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Robotech: Invid Invasion Part 12 - Over the Edge
by Invid Writer

"Aria and Andrea walked with Tessa. They were stepping through the rubble
of what was once the Blue's headquarters on their way to meet Tristen out
of town. "Six Goddamn fucking son of a bitch months."


"I said, six Goddamn fucking son of a..."

Andrea interrupted. "I heard you but what are you talking about?"

"My time with the gang. Six months. Six months of finally having a family
and now they're fucking wiped out. It figures."

"I know how you feel."

"My ass you do. I don't even have any friends outside of that gang. Look at
me? I'm stuck traveling around with you and your fucking brother."

They were through the rubble now and making their way to the east of town
where Tristen was supposed to be waiting for her. "My parents died when the
Invid attacked, my older brother was in space before it happened so he's as
good as dead too. Not to mention all my friends that got killed here today
next to yours."

"Yeah but your friends were pansies." Andrea was so shocked by the sheer
inappropriateness of the statement she didn't know what to say. She just
stopped walking and stared at Aria open mouthed. Aria stopped walking as
well and turned to look at her. "What?"

Andrea regained her composure. "Do you find that actually helps you?"


"Being so tactless and rude. Does that actually help you get by in the

"Fuck yeah. Haven't you noticed? No one gives me any shit that way. What
about you? Does being so ‘presumptuous' help you get by in the world?"

It was Andrea's turn to take offense. "What? I'm not presumptuous."

"Hah. And I'm not tactless and rude. At least I know what I am." She
started walking again. "You know what? I think I'm going to go my own way.
I'll see you around."

Andrea stayed put. "You're not going anywhere."

"Oh yeah? Why the fuck not."

"Because you know you still have one friend left. You need me."

"Fuck and she says she's not presumptuous."

Andrea threw up her hands. "Alright, fine. I'm an arrogant bitch. Happy?"

Aria smiled. It was a toothy, mischievous grin. "It's a start." She started
walking again. "So are we going to go find your brother or are you going to
just stand around all day and let the townspeople gawk at you."

Andrea started walking.

* * * *

Tristen was waiting impatiently by a large tree that sat just barely out of
town. He ran over when he recognized Andrea walking his way. She was rolling
the bike along beside her and was still dressed in the riding armor. Minus
the helmet anyway. "Hey, Andrea! You're okay." He looked at her a little more
carefully. "You are okay aren't you? I saw a lot of Invid ships flying your

"I'm okay." She looked to Aria and back to Tristen. "Tristen, this is Aria.
Aria, my younger brother."

"Twin brother actually. It's a pleasure to meet you." He put out a hand but
Aria didn't move.

"Fuck you."

He withdrew his hand. "Ooookaaaay." He looked at Andrea jokingly. "Where do
you meet these people? I mean, you introduce me to your friend in some kind
of crazy spiked armor and..." He didn't have time to finish his sentence as
Aria jumped forward, a knife already out and held it to Tristen's throat.
Andrea acted immediately and tried to get the armor on her arm in Aria's
way but she was too slow.

"Aria! What the hell do you think you're doing?"

"Tell your chimp here that I will not tolerate him making fun of my armor."

Tristen croaked out a response. "The chimp won't do it again." Aria released
him and he stood up again and brushed off his coat. He tried to continue,
this time much more careful of his phrasing. "As I was saying, you introduce
me to this ‘finely dressed individual' who (I apologize) has somewhat of an
intimidating demeanor, and here's good ol' Tris, ‘hey nice to meet you.' I
put my health on the line to be polite in front of one of your friends and
next thing I know, I've got a knife to my throat. I mean what gives?"

"We're just a little uptight right now Tris."

"Why? You're still alive. You guys won right?"

"Oh there's two survivors so we must have fucking won, right Andrea?"

Tristen looked concerned. "You mean you didn't?"

"You never told me your brother was such a swift thinker."

"Aria, cut him some slack." She turned back to Tristen. "Near as we can
figure we're the only two survivors. Other than Sean who took off before
the fighting began."

Tristen was shocked. "The coward actually left early? What about Keri? Is
she alright?" Andrea didn't respond and he had his answer. "Aw shit. I'm
sorry Andrea."

"It's okay. Where have you been living lately? Still in Vancouver?"

"Yeah. It's been relatively Invid free there for the last couple years. I
think it's cause the flower doesn't grow real well there."


"Whoa whoa whoa, what the fuck does the flower have to do with anything?"

"It's what they eat," Andrea said.

"How the hell do you know what they eat?"

"I'll explain it to you later, okay?"

"Fuck, whatever."

Andrea turned her attention back to Tristen. "You should head back to
Vancouver. Stay safe there. Aria and I can go try and track down Sean."

"But..." He looked left out. "Don't you want my help?"

"Hah," Aria laughed. "Andrea could take ten of you. She's right. You should
just stay the hell out of harms way."

"Well I can learn." He took an extremely amateur defensive stance and
jumped back and forth a couple times as if ready for a fight. "See? I've
got potential."

"Tristen. Not this time."

He stopped moving. "You sure about this sis'?"

"I've been making decisions without you for three years Tristen. I'll be

"Alright, you're the boss. But look me up a little sooner than three years
from now okay?"

"Sure." He gave her a long hug.

"Euch. If that doesn't make me want to be sick to my stomach."

They broke up the hug. "Do you have a car or something?" Andrea asked.

"Yeah, sure. I can get back alright."

"Okay good. You should get going then. I'll see you around okay?"

He nodded. "Love you, sis."

"Oh for God's sake show mercy," Aria said."

Andrea smiled, knowing her words would piss Aria off. "Love you too." He
gave her another hug and headed back into town.

"Are we done with all the mushy goodbyes now?"

"Looks like," Andrea said watching Tristen disappear into the city. "Any
ideas on how to transport two people and a coyote on that?" She pointed to
her cyclone.

"Sure, piece of cake."

* * * *

Andrea and Aria were leaving town in a mid-sized jeep. "I didn't know you
knew how to hotwire cars," Andrea said.

"You never know when it'll come in handy."

"Well I have a question for you then."


"How do you plan on getting all the way to York, let alone possibly
further, on one tank of gas."

Aria smiled. "Ye of little faith."

There was silence for a while, but Andrea realized she couldn't hold back
anymore. "You know you just quoted a play right?"

"Shut the fuck up."

"Yes Ma'am," Andrea said sarcastically.

The two stopped at an old gas station out of town and Aria went over to the
pump. "You don't honestly expect that to work do you?"

Aria pulled the handle down and put the end of the pump into the jeep. She
pressed a button and it started filling up. She gave a cocky smile.

"How the hell?"

"The best place to hide something is in plain site," Aria said. "The
yellows keep this pump running. Do you want to watch that? I'm going to go
find some canisters."

"Uh, sure."

A few minutes later they were driving down the abandoned highway again with
enough gas in the back to take them across country. Andrea was quietly

"So do you even know where York is?"

"Yeah, sure." Andrea remembered the little she had learned about it during
her ‘dreams' of the past few months. "It's in Texas. I guess the lands not
as radiated down there so they can still grow some crops."


"I'm going to get some sleep, okay? I feel really exhausted."

"Sure, whatever. Knock yourself out."

Andrea put her seat back and tried to relax. She found Tessa looking over
at her from the back seat, obviously concerned. Andrea shut her eyes and
found herself sleeping almost immediately.

* * * *

She knew she was dreaming instantly, but as soon as she saw Keri and
Heather in front of her she didn't want it to end. "Hey, look who finally
showed up," Keri said to Heather.

"I figured you'd have made it here by now," Heather went on.

"It took a while before I found a spot to fall asleep."

"Oh, you're asleep? That's perfect. We should have lots of time then."

"Lots of time for what?"

"To say good-bye," Keri said. "And properly."


"We're dead Andrea, what you expect us to do a little dance or something? I
mean, we could if you'd like but I'm sure you can think of something a
little more appropriate than that."

"Sorry, I'm just a little confused. This dream thing is throwing me off a

Keri looked to Heather and spoke. "Would you believe us if we said you
weren't dreaming?"

"If I'm not dreaming, where the hell am I?"

Heather took over the explanations. "Well, frankly, you're dead. Or your
mind is anyway. The only difference is you'll be fine in a few hours. We'll
be staying dead."

"This still doesn't make any sense."

"Okay," Keri took a breath and thought about her explanation. "I want to
actually be talking to you instead of explaining the whole time, so let's
just leave it at this. Your special abilities, your psychic ones, they make
you a unique case. That's what allows you to be here."

"Oh." Andrea didn't follow completely but she got the gist of it. Still, it
seemed strange. "So you two are here to say good-bye?"

"That's right," Keri said.

"We figured we'd do it together. Make it a little more memorable," Heather
chipped in. "There's a sort of psychic residue that your latched onto right
now that connects you to us. Unfortunately it fades within 24 hours or so."

"So this is the only time I'll get to see you." Andrea was putting it
together. For some reason it almost seemed harder this way. Before they
were just gone but now she actually had to say good-bye.

"Yes and no," Keri said. "There's always the cliché of old memories you'll
have. But yes. Until you're here as well, we won't be around much."

"Do you know how long?"

Heather looked solemn. "Yeah we know." Andrea's gaze pressed on for an
answer. "It's probably better that you don't know."

"Uh huh..." Andrea decided to trust the woman's judgement. "So what now?"

Keri smiled. "Whatever you want." She approached Andrea seductively. "I
have a few ideas though. It might help take your mind off things."

"Ideas?" Andrea was skeptical.

"Mm hmm." Keri stopped in front of Andrea and leaned forward to kiss her.
Andrea put her arms on Keri's shoulders to stop her.

"I don't know if I'm really in the mood, Keri."

"What makes you think that a kiss means sex?" Andrea looked at her
knowingly. "Well maybe it does. You'll like it I promise." Andrea lessened
her grip on the woman's shoulders and Keri leaned forward. Keri's lips met
her own.

Andrea became enveloped in the kiss. She parted her lips slightly and felt
Keri's tongue run along the outside of them before pushing in gently. She
parted her lips further and pressed her own tongue forward to meet the
other woman's. Her hands fell down to Keri's waist and she could feel
Keri's hipbone protruding slightly.

The kiss lasted long minutes before she eventually pulled away. She could
feel herself getting wet and her nipples grew stiff under her loose tank
top. Without a pause, Keri reached to the bottom of the white garment and
pulled it up over Andrea's head. When she could see again, she was
surprised to see Heather standing just to Keri's side, licking her lips

Andrea's breasts stood firm and her hard nipples pointed straight out from
her body. The golden ring attached to her right nipple sparkled. The muscles
in her stomach tensed in anticipation and Heather took a step forward.
"You're not going to leave me out of this are you?" Heather asked with a
smile. The woman didn't wait for a response. Instead she leant forward and
let her own mouth meet Andrea's moist, puffy lips.

As the kiss deepened and she welcomed a new woman's tongue into her mouth
she felt that Keri wasn't planning on waiting around for her next turn. She
felt a wet tongue on her neck and drag down to her collarbone. From there
Keri planted small kisses down her body and up the smooth roundness of her
breast until finally reaching her right nipple.

Simultaneously, as if planned, Heather bit down on Andrea's lower lips as
Keri's teeth clenched around the hardened bud in her mouth. As the light
biting and kissing continued Andrea felt her pussy pulse with excitement.
She was as aroused as she had ever been and wished that they would stop
teasing her and get down to business.

She didn't have much luck however as Heather broke the kiss and pulled away
slowly. A trail of saliva connected their lips at the beginning before
breaking off and sticking to Heather's chin. It looked sexy, Andrea thought
as Heather smiled and began kissing her way down to Andrea's left breast.
She arched her back in an attempt to push her chest out for the two women
providing lip service but the move was unnecessary. Heather found her left
nipple and the two pushed forward with their mouths as if trying to dig
into the soft mounds of flesh.

Andrea moaned and her nipples became uncomfortably hard. She suddenly
wished she had no pants so they could keep moving downwards. Thinking about
that for a minute she suddenly wished they had no clothing either for both
were still fully dressed. The sheer white material they were wearing was
still fairly clear however. The color of their nipples could be seen
through the cloth and if either of them had much pubic hair, Andrea figured
she would probably be able to see that clearly as well.

Her earlier wish was granted as she felt four thumbs hook under her pants
waist and pull them to the ground without so much as undoing the button or
zipper. She stepped out of them and tried to keep her balance as the two
women continued the assault on her breasts. She felt Heather and Keri's
right and left hand respectively reach around to her ass and squeeze the
flesh as the continued to push into her chest. Heather's left hand then
found the trimmed trail of pubic hair and slid downwards towards her wet
pussy. Keri's free hand soon followed and next thing Andrea knew there were
fingers from both of them probing in and out of her soaking hole.

Heather kissed back upward from Andrea's breast and moved up to her
collarbone. She continued kissing around her neck until she stood behind
the incredibly horny, naked woman. "You think she's ready for more?"
Heather asked.

"Definitely," Keri said, pulling her own mouth away from Andrea's breast.
She kissed towards the center of Andrea's body and slowly worked her way
down between her breasts. Sometimes dragging her tongue, sometimes kissing
or biting. Heather did the same thing along Andrea's spine. Andrea could
feel goose bumps forming along her arms, that quickly spread through her
torso and down her body.

She sucked her stomach in reflexively when Keri reached her belly button,
thus displaying her well-toned abs. Heather was at the small of her back
and she felt four hands on her hips and waist, groping, feeling and

She felt her breath grow sharper as they kept moving downwards. Heather
found the crack of her ass while Keri pressed her lips into her auburn
landing strip of pubic hair. Andrea breathed heavily. Her breasts rose as
her powerful stomach pushed out slightly to make room for the deep breaths
of air. Then her breasts slowly relaxed again and her stomach sucked in to
reveal her trim figure yet again.

Keri's hands found Andrea's ass yet again and pulled the cheeks apart to
make access easier for Heather. Meanwhile, Heather's hands reached around
to Andrea's front and grasped her firm, but average sized breasts. Heather
squeezed them tightly and could feel the hard nipples press into her palms.
Andrea's breasts were just the right size for her to get a good handful.
Her fingers met in Andrea's cleavage as she continued to massage them.

Keri pulled away from Andrea's pubic hair. "You think she wants us to keep

"Oh, God, please," Andrea moaned breathily.

"I don't know, it's hard to tell," Heather said. "Guess we could, and see
what happens.

"Just hurry up," Andrea hissed. Her legs felt shaky and she was having
trouble standing.

Finally, Keri leaned forward and pressed her lips into Andrea's clit. Her
chin pressed into the bottom of her pussy and soaked it instantly. Keri dug
in-between Andrea's labia and tongued at the sensitive nub. She massaged
Andrea's buttocks and continued to pull them apart for Heather who also
took her cue.

Heather's tongue touched first, gently, like a feather against Andrea's
anus. Then, after a quick flick, she pressed forward, inserting the tip and
then bulk of her tongue into Andrea's ass. Her lips came down on the
puckered bud around it and she pressed forward the best she was able.
Andrea's gasp gave away how much she enjoyed the feeling. Heather was still
grasping Andrea's breasts with the same intensity of her rim job and
managed to draw another moan out Andrea.

"This is amazing," she breathed out. "Please, don't stop." Her hands moved
down to Keri's head franticly and she pushed the kneeling woman further
into her pussy.

She could feel the slick tongue inside her nether hole and Keri soon moved
her mouth down to penetrate into her vagina. The two slick organs inside
her body, sent her to new waves of pleasure. She couldn't hold back anymore
and even though neither woman was capable of penetrating very deep, it
proved more than enough.

Andrea came, and instinctually clenched the muscles in her ass and pussy.
The effect locked Heather's tongue inside her dryer ass and immediately
expelled Keri's from her slick pussy.

Her breasts throbbed and the sensation continued down in her nether
regions. Her pussy was expelling cum as fast as it was able and it quickly
covered Keri's face. As her orgasm continued she lost the ability to hold
her footing and her knees collapsed from under her. Keri and Heather were
ready to catch her however and she didn't fall far. She was seeing stars
and disoriented, but when she finally got her eyesight back she found
Keri's soaked face smiling at her. Both of them were kneeling on the ground
and looking at each other from only a few inches away. "How ‘bout a kiss?"
Keri said.

Not thinking about where Keri's mouth had just been, she leaned forward and
French kissed her with passion. She worked up all her remains of energy to
push forward and force Keri down to the ground on her back. Andrea lay down
on top of the other woman and pressed into her hard. The fabric covering
Keri's breasts was wet with cum and it felt cold against Andrea's skin. She
tasted herself on Keri's lips but tried her best to ignore it and just
enjoy the physical sensations that her still pulsing pussy was more than
happy to provide.

Keri rolled the two of them over so she was on top and Andrea on her back.
She lifted herself up on her elbows and looked down at Andrea. A drop of
cum fell off her chin and landed on Andrea's already glossy lips. "Where's
Heather?" Andrea noticed the other woman had disappeared and looked around.

"Right behind me," Keri said. "I think she wants a crack at your front

"Mmm, by all means," Andrea moaned. She pushed up to kiss Keri once more
and then the other woman got off. Once Keri was out of the way she could
clearly see Heather, now naked and on hands and knees, crawling towards
Andrea's casually spread legs. Her breasts hung down towards the ground and
swayed with each motion she made. She smiled deviously and reached out to
grab Andrea's ankles.

Briskly, she moved Andrea's ankles further apart, to give her a little more
room between the other woman's legs and then slid her hands up Andrea's
long smooth calves and up her thighs. The action put her in more of a
kneeling position and Heather's upright position allowed Andrea to see that
Heather had no pubic hair minus a tiny clump just above her pussy. Her
breasts were as firm as Andrea's and hung high on her chest. The nipples
pointed upwards slightly and betrayed just how aroused Heather was.

Andrea allowed her gaze to slip downwards along her smooth stomach and back
to her pubic hair which she now noticed was dripping wet. Obviously Heather
was as aroused as she was.

She moved to lay directly on top of Andrea so their breasts pressed into
each other tightly and she humped her hips into Andrea's spread legs. Each
hump forward clenched her ass and rubbed her pubic hair along Andrea's
pussy, causing the woman on the bottom to shudder violently as her
sensitive clit was tickled lightly. As Heather withdrew her hips for each
thrust her butt cheeks spread apart again and revealed her pink anus and
the lips of her labia to Keri, who was watching on from a few feet away.
Keri decided she would let these two go at it for a while.

Andrea shuddered each time Heather's casual thrusts caused her pubic hair
to touch Andrea's clit. She could smell the arousal off of all three women
and lifted her shoulders up to kiss Heather directly on the mouth. Again,
she forgot where the other woman's mouth had been and tasted the vague
remnants of her own ass on Heather's tongue. She didn't let it stop her.
She was getting too aroused for round two to let anything ruin it now.

Despite wanting to shove Heather to the ground and hump her relentlessly,
Andrea was still feeling drained from her last orgasm. Her lack of energy
left Heather in control. A fact that was quickly growing on Andrea.

Andrea let her shoulders fall back to the ground as Heather intensified the
kiss. Her head pressed into the white floor and her body straightened out
under Heather's weight as Heather pressed down on her with more intensity.

She felt Heather's warm hands on her body. They started at her waist,
caressing and feeling and slowly moved their way upward. Andrea squirmed
beneath Heather as her partners confident hands stopped again beside her

Heather lifted her chest and head up to reveal Andrea's breasts and rib
cage. The move only pushed their crotches together further. Andrea's two
soft, perfectly round breasts rested comfortably, high on her torso.
Heather's hands began to move again and reached for the two globes on
Andrea's chest. They quickly found their target and Andrea moaned. Heather
pinched the hard brown nipples between her finger and thumb in-between
enthusiastic gropes of the whole area. Andrea continued to squirm. Her
lithe body contorted beneath Heather as the assault on two of her most
sensitive areas continued.

Heather began humping once more, still in a sitting position. Her main
focus though, was on Andrea's beautiful breasts. She rubbed and caressed
intensely, watching as they molded around her hands and pushed together or
apart with her guidance. Andrea moaned and her eyes rolled up. Then,
suddenly, Heather stopped.

"Wha?" Was all Andrea could get out through her haze. Heather was shifting
positions and Andrea soon found herself staring at the woman's crotch as it
slowly moved downwards over her face. She was more than happy to oblige
Heathers obvious request and lifted her head to meet Heather's pussy with
open mouth. Heather shuddered as Andrea's warm lips and tongue met her

Andrea's tongue snaked its way further inside her lover. She lifted her
arms, thus raising her breasts on her torso and wrapped her limbs around
Heather's waist, pulling her in closer. Heather moaned again and bent at
the waist to press up against Andrea once more. She rested her head on
Andrea's muff, the two now in a 69 position. Andrea's tiny hairs ticked her
cheek as Heather breathed in and out heavily. Andrea may have been
exhausted but she was still giving great head.

As Heather continued to enjoy the sensations in her nether regions she
found herself instinctively grinding her breasts into Andrea's stomach.
Meanwhile, Andrea's hands explored, reaching out for Heather's ass. She
massaged the other woman's buttocks and slowly, purposefully, lowered a
finger down to penetrate into Heather's ass.

"Ohhhhhh," the moan practically went straight into Andrea's clit. Heather's
hips gyrated into Andrea's mouth and she continued to mash her breasts into
the other woman's stomach. She was about to orgasm but held it off for a
while longer as she remembered she was here to give pleasure as much as
receive it.

Heather lifted her head and looked down at Andrea's attractive pussy. Even
upside down it was a thing to behold. Her legs were splayed slightly and
beads of moisture dripped down from inside. Without hesitation, she
spiraled her arms each around one of Andrea's legs and spread them apart
further. Andrea, knowing what to expect lifted up her hips just as Heather
dug in.

Andrea's finger continued to slowly move in and out of Heather's ass,
caressing the other woman's inner walls as she did so. Still trying to
prevent orgasm, Heather rolled the two of them over, so Andrea was on top.
She reached up with her hands now and began to massage Andrea's buttocks.
It was all Keri could take.

Keri, naked and more than a little horny walked confidently over to Andrea
and laid down on Andrea's back. Her pussy rubbed against Andrea's hair. Her
breasts against Andrea's lower back and her mouth, her tongue, came lightly
into contact with Andrea's anus. The first contact made Andrea moan and her
tiny rosebud tightened instinctually. Heather took the unspoken hint and
used the strategic placement of her hands to spread Andrea's cheeks apart.
And then, looking into Heather's eyes, Keri continued her assault where she
left off.

It went on for a few more minutes, while the two women on the bottom built
closer and closer to orgasm. Heather came first. She moaned in pleasure as
Andrea inserted a second finger into her ass and the vibrations immediately
set off her partner. The two women below Keri moaned and shook together in
bliss as Keri watched. Their sweaty bodies rubbed and slipped together
until finally, drained of all energy, they stilled.

"Well that looked fun and all but don't I get a turn?" Keri half joked.

Andrea was still out of breath. Her cheek rested against Heather's smooth
crotch as she regained her breath. "Just... Give me five minutes."

Keri laughed.

* * * *

"Andrea. Yo, Andrea, wake up." It was Aria's voice that slowly brought her
out of her sleep. She opened her eyes and hazily looked over. "For God's
sake, it's about fucking time. You've been humping the air for like an hour

"What?" Andrea was still waking up and it didn't quite make sense.

"Just don't look down."

As she always did when someone said that, Andrea looked down. There was a
large wet patch around her pussy down her thighs and the jeep smelled like
sex. She blushed. "Oh shit."

"You're damn right oh, shit. If I realized you would be having kinky wet
dreams the whole time I would have made you stay in the back. It better
have been one god-damn excellent orgy."

"How long?"

"You mean how long were you fucking Joe Schmoe? Musta been at least an

"Oh. So for all that time..."

"Yup. Wouldn't wake up either and believe me I tried."

"Sorry." It was all she could think to say.

"Whatever. Like it matters to me. Just open a window will you?"

"Yeah... sure."

"Wait, you see that?" Aria pointed in front of them off towards the horizon.
It looked like a huge wall in the distance.

"Yeah, do you think that's it?"

"Must be. Hold on, I'll stop here and we'll walk the rest of the way."

* * * *

Andrea was lying in-between Keri and Heather. They both had a head on a
shoulder and an arm around her midsection. They were all still naked. "Why
are you here?" It was Andrea speaking and she was talking to Heather.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean you don't even know me. I don't really know you. All I know is some
persona my mind invented."

"Some persona your mind invented that you declared you loved, am I right?"

"Yeah, but still..."

"Just because something is true in your mind, does that make it less true
elsewhere?" Heather looked in Andrea's eyes. "This me is real Andrea. Even
if only to you."

There was a pause and Keri spoke. "You're going to have to get going now.
Aria's waking you up."

"Fuck Aria, I'm happy here."

"Sorry babe, we gotta go too," Heather said. "But I look forward to seeing
you some years down the road."

"Bye Andrea, you meant an awful lot to me."

* * *

"Where were you?" Aria asked the question. Her and Andrea were walking
towards the wall. Andrea realized she'd been in thought for some time.

"I was thinking about my dream."

"No time for dreams, Andrea. There's only nightmares around here. Come on,
we're almost there." The wall was only a few dozen meters away now. It stood
about 20 feet tall with a walking platform on top for guards. Although none
patrolled this particular area of the wall, they could be seen in the
distance, manning specific posts at even intervals. There were trees along
the outside of the wall, but not on the town side. One could only assume that
they were more concerned about keeping people in, then out.

"So what now?"

"Now, we hop the wall, and find this coward friend of yours." Without
waiting for confirmation, Aria began climbing a tree, near to the barrier.
Seeing no choice but to follow, Andrea climbed up behind her. A carefully
timed jump, and a few minutes later saw Andrea and Aria in the town of
York, watching the townspeople stare at the rather unusual entrance. "We'll
split up. Try and track him down. If you find him, my radio frequency is...
uh..." She looked down to her radio. "12.4"

Aria starting walking, leaving Andrea stunned that for once she had nothing
to do with planning hew own next move. "But..." She realized she had nothing
to say. It was a good plan. "Shit," she said to herself and began walking.

She decided it best to put some distance between her and the town's wall,
so she walked towards a large castle she could see in the center of the
city. York was often rumored to be one of the most progressive human
cities, with a high population yet vibrant industry and high employment
rate. Seeing it first hand however, gave Andrea a very different opinion.

With the exception of the many buildings that seemed to have somehow survived
the Invid attack, the town looked no different than any other she'd been in.
Gangs roamed the streets, homeless set up in tents and alleyways, it was
dirty and an air of hopelessness overpowered the people's spirits.

She wasn't walking long before she noticed a group of three men cross the
street and move up behind her. She stopped and waited for them to either
catch up or pass her by, thinking it probably best to confront them
directly. As they got closer it became apparent that they were indeed
interested in her. They wore crude uniforms, which meant they were either
with a gang or with some kind of police force. Andrea suspected the later,
despite their rather hostile poise.

"Name please?" The head one asked. He was tall, but relatively slender with
a deep voice. He had a 5 o'clock shadow and intelligent, devious eyes.

"Andrea Robertson."

"Alright, Miss Andrea. Can I see your ID papers please?"

Andrea cursed to herself. Figures a town with a wall around it had private
ID papers. She tried to bluff her way out. "I left them at home."

"Ah, the old ‘at home' excuse," the rather burly man to her right added.

"No need to be sarcastic Tom," the head one said. "It's a common excuse for
a reason. Everybody forgets now and then isn't that right Miss Andrea?"

"Yeah, that's right."

"Well, in that case, assuming you can remember where you live, how about
you give us the address and we'll go back there with you and get them."

"I uh..." She knew there was no way she could get out of it. The three would
find her out sooner or later.

"You don't live here do you Miss Andrea?"

"No." Her eyes shifted from man to man in an attempt to gauge their
reactions. They all remained surprisingly neutral.

"Tell you what," He looked down her body and back up again. "You come with
us to the castle, we'll register you as a town visitor and hold you until
we can confirm your identity with someone else."

"What if no one can confirm who I am?"

"That would be terribly..." he rolled the words around on his tongue.

Andrea looked into their eyes again, from one person to the next. Their
intent had become obvious; she was coming with them. Flashbacks of warning
from the pilot she had flown north with came to mind. ‘If the Duke sees a
beautiful young female stranger, you man never leave the town alive.'

She readied herself in a defensive posture. "You don't want to do that
girl. It's a lot easier just to come with us."

"I'm not going anywhere."

"No one here wants to hurt you."

"Hah. Then why are there three of you here? Why the wall around town?"

He head looked to Tom. He nodded and Tom charged with a right hook. Andrea
easily ducked the blow and planted a fist hard into Tom's stomach. He let
out a gasp as the air left him and Andrea took advantage of the situation
but put him into an arm hold. Now, with his arm behind his back, Tom
separated Andrea from the other two men.

"Don't do this guys, just let it go." Andrea hoped they would listen to her
but knew better. As the two other men charged she let go of Tom and gave
him a kick in the back, thus sending him sprawling into the leader and both
of them tumbled to the ground. That only left the one to her left. He was
shaved nearly bald and obviously had a little more skill than the other
two. He sent his left arm into her midsection and again, Andrea easily
stepped aside, but the left jab was just a decoy. His right fist came
straight for her face with astounding speed. Andrea attempted to duck but
she was off balance and only avoided part of the blow. It glanced off her
jaw and sent her sprawling to the ground.

Andrea rolled with the fall and was on her feet much faster than he expected.
She charged at him, knocking him back into his two companions that had just
regained their footing and the three men tumbled to the road. Andrea knew an
opportunity when she saw one. She quickly bolted around a corner and took off
at a full run down the street.

Just ahead of her around the corner were another three of what she now
assumed were the Duke's men. Knowing they didn't realize anything was wrong
yet she took a chance and rushed past them. A few moments later the three
that followed her rounded the same corner. "Stop her!"

The new men snapped to attention but she was already through. They started
pursuit with the others. Andrea knew she wasn't the fastest of runners.
They would catch her. With her blood pounding in her ears she tried to
survey the street and come up with options. There was a large bay door up
ahead that led into a building and she decided to take it.

Upon getting inside, Andrea immediately recognized it as an old parking
garage. Except it was nearly abandoned and thus offered nowhere to hide.
She ran straight ahead to the railing that separated the two levels and
jumped down about five feet to the next level.

By this time the Duke's men had nearly caught up to her and she ran further
down into the heart of the garage. She knew she was trapped and desperately
looked for a way out. Then, she saw it. A door for the garage's patrons to
use to get up to the surface. She charged at it knowing it was probably

The door shuddered and she heard the sound of cracking wood as her shoulder
collided with the warn wooden door. It gave way and opened into a narrow
staircase but her charge sent her off balance and she fell to the ground on
the staircases small landing. Afraid to look behind her she got up on hands
and knees to stand but just as she did so, she felt a hand grasp the back
of her shirt and use it to pull her backwards, out of the staircase and
into the garage.

The man that pulled her back was one of the new ones to pick up the chase
and he yanked with enough force it brought her back to the ground again in
the parking lot. Andrea didn't see who it was who first approached her but
she knew he would be more careful in the future as she let loose a strong
kick straight to his groin. "Ahh!" He doubled over and fell to his side.
"Oh, shit that hurts."

The remaining five formed a circle around Andrea as she stood back up
again. The concrete beneath her was still used often enough to leave behind
some oil and grease that added itself to the dirt already on her shirt from
Salt Lake.

"Hands behind your back," the head man spoke.

"Not very likely," Andrea said.

"Fine." He spat out the word, obviously not happy to have to resort to
fisticuffs. He threw a punch. Again Andrea deflected it and counteracted it
with one of her own. It was a lucky hit that caught the leader right on the
jaw and knocked him out before he even hit the ground. But the rest of the
Duke's guard didn't simply stand around. They were all on her at once,
quickly pinning her arms behind her back. One of them withdrew a set of
handcuffs and before she could get herself free, her hands were locked
behind her.

Andrea was panting, exhausted from her struggle. "Are you going to calm
down now?" One of the Duke's men asked.

"Why the hell should I calm down?"

One of the duke's men sighed and went over to help the leader get back to
his feet. He was slowly regaining consciousness. "Oh, shit. Ow." He looked
to Andrea. "You're stronger than you look." Andrea didn't respond and he
turned to the one helping him. He whispered something quietly and reached
into his pocket. Andrea could barely see what was in his hand but it looked
like a simple envelope. "Open her mouth."

The guard still standing behind her did as instructed, grabbing Andrea by
the jaw and forcing her mouth open. The head guard walked over and tipped
the envelope on its side. A white powdered substance poured out and he
quickly closed her mouth and waited for her to swallow. Andrea resisted.
"You may as well swallow. It's going to take effect whether it's in your
stomach or on your tongue."

Andrea glared and did as instructed. He removed his hand from her mouth.
"What was that?" She asked.

"A way for us to get a little payback after that chase you put on. We were
going to just take you to the castle but with the fight you've put up we
decided a little more was in order."

"What was in the envelope?" She asked again.

"A drug. Well, sort of. It's a processed form of the protoculture flower.
It doesn't have any of the addictive traits in it, but it has many of the
others. Like the aphrodisiac for instance."

The head guard dropped the paper envelope and reached to a knife on his
belt. "Hold still." He moved the blade carefully to the neckline of
Andrea's shirt and made an incision on the fabric. "Normally I wouldn't
have to do this but we cuffed you a little early it looks like."

He put the knife away and grabbed Andrea's shirt by each shoulder strap.
Then with a loud rip, he pulled his hands down, separating the shirt along
the middle. He then pulled what was left of the shirt down her arms and let
it hang off her by the wrists. Her breasts came into full view. Her nipples
pointed up slightly into the air showing signs of arousal thanks in no
small part to the flower. Her nipple ring glistened in the reflected light
the garage let in. All down her chest and stomach, her skin formed goose
bumps, despite the warm air outside.

Andrea's legs began to get weak. The head guard grabbed her pants by the
waist and pulled them down to her ankles, revealing her trim bush. He
quickly undid her boots and took off the rest of her garments, leaving
Andrea completely naked. He tossed the clothes away and looked back to her
naked body, marveling at its contortions. "Alright, so who first?" He

"I'll go," the man holding her from behind said. "Lay down." He let go of

By this time, Andrea was more than happy to oblige. The drug had already
begun to take hold and she was getting horny. She lowered herself straight
to the ground and put down on her stomach. She could feel the rough
pavement on her hips and breasts. She wanted to feel something inside her.
"Come on, what's taking so long."

"Damn, that flower works fast, hey buddy?"

"Sure does," the leader said.

"Alright, bitch, turn over." Andrea did as she was told. The pavement she
was on was still covered with dirt and stained with oil and it showed on
her torso when she moved to her back. She had grease stains on her chest
and stomach. A good-sized mark was on her right cheek. Dirt also collected
in the same areas.

The man who elected to go first dropped his pants, admiring Andrea's body
as he did so. She quickly sat up and grabbed his cock. With a gentle tug
she pulled his slowly hardening member closer towards her mouth and
inserted it inside. Since the man's dick was mostly soft it wasn't hard to
take it all in her mouth. She ran her tongue around it softly, trying to
incur a reaction and reaction she got. He grabbed her by the hair and
pulled her head all in to his crotch.

Her nose was in his pubic hair and as his dick began to grow it slowly
snaked its way passed her tonsils and down her throat. She began to have
trouble breathing as it reached its stiffest. She pulled back to take a
breath and at the same time reached around behind him to grab his ass. Then
avoiding the use of her hands she pushed back towards his abdomen. His
large cock went back down her throat as she took him all back in again. She
held the position for a short time, his pubic hair tickled her nose and she
withdrew once more.

His cock was literally dripping saliva onto her thigh and she got an idea.
Still holding onto his ass she brought him down to his knees and laid back.
She moved him up on her body so he was straddling her rib cage and she let
go of his ass. Smiling, she pushed her breasts together. They were slippery
from the dark colored oil but she held them together firmly. "Come on, what
are you waiting for?" She cooed.

He didn't hesitate another moment. He pressed the head of his cock up to
her breasts and pressed it between them. Her saliva did a good job of
lubricating things and he shoved forward until the head of it poked out the
other side near her face. He was quite large so she bent her neck forward
and licked the tip of it with her tongue. He started to pump back and forth
as Andrea held her breasts together.

Andrea couldn't see passed him but she felt someone grab her hips and pull
them up slightly. The movement jerked the rest of her body and the man over
her tits lost his rhythm. His cock smacked against the side of her right
breast leaving a small wet mark before he got himself organized again and
entered between them once more. Meanwhile, the man holding her hips slowly
entered into her pussy. "Umph" she mumbled.

Whoever was in her pussy began moving back and forth. The motion caused her
back to rub against the pavement and the sensation was starting to get
painful. She certainly didn't want to rip her back up on the cement.
"Someone go underneath me. The pavement hurts."

"With pleasure," the man currently dealing with her tits said. He got off
of her and helped her into a sitting position. The one in her pussy stopped
for a moment so she could lift her hips into the air and allow the
volunteer to slip underneath her. She felt a second set of hands on her
hips and she was being pulled down.

Immediately she felt the man's stiff member at her back entrance. He
continued to pull her down however and the head had soon poked inside her.
It was a tough fit with the fairly large man staying in her pussy and then
this second trying to enter her second hole. "Unnnngh." She felt extremely
full and was soon impaled on both of them.

The man in her ass lent back until his back hit the ground and wrapped his
arms under her armpits and around her shoulders to bring her with him. She
still had full arm movement but wouldn't be able to get up if her life
depended on it. She was trapped. The man in her pussy however stayed in an
awkward sitting position so the others could still have use of the rest of
her body if they were so inclined. Andrea hoped that they were.

She was proven right as the man who had gotten canned moved over towards
her, naked from the waist down. He straddled her neck and moved is still
soft cock to her mouth. "Kiss and make up," he said.

Andrea took him into her mouth, easily fitting his flaccid member inside.
All three of her holes were full, and whether it was because of the flower
essence or not, she loved it.

The man in her pussy grasped her thighs and spread her legs further. The
move made the guy in her ass tighter and pussy looser. She didn't care. She
was just enjoying the sensations.

She began to wonder if the man she had canned was seriously damaged however
as he didn't get any harder in her mouth. She was still being held around
the shoulders tightly against the man beneath her but she reached up with
an arm and pulled the man's cock out of her mouth. Then, gently she pulled
back the foreskin revealing the smooth skin beneath it. She darted out with
her tongue and submerged his dick in her mouth once more. She felt it
twitch but still not grow hard.

Then, before she could apply more ministrations with her hands, she felt a
hand around her right wrist. It moved her arm into the air and wrapped her
hand around someone's stiff member. She smiled through the blowjob and ran
her hand along the new person's dick. Her second hand soon met a similar
fate with yet another cock. And she realized she was pleasing five men at

She was curious where the sixth man had gone as she started to jerk off the
two standing men in tandem. She found it increasingly hard to coordinate
her actions. It was surprisingly difficult to jack off both men and not
bite a third. The amount of concentration she had to spend on the matter
helped her to hold off her orgasm as the five men continued to be pleasured
by her.

Suddenly, to her great disappointment, she felt the one inside her pussy
pull out. Her legs casually moved closed and she felt someone straddle her
stomach. Warm hands pressed into the flesh of her breasts and she suddenly
had an idea what he was up to. He shoved them together as his comrade had
done and pushed his cock in-between. Andrea moaned, turned on by the idea.

Finally, the sixth man made his appearance. He came in to take the position
at her pussy where the previous one had been. She breathed a sigh of relief
into the limp cock in her mouth and wrapped her legs around the most recent
addition to the orgy.

Andrea began to sweat. She was getting extremely hot with so much body heat
around her. Her back was still pressed tightly into the other mans chest,
and it didn't help the matter. Her skin shone in some places because of the
oil smears and in others because of the sweat. The dirt on her body refused
to reflect light and thus attractively contrasted with the gloss of the
rest of it.

She let out a moan as the two men in her nether regions shoved in as one.
The man in her mouth was still not hard but was twitching a little more
frequently. Meanwhile, the man between her breasts pulled on her nipples,
causing them to stiffen impossibly hard. She moaned again and it took all
her strength to continue jacking off the man in each hand.

Finally, the man underneath her shoved hard into her ass and held his cock
there tightly. She felt nothing at first, but then it let out a large
twitch and a stream of hot liquid shot deep into her bowels. It triggered
an instinctual reaction in her body and she clenched her ass tight as she
felt the first stream hit. The second one quickly followed, then the third.
She moaned through the cock in her mouth and tried to tighten her legs
around the man in her pussy.

Her last reaction was more then enough to set off the newest arrival. The
first stream unloaded into her pussy but then he pulled out and let the
second land across her abdomen and pubic hair. The rest of his orgasm,
tapered off over her trimmed muff and successfully matted down the entirety
of it. Little wet brown hairs poked out between globs of the thick wet cum.

Three more men quickly followed. First, the one between her breasts pulled
back and sprayed his load into her cleavage and across her dirty tits. His
final shot hit her nipple ring and matted it down with cum. The next one
chose her face to unload on, covering her forehead, nose and eyes with the
sticky substance. Some of it even hit his comrade's dick as he was
receiving his blowjob. Andrea could taste it enter her mouth and the vision
in her left eye was blurred from the liquid.

The third added his own collection to her breasts and stomach. Andrea
bucked her hips as the strands hit, accidentally pulling the man beneath
her out of her ass while she did so.

Finally, the man in her mouth twitched yet again and began to grow.
Certainly not to full size, but probably enough that he could cum. Andrea
hoped so anyway as she continued to milk his cock.

She was dragging her teeth along the outer skin of it when she felt
something push against her pussy once more. She opened her legs to allow
entrance. She recognized the feel as being the man that was just in her. He
was fast to get his second wind but obviously had it. His old cum oozed out
of her pussy around his cock as he shoved in and out with amazing force.

Andrea couldn't help but let out an "Ooph" each time he slammed into her.
The man in her mouth grew a little bit more and moaned.

"I'm gonna cum," he moaned out and his dick twitched a final time. Andrea
immediately tasted it inside her mouth and swallowed after the second
spurt. He continued to cum for some time. Eventually, it ended and he
pulled his dick out. A small drop of his semen stuck to her lip but she had
swallowed the rest of it. She could feel it sticking to the inside of her
throat and she instantly wished she had more to wash it down.

"Unph," she moaned as the man in her pussy pushed in again, this time
harder then normal. She figured he was probably nearing his end too.

As she expected, she soon felt the warm blast of semen inside her vagina.
He had almost as much as his first load, but this time emptied all of it
inside her. She moaned a final time and he got off. She hadn't cum, she
realized but nonetheless felt content.

She slowly stood and she felt the semen inside of her shift and begin its
slow journey, back outside her body. She could feel it dripping down her
right thigh, forming two lines. One from her pussy and other from her ass.
The cum formed ‘clean' lines as it dripped down her body and washed away
the oil and dirt.

The remaining guards got dressed and spoke briefly amongst themselves. One
of them brought over her clothes but she was still under the effects of the
flower and showed no interest. "Dump em. I don't need those anymore." He
looked to his commanding officer.

"You heard the lady. We'll take her through the back streets. Clean her up
once we get to the castle."

"What do we do if the duke sees her like this?"

"Relax, we'll just say we found her this way. Who's he going to believe?"
He cuffed Andrea's hands behind her back and grabbed her by the arm to lead
her out of the garage.

* * *

It was a surprisingly long walk to the castle in the middle of town. Andrea
suspected the back alleys were slowing things down more than a little bit.

Surprisingly, the walk proved quite advantageous as it gave her an
opportunity to clear her head from the effects of the drug. By the time the
group of them had reached a side door to the Duke's castle, she felt
completely normal. At least as normal as she could feel, naked and dripping
cum from various parts of her body. The drips themselves had long stopped
but if anything her pubic hair had been the recipient of even more of the
gooey white stuff as it had all drizzled down her breasts and stomach. Her
body was still blotched oily black in places the man's seed hadn't touched.

"You know," one of the men said as he held the side door open for the
others. "The only thing sexier then a woman covered in cum, is a woman
covered in dirt AND cum."

"Hah, you're damn right about that," the one escorting her by the arm said.
Andrea was shoved gently through the door and found the people around her
had all stopped. The door opened up to a large extravagantly decorated hall
and at its end stood a slightly heavy looking man, at least 6' tall. He was
dressed in a royal purple embroidered with gold seals. Behind him stood two
well-armed men, who seemed to be guards.

"Imagine my surprise," he said walking towards them, "when I learned that
six members of the military were raping a young helpless woman on the
outskirts of town."

The fear was obvious among the men the held Andrea. Andrea on the other
hand felt more than a little relieved. Maybe this guy wasn't so bad after
all. The head guard spoke. "I'm sorry sire. But I promise it's not at all
what it looks like."

The Duke turned to Andrea. "Is it what it looks like?" Andrea looked around
to the six guards currently surrounding her. She was a little nervous as to
how to answer. The Duke saw her expression. "Release her." Although they
left the cuffs on, they quickly let go of her and stepped away. "So, I ask
again. Is it what it looks like?"

Andrea nodded, not planning on reserving any sympathy for the men. One of
them spoke up again. "She's lying. She's delirious, she doesn't know what
she's talking about."

The Duke turned to one of his personal guards. "Take them out of here. I'll
deal with them later." The guard nodded and walked towards them. He
escorted them out of the hallway and Andrea quickly found herself standing
alone in her end of the hall. Just when Andrea thought she was out of hot
water, the Duke turned to the other guard. "Take her to the hall. Tie her

Andrea's eyes went wide. She was soon escorted down the hall and into a
large open chamber. It had a large red throne in the middle that faced a
lone brick wall. On the wall itself, Andrea saw manacles and bars that
could easily be used to chain a person up and sure enough, that's where the
guard took her. He undid her handcuffs just long enough to lift her hands
above her head and loop the cuffs around a loop hanging from the ceiling.
He refastened the cuffs and Andrea was effectively trapped there.

Only a few minutes passed before the Duke showed up again carrying a bucket
of water. "I brought something to help you clean up." He walked over and
threw the water at her, still safely holding onto the bucket. Andrea's body
was immediately soaked. The oil, dirt and cum washed away leaving her
mostly clean although altogether wet. Her skin shown in the light of the

"Why are you in my town?" He voiced his question with an air of simplicity.

Andrea attempted some vague semblance of a lie. "I don't know what you

"You may have noticed a wall around the city. That's to keep visitors out,
and my people in."

"So you're saying you forcefully keep your own people here?"

"For their protection." He reached to his belt and withdrew a small pistol.
Andrea recognized it as a 5mm. One of the least lethal choices available,
but in the end it was still a firearm, and still capable of doing damage.
"I don't like to repeat my questions."

Andrea glanced around the room. She remembered seeing a few small
bloodstains on the wall where she was being held. Something told her the
Duke wasn't the bluffing sort. "I'm looking for someone."


"Another stranger to the city."

The Duke nodded and began to slowly pace back and forth. He kept the gun
out but his other hand found his pocket as he walked. Not exactly a
spitting image of royalty. "The gang leader from Salt Lake."

"His name is Sean."

"He turned tail right before a battle. A lot of people died because he ran."

"Well, that's certainly not how he presents things."

"Why would I lie?" Andrea met the Duke's gaze. He knew she had no reason to
lie about the details.

"You shouldn't have come here, Andrea." He nodded towards one of the
guards. The man set into motion and moved over to Andrea. Fearing the
worst, Andrea cringed as he approached, but he simply undid her cuffs to
free her from the wall. "This town isn't a good place for strangers."

The guard held Andrea by the wrist and began escorting her out of the room.
Andrea went peacefully, noticing the other two men walking behind her. They
walked down a few corridors and eventually ended up in a lavish bedroom. It
was extremely well furnished with silk and other rare materials. The closet
was open and displayed a huge wardrobe. There was a black dress splayed out
over the King sized bed.

"Get dressed." The guard pointed to the dress on the bed. "You'll be
expected to attend dinner tonight. 5pm. Do you have a watch?"

"Yeah. But why dinner?"

The guard raised an eyebrow. "Because you're one of the Duke's wives now.
And the Duke's wives all come to dinner."

Andrea was caught flat-footed. One of the Duke's wives? Plural? Without her
consent? She opened her mouth to speak but the guard had already left the

At least she was allowed some privacy, she thought as she lifted the
beautiful evening gown off the bed. The hemline was down around mid-thigh
and it seemed like it would be quite tight fitting. Perhaps it was the only
size they could find. It had an open back with the exception of two
criss-crossing straps that led to the shoulder. The front had a diamond
shaped hole in-between where her breasts would be to show a little extra
cleavage and it was low cut in a v-neck.

Knowing it was better then the nothing that she was currently dressed in,
she put it on and walked to the full-length mirror beside the bed. It was
certainly tight, but did look quite impressive. If it weren't so
uncomfortable she'd say it was definitely a good size. And she knew she
wouldn't mind seeing Keri or Irene in it.

Her thoughts stopped for a moment as she realized she wouldn't ever have
the chance to see Keri in it. She sat down on the side of the bed and tried
to push her mind to something else.

She found her thoughts gravitating towards Sean and how he ran at the first
sign of trouble. If he had only stayed behind she would have at least had a
chance talking to the Invid. The irony that the two violent gang leaders
had shown themselves and that Sean had not was not lost on her. And as she
tried to think of ways to make him pay she realized she had no idea what
she was doing in York.

She had followed him here for some reason that she wasn't quite sure of, to
do something to him that she also wasn't sure of. Not only that, but she
had taken Aria of all people along for God knows what reason.

Andrea sighed and moved over to the window. She noticed despite her
apparent freedom, the window was barred off and impossible to get through.
She looked out over the palace courtyard and further down into the heart of
the city. It was strange, she thought, to see so many tall buildings. Let
alone so many people living in such luxury. At least by the last few years

There was a knock on her door.

"Yes?" she said, turning to face it.

The door opened and the Duke stood in the entranceway. "May I come in?"
Andrea signaled it okay to do so with a wave of her hand. The Duke walked
over to a comfortable looking chair beside the bed and sat down. "You look
very stunning in that dress."

Andrea looked back at him, unfazed.

"I see, you're not much in the mood to talk." He paused and crossed his
legs. "Please, sit." Andrea did so. "Well," he continued. "It seems you
didn't get the best introduction to my town. I wish to apologize on behalf
of my subjects and myself. I overreacted. You were not treated
appropriately and the men involved have been punished accordingly. As for
myself, I only beg your forgiveness. I was simply concerned about a
potentially hostile breach of my city."

"Understandable," Andrea said with little sympathy.

"I see that you're still hesitant. I wish to give you two prizes."


"Well, prizes as I like to call them. The first I believe you already

"You want me to be one of your wives. Forgive my enthusiasm." She was
obviously not enthused.

The Duke laughed. "Indeed, indeed. Consider yourself forgiven. But no, you
are not quite right. I don't wish to make you just one of my wives. In
truth I have nearly 30 of them. No, I wish to make you my head wife. You
will be treated with as much respect as myself, you will have every
material possession you desire, and you will do as I say."

"I only do as I wish."

"Ah, and that brings me to the second prize. In the hopes to convince you
to willingly go along with my request, I will offer you anything you

"I thought you said that was included as head wife?" Andrea met his eyes
with her own and he looked back surprisingly passively.

"No, you misunderstand. I said any material possession you desire. Not
anything you desire."

"I see."

"So, is it a fair trade? You become my other and I will do whatever thing
you desire?"

"Don't you want to know what it is before you agree?"

"No, of course not," the Duke said. "As long as it is not a request to
leave this place I will do whatever is in my power to do."

Andrea continued to sit on the bed, contemplating the offer. Sex wasn't a
big concern to her. She didn't mind that after all she had been through in
her life. But doing whatever he asked of her? Somehow she doubted his
demands would be entirely honorable. Of course, she just needed to bide
some time until an opportunity came to either escape or restrain him
presented itself.

"I agree. It sounds like a fair deal."

"Ah, excellent. Then, if you don't mind my asking...?"

"I want Sean."

"The coward? Easily done, there is no place for men of his caliber in my
kingdom. What would you like done with him?"

"I don't know yet. First I want to talk to him."

"Very good. First thing in the morning, I'll have in brought to you. Will
that be sufficient?" Andrea nodded. "Good. In that case, you will come with
me to dinner. It will be served shortly. Are you prepared?"

Andrea nodded again. "I'm ready."

"In that case my wife," he stood and bowed lightly with a smile. "Dinner
awaits." He gestured to the door and Andrea exited the room.

* * *

The dining room was quite big. Andrea guessed it sat about 10 or 20 people
around the table at one time. The carpets were lush and the walls were
papered. Bay windows provided light that was supplemented by the occasional
torch or set of candles. The décor was colored brightly and old statues
stood at evenly spaced intervals between the windows.

At the moment, the room was empty and the Duke walked over to the head of
the table and sat in a small throne. He sat back in his chair and put his
arms down on the rests. "Andrea," he looked over to her. "If you wouldn't
mind I would appreciate a littler pre-dinner entertainment."

Andrea looked at him, not sure what he meant, "In other words..."

"In other words I'd like it very much if you were to go under the table.
I'm sure you can figure out what to do from there." Andrea hesitated. "We
did have an agreement, did we not?"

Andrea nodded and forced a smile. "No problem." Andrea went down to her
knees and crawled in under the tabletop. It was a wide table so she figured
it was unlikely anyone would see her if they were to come in. But if they
were to stay and enjoy a multi-course meal, things could get complicated
for her way back up to her seat.

The Duke moved his chair further in towards the table and Andrea made her
way over to him. Carefully, she unbuttoned his pants. Her heart was beating
faster as she reached a hand inside. On some level she was concerned that
she could be caught, but on another, the idea was exciting her.

She felt the Duke's soft cock and pulled it out of his trousers. Andrea
looked at his soft member and realized he would be a pretty decent size
when he was hard. Her hand grasped around the base of his dick and she gave
it a couple quick pumps to get things going. Then, she leaned forward with
tongue out, ready to make contact and suddenly she heard footsteps. Judging
by the amount of them, the rest of the dinner party was entering the room.

She looked around and saw about 20 pairs of legs walk in and casually make
their way to their seats. It looked as if the crowd was primarily female.
Perhaps it was the Duke's harem. Or at least part of it. She did her best
to stay out of people's way as they sat down near her. Two women sat down
on either side of the duke. The one to her left had very attractive legs.
She was wearing high heels and a short skirt that only went down to her
thighs. From her vantage point, Andrea could easily see the woman's white
panties between her legs.

Andrea was starting to get turned on when a gentle hand in her hair
reminded her of her objective. She reached out her tongue towards the
Duke's cock and licked once from the base of his penis up towards the tip.
He was still soft so keeping her hands on his outer thighs, she took his
cock into her mouth all the way to its base. As his meat filled her mouth
she tasted the familiar flavor.

Now, trying to get him hard, she sucked her lips around him tightly and
pulled backwards, stretching the loose skin taught. His member twitched in
her mouth and touched the roof of her mouth. Andrea smiled through his
cock. Despite it not being her first choice to be under the table at that
particular moment, she did enjoy the act of it. She put him all the way
inside her again and slowly pulled out once more. This time, she let him
fall out of her mouth and thus smearing her chin with a drop of pre-cum.
She could already see him getting stiffer and licked at the tip of his
cock. He twitched again.

Once more, she took his dick inside her mouth to its base. He was growing
hard quickly now so she waited with her lips pressed into his pubic area as
his member expanded into her mouth and down her throat. She did her best
not to gag as the tip tickled her gag reflex before proceeding further into
her throat.

Again, she pulled back, with her lips tightly surrounding him. Carefully
she rubbed her teeth against his shaft as she went until just the head of
his cock was inside her mouth. Then, she pressed forward, sending him down
her throat another time. She continued the back and forth motion for some
time until her lips were as glossy with saliva as his cock.

She pulled out and rubbed her lips and tongue along the length of his shaft
before finding his balls. She didn't waste any time sucking the left one
into her mouth and flicking it with her tongue. While she did so, his
member hung down along her cheek, wetting it with saliva and pre-cum. She
repeated the process with his right ball and she got wetter still. The
salty taste of his sweat was turning her on.

Andrea figured she had teased him enough and licked her way back to the
head. She flicked it repeatedly with her tongue and then shoved his dick
deep into her mouth. She felt it begin to twitch and moved back and forth
quickly. The twitching intensified and she pulled back until just the head
was in her mouth and sucked on it hard. One of the Duke's hands went to her
hair and slowly moved down passed her cheek and gently to her throat,
willing her not to swallow as the first burst of semen ejected from his
dick onto the roof of her mouth. Another blast quickly followed. And
another. Unable to swallow and unwilling to spit, her mouth was soon full
of his semen.

His hand on her throat disappeared back up to the table but she didn't want
to risk taking any action. She swished the cum around in her mouth while
she waited for some sign. His hand quickly reappeared with a piece of paper
in its palm. Andrea took it and read it. ‘Go around the table. If everyone
orgasms by dinner's end you will be rewarded. If not...' Andrea flipped it
over to see if there was another message on the backside and indeed there
was. ‘Keep my seed in your mouth as you service the next one.'

Andrea looked at the note in confusion. He couldn't possibly expect her to
service everyone at the table. She tilted her head to listen to the dinner
conversation but all she heard was idle chatter. Shrugging, she decided it
would at least be a fun challenge. With the cum still swishing in her
mouth, she moved to the woman to her left.

The woman had her legs spread casually and her tight silk panties revealed
the line of her pussy. Andrea put her hands on the woman's knees and was
surprised to see she didn't even jump. She was obviously expecting her.
That would make it easier at least.

She grabbed the woman's panties at the waist and pulled them downwards and
off her ankles. The woman quickly spread her legs again and put a heeled
leg around her so her foot rested on Andrea's back. Then as an obvious
signal she applied light force to draw Andrea closer to her sex. Andrea
obliged, moving her lips right up to the woman's pussy. The woman put a
hand in Andrea's hair and pulled her tightly into her crotch.

Andrea was more than a little apprehensive to open her mouth, knowing its
contents but couldn't think of any other way to do what she needed. Her
nose was pressed into the woman's clit and her mouth was at the hole into
her vagina, between her soft nether lips. She inhaled the other woman's
scent deeply and opened her mouth to lick from the bottom up to her clit.
Cum rushed out of her mouth, quickly covering the other woman's sex in the
stringy substance.

Her mouth now empty, Andrea moved back a few inches to take a look. The
white goo covered most of her sex and dripped down in small lines around
the curves of her pussy. Andrea's chin and lips were just as drenched.

She saw a hand reach under the table and move to the top of her head. But
strangely, instead of pushing her forward towards the woman's sex like she
had expected, she found the woman's hand was making its way down her face.
The exploring hand made it to her right shoulder and then down her arm.
Andrea lifted her arm so the woman could follow her path and she soon found
that they were holding hands.

The woman above the table – a blonde judging from her small amount of pubic
hair – proceeded to guide Andrea hand towards her sloppy pussy. Andrea
looked at it greedily, wanting to dive in, but the blonde had other plans.
She pressed Andrea's hand up against her sex, getting it wet with the
duke's cum and guided two of Andrea's fingers inside her pussy.

Andrea moved her head closer, all her senses at full awareness as her
pointer and middle finger delved in-between the woman's labia. She could
feel the velvety softness of the blonde's inner walls and she found the tip
of a third finger was soon guided inside. Andrea misunderstood and slid her
three fingers in as deeply as they could go. She moved them in and out a
couple of times before the woman stopped her once more. This time, she
tucked Andrea's thumb into her palm and clenched her pinky in with the
rest. Andrea suddenly had a pretty good idea where it was all headed.

The blonde grabbed Andrea by the wrist and slowly pushed her hand into her
pussy. Andrea watched in awe as the first knuckles began to disappear
inside. After a short time, Andrea felt the blonde's vaginal walls wrapped
tightly around her pinky and thumb as well as her other three fingers. From
there, the blonde withdrew her hand and Andrea continued to push inwards
until every finger was buried inside. She fanned them out in some amazement
at the wet smooth feeling inside.

Suddenly, she realized she was getting distracted and went back to shoving.
She made it nearly to her wrist before she felt the tips of her fingers
touch the blonde's cervix. Not easily discouraged however, Andrea gently
curled her digits inwards into a fist and began pushing once more until her
hand was completely enveloped and her knuckles touched cervix once more.
The woman's pussy had closed tightly around Andrea's wrist and she looked
in amazement at where her hand was in that instant.

She began moving in an out, only about an inch for anymore and she'd either
remove part of her hand or hit the cervix too hard. She watched the woman's
abdomen and could faintly see the outline of her hand as it moved back and
forth. She could tell how aroused the blonde was by the swelling of her
clit and labia. It wouldn't take long for her to cum.

Sure enough, after a few minutes of pumping back and forth, the blonde's
pussy clenched impossibly tightly around her hand and pulsed. Andrea
lowered her tongue and flicked the blonde's clit lightly as she came.

Andrea marveled at how much she could feel. The tightness, the rush of
wetness, the velvety texture and the constant pulsing. If it was what men
experienced, then she wasn't at all surprised that they were so addicted to

Finally, the other woman's orgasm subsided and Andrea carefully withdrew
her hand. The hole from whence it had came closed most of the way but
remained open slightly, dripping a small amount of whitish liquid that
trailed down to the blonde's ass. Andrea gave her clit one final kiss and
moved to the next person.

It was obvious the next man was male and he looked more than a little
aroused, judging from the bulge in his pants. Her right hand was soaked in
bodily fluids but her left was still dry so she used that to quickly
relieve the man from his pants. His boxer shorts soon followed and she
found herself staring at an extremely large cock. Looking to her messy
right hand, Andrea smiled.

She wrapped her right hand tightly around his shaft and pulled down slowly.
The motion pulled back his foreskin and at the same time slicked his shaft
in the blonde's cum. Still grasping him tightly, she moved her lips to the
head of his member and put her mouth around it. The salty taste of pre-cum
was familiar and after a quick tease she backed off and used her hand to
stimulate him.

There was more than enough lubrication to facilitate the hand-job and the
man seemed to enjoy it quite a bit. Occasionally throughout it, Andrea bent
over and licked or sucked the head of his cock briefly to continue the

After what seemed to be at least ten minutes, Andrea was getting bored and
anxious to move on to the next person. She moved her mouth to his cock and
this time, removed her sticky right hand. With an apparent ease she lowered
her head, deep throating him in one stroke. He came immediately and flooded
her throat with semen. She wasn't expecting it so quickly and she jumped,
nearly hitting her head on the underside of the table.

The man finally finished filling her stomach with cum and Andrea got off
him. She moved to the next person.

* * *

On and on, the orgasms went. She was nearly three quarters around the
mostly female table when the duke stood. Her tongue was buried deep inside
a larger woman's pussy when she heard a series of chairs pull away from the
table. The woman she was servicing did the same. She looked around to see
everyone rising from their seats and making their exit. Andrea cursed to
herself. She hadn't been fast enough. Not by a long shot.

"You may come out now, Andrea."

Andrea wiped her sticky chin with the back of her hand and crawled out from
under the table. As she rose into the light, her lips still glistened

Andrea noticed that there was another woman in the room with the Duke, but
other then them and a loan guard the room was empty. "It would seem you
were unsuccessful. Still, three quarters isn't too bad."

"How'd you know how far I made it?"

"It was quite a simple deduction if one were to look at the faces of the
people you were servicing."

"So you could track my progress all along." Andrea paused for a minute and
the Duke only smiled. "You had no intentions of letting me get to the end
did you."

"Perhaps you're right." He continued to smile. "Perhaps you're wrong.
Either way this will make things considerably more entertaining." He
gestured to the guard. "Both of you go with him. I've told him what to do
in the case that you didn't finish in time."

With that, the Duke left the room and the guard led the two women to a
different door. "This way ladies," he gestured out.

"Nice dress," the strange woman said to Andrea.

"Thanks. You too." Andrea couldn't help but stare briefly as she noticed
the other woman's garment. She wore a sheered white one piece that didn't
leave too much to the imagination. Not only that but the material was so
thin it was partially transparent. The woman was obviously not wearing any
underwear, judging by the dark brown that showed through from her nipples
and pubic hair. Not to mention the obvious nipple rings: one on each
breast. The woman had a tall, slender frame with average sized upturned
breasts and a tight stomach. Andrea recognized the woman as the first
person she had serviced after the duke. Obviously she hadn't retrieved her
panties after taking Andrea's hand into her pussy.

"Thanks. My name's Lisa, by the way. Liese for short."


Liese nodded. "You give good head, Andrea."

Andrea hadn't been expecting that one. "Uh... thanks."

"No, thank-you. Maybe I can return the favor later."

"Yeah... Maybe."

Liese decided to drop the subject for the moment. She turned to the guard,
"where are we going?"

"Not far," came the reply.

Indeed, it turned out to be true. They turned a few corners and entered
into a smaller room. The guard let them enter first and then followed
behind. "I suggest you two strip down to the waist or things are going to
get inconvenient."

Liese immediately complied and Andrea decided it was probably in her best
interest to follow. The act gave Andrea a good view of Liese's nipple rings
and she found herself staring. He pointed to her left breast. "Take off the
left one." She did as she was told, easy unclasping the ring and removing
it. She handed it to him and he went over to Andrea. He looped it around
her nipple ring and pulled her gently by it over to Liese.

"What are you doing?" Andrea said with confusion.

"You'll see."

The next thing Andrea knew her right breast was hooked into Liese's left
one and the guard clamped them shut. They would need wire cutters or
something along those lines to remove them.

The first thing Andrea noticed was a slight tug at her nipple. Apparently
being joined in such a manner would take some getting used to. "How long
are we supposed to stay like this?"

The guard shrugged. "Hell if I know. That's up to the Duke."

Andrea sighed. This was not how she imagined she'd be spending her night.

* * *

Andrea was lying in bed a few hours later on her back, with Liese resting
face down on top of her. It had certainly been an awkward time. Walking was
difficult as they originally thought one had to walk backwards. They later
discovered that if they both faced inwards slightly they could be mostly
forward and only have a slight sideways tug on their chest. They both
learned very quickly the danger of sudden movements.

Going to the bathroom had also been a challenge as one had to straddle the

They had both been in bed for about 30 minutes and Andrea was thinking
about what to do tomorrow when she met with Sean. How would she handle it,
what did she even want. Really she just wanted to hear him say he was wrong
and was sorry but somehow she doubted that's what she was going to get. Her
thoughts drifted to Aria and she wondered how her new friend was doing. At
least if she could call her a friend.

Her train of thought was interrupted to the sound of the door opening
quietly. She looked over to see a silhouette cross the back wall and head
to her large bed. As it got closer she could make out more of his features.
A well fit robe around a large body, tight lips, and piercing glare gave
him away as the Duke. She opened her mouth to say something but he put a
finger to her lips and Andrea remained quiet.

Liese was still fast asleep when the Duke reached the bed. Liese and Andrea
both wore only a pair of panties. If one were to look at their design, it
was quite obvious that the Duke supplied them. They did up with strings on
the hips and nearly took the shape of a thong. They were however, quite

The Duke, knowing exactly what he had in mind reached down to Andrea's
underwear and pulled on the strings. Carefully he removed them from
underneath Liese. He then followed up by doing the same to Liese's set and
again, carefully set them aside. The Duke opened a dresser drawer and
pulled out a bottle of some kind that looked as if it contained oils. He
then cast off his robe and put a small amount of the liquid in his hand. He
rubbed it across his cock a couple of times and went to the end of the bed.
Andrea had a pretty good idea what he was intending.

He surprised Andrea, by gently grabbing her hands and moving them to
Liese's ass. He gestured carefully for her to pull the woman's cheeks apart
and Andrea did as instructed. The act exposed Liese's puckered anus to the
cool night air and the Duke carefully guided his member to the exposed
hole. Then, in one swift motion he shoved inside. "Ahhh," Liese opened her
eyes and jumped in surprise. Her left breast pulled on the nipple rings and
Andrea found herself moaning with her. Liese quickly realized her error and
let her weight fall back down on Andrea.

At that point the Duke had pulled back out and was heading in for another
pump. Liese was a little more prepared this time and only let out a light
moan in combination with a lustful jerk of the hips. Now that she knew what
was going on, she seemed to be enjoying it just fine. Liese moved her left
arm around Andrea and grasped her back. Her right hand however, went
in-between the two women and found it's way to Andrea's naked chest.

She squeezed with reflex the next time the Duke entered her and Andrea let
out a quiet moan with her counterpart. Liese smiled down but otherwise
mostly ignored her as the Duke continued moving in and out of her ass.
Andrea watched up in interest at Liese's facial expressions as the act
continued. It was almost as if she could tell what was happening by looking
at her face alone.

When she tensed her jaw and shut her eyes, the Duke went in a little harder
than expected. When her eyes rolled up he went in smoothly and pleasantly.
Sometimes one would lead into the other, or vice versa but most of the
time, Liese's gaze was fixed on Andrea and Andrea knew she wasn't thinking
about the Duke. The Duke however, was most certainly thinking about them,
and used the same oil he early rubbed on his member to cover the two women.

She continued to watch, Liese's facial expressions getting more and more
turned on by them. Not to mention the occasional squeeze of her left
breast. She knew she was starting to get wet and so was Liese. She could
feel the wetness of Liese's crotch on her pussy as it rubbed now and again
when the position dictated. Andrea continued to feel a tug on her nipple,
often pulling her breast up into a cone. Each thrust the Duke made carried
more than enough force to stimulate her right nipple and with each thrust,
Liese squeezed her left one.

Andrea was getting extremely horny.

After another five or ten minutes of constant teasing on her breasts, she
had had enough. She removed her hands from Liese's ass and moved them to
her head, pulling her in closely for a strong passionate kiss. Liese
twitched a final time at the action and Andrea knew the Duke had cum. Liese
didn't let up on the kiss however and by the time Andrea opened her eyes
next, the Duke was long gone.

Liese was squirming on top of her in an attempt to get their pussies to
make proper contact but the action was futile. Even if they hadn't been
covered in slippery oil, with having to keep their breasts together it was
next to impossible to get the action right and thus both women writhed with
legs and arms constantly sliding along each other in an attempt at the
right kind of friction.

After about half an hour of making out without any kind of proper
stimulation, Andrea came to a conclusion: "This isn't working."

"Oh, God, tell me about it. I've never been so horny in all my life."

"So what are we going to do about it."

Liese smiled. "I was hoping you would ask that. Come with me." The two
women carefully stood up together and Andrea reached for her underwear.
"Don't you dare."


Liese ignored Andrea's attempt at protest. "The place will be empty. No
one's awake anymore." Liese started walking and Andrea followed along side.
Liese placed a hand on Andrea's ass, which actually turned out to be quite
helpful in their predicament, because with gentle tugs or squeezes, Liese
could tell Andrea where she wanted to go without an excessive stretch of
her nipple.

They walked through hallways for a few minutes and just as Liese had said,
they didn't see anyone. She opened a door, and the two women entered. In
the middle of the room was an oddly shaped bench of some sort with a
contraption on top of it but the whole thing was covered in a sheet and
thus Andrea couldn't identify it. The light was pale but easy enough to see
as Liese walked over to it and whipped the sheet off.

It was obviously some kind of sex toy. It somewhat resembled a saddle and
had two dildo's sticking up from the middle. One lone, one shorter. "What
is it?"

"I have no idea," Liese said. But it feels really damn good. I've never
tried it with two people though.

"But it has two dildo's."

"Think harder."

Andrea quickly realized that the smaller one was intended for the rider's
ass and the big one for her pussy. "Oh."

"Now you got it." She looked down at them. "So pick, big or small."

"Uh, you can have big. I'll make do."

"Thanks," Liese gave her a kiss and without hesitation the two horny
individuals mounted the saddle like toy. Andrea felt the dildo go in easily
and it felt amazing. Her clit rubbed against Liese's and their pubic hairs
meshed into a single dirty blonde color. Andrea reached a hand around to
Liese's ass and another to her shoulder blades to pull her as close as
possible. "How does it feel?"

"Great," Andrea said with a breathy sigh. "Really great."

The two quickly set up a rhythm to rise and fall at the same time. Their
bodies reflected the pale light as they slid off each other and down around
the dildo. With each raise of the hips, their legs went taught and stomach
clenched before letting their bodies absorb the fake cock once again. In a
few minutes, Andrea was moaning into Liese's shoulder as she came. Her
entire body tensed and she bit down on the flesh in front of her, easily
leaving a mark and getting a surprised yelp from Liese.

Liese however, not quite ready to cum herself, ground her hips around in a
circle, no longer capable of moving up and down thanks to Andrea's sudden
lack of participation. The movements caused their clits to rub together
even more furiously and Andrea's orgasm continued as Liese found one of her
own. She let out a low guttural moan and tightened her grip on Andrea's

They rested for a few minutes and Liese spoke up. "Again?"

"Oh, God yes."

The two women started to grind together once more, now kissing as if that
was the entire lovemaking process itself. Their tongues explored every area
they were able and they soon found themselves at another orgasm.

Too tired to continue, they rested their weight on the saddle beneath them
and put their head on each other's shoulders in an attempt to catch their
breath, not to mention some energy. The energy never came.

* * *

It was morning and Andrea had a hell of a kink in her neck. Somehow the two
had managed to balance together and sleep sitting up with the dildo's still
inside them. With a bit of a start she realized what had awoken her. Liese
was coming. She was tightly grasping Andrea's back and shaking. The
movements finally began to subside. "Was that good for you?"

"Damn, you're amazing even when you're asleep."

Andrea smiled. "Thanks, I guess." She paused and arched her back but was
quickly reminded how the two were joined. "Ah. Sorry."

"Mmm, that's okay. After what I just had, it felt good."

"Can we get up now? I'm really stiff."

"Yeah, sure." The two women carefully stood. The oil was now more on the
sticky side of things than on the slick side and it made it a little easier
to walk together. They excited out of the room and back to her quarters.

Upon arriving the Duke was there, sitting comfortably in a chair. "You two
had a good night I presume?"

"Amazing," Liese answered. "Although my ass is still a little raw."

"Hah," the Duke laughed. "You know just the things to say to turn me on."
He reached to the table and picked up a pair of wire cutters. "I have a
present for you two." The Duke walked over to them and lifted the cutters
up to their joined rings. "I would hold still if I were you."

The two did as instructed and soon, Andrea found herself without a ring for
the first time in a couple weeks. It felt strange but she was glad to be
rid of it. Hopefully he wouldn't insist on putting in another. "My chief
wife won't have any piercings. You got that?"

Andrea nodded, happy enough to consent. "I'm going to go have a shower if
you don't mind."

"Be my guest," the Duke gestured to the bathroom door and Andrea went in.

Ten minutes later she was clean and relaxed. She wrapped a towel around her
waist and looked at herself in the mirror. She grasped her right breast and
looked curiously at the small hole the ring had left. She looked back up to
make eye contact with herself and leaned on the counter. Her breasts hung
down slightly over the sink. "What the hell are you doing?" There was no
answer of course. Only a copy of herself staring back at her. She realized
then she had no idea what she was doing. Her indecision in relation to Sean
wasn't as isolated a problem as she thought.

"Since when did you start fucking anybody with two legs?" Andrea knew there
was no answer but could have sworn she heard one. "Ah, yes. Salt Lake City.
Great way to cope, Andrea. Why couldn't you just cry for a day and move on.

"Ah yes, the Invid hive, the flower, trump towers, jail, the pilot, the
group of guards, not to mention the yellows... And now you're in a harem and
taking it just fine. No plots to escape, no plots for revenge, just easy,
mind clouding sex.

"You really piss me off sometimes you know that? When did you lose your
will to fight these people?" Andrea found no answers. Only her own face,
staring back at her. "You have to change. You have to grow up and stop
taking this shit from everybody. And you better do it quick if you don't
want to spend the rest of your life here." She looked at herself for
another moment. "So what's it going to be?" She looked down and repeated to
herself quietly. "What's it going to be?"

A few minutes later, Andrea stepped outside of the bathroom to see that
Liese had left and the Duke was still sitting comfortably on the chair
beside the bed. She still had the towel around her waist and went to the
closet to get dressed. She spoke as she did so; "I'm ready to meet with
Sean now."

"What, right now?" The Duke said with a bit of surprise.

Andrea pulled a white tank top over her. "Yeah. Right now. You said I could
talk with him first thing in the morning." She turned her back to the Duke
and untied the towel to slip on a pair of black leather pants.

"You shouldn't speak in so orderly a tone of voice."

"And you shouldn't make promises you're not willing to keep."

The Duke met her eyes for a moment and then looked away and headed for the
door. "Wait here. It should only be a couple minutes." He left and Andrea
sat in the chair he had previously occupied.

The Duke was right; it wasn't long until there was a rap at her door.

The door opened and Sean stood on the other side of it. He came in, closed
the door behind him and looked to the chair Andrea was sitting in, not
having seen her initially. "Andrea? What are you doing here?"

"Funny, I came all this way to ask you the same question."

Sean looked away and Andrea new immediately he felt guilty about what he'd
done. He didn't let it show however as he retorted back sarcastically, "I
think you know."

"That you're a coward? I guess I was hoping to hear that out of your own

"I'm... I'm not a coward Andrea. I'm a leader, and I can't lead when I'm
dead. If I stayed, the Invid would have slaughtered me along with everyone

Andrea stood up. "I'm not dead Sean. Neither is the woman I have with me."

His eyes lit up for a second. "Keri? Did she make it?"

Andrea shook her head. "Not Keri. Aria. From the Yellows."

"You brought Aria here? To York? What were you thinking? She's one of the
most dangerous killers I've heard about. It makes me uneasy just to be in
the same city as her."

"It should. She's looking for you too."

"Shit." He looked around a little nervously and went to the window. "So
why'd you call me here? What are you hoping to get out of this?"

"I guess I was hoping you'd show some remorse."

"Some remorse? All my friends are dead, Andrea. What more do you want from

"To actually give a damn about it, Sean. I want you to actually give a
damn." Andrea walked up behind him and he turned to look at her but quickly
looked away. "Look at me Sean. Don't turn your back to me."

He turned reluctantly. "Look... I respect you, Andrea. I do. So you just say
what you need to say, do what you need to do and I'll get out of here."

That was the question wasn't it? What do you do with a coward other than
pity him? "You're banished from York." That wasn't enough Andrea thought to
herself. "And every other city I have any sway in. Go find a nice rock to
live under." It still wasn't enough but she couldn't think of anything else
to do.

"Fine." He turned to the door and started walking. "Nice to see you again,
Andrea." Sean opened the door and left, leaving it open behind him. Andrea
sighed and sat back down on the chair. She immediately noticed that she
didn't feel any better. Not even slightly.

"Figures," she said to herself. She sighed again and looked over towards
the window. "So what to do about the Duke?"

* * *

Andrea was out walking the city streets. It had been easy to sweet talk the
guards into letting her go and she quickly found herself alone in the city.
The weather was warm, and she walked for a couple of hours until she heard
a raspy, "Andrea," coming from the alley.

She turned and looked to see a female figure in the shadows. "Aria?"

"Fuck, way to be covert. Get in here before anyone sees you." Andrea
complied, and walked into the alley casually. "I was worried shitless about
you. Where did you go?"

"The Duke brought me in. Wait... Worried shitless?"

"A figure of speech." Aria put a hand on Andrea's shoulder and guided her
further into the alley. "So you escaped, or what? From what I've heard this
Duke is a real bad ass."

"More, the or what. He thinks I'm his chief wife or something now."

"What, the horny bastard has more than one? Hah, what dictator doesn't
nowadays." She looked Andrea in the eyes. "But seriously, you're okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine. Found Sean this morning too."

"Oh, hell yeah. Where is he now?"

"I kicked him out of the city."

Aria looked at her, stunned for a moment. "You kicked him out of the city?
Why didn't you kill him?"

"Of course I didn't kill him. We don't all get our jollies like you do,

"Fuck. All right, so what now? Do we go after him again? It's going to be
tough to get out of this town the same way we got in. There's nothing to
climb on the inner perimeter of the wall."

"Yeah I figured as much. So you said you've heard the Duke is a bad ass?"

"Yeah, I figured you'd know that first hand by now."

"Actually he hasn't been that bad to me."

"Well he's been pretty bad to the rest of the town. Slave labor, forced
drafts for anyone over 14, his town guard apparently has limitless
authority... Not good combinations."

"Shit. I mean, I've definitely seen it in him. But like I said he's been
good to me so I figured it might just be a reputation, you know?"

"It's no reputation. This guy is the real deal."

Andrea frowned and put her hands on her hips.

"So what do we do?" Aria asked.

Andrea thought about it for a while. She turned to face the entrance to the
alley and the busy goings on in the street. "We take him out."

"No good. Some other ass hole will just replace him."

"Leave that end to me. Just make a scene outside the palace gates at 4
o'clock okay?"

"Scene's I can do."

Andrea walked away and at the end of the alley looked back. "And Aria...
Don't be late."

Aria lifted up a middle finger and Andrea left, smiling to herself. It was
easy when things were black and white like with the Duke. She'd take a
million of them before having to deal with a Sean.

* * *

Andrea spent most of the afternoon hauled up in her quarters attempting to
avoid anyone she could. It seemed like days, but the clock eventually hit
3:30 and she decided she had better prepare for Aria's arrival. She put on
her best angry face and went down two flights of stairs to the palace
basement. It wasn't long until she found the armory and the man guarding
it. She walked directly up to him. "You. You're guarding the weapons

"I am. You really shouldn't be down here though ma'am."

"I was told I could go anywhere I wanted to in this place. Is the Duke
backing down from his word?"

"What? The Duke? No, of course not." A drop of sweat appeared on his brow.
"But if you want in to the locker, I can't let you in without expressed
permission, you understand..."

"You want to know what I understand? I understand that I was out walking
around the town today and nearly got mugged. Twice! How the hell am I
supposed to survive a walk in the open air without some kind of

"Well, uh... you could bring a guard with you. The Duke recommends..."

"I don't care what he recommends, I'm not bringing some idiot lackey with
me every time I go out for a walk. I want another option."

"Well, like I said, I'm not allowed to give you a firearm without proper

Andrea leaned on the counter and softened her expression. "Okay, let me
suggest something else then..."

"Uh, sure. What?"

"Give me a gun. I don't know, some pistol that you guys don't use. And
don't give me any ammo with it."

"Well, I... I mean, wouldn't you just be able to go trade something for some
bullets out on the street?"

"Wouldn't I be able to trade something for a loaded gun out on the street?
I'm not looking to cause any trouble here, just bluff myself out of any
problems I get into."

"Well..." He thought about it for a minute and she looked up at him with her
best pleading eyes. "Alright. Any preferences?"

"Just something that's maybe come in, in the last few days so that it still
looks new."

"Sure. Just wait here a minute."

Andrea relaxed, leaning up against the desk until he returned a few minutes
later. She immediately recognized the gun she was holding. It was her colt

"This one was brought in by an outsider so there shouldn't be any bullets
around anyway. It's not the one we use."

"Perfect." He meticulously emptied the clip and then emptied the chamber.
He handed it over to her handle first. "Thanks."

"No problem. Just uh... Don't tell anyone I did this for you."

"You got it. Have a good one." Andrea walked away and as soon as she
rounded a corner she slipped the weapon into the rear waistband of her
pants. She concealed it best she was able in the tight clothes she was
wearing and went back upstairs to find the Duke.

He was easily found and by the time she got there it was nearly 4 o'clock.
He was in his throne room, apparently doing nothing at all but basking in
the false admiration of others. He looked up as Andrea came in. "Andrea.
What brings you here?"

"I just wanted to apologize for this morning. I was out of line."

"Ah. Don't let it happen again and we'll call it even."

"Of course, I..."

A voice through the window interrupted. "Yo, Duke! Get your fat ass out

"What the..." The Duke stood up and walked to the window. Andrea walked with

"Yeah, you heard me you bastard. Get your sorry fucked up holier than thou
ass out here. I want to have some words with you." There was a loud
rattling and Andrea reached the window with the Duke.

Aria was outside shaking the chain-link fence. There were a few guards near
her that were watching her closely but they weren't acting yet. The Duke
turned to his man in the room. "I'm going down. Don't let anyone do
anything ‘till I get there."

"Yes sire."

Andrea spoke up. "Can I come with? I know her."

"You know her?" the Duke repeated with mild confusion. "Fine, come along.
Just stay out of the way."

Andrea and the Duke walked out the central doors of the palace to see Aria
still standing by the fence about 30 feet away. "Oh there he is! The big
man has finally come down to street level of the rest of us." There was a
fairly good-sized crowd gathering around Aria to see what was happening.
Andrea noticed however that everyone was keeping his or her distance, just
in case.

"What do you want?" The Duke said moving closer to her. Andrea had to
respect him to some degree. He carried with him a high degree of authority.

Before he got any further, Andrea quickly withdrew her gun and yelled out,
"Stop." She had positioned herself along the front wall of the building so
she couldn't be ambushed or taken out by a sniper. Still, pulling even an
unloaded gun on someone of his importance was a risky thing to do. Guards
were instantly around her with weapons aimed, but she could see in her eyes
they wouldn't fire if they didn't have to. She suspected they didn't like
the Duke any more than she did.

The Duke turned to face her. "Would you care to explain yourself, Andrea?"

"I'm relieving you of your position. This town needs someone who isn't so

The Duke laughed. "Don't waste your time. Guards, if she hasn't lowered her
weapon in five seconds, shoot her." Andrea stared back at him. She was
hoping she could scare him into leaving. That obviously wasn't an option.
His voice echoed off the building behind her, "one." Andrea hesitated, not
wanting to get shot over a gun with no bullets. "Two," his voice called out
again and she lowered her weapon. "Hah, you know how many attempts on my
life there's been, Andrea? A dozen. I'm not even going to count this one."
The guards pointing their guns at her lowered their weapons as well.

Suddenly, three loud bangs rang out from Aria's position and the Duke stood
for only a moment before falling to the ground. "When I make an attempt you
better believe it'll succeed, bitch." She holstered her weapon. "I can't
believe everyone just forgot about me like that."

Andrea stared back in relative shock, as did most of the Duke's men. A few
loyalists rushed Aria but Andrea pointed her weapon at them. "Stop."

They turned and looked to their comrades. "What are you doing? Take her

The other guards didn't move. They seemed relieved, if anything, that the
Duke was gone. Andrea hadn't intended it to happen in the way that it did,
but she would have to discuss that with Aria another time. The guards going
after Aria saw that they weren't going to get any support and stopped their
advance. Meanwhile, Andrea tried to figure out what to do.

There was silence in the courtyard and down the street. Andrea walked
forward into the open slowly. She put her weapon in the waistband of her
pants and tried to be authoritative. "Alright, everybody. As the Duke's
number one wife, you all are looking at the new Duchess of York." She took
a breath, unsure of what to say next but tried her best not to show her
indecision. She pointed to Aria. "Let her inside. She'll come up with me."

The guards seemed about as hesitant as Andrea but eventually did as she
ordered. Aria spat on the ground as she entered the compound and walked up
to Andrea, who led her inside. The two women walked in silence until Andrea
reached her quarters and went inside. After closing the door behind them,
she immediately lent up against the wall as if in exhaustion. Aria turned
to her immediately. "I can't fucking believe that. What the fuck did you
just do?"

Andrea brought her hand up to her face and rubbed her eyes. "I declared
myself the new dictator of a city."

Aria seemed to be, if anything, proud of Andrea. "That's fuckin' right you
did. Wow. I sure as hell didn't see that one coming." There was silence for
a minute and Aria realized Andrea hadn't seen it coming either. "Uh... You do
have a plan for all this right?"

"Quiet, I'm working on one."

"Oh shit, are we ever fucked."

"We're not fucked."

"Oh, we're fucked. As soon as everyone realized that their glorious new
leader has no plans for a glorious new age, they're going to come into this
room, kill us both, and start their own little civil war."

"I can't deal with this right now. I have to... I don't know what I have to
do, that's the problem. I have to figure it out."

"Fine, I can deal with that. We leave these fuckers to themselves and let
them all kill each other."

"No, these people have gone through enough already..." Andrea stood up
straight and looked to Aria for the first time.

"Oh, no," Aria said, sending Andrea's thoughts.

"You can stay, just for a couple weeks..."

"Oh no. You can't make me."

"It won't be long. You'll just have to get rid of all the ass holes and
bring in some... non assholes."

"We're in the United States of fucking American, Andrea. There are no
‘non-assholes.'" Andrea looked at Aria with pleading eyes. "Oh no. No way
is that going to work on me, bitch."

Andrea dropped the act. "Fine. How about this? You spend two weeks here,
straightening this place out and I'll owe you one."

"Hah, that's an understatement. You'll owe me a big fucking one."

"Fine. Deal?"

Aria looked skeptical. "Two weeks. Not an hour more."

"Deal. You can meet up with me at Chetumal in three weeks."

"What the fuck is a chetumal?

"It's a city. South East Mexico."

"Well why didn't you fuckin' say so?"

Andrea smiled. "I'm going to take my bike, so just bring your jeep or

"I like how you now call it ‘my' jeep so you don't need to deal with the
fact that I stole it."

"Whatever. Just meet me there in three weeks."

"Chetumal. You got it." Andrea made for the door but Aria stopped her.


"Who's gonna take over when I leave?"

"Oh, shit. Uh..."

Aria smiled. "I know someone."


"Call that idiot brother of yours. I bet he'd run this place straight into
the ground. Great for a laugh."

"That sounds like a challenge." Andrea nodded. "Alright, I'll send a
message for him to get here right away. Good luck."

"You too."

Andrea left the room.

End, part 12.

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