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Robotech: Invid Invasion Part 7 - Alliances
by Invid Writer

Andrea was lying naked on the beach, catching up with her tanning. Not to
mention her cloud watching. Her coyote rested beside her in the sand, panting
as the hot sun beat down on it. They were traveling along the Gulf of Mexico
and the ocean was at low tide, beating lazily against a set of rocks.

The party had set course for Trump Towers, unable to resist the temptation of
the unknown. What would they find there? What has The Coalition set up since
they "arrived" there a few months ago? Even better, what does it mean if they

Andrea thoughts turned to dwell on Irene and how she wasn’t anywhere near as
ruthless as Andrea had anticipated. Perhaps, despite the convenience of the
theory, all Invid weren’t evil. Just like humans, there were good, and bad,
and neutral, and misunderstood. If that was the case, Irene was definitely
somewhere between good and misunderstood.

And then of course there was Thunder. A half naked native that showed up
out of the blue, just hanging out with his horse. What was his story? But
damn, he had a nice body. Andrea smiled as she remembered that he even knew
how to use it.

She let her mind dwell on that time the night before last when she had
experienced it first hand. She rolled onto her stomach, giving her back a
chance to soak up the sun.

She still had to figure out what to tell the group about Jewel and Ed. She
didn’t want to embarrass Kitty by giving the details of the night. Although
most of them already assumed what had happened. Maybe she shouldn’t say
anything? Although that wouldn’t be fair to Bob and Thunder who didn’t know
the details. She didn’t want to appear a tyrant. Hell, she didn’t even want
it to be ‘her’ group. The latter she could do nothing about, however the
former she could help. That was that then, she would tell everyone the full
deal. Kitty could handle it and the others should be kept informed if there
was going to be any trust between the five of them.

Andrea turned to her coyote, a realization suddenly hitting her. "I guess I
should give you a name hmm?" It tilted its head to look over at her with
sharp blue eyes. It was still panting and looked so cute it was nearly
comedic. "So? What would you like? Jasper’s already taken I’m afraid." The
coyote whined briefly.

"No suggestions, hmm? All right then... How about the classics? Spot? Rover?
Dimples, or something hideous like that?" The animal stared back blankly.
"No? Man I suck at names. How about if I just call you C? Short for coyote
of course. C?" More blank stares. "Yes? No? C?" The coyote tilted its head
but kept panting. Its head was only a few feet away from Andrea’s and its
breath stunk. "Man, point that thing somewhere else will you?" Andrea
reached out and grabbed playfully at the animals snout, pushing it away.
"Alright, let’s see... (No pun intended). My mom’s name was Tessa. How about

The coyote of course, didn’t answer. The animal put its head down on the
sand and closed its mouth, trying to relax. "Tess it is," Andrea smiled and
went back to her line of thought. She was interrupted again when Tess stood
up quickly and looked off to the tree line surrounding the beach. The
animal growled viciously.

"Umm, hi," Irene’s voice came from the tree line. "Is she going to eat me?"

"Hey, calm down," Andrea said to the coyote. The three legged animal sat
down and stared calmly at Irene. It resumed its panting.

"I guess I shouldn’t have come up so quietly huh?"

"I guess not. Why were you being quiet anyway?"

Irene walked over and sat beside Andrea. "I thought you looked sexy. I was
just watching."

"Oh." Andrea was still on her stomach with her head resting on her hands to
look at Irene sitting beside her. In her hands, Irene held a small bunch of
a white flower. "What’s that?" Andrea asked.

"Lunch. Why?"

"Lunch? You just eat flowers for lunch?"

"Uh huh. Sometimes."

Andrea smiled. She certainly was a strange one. "Any flower? Or just specific

Irene looked at her confused. "Why would I eat just any flower?"

"So that’s the only one you eat."

"Uh huh."


"I dunno. It’s what we eat."


"Uh huh."

"You mean the Invid?"

"Who else would I mean?"

Andrea smiled. "Never mind."

"Never mind what?" It was times like this Andrea was reminded of her actual

"So is that your only source of food? You’ve eaten with us before."

"Oh, I can eat human food. But I can’t survive on just that. I need to eat
the flower to live. We all do. That’s why we’re here."

"Why you’re on Earth?"

"Uh huh." She started to munch on it. "Want some?"

Andrea shook her head. "Maybe later."

"It’s really good."

"Later," Andrea insisted. "Why did you have to come to Earth though? I mean,
the flower must be on your home planet too."

"It was." She was obviously saddened by thinking about it.


"Our planet’s destroyed now. Nothing can live on it so we had to go elsewhere
for food. This is the only other place where the flower grows."


"Uh huh."

"So that’s why you invaded."

"That’s why."

"Why didn’t you just explain the situation and ask to live here?"

"Because you invaded ours. I have to admit, you don’t seem as bad as the
masters I’ve heard about."

"Masters?" Andrea was taken aback. The Robotech Masters had been the first
alien race to invade Earth nearly 30 years ago. They sent a race that they
created called the Zentradi to do the dirty work for them, but everyone knew
the Masters themselves were the people responsible. Andrea did have to admit
that unlike the purple skinned Zentradi, the Masters looked fairly human.
Perhaps a little taller, but not significantly so. At least not from what
Andrea had heard. She turned to Irene. "We’re not the Robotech Masters. They
attacked us a long time ago and we fought them off."

"They did?"

"Yes, they did."

"Then why did we attack you?"

Andrea shrugged her shoulders. "Don’t look at me. I’m the one who asked you."

Irene seemed to think about it for a moment and Andrea watched her waiting
for a response. She started to grow concerned when Irene’s eyes seemed to
grow distant and unfocused. It was as if she was slipping into some sort of


"Shh, be quiet." Andrea opened her mouth to speak once again, but thought
better of it. She waited for about two minutes before Irene focused back on
Andrea once more. "The All Mother says that you are related to them."

"All Mother?" Irene nodded. "Related?" She nodded again. "No. We have nothing
to do with them. If they did, why would they attack us?"

"I don’t know. I guess that doesn’t really make sense. I mean, Invid never
hurt other Invid."

"Well there you go then."

Irene paused again and looked to Andrea with new questions. "But Humans hurt
other Humans. Maybe you had a fight with the Masters."

"Irene, listen to me. We have never had anything to do with them. We didn’t
even know that there was other intelligent life until they attacked."

"Oh. Well, The All Mother still isn’t sure about that."

"I see. And who exactly is that?"

"Umm... She’s kind of like a leader. Remember when you used to have
Presidents and stuff? It’s sort of like that except she doesn’t lie to us
all the time and we love her."

"Uh huh."

A concerned look crossed Irene’s face for a moment. "Oops."

"What’s wrong?"

"I wasn’t supposed to tell you all that stuff. I kind of forgot that Human’s
aren’t supposed to know. Don’t tell anyone okay?"

"Uh, sure, why not, right? So is she mad?"

"Who?" Irene had returned to her usual cheerfulness.

"The All Mother."

"Not really. She just didn’t want me to talk about it so I can’t anymore."

"But, how do you know what she wants like that."

"That’s easy, she just… Oh, sorry, I can’t talk about that either. Let’s
change the subject okay?"

"To what?"

"Are you sure you don’t want to try the flower? I’ve tried Human food."
Irene offered out a clump of flower petals and Andrea simply looked at it.
She was hardly an expert of botany but it didn’t look particularly
appetizing. It was a fairly plane, white flower with a yellow center.
Andrea recognized it as a weed that had popped up about the same time as
the Masters showed up on Earth. She continued to look at it questioningly.

"I guess so." Andrea reached out and grabbed a flower head. It was about
the size of a 50-cent piece and she moved it to her nose to smell. It had a
very mild scent. Almost like the smell of protoculture energy cells. Then
it hit her. This flower was what they made protoculture out of. She hadn’t
remembered at first, but it’s arrival in the environment is what allowed
Humans to develop the protoculture engine. "This is protoculture," she

"Yup. It’s what we eat."

"Hmm," Andrea bit off a small flower petal and chewed, quickly swallowing.
It didn’t have much taste at all. She may as well have been eating grass.
She ate another few petals to humor Irene and then gave it back. "It
doesn’t have much taste to it."

Irene inspected what was left of the returned flower and put it back in the
palm of her hand. "Yeah, I guess you’re right. I just figured you might
want to try it."

Andrea nodded. "Well thanks for the thought."

"You’re welcome." She thought for a minute and then stood up quickly. "Hey,
I have a present for you. Come on."

"What another one? The last time you gave me a present, I got my cyclone

"Uh huh. It’s just as good. Come on." Irene offered a hand to help Andrea
up and she took it. Andrea made it to her knees before stopping suddenly as
her head swelled. She felt insanely dizzy.

"Whoa," she said as she put a hand into the sand to steady herself. Irene
looked concerned.

"What’s wrong?"

"I feel really dizzy."

"Uh oh."

"Uh oh?"

"Well, um, I let a Human try the flower a while ago and he started acting
kind of weird. But I just thought that was him. Maybe the flower didn’t
react real well in his system."

"Now you tell me," Andrea said as she tried again to stand up. This time
she made it to her feet and stood shakily. She looked at Irene and found
her face growing blurry. The sun seemed to increase in brightness until it
was almost painful and Andrea felt the energy release from her legs. She
collapsed into Irene’s arms, who carefully laid her back down on the sand.

"Don’t worry, I’ll go get Bob. Just wait here..." Irene’s voice faded and
Andrea felt blackness consume her.

* * *

The next thing Andrea knew, she was standing in the middle of a forest at
night. "Where am I?" She said quietly to herself.

The moon was full but she heard no sounds from the ocean. She must be a
good distance away from her last location. In fact, now that she thought
about it, the forest looked like it belonged in the Northern United States
or Canada, certainly not South America. She looked around slowly, trying to
familiarize herself with her setting. She was still naked, she knew that.
The ground was rough on her feet. Cautiously, she took a step forward and
froze solid with fear.

Hanging from a branch of a tree was a bat, similar to the one she saw
during her experience in Salt Lake. She tried to back away but couldn’t
force her muscles to work. Obviously the event had taken a heavier toll on
her than she thought. She may have grown more accustomed to a lack of
clothing but bats she couldn’t stand. She had never been afraid of them in
the years before. She tried not to think about it.

Minutes passed, then an hour. She lost track of time, but no matter how
hard she tried she couldn’t move. Suddenly, the bat opened its beady red
eye. It let go of the branch and with a strong, loud flap of the wings
headed directly for her. Andrea jumped as it nearly collided with her.

* * *

Andrea jumped into a sitting position with a yelp. Bob and Irene both
looked over her concerned. She was sweating strongly but as her fear passed
she realized that wasn’t the cause at all. She was extremely hot and the
blanket Bob had obviously placed on her was not helping the matter. She
threw it off her and rested back down, spreading her arms and legs out to
try and cool off. "H... How are you feeling?" Bob asked cautiously.

Andrea only remained as she was, not responding to his question. A few
minutes later she felt herself cool down and was relieved until she started
to feel cold. She reached back over to the blanket and wrapped it around
herself as she continued to cool down. "What’s happening?" She hugged her
arms around her chest tightly in an effort to warm up.

"W... Well it would appear that the protoculture flower has had an a...
adverse effect on your system. You’re suffering the preliminary effects it’s
putting on your system. M... My estimation is that your body should stabilize
to one symptom once the flower has been worked through your bloodstream

Her teeth were chattering. "How long?"

"A... A few minutes? I... I don’t really know."

"I’m sorry," Irene piped up from the background. "I didn’t know this would

Andrea ignored her for the moment. "And in a few minutes, when I stabilize?"

"I would imagine that its e… effects would be condensed into one symptom but
I... I don’t know exactly what that may be. I… I’ve studied the flower before
and it seems to be highly addictive. N… No matter what you have to resist the
urge to c... consume anymore."

"Great," She muttered through still chattering teeth.

The next ten minutes passed extremely slowly. Her body temperature fluctuated
wildly. Finally her system went back to a normal temperature and she began to
feel slightly light headed. Bob noticed the change. "H... How do you feel?"

"A little normal? A little not? I don’t know." In truth, she could feel a
sudden burst of arousal coming from her breasts and sex. "Honestly, I’m a
little horny."

Bob practically snorted. "Uh, w… well I didn’t expect that. But you f… feel

Andrea rubbed her legs together in a vein attempt to remove the fire that
plagued them. "I think it’s getting worse."

"W... Well," Bob was growing agitated. "P… Perhaps it’s best if I take my
leave then. Y… You s… seem to be fine. Irene can stay and wa… watch you,
right I… Irene?"

"Uh huh," she responded casually.

"Excellent, w... well have a good," he was cut off as Andrea sat up and
grabbed his shirt, pulling him closer. She was definitely getting ‘worse.’

"Don’t leave," she spoke breathily, passion filled out her voice. "You know
you want this." Andrea tried to kiss him and Bob backed up into a tree.
Andrea pinned him there.

"I... Irene, h... h... help." He flailed his arms comically as Andrea kissed
him hard on the mouth. "Mmmph" Andrea pressed her body up against his only to
be pulled away by Irene. The second Bob was free he made a break for it,
backing away quickly. "I... I’ll see you two l... later." He turned and
disappeared into the brush.

"Great, so much for that," Andrea said upset with Irene.

"I’m sorry," she honestly looked it. "But you’re the one who taught me not
to do it with people that don’t want it."

Andrea sighed, "I guess that’s true." She turned her gaze away from the
area in which Bob had disappeared and focused on Irene. "What about you?
You want it don’t you?" Andrea tensed her body and focused on Irene. She
couldn’t control what she was feeling. She needed release.

"Of course I..." She was cut off as Andrea lunged at her. She locked lips
and desperately tarred at Irene’s clothing. Eventually she found the seam
and pulled, quickly removing the one-piece garment from her body. Andrea
removed her lips from Irene’s to kiss roughly at her neck. She was using
her teeth with the kisses, leaving marks along Irene’s skin. "Not that I’m,
Ahhh," Irene jumped as Andrea’s hand found her crotch and pressed roughly
into it. "Not that I’m complaining, but are you sure this is you."

"Shut up and make me feel good," Andrea said uncharacteristically. She kissed
Irene on the mouth again to emphasize the point and Irene moaned through the
kiss. She reached around and grabbed at Andrea’s ass, massaging the cheeks as
their tongues pressed into each other’s mouths, each one trying to gain the
upper hand. Irene won when she managed to pin Andrea’s tongue to the bottom
of her mouth. Andrea smiled and bit down hard enough to elect a painful yelp
from Irene. "Come on Irene, use some of that super strength of yours. Hold me
down. Make me squirm. I know you want this just as much as I do. I’ve just
been too afraid to say it."

Irene seemed reserved. It probably wasn’t right to take advantage of Andrea
in this condition but damn, she was attractive. Irene couldn’t help herself.
She rolled the two of them over and kissed Andrea hard. She bit down on
Andrea’s lower lip drawing blood. "Ahh," Andrea moaned, but she wasn’t
complaining. She licked her lower lip to wipe the blood off as she looked up
at Irene with her best bedroom eyes. Once again Irene couldn’t hold back and
she pressed her lips into Andrea’s once more. Andrea was sure they would
bruise but didn’t care. She kissed back with all her strength and was
unprepared when Irene caught her arms and held them above her head.

No matter how hard Andrea pulled she couldn’t pull her arms out of Irene’s
grip. Irene took the leg of her jumpsuit and tied it tightly around Andrea’s
wrists. Then, taking the other leg she tied it to a tree trunk, effectively
pinning Andrea’s arms together above her head. Her breasts were high on her
chest and she breathed heavily. Irene watched for a moment as Andrea’s curvy
figure responded to her heavy breathing.

Again, Andrea began to rub her legs together, trying desperately to get a
little friction between them. Irene watched for a moment then pulled them
apart and stared down at Andrea’s sex. It was moister than she’d ever seen
it, literally dripping. The lips were red and swollen and Irene bent down
to give it a tentative lick. Andrea’s whole body bucked as soon as her
tongue made contact and Irene pulled her head away to look her in the eye.
"You’re sure you’re not going to be mad at me later, if we do this?"

"I’ll be mad at you if we don’t. Come on, make me cum."

"And you want me to be rough?"

"God yes. Don’t hold back." Irene was still hesitant. She couldn’t believe
Andrea was laying beneath her, begging her for sex and she was just sitting
there. "For God’s sake Irene, fuck me. Please."

That ended Irene’s thinking right there. If she was going to get in trouble
later, then fine. This would be more than worth it. Irene lowered her lips
to Andrea’s belly button and sucked on it hard. Her hands roughly slid from
Andrea’s hips, up the sides of her body until reaching her breasts. Finding
their target, Irene squeezed and Andrea jumped. She wrapped her legs
tightly around Irene as her body broke out in a shiver. If she still had
hair on her arms or legs they would be standing on end.

Irene continued to maul at Andrea’s breasts as her tongue snaked its way
upwards until it eventually came to rest in the crevice between the sweaty
orbs. She removed her hands to reveal white marks where her hands had been.
Andrea pulled desperately at her bondage, trying to free herself and return
the favor for Irene. As Irene’s tongue connected with Andrea’s left nipple
she let out a scream. Her orgasm hit her and she bucked her hips into
Irene’s belly. Irene could feel the warm cum seeping out of Andrea’s pussy
and smearing across her stomach. She moved her tongue to Andrea’s other
hard nipple and the orgasm intensified.

"Ohhhh," Andrea continued to buck against Irene’s stomach. "More, more."
Irene bit down on the nipple and pulled, wrenching Andrea’s breast out from
her chest, extending it into a cone shape. Andrea’s orgasm went on as Irene
repeated the process to the other nipple. She released her grip and let
Andrea’s breast fall back into its normal shape. Irene sat up between
Andrea’s legs and looked down at her sweaty frame. Her stomach heaved up
and down with her breathing, her breasts rocked with each movement and her
legs remained wrapped around Irene’s waist. Each breath came out as a
whimper until Andrea calmed herself back down again. "I want something
inside me. Something big."

Irene looked down at her fingers. "I don’t have anything big. Not here

"What do you mean, not here?"

"Well, um... Part of the present (the part I wasn’t going to show you), is
something that might help. I’ve had it for a while and wanted to use it
with you but was worried you’d say no. You want me to go get it?"

"Damn right I do. Go fast."

Irene smiled and unlocked Andrea’s legs from around her. She quickly got up
and ran off. Pranced off, would be more accurate Andrea thought. She didn’t
care. With a body like that Irene could do as much prancing as she wanted.

Andrea waited patiently for about thirty seconds and upon seeing Irene had
yet to return began to grow frustrated. She returned to rubbing her legs
together in anticipation of whatever Irene was bringing back. Hopefully she
would not be disappointed.

Ten minutes later, she wasn’t. Irene came back holding a long rubber tube,
maybe 18" long with a fake cock head on each end. "What’s that?" Andrea
asked, curiously.

"The woman at the store said it was a double dildo. It’s supposed to be
really expensive."

"How did you get it then?"

Irene smiled. "She said if I used it with her she’d let me have it for
free. It’s fun. I’ve been waiting till I could use it with you."

"Well get to it," Andrea said. "Untie me though. I want to touch you."

Irene quickly untied the pant leg that was attached to Andrea’s wrists and
left the other one still knotted around the trunk. "So, one half goes into
you," Irene moved the dildo to Andrea’s pussy and rubbed up and down her
slit. She was still soaked so Irene shoved it in half of the way in one
thrust. Andrea gasped as it hit her cervix.

Next, Irene interlaced her legs with Andrea’s and laid back opposite her
partner. She began to work the other half inside herself and quickly found
her pussy lips pressed into Andrea’s, the dildo was completely gone between
the two women. "See, now if I sit up like this," Irene said sitting up,
"then it bends and rubs inside us." The two women moaned lightly.

Andrea felt the pressure on one of her internal walls increase as Irene’s
new position forced the rubber to move inside her. Andrea paused, enjoying
the feeling before she too sat up. Irene wrapped her left leg around
Andrea’s waist and her right leg disappeared behind Andrea. Andrea dug her
nails into Irene’s back and started to grind her hips into Irene’s. The
feeling of their clits mashing together while the dildo moved inside them
was unbelievable.

It didn’t take long for the two of them to shudder in orgasm, coating the
rubber in even more liquid. Andrea dragged her nails along Irene’s back as
she came until her hands reached Irene’s ass and squeezed the cheeks hard.
She kissed the other woman with all her might as the orgasm came over her
and winded down. However, the dildo inside, along with whatever effect the
flower was having on her gave her far more energy than normal. She moved
her hands to Irene’s breasts and shoved, forcing Irene back into a lying
down position. Staying sitting herself, Andrea began moving her hips once
more, rubbing her clit into Irene’s with all the strength she could muster.

Irene cooed softly as the feelings intensified once more. Andrea’s body
shook with each thrust of her hips and sweat flung from her breasts and
face to fall on Irene, or the dirt beside them. She grunted relentlessly
with each sway of her body until her next orgasm took the strength out of
her. She collapsed backwards forcing the dildo against the opposite wall
inside her. Andrea moaned at the feeling and twisted her hips, taking
Irene’s with her. That felt even better and she wanted more of it. But how
could she get the dildo to stimulate that angle on a regular basis? Andrea
had an idea.

Planting her shoulders and heels firmly in the Earth, Andrea arched her
back to lift her hips nearly a foot into the air. Irene quickly caught on
and had no trouble following suit. The two women began pumping once more,
this time with hips high above them. Andrea dug her fingers into the dirt
as her fourth orgasm of the day washed over her. Her breasts shook
intensely when she let her hips fall back down to the ground. Irene moaned
in orgasm herself and closed her eyes. It looked as if she were going to
try and fall asleep.

Keeping the dildo inside her, Andrea sat up then repositioned herself so
she was lying on top of Irene. She pressed her perky breasts against the
other woman’s larger ones and rested her head. She was still feeling horny
but for now, she was at least satisfied. She had a feeling that it wouldn’t
last long. In fact, she was determined to make sure it didn’t.

* * *

Andrea was getting bored. Irene had been sleeping for a couple hours now
and her sex drive had gone up once more. Deciding to wake Irene, Andrea
began to thrust her hips gently into Irene’s forcing the fake cock to move
about inside their bodies once again. Irene groaned quietly in pleasure but
refused to wake up. As Andrea increased tempo, she looked upwards towards
the trees. She was surprised to see Kitty there, watching the two of them.
"How long have you been over there?" Andrea called out as she continued to
try and wake Irene with the pumping of her hips.

"Since Irene came back with her toy. Someone like her, running naked into
camp and then running off again with a piece of rubber like that one is
hard to miss."

"I guess that’s true. Come on over."

"Don’t mind if I do," Kitty said happily. She discarded her clothing as she
walked, leaving a trail of it behind her. She arrived in front of Andrea
and Irene with one hand behind her back.

"What do you have there?"

She moved her hand into sight, displaying her strap-on. "I figured I might
have a use for this when I followed Irene out."

"Damn right you do. Put it in me."

"Well well," Kitty said playfully. "Aren’t you in quite the mood today."
She looked down where Andrea and Irene’s pubic regions were meshed
together. "It looks like you’re already pretty full," Kitty said referring
to the hint of flesh colored plastic peeking out from the two of them.

"I have another hole you know," Andrea said plainly.

"You are in quite a mood. Alright, have it your way." Still staying in
front of Andrea Kitty plunged the dildo into her pussy to lubricate it. A
few strokes in and out and she walked around behind Andrea, strapping it on
as she did so. "You ready, babe?"

"Just do it," Andrea said leaning forward slightly to provide better

"Alright, you asked for it," Kitty said. She reached around and grabbed
Andrea’s breasts roughly. She fondled them as she lined up the dildo with
Andrea’s rear hole. Andrea closed her eyes tightly and gritted her teeth as
she felt the hard plastic press against her ass. She tried to relax and
Kitty squeezed her breasts tightly, using them as handles as she plowed
into Andrea’s rear.

"Unnnnnnnn," Andrea moaned loudly, waking Irene. The feeling of both her
holes full was incredible. She felt like she wanted to use the bathroom
worse than any other time in her life as Kitty finally sunk the dildo all
the way home. Andrea turned her neck and kissed Kitty passionately as the
woman continued to bump her hips against Andrea’s rear. Sweat flung off her
body with each thrust as her breasts giggled up and down. Andrea dropped
the kiss and moved her neck forward again to see Irene looking up at her.
Irene put her arms around Andrea’s neck and pulled her flat against her
body. Andrea felt her breasts mash into Irene’s and her tongue searched out
the other woman’s. Andrea now kissed Irene passionately as Kitty thrust
relentlessly into her behind, her hands no on Andrea’s hips.

Andrea could feel her orgasm getting closer, accompanied by a dull pain in
her ass. She felt the hardness of Kitty’s nipples press into her back and
slide along her smooth skin with each humping motion. Kitty’s wet tongue
placed biting kisses on the back of her neck. Andrea’s hands found clumps
of dirt to dig into on either side of Irene as she came. She immediately
let Irene slide her tongue out of her mouth and moaned gutturally. Her
fists clumped the dirt into irregularly shaped balls and she collapsed onto
Irene. Her stomach heaved with her breathing. Kitty gently rested herself
down on top of Andrea’s back with the dildo still imbedded up her ass.
"She’s so damn sexy, isn’t she?" Kitty said to Irene.

"Uh huh." Irene looked to Andrea, still breathing heavily. A few minutes
passed and Andrea allowed herself to relax. Feeling the warm smooth skin of
each woman pressing against her was surprisingly calming.

"So what now?" Andrea asked.

"I don’t know," Irene responded. "Have you had enough?"

"Yeah," Andrea said, still a little low on breath. She turned her head
sideways to look at Kitty. "Let me up."

Kitty smiled, "If you say so." Kitty pulled herself off of Andrea, sliding
the dildo out as she did so. With a little effort, Andrea stood and began
walking in the direction of camp.

Irene pulled the double dildo out of herself and held it in one hand as she
stood up. "Oh, Andrea, can I show you your present now?"

"Sure, why not." Andrea continued walking, not bothering to get dressed.
Kitty and Irene quickly replaced their garments and Irene grabbed Andrea’s
clothes before chasing after her.

"You forgot this," Irene said after catching up to Andrea.

"No, I didn’t want to bother. You go ahead and keep it."

"Really? Thanks." Irene tucked it under her arm. The dildo was still
hanging casually in her other hand. "Here," she said handing it to Andrea.
"You can have this then."

"Um... Thanks." Andrea grabbed it and continued walking.

"If you don’t mind my saying so," Kitty mentioned. "You’re acting a little
strange. Are you okay?"

"She had some flower," Irene said as if that should answer everything.

"Uh huh," Kitty said, not understanding. She decided to change the subject.
"So, you going to do me later? I still haven’t got off."

"Maybe in an hour or two, Andrea said casually."

"Wow, you are acting weird." Andrea stopped and turned to face Kitty but
didn’t say anything. She looked her in the eyes briefly then started
walking again.

"You got any more of that flower Irene?" Andrea asked.

"Umm, yeah. But I’m not supposed to give you any. Bob said..."

"Yeah, I know what Bob said." The three women were silent on the walk back
to camp.

Andrea was the first to arrive at the small camp. Thunder and Bob were both
sitting at the fire and they were both at an angle where they could see
Andrea. She was still holding the double dildo and walked casually over to
her bag to place it inside. Thunder watched her with jaw dropped and Bob
tried to strike up conversation again. "S... So um... You were telling me
about your first h... horse?" Thunder didn’t respond. He continued to stare.

Meanwhile, Irene took Andrea’s hand and hurried her over behind a tent. She
spoke while walking. "It took a lot of work, and um... I had to call in a few
favors, but I remembered how happy you were when I got you your cyclone
back... So, I got this too."

She led Andrea around the tent to see her old set of riding armor, carefully
placed on the ground. Andrea went as wide eyed as when she saw the cyclone
and kissed Irene happily on the mouth. She dipped Irene back with the kiss
and brought her left hand down to the other woman’s crotch to squeeze
relatively hard. Irene squealed through the kiss and Andrea let her up.
"Thanks. I owe you."

Irene was all smiles. "You’re welcome." Andrea was just as happy. She began
to put it on. It was still set to her body frame and fit a little looser
than normal due to her lack of clothing so she tightened it up slightly.

"I’ll be back in a bit," Andrea said to no one in particular as she went
over to her cyclone. "Just going for a ride." She hopped onto it and took
off down the rough highway.

* * *

She’d been driving for about half an hour at unsafe speeds. She had missed
the security her riding armor brought and was relieved now that she could
really let loose again. The flower, she finally begun to realize suppressed
her inhibitions. She had to stop herself more than once now, from saying
something inappropriate to her friends.

Despite her rather free-going personality she had earned the respect of
those she traveled with. She didn’t want to lose that. She already craved
more of the flower but refused to give in, not wanting to do anything that
might ruin the image she had created with them.

Patches of the weed were placed sporadically along the roadside. As she
passed the biggest group of the flower yet she turned her head away from it
and found her attention focused on a point of blackness, against the blue
sky. The black dot was moving, growing bigger. Andrea stopped her bike.

As the dot grew closer it began to take shape. It wasn’t black at all, but
a light tan color. It was obviously a ship of some sort and obviously not
designed by humans. Andrea activated the zoom feature on her helmet and saw
the ship in full.

It was definitely Invid. Definitely big. "______"

Andrea was preparing to defend herself when the ship suddenly turned and
fired. She flinched but quickly realized it wasn’t close enough to be
attacking her. It must have another target. She revved the bike and
accelerated at full speed, meaning to help whoever was on the receiving end
of the Invid attack.

She arrived near her destination after only two minutes. Whatever the Invid
was attacking it was firing back. Andrea got her hopes up realizing it may
be one of the old mecha’s. Mecha’s were 40 or 50-foot tall tanks in a
humanoid shape. They were designed to fight the invading Zentradi of
comparable size and at the time it was believed that an armored tank of the
same configuration as the enemy would be an advantage. It was. With the
help of the 80-ton metal tanks, Human’s won the war.

Unfortunately when they sent their forces to pursue their attackers retreat
they left the Earth defenseless. Andrea had only seen one before and it was
an impressive sight to be sure. She went off road and raced as quickly as
she could through the light forest to get to the place of the attack. She
could still see the huge Invid ship.

Now within weapons range Andrea hit the switch to transform her cyclone
around her. She heard the familiar mechanical hum as the transformation
took progress. She felt weightlessness beneath her as the wheels moved up
to the back of her shoulders and she hit the ground at 30+ kilometers per
hour, still managing to keep her footing. If past history was any
indication, the transformation itself would certainly distract the Invid.
It did not. What could be more interesting to it then a cyclone in
battleoid mode?

To Andrea’s horror, her question was answered when she came into the
clearing in which the fighting was taking place. The Invid ship was even
bigger than she had anticipated at nearly 50 feet across. The huge craft
was hovering above the clearing shooting down at a Zentradi heavy battle
pod. The heavy pod looked essentially like a huge egg on legs. The occupant
would sit crunched up in the egg section and operate the controls from
there. What was surprising, was that it was Zentradi.

Although a few members of the alien race remained on Earth after the war,
they were forced down to an unnatural height of 6-7 feet. Andrea had know
idea how the process worked but she had been told that there were no
‘normal sized’ Zentradi left on the planet. However, since only a
forty-foot tall person could operate the pod, it had to be a natural
Zentradi. No wonder the Invid ship was so interested in destroying it.

The battle pod fired half a dozen missiles from a top mount before reeling
from a return energy blast thanks to the Invid ship. Andrea found herself
wondering whose side to take. If any. Irene would not be happy if she fired
on an Invid ship. But chances are this Zentradi was the last of his kind.
She couldn’t let them destroy each other. On the other hand, her cyclone
wasn’t strong enough to take on the Invid or the Zentradi by itself. This
could be a dangerous play.

"What the hell." She fired an energy blast past the cockpit of the battle
pod. It was just a warning shot but enough to get the large turret to turn
towards her instead of the Invid attacker. The Invid cruiser was not
deterred. It took the opportunity to fire an ensemble of energy blasts at
the battle pods leg. Andrea was nearly knocked back from the force of the
blast as the leg ruptured in fire. Slowly, the pod tilted. Now that it was
missing the leg it was falling over awkwardly.

Andrea was looking back to the Invid ship to see it taking a new aim on the
cockpit of the pod. She quickly evaluated the larger ship to see a series
of scorch marks along its left side. It looked as if the Zentradi has been
trying to focus its attacks on one side of the ship. Andrea hoped the pilot
wasn’t in that section and fired six mini-missiles at the previously
damaged craft. She had never used six at a time before but this hardly
seemed the moment to be conservative. If she didn’t act the person in the
battle pod would be killed.

The heavy explosive missiles detonated on the edge of the cruiser, right on
target. A new burst of fire freed itself and a torrent of green slime
exploded out of the Invid ship. The two thirds of the vessel that survived
the explosion fell to the ground with a thud that shook the dirt beneath
her feet.

Now what? She had ended the fight by more or less destroying each piece of
warfare. Neither of the two opponents was likely to be very pleased with
her. She decided to move to the downed Zentradi. Hopefully he was all

Before she had walked the short distance she knew the answer. The escape
hatch on the cockpit blasted open and a forty-foot tall purple humanoid
stepped out. Andrea took a step back. Even with her armor on he could be a
serious threat to her.

"I didn’t mean any harm. I was trying to protect you." Andrea seriously
hoped her words didn’t come out as shaky as they sounded. He was an
imposing figure to say the least. If Thunder was tough for Human’s this guy
must have been tough for Zentradi’s.

"And a fine job you did of it too," he replied sarcastically once he had
completely stepped out of his now useless hunk of metal. "Is it dead?" He
gestured towards the Invid ship.

"I don’t know. I didn’t check. I hope not."

"You hope not? Bah." He began walking over to the downed ship.

"Wait." He didn’t stop and Andrea charged up her energy rifle with a high
pitched whine. "I said stop." He did as he was told, obviously hearing the
noise. He turned to face her.

"So now you’re going to shoot me? Leave it to a Human to go around blowing
everything up."

"Hey, I wasn’t the one in the fire fight."

"Hah. You think I wanted a battle? I barely had time to get inside that
thing before it blew my head off. I’m perfectly happy staying low key."

Andrea hesitated. "Then go be low key over there." She gestured to the edge
of the clearing.

"You’re the one with the missiles," he said before reluctantly complying
and walking to the tree line. He sat down patiently and Andrea watched him.
"Oh, no need to worry. I’m not going anywhere until I know that thing is

"Uh huh..." Andrea said to herself. "Right then. Guess it’s up to me to

"You’re the boss." He obviously contested the statement but for now was at
least cooperating. "Any time now," he said pointing out Andrea’s hesitation
to approach the Invid craft. His words were enough motivation and she began
walking slowly towards the vessel, keeping an eye on the Zentradi while she

She jumped as a plate suddenly launched itself away from what could be the
Invid cockpit. She stopped moving and the Zentradi stood up to be at the
ready. More green goo oozed out of the new opening and out walked what
appeared to be a male blond human. Andrea recognized him. It was Cliff. She
was instantly glad for the tinted visor on her helmet so he wouldn’t be
able to see who it was. The Zentradi began moving again and she pointed her
weapon back at him. "Sit back down."

Cliff cranked his head towards her, recognizing the voice. "I know you…" It
was as if he couldn’t quite place it.

"Is that so?"

"I don’t remember your name but you had a nice ass." Andrea turned her
weapon back to face him. "Oh, touchy subject I see."

"What are you doing here Cliff?"

"I was in the neighborhood. Actually I was dropping off what you’re wearing
right now. I guess next time we’ll think twice before granting Irene’s
request to give back a bunch of dangerous equipment."

"How did you know where to find us?"

He looked to the Zentradi. "Can you believe how ignorant these Humans are?"
He turned back to Andrea. "Irene told me if you can’t figure it out. She’s
on her way here right now actually."

"Alright, well why don’t you head home. I’ll deal with the Zentradi."

Cliff laughed. "I’d love to, but there’s a problem. No wheels, as you
Humans so eloquently put it. Besides, I wouldn’t leave him in your hands.
He has to be destroyed."

"Now wait just a minute," the Zentradi spoke up. "I don’t think you’re in
any position to dictate anything. And I have done nothing to hurt the Invid
since they landed here."

Cliff turned aggressively towards him. "Only because you’re a coward who
would rather stay hidden then face the real world."

"Hey, hey. Boys." They both glared at Andrea obviously upset with her poor
choice of words. "Calm yourselves. Now Cliff, if you can talk to Irene then
you can talk to other Invid, right?"

"Wow, she’s catching on," he said to no one in particular.

"Then why don’t you get them to send a ship to pick you up."

"Only one? There’s already a fleet on the way."

"Tell them to turn around or it’s the end of you." She made a threatening
motion with her weapon.

"You’re a terrible liar," he gloated. "You’re as big a coward as he is. You
just take it up the ass (literally) and then go home and whine about it.
You’re not willing to do a damn thing to get stuff done."

Andrea was beginning to get frustrated. "Maybe not. But he is." The
Zentradi stood up aggressively, taking his cue and Cliff took a step back.

"Right. Well, maybe one ship would do."

"Quite right," the Zentradi said. "Unarmed."

Andrea agreed. "Unarmed."

"And how do I know you won’t just destroy that one too?"

Andrea paused a moment. "I’ll give you my word."

Cliff rolled his eyes. "Great, the word of a mass murderer. Forgive me if
I’m a little skeptical."

Andrea’s voice deepened. "I haven’t murdered anyone."

"Is that so?" He walked closer to her. "How many Invid have you killed." He
had her there. She never thought of an Invid life as murder. Obviously he
did. He picked up on her silence. "Oh, I see. You don’t remember."

"I…" Andrea was saved by the sound of an engine. Thunder and Irene were in
the jeep, quickly approaching the clearing. "I don’t have to answer to

Irene jumped out of the jeep and allowed Thunder to park it. "What’s going
on? Are you okay?" She asked. Andrea was about to respond when she realized
that Irene was looking past her towards Cliff.

"I’m fine," he said. "But perhaps you would have better luck convincing
Andrea to take care of him."

Irene followed Cliff’s gesture towards the huge alien sitting impatiently
at the edge of the clearing. "Why is he still alive?"

"Ask her," Cliff said. Irene looked to Andrea.

"You can’t seriously want to kill him that badly can you? Don’t you want to
know what he’s like?"

"I know what he’s like," Irene said with much more stability than normal.
Thunder got out of the stopped jeep and began walking towards Andrea.

"What’s going on here? Did I miss something?"

Andrea sighed. She hoped she wouldn’t have to explain it. "Irene’s an
Invid. So is Cliff here."

"Howdy," came Cliff’s response. Thunder paused trying to take it in. "So
are we going to resolve this thing? Or are you just going to stand around
pointing missiles at everyone."

"Let me think," came Andrea’s reply.

Cliff laughed. "The person with all the weapons has to think. No problem,
take your time." He sat down and waited patiently.

"How long until your ship gets here?"

"Ten minutes or so. Unfortunately the Coalition has forced most of the
hives in the area to relocate."

"Fine, whatever. You’ll leave with the ship. The Zentradi comes with me for
now. He’s under my protection."

"Is that so?" Andrea stared back at him, even though she realized he
couldn’t see through the visor. "In that case I’m afraid I must insist that
Irene come with me.

"What?" Irene looked shocked. "No. I’m staying with Andrea."

It was Cliff’s turn to look surprised. His face slowly transformed into one
of frustration. "That means we won’t be able to attack him without risking
hurting you." As he spoke the words it dawned on him that as far as Andrea
was concerned everything was going as planned.

"I don’t care. I’m staying with Andrea." She hurried over and wrapped her
arms around one of Andrea’s metal ones.

"There you have it, Cliff. So let’s just wait in silence until your ship
gets here. And then you leave." Irene continued to lightly cling onto
Andrea and waited patiently. Cliff on the other hand was not as content to
sit idly by.

"How does your ass feel? Had anyone else in there in the last month or so?"

Andrea ignored him but Thunder took a step forward. "What did you say?" He
looked to Andrea. "Did this ass hole do something to you?"

"Thunder, calm d..."

Cliff interrupted. "As a matter of fact yes. "Not the best I’ve had I must

"You little piece of trash…" Thunder walked aggressively towards him and
Cliff stood up to prepare himself for an attack.

"Thunder, stop. Invid have enhanced strength." Her warning came too late.
Thunder took a swing at him and Cliff easily dodged to the side. He grabbed
Thunders arm and made a move to throw him but he underestimated Thunders
own abilities. With a quick motion Thunder made a fist with his other hand
and swung hard, clocking Cliff in the face with an elbow. The Invid fell
backwards onto the ground, his nose bleeding green.

"Andrea, make them stop," Irene said quietly. Cliff stood up again and
stopped as an energy beam struck the dirt at his feet. Andrea had fired a
warning shot.

"Sit, quietly." Her voice sounded fiercer than she meant it to and Cliff
hesitated briefly but sat down.

Thunder decided to drop the issue and walked back over to Andrea. "He’s not
that tough."

"Yes he is," Andrea said plainly.

"That was a nice shot though," the Zentradi said with a smile. "Couldn’t
have done better myself."

"Thanks." Thunder stood on the other side of Andrea and waited beside her
for the ship to come. A few minutes later Andrea spoke up.

"I’ve got something on radar."

"One ship?" The Zentradi asked.


As the ship approached Andrea saw it was the same model as the one Cliff
had had. Except this one seemed to have had its gun ports removed. Andrea
breathed a sigh of relief as it touched down. "Until next time then," Cliff

"Right." Andrea was unimpressed. With another brief glance her way Cliff
climbed to the top of the ship and went in a hatch. The ship took off in
the direction it came, quickly disappearing from sight. Andrea looked to
the Zentradi. "If I switch back to motorcycle mode am I going to get any

"Don’t see why," the Zentradi said. "As much as I hate to admit it you did
save my life."

The answer was good enough for Andrea. She pulled Irene’s arms off of her
and started a quick run before turning back to the cyclone mode. The
transformation was equally spectacular to the one that preceded it.

"Quite an impressive vehicle," The Zentradi said standing up again. Andrea
tried not to be threatened. She took off her helmet.

"My name’s Andrea."

"Zog," he said. He looked to Thunder. "And you?"

"Name’s Thunder."

"Hah, I like that. A good strong name. You’re the first Human I’ve liked,

"Thanks. I guess."

"And you," he turned to face Irene and she took a step behind Andrea as if
to use her as cover. Zog pointed a giant finger at her. "I have no use for
you. Stay out of my way."

"Maybe um… Maybe you should stay out of my way. Or I’ll tell Cliff to come
back with his new ship and finish you off."

The Zentradi laughed loudly at the poorly fashioned retort. "Perhaps.
Perhaps not. Regardless, I’ll be on my way now. I appreciate the assistance
but you could have helped without blowing up my only means of transport."

"Wait," Andrea called as he turned around to walk away. "Can I talk to you
in private?"

Zog frowned. "I suppose so." He walked out of the clearing and Andrea
handed her helmet to Irene before following. She caught up to him just on
the other side of the tree line.

She cranked her head up to look at him. "You know you… Can you bend down or
something?" He grinned widely and took a knee in front of her. He then
reached out and placed his hand on the ground for her to stand on. Andrea
did so, even though it felt as if she were some kind of pet. Zog picked her
up to his eye-line. "You know you won’t make it far if you go on your own.
Irene will call the Invid and they’ll be on you in less than 15 minutes."

"Indeed." He raised an eyebrow at her. "You have a better suggestion?"

"Stay with us a while. Until the rest of the Invid forget about you."

"Ha. You can’t be serious. An Invid, a Human and a Zentradi. We wouldn’t
make it an hour without killing each other."

"Don’t be so sure. I said I’d protect you and I mean it. If you leave Irene
alone I’ll make sure she leaves you alone."

"Are you sure you realize what you’re saying?" Andrea stared him in the
eye. "A Human, an Invid and a Zentradi?" She continued to stare. "You’re
sure?" He smiled as she kept her gaze on him unwaveringly. "All right,
don’t say I didn’t warn you. But I do like that Thunder fellow."

"Then it’s settled. But for this to work you have to leave Irene alone."

"Yes, yes, I’ll leave the foolish little Invid alone."

"It would help if you didn’t say anything like that to her face."

He smiled again and put her back down carefully. "We will see."

* * *

Upon arriving back at camp Andrea went immediately into her tent to sit
down. She reached into a compartment in her riding armor and pulled out a
handful of the flower which she had tried so hard to avoid on the ride
home. She stared at it, debating her options. A few minutes had passed with
no result and there was a knock on the metal support bar of the tent.

"Yes?" She said a little too quickly as she jammed her hand back into her
compartment, hiding the flower. She watched the zipper move from the bottom
of the tent to reveal a long, slim leg clad in a skintight black outfit. As
the zipper raised in height it became even more obvious that the woman
opening the door was Irene.

"Hey." She said from outside the tent. Behind her Andrea saw a large leg
that could only belong to Zog. He seemed to be standing still a short
distance away from camp. "Can I come in?"

"Sure." Andrea’s voice didn’t reveal her hesitance. She hadn’t told Irene
that Zog was coming along permanently and had been trying to figure out how
to break the news. Fortunately the effects of the flower were still playing
havoc on her system. "Zog’s coming along."

"What? For how long?" Irene was in the tent but hadn’t zipped it up behind
herself. Her face betrayed an expression of shock.

"As long as he needs to. I’m not going to let you guys track him down and
kill him as soon as he’s out of my sight."

Irene sighed in frustration. "Well you should. He’s going to get someone

"No he won’t."

"Yes he will."

"No. He won’t." Andrea clarified. Irene clearly didn’t accept the answer.

"Fine, whatever. Don’t blame me when you wake up dead."

"I don’t think that will be a problem, Irene." Irene was still mad. "What
did you come in here for."

"I wanted to make sure you were alright." She backed out of the tent. "But
since you’re obviously not concerned about my safety then maybe I don’t
care about yours." She began to walk off.

"Close the tent behind you," Andrea shouted after her. Irene stopped in her
tracks and turned. It looked as if she was about to shoot fire from her
eyes. Andrea found herself hoping that wasn’t an ability that the Invid
possessed. She stormed back to the tent and grabbed the zipper. With a yank
she pulled it to the bottom and Andrea sat back slightly. "Thanks," she
said more to herself than Irene. Carefully she pulled some of the flower
back out of her compartment again and was interrupted once more by a knock
on the metal frame. "Yes?" She said. She was still a little angry and it
showed in her voice.

"Um, can I come in?" Kitty asked without lifting the zipper.

"Of course," Andrea responded, her anger fading. Kitty quickly entered the
tent and closed the door behind her.

"So what was that all about?"

"What? With Irene?" Kitty nodded. "Nothing to worry about. She’s just upset
about having a Zentradi along."

"You mean he’s staying?" Kitty sounded as surprised as Irene did. What was
it with these people, Andrea wondered.

"Yes, he’s staying. Why is that such a surprise to everyone?"

"Well for starters he’s like a billion feet tall." Andrea moved her hand as
if to dismiss the claim. "Not to mention the fact that his race invaded and
blew up half the stuff on Earth."

"Yeah, well it’s not like we’ve had any shortage of that."

"Exactly!" She pointed at Andrea. "That’s exactly my point. We shouldn’t
trust him."

Andrea sighed. She didn’t want to get into this again. "I trust him. He’s
staying. Deal with it."

Kitty frowned and looked back to Andrea. "I guess I’ve still got you."

"That’s the spirit," Andrea said with little conviction.

Kitty’s frown continued. "Maybe we should change subjects."

"Good idea. Did you just come here to complain about Zog or was there
another thing on your mind?"

Kitty’s frown turned into a smile. "Well there was something else on my

"And what’s that?"

"You." She leaned forward as if to start a kiss and Andrea put her hand to
Kitty’s mouth, stopping her in her tracks.

"In a few hours. I’ve got some stuff I want to get done."

"Oh." She seemed dejected only for a short time. "I guess I can wait a few
hours. I’ll leave you to your ‘stuff’"

Andrea smiled, thankful that Kitty was taking the hint that she wanted to
be alone. Kitty left the tent and sure enough, another tapping came at the
metal before Andrea could even pull out the flower again. "What is it?"

"It’s Thunder." Andrea sighed and whipped the zipper open for him to enter.
He bent low and came in, not bothering to close it behind him. "I wanted to
talk to you."

"Tell me it’s not a complaint about Zog."

"The Zentradi? No, of course not. He seems to be a nice person. I’ve been
talking to him while the others have been in here."

"Ah, good. So what do you want to talk about?"

"Us." Andrea sighed quietly to herself. She had a feeling this would be
even worse than another complaint about their new travelling companion.
"I’m afraid I don’t entirely understand where we sit with each other."

"Oh?" She was already uninterested in the conversation but wasn’t sure
whether to blame it on the flower’s reaction or true feelings.

"Well it’s obvious you were busy with Irene and Kitty this afternoon. Not
that there’s anything wrong with that…"

"Uh huh."

"But anyway, it seems obvious that you’re not interested in an exclusive

"Does it?"

"And I am."

"I see."

Thunder seemed to get a little angry. "I’m sorry, could we both talk about
this perhaps? Instead of me just rambling off my feelings?"

"I don’t know what to say about it. I promised Kitty I’d do her twice a

"Uh huh. So it’s a requirement?" Andrea shrugged her shoulders. "Well it’s
obvious this is useless right now. We can talk about this later."

"If you say so."

Thunder made a low groan of frustration. "Have a good evening Andrea." He
left the tent as quickly as he had come, leaving the door flaps waving
slightly in the breeze.

"Close the door." Andrea said to deaf ears. She moved to the door entrance
and closed it. With her own groan of frustration she began taking off the
riding armor. When she was naked once more she suddenly felt lightheaded.
She got the chills and wrapped herself up in the sleeping bag. "Great. It’s
happening again," she said through chattering teeth.

As before her chills quickly turned into severe heat. She took the cue to
reach for the flower once more. A brief evaluation of the consequences came
up empty and Andrea quickly ate another one hoping it would stop the
shivers. She tried to hold still a moment to see if it was working and
found that her shivers were indeed fading. But they were fading too slowly.
She ate a few more pieces quickly until she’d downed nearly half a handful.

Just as predicted the shivers stopped completely and she felt normal once
more. She felt better than normal. She felt free. And horny. In fact, now
that she thought about it more, she felt really horny. The dose she ate
before had been maybe a quarter what she consumed this time and she
definitely wanted sex. But from who?

Andrea smiled as she remembered Kitty’s earlier offer.

* * *

Andrea pressed Kitty face first, roughly up against a tree and with a sharp
yank, pulled Kitty’s pants down to her ankles. "What are you doing?" Kitty
asked. Andrea was acting very strangely. She had pulled Kitty out of sight
of the others and hadn’t said a word. The next thing Kitty knew she was
shoved up against a tree with her pants around her ankles.

"I’ve never fucked a girl from behind before, that’s all," Andrea stated
plainly. Then, gripping the double dildo she had brought with her firmly,
she pressed it to Kitty’s ass and shoved hard, pushing a third of it

"Ahhhh," Kitty moaned at the unanticipated intrusion. Andrea looked down at
the piece of rubber hanging out from between Kitty’s cheeks. There was
still a little more than a foot outside of Kitty’s body. She wouldn’t be
able to take that much inside her so she refreshed her grip on the dildo
and shoved once more with a grunt. "Ugggghhhh," Kitty moaned again.

It was now about halfway inside Kitty. She was clutching the tree
desperately as Andrea grabbed the dildo once more. Kitty had anticipated a
further intrusion, but instead had found none. Andrea pressed it to her
pussy and pushed her hips forwards. She wrapped one leg around Kitty’s body
and continued to shove until another inch of it had worked its way inside
Kitty and the rest was inside herself. "Ohhhhh," Andrea felt the head brush
lightly against her cervix as her landing strip of brown pubic hairs
pressed up against Kitty’s ass. Andrea was getting more turned on by the

She reached her hands up the inside of Kitty’s shirt and grabbed her small
breasts firmly. Kitty moaned as Andrea squeezed and pulled her hips back to
take the dildo out of her pussy. Due to the extreme tightness of Kitty’s
ass compared to Andrea’s sex, it barely moved out of the red headed woman
at all. Andrea was pleased as this way she would be able to move it in and
out of herself much more easily. When only the head of the rubber cock was
still inside her, Andrea grabbed hold of Kitty’s breasts harder and shoved
her hips back against the other woman’s ass creating a slapping sound on
contact. The cheeks of Kitty’s ass giggled attractively at the motion.

Andrea kept one leg wrapped around Kitty’s stomach while the other kept her
balance on the ground. She continued to squeeze Kitty’s small tits hard as
her pace increased. The loud slaps came closer together as Andrea humped
more and more like an animal. Andrea no longer cared about Kitty’s
enjoyment, she simply wanted to cum. At any cost.

She continued to thrust hard, clenching her butt cheeks with each pounding
of Kitty’s behind. Every slapping sound was accompanied by a groan of pain
from Kitty and a moan of pure enjoyment out of Andrea as the dildo brushed
against her cervix each time. But she still wanted more.

With no warning to Kitty, Andrea wrapped her second leg around Kitty’s
waist putting all her weight on the taller woman and using her breasts to
hang on. Kitty pressed herself up against the tree, using it to help keep
her stay standing as Andrea relentlessly humped the dildo in her ass, now
not even touching the ground.

Andrea moaned in pure pleasure as the dildo entered her completely from the
new position. She had never felt this kind of sexual control over someone
before and she liked it. Kitty was sweating profusely and her tank top was
soaked through with sweat, letting the brown color of her nipples poke

Andrea removed her hands from Kitty’s breasts and let them slide down her
sweaty stomach until reaching her light red curls. She left one hand there
to play in the curls while sending her other one further down to rub
roughly at Kitty’s pussy.

Kitty’s face contorted in stress from both holding Andrea’s weight on her
back and also, Andrea’s ministrations on her front side. Andrea was pulling
at Kitty’s pubic hair, taking a few stray bristly strands with her every
time she yanked. It wasn’t particularly rough and certainly didn’t hurt
compared to the nine inches of dildo in her ass, but it felt strange

Andrea humped on for a good ten minutes longer, while she tried to hold
back her orgasm. She eventually failed and it hit her. She pulled hard on
Kitty’s pubic hair causing Kitty to yelp with sudden shock and fall to her

Andrea moved her hands to Kitty’s hips as her eyes rolled up and her
nipples felt as if they would explode. Andrea leaned back until her arms
were fully extended and her crotch forced to press hard into Kitty’s rear.
She maintained a death grip on Kitty’s body while gyrating her hips around
as the orgasm hit her. Kitty felt Andrea’s warm cum flow in-between her
cheeks until reaching her pussy lips and dripping off. Kitty had since
collapsed more or less to hands and knees. Her shoulder pressed against the
tree trunk and she gripped the trunk with her hands to try and prevent
falling any further. Her breasts hung down, swaying slightly and Andrea was
still not touching the ground.

Finally, after Andrea’s orgasmic shakes had died down, she got off of
Kitty’s back, letting her support only her own weight once again. As she
withdrew the dildo from herself she gave Kitty’s ass a slap. "Thanks," she
said. "That was great."

"Can you take it out now?" Kitty asked, obviously referring to the dildo.
Her arms were still wrapped around the tree supporting some of her weight.
Andrea thought about the request.

"No, I don’t think so. In fact, I don’t want you to take that out until I
give you permission. Understood?" Kitty was beyond protest and simply
nodded. Her cheek scratched roughly against the tree. "Good. I want to be
able to shove you against something and fuck you like that whenever I
want." Andrea gave her another slap on the ass and began to wander back to
camp. She stopped and turned around. "Oh, and you can put your pants back
on but I don’t want to see you wearing that shirt anymore. You look a lot
hotter bare-chested." Kitty smiled at the compliment. Andrea realized that
Kitty’s mind was still rather susceptible to sexual domination thanks to
Jewel’s previous ministrations and for the moment, she had no problem
taking advantage of that.

Andrea decided to go for a short walk and try to get some air. She was
finding it a little harder to breathe than normal and hoped the light
exercise would do her good. As she walked she realized how easy it must
have been for Jewel to take advantage of Kitty. She obviously had a fairly
submissive personality. Andrea was looking forward to taking advantage of

She continued on her walk for about fifteen minutes before deciding to
return to camp. She didn’t want to wander too far from the safety of her
cyclone and the others without at least some kind of weapon. When she
returned, the first thing she saw was Kitty sitting awkwardly off to the
side. Her low cut jeans hug her body tightly and Andrea could see the faint
outline of the dildo tucked down one of her legs. From her slender hips up
however she was completely naked as Andrea had instructed. Her small
breasts were as perky as always and Andrea stopped to stare at the other
woman for a short time. She had almost talked herself into another humping
session when she heard loud words being exchanged between Zog and Irene.

"What do you mean I have to do as you say?" Zog was yelling. His tolerance
for Irene was obviously limited.

"Well you have to do what Andrea says and she does what I say so that means
you have to listen to me."

"Is that so?" Andrea piped up as she came into sight.

"Oh, um... Hi Andrea."

"What happened to your clothing?" Zog asked tactlessly.

"It’s hot. I don’t need it." She looked to Irene. "So I take orders from
you now do I?" Irene gave Andrea a sheepish looked and walked over to
whispering range.

"I’m trying to trick him so he’ll listen to me. Then we don’t have to worry
about him." She spoke quietly so Zog couldn’t hear. Andrea did not return
the gesture.

"So I gathered. Go wait for me in my tent. I’ll talk to you in a minute."

Irene nodded and walked away with head hung. Andrea waited until she was
gone and looked up to Zog. "Problem solved?"

"We will see."

Andrea changed the subject. "How old are you Zog?"

"25. Why?"

"Is that old enough to know how to control your fucking temper?"

"Of course it is. I don’t see where you’re going with this Andrea."

"How well did you control that temper of yours four years after you came
out of your clone pod or whatever shit it is you guys come out of."

"Birthing chambers."

"Whatever. Like I said. How well did you…"
Zog looked angry. "I remember the question. I imagine I was not very good
at it."

"Well that’s Irene’s age so cut her some slack. Act like the mature one

"Do not give me orders." He was off guard from Andrea’s bluntness and was
trying to cover it up.

"I will if you want my protection. I never thought I would have to say this
to someone of your size, but grow up. Get over your hostility for her race.
If a lowly Human can do it so can you."

Zog was speechless and Andrea turned to follow Irene. A short walk found
her outside the door to her tent. The door was undone and Andrea entered,
then zipped it up behind her. Irene seemed to be sulking.

"I’m sorry, Andrea," she said quietly.

"I told Zog to grow up."

Irene suddenly cheered up. "Really? How come he didn’t step on you or

"Because he’s not evil incarnate?"

"Yes he is."

"Irene, like I told him, you have to get over this hatred of each other or
I’ll have to kick you out of the group."

Irene’s eyes went wide with fear. She was starting to tear up. "No. You

"Just learn to treat him with respect and there’s no problem. Got it?"

"Do I have to like him?"

"No. You just have to tolerate him. What’s so unclear about all this?"

"If I tolerate him, you won’t have to kick me out of the group?"

"Right." The threat had carried a lot more weight then Andrea had thought
it would. Until today she thought Irene was just sticking around because
she had nothing better to do. It was obvious now that it was important to
her to stay.

"Okay. I’ll be good, I promise."


"Are you mad still?" She asked cautiously.

"Of course I’m mad still.

"Oh." Irene looked down. "Andrea?"

"What?" She was trying to be patient.

"How come there’s flower of life in your tent? Did you eat more of it?"

"What? Why do you say it’s in here?" Andrea’s eyes darted, concerned she’d
be exposed now. Irene went straight over to the compartment where she had
stored it in her cyclone and pulled out some remnants. Andrea’s eyes moved
faster, trying to figure out a way so she wouldn’t tell Bob. If she went to
him about it, the game was up, she’s be forced to give them up. And she
certainly didn’t want that. She liked herself now that she’d gotten rid of
her inhibitions. She remembered some handcuffs she had in her bag. Would
they be enough to hold Irene?

She continued to race through the possibilities. She hadn’t set her tent up
too close to the others. If she gagged Irene she wouldn’t make noise enough
for others to hear. And she staked the tent herself. It was pretty deep in
the dirt. Hopefully Irene wouldn’t be able to pull it up if she made sure
leverage was working against her. Irene was still sitting patiently,
waiting for a response. "Close your eyes," Andrea said in the best
seductive voice she could manage.

"You have had more haven’t you?"

"Close your eyes," Andrea tried again. "It’ll be fun."

Irene looked questioningly at Andrea. "Fine but afterwards you have to
answer my question. Promise?"

"Promise," Andrea said with a convincing smile. Irene closed her eyes and
Andrea went straight for her bag. She easily located the metal handcuffs
and moved Irene into a laying down position. Andrea realized she’d have to
move fast. Hopefully Irene would be fooled into thinking the cuffs were for
something more sexual in nature.

Andrea cuffed one wrist and looked at Irene concerned. Irene smiled and
continued to keep her eyes closed. Carefully, Andrea pulled Irene’s hands
up above her head and cuffed them around one of the tents support bars,
extending Irene’s arms above her head. The next move was to tie her arms at
the elbows so she couldn’t get any leverage. Using some extra rope she
wrapped Irene’s elbows together tightly and tied it off. "What are you
doing?" Irene asked, opening her eyes.

"What does it look like?" Andrea said to stall her while she reached for
her tank top.

"I don’t know. It looks like, mmph." Andrea had twisted the shirt and
stuffed part of it in Irene’s mouth. The rest she used to tie it to her
head, forcing the make shift gag to stay in place. Irene flailed her legs
around briefly but quickly gave up on it realizing she couldn’t do anything
with them.

"I can’t let you tell that useless bastard Bob about my little flower binge
now can I?" Andrea kissed her on the forehead and sat up. Irene pulled at
the cuffs and the support bar but Andrea was right, without the use of her
elbows Irene couldn’t do anything more than give the tent a light shake.
Andrea smiled and exited out the door, making sure to close it tightly
behind her. As she stood up she felt the heat in her loins once again but
she did her best to ignore it.

As she stood there and listened to Irene’s grunts, Andrea tried to decide
what to do next. Maybe the group should get back on the road. There wasn’t
much left to do where they were. Of course the problem with getting back on
the road was that she would have to untie Irene. No, she could stay here a
while longer until she figured it out. In the mean time, she could get
something to eat.

She found Kitty, Thunder and Bob sitting at the fire, cooking up a large
rabbit. Bob seemed to have a small case of the jitters but for what reason,
Andrea could only guess. She sat down beside Kitty and placed a hand on the
other woman’s knee affectionately. Kitty smiled.

"H... How are you feeling A... Andrea?"

"Fine, Bob. How the fuck are you?"

"Er... I... I’m fine, th... thank-you."

"Bob tells me you’re having some trouble with an addictive plant," Thunder
stated plainly.

"Was. I’ve got the problem solved now," Andrea replied. She reached over
and grabbing Kitty at the waist repositioned her to sit on her lap. Andrea
pressed her naked breasts into Kitty’s back and moaned quietly. "I’m just
back to normal old me."

Thunder and Bob exchanged suspicious glances and Kitty looked around
nervously as Andrea put a hand down the front of her pants for all to see.
She tried to distract them by striking up conversation. "So, umm... How has
everyone’s day beeee..." She shrieked as two of Andrea’s fingers entered her
and began to gently feel her velvety inner walls. After she recovered she
made it a point to finish her sentence as casually as possible. "How has
everyone’s day been?"

"Oh, m... most f... fine." Bob looked more flushed than usual. "Y... You

"Strange," he said through clenched teeth.

"Y... Yes, I guess it h... has been that."

Andrea rubbed her fingers against the dry wall that separated her fingers
from the dildo in Kitty’s ass. "Eek," she let out another shriek and
hunched over awkwardly unable to help the natural feeling to crunch into a

"Perhaps you two would like to finish this another time?" Thunder asked
politely, trying to save Kitty the embarrassment.

Andrea retorted quickly. "Perhaps you’d like to mind your business. Kitty
and I are busy." Kitty moaned again as Andrea reached deeper with her two
digits. With her free hand she yanked the rear of Kitty’s pants off her ass
to free the dildo. Andrea figured they probably still covered the front
from the others. With Kitty’s pants now lowered Andrea reached between them
and positioned the dildo at the entrance to her pussy. With a quick thrust
she shoved it all the way inside until her body was flush with Kitty’s once

Thunder raised an eyebrow, most likely not being able to see the device
from his angle. Bob on the other hand blushed profusely and didn’t even
bother to excuse himself. He just hurriedly walked off towards what could
only be Zog on the other side of some trees. Kitty groaned gutturally with
Andrea’s thrust. "Well, time to eat," Andrea said as she wrapped her legs
firmly around Kitty’s waist.

"Right," said Thunder with an unamused expression. Andrea thought it might
even be jealousy and had no problem saying as much.

"What the matter Thunder? Wish it was up your ass instead of hers?"

Thunder's eyes opened wide and he stood up. "I understand you are not
yourself at the moment, but regardless I had hoped you would have more
respect for me then that. It appears I was mistaken. Good day, Andrea." He
walked off in the same direction as Bob and Andrea paid no heed. She was
more interested in Kitty right now anyway.

"Guess I’ll just have to feed off you," Andrea said with an edge in her
voice. She pulled her two gooey fingers out of Kitty and moved them into
her mouth, tasting them. "You really do taste good," Andrea said. "You’re
the only girl that does." She laughed to herself. "Shit, you’re the only
person that does."

Andrea moved her hand back down for more and relished in the taste once
again. She continued like that for a few minutes, enjoying Kitty’s flavor
before removing the dildo from inside herself and pulling Kitty’s pants
back up over it. With a quick easy movement, she turned Kitty around so
they were face to face and she mashed her smooth breasts into hers. As she
did so she scissored her legs and rubbed herself against Kitty’s crotch,
even if a pair of jeans covered it.

"What are you doing?" Kitty asked as Andrea continued to dry hump the
crotch of her jeans.

"Trying it with a little friction. What do you think?" Andrea spoke
directly into Kitty’s ear as she mashed her torso tighter against the other

"I don’t know, it feels weird," Kitty said. She could feel her rough jeans
rub against her sensitive lower lips, her clit and even move the dildo
slightly that was still wedged up her ass.

"Well I think it feels good," Andrea said. She was enjoying the rough feel
of the pants against her lower regions and began to move faster, creating
more friction. Andrea pulled upwards on the back of Kitty’s jeans.

"Umph," Kitty moaned as she began to feel the effects of the wedgie Andrea
was giving her. The dildo in the way didn’t help matters much either.
Andrea continued to pump her hips against the other woman using the back of
her jeans as handles. "Oh, God," Kitty said. "This is actually going to
make me cum."

"Me too," Andrea responded through clenched teeth. The orgasm was just
hitting her and she felt her muscles contract tightly around the nothing
inside her. Andrea’s pussy spasmed and Kitty could feel the warm jets of
cum wetting the crotch of her pants. That was enough to set herself off and
she came hard, gripping onto Andrea’s naked back tightly. Her own warm
fluid added to Andrea’s and she felt the crotch of her jeans become heavier
with the liquid they had absorbed. As Andrea gently pulled away, Kitty
looked down astonished. It looked as if she had just wet herself. She moved
her hands to the button but Andrea stopped her. "No. Leave them like that."

"I want more," Kitty said lustfully. She leaned over and ran her tongue
playfully up Andrea’s cheek.

"Don’t worry, I’ll give you more. But first, keep me occupied while I
finish my tan. I got interrupted earlier." With her hands on the back of
Kitty’s head, Andrea lied down onto the soft ground, guiding Kitty’s mouth
to her pussy. When she felt Kitty’s soft hair on her thighs she locked her
legs around the other woman’s head. "Get to work," Andrea said plainly. She
put her arms up above her head in a stretch as she felt Kitty’s tongue
lightly caress her lower lips. "Now that’s what I’m talking about," Andrea
said with a shudder.

Andrea tanned that way for about an hour, enjoying the light orgasms Kitty
was giving her, accompanied by the warm sun on her body. Eventually she
felt the sun was getting too hot and needed to flip over. She unwrapped her
legs and Kitty took the hint to sit up. Andrea smiled once she noticed the
red head’s shiny chin and glossy lips. Kitty smiled back and Andrea turned
over onto her stomach. "I think there’s another hole that needs your

Andrea smiled to herself and resisted the urge to look over her shoulder at
Kitty’s expression. She simply wiggled her ass gently until she felt
Kitty’s damp chin begin to press in-between the cheeks. She couldn’t help
but let out a light moan as Kitty’s tongue lightly flicked over her ass
hole. As Kitty continued to lick, Andrea began to relax. The feeling wasn’t
as good as getting her pussy eaten out but it certainly wasn’t bad either.
It was calming. Like a massage. She got an idea. "Rub my ass with your
hands while you do that."

Kitty obliged, gripping Andrea’s round ass tightly. She massaged the flesh,
pulling the cheeks in different directions as she continued to tongue at
Andrea’s rear hole. Eventually, she worked up the courage to put her slimy
muscle inside and Andrea moaned at the feeling. When Kitty withdrew Andrea
felt disappointed. "Don’t stop doing that. It feels good."

Andrea closed her eyes and relaxed once more as Kitty went back to work.
The woman’s ministrations felt great and she was even getting the tan she

However, another hour on her stomach found her bored and more than finished
tanning. She still felt hungry and the sun was beginning to go down. She
decided it was time for some real food.

Andrea sat up, forcing Kitty’s tongue away from her now wet ass for the
first time in an hour. Kitty moved into a sitting position as well and
leaned forward to kiss Andrea. Andrea smelled Kitty’s breath and moved her
head out of the way. "Fuck! You’re breath smells like shit."

"I’m sorry."

"Just go brush your teeth. I’m going to have a few bites and I’ll meet you
in my tent." Andrea had completely forgotten about keeping Irene there.

"Umm, okay." She looked a little awkward as she stood up and walked to her
backpack where her toothbrush was stored. Andrea watched her ass move
enticingly as she walked away.

Once Kitty was out of sight, Andrea moved over to the fire and quickly ate
a chunk of meat from the well-cooked rabbit. She decided that would be more
than enough to hold her and the truth was she was more interested in Kitty
at the moment anyway.

Andrea opened the zipper to her tent suddenly remembering that she had
stashed Irene here. She hoped Kitty had not untied her. She didn’t have to
worry. Kitty was sitting patiently beside Irene, looking down at the other
woman curiously. Andrea closed the tent behind her. "Are you going to tie
me up too?" Kitty asked cautiously.

Andrea smiled. "No, I don’t think so." The red head let out a sigh of
relief and looked noticeably more comfortable. "Well, first things first,"
Andrea said to neither of them inparticular. "No clothing in the tent."

Kitty looked down at her jeans and after only a moment began to unfasten
them. Andrea decided to take care of Irene’s clothing since she would
obviously not be able to do it herself. With a little work, Andrea located
the seam and pulled, unwrapping the skintight black suit from around
Irene’s neck. The arms would be a problem though as there was no way to get
it off without untying her and that was certainly not an option.

Andrea reached for her sheathed knife that was sitting alone in a corner
and pulling the latex like material as far away as possible from Irene’s
body she began to cut, slicing down the arm of the material.

As soon as the first arm was cut completely down the length and off of
Irene’s body it began to meld itself along the tear until the suits arm was
as good as new. Andrea watched in amazement as the material repaired
itself. "Wow. Good thing I got it off you fast." Not wasting any time,
Andrea did the same to the other arm and managed to get it away from
Irene’s body before it started to heal itself again. Finished with the
knife, Andrea tossed it back into the corner where she had gotten it.

With a final yank, Andrea pulled the jumpsuit down Irene’s legs and off her
body. She opened the tent zipper just slightly and tossed the garment
outside. She grabbed Kitty’s jeans and did the same. "They’ll be no
covering up in here."

Kitty nodded obediently and waited for Andrea’s next instruction. She
didn’t wait long. Andrea leaned over and kissed the other woman hard on the
mouth. Her right hand tangled itself in Kitty’s hair as she pressed the
lips of her lover harder into her own. She extended her tongue throughout
the kiss, tasting the mint from Kitty’s toothpaste and running her tongue
across the other woman’s smooth teeth. Eventually Andrea pulled away to
catch her breath. "Well, what to do next, what to do next." Andrea paused,
thinking. "I want to fuck you two lovely ladies all night so I’m going to
have to pace myself." She thought a moment further then went over to her
riding armor and opened the compartment where she had stashed the flower

She gathered up the crumbs into her hand to see what was left. There wasn’t
much. Maybe about a leaf's worth. It would have to do. She licked the
crumbs out of her hand until it was gone and began to feel a little high;
her inhibitions now completely out the window. Andrea sat down on Irene’s
stomach with legs spread. Her back was facing the Invid and she looked at

"Dance for me. Like I did for you at the rest stop." Kitty smiled and moved
to her knees. She put her arms up slightly above her head until her hands
reached the roof and started to rotate her hips sensually. Andrea watched
everything from her incredibly long legs to her overly thin hips and waist
as her stomach rotated around to follow her hips’ lead. Her breasts barely
moved with the motions. They only sat on her chest. Andrea could
practically see Kitty’s nipples extending as she continued the dance.

She leaned forward so she was on all fours and while pumping her hips up
and down she moved her head to Irene’s pussy. Andrea found it impossible to
take her eyes away from Kitty’s wonderful ass. The double dildo was hanging
obscenely out of her rear entrance and it shook as Kitty clenched and
unclenched her cheeks with the imaginary humping.

Unnoticed by Andrea, who was still watching her ass, Kitty plunged her
tongue deep into Irene’s hole, working it around inside as she ground her
hips up and down. After receiving a good taste Kitty pulled away and moved
her head back up higher again until her mouth was even with Andrea’s. Kitty
stopped her humping briefly to push her tongue inside Andrea’s mouth.
Andrea could easily taste Irene on her and quickly melted into the kiss.
When the flavor stopped Kitty pulled away and went back to her erotic

This time, Kitty concentrated more on her upper body. She moved her arms
back up above her head and shook her torso. Andrea watched the woman’s
small breasts shake seductively. Kitty sucked in her stomach and Andrea
watched her rib cage become incredibly prominent. She started rotating her
hips again but this time in long motions to let Andrea get a good look at
her breasts framed by the detailed view of her ribs. Andrea swore that if
she didn’t know better she would have thought Kitty was anorexic.

Unable to help herself, Andrea reached out and cupped Kitty’s left breast
with her hand. Kitty was starting to sweat from her exertions in the warm
tent and was quickly covered in a light sheen of perspiration. Andrea ran
her hand down Kitty’s ribs, feeling the bump of each one. By the time she
reached Kitty’s stomach her fingers were coated lightly in the red head’s
salty perspiration. Andrea moved her fingers up to her mouth and tasted.
Kitty smiled at her and Andrea now focused on her face. Stray strands of
hair stuck to her face attractively as she continued to move. "You’re so
beautiful," Andrea said briefly forgetting she was sitting on another
beautiful woman. "I can’t take anymore. It’s time to fuck." Andrea spread
her legs more and laid herself back so that Irene’s forehead rested
in-between her shoulder blades.

Andrea tilted her head back so the top of it rested on the tent floor,
extending her neck attractively. Kitty practically lunged at Andrea,
focusing her first attack on her neck. She kissed and sucked aggressively
and Andrea rolled her eyes back in her head enjoying the sensation.
Eventually, finally, Kitty moved her mouth to Andrea’s ear and licked
tentatively along the length of it. Andrea bucked at the feeling of her
most erogenous zone being stimulated Kitty had found her second target.

She focused the assault on Andrea’s ears for nearly ten minutes, getting
her aroused further than she had ever thought possible. Andrea literally
bucked at every touch of Kitty’s tongue or hand. When Kitty grasped
Andrea’s breasts in her hands, Andrea let out a loud moan and came on the
spot, ejaculating her warm fluids onto Irene’s flat stomach. Not stopping
for a brake, Kitty went back to Andrea’s ears for another long five

Andrea’s body twisted and turned on top of Irene’s with every touch of
Kitty’s tongue. She let out regular gasps of ecstasy as her body tensed and
moved violently with each lick of her ear. Kitty slid a hand down Andrea’s
smooth hips and then down the outside of her leg until she reached just
below the knee. Gently, she lifted the leg upwards, and moved into a
sitting position, letting Andrea’s ankle come to rest on Kitty’s shoulder.

The position gave Kitty’s pussy easy access to Andrea’s and she shoved her
hips into the other woman’s, allowing their outer lips to rub against each
other’s for the first time in far too long. Again, Andrea came at the first
touch and Kitty held her pussy tightly against her lovers. She could feel
the warm pulses of Andrea’s cum around her own outer lips and lost all
control. She didn’t even wait for Andrea to finish her orgasm before she
starting pumping her hips hard into Andrea. Eventually she found the spot
where her clit rubbed gently against Andrea’s own and rubbed herself up and
down quickly.

Andrea came again with another scream and this time Kitty followed suit.
She hugged onto Andrea’s leg tightly as her pussy pulsed almost painfully.
She sucked in her breath, once again displaying her detailed ribcage to
Andrea who could only look up at it and Kitty’s breasts in awe. She could
see goosebumps break out over her skin as her own orgasm slowed down. Kitty
was not done. She wrapped a leg beneath her, around Irene’s waist and
started her humping once more as soon as her orgasm subsided.

The two women were sweating profusely now and Andrea was having trouble
catching he breath. She gasped in an out quickly, only able to take short
breaths. After only a few minutes she came a third time and reached up to
cup and incidentally squeeze Kitty’s firm breasts. She flattened her palms
and pushed hard against Kitty’s small tits, which forced Kitty to grab onto
Andrea’s shoulders to stop from being pushed away.

Kitty felt her pussy pulse again and tried to hold back the orgasm she
could feel coming. She didn’t want to cum again so soon. Unfortunately, the
effort was useless. It was her turn to roll her eyes up in her head and
moan in orgasm as Andrea moved her palms in a circular motion while
continuing to apply the intense pressure. Her orgasm was so intense that
when she clenched her ass it forced the dildo to pop out of her rear with a
dry suction noise. Andrea heard the noise and stopped rubbing Kitty’s
chest. She waited a few more moments until Kitty’s orgasm had finished
before she spoke. "You let the dildo come out." Andrea spoke calmly,

"Sorry, I couldn’t help it," Kitty said in-between kisses and licking
motions on Andrea’s ankle. Can we just leave it out for a while?" Kitty
humped again lightly into Andrea, enjoying the feeling of her empty rectum.

"No, I don’t think so. We’re going to put it back in and make sure it stays
this time. Sit back." Kitty frowned and did as instructed. She moved a foot
or two away from Andrea and gently lowered the other woman’s leg back down
again. Andrea could see beads of cum trapped in Kitty’s pubic hair and as
she got up herself couldn’t help but noticed Irene’s stomach was absolutely
flooded in the stuff. "First off, I want you to smear that on your chest,"
Andrea said looking down at the cum that had collected on Irene.

Kitty nodded with a smile and rubbed her hands first over Irene’s abs and
then over her own breasts. The still warm liquid made her sweat shiny chest
even shinier and Andrea sat back and enjoyed the show. There was more than
enough to cover not only Kitty’s breasts but also the front of her entire
torso and she did so, assuming that was what Andrea wanted. She then picked
up on Andrea’s unspoken instructions and spread what was left up over
Irene’s torso to cover her breasts in the glistening juices as well. Her
skin sparkled like a diamond and for a while, Andrea could only stare. When
she regained her wits she spoke. "Hands and knees."

Kitty immediately moved to hands and knees as she was told and Andrea bent
over to pick up the Dildo. "Lick," she instructed, holding it in front of
Kitty’s mouth. Kitty did so and immediately tasted her ass on the plastic.
She certainly didn’t care for the sensation but continued to lick until
Andrea moved it away. The entire piece of plastic was glistening with

Andrea moved the double dildo to Kitty’s rear and shoved. The first 8
inches that were inside her previously had no trouble going in and Andrea
pushed again, forcing another inch or so inside. Kitty yelped. "Let’s see
how far we can get this to go, shall we?"

"I think it’s in all the way," Kitty said hurriedly. Andrea didn’t buy it
for a minute and shoved again, forcing another inch.

"Nope," Andrea said with a smile. "I guess not." She shoved gently but
continuously until another two inches or so had made it’s way inside. The
whole time Andrea was forcing it in, Kitty let out a flowing moan. When
Andrea stopped to give Kitty another rest, the red head ran out of steam
briefly and collapsed from her palms to her elbows. "You have to relax,"
Andrea said.

"I’m trying." Kitty’s teeth were gritted and she was still letting out a
quiet, barely audible but constant moan. "You have to stop or you’ll hurt
me," Kitty moaned quietly. Andrea still didn’t buy it.

"You’re tough. You can take it." Kitty’s eyes were tearing up.

"No, stop."

"Tell you what, we’ll compromise at one more inch. Okay?" Kitty was still
moaning, her heads between her arms.

"I feel like I’m going to throw up."

"One more inch. Tell me when you’re ready."

Kitty sighed realizing there was no way of talking Andrea out of it.
"Alright..." She took a few deep breaths and then inhaled deeply. "Go."

Andrea shoved hard, pushing in more like an inch and a half. Kitty’s body
shook and it looked as if she was going to throw up. She quickly gulped,
forcing her stomach in line and let out her breath with a loud
"ooooohhhhhhhh," accompanying it. There was only about six inches still
outside her body. "How much is left," she croaked out.

"About six inches. You sure took a lot eh? More than I could I bet."

"Uh huh," she was dazed and felt weak.

"Why don’t you sit up." Kitty nodded and moved to straighten her back but
yelped in pain and shot back to her previous position. "Hmm, maybe not.
Well roll onto your back then."

Kitty nodded again and let herself fall to her side and rolled onto her
back. She moaned again as she did so and spread her legs to make things a
little easier. "Go ahead and rest. I’m going to pay attention to Irene for
a while okay?" Kitty nodded again and started to breathe deeply once more.

Meanwhile, Andrea moved over towards Irene’s prone form re-energized by her
manipulations on Kitty. She took her time to marvel at Irene’s gorgeous
body. Everything from her long firm breasts and slender waist, to her flat
stomach and curvy hips were perfect. She leaned down and licked briefly
between Irene’s. She could taste both her own and Kitty’s cum from when
Kitty had smeared it over her chest and for the first time in her life, she
loved it. She lapped like an animal at Irene’s breasts until they shone
once more, this time thanks to her saliva.

Andrea moved herself to straddle Irene’s left leg and started to rub her
pussy up and down the smooth hairless flesh. She gasped lightly as she
increased the pressure of her rubbing and bent down to bury her face in
Irene’s cleavage, licking and sucking as she went. Her hands found their
way to Irene’s butt and Andrea grabbed hold tightly while she pumped her
hips forward and back. Irene’s leg got more slippery as Andrea’s pre-cum
moistened the area she was rubbing against. She could feel her stomach
tighten and her nipples grow stiffer as the beginnings of orgasm set in.
Her pussy spasmed and she let herself relax into the feeling.

The process went on for another half an hour or so, in which Andrea came
twice more. She was at the point where she hoped that each one would be the
end to her lustful state and not just a prelude to more sex. She was
getting tired, but her brain told her she needed more. She un-gagged Irene
and before the other woman could speak she pressed her sex into Irene’s
mouth, rubbing her lower lips against Irene’s upper set.

She lifted herself up to get a quick look of Irene’s red lips shining
thanks to her wet pussy and sat back down again, covering Irene’s mouth
once more. Irene didn’t seem completely into the idea of the forced sex and
was slow to respond so Andrea started to rub herself up and down slowly
along Irene’s face. She could feel the other woman’s lips against her own,
rubbing lightly along her most sensitive areas. Eventually, the smell
reached Irene’s brain and she opened her mouth to tentatively taste
Andrea’s crotch. She obviously liked what she tried because a few seconds
later she was fully immersed with the oral sex she was giving Andrea.

Another half-hour was spent that way, with Andrea writhing on top of
Irene’s mouth, trying desperately to hold back her far too frequent
orgasms. Eventually she couldn’t take it anymore so she got up and moved to
Irene’s side. "I think I need to rest for a bit," Irene’s face was covered
in cum from her chin to nose.

"Can you untie me now?"

"No, but I can gag you again if you’re not careful about what you say. So
think before you speak." Irene nodded, understanding the implications.
Andrea looked over to Kitty, "how are you doing?"

"A little better." She smiled. "I could use some fresh air though."

Andrea unzipped the tent and gestured. The tent flaps were facing the trees
so it would be easy to get into the dense forest without being seen by the
others. Kitty was hesitant to walk so she crawled out of the tent and moved
the few meters to the tree line before disappearing out of sight. "I’ll be
back," Andrea said to Irene and followed Kitty out, closing the zipper
behind herself.

Andrea hustled out after Kitty and caught up to her just a short distance
into the forest. Kitty had found a soft patch of undergrowth and was lying
down on her back. Andrea immediately set herself down on top of the other
woman and kissed her.

Kitty kissed back and when Andrea shoved her pussy up against Kitty’s she
gulped, obviously still feeling a little nauseous. Andrea didn’t pay any
attention and simply continued to pump her sex into Kitty’s lightly,
enjoying the easygoing sensation. "Ungh," Kitty gulped again, as Andrea
pumped faster and continued to kiss her. "Oh, God," Kitty moaned and she
put a hand on her stomach in between her and Andrea. Andrea continued
humping relentlessly. She was far too gone to stop now.

Andrea stopped kissing and hovered her face only millimeters from Kitty’s,
looking down at all the details in her lovers skin as her face rocked with
the rest of her body during each thrust. Andrea moved to top speed and
virtually slammed herself against Kitty, rocking both of them violently and
getting her very close to orgasm. Kitty felt the dildo in her ass more
around randomly as Andrea’s thrusts plowed her hips into the ground. Kitty
watched Andrea’s breasts shake wildly while it felt as if her ass was
becoming even more full. Finally, Andrea came and shook her torso with the
feeling, causing beads of sweat to fall onto Kitty’s chest and face.

Kitty felt her own orgasm trigger and she came against Andrea, her pussy
pulsed into her partners’. Unfortunately the feeling that began in her
stomach didn’t end there. She gulped again, trying to hold back but the
feeling in her backside was too much. She turned her head to the side and
threw up on the grass beside her.

Having sensed it’s arrival, Andrea moved her head back and watched from a
sitting position as her orgasm winded down and her pussy stopped pulsing
against Kitty’s. "Ugh," Kitty made a disgusted face and moved her body to
the side so it was further away from the remnants her stomach left behind.
Playfully, Andrea grabbed onto the part of the dildo that was still outside
Kitty’s body and rotated it getting another yelp from Kitty. "Come on,
Andrea. Give me a break. I just lost my dinner."

Andrea smiled. "No break for you. I’m sooooo fucking horny." Andrea thought
for a moment. "Actually, I guess you deserved it. I’m going to go find some
of that flower."

Kitty thought quickly. "No. Er. I think I’m alright."

"Are you sure? I don’t want you to fuck me around. (Well, at least not
metaphorically speaking,)" Andrea said with a smile.

"No, no. I’m good. What next?" Kitty was hoping to distract her long enough
for the effects to wear off. If she could manage that then hopefully she
could help control Andrea’s cravings.

"I don’t know. I’m out of ideas."

Kitty moved to hands and knees and wagged her ass. "Well I do have a six
inch cock sticking out of my rear." Andrea smiled.

* * *

The next three hours saw Andrea relentlessly humping the dildo that stuck
out of Kitty’s rear. Sweat poured off of both of them as Andrea shoved the
dildo into herself one final time. A small amount of cum seeped out around
it and trickled down Kitty’s ass. Andrea pulled out and let herself
collapse backwards into the soft earth. Kitty turned and fell on top of
Andrea gently. "All done?" Kitty was hazy and barely managed to get the
words out. She felt like she needed some serious sleep and it was nearing

"Hell no. Just taking a break." Despite her intentions however, Andrea
quickly drifted off into sleep.

* * *

Andrea awoke to something pushing into her pussy. She tried to jump up but
found herself tied. It was night and hard to make out the surroundings but
she was not in a tropical area. She was in the desert. After looking around
she immediately remembered her surroundings. It was the night in Salt Lake
City where she had failed her ‘initiation.’

She looked up at the face of the man entering her and recognized him as the
first to enter her. As she began to wake up she felt him pull out and
cringed as she remembered what was coming next. He came over her stomach
and rib cage, coating them in the sticky substance. She opened her mouth to
speak but found it was still sticky with the after effect that the men had
left behind on their original encounter. Before she could close her mouth
again it was stuffed full of cock belonging to the man she thought was

She was forced to cover it in drool and saliva before he pulled out and
prepared for his next maneuver. She closed her eyes as she remembered what
was next. Cold hands pressed into her breasts roughly and pushed them
together to make some friction for the tit fuck he was about to give her.
She tried to lift her arms as she felt the length of his cock pass through
her breasts but they were still tied. She could do nothing but moan to
herself as one of the other men grappled roughly with her pussy.

The man came, as before and covered her face and cleavage with more sticky
fluid. He stepped off of her and the man that was groping her pussy quickly
shoved into her hard. Meanwhile, the last of the group pushed into her
mouth, forcing her to spit and gag around his member. The pain in her loins
was subsiding and she started to focus on breathing around the cock in her
mouth. If she timed her breaths right, she could get in enough air without
passing out. If only she could stop coughing around his dick she might be
able to work up the energy to free herself.

Only a few feet away the other man was still pounding roughly into her sex.
She could feel his thighs slap against her own each time he thrust into her
and felt like she was going to be sick.

With reserved relief she gasped down a gulp of air as the man in her mouth
withdrew. She was surprised when he shoved back in only partway, so that
the tip of his dick rested just past her teeth and on her tongue. She
remembered the next thing too late. He came directly onto her tongue and
she felt like choking on the salty, bitter liquid. She immediately spat out
the first load but it served little purpose except covering her chin with
more of the gooey white stuff. The next load came immediately after and
tasted just as bad. Then the third, and the fourth. She resisted the urge
to bite down; knowing that it would do more harm than good.

Eventually, he withdrew and she spat as hard as she could, blowing the cum
into the air in a heavy mist. She closed her eyes again as it fell back
down over her face and hair, only to stick to the skin. "Now if that isn’t
the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen, I don’t know what is," one of the men
said. "Looks like she loves the taste boys."

"I like her taste," one of the men said as he licked the length of her left
breast. Was that Steve? She couldn’t remember. Regardless of who he was, he
pulled out just like the others and covered her in more sperm.

From there, the group of them took a brief rest and let her stew in their
juices, so to speak. Andrea was too busy trying to think of an escape plan
to care. She wasn’t going to let this happen to her again. She’d find a way
to get out this time. She wouldn’t be weak like before.

She began trying to loosen the bonds, but it wasn’t working. The thin twine
only cut into her wrists, getting tighter with every move. Weaseling out,
obviously wasn’t an option.

She decided there was no way in hell they would listen to reason either. So
what did that leave? A rescue by someone else? Trash talking them until
they either release her or kill her? What else? She couldn’t think.

Andrea looked over at the group and one of them was stroking a second hard
on. He started walking over. It was now or never. "What’s wrong with the
rest of you guys? Can’t get it up more than once?" Maybe they would turn
against each other if she played it right.

"Shut up bitch, or we’ll shut you up."

"Big talk when you’re speaking to someone tied up. Let me go and we’ll see
what happens."

One of the limp guys spoke. "Could someone shut her the fuck up?"

"Oh, I’ll shut her the fuck up," the man walking towards her said. He moved
to put his cock in her mouth but she spoke first.

"Put it in and I bite it off."

"Ha, look who’s developed some backbone." He reached down to grab the left
lip of her labia between thumb and forefinger. "Bite it off and I rip it
off." He pulled and Andrea bucked her back as much as she was able. "Got

"I’ll still bite it off. You sure you want to take that risk?"

"Alright, if we can’t use your mouth, than neither can you."

Andrea laughed. "You have no clothes? What are you going to gag me with
huh? I wouldn’t suggest using anything too flabby." She stared at the three
limp cocks around her.

"Oh, that wasn’t my intent at all." The man reached for the tranquilizer
gun and shoved the barrel of it into her mouth. Andrea’s eyes opened wide
with fear. A shot like that would do a lot more than tranquilize her. "Now
like I said. Shut up or I’ll shut you up." Andrea nodded silently,
effectively scared into submission. Thankfully the man didn’t keep his
finger directly on the trigger but he was certainly close enough. He
repositioned himself so his cock pressed against her lower opening and
shoved inside. Andrea moaned around the gun barrel. She could taste the
steel of the firearm and somehow knew exactly what it would feel like if he
pulled the trigger. She didn’t budge.

The next four and a half-hours went by relatively uneventfully. She had
quickly given up to the helplessness of the situation and just let it
happen all over again. She noticed it went on longer this time.
Significantly. Maybe things could have been a lot worse. Maybe.

When they were finished the men finally untied a sperm covered Andrea and
pulled her roughly to her feet. Her pussy burned and cum dripped down her
body. One of them picked her up with a disgusted look on his face and began
to walk back to where they started.

* * *

Andrea woke up with Kitty still laying on top of her in a deep sleep of her
own. She felt a drop of drool on her cheek and brushed it away. Kitty must
have been exhausted but Andrea didn’t care much either way. She kissed
Kitty hard on the mouth, trying to get rid of the revised memories she just
experienced. Kitty woke up immediately with wide eyes. "Andrea, what are
you, mmph," Andrea kissed her again.

She wrapped her legs around the other woman’s butt and felt the dildo with
her ankle. It was sticky still, and despite the fact that it was dark
outside, it was warm. She rubbed her calf up and down it a few times as the
kiss went on. "Time to go again," Andrea said, somehow feeling the need
even more than before. It was as if she was trying to wash a taste out of
her mouth by drinking a glass of water. She craved sex more than ever at
that moment.

"I can’t, I’m tired."

Andrea sighed. "Then don’t do anything. Just lie there and take it." Andrea
wiggled out from beneath Kitty to let the other woman lay face down on the
cold ground. She mounted Kitty’s behind and wrapped her legs tightly around
the red head’s face. Kitty grunted as Andrea inserted the plastic into
herself yet again and began to hump. She leaned forward to press her
breasts up against Kitty’s back.

Kitty continued to whimper slightly as Andrea humped relentlessly into her
backside. She went limp and simply took it. Andrea was reminded of her own
condition all those months ago and increased speed in an attempt to get rid
of the feeling. She started to moan loudly as if the noise could drive it
out. Eventually, inevitably, she came and clamped her pussy around the
dildo. She continued to moan loudly and held herself against Kitty’s back,
relishing in the feel of her skin. She ran her finger through Kitty’s red
hair and kissed the back of her neck. "Kitty, why aren’t you

"Mmmm, I can’t. Too tired." She was obviously drained. More drained than
Andrea had ever seen her and the horny woman was getting frustrated.

"Hump back."

"Can’t," Kitty closed her eyes and rested her head on her arms. Andrea
thrust hard into the dildo, forcing it to shake inside Kitty’s body. She
was silent.

"Fuck," Andrea exclaimed and pulled herself off of Kitty. "If you don’t
hump back I’ll put it in further." Kitty was still silent and Andrea, still
affected by the flower was in no mood for games. "Fine." She put her hand
tightly around the plastic and shoved until another inch slid into Kitty’s
rectum. The tall, slender woman only moaned quietly so Andrea forced a
second inch inside. Kitty tensed up briefly but quickly relaxed again.
"Fucking pay attention, bitch."

The half-unconscious woman made no response so Andrea shoved in another two
inches, not thinking about how much she may be hurting her friend and
lover. Kitty tensed again as it went in and made some kind of noise when
Andrea stopped shoving. "Last chance or it all goes in," Andrea stated
plainly. Kitty was still half asleep and Andrea put the palm of her hand to
the head of the double dildo. She shoved until it disappeared from sight.
Kitty’s hole closed around the head and Andrea looked down at her ass.
"You’re a fucking whore. You think you can fall asleep on me?" Andrea
rolled her over onto her back. "We’ll see."

She mounted Kitty’s pussy with her own and began to shove herself angrily
against the other woman. "Respond you stupid shit." Kitty’s blank look was
not what Andrea was looking for. She moved faster and harder against Kitty,
fighting back the image of Steve doing the same to her. As she came into
Kitty’s sex she had an image of Steve pulling out before ejaculating over
her stomach. "Unnnnnaaaaaaaahhhh," she moaned with a combination of her
orgasm and rage.

Without a hesitation she moved up Kitty’s body and shoved her lower lips
onto Kitty’s tiny left breast. She humped for only a short time before
getting new flashes of the tit fuck she received. Her orgasm hit her and
she screamed again as she covered Kitty’s sternum in sticky juice.

She moved upwards once again and rubbed her sex into Kitty’s lips while
remembering the cock in her mouth as she gagged and spit around it. Again
she came and finally got off of the still woman beneath her to look at her
glossy lips. Another memory of her cum covered body being lifted up into
the back of a truck flashed across her eyes and Andrea took off at a run.

She had gone for nearly a kilometer before tripping over a branch and
falling into the soft nighttime earth. As she sniffed in the scent around
her she realized she had fallen into a patch of protoculture flower. She
picked one of the plants out of the ground and moved it to her mouth,
sniffing it once again.

A tear rolled down her cheek as she opened her mouth to consume it but at
the last minute changed her mind. Did she just do everything she thought
she had? If so, it was the flower’s fault. She couldn’t take anymore. She
threw it away in anger and began to sob. "What have I done?" She fell a
little further into the brush. "What have I done?"

End, part 7

Next: Andrea deals with the aftermath of her addiction. And what happened
to Kitty? While all this is happening, Andrea and co. arrive at the
Coalition stronghold, "Trump Towers." But is it true what they say? Can
more than one million people still be living in a single location?


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