andrea thought it over briefly then smiled. "Let's do it then. You fit
eight in before right? Let's go for nine."

Keri smiled brilliantly and kissed Andrea hard on the mouth. She lay Andrea
on her back and reached one last time for the bowl of strawberries. Andrea
found herself getting wet again in anticipation. Even though she had orgasmed
only minutes ago.

The first six strawberries went in easily, although Andrea shuddered when
each one touched her nether lips. She felt the familiar shudder one more time
as Keri shoved in number 7. Andrea could already feel her body instinctually
applying pressure to the fruit inside her. Keri gave her clit a quick lick
sending more shudders through her body as she quickly shoved in number eight.
Andrea was really feeling full again now. She began to sweat, trying her best
to hold off the orgasm she knew would reach her soon. As Andrea breathed in
deeply Keri pressed number nine up to her opening and slowly pushed it
further and further until Andrea felt herself close around it, trapping the
berry inside.

Keri looked down at the bowl. "There's only one left. How 'bout we give it a

"I don't think I can take anymore," said Andrea, now sweating profusely.

"Don't underestimate yourself," said Keri as Andrea felt the tenth and final
berry press against her pussy. Andrea moaned softly but her voice slowly
raised in volume as the berry was mercilessly shoved inside her. After what
seemed like forever, Andrea felt herself close around Keri's fingertip. The
last piece of fruit was now inside her and again, Keri pressed her tongue to
Andrea's clit. The feeling sent shocks through her body once more as she came

In one fluid motion, Keri rolled onto her back, taking Andrea with her,
shifting their positions so Andrea's pussy was over her own breasts. As
instructed, Andrea rubbed herself into Keri's sternum while she came. The
fluid began to flow from her pussy as the orgasm raged on. It collected
between Keri's breasts before Andrea slid her crotch down the center of
Keri's body, coating it too with a trail of strawberry juice. As her orgasm
subsided, Andrea's thrusts did nothing of the sort. She rubbed herself
against Keri's muff and then up her body again to reach her breasts.

Keri looked up at Andrea, getting turned on as the beautiful woman rubbed
herself over her. She concentrated her gaze on Andrea's chest, admiring the
firmness of it as she bounced with each thrust.

Andrea wrapped her legs around Keri's torso and leaned back, giving Keri a
view of her toned stomach. Andrea thrust her hips upwards following the slope
of Keri's left breast. She then shifted her hips to the side and repeated the
process to the right one. As she felt Keri's nipple move gently between the
folds of her labia, Andrea came for a third time since her return to
consciousness. She found her brain was turning to mush as she realized she
had never orgasmed more than twice or maybe three times in a single day.
Today she was all ready above ten.

Andrea forced her mind to return to her task as she moved her hips over
Keri's face. Keri had a clear view of Andrea's pulsing sex as she came down
from her orgasm. Keri moved her face up to meet it and guided Andrea to rub
her pussy over her face, smearing her cheeks, nose and mouth with large
amounts of cum. Andrea then unwrapped her legs from around her partner and
climbed off. Taking a good look at Keri, she was surprised how much juice
those ten strawberries had created. Keri's body was covered in a sheen layer
of red liquid. The liquid was clear in spots where her cum had been more

Keri stretched her hands out to either side, presumably avoiding the urge
to touch herself and disturb the layer of liquid covering her skin. Andrea
thought about what just occurred and sat back, looking at the end result,
half-surprised. She was curious what possessed her to agree to such a plan.
But as she justified to herself, no harm was done and Keri most certainly
seemed to enjoy it.

"I'm going to have another shower and clean up," Andrea said to her lover.

"Mmmmm," was the only response Andrea got.

A short while later, Andrea was out of the shower. She took Keri's and her
own clothes out of the sink and hung them to dry. Her lower regions were
amazingly tender and she walked with her legs apart, trying to prevent any
friction. She took one look at Keri, now sleeping on the incredibly dirty
sheets and decided it best to rest on the couch. She grabbed a blanket that
had been taken off the bed long before anything messy even showed up and
wrapped it around herself tightly, as she lay on the couch, ready for sleep.

* * *

Andrea awoke in the morning, having slept for well over nine hours. Keri
still lay on her back in bed, contently sleeping away. Her body was still
coated in Andrea's dried juices from the night before. Andrea didn't know
why but she found herself strangely aroused that someone would want to be
so close to her that they requested her most intimate of intimacies all
over their body.

Andrea walked over to Keri and took hold of her ankle, shaking it gently.
Keri stirred, fluttering her eyes open and smiled upon seeing Andrea standing
near her. Keri moved a hand to her stomach and felt the stickiness. She
smiled as she remembered the previous night's activities. "How'd you sleep?"
Andrea asked.

"The best I have in ages," said Keri with a smile. "Last night was one of the
best times I'd ever had." She stood up slowly and moved towards the bathroom.
She retrieved her clothes and began to get dressed.

"Aren't you going to clean that off of you?" Andrea said, referring to the
strawberry and cum residue.

Keri smiled. "Apparently not. Maybe you can clean it off tonight."

"Hmm. I doubt that. That one's all yours."

Keri smiled again. Andrea noticed that Keri's face and hair were still
obviously covered. "At least wash your face." Keri nodded as she went back
into the bathroom and splashed water over her face and hair. She came back
looking quite presentable. Keri walked rather seductively over to Andrea and
put her arms around her still naked body. She lowered her arms, effectively
dipping Andrea's head back as she laid a wet kiss on her lover. Andrea found
herself moving her own arms around Keri as she melted into the kiss.

For balance, Keri had alternated her legs between Andrea's and Andrea took
full advantage of the position, rubbing her thigh into Keri's crotch as the
kiss continued. Keri let out a moan and pulled Andrea back up to a standing
position. "I've got to go to my meetings. I'll see you when I get back."

"I can hardly wait," said Andrea. And with that, Keri left the room.

Andrea spent must of the morning, sitting peacefully on the couch thinking
about her newfound side to her sexuality. Was it something she wanted to see
through? Or should she quit while she was ahead? Obviously there were clear
benefits to her first idea, but was she ready for that kind of stigma. As she
neared an answer, a knock on the door shook her out of her thoughts and she
walked across the room to answer it. Moments, later with her hand on the door
handle she realized she was still naked. She also realized she didn't care,
as she opened the door to see who was on the other side. It was Ed.

"Uh..." He said after noticing her current naked state. "Ah can come back

"No, no... Come on in," said Andrea not wanting to turn the man down. She
opened the door for him and he entered. Andrea closed the door behind him
and cringed as she remembered the chocolate imprint on the wall.

Ed stammered, obviously noticing the clear female outline, as well as all the
handprints just slightly lower down. "So, uh... Ah guess I wasn't imagining
voices last night."

Andrea smiled a little embarrassed as she noticed Ed's reserved jealousness.
"No, I guess you weren't," she replied hesitantly.

"Who's the lucky man?" Asked Ed curiously. Andrea was silent, concerned about
answering. "It was Keri?" He asked as he put two and two together. Andrea
nodded, staying carefully reserved. "Oh... Well, Ah guess there's no harm in
that then, is there?"

Andrea was surprised at that. A moment earlier it sounded as if he was
holding back the urge to have a good heart to heart with some individual
where as now, he didn't seem to mind.

"Listen, uh... Do ya'll mind gettin' dressed? It's kinda hard not t' stare
when you're looking like that."

Andrea thought about it briefly then decided to take a stand. "You know, I
realized lately that I don't like clothes much. So, while I'm in my room,
clothing's optional."

"Ah… Ah see." Ed made a move to sit on the bed then noticed the complete mess
the sheets were in. He instead decided to sit on the couch. Andrea sat down
on the next cushion and turned herself to look at him, casually resting a
knee on the sofa.

"So what brings you here, Ed?"

"Well uh... Y' see..." He was getting nervous. "Ah just wanted t' tell you
that Ah thought you were pretty attractive… And uh… You seem pretty nice
too, so Ah was wonderin' if you wanted to go to dinner sometime?"

"Sounds like fun. How about tonight?"

"Wow… That sounds great." Ed was still being careful to only look her in the
eyes. Andrea got a sultry look in her eye and sat up straighter.

"There's still a full afternoon before dinner. Want to keep busy for a
while?" Andrea moved herself across the couch and straddled Ed's lap. Ed
couldn't help but look down at her body.

"Ah think Ah'll just see you at dinner." He put his hands carefully on her
hips and moved her off of him. Andrea looked disappointed. "After all... It
wouldn't be very gentlemanly of me if we did it before the first date."

Andrea pouted inside. "Maybe tonight then."

"Well uh… Maybe. Anyway, Ah'd best be goin'. Ah'll see you at six?"

"You better believe it." Ed got off the couch and moved to the door. Andrea
accompanied him. "Oh, and could you do me a favor?"

"O' course."

"Can you tell the food guys downstairs to send up a sandwich or something?
I'm getting kind of hungry and don't feel like leaving the room."

"Ah'll do it right away. See you tonight."

"Tonight." Andrea said with a smile. Ed left the room and closed the door
behind him. Andrea went back to the couch to continue her relaxing day and
thoughts of Keri. But to her surprise she found herself also dwelling on
Ed. For him to turn her down like that he must be seriously interested in a
relationship. And that was something Andrea was thinking might be worth her
time. Even though he was a little out of shape, physically.

A while later a knock came on her door. She opened it, finding a man with a
plate of food. Upon seeing her, his jaw dropped and he nearly lost the
plate. Andrea grabbed it from him adeptly and said, "Thanks." The man
nodded and Andrea closed the door. She went back to the couch and began to

Once finished she puttered around the room. She pulled all the sheets off
the bed and replaced them with new ones that she found on the top shelf of
a closet. She then decided to do her daily work out which she'd been putting
off for a few days now. Moving over to the draped window, she grabbed hold
of the top of the frame and pulled herself up by it. She continued her make
shift pull-ups for some time before finally letting go and beginning her
sit-ups. She proceeded to squats, and finally push-ups. As she was about 50
push-ups into set of 100, she heard the door open and looked up to see Keri
walk in.

"Now there's something that's fun to come home to," she said playfully,
referring to Andrea's physical activity and nakedness.

"How did the meetings go?" Huffed Andrea in-between breaths.

"Excellent. I think we'll be quite welcome here if we choose to expand into
this city. They said they've been trying to find a way to create a sort of
police force and that's exactly what we function as back home. It should
work out well.

"But enough talk about me. How was your day?"

"Good," replied Andrea, as she reached push up number 60. "It's been a lazy

"I see that," said Keri looking down at Andrea's sweat soaked skin. "You've
been at this for a while I take it?"

"About half an hour. I'll be done in a few more minutes."

"Don't stop on my account," said Keri as she moved to the couch and sat down.
She sighed as she did so. "I was thinking, do you want to catch dinner
tonight? One of the men I talked to recommended a good restaurant."

"Oh, I can't. I told Ed I'd have dinner with him."

"So he did work up the courage to ask," said Keri pleasantly.

"Sure did. He just spit it right out."

"You want me to sleep somewhere else tonight?"

"Nah, I don't think that'll be necessary. He doesn't seem real interested
in sex. I tried earlier and he turned me down."

"Unbelievable. No guy could turn you down."

Andrea smiled appreciatively at the comment. "Apparently one guy can."

"You want me to go talk some sense into him?"

Andrea smiled again and grunted as she pushed herself up one more time to
reach 90. "That's okay. I think it'll be fun to do things the normal way."

"Ha. The normal way 10 years ago maybe. The way nowadays is skip the dating,
go right to the sex. And let's not forget the impending breakup."

"Hmph." She grunted as she pushed herself up again. "Is that where we're
heading then?"

"That depends. Are we in a relationship? Or just having some fun?"

"I don't know. I've been thinking about it all day. I'm not sure I'm ready
for a relationship with another woman." Andrea pushed herself up one more
time and then strutted over to Keri.

"Then I guess it's just fun."

"Not just fun," Andrea said, sitting down on Keri's lap. "Extremely fun."

"You've sure been horny since last night."

"Oh God, tell me about it. I can't stop thinking about you. That's why I
didn't clean the imprint off the wall." She said gesturing with her head
towards it.

"But I noticed you changed the sheets."

"Sure did. What do you say? Up for another round? I want to find out what
you taste like."

"Hmm, could be fun."

That was all the encouragement Andrea needed. Quickly she grabbed Keri's
shirt around the waste and pulled it over her head. She tossed it across
the room and pressed her lips hard into Keri. Andrea was biting and
tonguing hard, making the kiss rough. Quickly Keri was out of breath and
she parted her lips from Andrea's.

"Wow. You are horny."

Andrea didn't stop to talk. She lowered her lips to Keri's neck and continued
the rough lip service as she undid Keri's pants. Keri took the hint and
lifted her rear off the couch as Andrea pulled down on her pants, flinging
them across the room as she had done her shirt. Keri was enjoying the feel of
Andrea's hot breath and tongue over her collarbone and the side of her neck.

Andrea moved her face back to admire Keri's body. She noticed it was much
redder than normal, as if she was flushed. She remembered the strawberry
paste and where it had been. But she was too hot to put any more thought into
it as she bit into Keri's left breast. Keri groaned at the feel of Andrea's
rough tongue on her skin and put a hand on the back of her head, moving
Andrea's mouth to her nipple. Andrea didn't need any encouragement however as
she moved willingly, then unexpectedly bit down hard on Keri's nipple. Keri
let out a shocked cry and Andrea moved to the other nipple, repeating the
process. Keri cried out again. What Andrea lacked in skill she more than made
up for in intensity.

Keri moaned again as Andrea put her teeth away and used only her tongue to
stimulate the nipples. Keri realized for the first time that she could
clearly smell Andrea's odor from the sweat. Probably from her extended work
out before their coupling. The smell was sweet, she thought. Just as she
would have expected. She was shocked into reality once more as Andrea bit
down again. Andrea was smiling at her lover while she molested her firm
breasts with her mouth.

Thinking that Keri had had enough, Andrea moved herself down Keri's body,
dragging her teeth across her stomach and finely trimmed pubic hair that was
already matted to her body with sweat. Andrea lifted her face up to look at
Keri's sex.

"Oh God, Andrea. Don't stop."

Andrea pressed her nose up to Keri's slit and inhaled deeply, taking in the
scent. It was strong, and although last night Andrea had not particularly
enjoyed it, now she was finding it slightly more pleasurable.

She reached her tongue out, with her nose still pressed tightly against
Keri's sex. Her tongue found her hole and entered it as deeply as it could,
rubbing against Keri's inner wall as if in search of something. Andrea did
not particularly enjoy the taste of another woman, but she imagined it would
be one of those things that upon growing used to it, would be wonderful. At
least she hoped so as she continued to tongue Keri's hole.

Keri now had her shoulders on the top of the couch back and her hips and
butt completely off the couch cushion. In essence, arching her back. Andrea
decided to continue the rough treatment and took Keri's labia into her mouth.
She bit down gently and pulled it away from Keri's body as if she was a dog,
ripping meat from a carcass. But obviously, Andrea had no harmful intentions
towards Keri. She released the lip and grabbed the other one, again putting
it between her teeth and sucking it into her mouth. Keri was writhing her
shoulder blades into the back of the couch, moaning intensely. All she said
was "More... More."

Andrea did not disappoint. She forced her mouth in-between Keri's lower lips
and bit down gently on Keri's clit. Immediately, Keri thrust hard against
Andrea's face forcing her head back. Andrea stayed attached to Keri's clit as
her orgasm took her. Andrea could feel her juices flowing out of her and down
her chin and neck. Andrea didn't mind as she continued applying pressure to
Keri's clit.

Her orgasm went on for first one minute, then two, then three as Andrea
pressed on, not allowing Keri's bucking hips to shake her off. At this point,
Keri was extremely sensitive and the constant orgasm almost began to hurt.
She felt a cramp in her stomach as she arched her back more, thrusting her
hips harder into the air. Andrea didn't let up.

By now there was a veritable river of cum flowing down Andrea's chin, neck,
and cleavage. Andrea could feel the warmness of the thin stream of fluid as
it flowed down the center of her chest. It felt good. Eventually, Andrea
became aware of Keri's constant request. "Stop! Stop! Uhhhhhmmmmmmm... No
more." Keri shuddered violently, shaking sweat from her body. Andrea felt
the stream intensify briefly and lowered her mouth to meet it. Keri shuddered
again as she felt Andrea's tongue enter her hole, tasting her once more. "Oh
God, stop... I can't take any more."

Reluctantly, Andrea pulled her mouth away and Keri let her slender hips come
down on the couch once more. Andrea got up from her kneel and sat on Keri's
lap, with her legs wrapped around her. Keri noticed the stream of her cum
that had now nearly reached Andrea's belly button. She pressed a hand to it
and smeared it over Andrea's stomach, then, moving her hand up did the same
over her breasts. Keri licked her hand clean seductively as Andrea watched,
open-eyed. She was sure tasting herself like that was one thing she would
never be able to do. She refused to even masturbate.

Andrea looked down at her body, now shiny with her lovers warm cum. 'So
that's what it felt like,' Andrea thought to herself. Keri interrupted
Andrea's thoughts as her tongue darted out to taste her chin and lick up the
liquid coating it. Andrea smiled and bit at Keri's nose. Perhaps a little
too hard.

"Oww..." Said Keri with a smile on her face.

"Oh, sorry." Andrea said seriously. She hadn't meant to hurt her. Without
thinking, Andrea lifted herself up slightly and licked at the tip of Keri's

"Mmmm. I think I'll be okay," she said as Andrea pulled away.

Andrea looked at her questioningly. "So how did I do?"

"Oh Andrea, it was amazing. I didn't expect you to be so rough though," said
Keri as she lowered a hand to massage her sore pussy.

"Sorry. I got kind of carried away."

"Hah. I noticed. You know I've never cum that much before."


"Never. Maybe we're made for each other, hmm?"

Andrea smiled at her. "Maybe… So, is it my turn now?"

"Oh man..." Said Keri to herself, more than anything. "I don't think I can."

Andrea frowned. She hadn't had any release and she desperately wanted one.
Suddenly a knock came at the door, distracting her.

"Uh... A... Andrea?" The voice belonged to Bob.

"I'm kind of busy right now Bob," she said as she pressed her breasts tight
against Keri's. That was a feeling she really enjoyed that just wasn't found
with other men.

"Pepsi wanted me to t... tell you. He wanted you to meet him in room... uh...
2... 212."

"Thanks, Bob. I'll be there in a while."

"I'll... I'll let him know." Andrea heard quiet footsteps grow quieter as Bob
moved down the hall.

"So," said Andrea as she continued to press herself against Keri. She found
it nice to be so close to someone. Her last boyfriend didn't enjoy the tight
hugging Andrea preferred. But feeling Keri's warm abs against her own. And
her nipples press tightly into her chest. That was what Andrea liked.

"So..." said Keri faintly in reply to Andrea's comment. "You'd best go and
meet Pepsi... See what he wants. I'll wait for you."

"You'd better."

Andrea stood up and began to pull on her pants and white tank top. "Aren't
you going to clean all that off of you?" Said Keri referring as Andrea had
done to the cum all over her chest and stomach.

"Apparently not," came Andrea's identical reply. She smiled and pulled the
shirt down over her shapely body. Keri smiled as well. Andrea then went
across the room, grabbed her .45 pistol off of a table and tucked it into
the back of her pants. Andrea gave her face a good wipe to clean off anything
that may be visible and left out the door. She was still turned on and the
shape of her nipples was clear through her shear tank top. Andrea didn't even
notice as she went down the stairs and knocked on room 212.

An eager looking Pepsi quickly answered the door. "Andrea. Come in, come in."

Andrea entered into the room and closed the door behind her. "I thought you
were in the room next to us?"

"I was, but I rented this one. I wanted us to have some private time."

"What? Why?"

"I love you Andrea." Andrea's mouth opened in surprise. "I love you more than
you could know. And you're so beautiful." Pepsi took a step towards her and
reached out to grab her hips. Andrea stepped back, making sure he didn't
touch her.

"You don't love me." She spoke sternly.

"How could you know?" Pepsi said with anger. "How could you know what I

"You barely know me Pepsi."

"I know you well enough." Pepsi began moving towards her again and Andrea
circled around him, keeping her distance. She stopped with the large bedroom
window behind her.

"Don't start this Pepsi. Don't fight me."

Pepsi was obviously a little disturbed. He pulled a flip knife out of his
back pocket and opened it with a flick of the wrist. "Just let this happen,"
he said as he lunged at her.

Andrea's first priority was to avoid the knife. But Pepsi knew that. The move
was merely to tackle her down so he would have the opportunity to deal with
her clothing. Unfortunately, Pepsi forgot about the rather breakable window
behind her. Andrea did indeed avoid the knife, and as Pepsi planned he did
indeed connect his shoulder with her mid section. But what Pepsi didn't
expect was the window giving way to the force of the tackle. Andrea and Pepsi
tumbled out of the second story room and began falling towards the street.

"You're crazy," Andrea said to Pepsi as she successfully tossed him off of
her while falling. The two landed a few feet apart, rolling with the impact
of gravity. Andrea quickly assessed her injuries as she rose to her feet.
She only had a few minor cuts from the glass since most of it had brushed
off of her. The impact on the street had landed fairly well. She may have a
bruised shoulder but that would be the extent of her injuries. But Pepsi
was in a similarly good way and rose to his feet as well, now about three
meters away from her thanks to his roll. The knife had fallen out of his
hand but was right beside him and he easily picked it up.

There were no vehicles on the street but a few pedestrians were a short
distance away, watching with horror. Andrea pulled her gun that was still
tucked in her pants and pointed it at her assailant. "Don't do this Pepsi."

The man had obviously lost his sense as he charged her, knife ready. In
defense, Andrea took a step backwards and fired. But her step caused her
foot to hit the curb and she began to fall backwards as she discharged the

Pepsi was hit. Blown back by the force of the bullet, he collapsed to the
road, falling onto his back.

"Oh my God," said Andrea as she recovered her balance and noticed where the
bullet had hit him.

End, part 2


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