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Additionally, in many ways this story is a joint effort. (although I hate
admitting it cause RPG stories written in novel form generally suck), it
does in fact come from an RPG me and my friend played (although the RPG had
much less graphic sex in it). Regardless, many of the characters and
situations are his creation and I wanted to give him credit.

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Robotech: Invid Invasion Part 4 - Mutants And Coyotes (MFF, voy)
by Invid Writer

"Andrea heard the loud trumpeting sound that could have only belonged to an
elephant. It was early morning and the sun was just rising over the eastern
horizon. She and Bob were walking along the roadside, still waiting for Ed
to return with supplies. They only had one canteen between the two of them
and it was fast emptying.

The roar of an elephant sounded again and Andrea looked towards her right.
The animal came stampeding awkwardly over top of a hill but slowed when it
saw them, tilting its head to eye Andrea and Bob suspiciously. It turned
and trotted off to the North, taking a look behind itself to make sure it
wasn't being followed by the two travelers.

"N... Now I'm no scientist, well a... actually I am." Bob said rather
perplexed. "B... But I thought Elephants only lived in Africa."

Andrea laughed. "Join the club Bob."

"So then... h... how..."

"How is it here? I don't know. There must have been an old zoo nearby. I've
seen a few strange animals running around in the middle of nowhere."

"Ah... I... I guess that would make sense... Sort of." Bob frowned and the
two continued walking, letting their thoughts dwell on the refreshingly
absurd image of an elephant roaming the desert.

A few long hours later, the sun was beginning to heat up. Andrea felt herself
begin to sweat and with the limited water she didn't want to risk going on.
There was a collection of palm trees up ahead so she set a course for the

The two reached the shade and sat down. Andrea was still naked as Ed had yet
to come back with supplies. "A... Andrea?" Bob asked.


"From w... what I know about elephants they're very uh... very territorial."


"W... Well that means even if it escaped from the z... zoo a number of years
ago, it would still stay in t... the same area. A... And if they're in the
same area than the zoo must be nearby. And if the z... zoo is nearby then..."

"Then so is a big city."

"R... Right."

"So then what's taking Ed so long?"

"Well he was rather upset when he l... left. Do you think he may not be
coming back?

"I don't know Bob. I don't really know him anymore."

"Wh… what happened in there?" Andrea was silent. "N... never mind. Forget I
asked. D... Do you mind if I ask what happened to your hair?"

"I don't know exactly," she said as she rubbed her smooth scalp. "I just
woke up and it was all gone."

"Oh… w… well, at least they removed the s…scar on your arm."

"What?" She said as she looked at her arm. She was cut there in a knife
fight a number of months ago but as Bob had noticed, the scar was gone. She
inspected her shoulder closer, noticing that again to her dismay a scar left
by a bullet had disappeared. "They removed all my scars. Why would they do

"I... I don't know."

Andrea was silent after that and the next few hours passed quietly. Andrea
was growing more frustrated with Ed's lack of appearance. Although she didn't
mind the nudity a whole lot she found she would much rather be dressed at
this point. It had been more than 24 hours and some habits die hard. At least
Bob didn't seem to mind. Or stare, for that matter. He'd probably seen more
than enough naked bodies during his years as a doctor to desensitize him a

"A... Andrea?" Bob asked looking over at her and shaking her arm. She was
lying down with her eyes closed in relative boredom.


"I... Is that Irene?" Andrea sat up with a start.

"Where?" Bob pointed off to the distance and sure enough, there stood a woman
in a skin tight black outfit. "Damn-it." Andrea said. "I sure hope not." She
reached beside her and picked up her gun. Andrea stood up and left her
comfortable spot in the shade, to approach the woman. Andrea walked with the
gun pointed down so has not to be perceived as a threat.

As she got closer she found that it was indeed Irene, standing there, waiting
for her to arrive. Andrea spoke loudly, still not in normal talking distance.
"What are you doing here?"

"I have a present," she shouted back.

"A present?" Andrea said to herself as she got closer. At this point, she
sure hoped it would be some water or a pair of clothing. Andrea finally got
next to Irene. Irene looked down slightly, staring at Andrea's breasts. "So
where is it?" Andrea questioned the Invid.

"Where's what?" She was obviously distracted.

"The Present. Where is it?"

"Oh, right," Irene said as she looked back up at Andrea's face. "You do have
a really nice chest." Andrea's expression showed impatience. "Right, well I
better get it. Come-on."

"How far is it?" Andrea said, following Irene over a rise.

"It's just over here. I wanted it to be a surprise." Suddenly, Irene stopped
before they went across the small hill. "Close your eyes."

Andrea laughed. "You're not serious." Irene looked back, hurt. "Okay fine,
don't close them. Go ahead and look."

Andrea sighed and continued walking over the hill. There, in-between a couple
of small shrubs was her cyclone. "You got me my bike back?" Andrea said with

"Uh huh."

Andrea went over to it quickly and pulled it away from the shrubs. Her bag
and therefore riding armor was still missing but the cyclone itself appeared
to be fine. Andrea lifted the seat and was encouraged to find her emergency
rations of water and food were still there. Along with the three protoculture
cells she had pulled from the ship she shot down. Between those there should
be more than enough money to replace her riding armor and bag. "Do you have
the riding armor?"

"The what?"

"The riding armor. It's a metal suit that goes with this."

"Oh... That's still back home. I'm sorry. I didn't think you needed it."

"Well the bike won't transform without it. But that's okay. I'll be able to
replace it later."

Irene seemed pretty happy that her gift was well received. "So does this mean
I can come with you now?" Andrea's expression turned serious once more.

"Look, Irene. You wouldn't want to come with us. We're not real big fans of
the Invid."


Andrea found some anger rising. "Because you guys killed everyone we know."

"Oh," she spoke softly. "But I didn't."

"I just don't think it will work."

"Oh... oh..." She paused, each word sounding more depressed. "Oh." She took
another pause to think then her mood suddenly changed. She was a little too
happy. "Oh well. Thanks anyway, I guess I just may see you around." Irene
left, presumably in the direction she came from. She was obviously up to
something but Andrea figured it couldn't be that dangerous if she returned
the cyclone. She let Irene go and wheeled the bike back to where Bob was
sitting. Bot stood up when he saw her approach.

"L... Looks like good news," he said looking at the bike. "Who brought it?"


"O... Oh. Are you sure it's safe to d... drive?"

"I'm about to find out." Andrea rolled the hot bike into the shade and pulled
an emergency kit out of the back seat. Slowly, but carefully, Andrea began to
take it apart.

After a grueling and exceedingly boring two hours as far as Bob was
concerned, Andrea had put it all back together. She sat up straight, covered
in grease and dirt.

"Well, it seems fine to me," she said cheerfully.

"G... Great!" Bob paused, looking a little nervous. "Uh, A... Andrea?"


He pointed to her chest. "You've got some... some grease."

"Well unless you want to loan me your shirt to clean it off..."

Bob looked down at his overly skinny body. He was probably somewhat
embarrassed about it. "Ummm... I'd rather n… not."

"There you go then." She got on the bike. "Come-on. Let's get into town and
have a good meal. Not to mention some good clothes."

Bob got on behind her and carefully put his arms around her waste for
support. Andrea took off quickly. She didn't have patience for being stranded
in the desert any longer.

A short drive later Andrea could see a small town in the distance. But before
she could finish the trip, a young couple scrambled onto the road, running.
Andrea hit the breaks and easily stopped in time. "What's going on?"

The woman responded, trying not to let Andrea's nakedness shake her. "I...
It's some kind of monster."

Andrea got off her bike and grabbed her weapon and survival kit. "Bob, do
you know how to drive this thing?"

"W... Well sort of. I... I mean yes."

"Okay. Take them into town, one at a time. I can walk the rest of the way.
It's not far. Meet me at the first hotel."

"O... Okay, sure."

Bob took the panicked woman on first and drove off at fairly safe speeds.
Andrea spoke to the man. "Go down the road and he'll meet up with you on
his way back."

"Um... Yes, ma'am. But I don't think… I don't think you should go out there."

"I'm sure I'll be fine. Now go on."

The man quickly walked down the road, watching behind him to see how she was
doing. Andrea dropped the survival kit at the edge of the road so she could
come back for it later if needed and began moving to where the young couple
was running from. As the creature came into sight, Andrea had a brief
thought. 'What if it was a monster?'

Well if it was at least right now it was occupied. It had pounced on a medium
sized coyote and was tearing at its leg. The coyote was whimpering and trying
to kick it off. The creature itself was a rather small but humanoid looking
thing. It was green with scales over most of it's skin. It had large claws
and obviously sharp teeth. Andrea figured she'd try English.

"Hey, you. Back off." She pulled her gun at it, her breasts giggling slightly
at the sudden movement. The creature seemed to notice and it wrenched away
from the coyote quickly, taking the animals leg with it, still in it's mouth.
The creature spit the leg out and stared at Andrea as if it was sizing up a
better meal.

"Sssssslig not like gunssssss." It spoke like it was it was half snake.
Slowly and methodically.

"Then tell me what you're doing here."

"Ssssssslig isssss eating. But now Ssssssslig hasssss a better meal."

The creature lunged at her with inhuman speed. Andrea aimed her weapon but
hesitated. Would this be like the last two times she used it? "Don't make
me hurt you." She spat out.

Her hesitation cost her. The thing pounced on her and her gun fell out of
her hand. It dug its claws into her skin and Andrea yelled briefly at the
sudden pain. But her instincts came back and she kicked up with her knees
forcing 'Slig' off of her. It crashed into the sand, not far away but got
up quickly.

Andrea looked around. Her gun wasn't far. She could make a break for it.
"Tassssssty," It said, looking her over. Andrea was scared, she lunged for
the gun, but the creature reacted faster. It pounced once again, this time
weary of her legs.

Andrea felt the claws break her skin once more and fell over with an "Umph."

"Tassssssty," it repeated and it sunk its teeth into Andrea's arm. She
screamed again as it bite off a small piece of her flesh. With her other
free arm she reached desperately for her gun. It was close, but was it
close enough? To her astonishment she felt the metal handle with her
fingers and grabbed it.

Quickly she moved it between her and Slig and fired, point blank. The force
of the blast launched the creature off of her and it fell onto its back,
unconscious. It's breathing hissed in and out. Andrea stood up and moved
over to the coyote. It was missing its front left leg and was breathing
heavily. Andrea decided it best to put it out of its misery and raised her
weapon. But the animal saw the gun and recognized it. It tried to nuzzle
it's head into the ground, as if to hide from it. It whimpered again and
Andrea realized she didn't have the heart.

She hurried off towards where she had left her survival kit and retrieved
it. She wrapped a bandage around her arm and felt queasy when she realized
it really was missing a small piece. At least it would heal she realized,
but she'd have to get it stitched up most likely. Hopefully she could stop
the bleeding and get back to the city.

Andrea began to walk down the road, but paused thinking about the injured
coyote. Cursing herself she ran back towards the animal. She found it still
laying there on the ground. She looked at where Slig used to lay and so
only an indent in the ground. Andrea was careful to keep an eye out. But
tracks led off at high speed so she assumed it had fled.

The coyote's ears perked up upon seeing her and it looked relieved, if that
was at all possible. Andrea wrapped what bandage was still in her kit around
the coyote's leg and did her best to stop the bleeding. It licked her wrist
as it passed its nuzzle and Andrea smiled. "Not to worry girl, you'll be

The animal whined again as if in response and Andrea put her gun in the
survival kit. She then swung the strapped bag over her shoulder and leaned
down to pick up the 60 pound animal. Andrea began to walk back to the road,
and then into town. Her pace was slowed thanks to her injury and the extra
weight but she managed to get about half an hour down the road until the
heat and muscle fatigue finally got to her. She put down the animal and sat
at the side of the road, trying to gain her breath. She was sweating
profusely. The sweat had washed the grease and dirt from earlier off her

As Andrea rested, her short break turned into minutes, then half an hour. She
couldn't force herself back up again. She started to register the feeling of
the hot sun on her shoulders. Another few minutes passed and Andrea realized
that if she didn't act now, she might very well pass out. She picked the
coyote up once more and forced energy into her feet. Slowly, she began moving
forward once more.

About an hour later, Andrea walked into town.

People stared at her as she walked down main-street. A bald naked woman
carrying a three legged coyote was a sight to see to be sure. It was the
middle of the day and the road was relatively busy. One well dressed man
came up to her.

"Are you okay, Ms?"

"Fine... I'm dandy. Can you tell me where the first hotel is?"

"Uh... sure. It's just another block down on your left."

"Thanks," Andrea grunted as she really started to feel the fatigue getting
to her. 'Only one more block,' she thought to herself. Eventually, the hotel
came into view and she saw the cyclone sitting out front. On it sat Bob and
he jumped up upon seeing her.

"Oh... Oh dear..."

The coyote was still passed out but was breathing regularly. "You know
anything about treating animals?"

"Well... Y... Yes of course. W... Why don't you get her t... to the room."

Andrea nodded and walked into the hotel with Bob holding the door open for
her. The man at the counter watched her suspiciously but said nothing and
Andrea walked by not even noticing. Bob led her to a room and opened the
door. He ran in and cleared the table as fast as he could. "J... Just put
her down t... there."

Andrea did so and then moved to sit on the bed, exhausted. "W... Was this the

Andrea began to feel dizzy. Her adrenaline had obviously worn off. "No." She
felt her dizziness increase. Bob was saying something but she couldn't focus
on it. She let herself fall back onto the bed and slowly, fighting it, she
collapsed into unconsciousness.

* * *

Andrea woke up to the smell of herbs and a wet tongue licking her face. Her
body ached and her arm felt sore. She felt the soft prickling of a bandage
on her arm and resisted the urge to touch it. Once she opened her eyes see
saw the coyote licking her cheek. She brushed the animal away lightly and
it lay down beside her.

"I uh... I stitched up your arm and put some disinfectant on it. I think
you'll b... be fine. But drink lots of water, be... because you were really

Andrea nodded weakly and sat up. The coyote appeared to be fine, minus the
leg of course. "Is she going to be fine?" Andrea gestured to the coyote.

"Oh yes. S... She'll adapt quite nicely I'm sure." Bob stood up and walked
to the window. "I uh... I noticed something though w... while you were


"C... Come here." He gestured for her to move to the window. Andrea slowly
stood and gained her balance. She still felt a little off but walked over
to the window one step at a time. As she progressed the steps became easier.
She arrived at the window and looked down on the street. Bob pointed and she
looked in that direction. "See t... that?"

It was a jeep of some kind parked in an alley. The driver was a blonde female
and still sitting there looking towards the hotel. It was hard to decipher
any more details than that. "I w... went down and checked. It's I... Irene."

"Irene, huh?"

Bob nodded. "D... do you suppose she came here to k... kill us or something?
Or just g... give us another cyclone?"

"I'm sure it's fine. She wants to travel with us. We'll just leave her be."

"W... W... Well, if you say so."

Andrea moved her hands to her hips and realized consciously for the first
time since she woke up that she was dressed. She looked down to see one
similar to her usual white tank top. In addition she wore a pair of arctic
camouflage pants. Perhaps not real useful when it comes to hiding, but at
least they would keep the sun off. "I'm dressed?"

"W... well uh yes. You were rather d... distracting when I was stitching your
arm so I got you s... some clothes." Bob flushed.

"Okay... well thanks."

"No problem."

Andrea moved towards the door. "I'm going to go find Ed. He's got to be in
town somewhere."

"Oh... okay."

As Andrea put her hand on the door handle the coyote stood up quickly and
carefully got off the bed as if to follow her. "Sorry girl, stay here and
wait for me." The animal moaned and sat down awkwardly. Andrea left the

A short walk down the road found Andrea at another hotel. She went around
side to where the vehicles were parked and began to scan for Ed's motorbike.
Nothing. She moved on to the next hotel and got lucky. There was his bike,
parked in front of the building. She went inside.

A large burly man was sitting in a chair behind a counter. Andrea moved
over to him and leaned on the desk. He looked down at her cleavage through
the neck of her tank top "I'm looking for someone that checked in here

"Uh huh. Name?"

"Ed." She gave the man a brief description and he nodded.

"Room 205. He's got a couple a hotties up there with him too."

"Oh yeah?" Andrea couldn't hide her disappointment.

"What, are you his girl friend or something?"

"No, not really. Thanks." He grunted an acknowledgement and Andrea took to
the stairs, climbing up one story before walking down a long rather strong
smelling hallway. This place obviously wasn't the nicest in town but it was
still better then a lot she had seen before. She found 205 at the end of
the hall and simply opened the door. She was still pissed about his lack of
return. The door was conveniently unlocked and Andrea went inside.

The first thing to assault her senses was the smell of sex. She
subconsciously closed the door behind her as she entered and went around
the small entranceway to see the rest of the room. Ed was lying on his back
with his eyes closed. His hands were on an attractive blonde's hips as she
rode his cock. She was slightly shorter than Andrea but had larger breasts.
A taller more slender red head with fairly small breasts was behind the
blonde, dry humping her pussy against the blonde's heart shaped ass and
grinding her chest into her back. None of them had noticed Andrea and the
shorter woman continued to moan fairly loudly.

"What the hell are you doing?" Asked Andrea. The two women if at all startled
by her comment didn't show it. They continued just as they had before. Ed
however, opened his eyes and looked over to her. Upon seeing her he moved his
head back and closed his eyes again.

"Well be done in a bit. Have a seat. Unless you want to join in anyway."

"How about you finish later. We'll talk now."

"How about you have a seat," came his reply. "I'm not going to talk to you
'till I'm done so stop giving me all this attitude." Andrea didn't see a
point in angering him so she sat down in a chair across the room and crossed
her legs.

The tall red head was humping the other girl's rear harder now and her skin
became shinny with sweat. She began to moan in tandem with the blonde and
her breaths quickly became more ragged. She was approaching a large and only
semi-real orgasm Andrea noticed.

The tall girl came, while continuing to press herself hard into the blonde.
A small river of her cum flowed down the blonde's ass crack. The red head
sighed into her lovers shoulder.

As she came down from the orgasm she moved back and walked seductively across
the room towards a duffel bag. Andrea realized that the show must be for her
benefit since Ed's eyes were still closed. Andrea watched the red head as she
bent over at the waist to open the duffel bag and pull something out. When
the girl stood up again Andrea realized it was some kind of dildo. Andrea had
never actually seen one before but was surprised to see it was a fairly
average male size. She had always assumed women would want it a little bigger
than that. Maybe that was all these two had managed to scrounge up.

The girl turned back to the bed and winked at Andrea as she walked back over
to Ed and the blonde, still going at it full tilt. She stopped before getting
to them and for the first time Andrea noticed the straps attached to the
device. The tall girl fastened them around her waste and turned to face
Andrea, the stiff piece of plastic stuck out from her crotch as she finished
attaching the strap on. "How does it look?" She said talking to Andrea.

Andrea, although intrigued was still relatively unamused by all this. She
didn't respond to the girls' question. "Hmm..." The red head said. "I bet
you like it." She grabbed her breasts and pinched her nipples between her
fingers, showing them off to Andrea. She turned around back to the blonde
and leant down. She kissed the blonde on the back of the neck.

Briefly she pulled her lips off and whispered something before she thrust
her hips forward quickly, plunging the dildo about midway into the blonde's
ass. The hole was lubricated from her earlier cum and the blonde seemed to
enjoy the feeling in both her holes.

The woman wearing the strap on kissed her on the neck once more and then
bit her teeth down hard enough to leave a mark. As she licked the new mark
on the blonde's neck she pulled the dildo out most of the way and then
thrust it back in again, this time burying it nearly three quarters of the
way inside. The blonde grunted loudly and collapsed her body onto Ed's
giving the red head an even easier angle of penetration. The red head
stayed with her, keeping her breasts pressed hard into her back.

Once again she moved her hips out then thrust in once more, filling her to
about the same point. She repeated this a few more times to establish a
rhythm and let the blonde get accustomed to the piece of plastic in her ass.
But suddenly, she pulled out as before and thrust her entire body weight
down, completely burying the dildo between the two. The blonde moaned loudly
once again and pushed her butt back up to meet the two dicks filling her.

On the next deep thrust the red head pulled the shorter woman's hair back
forcing her to arch her back, thus lifting her breasts off of Ed's chest.
Ed didn't waste the opportunity as he placed his hands over her soft mounds
and rubbed them roughly.

The taller woman began to move her hips faster, sending little shakes through
both of them each time her hips hit her ass. As her speed and ferocity
increased so did the moans coming from both the blonde and Ed.

Andrea found herself staring at the red head's ass as the cheeks clenched
then released with each thrust. She did have a nice butt, Andrea was forced
to admit to herself. Under different circumstances she didn't think she would
mind feeling it in the palms of her hands. She noticed the red head's back
was shiny with sweat and couldn't help but become aroused as the muscles
moved underneath the skin.

The red head thrust in one more time lodging the fake cock deep inside her
lover's rectum and the blonde shacked once more, this time in orgasm. Her
pussy and ass clenched around the two rods inside them and warm liquid began
to flow gently around Ed's cock. Ed withdrew, realizing he was moments away
himself and helped sit the two women up. The blonde was sitting on the other
girls' lap, with the cock still deep in her ass as Ed ejaculated. He had had
just enough time to move his member up to her chest and began to squirt a
surprisingly large amount of cum over her breasts. After five or six full
squirts, they began to taper off. Another few smaller ones that landed on the
blonde's stomach and around her pubic hair signaled the end of his orgasm.

Andrea was surprised to say the least. There was no way the Ed she knew could
have held out that long or for that matter ejaculated that much cum. Perhaps
the Invid's changes of him allowed him to more consciously control it.

Either way, real life pulled Andrea out of her thoughts when she realized the
show wasn't quite over yet. The taller girl was unhooking the strap-on from
her waist, but leaving the actual dildo all the way inside her partner. She
then moved out from beneath the blonde and laid her down on the bed. She
moved on top of her, straddling her just below the hips and lowered her body
so her mouth was at her breasts.

Then, slowly, she began to lick up Ed's cum. Ed at this point had decided
to stay out of the action and sat back in a chair, stroking his limp penis
gently. He seemed to be enjoying the act that Andrea found rather disgusting.
But regardless of opinions the two women on the bed went on. By now the
taller girl on top had gained a full mouthful of the sticky cum and moved up
so she was face to face with the woman beneath her. She then opened her mouth
slightly allowing the cum to exit out her mouth, roll down her chin and onto
the blonde's outstretched tongue. The blonde licked it up hungrily as it
drooped down from her lovers' chin. When there was no more, the blonde lifted
her head up and sucked all the remaining cum from the red heads chin. She
then wrapped her arms around the other girl and pressed her breasts against
hers, smearing the large amount of cum still coating her chest between the
two. Eventually, the two stopped French kissing and the red head climbed off.
When she did so, strings of cum hung down from her chest connecting with the
blonde's. She had moved back a good foot or two before the strings broke and
just hung lazily down from her own small breasts.

Andrea was still rather disgusted but couldn't help being amazed. These two
had really gone all out. Where had Ed found them? Andrea stood up, realizing
the show was over. Meanwhile, the red head took one last lick up the middle
of the blonde's cleavage and licked her lips hungrily before sitting back and
leaning against the headboard. The blonde stood up, dildo still up her ass
and walked over towards Andrea. She walked fairly normal Andrea thought,
considering the plastic device still inside her. "Nice to meet you," she
said. "I'm Jewel."

'Jewel,' thought Andrea. 'You've got to be kidding.' But Jewel stuck out her
still rather clean hand as far as Andrea could tell so Andrea accepted the
gesture and introduced herself. "Andrea."

"Andrea hmm?" Jewel had leaned in closer and her breath smelled of semen. She
moved her hand up and ran it over Andrea's still bald head. Andrea cringed as
she remembered she was still hairless. She loved her hair. Hopefully it would
grow back soon. Jewel spoke again. "I wonder… Are you bald everywhere, like

With a speed that surprised her, Jewel moved her other hand down the front of
Andrea's pants and pressed it into her mound. "Well, is she?" The red head

"You bet," came Jewel's respond. Smoother than I've ever felt.

Andrea herself was still too stunned to move as Jewel inserted two fingers
all the way into her womanhood. Andrea flinched and was immediately brought
back to reality. "Take your hand out or I'll break it off," Andrea said

Slowly, but steadily, Jewel withdrew her hand. A look of forced
disappointment crossed her face and she moved the two fingers up to her
mouth. She licked them off. "You don't taste as good as Kitty over there."
She took another taste. "But it's certainly not bad.

Andrea turned to Ed. "Can you ask your... call girls to leave for a bit?"

Kitty spoke up before Ed. "We're not call girls. We offer long term

"Long term?" Andrea questioned.

Ed took that question. "I gave these two that protoculture cell I had. They
said it'll get me two and a half full months of whatever I can dream up. Not
a bad deal eh? Even you have to admit that."

"Two and a half months?" Andrea reiterated. Jewel nodded and walked back over
to the bed. She sat down in Kitty's lap, only wincing slightly in what looked
like a sudden burst of pleasure thanks to the dildo. "Whatever you can think
up?" Kitty nodded this time.

"We do other girls if you're interested," Kitty said with a smile. "You're
fee's covered, so why not, huh?"

"Now that's something I'd like to see," said Ed. "But right now I think
Andrea wants to talk to me alone. Do you two mind waiting outside?"

"No problem," said Kitty cheerfully and the two got up. Their breasts were
still shiny and sticky with cum when the moved into the bathroom together.
"Is in here all right?"

Ed looked to Andrea and she nodded. "All right then," Kitty said and went in
with the blonde, closing the door behind her.

"So, what's up?" Asked Ed casually.

"What's up?" Andrea's anger was returning. "You left me in the desert with
no clothes, no shelter and barely any water. That's what's up."

"Well I got to town really fast so I figured I'd get set up here and you
could walk the rest of the way without much problem. Sorry if I misjudged
you." Ed got up and pulled on a pair of pants. He then casually pulled on
his shirt.

"Don't try to turn this around on me. Bob and I could have died out there."

"Well you're here now and so is Bob I'm guessing. And since you're well
enough to yell at me obviously it couldn't have been that bad."

Andrea stared at him, still not believing this was the same Ed she knew from
Salt Lake. "Okay forget it. I'll see you tomorrow morning and we'll decide
what to do then."

"Whatever." Ed sat down in a chair.

Andrea stormed off, closing the door behind her. She continued to storm down
the stairs and out of the hotel lobby. Once on the street, a voice came out
of nowhere. "Andrea."

She looked around trying to spot its originator when she realized it had come
in her head. It was the same feeling that she got with the Invid brain. She
looked around more intently now trying to find the threat when it came again.

"Andrea. I'm not dangerous." It was a female voice. Fairly soft but strong.
It sounded very passive and Andrea was inclined to agree with the mystery
woman's statement. "My name's Eloi."

'Eloi,' Andrea thought.


Andrea looked around once more. No one was nearby. "Who are you?" she asked.

"The creature that attacked you was one of my companions. Slig is his name."

"So what, you've come for revenge?"

"No of course not," assured the passive voice. "I've come to apologize. He
can be most trying sometimes. Would you be willing to meet with me?"

"What for?"

"To discuss reimbursement."


"Indeed," came the response.

Andrea's curiosity was already getting the best of her. First the weird
lizard like Slig and now some telepath. She couldn't resist the temptation.
"Ah, good. We'll meet you just to the East of town," answered the voice in
Andrea's head before the question was asked.

Andrea stopped in her tracks and turned to face East. She began walking.

About twenty minutes later Andrea found herself in desert once more. She
located a large rock and sat down to wait. It was only a few minutes before
she began to hear a noise from her left. It sounded like machinery. Andrea
turned and saw a large metallic man walking up a sand dune to approach her.
His face was normal however and he looked to be about 60 years old. The
rest of his body was like an incredibly strong metal machine. He stopped
beside her and spoke. "You're Andrea?"

She nodded. He had a deep articulate voice.

"My name's Jean. Yes that's French and I don't want to hear any jokes about
it understood?"

"Why would I joke about...?" He interrupted her.

"Never mind that. Come on." He turned back around and walked back in the
direction he came from. Andrea followed.

"Where are we going?"

"You ask a lot of questions." He said plainly. "We're going to meet Eloi
and the others. You look kind of skinny. Are you sure you're up to the
walk? It's nearly a full hour away."

Andrea nearly laughed out loud. Before she got her cyclone she walked 12
hours a day without problem. "I think I'll manage, thanks."

"You do have a nice body though. That's one thing I gotta say about the
women nowadays. A lot of 'em have nice bodies."

"Uh, well thanks."

"Don't thank me, thank your parents."

"Uh huh." Andrea wasn't sure what to make of this guy. "So who else is
traveling with you?"

"Well, there's Eloi. Slig I hear you've met. And lastly there's Mona. Make
sure you don't get startled when you see her. She doesn't like it when
people freak out."


They walked in silence for a while then Jean spoke again. "How come you
never say 'sir?'"

"When? Why would I?"

He seemed slightly aggravated. "It's called respect for your elders. The
word 'sir' is a sign of respect."

"I think I can respect people fine without saying some stupid word all the

Jean gritted his teeth down but tried more or less to stay under control.
"We'll have to work on that I guess."

Andrea decided to leave it at that and continued to follow him in silence.
A long walk later, they arrived at a small camp. There was remnants of a
fire and Slig was lying down beside it.

"Hey, Slig," Jean said. "Wake up." Slig opened his eyes lazily and spotted
Andrea. It moved into an aggressive pose. Andrea made a note to try and
remain un-provocative. Jean spoke again, "No, Slig. Eloi invited her here.
We're not supposed to hurt her."

"Tassssssty human hurt sssssslig." It spat on the ground and looked at her
menacingly. It seemed to be pretty much healed from the gunshot wound. Andrea
tried not to look nervous.

"Where's Mona and Eloi?" Asked Jean.

"Ssssssomewhere... Be back sssssoon."

Jean nodded and sat down. Andrea did the same, keeping a fair distance from
Slig. She mentally checked that her gun was in fact on her belt. It was.

After an exceedingly long few minutes, Jean spoke. "Well they're about to
come up. I should probably warn you that a lot of people find their
appearances sort of startling. Try not to freak out like all the other girls

"I don't 'freak out' all the time you know." Andrea was getting sick of his
rather sexist attitude."

"All women do. It's in their blood."

"What? And all men are strapping hunks of muscle I suppose huh?"

"Of course not," Jean said matter of factly. "We just don't all freak out all
the time. And some of us can even lift our own body weight."

"Yeah, if you're muscles are made of metal you can." Andrea was getting
pissed off. She was stronger and in better shape than 90% of the guys she
had ever met. This guy was some kind of crackpot.

Jean was standing up and about to escalate the argument further when Mona
and Eloi came into view. And Andrea was startled. And freaked out. But to
her credit she didn't show it. Mona was basically a female sasquatch. She
was covered in long orange hair, head to toe. She didn't bother wearing
clothing, but the hair more than covered everything. Eloi was even more
startling. She had an incredibly frail body. It looked as if any kind of
physical activity would severely drain her. Her head was huge and she had
large eyes, a small nose and a very un-detailed mouth. She spoke in Andrea's
head once more. "Welcome."

"Uh... Hi. Nice to meet you," Andrea said with a smile..

"I'm Mona," the seven foot tall woman said.

"So I gathered. I'm Andrea." She put out her hand and Mona took it squeezing
it painfully in a hand shake.

"So I gathered," said Mona almost rudely. "You the bitch that shot Slig?"

"He tried to eat me." Andrea gestured to her bandaged arm.

"You still didn't have to shoot him."

Andrea instinctively put her hands on her hips. She did it whenever she was
in a situation that may degenerate into fighting. It gave her a quick draw
for her gun and was a fairly balanced position. Eloi obviously caught on and
stared at Mona strongly. Presumably she was speaking to her telepathically.
After a short while, Mona merely walked away and joined Jean.

"It's a pleasure to finally meet you in person Andrea. I'm glad you came."

"Well, I guess that's the explorer in me. I always want to know what the
score is with people I meet."

"Ah yes, a most admiral directive. Come, walk with me." She began walking
slowly away from the others. Andrea joined her. She found she trusted her
quite implicitly despite the derogatory actions of the others.

"I apologize for my friends. They were rather upset when they found out Slig
had been shot."

"He tried to..."

"Yes I know. Do not concern yourself, you did what you must. He's nearly
healed now so no serious damage was done. But I wanted to offer my services.
I have a ship, a short distance from here. In it is some fairly advanced
medical technology and I could repair the wound on your arm. There would not
even be a scar. While I'm at it I could perform any other medical service
you require."

"Like what?"

"Like replacing your hair for instance. I know you don't like the bald look.
I don't care for it much myself," Eloi said as she stroked her own bald head.

Andrea was hesitant. She trusted Eloi, but not the others. What if something
went wrong?

"Do not fear, Andrea. I am the leader of this particular group. The others
listen to me."

"Well, it sounds like a nice offer."

"Is that a yes?" Eloi asked carefully.

"I think so, yes."

"Excellent. So what all would you like done?"

"Umm... Well the arm obviously."


"The hair would be good. And eyebrows of course."

"Would you like it your previous length and color?"

"If you can, sure."

"And what of your body hair? Many women shave their legs and armpits. If
you like, I could permanently stop hair from growing in those locations.
Unfortunately that has a side effect of making the hair on your head grow
slightly faster but the difference is miniscule."

"Wow. Sure, that sounds good. And um…" Andrea paused, a little unsure of
how to ask.

"Your pubic hair."

"Yeah. If you could..."

"Of course. I will leave you, what I suppose is referred to as a 'landing
strip' but the rest I can remove."


"It is no problem. Is there anything else? Bigger breasts? Longer legs?
Slightly altered facial features? I could even stop you from becoming
pregnant for a time of your choosing."

"You can do all that? That's insane."

"No I assure you it's all quite sane."

Andrea smiled. It was obviously intended as a humorous remark. "Well I don't
want any of that other stuff done. I like my body how it is. I'm not a big
fan of that type of alteration after dealing with the Invid a few days ago.
But if you could stop me from getting pregnant for a while that would be
convenient. You're sure it's safe?"

"Oh it is not even an operation. Simply a harmless chemical that would stay
in your system for the desired length of time. There are no side effects at
all. Would five years be a good length? You may have changed your mind about
pregnancy by then."

"Um, yeah. Sure." Andrea suddenly had the image of her standing at a booth
in a market ordering all of this. It seemed vaguely ridiculous that she was
able to make all of these fairly complex, yet basic changes. Eloi cut into
her thoughts once more.

"If you would lie down here I will place you unconscious and return you to
my vessel. It will be much simpler that way. Some people find the transport
rather disturbing."

"I see..." Andrea became hesitant again. She didn't want to be knocked out
in the middle of the desert. But again, she felt an overwhelming urge to
trust this person. She nodded her head and gently lay down in the sand. With
barely a moment to spare, her world faded to black.

* * *

Andrea awoke to an open sky, feeling extremely refreshed. She was still lying
in the sand and briefly thought that nothing had happened. She sat up and saw
Eloi in front of her and then touched her head. There was hair again, she
realized rather ecstatically. And it felt exactly as it had before. "So
everything went fine?" Andrea asked cautiously.

"Of course," came the response, once more in her head. Andrea was starting
to get used to it.

"You won't get pregnant for five years (give or take a month or two) and
the rest of your hair won't grow. I also took the liberty of removing your
bandage. It was dressed quite skillfully. Tell your doctor I was quite

Andrea looked at her arm. As promised there was no scar. "Well thanks for
doing all of that."

"It was my pleasure. I enjoy helping the more advanced people out there."

"Advanced, huh?" Andrea stood up and brushed the sand off her clothing.

"Oh yes. You have a great deal of potential. But if I may make an
observation?" Andrea nodded for her to go on. "Be weary of Ed. He is not
the same as he used to be. And as for Irene, stop being close minded and
take her along. She could be quite helpful to you. The Invid are not all
bad you know. After all, they gave me the ability to heal."

Andrea sighed, realizing that Eloi was right. Irene had already proved useful
and Ed was becoming less and less trustworthy. "Well, thanks again. I've just
got one last question..."

"Why do we look like this? It's quite simple really. A number of years ago,
the Invid changed us."

"And you're not mad at them?"

"Oh no, quite the contrary. We all thanked them. Not everyone can read minds
you know. But, as you are about to say, you had best get going. I'm sure our
paths will cross again in the near future. But you had better return to town.
You have been unconscious a few hours now."

Andrea nodded. Despite her unawareness of the last few hours she felt
surprisingly calm. She felt good that she could still trust strangers and
that they would not disappoint. She nodded an appreciation to Eloi and
began the hour or two walk into town. She felt great.

* * *

Upon reaching town her first stop was the jeep in which Bob had spotted
Irene. Sure enough, the Invid was still sitting there, rather impatiently
looking towards the hotel. Andrea easily came up beside her and tapped on
the window. Irene jumped, rather startled then turned to see Andrea and
happily opened the passenger door. Andrea climbed in.

"So you've been spying on us?" Andrea asked her rather directly.

"Well, um... yeah. I thought I would. Sorry." She seemed saddened at
upsetting Andrea.

"You uh... You still want to come with us?"

Irene continued her saddened state. "Yeah."


Irene looked up at Andrea to make sure she was serious then her face
brightened immediately. She leant over and hugged her strongly. "Thank-you,
thank-you, thank-you."

"Well, it's no problem. I should have let you travel with us as soon as you

Irene smiled again. "So can I stay in the hotel with you?"

"Sure, why not."

"What about in the same room?"

"If you want..."

"Can we have sex then?"

Andrea coughed in surprise. "No, I don't think so Irene."

"Oh... well at least I'm coming with you now. Maybe you'll change your mind
later." Irene's happy spirits seemed to have no limits. Andrea got out of
the car, humoring the Invid while she did so.


Irene got out as well and moved over to Andrea so they were walking side by
side into the hotel. The two went up the stairs and into Bob's room. He sat
waiting there on the chair. The coyote was happy to see her and took an
instant liking to Irene. Irene went over to pet it.

"Ah... A... Andrea. I was beginning to get w... w... worried."

"Thanks, but I'm fine." Bob was watching Irene, suspiciously.

"Hi, Bob." Irene said cheerfully. "I'm traveling with you and Andrea now."
Bob looked to Andrea for confirmation. Andrea nodded.

"I'll explain later," she said.

"I... I certainly hope so. You can explain t... the hair as well." He got up
from his chair. "W... Well I booked my self a room next door so I'll just
b... be going now. Should I get another for Irene?"

"No, she wanted to stay with me."

"I'm going to try and get her to have sex with me," Irene said to Bob
plainly. Andrea just sighed mentally.

"I... I see. Then I will definitely be g... going right away. If you need me
I'm just o... over there." He pointed to one of the walls and quickly made
his exit.

"So..." Irene said, trying to instigate conversation.

"So..." Andrea said thinking. She decided it best to go into a lecture. "You
don't have any more plans of killing people right?"

She shook her head negatively. "I still feel really, really bad. I thought
they were all coming back. But no more killing. I won't even hurt anybody!"
She spoke as if that was somehow a bonus. "Well... unless they try to hurt
me first."

"I'm glad to hear it." Irene sat down in a chair and stared at Andrea
inoffensively. Andrea went to the bathroom. "I'll be back in a bit okay?"

"Where are you going?"

"I'm going to have a shower."

"Really? Can I join you?" Andrea stared back. It was an obvious no. "Well
how about I just watch then."

"If you want, sure, whatever."

Irene quickly got up and followed her into the bathroom. She sat on the sink
and simply stared as Andrea undressed and went into the shower stall, closing
the tinted glass door behind her. The shower itself was kind of mucky and the
water was probably only as warm as the temperature outside but the water
itself was clean and it felt good nonetheless. It was easy to forget about
Irene through the shower door. Andrea let herself relax in the warm water for
a good half an hour before shutting it off and stepping out of the stall
still soaking wet. Irene was still sitting on the sink and held up a towel.
Andrea went to grab it but Irene held on tight. She smiled.

"What?" Andrea asked cautiously.

"Well I went to the trouble of getting this for you so I was thinking maybe
you could do something for me too."

"Like what?" Andrea said only slightly annoyed.

"Umm... How about if you let me kiss you three times anywhere I want?"

Andrea laughed. She sure wasn't giving up.

"Three times, anywhere you want? No, I don't think so." She started to leave
the bathroom but Irene grabbed her arm gently.

"Wait. How about two times then..." She sensed that she still wasn't getting
the upper hand so she made an amendment. "And just anywhere above your

Andrea sighed. "Okay, fine."

Irene got up and pressed herself hard against Andrea. She wasted no time
as she pressed her soft, full lips to Andrea's own set and kissed gently,
enjoying the sensation and trying to make the kiss last as long as possible.
Her hand moved down to Andrea's breast and squeezed. Andrea broke the kiss
and pulled away. "Fondling wasn't part of the deal."

"Oh. Okay." Irene pulled back a bit. "Can you move your hand up?" She asked


"Because it's below your waist silly."

Andrea smiled when she realized the next one wasn't going to be to her
breasts and gladly lifted her hand. Irene moved her lips to her palm and
kissed her sensually, letting her tongue run across the nerve endings.
Andrea found herself getting aroused but after a short while the sensation
faded and Irene pulled away handing her the towel. Andrea used it to dry
off then wrapped it around her waist. She exited the bathroom topless.

"You do have really nice breasts." Irene added

"So you've said. Let's talk about something other than sex though okay?"

"Ummm... sure. How about sports?"

Andrea sat down in the chair at the table and Irene sat in the other one.
"Sure," Andrea said.

The next hour and a half was spent listening to a large ramble about Irene's
interpretation of soccer. Andrea found herself smiling and nodding through
most of it. Finally, Irene talked herself out and went out to 'get some
food.' Andrea took the time to lie back in the bed and rest. It had been a
long day. And she still had to figure out what to do about Ed.

Perhaps he could be given another chance. She'd let him stay for a while,
but he'd have to be careful not to overstep his bounds. She'd be watching

End, part 4."

Next: We take a break from mutants and alien invasions to see what happens
when Andrea and company get involved in a rousing game of strip poker.


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