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Robotech: Invid Invasion Part 6 - Rising Powers (MFF,MF,F-mast,voy)
by Invid Writer

It was sunrise. The rest of Andrea’s group had yet to awake, minus her and
Thunder. She had been outside, starting a fire when he came up behind her.
“You want to go for a ride?” His voice was throaty, excited at sharing
something he found to be amazing. Andrea eagerly responded and gave up on
the fire. The wood was too wet anyway.

The next thing she knew she was on top of Thunder’s horse, Jasper. She had
never rode one before but her good sense of balance made it relatively
simple. Thunder walked along beside her with a hand on the horse’s muscular
side. Her pet coyote walked on the other side and looked up at her. Although
she loved riding, she was starting to get bored with the slow pace. “Can I
run with him?” She asked.

“Are you sure?” Andrea was amazed that his question didn’t sound at all
questioning of her riding ability or judgement. She nodded and stroked the
horse’s mane.

Thunder went over and spoke in the horse’s ear gently. “Be careful, Jasper.
She’s one of the good ones.” The horse snorted, not understanding what was
said but it got the message that it was riding with her for a short time.
Thunder took a step back and spoke to Andrea once more. “He’s all yours.”

Andrea gently kicked the horse and it sped up. The three-legged coyote tried
to keep speed beside her and did surprisingly well. Thunder used no reigns so
she had to guide its direction by pressing lightly on one side of its neck.
It made it slightly more difficult to hang on to the animal but she was
having fun. She kicked the horse gently again, sending it into a full-fledged
run and her coyote started to fall behind. She let Jasper go his own
direction as she clung on for what seemed like dear life. After about thirty
seconds of galloping she saw Jasper was headed towards a small ravine caused
by a stream. It was nearly five feet across and the horse was not slowing
down. Andrea looked at it nervously then to the horse. “Whoa, whoa… no
jumping…” The horse only sped up. “What did I just say? No jumping.” It
launched itself over the cleft in the land and came down fairly softly on the
other side. Andrea bounced up and down heavily in her saddle. Jasper turned
in a long arc as Andrea recovered herself. Jasper simply headed back to the
ravine, once again at full speed. “No, no, no, no, no” It jumped over it
again and Andrea felt her balance start to waver. She tried to cling on to
the horse’s thin hair but couldn’t get a grip. She felt herself slipping.

“Ahhhhhhhh,” she screamed as she fell off the animal. She landed hard on the
ground but rolled with the fall. Fortunately, the horse was careful not to
trample her. Thunder ran over quickly, concerned as it looked like she was
crying. The coyote was already there and had its nuzzle pressing against her
cheek. A short sprint found Thunder at her side and his concern eased as he
realized that in fact she was laughing. She rolled over and stood up. Pieces
of torn grass stuck to her shirt and pants. “That was great,” she said, still

Thunder sighed. “You worried me.”

“Well, I may have a bit of a bruise or two but I’ll be fine. Can I go again?”

“Um... Of course. But steer away from jumps.”

“Ha. I tried.”

With Thunder’s help she got back on the animal and took off at high speeds
once more. Thunder stood still and watched her. His heart stopped as he saw
her frame silhouetted by the early morning sun.

* * *

It was a few days later. Andrea’s party was driving at the horses pace along
a paved road. They were nearly at the Southern end of Mexico now and the sun
was getting hotter. Andrea was riding Jasper again. The horse had taken a
liking to her and behaved well in her presence. Thunder on the other hand was
riding in the passenger side of the jeep, currently being driven by Bob. The
coyote was in his lap watching Andrea carefully.

Kitty and Irene were in the back of the jeep watching as well while Jewel
and Ed drove on his bike. Kitty looked at Andrea’s body and felt her breath
catch. She hadn’t had sex or even been naked with Andrea since that night
about two weeks ago. She was beginning to think she had scared her off.

Irene also looked to Andrea lustfully. Bob had noticed everyone’s attention
on her and began to think of what it was that made her so easy to become
attracted to. It was obviously more than her looks. People didn’t even lust
after Irene like that. And the strangest part was that Andrea seemed to be
oblivious to it all. She didn’t even notice the other’s advances on her. His
attention was taken away from his thoughts as he rounded a corner and saw
what appeared to be a military checkpoint up ahead.

Two guards in power armor stood with energy rifles pointed upwards. Andrea
grew concerned. She dismounted the horse and told Bob to wait where he was.
She walked alone up to the two guards. They did not look inviting at all.
They wore black armor with masks that looked like they had their own air
supply during emergencies. The masks had a stylized design of a skull on the
front of them but still looked particularly threatening. Another skull logo
stood prominently on their chest.

“Citizen papers please.” One of the guards said.

“Citizen papers? Why have you blocked the road?”

“This is a main entranceway that leads to Trump Towers. Only citizens and
registered civilians are allowed inside.”

“Well where is Trump Towers?”

The guards looked at each other through their masks. “About 900 miles East.”

“900 miles?” She said astounded. “You’re a little far from the city aren’t

“We’re expanding. Now if you would please show your citizen papers…”

“I’m not a citizen.”

“Well in that case you and your companions will have to accompany me to
processing. We scan for medical conditions, parasites, alien diseases and
the like. Then you will be given a physical and issued temporary
transportation papers allowing you to stay in our territory for a maximum
of three months.”

“What organization do you belong to?”

“The Coalition, Ma’am.”

“Coalition? I haven’t heard of you.”

“No, Ma’am. Our organization only arrived four months ago. Now if you would
like to continue travel along this road you have to come with us.”

“What about the rest of them?”

“If they are continuing to travel with you they must be scanned as well.”

“Can they bypass it if they stay with me?”

“Yes, but you are the one who will be responsible and if necessary tried for
their actions.”

“I see.” Andrea looked back to her group. She could trust most of them but
she wasn’t sure about Jewel or Ed. She gestured them over. “The three of us
will get scanned. I’ll take responsibility for the others.”

“Very well.” The three of you can come with me. He turned and began walking
through the checkpoint. Ed and Jewel caught up and began travelling with her.

“What’s going on?” Jewel asked.

“We have to get a physical and some medical tests to keep travelling.”

“But what about the others?” Ed said.

Andrea stumbled. “They picked just us three randomly. They didn’t have to
scan the rest.”

The guard noticed her obvious lie but said nothing. He continued to walk
towards a large white building. It appeared to be reasonably well kept. It
had the same skull logo painted over the front wall of the structure.

“Inside,” the guard said and shoved them through the door with the butt of
his gun.

“You wave that thing around as if it were harmless,” Andrea said, referring
to the weapon he had in his hand.

“I’m a trained professional, Ma’am. Nothing to worry about.”

Andrea’s wits sharpened. “Your military has only been around four months. If
you’re this far out you joined what, maybe a month ago? It took me a lot
longer than that to learn how to properly fire a gun.”

“You have experience with firearms?” Andrea, Ed and Jewel were being led down
a long corridor. The lighting inside was dim and security cameras watched
every corner. He stopped at a room and gestured for them to go inside.

“I do,” Andrea responded.

“What types?”

“Automatic pistols, rifles, energy pistols, energy rifles, heavy weapons…
Pretty much everything.”

“I see,” the guard said impressed. “Have you ever considered a military

Andrea shook her head negatively but it was a lie. She was currently a member
of an underground resistance dedicated to getting rid of the Invid. She had
been a field member for years. Reporting in and exchanging information now
and then. She even had the rank of Lieutenant. Not that that mattered much in
a military that did everything it could to keep itself secret.

“That’s too bad,” the guard continued. “The Coalition is always looking for
people of your talents.”

“I’m sure they are,” Andrea said simply. The four of them were now in the
room. It was empty but had open ceiling ports. It looked like the floor was
a sort of drain as well.

“This is a decontamination chamber,” the guard said. “I’ll have to take your
clothing and possessions at this point. They will all be returned to you when
your papers are issued.”

“Uh huh,” Andrea said skeptically. There were many times in the past where
she had left her weapons with the people at the front and never seen them
again. Nevertheless she complied. She handed over her gun belt first and
began to strip. The others did the same.

A few seconds later saw the three companions butt naked. The guard left with
an armful of clothing and slammed the door loudly behind him. Andrea heard
what sounded like sprinklers above her and resisted the urge to look up. If
it was about to spray chemicals all over her she didn’t want any in her eyes.

Sure enough, the roof quickly opened up with a strong spray of liquid. It was
so strong that it nearly knocked her off her feet. Her long curls of hair
were instantly soaked and dripping. Her bangs stuck to her forehead and she
extended her arms from her body as if that would somehow ease the force of
the sulfur smelling liquid. Eventually, the chemical bath stopped and Andrea
relaxed slightly. The floor had drained the liquid and the smell was already
retreating into the floor.

She turned and opened her eyes to look at Jewel and Ed when she was hit with
another stream of liquid. This time it was simply hot water, but it was
extremely hot. She cringed her teeth and sucked it up. Jewel didn’t fair as
well and let out a startled yelp. “It’s too hot,” she said loudly.

“Tell me about it,” replied Ed. “What the hell are they trying to do anyway?
Burn our skin off?”

Andrea simply remained silent.

Eventually, the hot water passed through the floor as well and left only
steam in its wake. The door opposite of the one they entered through opened.
On the other side stood an attractive, pleasant looking young woman. “Through
here please,” she said diplomatically.

The three travelers did as instructed and left the decontamination room.
Andrea’s hair felt heavy with the weight of the water and hung straight down
her back. Droplets of water glistened over her smooth skin and rolled gently
down her body.

On the other side of the door hung three towels. The women handed one to each
of them. “Here you go,” she said. “You can wear them if you like.”

Jewel seamed pleased and didn’t even dry herself off. She just wrapped the
towel around her breasts and let it hang down to cover her waist as well.
Meanwhile Ed and Andrea finished drying off. Ed wrapped his around his waist
and Andrea followed his example. She always wore towels like that. It seemed
simpler somehow.

Over the next hour or so, the doctor did everything from pulse and blood
pressure to the rubber glove. Eventually, she brought out some equipment
Andrea had never seen before. It was explained that these were for detecting
the aforementioned Alien diseases and the like.

Andrea waited patiently as the doctor used the first one, then the second.
She was starting to become rather annoyed that she even had to be tested for
something like this. It was when the doctor used the third and final device
that she spoke. “Well that’s interesting.”

“Oh?” Andrea furrowed her brow with the question.

“I’m going to have to do some more tests on you. I’ve got an unusual reading
here.” Andrea shifted in her seat. “Oh not to worry. I’m sure it’s nothing
big.” She went over to Ed and Jewel and finished her work there. “Your two
can go. I’ll need her another hour or two.”

Andrea went wide-eyed. “Two hours?” The Doctor only nodded and Andrea stood
with a sigh. The Coalition was already turning out to be more trouble than
they were worth.

“You want us to stay?” Ed asked in an uncharacteristic tone of good
intentions. Andrea shook her head.

“No. You two go back. Tell the others I’ll be there soon.” She paused a bit
and then spoke as if in afterthought. “I hope.”

"Okay then, if you’re sure.” Ed wrapped a hand around Jewel’s waist and
headed out to the door. A guard to escort him out quickly approached him.

Meanwhile, the doctor led Andrea into a bright and completely bare room. The
other women left and Andrea sat down alone. She sat for far too long. The
floor was uncomfortable and the cold was beginning to seep through the towel.
A small draft of cool air tugged lazily at her hair.

More time passed and Andrea’s boredom increased. She paced back and forth
around the room until eventually she wore herself out of that as well. She
sat back down on the cold floor, her hand accidentally brushing her leg.
She marveled at how smooth the skin still was.

She moved her hand back and began meticulously looking for stubble in the way
that only those with no other forms of entertainment can do.

The sound of a lock clicking and a stream of light coming through the doorway
interrupted her search. A Coalition Captain stood still at the door before
cautiously entering the room. Andrea stood up to greet him, far to conscious
of the contrast between her toplessness and his military uniform.

“I’m Captain Trent Wallace,” he said plainly. He was a handsome looking
man, only a few years older than Andrea. He was careful to keep his gaze
above her neck and Andrea appreciated the gesture.

“Andrea Robertson.” She stuck out a hand to meet his.

“I wanted to let you know that you have been approved but there is a minor
complication. You’ve been red flagged.”

“Red flagged?”

“It’s nothing more than a caution on your file really.” He looked directly
into her eyes with a piercing gaze. “Have you ever had any psychic or
telepathic experiences?”

“No,” Andrea said surprised at the question. After her response she
remembered the communication with the Invid and mutants. She hoped he would
not catch on to her lie.

“Our scans show some psychic potential. As such, you have to stop at all
checkpoints for a brief exam.”

“What? Why?” Andrea had no idea what this guy was getting at.

“We don’t allow people with developed psychic abilities into our territory.
If you were to read our mission statement, you would understand our polices
towards such persons.”

“I see.”

“Regardless, here are you travel documents.” He handed her some papers. “Be
careful not to lose them.” He looked down at her body for the first time but
his expression didn’t change. “Your clothing is in the other room. I’ll take
you there.” Andrea nodded and followed him outside the room. A short while
later she found herself fully dressed, shoved out the door and back with her
friends at camp.

“How did it go?” Asked Thunder when she finally got back. He was on his
horse, sitting casually.

“Long... And boring.”

“Ah. Care to ride with me awhile? I’m told the town should only be an hour
or two up ahead and you could tell me about your adventure.” Andrea smiled,
about to accept when Jewel interrupted.

“Any chance I can get a ride?”

Thunder hesitated but his courteous side quickly took over. “Of course.
Perhaps once we arrive in the city.”

“Oh, I have plans in the city,” Jewel said mischievously. Andrea’s heart sunk
into her stomach as the words were spoken. She had forgotten about the lost
bet. Jewel smiled at Andrea’s reaction but continued speaking. “But we’ll do
it after.”

“After it is then,” Thunder smiled genuinely. He was oblivious to Andrea’s
thoughts and waited for her to climb aboard. After she had got her seat he
kicked the horse into a trot and the others followed in the two vehicles.

Andrea pressed her chest into Thunder’s back as the horse increased pace.
Thunder was too tall to look over so she had to be content watching the
terrain go by on either side of him.

She could feel the warmth and security of his back through the tank top.
The temperature outside was even warmer however and distracted from the
sensation. The air temperature must have been nearing 40 degrees C and the
humidity was just as extreme. The whole party was sweating more than their
share. Except Irene of course.

“How do you stay so cool?” Kitty asked Irene from the back seat as she dabbed
her forehead with a cloth. Irene was riding shotgun.

“I don’t know. Is it very hot?”

“Don’t tell me you think it’s cool out here.”

“I guess not. But I don’t sweat much normally.” She smiled knowingly to
Kitty. “Only when I’m doing something physical.”

Further in the lead, Andrea had just finished explaining her hours spent in
solitude, waiting when Thunder stopped the horse. Andrea leant sideways to
look ahead. The town was close.

The city itself was small, maybe 1000 people at most. Big enough for a few
hotels and a few bars. Nothing else of interest. “Well, what are we waiting
for?” Andrea asked. “Let’s head in.”

* * *

Spirits were relatively high in the group, despite the rather unusual meeting with The Coalition. But as the party moved closer to the
town, moods began to fall. Talking fell to a low mumbling and eventually
stopped. There were tents around the edge of the town but not of the military
variety. People walked the streets but seemed to do so with hesitation.
Andrea spotted a number of Coalition propaganda signs before they even
arrived in city limits. It seemed The Coalition was doing some serious
recruiting and pulling out every trick in the book while they were at it.

The city itself seemed to be well kept. The streets were clean and the
buildings had minimal amounts of wear on them. They looked like they had all
been recently touched up. Andrea decided to attend to the most important
business first after entering the town.

“Let’s find a restaurant and a bathroom.”

“I’m with you on that one,” Thunder responded. He tilted his head in a
gesture. “That looks like one over there. Want to check it out?”

“Sure.” She turned her neck around. “Hey Bob. We’re headed to uh...” She
looked forward again to check the name of the restaurant. There was none so
she turned back around to Bob. “That place over there.”

“V... Very well.”

Bob proceeded directly to the restaurant, but Thunder and Andrea were forced
to hunt around for a suitable place to leave Jasper and the coyote. They
eventually settled on a small tree set up in an alley behind the building.
“Stay here, Jasper.” Thunder said and the horse snorted in acknowledgement.
It bent its head to the grass and began working on a snack of its own.

Andrea spoke to her coyote. “You too. You better be here when I get back.” It
whimpered agreeably and sat down. It had caught on to the meaning of her
tones very quickly. Satisfied, Andrea and Thunder headed around to the front
of the building.

“I can’t believe you actually got a horse to do as it’s told,” Andrea said.
“It’s like ordering a cat around.”

“Hah. It was not simple, that’s for sure.” He paused to open the door for
Andrea. “But he’s come around well. He still wanders off now and then but I
don’t tie him as a sign of trust.”

It was Andrea’s turn to laugh.

“What’s so funny?” He asked sincerely.

“Nothing. It’s just nice that you want to trust animals. Most people don’t
care or don’t think they’re smart enough to deserve it.”

“Well I can assure you, I’m not one of them. Besides, your coyote seems quite
intelligent.” He caught sight of Bob and headed to a large table that the
servers had set up. “How are you, Bob?”

Bob glanced nervously to a recruitment poster on the wall. “A little... h...
hesitant. I’m not s... sure I like this city.”

“It does seem rather -- political,” Thunder added as he sat down. Andrea sat
down beside Thunder and listened to them talk. Jewel and Ed sat at a separate
table, talking amongst themselves.

“D... Do you think it’s a good idea for us to s… stay in town long?”

“Bob, I never think it’s a good idea to stay in town long.” Thunder wasn’t
watching Andrea as she jumped slightly at a strange feeling. Something was
rubbing against her crotch. Her eyes darted across the table to see Irene
sitting across from her smiling seductively. Apparently it was her playing
footsies. Thunder continued, oblivious. “What do you think Andrea?”

“Oh, um...” She was a little distracted and squirmed in her chair. It didn’t
escape Irene however and she continued to rub her toe against Andrea’s pants,
now trailing down her thighs. “I like the break from the road but I could
never live anywhere for long.”

"Ah, a born traveler, hmm?”

Irene’s foot made it way back up to her crotch to press through her light
pants and into the lips of her pussy. She was starting to get aroused. “I
wouldn’t say that.” She was still distracted. “I didn’t hit the road (nor
want to), ‘till I was 16. But I guess I haven’t looked back since.”

“I have been travelling since I was born. My tribe believed in changing
locations on a regular basis so as not to damage the animal population. What
about you, Bob?” Irene’s touching was starting to get to her and she was
becoming bolder. Andrea tried to cross her legs but couldn’t do so with
Irene’s foot in the way.

“Oh, uh... T... This is my first time more than 200 miles from home.”

Andrea felt a sudden push from Irene’s foot and jumped. “Ahh.”

Thunder looked over to her immediately. “Is something wrong?”

“No, of course not,” Andrea tried to recover. “I’m going to go to the

“Of course,” Thunder said, not entirely believing her.

“I’ll go with,” Irene piped in.

‘Damn,’ Andrea thought to herself. So much for that escape route. She stood
up and walked over to the ladies room with Irene in tow. Andrea entered and
Irene followed, closing and locking the door behind them. The bathroom was
really just a one person. The toilet was blocked off with a stall but there
was just the one. There was a sink and mirror that both seemed in
surprisingly good shape. Although the water probably only came out cold.
Andrea turned around to confront Irene but found herself practically tackled.
Before she knew what was happening her lips were locked tightly with the
other woman and her butt was pressed tightly up against the counter that the
sink rested in. Irene kept pushing forward arching Andrea’s back until her
shoulders finally hit the mirror. It was an awkward position and certainly
not the most comfortable. But she was more concerned about the lip service
she was receiving.

Her head was against the mirror so she couldn’t back away from the kiss. She
got her arms between them and pushed hard on Irene’s shoulders. She didn’t
take the hint. After nearly another minute of the passionate kissing Andrea
found she was getting into it a little more than she would have liked to
admit. Irene finally parted their lips and pulled Andrea’s shirt off quickly,
before the other woman could hang onto it, leaving her topless. The mirror
felt cold against her back. “Irene, stop.” She spoke hastily before Irene
started kissing again.

“Why? I still haven’t had sex with you yet.” She paused, thinking. “Well,
there was that one night, but Kitty was there too. I want just you and me.”

“I’m not sure it’s a good idea though.” She was panting heavily, still
recovering from the rather serious kiss. Irene was obviously disappointed.
Andrea stood herself up straight so her back was no longer painfully arched.
“Can I have my shirt back?”

“Aww, come on. It’ll be fun. I can call Kitty in if you want.”

Andrea laughed to herself. “No, that’ll be okay.”

Irene held the shirt behind her and stepped closer, placing their breasts
and lips only centimeters apart. Andrea could smell Irene’s oddly pleasant
breath. “I’m really horny. No one has had sex with me since you did last.”

“Well I’m sorry to hear it, but I’m sure you’ll find someone.”

“I want you.” She pouted and Andrea sighed, putting out her hand for the
shirt. Irene reluctantly handed it over.

“Thank-you,” Andrea said, putting it back on. “You ready to head back out?”

“Um...” She thought about it. “I’m going to stay in here for a bit.”

“In here? Why?”

She adeptly put a hand down the front of Andrea’s pants. “I’ll show you if
you want.”

“No, that’s okay. Um…” She was at a loss for words. “Have fun. I’m going back
to the table.”

“I’ll think about you, okay?”

Andrea forced out a half smile. “Sure, um... sure.” She exited the bathroom
closing the door behind her. As she leaned against the door to recover
herself she heard it lock once more and breathed a sigh of relief. Then she
remembered Irene’s last words and quickly headed back to the table. “Hey
guys,” she said as she sat down between Thunder and Kitty.

“Hi, yourself,” Kitty said placing a hand on Andrea’s thigh. It was well
concealed under the table and quickly made its way to her crotch. Andrea
grimaced inside.

“Okay, look, I just finished telling Irene that...” A loud crash came from
her left and Andrea jumped to her feet. Someone had just thrown a brick
through the restaurant window. A voice came from outside.

“How do ya like that ya damn Coalition?”

Thunder quickly stood up as well and placed Andrea behind him. “Stay behind

Andrea suddenly got angry. “I can fend for myself you know. I don’t need
everyone protecting me or hitting on me or something.”

Thunder turned around looking worried that he just insulted her. “I wasn’t
hitting on...”

“I wasn’t trying to protect you either,” Kitty chimed in.

Irene rushed out of the bathroom, having heard the crash. She was still
putting her jump suit around her chest. “Do you need help?” She asked.

Andrea said nothing as she worked her way around Thunder to the door.

“Where are you going?” He said a little concerned.

“Outside. Where does it look like?”

“Perhaps it would be wiser if...” The door closed behind her.

“What crawled up her ass?” Kitty asked rhetorically.

Outside, the situation was much worse. Three angry looking and rather large
men were standing in a small huddle yelling into the restaurant. “You can’t
just let them walk over you like that! Stand up for yourself. Show a little

Another one added his piece. “Those bastards can’t touch us if we stick

“What do you three think you’re doing?” Andrea asked, stepping into the group
of them.

“Mind your business,” the first one said.

“It is my business. You threw a brick through the window.”

“We’re protesting, get lost.” The man who spoke now was a little more

“And what the hell is throwing a brick through a window going to accomplish?”

He got up in her face. Maybe he wasn’t as calm as Andrea had anticipated.
“I...” he began to speak but his friend bumped him on the shoulder,

“Shit, man. The Coalition’s coming. Let’s get out of here.”

Andrea saw the man’s eyes open wide and the three of them made a break for
it. A Coalition guard yelled from the distance. “Hey, you four. Stay right
where you are.” He was obviously talking to the three of them and presumably
Andrea as well. Andrea did as told. The others did not, continuing to get
further away from the restaurant. “Hands in the air.” Andrea did as told,
noticing another few guards making their way towards her as quickly as

They were all wearing the standard Coalition armor, along with their helmets.
These helmets were the same as the ones on the two she had seen earlier. They
covered the entire face and resembled a skull. Two of the four guards stayed
with her. The rest gave chase but seemed to be falling behind thanks to their
heavy armor. While one continued running the other stopped and raised his
energy pistol. “Freeze where you are. This is your last warning.”

The three protesters ignored the man, not noticing his drawn weapon. The
officer had had enough. He fired. A short, silver burst of light exited
out the mouth of his firearm and struck the man in the rear. He let out a
desperate scream and fell over. The shot had hit him directly in the back
and had obviously killed him, judging by the hole in his rib cage. Andrea
felt disgusted.

The man who had done the most talking of the three fell over with his fallen
comrade. He appeared to be fine and as he noticed the hole in his friends
back, immediately stopped all attempts at escape. He was more concerned with
his comrade. “Oh my God,” he said panicked as he kneeled beside the dead man.
Meanwhile, the third criminal ducked around the corner, still being followed
by the officer.

The person whom had fired ran over to the man kneeling beside his friend and
lifted him up roughly to cuff his hands. The soldier still giving chase
disappeared around the corner.

“Hands behind your back,” one of the officers watching her said. She saw his
rank was Private First Class.

“What?” Andrea was trying to understand. “I didn’t do anything. I was trying
to stop them.”

“Sure you were.”

“There’s a dozen people in there that can verify that.”

“We’ll see about that. For now, put your hands behind your back.”

Andrea frowned and did as told. They cuffed her hands immediately and the
private roughly grabbed her arm at the elbow. “Get going.” Andrea looked to
the other man in hopes that he would be more understanding. All that stared
back was the black metal skull. As she was being led off she caught Thunder's
eye. He had exited the restaurant to witness the proceedings. He was silently
asking if she needed help. Andrea gave him a quick negative shake of the head
and went with the soldiers.

As they were walking one of them reached to her gun belt. “And what might
this be?” He said, already knowing the answer.

“A .44 Magnum.” Andrea said plainly with a hint of distaste in her mouth.

“And this?” He said pointing to the knife.

“What do you think it is?” She said refusing to play along. The soldier was
unimpressed. He clenched his hand into a fist and struck her hard in the
lower back. She toppled forward slightly from the blow but managed to keep
her feet.

“Don’t talk down to me, bitch.” He grabbed the sheath and knife aggressively.
The other soldier was still silent, walking slightly ahead of Andrea.

“Whatever,” she said under her breath. She had never had patience for

The officer ignored her remark and continued walking slightly behind her.
Andrea felt the pain in her lower back begin to fade. She would have a bruise

* * *

After a short walk, Andrea found herself sitting alone in a cell. She was
unimpressed to say the least. Half an hour was spent pacing frustratingly.
The next half hour she decided she might as well exercise. And then it was
back to pacing. Her impatience grew with each minute until after about
another hour the door to the cellblock opened.

The ‘protester’ she had talked to, whom had stopped to take care of his
friend came in with a corporal. The soldier dropped him off in the cell next
to her and left. He seemed a little beat up, as if he had just gone through
an interrogation. He sat in silence for a short while before finally
speaking. “Sorry you’re involved in all this.” Andrea was silent. She still
didn’t much like the man. He continued speaking after another pause. “Have
they done anything to you?”

“Not yet. Just wasted my time.” There was silence again. “They will realize
I had nothing to do with this right?”

The man was clearly hesitant. “Well… I don’t know. Maybe. If they do an
investigation, sure. But they don’t always spend the time when they have
suspects in hand.”

“Great,” she said sarcastically. Once again, silence reigned. Andrea spoke up
after a few minutes. “Sorry about your friend.”

“Not as sorry as me,” he said. Tears were beginning to well up in his eyes
and Andrea thought she had best change the subject.

“Why protest?”

“Why protest?” The man repeated, honestly shocked at the question. “Have you
seen what they’ve done?”

“I just got into town. I met them at their checkpoint before, but that’s it.”

“You travel a lot?” He seemed to be changing the subject but Andrea humored


“Then you know how every town has their own little thing. Their own little
piece of pride.” Andrea stared back at him, urging him to continue with her
gaze. “Ours was the courthouse. It survived the bombings and the looting and
the raiders. Somehow it survived. We built the whole town around it.” He
paused, looking to see if Andrea was still listening. She was. “The first
thing The Coalition did when they got here two weeks ago was tear it down
and set up their ‘temporary command center.’ They just walked in here and
took over like they owned the place. Said it was in our own best interests.”

“Maybe it is,” Andrea tried to reason. “We could use a strong military
presence against the Invid.”

He scoffed at her. “Bah. I haven’t seen any Invid in over a year.” Andrea
thought about the stage five’s – The human looking ones. Maybe he had seen
one and didn’t know it. He continued regardless. “Besides. After they took
over the courthouse’s spot they started to ‘confiscate’ other people homes
for their officers. Half the town is out of home living in a giant flee
infested tent they set up. Hardly the type of people I’d have in exchange
for the Invid. Not to mention the casual raping, death and destruction.”

Andrea was intrigued now. If the Coalition was this merciless, how did they
have any support? How did they expand so quickly? She decided to get as much
information as she could. “What’s their support like in town?”

“Poor at best,” he replied. “But a lot of people join them out of fear. Those
skulls they have all over the place scare the shit out of everyone. I imagine
it’s the same everywhere.”

Andrea opened her mouth to ask another question but stopped when the
cellblock door opened once more. She watched the guard as he walked
purposefully towards her cell and used his key to open the door. “Hands
behind your back,” he said plainly. She did so and he cuffed her once
more. Then, with a shove to the back led her back out the way he came.

“Where are we going?” Andrea asked as she walked slightly ahead of the guard.

“Interrogation room.”

“Interrogation room? Don’t like the sounds of that.”

“It’s not for you,” he said coldly.


“You’ll see. Take a right.” She did so.

A few minutes of walking through the corridors and she arrived at a door.
Looking at it for a moment the guard told her to enter and she did. She was
instantly surprised to see that it wasn’t the interrogation room, but the
viewing room. A large piece of glass that she presumed was a mirror on the
other side allowed her to see what was going on in the other room. For the
moment, it was empty, minus two chairs and a circular table. “What’s going
on?” She asked, confused.

“You’re not up for a little peep show? The guys thought it would be fun to
make you watch.” Andrea turned to the soldier, now suspicious that she wasn’t
going to like whatever was coming up.


“Let’s just say one of your friends offered to ‘buy’ your freedom.”

“Buy?” Andrea imagined the guard was smiling under his mask and was suddenly
frustrated that she would never know. A military that hides behind masks was
not one she’d liked to associate with. The soldier offered her a seat and
reluctantly she took it. He sat down beside her with his weapon out in his
lap. He was obviously ready in case she tried something.

Andrea sat for a few minutes, noticing a few scratches in the glass. She
found herself wondering if they showed up from the other side when the door
was opened for the actual interrogation room. In walked Irene and two fairly
muscular looking men. Or so she presumed. It was hard to tell in the armor.
She turned to speak to her guard but he put a finger to his mouth in a
‘shush’ motion. Maybe they could hear her. She knew she could hear them from
the sound of Irene’s voice.

“So um.. In here?” One of the guards nodded. At this point Andrea had a
pretty solid idea where this was headed and wasn’t sure she liked it. She
turned to speak once more and he leaned over and whispered.

“Don’t make me tape your mouth shut.”

“Are any other people seeing this?” Andrea whispered back.

Again, she imagined he smiled beneath his mask. “Whoever wants to. It’s being

Andrea felt a shudder of anger but held it back. There was nothing she could
do now. Perhaps when the soldier gets caught up in the view she can make a

Meanwhile, Andrea simply watched as Irene undressed herself. The guards did
the same to their armor but chose to be anonymous. They left the helmets on.
In a few moments everyone was naked from the neck down. Irene strutted over
to the first man, a Spaniard by the looks of his skin tone, and knelt down
to her knees. She seemed willing enough, Andrea noticed.

Irene practically leapt on his soft cock. She took his entire soft member
into her mouth and began to suck, allowing it to slowly grow. As it did so,
she took it out of her mouth and looked up at him seductively. Slowly, she
ran her tongue across the head and down the length of him, reaching his
balls. Still appearing rather eager, she took one into her mouth and spat it
out shortly with a large pop. She then did the same to his other ball. All
the while, his saliva slick semi-hard cock rubbed against her cheek. She
seemed all to conscious of this and moved her cheek up and down slightly
while working over his nuts.

Then, deciding he’d had enough of a warm up, she dragged her tongue back to
the head of his cock. She peeled the foreskin back and looked at it briefly
before attacking it with her mouth once more. “Oh man, she’s good,” he said.

“Let me have a try,” the other white man said as he gently rubbed his own
member along Irene’s cheek. Irene noticed it and turned, taking the other man
into her mouth. He immediately arched his neck and moaned. “Wow, you weren’t
kidding.” She pulled away briefly with a sexy smile.

“I’m the best.”

“You sure are, babe,” the Spaniard said, lifting her to her feet. He simply
admired her body. Her large, impossibly firm breasts curved down to a defined
ribcage and stomach. Her arms were skinny and legs long. Her long blond hair
rested on her shoulders as she stared back with pure blue eyes. The other
officer was walking around her in a circle, admiring her taut butt and
defined back. Her legs were slightly askew, allowing him to see just a hint
of her pussy, surrounded by thin blond curls.

Irene spoke once more. Her voice was lower, Andrea noticed and much more
seductive then usual. “So who’s ready for the next step? I know I am.”

“Mmm, I want to taste you first,” the white guy said as he placed his hands
under her armpits. With a show of strength he lifted her, turned around and
placed her rear on the edge of the table. Irene immediately caught on and
lifted one of her legs so the heel of her foot rested beside her on the
table. Her other leg, laid casual out in front of her, the foot not quite
touching the ground. This had the effect of leaving her pussy completely
exposed. Andrea could see a small white glob of arousal at the entrance to
her splayed legs.

“Do you like what you see?”

“God yes,” the guard said as he knelt down in front of her. His tongue went
straight to her hole and he smiled, as he tasted his first drop. “Delicious,”
he said more muffled than anything. Irene giggled, causing her breasts to
giggle slightly. The Spaniard saw it and couldn’t resist himself. Careful to
avoid his friend, he took on into his mouth and sucked lightly at the nipple.

Irene squealed as she felt the two tongues on her body. Her nipples were as
hard as Andrea had seen them. With her free hand she grabbed her unused
breast and massaged it roughly. Her other arm went around the neck of the
soldier sucking on her nipple. Her pale skin glistened as she started to
sweat. “More,” she said breathily. “I haven’t cum in two days.

“Oh, two days is it?” The Spaniard said, moving away from her breast.

“Mm hmm,” she said dreary eyed. She was broken out of her trance as the man
eating out her pussy got up as well. “It’s been weeks since I’ve done it with
anyone other than myself. Please. Make me cum.” Both her hands went to her
breasts now and massaged frantically. She was obviously very aroused.

“Stand up,” the white guy said and she instantly obeyed. She was facing the
mirror now and only a few feet away. The soldier brought her a few steps away
from the table and moved behind her, pushing her roughly up against the wall
and mirror as he kissed her neck.

Andrea saw her breasts flatten against the glass. She was only a foot or two
away but seemed so distant thanks to the barricade. Her stomach pressed up
against the glass too and her cheek looked flushed as she rested it up
against the mirror, smearing it with sweat. The guard put a hand on either
hip. “You ready now slut?”

“Yes, now,” Irene said lustfully. The man took his cue and pressed his
average sized cock to the entrance of her pussy. Irene put the palms of her
hands flat against the glass to brace herself as he pushed in relentlessly.
As he shoved, her breasts and stomach mashed tighter up against the mirror,
leaving Andrea with a very unique view. Her hips finally bumped the bottom
of the two-way mirror as the soldier buried himself to the hilt inside her.
“Ohhhhhh,” Irene moaned. “More. Faster. Harder.” She was obviously caught up
in the sex.

Andrea saw Irene’s clit bash lightly against the glass with every thrust in
and out that the guard made. Each time, she’d smear the glass with a little
bit more of her pre-cum. Her moaning was growing louder and higher pitched
as the man moved in and out of her harder. Andrea could tell that Irene was
near orgasm when the man pulled out, his cock now slick with juices. Irene
moaned in disappointment but was still pinned against the glass. “What are
you doing?”

“If you’ll believe it,” he said. “I’ve never done a girl in the ass before.”
He pressed the head of his cock gently to her puckered hole. The skin around
the edge wasn’t darker like with most people. It was the same color as any
other part of her body and the soldier seemed to only find that more
attractive. “Nice and clean,” he said as he pushed.

“No,” Irene pleaded. “I can’t cum from there. Go back into my pussy.”

“Who said we cared if you came or not? That’s not our problem.”

He pushed the head of his cock into her ass gently and Irene moved her head
from the glass to stretch her neck back. She let out another loud moan.
“Slow,” she said, her hands still braced her against the mirror.

Andrea saw her body flatten even more against the glass. He was obviously
applying a lot of pressure to get into her tightest recess. Her body was
sweating a great deal now and Andrea saw the sweat collect in her cleavage.
It rolled down her body, squished between her and the glass. “Mmmmph,” she
grunted. Her light brown nipples pressed into the mirror, trying to extend

With a final grunt, the man made it inside her completely. Andrea could still
see her thick pre-cum rolling thickly out of her pussy. She stiffly lifted a
smooth long leg up and pressed it against the mirror as well in an attempt to
create more friction between her pussy and the mirror. Andrea suddenly
remembered the warmness of Irene’s body and wished briefly despite herself
that she could experience it right then.

The white man started moving in and out quickly. As quickly as he had done so
with her pussy. Irene moaned and grunted with each thrust but other then that
stayed surprisingly still. Finally, after a few more minutes, the man inside
her let out a moan of his own. His brow was thick with sweat and he buried
his face in her shoulder as he came, pumping his ass into hers as he did so.
Irene let out a quiet squeak in tandem with each spurt of his seed as if the
hot semen itself was an attack on her rear. He pulled out of her, taking only
a small amount of his cum with him. The rest was still buried deep inside
her. She desperately needed to cum.

“You’re turn man,” he said to the Spaniard who had been sitting down to watch
the show. The Spaniard was bigger then the first man by a fair amount and
unlike his companion went straight for Irene’s ass.

“No, I want to cum,” Irene emphasized again when she felt the head of his
dick against her ass. She clenched tightly, trying to discourage him from
entering but he only seemed to take it as a challenge. He blindly thrust
himself into her, yelling in pain as he did so. Irene did the same. It was
too dry for either of them and with Irene clenching, impossibly tight around
him it only served to hurt both participants. The Spaniard stayed inside her
however, trying to grow accustomed to the tightness.

The previous mans sperm was coating the insides of her thanks to her clenched
muscles spreading it around and it made it slightly easier to move. He shoved
more of himself inside her and they both moaned in pain once more. “Oh, man.
Loosen up will you?”

“No!” She was obviously in a stubborn mood. “Fuck me in the cunt, you cunt.”

Andrea nearly laughed at the rushed insult but managed to keep herself under
control. Unfortunately for both of them, the man was just as stubborn as
Irene was. He pushed in again, burying another few inches. He was now in as
far as the previous guy had been and still had another three inches to go. He
gritted his teeth and pushed one final time, sending it all the way home.

Irene was forced up against the mirror about as hard as possible and her
stomach heaved against it as she breathed in and out heavily. Andrea found
it incredibly sexy, and apparently, so did her guard. He got up and walked
towards the glass. He pressed his hand up against it where Irene’s left
breast was flattened into it. It appeared larger than normal, thanks to the
amount of pressure holding her there. Andrea realized this was her chance,
but she’d have to act quickly. From her sitting position she lifted her legs
up and easily moved her cuffed hands underneath them, so her arms were in
the front of her body.

Meanwhile, the Spaniard was pounding into her at an increasing rate. He was
enjoying the feeling more than anything but decided it was time for a change
of pace. He pulled out of her and yanked her away from the glass. In one
motion, he laid her down on the table and straddled her chest, sticking his
cock between her breasts.

Upon being moved form the mirror, the guard turned back around to find his
seat. Instead, he found Andrea taking a double fisted swing at him. He didn’t
have time to avoid it and was quickly unconscious on the floor. Andrea
grabbed his keys and un-cuffed herself.

The soldier with Irene was pressing her breasts together and moving his hips
back and forth frantically, obviously close to orgasm. His palms pressed into
her nipples as Irene humped her hips in the air wildly trying to get some
kind of friction to finish her off. Her efforts were to no avail. While she
continued to buck her hips, the man arched his neck back and moaned. His
orgasm had arrived. He pulled his hands away from her breasts and spurted a
large amount of cum over her face. The next spurt of the ropey liquid crossed
her mouth and chin. A few more landed on her breasts and she stopped her
humping, realizing that she wasn’t going to get off for a little while yet.

As the man’s cock was draining its last amount of the gooey white stuff into
her cleavage, a loud crashing sound came from behind him. Irene was ecstatic
“Andrea!” Andrea had thrown the chair she was sitting on through the glass,
shattering it instantly. The white guard charged at Andrea instantly but he
was still weakened from the orgasm. It was an easy matter to use his rush of
speed against him. Andrea simply dodged out of the way and grabbed his arms,
swinging him headfirst into the wall. Even his helmet couldn’t protect him
from that. He was knocked unconscious.

The Spaniard had since gotten off Irene and it was his turn to charge Andrea.
She adeptly dodged around him, grabbing his arms like with the previous man.
She expertly maneuvered him into an arm lock and held him with one hand as
she removed the helmet with the other. Then, skillfully, she lifted his
helmet in the air and crashed it back down over his skull. He too, collapsed
into unconsciousness.

Irene was sitting up at this point and looking happily to her friend. Cum
dripped down her face and chest. “Are you okay?”

“I was going to ask you the same question,” Andrea responded with a smile.

“Yeah, I’m fine. They didn’t let me cum though. I need to cum so bad.” She
got a pleading look on her face. “Please?”

“Not now we have to go,” Andrea said, avoiding her gaze. “This thing is being
taped, so you have to get dressed and we’ll go.”

“No,” Irene said stubbornly. “Not until you do something sexy.”

Andrea reached for one of the guards’ guns and picked it up. “We don’t have
time for this Irene. We’ll figure it out later.”

She sighed. “I still want you to do something sexy first.”

Andrea was starting to get panicked now. “Irene...”

She held out one of her cum coated breasts. “Lick it and kiss me.”

“What? Ewww.” Andrea said, thinking it truly was disgusting.

“Fine, then I guess we’re not leaving,” Irene said, still being stubborn. “If
I don’t have time to cum, then I at least have time for that.”

Andrea looked into her eyes, seeing there was no other way. Quickly, she went
over and licked the length of her breast. Her tongue moved away from Irene’s
chest covered in white slime but Irene wasted no time in leaning forward and
kissing Andrea intensely. Irene licked the cum off Andrea’s tongue and Andrea
parted after only about ten seconds. “Now get dressed, we’re going.”

“Fine,” Irene said satisfied enough. “I don’t know why you had to knock them
out though. They were going to let you go afterwards.”

“Ha, I doubt that,” Andrea responded while Irene quickly got dressed. “Not
from what I’ve heard.”

“Oh? What have you heard?”

Irene was dressed now. “We’ll talk about it later. Come on.”

Andrea opened the door and seeing that the hall was still empty starting
running. Irene followed along directly behind her.

It wasn’t the first time Andrea had been in a prison and certainly wouldn’t
be the last. She had gotten in the habit of remembering the details. The
closest way out, the positions of heaviest and lightest security. Things
of that nature. In this case, she was lucky. The prison was obviously still
new and they didn’t have the manpower to defend all areas of the building.
If she acted quickly enough it should be a simple process to make it out of
the area. After all, no one was ever meant to get this far to begin with.

She made a left at a T in the hall, heading for a door marked delivery. She
didn’t slow down for the door however, knowing it must be locked. With a
well-placed shoulder strike the door broke open and bright light from outside
filtered through into the hall. She heard voices and glanced behind her in
time to see a few officers, still in power armor coming around the corner.
With a shove, she forced Irene through the door to the outside and in one
fluent motion raised her ‘borrowed’ energy pistol to point down the hall.

A flick of the thumb on a rotating dial put it at its highest setting and
it whined slightly as it warmed up. The guards heard the noise and attempted
to duck back around the corner, knowing that the high-powered blast would at
the very least force them to the ground, even through their armor. The gun
stopped whining and she fired.

A line of silver light lit up the hall and struck one of the three men
ducking out of the way directly in the shoulder. The hit spun him around a
full 360 degrees before he hit the ground hard. He would be dazed but
otherwise fine. Hoping the guards would think twice before following, Andrea
ducked through the door after Irene.

The two women headed for the first alley they came across and ducked into
it before the officers made it outside the building. Andrea was never
particularly fast and hated that at times like these. She would have to out
maneuver instead of out run. “Can you climb?” She asked Irene.

Irene nodded. “I think so. But climb what?” Andrea looked over to the brick
building beside her. It was two stories tall and would be difficult to get
up, but there was a pole going down the side of the building designed for
water from the gutters.

“This,” she started climbing as quickly as possible, her arms doing much
of the work. Irene followed directly behind. Both women were exceptionally
strong and climbed the wall with surprising ease. After a mere twenty
seconds, Andrea hefted herself onto the roof and out of sight. Irene was
right behind her and with a final burst of strength pushed herself up over
the ledge of the building roof and landed on top of Andrea’s laying down
form. The two women were face to face and Andrea found herself staring at
Irene’s cum matted cheek. Not to mention her lips and chin.

There was no time to move however, thanks to the sound of voices in the
alley beneath them. “You’re sure you saw her go this way?”

Another man spoke up. “She went this way. Keep moving.” The sound of feet
continued down the alley and around the corner. Irene looked down at Andrea
smiling. “Looks like they’re gone.”

“Good.” Andrea grabbed Irene by the hips and moved her off. “You should wipe
your face off. That will get you a lot of attention if we’re anywhere

“Yeah, I guess so.” She used the back of her hand to wipe her face mostly
clean. It was still a little more shiny than usual. She then wiped her hand
on the black one piece she wore and looked back to Andrea. “Good?”

“Yeah. Good. Do you think it’s safe to go yet?”

“No. They’re coming back. We should wait her a while.”

Andrea listened patiently but spoke quietly. “I don’t hear them.”

“Well we have really good hearing. See?” Andrea listened once more and she
began to hear voices once more. Apparently Irene wasn’t kidding around when
she said she had good hearing. But the more she thought about it the more it
made sense. The only reason the Invid would make human looking ones was for
spying. And good hearing definitely helped that.

The soldiers were around for another 15 minutes off and on, but the two women
waited patiently. Eventually, Irene spoke. “I haven’t heard them in a while.
It’s probably clear.”

“Okay, good. You ready to go back down?”

“Um...” She hesitated. “Can we stay up here and have sex instead?”

Andrea groaned. She was getting tired of hearing this over and over. “Look,
Irene. I’m not sure what we did before was all that smart.”


“I don’t know. It’s awkward to explain. I’ve never been into women really.”

“Well you were that day,” Irene said with a grin.

“Yeah, I was that day. But I haven’t done it with Kitty since then either.”

“Oh. But you enjoyed it right?”

“Of course I enjoyed it.”

“Then why not do it again?”

“I... I don’t know. It just feels weird.” Andrea shifted positions. It seemed
this would be a large conversation and she may as well have it now. It would
decrease the chance of her being discovered as they climbed down. “It’s fun,
but it feels weird.”

Irene paused thinking about what Andrea said. Apparently she was trying to
make a real argument instead of her usual ‘let’s fuck’ attitude. “When I
first learn to do something it feels kind of weird with me too. But if I do
it more than I get used to it and it stops feeling weird. Maybe it would be
the same with you? If we do it a few more times, then you could enjoy it


There was a paused and Irene recognized something in Andrea’s eyes. “There’s
another reason though isn’t there? Is it me?”

Andrea smiled. “No, actually it’s not you. But yeah. There’s another reason.”
Irene waited patiently for Andrea to specify. Eventually she worked up the
courage and did so. “Whenever I’ve done it with you or Kitty, or even Keri
before, I’ve lost control of myself. I don’t like losing control.”

“Oh. Um…” She thought for a while longer. “Maybe we could do it slower. Keep
it simple and you wouldn’t lose control like that? That could work right?”

Andrea was sounding a little depressed. “Maybe. I don’t know.”

“Is there anything I can do to help?”

Andrea smiled. “You could stop asking me for sex for a while.”

Irene frowned but nodded. “Okay. I’m sorry but I get carried away too
sometimes. Anything else?”

Andrea looked up at her, realizing this was a chance to get some information
from the woman. “Yeah. Tell me about you.”

“About me?” Andrea nodded and Irene nodded in response. “I’m not very
interesting. I wouldn’t know what to say.”

“Try and tell me anyway.” She leaned forward, encouraged. “Let’s start with
the basics. Where are you from? How old are you?”

“Um... I lived in that house most of my life. I was born on a space ship on
the way to Earth. I’m four.”

“You’re only four?” Andrea was astonished. That didn’t make sense at all.

“Yeah. How old are you?”


“You’re 19? I’ve never met anyone that old before!”

Andrea laughed. “Pretty much everyone you’ve seen is that old or older.”

“Oh. I guess I have a lot to learn.”

“Well if you’re four I guess that’s understandable. Did you start off as an
adult though? I mean... Did you start off looking like you do now?”

“Of course.” She raised an eyebrow at Andrea. “Didn’t you?”

Once again, Andrea stared back with mouth open. “I started off about this
big.” She motioned with her hands. “I only stopped growing a couple years

Irene leaned forward, interested. “Really? So is that what all the little
people are?”

“You mean children?”


“Then yes. Children are humans that are still growing.”

“Wow. That’s really neat.” She seemed genuinely engaged in the conversation.
“I thought children were just like… you know. Another name for midgets or

“Ha. Okay, well they’re not.”

“Wow.” Irene sat still and processed the information. “I’m really weird
aren’t I?”

Andrea was quick to respond. “No, not weird. Just different. It’s nothing to
be worried about.”

“You still like me then?” She was nervous now. Awaiting the answer.

“Of course I do. You’re a good person. At least now that you’ve stopped
hurting others.”

“Thanks. I’m glad we’re friends.” She leaned forward and gave Andrea a
friendly hug. “I’ll try to stop bugging you about sex all the time.”

Andrea smiled encouragingly. “All right.” She turned around. “Let’s get going

Irene nodded and stood up. The two women walked to the edge and climbed down
carefully. They walked quickly away from the building and found themselves in
a marketplace. An ideal spot to figure out a plan. “So what do we do now?”
Irene asked.

Andrea looked mad. “I’m going to have a little talk with whoever’s in charge.
Here. Take this.” She discretely handed Irene the energy pistol she had
stolen from the soldier. “Head back to camp and wait for me there. I
shouldn’t be long.”

Irene nodded. “Okay. Be careful.”


* * *

Andrea spent about 15 minutes walking across town to the courthouse, getting
madder and madder along the way. The Coalition was destroying these people’s
lives, not helping them. It was time to stick up for the little guys. The
Coalition may be too big to do much about herself. But this part of them was
another story. They were still setting up shop in this town and therefore
weak. Andrea was going to take advantage of it.

Earlier, she had watched the two guards take off their armor intensely. She
knew where the seams were. She knew how they functioned. The bigger, power
armor suits that they wore in more dangerous situations were likely a similar
design. The power cell for them was exposed when looking from the ground up
to their back. If she could angle it right she could disable them with one
shot. Unfortunately she gave her gun to Irene. She would have to get one
first. A plan began to form in her mind as she approached where the
courthouse used to be. In its place, on top of a series of steps was a
hastily constructed one-story building.

As anticipated, two Coalition guards in their stronger power armor stood on
either side of the entranceway to the building. They each had ‘Gallant’
energy rifles draped over their shoulder with a strap. Not to mention an
energy cannon built into their right forearms. If she didn’t know what she
was doing it would be suicide to go up against two people in power armor
without even a bulletproof jacket to help her. Fortunately, she knew what
she was doing. Or so she hoped.

The area around the door was clear. No civilians. That was a good thing.
Without hesitation or slowing her steps she climbed up the stairs towards
them. The guards looked at each other, their sub consciousness telling them
something was wrong. By the time they realized what it was, it was too late.

Reaching for her boot, Andrea pulled out a hidden knife. She always kept it
there for emergencies. With a force that surprised her victim, she slid it
into a seam in the armor right along his waste. Of course, it wasn’t enough
to reach his skin, it was merely in a crack in-between metal plates. But it
did severely limit his movement.

She swung around the man, grabbing onto his rifle as she did so. She easily
slipped it off his shoulder and ducked down to avoid a shot from the other
guards arm cannon. He spoke up as he fired. “You. Stop immediately. You’re
committing assault against Coalition forces.”

Andrea didn’t listen. She quickly maneuvered herself behind the first soldier
and pointed her weapon upwards from the ground. As she fired, sparks reigned
down from the rear of his suit. She had struck the power cell as anticipated
and the officer was completely motionless. Without power to move the suits
servos he wouldn’t be able to do so much as take a step until he was freed
with the manual release. She only had the other one to worry about but he was
a serious threat.

He pointed his gun at her once more and Andrea leapt at him hoping to throw
him off guard. It didn’t work and he fired. Fortunately, she twisted out of
the way to avoid the blast, but it was a close one. She could feel the heat
from the released energy as she hit the ground beside the second soldier. The
front of her tank top was even singed slightly form the blast.

She crouched in front of him guessing at his next move. He was too close to
use his rifle now; he would have to resort to a more physical approach. She
was proven right as his heavy, metal fist struck downwards. Andrea maneuvered
out of the way and as his fist struck into the steps she positioned herself
behind him. He was bent forward, which made her target easy to hit.

Another shower of sparks signaled his immobility. He was still hunched over
and would most likely be stuck that way for some time.

Only a few meters away, a crowd of people had moved to watch the fight. They
seemed incredibly astonished that she was still alive. But with only a brief
glance their way, Andrea yanked her knife back out of the seam in the first
ones armor and walked casually inside the building. “Bastards,” she muttered
to herself.

Once inside, it didn’t take her long to find the spot she wanted. The halls
were mostly empty but those who saw her quickly got out of their way. No one
inside was armored. After a short walk straight ahead she arrived at an
office with the words ‘Captain John Hammond.’ Andrea opened the door and
walked right in.

Captain Hammond was only a few years older than Andrea. He was an attractive
man with a bit of a 5 o’clock shadow. Upon seeing her he jumped up to his
feet nervously. “How did you get in here?”

“I used the door. Thought I’d come right in.”

“How did you get past the guards?” He pressed a button on his desk.
“Sergeant? Sergeant, are you there?”

“Oh, he can’t hear you.”

“What did you do to him?”

Andrea smiled. “He’s fine. His armor just ran out of power, that’s all. But
that’s not important. We need to have a chat.” She sat down in a chair
opposite him with the soldier’s gun on her lap. “Sit.”

He did so, watching her carefully. “What do you want?”

“I want the Coalition to leave town. Immediately.”

The Captain laughed. “Leave? Immediately? Why would we do that?”

“Why?” She was breathless. “Why? How about, because in the one day I’ve been
here I’ve seen a protestor shot to death for running away, I’ve seen guards
taking sexual bribes, I’ve heard stories of your military destroying city
landmarks, taking over civilian houses, raping women, senseless violence...”

“What?” He seemed genuinely surprised. “Do you have proof of this?”

Andrea was still fuming. “I think a better question would be how can you not
have proof of this?”

“I only arrived yesterday. It takes a few weeks before we bring in someone of
command authority to new cities.”

“Are you serious?”

“Of course I’m serious. Are you?” Andrea only stared back at him. He answered
his own question. “Of course you are.” He pressed a button on his desk beside
the one he used earlier. “Commander Harper. I need to see you in my office
immediately.” He released the button and looked up to Andrea. “You’d best put
your weapon out of site. The commander won’t take kindly to it.”

Andrea looked at him suspiciously but put it underneath her, out of sight. A
short time later, the door opened and in walked a woman in her mid-thirties.
Her hair was short and a cruel look seemed permanently plastered on her face.
“This is commander Harper. She’s been in charge of things the last few
weeks.” He turned to face the commander. “I’ve heard some disturbing rumors
commander. Violence, killings, rapes. Anything you’d care to say?”

She looked angrily to Andrea. “My men haven’t acted inappropriately at any
point. Everything has been within regulations.” The Captain only stared at
her as she spoke. For nearly a minute afterwards he was silent, simply
looking in her eyes. He spoke again.

“I don’t believe you. You’re relieved of duty and you can expect a court
martial once I’ve gathered some evidence.”

She dropped her jaw. “What? Sir, I...”

“Dismissed, Commander.”

She glared at Andrea one more time and left the room. Andrea pulled her gun
out again and placed it on her lap once more. She wasn’t nearly convinced
that this Captain was such a hero. He turned to her after the door closed.
“Satisfied?” He asked.

“Of course not. You’re still here.”

“But she’s not.”

“I’ve talked to the people in this city. They don’t want the Coalition here.
They’re just too scared to say much about it. You’ll never have a productive
relationship with this town so you may as well move on.”

He stood up and pressed a third button. This time he said nothing over the
line. It will take some time to investigate the matter. If you’d like to wait
I can have someone escort you outside the building and wait with you there.”
He put out his hand in an obvious request for the rifle.

“You better not be jerking me around.”

He smiled pleasantly. “I would never ‘jerk someone around’ that can best two
power armored soldiers with her bare hands.”

She was inclined to believe him and couldn’t suppress her own smile. She
handed him the rifle after taking out the protoculture cell. “I had a knife.”

“Ah. I stand corrected.” The door opened and a uniformed private entered. She
was young and seemed fairly friendly. “Private White transferred here with me
yesterday. She’ll accompany you for the time being.”

Andrea nodded and headed for the rooms exit.

Private White led her down the hallway and back outside onto the steps. A
technician was there reaching inside one of the suits for the emergency
release. Andrea sat down on a ledge and watched with a smile on her face.
Private white stood beside her. “Did you really beat them with just a
knife?” Andrea looked at her questioningly. The private answered her
unasked question. “I heard through the door. So did you?”

Andrea looked to the private. “Yes.”

“Wow. You want to teach me?”

“No time. I’ll be leaving town in a couple days at most.”

“Hmm... Too bad. I can’t wait to watch the security tape to see how you did

“It was simple really.” She paused and decided to clarify. “Risky, but

“I see.”

The next few hours were spent in anticipating silence. She got a hell of a
glare from the two armored soldiers she had defeated once they finally got
out of the trapped armor. They were obviously pissed off with her.
Eventually, Captain Hammond exited the building. He walked over to her. “I
did some looking. You were right. There was a hell of a lot of bad stuff
going on here.”

“I imagine it’s not only here.”

“Well that’s not the point now. The point is you were right. No one here
likes us or trusts us now. It’s a waste of resources to stay. I’ve already
confirmed it with the council; we’ll be heading out immediately. As per
your request.”

Andrea’s eyes went wide. She hadn’t expected her bravado to make that much
of a difference. “I’m sure the people here would thank-you.”

“I’m sure they’ll thank-you,” he said referring to the crowd that was still
gathered around the steps talking in a constant buzz. “I’m sure a few of them
have put two and two together.” He put out his hand to shake. “I’m one of the
good guys. Remember that if you run into trouble with us again.”

Andrea smiled and met his hand with her own. “Glad to meet someone with an
open mind.” She took her hand back. “I’d better get going.”

“Of course.” He smiled. “And I have a security tape of the front steps to

Andrea turned and walked down the steps towards the crowd. There were
probably 20 people gathered. One of them shouted at her. “What was all that

Andrea looked to him. “Let’s just say The Coalition is leaving town and leave
it at that, okay?” The crowd was stunned. It was completely silent as Andrea
made her way through them and started walking down the road towards her camp.

* * *

By the time Andrea got back to the restaurant where she had intended to eat,
there were already transports of Coalition troops leaving the town. The
restaurant was full and the mood was very festive. She went around back in
hopes of finding Jasper and thus, the rest of the party. She wasn’t
disappointed. Jasper was gone, but Thunder was sitting under a tree
patiently. His tanned back rested up against the trunk. “Welcome back,” he
said with a smile. He stood up to meet her.


“Irene told me the details…” He looked to the side and added as an
afterthought, “far too many details in fact.” He turned back to face her.
“I was worried about you.”

“I’m fine. See?” She did a spin to demonstrate she was in fact fine.
Unfortunately she had forgotten about the singed section of her shirt. “Not
so much as a scratch.”

“Then what’s that?” He pointed to the brownish/yellow streak where her shirt
had changed colors along her stomach.

“Oh, that. Just a missed shot.”

“Ah I see.” Thunder was obviously smart enough not to pursue the matter.
“Well next time take me with you. Deal?”

“Deal.” She moved closer to him and smiled. “If the circumstances are right.”

Thunder sighed knowing he wouldn’t win the battle. “The others have set up
camp a few kilometers away from here. We can walk if you like.”

“All right. Let’s go.”

The two walked in silence and Andrea’s gaze wandered, first to passing trees,
then the occasional rodent and finally on to Thunder himself. She hadn’t let
herself simply look at him in some time and she found he was more attractive
than she remembered. He noticed her looking. “Is there a problem?”

Andrea flushed slightly. “No, of course not. Sorry.”

“No problem.” He smiled. “I’ve taken my share of discreet looks.”

Andrea was surprised. “You have?”

Thunders eyes suddenly went wide. He obviously hadn’t thought he was
successful at keeping it low key and started to backtrack. “Well, um... You
know how it is. I’ve been on the road for some time. I haven’t had a chance
to simply look at a beautiful woman in far too long.”

“Uh huh.” The two walked in uneasy silence for a few minutes. “Did you like
what you saw?”

Thunder looked directly in her eyes. Andrea didn’t know how he could ever be
accused of lying with a gaze like that. “Absolutely.” He tore his eyes away
and began paying attention to the underbrush as Andrea had done earlier. “But
you’re obviously involved with Kitty.”

Andrea smiled to herself. “Not exactly. That was more of a one-day fling than
anything else. I’m not sure it was a very wise idea.”

Thunder kept his emotions in check. “I see.” He looked back into her eyes
once more. Andrea saw a hint of nervousness but it quickly vanished. “Well
in that case, would you care to go to dinner tonight?”

“I’d love to. We can head out right after I let everyone know I’m okay.”

“Great.” He was still all smiles when they arrived at camp. The usual three
tents had been set up (minus Thunders) and a fire started. It was starting
to get dark, so the fire was a welcome light source. Jewel, Bob and Irene
were sitting around the fire.

“Hey guys. I’m still alive.”

Irene jumped up. “Hey!” She hurried over and gave Andrea a back crushing
hug. “I was worried about you.”

“I can take care of myself.”

“I know. I was still worried. What happened to your shirt?” She said after a
brief look at Andrea’s breasts.

“Just a near miss. Like I told Thunder. Nothing to worry about.”

“Oh. Okay then.” Irene locked elbows with Andrea and started walking back to
the fire. “Do you want something to eat? Bob’s cooking deer.”

“Uh... I... It’s cow,” he corrected her.


Andrea smiled, hesitantly. “Actually I’m going into town for dinner.”

“Oh? Who’s the lucky guy?” Jewel asked. Andrea looked to Thunder not sure
whether or not she should answer the question. Her look solved the dilemma
for her. “Ah, I see. Well don’t forget our bet. Be here at 9 sharp.”

Thunder turned to Andrea. “Bet?”

“Oh, it’s nothing,” Andrea responded quickly. “Let’s go into town.”

“Can I come?” Irene asked politely.

“Not this time.”

“Kay.” She looked disappointed but hid it fairly well.

“See you later.”

“Yeah, you bet!” Irene said.

“S... See you. I... In a bit.”

“At 9,” Jewel said with a grin.

Andrea stepped away from the fire and started moving to her cyclone. Thunder
was close behind. He was sounding playful. “No hints about the bet hmm?” The
two mounted the bike and Thunder awkwardly grabbed hold.

Andrea roared the engine and took off. “It’s nothing. I’m not going through
with it anyway.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah.” She didn’t speak for a while then figured she’d better ask the
question. “Where are we going?”

“I don’t know. Some place nice.”

“Well I doubt they’ll let you in like that,” she said looking behind her. She
was talking about his nearly naked state, minus the loincloth of course.

“Hah. I doubt they’d let you in like that either,” Thunder responded
gesturing to her dirty and scorched tank top. “Guess we’ll have to visit a
clothing place first.”

Andrea nodded and drove for only a few more minutes before arriving in town.
The Coalition was still filtering out slowly. Every once in a while one of
their vehicles would leave. Following it would be the sound of cheering from
those in the city.

She found a clothing store and pulled over. Thunder and her got off the bike
and opened the door. Bells chimed form above her and she made her way to the
counter. There was a fairly large selection here so they would most likely
have anything they wanted.

“Can I help you?” A young man at the counter said. He was in his mid twenties
and looked at her as if he recognized the face but couldn’t quite place it.

“We’re going out to dinner and need some appropriate garments,” Thunder

“Of course. How…” He paused in mid sentence, finally recognizing her. “Are
you Andrea?”

“How do you know my name?”

“You are aren’t you?” He was astonished. His eyes bulged slightly and his
mouth curved into a large grin. “I was at the old courthouse today. When you
beat the two guards in power armor.”

Thunders eyes went wide. “You picked a fight with two men in power armor?”

Andrea brushed Thunders comment off. “Um... But how do you know my name?”

“Hell, the whole town knows your name. Apparently someone overheard who you
were at some restaurant earlier today and recognized you at the courthouse as
well. I don’t know the details.” He stuck out his hand. “It’s an honor to
meet you.”

“Um... Okay.” She met his hand with her own.

Thunder piped up again. “You picked a fight with two men in power armor?”

“They weren’t all that good, okay? Can we just drop it?”

“No, we can’t just drop it. Do you have any idea how dangerous...?”

The clerk interrupted. “Anything in the store is yours. Whatever you want.”

“What? Are you serious?” Andrea couldn’t believe it. No one had ever given
her anything free before.

Thunder tried to regain his place in the conversation. “That is one of the

He was interrupted again. “Of course I’m serious. Anything you like. And for
your friend too.”

“Wow. Listen to that, eh Thunder?”

He could only frown. “Indeed.”

“If I may ask, where do you two intend to eat?”

“Well,” Thunder said. “We’re not entirely sure. We don’t know the town very

“I see. Then if I may suggest a place.” He paused to make sure they were
interested. They were. “An acquaintance of mine owns the nicest place in
town and he hated the Coalition as much as the next guy. It’s just down
the street. I’ll walk there with you when you’re ready and get you a free
meal. How does that sound?”

“That sounds… Great.” Andrea smiled.

“In fact, I’ll go ahead now and get everything set up. Just drop by whenever
you’re ready.”

“Umm... Are you sure you don’t mind us in your store alone?” Thunder asked.

“Of course not. The door will lock on your way out. Try on whatever you

He hurriedly exited the building, barely stopping to set the lock on the
door. The rest of the place was empty so Andrea took a stroll around, seeing
what was available. “I’m not sure we should be doing this,” Thunder said
looking around nervously.

“Doing what? Do you think this guy would take no for an answer?”

“No, I suppose not. But still...”

“It’s fine. Just find something you like and try it on.”

“I doubt they will have anything in my size.”

“Try,” she insisted.

“Very well.” Thunder began to look around the store with Andrea, searching
for anything in his size. “How about this?” Andrea figured he had just pulled
up the first thing he found that may fit, but surprisingly enough it looked
like it may work. It was a black and white suit.

“Try it on.”

He easily slipped his arms though and started to button it up. Andrea smiled,
when she realized he had no intent of using the dressing room. She smiled
again when she realized that wearing only a loincloth he had no need to. She
continued looking for an appropriate dress. She hadn’t had the opportunity to
dress up in nearly three years now and planned to use it.

She had gathered up a few possibilities when she noticed that Thunder was
finished ‘changing.’ “How do I look?” He was acting self-conscious but looked
amazing. He tied his hair back with ‘something’ and was very striking. Andrea
went over to him for a closer look with a slew of dresses draped over her
arm. She fixed the jacket so it was straight and took a step back.

“I wish I could find something that fast. You look great.”

“Thanks. Well, I guess I’m done. Are you sure we shouldn’t pay him?”

“With what? All I have is a protoculture cell. And I’d need a hell of a lot
of change from that.”

“I suppose. Well you had best get changed. We don’t want to keep him

Andrea smiled and nodded. “Go ahead to the restaurant. I’ll meet you there in
a few minutes.”

It was Thunder’s turn to nod. He turned, jacket swinging slightly behind him
and ducked down to exit out the door. Andrea didn’t stop staring until he was
out of sight. She then made her way to the changing room with about six
possible choices.

* * *

An hour later, Thunder was sitting patiently in a private booth in the best
restaurant in town. The server had been by several times but he still just
had a glass of water in front of him. Finally, he heard the door open and
looked over. Andrea entered wearing a blue reflective looking dress. It was
long, low cut and had a circular section cut out of it to show off her belly
button and stomach. Apparently she had also found some high heels and a sink
to do her hair up. A few curls hung down over her forehead beside her eyes.
The rest was done up with pins. She looked gorgeous but if she could have
found some make up she would be stunning. Somewhere she had found some high
heels that helped her stand an inch or so higher to reach about 5’10”.
Thunder thought she could easily give Irene a run for her money. He also
noticed that his head wasn’t the only one that had turned to witness her
entrance. He immediately forgot he had been waiting for an hour. “Hey.”

“Hey,” Andrea smiled nervously. “Does it look okay?”

If Thunder had been drinking he would have chocked. “I’ve never seen anyone
more beautiful.”

Andrea smiled and sat down. The waiter was over immediately. “Ms…?”

“Robinson,” she smiled.

“Ah, Ms. Robinson. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” He paused a moment. “May I
shake your hand?” Andrea glanced at Thunder then back at the waiter. She
extended her hand and it was received warmly. “So, what can I get for you
two this evening?”

Andrea looked to Thunder again. “I don’t know.”

Thunder spoke up. “What do you recommend?”

“This month we have imported lobster. It just arrived three days ago. Very
fresh, very good.”

“Sounds good.”

“Yeah, lobster it is,” Andrea confirmed.

“Very good. I’ll bring you two some wine.” He turned and left quickly.

“Wine? Lobster? This dinner must cost a fortune,” Andrea said astonished.

“Probably no more than your dress,” he said with a smile. “Besides, the owner
offered to pay for it once he heard who you were.”

“Great... I’m famous.” She obviously didn’t think it was great. “I hate being
in the spotlight.”

“You’ll have to get used to it if you stay here.”

“That’s okay. We’ll leave in the morning.” Thunder nodded. “So where are you

“I grew up in Montana… More or less. You?”


“Ah. I’ve heard there’s an Invid hive in there now. Where was it...” He tried
to remember.


“Yes, Calgary. Is that where you’re from?”

“Naturally. The whole city’s gone now. It’s just one big hive. Most people
didn’t survive when they showed up. I was already on the road at the time.”

“Ah. Did you have any family there?”

Andrea nodded solemnly. Her curled bangs only seemed to add to the effect.
“My mother and father died when the Invid set up there.”

Thunder seemed genuinely upset. “I’m sorry to hear that. My parents were also
killed when the Invid arrived.”

“A lot of people were.”

“Indeed.” The two sat in silence a short while. “Let’s talk of something

“What would you suggest?”

“Well what’s the story with Kitty?”

Andrea smiled. “That may be happier, but not easier.”

“Oh. I’m sorry.”

The waiter arrived with the wine and placed it on the table with two
glasses. He opened it and poured a small amount for Thunder to taste. “It’s
tradition,” he clarified. Thunder tried some.

“It’s very good.”

“Excellent.” The waiter filled Andrea’s glass then topped up Thunders. He
left without saying anything further.

“Kitty and I… I don’t know what’s going on really. I guess I was just
particularly horny.” She blushed.

Thunder laughed nervously. “I see. But there’s no standing relationship?”

“No. No. I think she wants there to be though.”

“Ah, I see. And you’re unsure.”

Andrea smiled nervously again. Her blush was growing slightly. “Unsure is
putting it mildly.”

“Then wait it out, see what happens.”

Andrea lifted her head to make eye contact. For some reason she had never
considered waiting it out. He said it with such assurance she would sure it
would work. “Thanks.”

“No problem.” He coughed slightly. “I should apologize for watching you two.
So, I’m sorry. It was impolite.”

“Yes it was,” Andrea confirmed. “Apology accepted.”

Thunder smiled easily and had another sip of wine. A short while later the
lobster arrived and the two made small talk through the meal. Andrea had been
consuming most of the wine and was a little tipsy by the time they were ready
to leave. Thunder’s metabolism seemed to have handled his share fine.
Carefully, Andrea wiped her mouth with a napkin and stood up. She wasn’t very
good at wearing heels and combined with the alcohol it made it difficult.
Fortunately her natural agility made up for it and she at least appeared
fully competent.

Thunder hooked her elbow gentlemanly and the two exited the restaurant with a
thanks to the waiter. He smiled back genuinely and Thunder opened the door to
outside. Andrea went through first and was immediately bombarded by applause.
It took her a moment to gain her bearings and that was all the crowd needed.
They whistled, applause and cheered. The group completely filled the street
for a block in every direction. It looked as if the whole town had turned up.

Gradually, as Andrea stood there in shock, the crowd started chanting.
“Speech, speech, speech, speech.” Andrea looked to Thunder and back to the
crowd. They stopped making noise so she could speak. As they did, she felt
obligated to say something at least.

“Uh... I’m not real good in public like this.” She looked back to Thunder for
support. He was encouraging her with his eyes. “I uh… I just saw that you
guys needed some help, and I tried to make a difference. I got lucky. But
thanks for your support.”

She walked onto the sidewalk and began making her way through the crowd. The
barely made room for her and Thunder to pass. They had started to clap again.

* * *

Andrea and Thunder finally managed to evade the crowd. She figured she had a
little too much to drink to handle a cyclone with an extra person so decided
to walk back. “You do look good in a suit.”

“Thanks. You look good in a dress.” Andrea smiled. They were at the edge of
town now and moving into forest roads. The roads were always abandoned at
night and she realized thanks to the alcohol, she was going to end up taking
advantage of that. Getting on her toes, she reached up and kissed him, gently
on the mouth. He returned the kiss hesitantly, then put his arms around her
waist and picked her up, lifting her feet off the ground. She wrapped her
legs around him. The kiss slowly turned more aggressive, more wanting. Andrea
could taste the alcohol on his breath and she was sure he could taste it on
hers. Her nipples hardened and began to show through the dress. Briefly, he
pulled away.

“Andrea, are you sure you want to do this?”

She responded with another kiss, slipping her tongue into his mouth
delicately. Her hair was already becoming undone and hung in a few small
strands around her eyes. Thunder put her down back onto the road and Andrea
reached for her upper back to pull the zipper down. It was easy to move and
was soon down at the small of her back. She slipped off the shoulder straps
and allowed the top of the dress to fall down to her waist.

“I’ve wanted this since I met you.” He was admiring her smooth breasts as she
spoke. He watched the way they moved up and down lightly as she breathed. The
way her nipples grew hard against the night air. The way her skin broke out
in goose bumps.

She reached for his jacket and pulled it off him. She then moved her hands to
his neck and began to undo the buttons of his shirt. When finished she hung
them both on a conveniently placed tree branch so as not to get them covered
in dirt. It had rained recently and the ground was still damp.

With both of them naked from the waist up, she pressed herself against him
again, melting in the warmth of his skin. She stood on toes once more and
wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him lustfully. Their tongues
entwined in a dance that Thunder wouldn’t be able to escape from if he had
wanted to. She moaned gently into him as her nipples pressed against his
muscular chest and she lowered her hands to undo his pants and lower them.
She hastily placed them on the tree branch as well. He was left in just
his loincloth since he had kicked off his shoes some time ago. “Wait.” He
said. “I want to see you.

She smiled and took a step back, displaying her naked torso to him. Her body
glistened in the moonlight. It made her skin appear almost mystical. He could
barely make out the darker color that signaled where her small nipples began.
Her breasts continued to move up and down with her breathing and Thunder
found himself mesmerized. He had never been with someone so beautiful before.
Without a cue from him, she turned around, displaying her toned back as she
slipped the rest of the dress off her. As usual, she wore no underwear and
Thunder’s gaze immediately followed down her spine to the soft globes of her
ass. He followed her movements downwards as she stepped out of the dress,
admiring her thighs and the way the one-inch heels made the muscles in her
legs taut.

She placed the dress on the tree next to his clothing and kicked off her
shoes. She turned back around to face him and Thunder’s gaze was drawn to the
indents her hips made in her skin. Her pubic hair was trimmed in a rectangle
and Thunder found it incredibly sexy. The area around her lower lips was
bare. He whispered something to himself that she didn’t understand and
approached. He bent down to kiss her again and her hands went immediately to
his last remaining garment. Tugging at the knot, she pulled it off and let it
drop to the ground, no longer caring what happened to it.

She broke the kiss and looked down. Thunder was huge. He was the biggest she
had seen at any rate. It certainly fit with his height. She smiled and looked
up at him again. “You look like you’re ready,” she said referring to his
massive erection.

“How could I not be,” he chuckled.

Andrea simply continued her smile and kissed at his lightly haired chest,
tasting the skin. He tasted quite a bit different from the women she had been
getting used to. She certainly liked the taste as much and it showed as she
lowered herself slowly down his body. She focused on his belly button for a
few seconds before continuing on towards her destination. She found his cock
with her chin and lowered her mouth to kiss near the base of it. It was
nearly a foot long and she kissed along the top of it, avoiding the head,
then back down the underside. It jerked slightly each time her lips touched
it and she was glad she had such an effect on him.

Deciding she had warmed him up enough, she dragged her lips along the side
of his organ and kissed the tip of his cock gently. She stuck her tongue out
slightly as she did so, tasting the pre-cum on him. She had to admit it
didn’t taste nearly as nice as Kitty. But it was nice in its own right. She
continued massaging the tip with her tongue as she took more of it into her
mouth, burying the first couple inches. Thunder moaned and tilted his head
back but kept himself firmly upright. His hands went to her hair
instinctively and massaged the back of her head as she continued her
attentions. She pulled his member out of her mouth with a quiet pop and
focused now on licking up and down the sides, effectively covering the whole
thing in saliva. “Lie down” she said.

They moved off the road into the soft grass and mud beside it and he did just
that. He was on his back and Andrea straddled his stomach to plant another
kiss on him. She then moved her body down his, until she felt a stiff piece
of flesh that could only be what she was looking for rub against the inside
of her leg. She sat up and her breasts giggled from the motion. Carefully,
she lifted herself up on her knees and placed his cock at the entrance to her
pussy. “Ready?” She asked.

He nodded. “Just so you know, I can hold off a long time. Or at least, with
normal women I can.” Andrea smiled. It was certainly good news if he could
hold off long enough for her to have an orgasm. She desperately wanted it.

“Just so you know,” she copied him. “I’ve never met a man I couldn’t get all
the way inside me.” She plunged her hips down slowly, easily sinking the
first half of him into her. They both moaned at the feeling. He wasn’t just
long, he was thick and it felt like he filled her completely already. The
soft muscles of her insides pressed against his cock, milking up and down
ever so slightly. After only taking a brief moment to adjust to the feeling,
she lifted herself back up, so only the head remained inside her and let her
hips fall back down, sinking even more of him into her.

She repeated this process a few more times before feeling the head of his
cock press up against her cervix. She moaned in pleasure at the feeling and
her body shuddered. She was already close to orgasm. Her abs were tense and
her breasts stood up firmly as she flexed most of the muscles in her body.
Thunder watched with amazement.

Thunder still wasn’t all the way inside her. “Is that as far as we’re going?”
He said, referring non-judgmentally to the two inches of his member still
outside of her body,

Andrea smiled. “Of course not. But it is as far as I’ve ever taken anything
before.” There was a good nine inches inside her and her body felt stiff. She
started rotating her hips around slowly as she continued to apply downward
pressure, trying to get the head of his cock through her cervix into her
womb. She wouldn’t be happy until he was all the way inside.

Thunder watched her blissfully as she gyrated around on his large member.
Her stomach moved in and out with her breathing and her hip bones bulged
occasionally against the skin that contained them. Finally her efforts paid
off and she felt herself relax and open ever so slightly for the head of
his cock. She pressed down hard. “Ahh.” She moaned in pain briefly as he
penetrated into her deepest recesses. Her pussy lips and clit pressed hard
into his pubic hair and he was inside her completely. Andrea kept her back
straight, feeling like it would be impossible to bend to any degree.

Her chest heaved as she fought to control her breathing. She easily won the
battle and moved upwards ever so slightly, still keeping the tip of his
member just barely past her cervix. She then lowered her weight back down
again, getting used to the feeling of him. As she slowly grew accustomed to
it, she lifted herself up higher, until nearly all of his cock was outside
her body. She then crashed back down again with an “Umph,” as he entered her
fully for the second time. She repeated the process; growing more aroused
each time she lifted her hips. Small moans escaped her lips as Thunder's
hands found her breasts and massaged them gently, yet firmly.

Each time she impaled herself a new burst of pleasure crashed through her
body. Her moans grew louder as she neared orgasm and she learned she could
bend forward slightly without pain. In fact, the movement caused the tip
of his cock to run across the rear wall of her insides and it felt extremely
good. Thunder moved his hands down to her butt cheeks and squeezed.

That was all she needed. Her mouth opened and she lost all strength to hold
herself up. One of the fiercest orgasms she’d ever had flowed through her
body like a storm. He was imbedded in her completely when her arms became
too shaky to hold her up. She collapsed forward, her chest crashing into his
ribcage and the cock inside her was forced to plow against the wall of her
womb, thanks to the new position. She shuddered and curled her toes as the
feeling refused to fade. She kept shaking so long that Thunder began to get

“Are... Are you okay?”

“Oooooh,” was all she could get out. Her eyes rolled up and her cum oozed
around Thunder’s cock. She went limp and even a small amount of drool escaped
her lips but she was still fully conscious.

“Do you need to rest?” He asked cautiously.

“No.” She moaned into his chest. “Keep going.”

Thunder smiled at her willingness to continue and rolled her over gently,
remaining inside her. Andrea felt her back imprint into the mud as he let his
weight fall on top of her. Slowly he started to pump his hips. Her whole body
rocked with each thrust, sticking to the mud beneath her as it happened. Her
orgasm finally slowed down and she felt the muscles inside her slowly ease
the pressure off of Thunders member. At least for the time being. She was
already approaching a second orgasm.

She opened her eyes to see Thunders neck directly above her. He had an arm
on either side of her to support himself and was increasing the speed of his
pumping. Andrea’s breasts rocked back and forth each time he thrust in and
out of her. She couldn’t hold back her moans to any degree now. They
transformed into a guttural sound. “Mooore.” Was all she could get out. He
thrust hard into her one more time. “Mooor -- ooooooooooaaaaah.” Another
orgasm wracked her bones. She tensed up completely and her pussy locked
around him so hard he couldn’t move inside of her.

Her eyes rolled back again and Thunder looked down at her face. It was
covered in a thick layer of sweat, along with the rest of her body. Her
fingernails dug into his back before she lost the strength in her arms once
more and they simply fell limp to her sides. Her orgasm finally slowed and
she managed to speak. “Don’t… stop.”

Thunder obliged, continuing at his previous pace for the next twenty minutes
or so. Andrea had an additional two orgasms and by this point her mouth just
hung slack. She couldn’t even return the thrusts he was making but she
refused to let him stop. He realized however that he had best end it soon,
so he allowed himself to finally build to his own orgasm. He moved in and out
a few more times before feeling his cock start to twitch. He pushed himself
all the way inside her and finally came.

Andrea felt the first spurt of warm liquid pulse against the walls of her
womb and she screamed in pleasure, cumming yet again. Her latest orgasm was
the most intense and her body bucked with the feeling of each spurt inside
her. He came for nearly 30 seconds, filling her womb with what felt like a
gallon of the sticky substance before collapsing on top of her. He was still
embedded deep inside.

“Don’t you… dare...” She tried to catch her breath. “Don’t you dare take
that... thing out of me.” She breathed heavily for a few moments.

He nodded but she couldn’t see it. She had already slipped into

* * *

She awoke to a drop of water on her forehead. She opened her eyes when
another one hit. Thunder was still lying on top of her, with his head beside
her. His shoulder went up to her nose. Another few drops hit her forehead and
she realized it was raining. A few seconds later the clouds opened up and
began to pour, instantly soaking the couple. Thunder moved and looked down at
her to see if she was awake.

“Welcome back,” he said gently.

“Thanks.” She could feel he was still inside her as instructed. Even if he
had softened. She smiled. “You can get up now.”

“You’re sure,” he said joking.

“Ah, cut me some slack. I was caught up in the moment.”

“Oh, I see.”

She laughed and shoved him away, still being playful. “Get off of me.”

“Yes ma’am,” he said sarcastically as he stood up. He offered a hand to
Andrea and she took it. The ground beneath her made a squishing sound as she
stood. Her back was covered in mud but the pouring rain was already taking
care of that. Her pussy still felt on fire, but not in a painful way. She was
still horny as hell. Maybe even more so than when she had started.

“Wow, I can’t believe what you did to me,” Andrea said, pressing herself up
against him.

“What I did to you? How about what you did to me?”

She smiled at the compliment and her mouth asked the question before her
brain realized why. “What time is it?”

“Nearly midnight.”

“What? Holy, shit! I forgot about Kitty.”

“The bet? I thought you weren’t going through with it.”

“I’m not, but… You don’t understand. I’ve got to go. I’ll meet you back at
camp. Where’s the cyclone?”

“Right where you left it, at the edge of town. About a kilometer that way,”
he pointed.

“Okay. See you later,” she kissed him quickly, headed to the road and broke
into a run.

“Andrea, your dress.”

She turned but didn’t stop running. “Bring it back. My normal clothes are
with the bike.”

“If you say so.”

It was only a few minutes of running until she got to her bike. She got
dressed quickly and hopped onto it. With a rev of the engine she took off.
Her white shirt was instantly soaked through, displaying her breasts but she
had more important things to worry about. Hopefully Kitty hadn’t been dumb
enough to go through the whole thing by herself.

The first hotel she was at had a full bar, so she moved on, reaching the next
one and then the next until she found one that only had a few people in it.
She jumped off the cyclone while it was still moving and let it crash to the
ground near the door. She ran inside and talked to the first person she saw.
“What room did everyone go to?”

“Um... 205 I think but I doubt you’d want to join them dressed like tha...”

“Thanks,” she ran towards the stairs and climbed the first flight. 205 was
the first door on the left and she entered it without knocking.

There were about thirty men inside, all naked from at least the waste down.
One of them spoke to her. “Who are you?”

“It doesn’t matter. This party’s over. Everyone out.” She couldn’t even see
Kitty at this point but knew this had been going on for about three hours.

“You can’t just tell us to leave…” Andrea ignored them, starting to filter
through the crowd to the bed.

“Wait a minute, I know you,” a different man said. “Listen, Jed, we better
do what she says.”

Jed spoke up again. “What? Why?” His friend leaned over and said something
in his ear. “Alright, everyone out. Sorry, Ms. Robinson.” Andrea looked at
him briefly at the mention of her name but decided to ignore him.

The people seemed to listen to Jed better than her and the group got dressed
and began to filter out. She finally made her way to Kitty who was lying on
a plastic bed sheet completely covered in sperm. It was dripping out of all
three holes, it plugged her nose and ears while it matted her hair to her
face or back. Her legs were spread slightly and her entire body appeared
bumpy in the light thanks to the uneven distribution of the fluid covering
her. Here eyes were slightly reddened and even her eyelids were matted with
the stuff. “Why did you do that?” She asked lazily as she sat up.

“Why did you go through with this?” The door closed behind the last man.

“I thought you were going to meet me here,” Kitty said. She put a gooey hand
to her pussy and pulled it away with even more cum dripping from it. “Wow,
I’ve never been this grossed out before.”

Andrea couldn’t help but laugh. She quickly stifled it however. “Are you

“Yeah, I guess so. I’ll probably be sore for a while though. What happened
to you?”

“I uh... I got distracted. Sorry.”

“It’s okay. Would have been easier if I didn’t have to do everyone by myself

“Sorry, I decided not to go through with it.”

“Nice of you to let me know.” She stood up and Andrea got a glimpse of her
back. It was just as soaked as the rest of her body but was also lined with
red strips of small welts. The kind that would be left from a whip.

“Did they do this to you?” She asked quickly reaching out to trace a line
with her finger down the length of one.

“What? No. Jewel and Ed did this to me once they realized I liked you more
than him.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

Kitty turned around to face Andrea. “It wasn’t your fault. Besides, I can
handle myself.”

Andrea still couldn’t believe the two of them would do this to her. “No, I
can’t believe they did this.”

Kitty was already resigned to the fact. “Believe it.”

“I’m going to leave them behind. They can fend for themselves from now on.”

“What? No. I need her.”

“What for hmm?”

“Money, security, friendship, to name a few.”

“Well... Fine, I’ll give you money then you’ll have all three from me? Deal?”


“Come on Kitty, you know better than to go back to that.”

“Yeah, I guess. It’s just I’ve known her a long time. It’s hard to just up
and leave.”

“You’ll be better for it,” Andrea continued, trying to convince her.

“Maybe.” She looked to Andrea. “But I don’t want to miss having someone to
have sex with all the time. I mean… she’s hornier than me.”

“What about me or Irene?”

“I don’t know about Irene. I feel kind of weird about her. And you... you
don’t know if you’re coming or going when it comes to women.”

“Coming, definitely,” Andrea said, trying to make a joke.


“I guess you’re right. But if that’s what you need to keep your distance from
those two, then that’s what you’ll get. How often?”

"I dunno... At least twice a week.”

“Fine, deal. But we leave Jewel and Ed here.”


Kitty paused for a moment thinking. “Prove it.”

“Prove what?”

“That you’ll have sex with me. Prove it.”

“What, now?”

“What better time?”

Andrea looked down at her body, recognizing the features. Her small, but
firm, upturned breasts, her skinny waist and hips, her thin red pubic hairs.
All of it looked different with her covered in so much cum. Andrea wasn’t
sure if it was Kitty’s argument, or her recent sex with Thunder but she
realized right then that she wanted her.

With only a brief hesitation, Andrea leaned forward and gently kissed Kitty
on the lips. She could taste the cum on her as she stuck her tongue out to
entwine it with the other woman’s. Kitty’s mouth was much more slippery than
usual and somehow it made her less willing to pull away from the kiss.
Eventually she did so however and reached to the base of her tank top. In
one motion she pulled it over her head and discarded it. She disposed of her
pants and boots as well and went back to kissing.

Kitty no longer held back and she pressed her messy body up to Andrea’s
tightly. Kitty was right; it was the grossest thing she had experienced in
a long time. It was also a surprisingly sexy feeling to have Kitty’s lithe
body slip so easily against her own. She reached down to fondle Kitty’s ass
and found her hands had trouble getting a grip.

Meanwhile, the kiss continued and the two women mashed their breasts together
as hard as they could. Kitty guided Andrea down onto the cum soaked bed,
instantly covering Andrea’s back in the stuff. Andrea could feel her hair
weighed down as it got soaked in sperm. Kitty used a sticky hand to smooth it
back behind her ears before leaning down and kissing her once more.

The intense tongue play went on for a few more minutes as their bodies melted
into each other. Kitty placed her pussy against Andrea’s thigh and began to
hump, getting herself off on the smooth flesh. Sticky sounds surrounded their
every movement against each other but by this point, Andrea was getting used
to the feeling of the cum plastered all over her body.

It didn’t take long for Kitty to approach orgasm and she did so with a loud
moan. Andrea could feel the warmness of her cum press against her thigh and
smear as Kitty rocked back and forth. She caught her breath and spoke.
“You’re turn,” Kitty said as she slid her pussy down the length of Andrea’s
leg until it rested on her ankle. She humped slightly as she moved her
tongue around the edges of Andrea’s pussy, teasing the other woman. Andrea
instinctively wrapped her legs tightly around Kitty’s head and pressed her
in tighter relishing in the feeling of her tongue over her crotch. Kitty was
an expert at giving head.

Andrea’s stomach clenched as the orgasm quickly found her. It was unusually
strong due to her play with Thunder and shook her body violently. Andrea
looked down to see Kitty smiling at her with her lips still pressed against
Andrea’s cunt. She stayed there only a moment and regretfully pulled herself
up Andrea’s body, dragging her tongue along the center of Andrea’s torso as
she did so. She traveled past her belly button and through her cleavage
before arriving at her collarbone and lifting her mouth up. It was completely
full of the white stuff and she wasted no time kissing Andrea with force.

Andrea’s eyes went wide at the taste and feel of a mouthful of cum but she
had no choice except to kiss back. After sloshing the load around in between
their tongue dance, Andrea finally realized Kitty wasn’t letting her go until
she swallowed. It took two gulps to get the load down but she didn’t mind it
all that much. At least it let her focus on Kitty directly once more. She
concentrated on the feel of Kitty’s stiff nipples pressing into her breasts
and it nearly made her cum again.

The two women stayed like that and simply kissed for a good half hour. Kitty
decided she was too tired for another orgasm and simply broke the kiss and
nuzzles into Andrea’s shoulder. She let herself drift off to sleep and Andrea
eventually joined her.

* * *

The morning came too quickly as far as Andrea was concerned. The sun was
shining through the window and forced her awake. She hadn’t been asleep for
too long, but she only needed six hours or so a night so it wasn’t a big
problem. Kitty on the other hand was still completely out of it.

Andrea looked at her and pondered the agreement she had made last night.
Sex twice a week, although fun, felt more like a demand then an exchange of
feelings. Oh well, maybe she could talk Kitty down later. In the mean time,
she was willing to reach her quota. Perhaps Thunder was right and all she
had to do was do things slowly. She couldn’t deny that she loved the feel of
Kitty’s body against her own. Maybe she could start from that feeling and go
from there. She wrapped her arms tightly around the other woman and waited
for her to wake up.

After about two hours, Kitty slowly opened her eyes and lifted her head to
look directly into Andrea’s eyes. “My ass hurts like hell.”

Andrea smiled. “Maybe you let a few too many people use it last night.”

Kitty grimaced, “try a few dozen too many people. Ouch. On the plus side, you
look particularly striking this morning.”

“Hah, I’ll bet.” Andrea looked at the dried cum on Kitty’s skin. It was
flaking off slightly and looked like some kind of horrible skin disease.
“You’re quite striking yourself.”

“Thank-you,” she said with a smile and leaned down to kiss the other woman.
The kiss was slow and more loving than Kitty’s had been previously. She
pulled away gently, taking Andrea’s lip with her own for a short time. “Care
to join me for a shower?”

“Absolutely,” Andrea said. Kitty smiled and with a squeeze of Andrea’s
breast, stood up and walked over to the shower. She walked as if she had a
stick up her ass and Andrea couldn’t help but be amused. Kitty heard the
laugh and turned around.

“Hey, don’t laugh. It hurts.”

“I don’t doubt it,” Andrea continued to chuckle. “You should have made it
out of bounds.”

“Yeah, probably.” She reached the bathroom door. “Are you coming or what?”

Andrea smiled and stood up. Her body still felt sticky as she walked over to
the bathroom door. Kitty had already started the water and knowing that it
would only be luke warm at best, the two women just climbed in. “Phew,” Kitty
said in the center of the stream. Her nipples were immediately hard from the
cold and when Andrea pressed her body up against her back, she felt them grow
even further. Kitty spun to face her and let the water beat down on her back.
“You still mean what you said last night, right?”

“Of course,” Andrea reassured.

“Good.” Kitty kissed her again. “I love you, you know.”

“No you don’t.”

Kitty kissed her again, as if the action could convince her she was serious.
It succeeded. Andrea had never been on the receiving end of such a tender
(and long) kiss. Her pussy had gotten wet from the kiss alone. “Yes, I do.”


“Ha. You look like a deer caught in headlights. It’s okay. I know you’re
nervous about it. I just thought you should know.”

“Oh.” Andrea recovered herself a bit. “Well thanks.”

“That’s the reason for our agreement. Even if you never end up caring about
me, I at least want to give you the chance.”

Andrea nodded and smiled. “Twice a week will be no problem. But I do want to
keep things slow.”

“Of course.” She kissed her one final time and the two women finished their
shower together. After drying off they got dressed and left the building.
Andrea had forgotten about her bike and it was still lying casually on its
side next to the door. Someone had moved it out of the way, but that was it.
She propped it up and climbed on board. Kitty hopped on as well and they
headed to camp.

The group had the same fire going from the previous night and everyone was
gathered around, minus Jewel. Ed looked as if he was fuming and he stood up
to approach the two as soon as he saw them. Her coyote was just as eager to
see them except the animal was perhaps a little happier. It ran over and
licked at her hand.

“Where the hell have you two been? Jewel’s been waiting all night.”

“Too bad for her,” Andrea said getting off the bike. She turned to Bob. “Has
everyone eaten?”

“Y... yes.”

“Good, we’re heading off.”

Ed spoke up from behind her. He put a hand on her shoulder to get her
attention. “What about Jewel?”

Andrea grabbed his hand and pulled it off. “She’s not coming.” His mouth
opened wide and he stared at her not believing it. “And neither are you.”
His jaw hit the floor. “Come on guys, let’s get going.”

“Are you sure?” Thunder asked.

“Yes. I’ll explain later. Everyone in the truck.” Bob, Kitty, Irene and the
coyote did as they were told and Andrea loaded her cyclone up into the back
of the vehicle. Meanwhile, Thunder mounted his horse, also ready to go.

Ed went to his bike, still not quite believing her. “Fine, whatever. I’ll
catch up with you guys when I pick her up.”

Andrea drew her gun and spun around. Ed saw it and simply froze in his
position. He flinched as she fired heard the pop of his rear tire blowing
out. “Once you learn to treat people with respect again, look me up. Not

She jumped over the door of the jeep and landed in the drivers seat. She
turned the key and hit the accelerator casually. The vehicle came to life
and traveled slowly beside Thunders horse. Ed stood with the fire behind
him and watched them disappear out of sight.

End, part 6

Next: Irene convinces Andrea to eat some ‘Invid flower’ and it turns out
to be horribly addictive. And as a bonus, Andrea and co. meet a full sized
(that’s right, 50 feet tall) Zentradi. Meanwhile, sparks fly within the


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