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Robotech: Invid Invasion Part 16 - Withdrawal
(FF,MF,MFF,F+f,M+F,F-mast,food,oral,anal,voy,rom,cream pie,orgy,catfight,ws,
by Invid Writer

"Andrea stood on the stage in Oaxaca and took a deep breath. There were a lot
more people gathered around then she had expected to see. It wasn't a large
town, but when three quarters of the population came out to gather in one
spot it certainly looked bigger. That, in combination with the fact that
Andrea could barely stand thanks to a few broken ribs that had yet to heal
(among other things), was making it difficult to concentrate on the matter at

To make things worse, there was no mic to speak through so she had to yell
everything. "Hello," she waited for everyone to silence themselves before
speaking again. They were actually quite respectful and were quiet within a
few seconds. "As most of you know, my name is Andrea Robertson and I helped
to get the Coalition to withdraw from town a few months ago."

There was a cheer and Andrea frowned. She didn't want to be a hero right
now, she just wanted them to listen to her. Eventually they were quiet again.
"I've recently come across a large stash of weapons and vehicles, some of
which I have brought here as gifts, so that Oaxaca can better defend itself
in the future if need be." They started to clap again but Andrea held up a
hand, not wanting to be interrupted while she had a good thought process

"I do have a request that I would like to ask all of you, which your mayor
has agreed to put to a vote. Although the equipment is an unconditional gift,
I would appreciate it that should a time arise when a greater military force
is necessary to safeguard the lives of people, not just in this town, but
elsewhere, that I be allowed to take command of the vehicles and military
volunteers until the crisis is over.

"In short, I'm just asking that you trust me if something comes up and to
know that whatever I ask, I'm asking for humanity and not myself. There's
big things happening on the horizon. Some of them great and some of them
dangerous. In the case of the later, we need to be prepared to do the right
thing. Thanks for your time."

This time the crowd was mostly quiet. They talked amongst themselves and
shifted out of the square to voting tents set up around the edge of the park.
Andrea stepped off stage to see Aria and Ed standing there. "Damn do I suck
at public speaking."

Ed smiled, "ah thought it was good."

"And I don't know what the fuck you're thinking," Aria said. "You fucking
gave away tanks... for free, and now you expect out of the goodness of their
hearts that they're going to fight and die for you whenever you ask for it.
What a fucking joke."

Andrea grabbed her ribs unconsciously as she began to walk forward. They
still hurt an awful lot. "Thanks for the vote of confidence."

"I just don't fucking sugar coat everything, that's all. If you can't take
it, go back to bed."

"Don't be a bitch. I'm trying my best here."

"Did Andrea just call me a bitch?" Aria faked surprise, "me, a bitch? I think
I'm going to go cry myself to sleep now."

"Fuck off, I'm not in the mood for your attitude."

"Oh well, if you're not in the mood I better fuck off then..." Aria started
walking away. "Whore," she muttered under her breath before disappearing into
the crowd.

"What's up her ass?" Ed asked looking at her with a bit of confusion as she
walked away.

"Who the hell knows. Come on, I have to go sit down." Andrea walked away from
the stage and sat down on a bench away from the crowd.

"You okay?"

Andrea sighed. "Yeah, I'll be fine. I'm just sore. Feeling better though so
it's only a matter of time. Once these votes come in we can go back to Trump
Towers and use their medical bay. It should do a better job. Get me feeling
well within the week."

"Well that's good. How's your bullet wound feeling?"

"That's been fine for a while. That Invid goo really did the job."

"Good." The two stayed silent for a while and eventually a tall man in a suit
approached. He was clean cut and carried an aura of authority with him. He
was the mayor. ‘He's taken to the position fast,' Andrea thought to herself.

"Andrea," he said offering her a hand. She stood up and took it. "Just wanted
to let you know we're counting as the votes come in and it looks like a
pretty clear "yes" to your proposal. So far about ninety percent are saying
they'd be willing to join up with you if you need them."

Andrea smiled, "that is good news. What about you? You're still okay with

"Hah," he said. "Without you my position would be meaningless. I am quite
willing to assist in whatever way I can."

"There is one thing you can do in the mean time," Andrea said, an idea
suddenly hitting her.


"Open up trade relations with whatever non-coalition towns you can. Hell,
open up any relations. Just start making friends."

"And I thought you were going to ask for something hard," he said with a
smile. "I intended to do that very thing."

"Good. And be sure to send someone to York. They'll be a good ally."

The mayor raised an eyebrow quizzically, "I thought York was independent.
Some kind of dictator."

"They were," Andrea said with a smile. "Not anymore."

"Ah, I see," he tapped his nose secretively. "I'll be sure to contact them
immediately." He looked her up and down quickly, noticing her still clutching
her ribs and standing rather shakily in the brisk wind. "Go lay down, Andrea.
I will come find you when the rest of the results are in."

Andrea nodded, "thanks. I'll see you in a few hours."

"Yes you will."

* * *

The party was moving again. Aria had found her way back to the jeep and
Andrea had found enough energy to sit in the passenger seat.

As expected, the vote was a clear win for Andrea, so the group had decided
to make haste for Trump Towers. It was only a two day ride and Andrea was
looking forward to some proper medical care, not to mention seeing Kitty,
Thunder, and the rest of the group. It had been a few months since last she
saw most of her friends and she had to admit she was feeling a little lonely.
Time couldn't have passed slower for Andrea, as the jeep carefully trekked
along the road.

Eventually Trump Towers came into view. No matter how many times she saw it,
Andrea still found herself in awe of the huge building. There was a larger
military presence around the building, including two helicopters doing wide
circles around the suburbs and a tank on each side of the road when they
entered the city. There was a blockade set up with a lifting arm and Andrea
gestures for Aria to stop the jeep. Ed, Tracy, Lee and Claire were in a truck
behind them and it pulled to a gentle stop at the same time.

A coalition guard in the standard black armor and skull shaped helmet walked
up to Aria's side of the jeep. "Name and reason for entering the city

Aria glared up at him from her seat. "Joe fuckin' blow."

She turned to Andrea, "who are these clowns anyway? Is that skull armor
supposed to be intimidating?"

"Aria, not now," Andrea said hoping she could get her to stop before she
really got going. She didn't have much luck.

Aria pointed to his helmet, "fuck, I'll eat my breakfast out of that damn
thing if you don't let us by."

Andrea sighed and the Coalition officer took a more aggressive stance. He
waved for backup and another officer started to come over. "Miss., you are
aware it's a criminal offence to threaten a Coalition officer."

"It's a God damn life threatening offence to tell me what to do, asshole."

Andrea reached out to put a hand on Aria's shoulder. She had briefly changed
out of her spiked armor since it probably wasn't too comfortable in long car
rides. "Aria, shut the hell up."

The officer approaching had his rifle in ready position but not yet pointed.
Andrea wanted to keep it that way. Andrea opened the door to get out of the
car and his hand shot to his sidearm. He drew it but kept it pointed at the
ground. "Stay in the car."

Andrea stopped. "Can I talk to you in private, please?"

He looked to his back up and after a moments hesitation waved a few people
over. "Very well." When they arrived he walked around the vehicle and opened
Andrea's door the rest of the way. Andrea got out and the two took a few
steps away from the other.

When they were clear Andrea said, "My name's Andrea Robertson. I'm a friend
of Colonel Jack Johnson."

"Look, Ms. Roberson..."

"Andrea," she interrupted.

"Look, Andrea." The guard holstered his weapon and seemed to be a little more
trusting of her. "I understand your frustration with your friend but I don't
care if you are friends with a colonel. After behaviour like that I can't let
you or your friends into the city, even with special permission from the

"What? Since when did the suburbs require extra security?"

"Since 50,000 people arrived in one month. Apparently Trump Towers is getting
quite the reputation as a safe haven. We can't keep up that reputation if we
have too high an influx of people in a short time period."

"I have friends already in the tower."

"I don't care who you know in the tower. Your friend can not enter the city."

Andrea sighed. She looked over at Aria who seemed to be arguing with one of
the replacement guards. "Can you just call Colonel Johnson and see what he

"Fine, but unless he's willing to go to someone on the council on your behalf
there's nothing I can do." The officer, whom Andrea had now deduced was a
sergeant, pressed a button on his wrist. "Sergeant Cruise to central, can you
put me on with a Colonel Jack Johnson please?"

Andrea crossed her arms and waited. She looked back to Aria to see her
arguing more heatedly with the officer by the jeep. "Aria, for the last time,
back off," Andrea shouted. She was getting angry.

"There is no Colonel Jack Johnson, Ms.," the guard said.

"Yes there is," Andrea said firmly. "I've met with him more than once."

He went back to the radio. "Do you have any Jack Johnson's at all?" There was
a short pause. "Look him up, see when he was a colonel." The sergeant waited
for a while longer then he turned to Andrea. "How long since you were at the
tower last?"

"Two and a half months or so. Why?"

The guard ignored her and returned to the radio, "put me through then."
Andrea was getting a little more impatient. She looked to see Aria sitting
quietly in the drivers seat.

"Finally," Andrea breathed out.

"What's that Ms.?" The guard said. Andrea gestured her head to Aria who was
now watching the two of them. "Ah yes."

"What the fuck are you two looking at," Aria shouted at them. The sergeant
casually looked away.

"Ah, good afternoon, sir," the sergeant said into his radio. "Yes, sir. Yes,
sir. No, sir, I apologize but there is a woman here named Andrea Robertson
that claims she knows... Yes, sir. Of course, right away, sir." He pressed
the same button on his wrist and looked to Andrea. "You can all go on ahead.
Sorry about any inconvenience."

"No problem," Andrea said, a little surprised at the quick shift of direction
the conversation had taken. She started walking back to the jeep and he came
with her to wave off the backup.

"You're friend is a general now," he said as Andrea climbed into the
passenger seat. "He'll be waiting for you at the tower entrance."

"Thank-you," she said. "Come on, let's go," she said to Aria. The jeep
started moving again and traveled through the busy city streets. There
definitely were a lot more people than last time she was here. Most of
them were set up in tents along the side of the road, giving the crowded
area a down right claustrophobic feel. It was definitely a case of

The two vehicles arrived at the base of the tower a few minutes later to see
General Johnson standing outside with a smile on his face. Once Aria stopped
the car, Andrea got out and he walked over to her. "Andrea, good to see you.
I heard you had some trouble at the gate."

"Nothing we didn't deserve," Andrea said shooting a glare at Aria. "Thanks
for the assist."

"No problem. I heard Salt Lake City didn't end very well."

"You could say that," Andrea said a little saddened. "We did have one spot of
good luck though."

"Oh? What's that?"

Andrea had a sudden feeling that he knew more than he was letting on. She
tried not to dwell on it. "We found a missing person from the city." By
that point Ed and the three women were getting out of the truck and Andrea
gestured backwards. "Her name's Lee. We'll have to track down her father
but I'm sure it won't be too difficult."

"Wait," he said looking over. "Lee Holland?"

"Yeah, I think that's it." She waved to Lee. "Lee come here." Lee hustled
over with a bit of a jog while Tracy watched from beside the truck. Jack
seemed a little dumbfounded. "What's wrong?" Andrea asked him.

"Is everything okay?" Lee said as she joined the other two.

"Are you okay?" Jack said to Lee. The young woman nodded. Jack looked
seriously at Andrea. "I can't decide whether you're trying to get on the
Coalition's good side, or if you're just really damn lucky."

"Well I'm sure as hell not trying to get on their good side and I wouldn't
consider three broken ribs and some internal bleeding lucky. Why?" Andrea
was starting to put two and two together. "Who's your father Lee?"

"General Holland. He's the economic advisor on the counsel."

"Why didn't you tell me?" Andrea asked.

Jack went over to a guard at the door. "Can you call General Holland down
here right away please?" The guard nodded and Jack joined the two women once

Lee was answering Andrea's question. "I figured that's why I was abducted.
For a ransom or something. I didn't want everyone to know."

"Well you're okay now," Jack said to her.

"I know. I uh..." she started to get a little teary eyed. "Sorry, I think
it's all catching up to me now. Seeing the tower and everything, you know?"
She wiped her eyes.

"Why don't you go sit down for a minute, okay?" Andrea said. Lee nodded and
sat down on a bench near by. Tracy came over to make sure she was okay.

"Wow," Jack said. "It seems like we owe you one. Do you know why she was

Andrea shook her head. "No idea, but the guy who did it is dead."

"Okay. I'm sure they'll want to debrief you as soon as possible. Did you say
you have three broken ribs?"

Andrea nodded. "Minor internal bleeding, lots of bruising, a bullet through
the leg and a bladder infection to boot."

"Damn. You're sure good at getting into trouble. What the hell happened to

"It's a long story."

"Well I'd love to hear it when we get a chance."

"And I'd love to tell it once I pay the hospital a visit."

"Of course. I can arrange for rooms for your friends if you'd like and in
the mean time we'll get you patched up. Considering who's daughter you saved
I'm sure they'll be willing to spend whatever it takes to make it a quick

At that point a tall broad shouldered man of about forty walked out of the
tower in a generals uniform. He saw Lee immediately and jogged over to give
her a hug. Andrea couldn't hear what they were saying but after a few minutes
the general came over to Andrea.

"Ms. Robertson." He was all smiles.

"Just Andrea is fine."

"I've heard a lot about you Andrea. It appears I owe you a great deal.
Thank-you very much." He took Andrea's hand and shook it briskly. Andrea
cringed a bit from a stabbing pain in her ribs.

"You're welcome."

Jack spoke up, "Andrea was just telling me she suffered some injuries over
the last few days. Some broken ribs and the like."

"Injuries? Not while getting my daughter free I hope."

"Yes and no. It was kind of all part of a bigger process."

"Come inside then already," Holland said. "We'll get you to the infirmary
right away. Are your friends all okay?"

"I think Tracy has got some minor injuries as well," Andrea pointed her out.
"All in all, we did pretty well I think. It's just been a busy couple weeks."

"It certainly sounds that way. If you and your friend wants to come with me
I'm taking Lee to the infirmary now for a check-up."

Andrea nodded and gestured Tracy over. Jack turned to look at Aria, Ed and
Claire. "I'll start those three on the search process."

"Skip it," Andrea said without hesitation.

"Andrea, I can't just skip it for anyone you tell me too."

Andrea knew Claire's genetics would show up on the scan so she didn't want to
submit so easily. "Not with all the crap Irene and I have dealt with in the
past. Skip it."

"I told you, I can't just skip it." Andrea stared him down and he was showing
signs of cracking. After a few more seconds he finally caved. "Alright, fine.
I'll skip it. But I'm still putting a locater chip in them. I'll do it

Andrea nodded. "Fine."

"Can we get you to the hospital now?"

Andrea nodded again and went inside with Tracy, Lee and General Holland. They
entered without any kind of search and Andrea still clutched her side as she
hobbled down the hallway after them. It was a short trip to the elevators and
from there to the hospital floor. From there the doctors wasted no time
getting to the three of them. Andrea quickly found herself sitting on a bed
with a curtain drawn around her and Jack asking annoying questions from the
other side. She was currently being assisted out of her tank top when Jack
spoke up again. "So then you left Salt Lake City for York with the intent of
going after the Blue Leader. What did you intend to do when you found him?"

Andrea sighed. More questions about her thoughts and intents instead of
actions. "I don't know. I was just pissed off. I figured I'd decide when I
found him." The doctor was now undoing a cloth that had been tightly wrapped
around her ribs, just below her now exposed breasts. He got it off and

"That must hurt like hell," he said looking at the bruising. "How long since
it happened?"

At the same time Jack was asking, "so what happened when you got to York?"

"Can you just give me like... ten minutes Jack?"

Andrea heard some shuffling on the other side of the curtain. "Yeah, sure. Of
course. Sorry, don't know what I was thinking." She heard him walk away.

"It happened a week ago today. All I've been able to do is put ice on it and
wrap it. Another doctor tried to set them but that's about it."

"Okay, what I would recommend is putting you under for some minor surgery. I
can fuse them back together with a laser and that should return you to a more
comfortable state. The swelling I can help reduce but they'll be tender for a
few weeks, if not longer."

"You can fuse them back together?"

"Sure, the technology has been around for more than ten years. I assure you
it's perfectly safe."

"What about the internal bleeding? And the infection?"

"Well the antibiotics you've been taking has cleared up your bladder but I'll
give you some more to take for another week just to be on the safe side. And
as for the internal bleeding," he felt around Andrea's stomach. "I'm pretty
sure that's stopped now. I'll run some tests to make sure but just don't do
any physical activity for a week or two until it finishes healing."

"So you're saying in a weak or two I'll be 100% with this minor surgery?"

"Yeah, that about sums it up. Although you may feel a little weaker then
normal. That'll fix itself with a couple weeks of a normal exercise routine.
Do you mind lifting up your pant leg so I can take a look at your bullet
wound?" Andrea lifted it up to show the wound almost completely healed. "How
long ago did you say this happened?"

"Ten days."

"Ten days? Are you sure?"

"Yeah. Why?"

"It's healed remarkably well. Did you use any special treatment on it?"

Andrea remembered the Invid protoplasm. "No. Nothing special."

He raised a sceptical eyebrow, "well there's no point in doing any further
treatment. I'll just run an x-ray on it to make sure the bullet didn't damage
the bone." Andrea nodded and he went on, "we're going to be at least a few
hours, plus a few hours of recovery time from the sedation. I'll tell your
general friend to come back in the morning and you can answer all his
questions then. Sound good?"

Andrea nodded. "Sure. Let's get this over with." She paused, thinking for a
minute, "can I ask a question?"

"Sure, go ahead."

"Is Bob Higgins on the medical staff? I know he was thinking about accepting
a position."

"Bob Higgins," the doctor clucked his tongue. "Short, skinny guy? Glasses?
Kind of a nasal voice?"

"Yeah that's him."

"Yup, he's on the staff."

"Can he be present at the surgery?"

"I suppose so. He's more on a research end of things instead of actually
practicing on patients at the moment though"

"He doesn't have to do it, I just want him to be there to watch it."

"I suppose we could arrange that."


* * *

Andrea woke up in a haze. Her vision was a little blurry but it soon came
into focus to see a dimmed light on the roof. She felt someone holding her
hand and looked over to see Kitty smiling. "How do you feel?"

"Sleepy," Andrea said and closed her eyes again. "What's new?"

"Hah, not much. I've missed you."

"Missed you too." Kitty leaned over and gave her a light kiss on the lips.

"This Jack guy has been sitting outside of your doorway the whole time. You
want me to let him in?"

Andrea sighed. "Yeah, sure."

"Okay. I'll be right outside. Give me a call if you need anything okay?"

"You got it." Andrea opened her eyes to watch Kitty leave and as she did so,
Jack entered.

"Here to continue debriefing me?"

"Heh," he sat down on the chair beside the bed. "Sorry about that. The rest
of the council wanted to know what was going on really badly and I got a
little carried away. I'm just here to make sure you're okay."

Andrea smiled. "You waited outside of my room to make sure I was okay? How
long have you been there?"

"Since the operation ended a few hours ago."

"That's really sweet. Why didn't you come in?"

"I didn't know if you'd want me to or not. Your friend didn't have to leave,
you know. She wants to see you more than I do I think."

"You can let her back in. I haven't seen her a couple months and I think
she's really missed me."

Jack nodded. "Good to see you again, Andrea. Sorry I didn't say that

"It's good to see you too Jack." He started to leave, "before you go, how is
Lee and Tracy doing?"

"Tracy has some bruising that is mostly cleared up and a couple cuts and the
like. She's fine. Lee's the same. Although the Doc did find something on Lee.
She said she didn't tell the general on Lee's request but wanted someone to
know. Apparently Lee has a bunch of small bruises on her collar bone as well
as some... um... other areas. The Doc thinks they're just hickey's but was
worried that whoever gave them to her may be playing a little too rough. You
have any idea who caused them?"

"Yeah, but you should ask Lee about that. I'm pretty sure it's nothing

"Okay, if you say so. Come find me once your up and about. We can finish your


Jack left and let Kitty back in. "Are you sure you're okay?" She said as soon
as she closed the door behind her.

"I'm sure," Andrea said smiling.

"So what happened to you?"

"It's kind of a long story."

"We got time."

Andrea nodded. She began relaying the last couple months events to her, minus
her encounter with the Masters.

"Wow," was all Kitty could say when Andrea was finished. "Can I ask a


"Why are you building an army?"

Andrea widened her eyes a bit. "Why do you say I'm doing that?"

"Deploying weapons, tanks, speeches about how people should come help you if
something comes up. What's it all about?"

"It's kind of complicated Kitty. Suffice it to say, things are getting
complicated now and there's no one left to fight for the general population.
I think if we're going to rebuild the world, we need to do it with choices
that the majority agree on, not forced order like the Coalition is giving us,
or inhibited growth, like the Invid have been giving us. We need something of
our own, you know?"

"Yeah I guess you're right. It's just... When I started travelling with you,
I didn't expect to be staying with a world power, you know?"

Andrea laughed. "I'm hardly a world power. I'm just doing my best to make a
difference that's all."

"Hah, I guess so." Kitty paused for a moment. "Do you mind if I lay down with

"Of course not," Andrea moved over carefully and Kitty lied down. She put her
arm over Andrea and closed her eyes content.

"I'm glad you're back."

"Me too," Andrea said. "Me too."

* * *

"Andrea?" The voice belonged to Irene's but all she could see around her was
blackness. Andrea had been released from the hospital late that night and had
gone straight up to a room to sleep. But the door was locked and there was no
way Irene could be in the room. Andrea turned on a light just to be sure. No
one was there but Irene's voice came again, "Andrea?"

"Hello?" Andrea said out loud.

"Hi, it's me."

"I know it's you, where are you."

"In your head. I didn't know if this would work but I'm really glad it did."

"How are you doing this? I thought only the Regis and the Brains could talk
in my head like this."

"Well normally that would be true, but I heard from the All Mother that
you're part telepathic, among other things and I thought I'd try."

"Uh huh... Well I guess it works," Andrea said turning off the light and
getting comfortable again. "Can I go to sleep now?"

"Oh yeah, sure. Sorry." Andrea closed her eyes and felt herself drifting off
again. "Andrea?"

She sighed and opened her eyes instinctively. "What, Irene?"

"You should try this with a human and see if it works."

"I will..." She closed her eyes again and an afterthought hit her, "in the

"Oh yeah, of course. Sorry for bugging you." Andrea closed her eyes and was
nearly asleep again when Irene contacted her once more, "Andrea, are you
still awake?"

"Mmm," Andrea grunted and rolled over. "What now?"

"I'm really glad you're back. I missed you."

"I missed you too. Now can I please go to sleep? I'll talk to you in the


It took a while longer, but finally Andrea was convinced Irene was done, and
she went to sleep.

* * *

"Andrea?" She was woken up once more but this time the voice wasn't in her
head. It belonged to Jack and was followed by a furious pounding on the door.
"Andrea, wake up."

"What? What is it?" She was awake pretty quickly and carefully sat up in bed.
She noticed her ribs didn't hurt anymore.

"Open the door."

"Alright, alright." Andrea was naked as she always was when she slept and she
was still in too much of a morning haze to remember that fact. She walked
across the room and opened the door.

Jack was standing in the hall, not nearly as surprised as he could have been
to see her undressed state. "Why is it that I see you naked more often then I
did my ex-girlfriend?"

"Just lucky I guess?" Andrea said still groggy. She opened the door further
so he could come in. "I think these pain killers are making me really tired.
What time is it?" Jack entered and closed the door behind himself. Andrea was
already on her way back to the bed. She sat down carefully before laying down
on top of the covers.

"It's 9 am."

"9 am? I've been asleep for ten hours?"

"I don't know did you go to sleep at 11?"

"Yes, I went to sleep at 11," Andrea said with no humour.

"Ha ha, let's all laugh at Andrea cause she can't do math."

"I think your math is fine."

"Mmm," Andrea said tucking herself back under the covers.

"What are you doing here? If you still want to debrief me you can go fuck
yourself. I'm not doing it half awake." Jack laughed. He was still standing
by the door. "What's so funny?"

"Did you just tell me to go fuck myself?"

"I don't know. If you deserved it I probably did." Andrea closed her eyes,
now tucked under the blankets.

"Before this morning, no one's ever said that to me before. And now I've got
it twice. I guess I should work on my manners."

"That's right! No more waking up druggies." There was a pause for a while and
Jack was beginning to think she went back to sleep. Suddenly she rolled over.
"Wait, you said two times. Who's the other?"

"I talked to your friend Aria this morning. Well... I talked anyway. I'm
still not entirely sure of everything she said with all the swearing.
Something about my mother was in there too."

"Great. Way to go Aria." She twirled her finger in the air vainly and then
put her arm back down.

"Man, I'd love to see what you're like drunk."

"You buying?"

"If it's as funny as this, yeah, I'll buy."

"Great. Tonight at eight." There was another short pause. "Is that what you
came here for? To ask me out?"

Suddenly Jack looked a little nervous. "No, no of course not. Um... We found
your brother."

"Tristen? What's that idiot doing here? He's supposed to be in York."

"No, not Tristen."

Andrea shot up to a sitting position. "Chris? Chris is here now? Is he okay?"

"He's fine. He's in the infirmary being checked out but it's just
precautionary. He's got a broken arm from the crash but other then that
nothing seems to be wrong."

"From the crash?" Andrea was standing again and looking for her pants. She
eventually found them folded neatly on the chair. She grabbed for them and
tried to put them on one leg at a time with fairly limited success.

"His shuttle crashed in Chile. He was the only one aboard... No, no wrong
pant leg."

"Oh," Andrea said and turned them around. Jack moved over to her and put an
arm around her upper back to help support her. With his help she got the
first leg on. "So has he said anything yet? Are you sure it's him?"

"It's him alright. He looks like you. And yeah he's said a bit, but not much.
I think he's figuring out what the situation is here before he says anything
important." Andrea got the other pant leg on half way and nearly tripped.
"Are you sure you want to be putting on leather pants right now? I imagine
they're hard enough to get into as is."

"Are you calling me fat?" Andrea said standing up straight and looking at him
rather aggressively.

"No, of course not. I'm just trying to say that in your current state..."

"My current fat state?"

"Your current drugged haze state... I'm saying that maybe you should be going
for the sweatpants and baggy t-shirt look."

Andrea went back to her pants and pulled them up defiantly. "These will do
fine." She looked around. "Where's my shirt?" Jack pointed to the same chair
her pants were on. "Good," she said as she carefully put it on. The white
tank-top bulged out a bit where the bandage was but other then that she
looked relatively normal.

"Ready to go?" Jack asked.

"Ready. But can they give me anything to make me less stupid?"

Jack smiled, "I don't think they've invented that kind of medicine yet."

"You know what I mean," Andrea said still un-amused.

"We'll see what they can do."

Andrea followed him out of her room and into the elevator at the end of the
hall. It was a short ride to the basement and Andrea soon found herself
entering the infirmary. As she expected there was nothing the doctors could
safely do to counteract the pain medication so instead, she was handed a
large mug of coffee. She was already half way done drinking it by the time
Jack and her arrived at Chris' door. Andrea knocked.

"Come in," said a familiar voice and Andrea opened the heavy wood door. She
saw Chris immediately. It looked like he hadn't shaved in a few days and his
arm was currently being put into a sling, but it was definitely him. "Hey

Andrea barely had the brains to give her coffee cup to Jack before walking
over and giving him a solid hug. "Ow, watch it," he said as she pressed on
his arm.

"Oh, sorry." The two stared at each other a minute. "So how are you? Where
have you been? What's happening with the R.E.F.? Are they coming back?"

"Slow down a minute." He looked around, "let me answer some of these
questions in a more discreet spot okay?"

Andrea nodded. "But you are okay?"

"I'm fine, much to my surprise. I've never crashed from the air at 200 kph
before." The nurse finished bandaging his arm and he turned to her, "Can I go

"Yeah, sure. Just go easy on it."

"Hah, that makes two of us," Andrea added.

"What happened to you?" Chris said with a look of concern. The nurse left.

Andrea lifted up her shirt to just below her breasts to show the large
bandage, "I broke three ribs."

"How did you do that?"

"Kicking someone's ass," Andrea said with a smile.

"Well at least you won," he said smiling back. He looked around the bleak
hospital room, "do you want to get out of here? Maybe go to your room?"

"Yeah, sure. Do you mind if I catch up with you later Jack?"

"Uh, yeah, I guess that's okay. But do it soon. I have the entire council
breathing down my neck for answers right now."

"Okay, great. Thanks." She took her coffee cup back and started walking
towards the exit with Chris.

* * *

"How are Mom and Dad?" Chris said as Andrea closed the door to her room.

Andrea sighed, "they both died when the Invid first attacked. Calgary was one
of the cities that got it the worst."

"Oh man..." he was visibly affected. "I mean, I originally assumed that you
had all died but when I heard you were still alive, I thought..."

"You thought everyone else was too?"

He nodded. "What about Tristen?"

"He's okay. We had a falling out after it happened and parted ways. But we're
back on good terms. He's in York now."

"New York?"

"No, just plain York. It's a barony city in Texas."

"Oh. And who are these Coalition losers? You're not with them are you?"

Andrea laughed. "No, I'm sure as hell not with them. They're pretty much
a bunch of hard core racists against anyone who's not human. Aliens, or
psychics and stuff."

"Don't tell me you believe in that psychic crap now."

"Well, I guess I'm starting to."

"Hm... whatever floats your boat I guess. How's Tristen doing?"

"Same old Tristen, that's for sure," Andrea said. "He's running the city now
for me."

"Running the city for you?"

"It's a long story but yeah, basically."

"How the hell did you get put in charge of a city? I mean, I'm not
criticizing, it's just a surprise is all."

Andrea looked a little sheepish, "I wasn't put in charge of it exactly. I
more... took charge of it."

"You mean you took it over?"

"Well yeah, I guess so. But it's not like it was some democratically elected
mayor. It was a tyrant who was abusing and taking advantage of the citizens."
Andrea's mood was turning to one of frustration. She didn't want to be put on
the spot for her actions.

"Andrea, you can't just take over a city and..."

"Why not? I saved the people, they have a better quality of living then they
ever did. This isn't four years ago Chris. Things aren't so black and white
anymore. There are no real governments at all, anywhere. It's all dictators
and gangs in charge of places. There's only a few million people alive in
North America and not many more down here. The human race needs someone to
start organizing things again. Someone to put it all back together again."

"And you think that's you?"

"Why not? I don't see anyone else out here doing a better job."

"What about the Coalition?"

"Hah," Andrea scoffed. "Like you said they're a bunch of losers. The
Coalition only knows how to kill things, not build them."

"Then what are you doing here, Andrea?"

"They're the second biggest power on the planet. If I can get them to see my
side of things then we'll have a chance against the Invid."

"I see."

There was silence for a while and Andrea finally sat down. "Where did the
R.E.F. go Chris? You guys must have seen the attack happen once you were

He shook his head. "We were out of the solar system at full speed after the
Masters. The Invid came from a different direction. We didn't know anything
had happened until we sent our first transmission back a few days later.
After that, every scout ship we sent was destroyed. The last one finally
managed to transmit some data before the Invid got to it and we knew we
wouldn't be able to take on a force that big. So we kept on our mission
until we could think of something else."

"Is that why you're here?"

"I'm here because now we're fighting two wars and we're getting our butts
kicked. We were doing well against the Masters but recently a group of Invid
have been targeting us as well and we can't handle both of them. They sent me
back to see if it was safe to come home and refuel. Now I've got to find a
way to get back to them and give them the info."

"You mean you didn't have a way back?"

He shook his head. "No plan is perfect. This was pretty much their last hope.
I'm surprised I made it this far to be honest."

"As much as I hate the idea of you leaving so soon, maybe the Coalition can
help you with a way out of here."

"I'm not even sure if I want to leave. If I go back I'll just have to put up
with another year of fighting until our reserves finally run out. After that,
who knows, I'll probably be stranded on a planet somewhere, or dead." He
thought for a minute. "Maybe both."

"That doesn't sound like you."

"A lot's changed sis.' A lot's changed."

Andrea didn't know what to say. It was strange to have him come back with
such a different attitude. He seemed a lot more pessimistic then he used to

There was an uneasy silence for about a minute when Andrea had decided she
better break it. "We should probably go brief Jack."

Chris nodded.

* * *

Andrea knocked on the frosted glass door. "Come in." It was a woman's voice.
Andrea opened the door and she stepped in with Chris close behind. There was
a large reception desk and three doorways leading into other areas. Andrea
recognized Jack's secretary but couldn't remember the woman's name.

"Hi. Jack has been nagging me for hours to come talk to him."

"You must be Andrea," the secretary replied quickly. She didn't seem too
impressed. "You can go right in." She gestured to a door.

Andrea and Chris entered his office to see a long room lined with what
appeared to be ancient South American artefacts on pedastools all the way
down each wall. His desk was square in the middle on the far side and he was
sitting beside it. Andrea walked over, more then a little in awe of the
collection and sat down in one of two comfortable leather chairs. Chris took
the other. "You have quite the collection," Andrea said.

"It's my predecessors actually. I haven't had a chance to change out the
office yet. Although after spending the last few days with them, I'm thinking
of starting up my own collection. You two finally here to get the council off
my back?"

"It would appear so," Andrea said relaxing further into the chair. "Where do
you want me to start?"

"From the plane ride over, where else?"

Andrea nodded and told him (in brief) about the events in the plane. She went
on to explain what happened in Salt Lake City and York before reaching an
impass. She couldn't risk telling him about the Masters. The Invid would
start the war again if they ever found out. And she wasn't too keen about
telling him of her adventures in the Invid hive either. She figured he would
be able to tell if she were to lie so instead she simply said that the
section was private, and went on to the events that transpired after she was
"mysteriously" taken prisoner in Chetumal, once again leaving out the fact
that Claire is an Invid. She also omitted some of the more graphic sexual
details from both her own and Lee's side of things.

"I see," was all he said when she finished nearly half an hour later. "You
realize that not telling me about whatever happened between York and Chetumal
will look very bad for you in the eyes of the council?"

"So be it," Andrea said. "But I can't go into it."

"Can you tell me off the record? It would be much easier to defend you if I
knew all the details."

Andrea thought for a moment. She did want to tell him but it was just too
much of a risk. Some parts of it he could probably know though. "Maybe
later," Andrea said. "Let me think about it."

Jack nodded. "Good enough. If that's all, you can leave and I'll go over
things with your brother here."

"Sure," Andrea stood up. "See you later, Chris."

"Later," he said as she walked out.

* * *

Andrea wasn't quite sure what to do so she took a walk out of the city. She
wasn't gone for half an hour when Irene's voice entered her head like in the
previous night, "Andrea?" She jumped a bit.

"Yeah, Irene?" She thought to herself, not quite sure if Irene could hear
that or not.

"Someone wants to meet you at the back door to the tower."

"Who?" She thought as she instinctively changed her direction to head that

"She says it's a surprise."

Andrea sighed. "What does she want?"

"She says that's a surprise too."

Andrea grunted to herself. "I'll meet her there in about five minutes. Is
that okay?"

"Uh huh," Irene said affirmatively. "I also have something to ask you for the
All Mother."

"What's that?"

"She wants to know if you've dealt with the humans that destroyed our home

"You know the answer to that Irene. I haven't even had enough time to get
organized yet. But rest assured I'll get to them by the deadline. Quicker if
possible. I don't want to see another attack any more than you do."

"Okay, I'll tell her that." There was a pause and Andrea thought Irene had
gone. "The All Mother says thank-you."

"Thank-you?" Andrea said out loud. Her surprise made her forget that she was
around people. They looked at her a little strangely and she went back to
talking in her head, "What for?"

"For saving her life. She was just too angry to say it earlier. She says she
owes you a debt of gratitude... What does gratitude mean?"

"Happiness combined with thanks."

"Oh. That makes sense."

"Tell her she's welcome." Andrea turned around the corner to reach the back
entrance. "I'm here now Irene so I've got to go. I'll talk to you later

"Okay, bye."

Andrea walked right up to the two Coalition guards at the door. "Can we help
you ma'am?"

Andrea turned around to try and see who she was meeting with as she
responded. "No thanks, I'm just meeting someone."

"Ah, very well."

Andrea continued looking and frowned when she finally discovered who it was.
Destiny was walking over from a nearby bench. She had a familiar backpack
around her shoulder. Andrea walked over to meet her half way. "I owe you an
apology, two gifts and want to ask a favour," she said cutting to the chase.

"Is that so."

"It is."

"Come on, let's go for a walk." Andrea started heading into the city but
Destiny stopped her with a gentle hand on her shoulder.

"This way," she said, gesturing towards the nearby forest.

"If you want," Andrea said, not much caring which direction they went in. The
two women quickly found themselves walking down a narrow forest path. They
were forced to walk one at a time and Destiny led the way. Eventually she
found a small clearing of no more than ten feet by ten feet and stopped. She
put the bag on the ground. Andrea had long ago recognized it as her own.

"I want to apologize for not taking more responsibility in Chetumal. I should
never have dropped you there, despite what I was told."

"That's right, you shouldn't have," Andrea said. The memories of the
following events were already making her a little angry with Destiny.

"Anyway, I hope that you can forgive me and I give you my word that from now
on I will be here for you when you need me. I've made two big mistakes in
our rather short relationship and I'm trying to learn as quickly as I can."
Andrea was silent. She didn't respond to the comment. "I know this doesn't
excuse my actions but I am only four years old. I have a limited level of
experience to draw on and sometimes I find it difficult to make the right
choice." She hung her head a bit, not wanting to look Andrea in the eye.

Andrea had crossed her arms over her chest. "That doesn't get any easier with
age," she said after another long pause. "I..." she wasn't sure what to say
but had to admit, if she were four with all the weapons and technology in the
world, she would probably make a few pretty big mistakes too. "Apology
accepted." Destiny looked up at Andrea with a smile. "Don't get too excited.
You still have to do everything in your power to make up for those mistakes.
That's what humanity is all about."

"I don't want to be human," she said plainly, not quite understanding.

"I didn't say that. Humanity and being human are two very different things."

She nodded and picked up Andrea's bag. "That's what I brought this for... to
help make up for mistakes."

Andrea took the bag. She immediately dipped her hand into the front
pocket and pulled out the dead watch that Chris had given her years ago.
"Thank-you," she said and put it back into the bag. She opened up the main
compartment to see her weapons and clothing inside.

"Your second gift is in the side pocket," Destiny said.

Andrea opened it curiously and pulled out a short tube that looked somewhat
like a thermos. "What is it?"

Destiny took it and began unscrewing the top. "Will you choose to trust me
for this?"

Andrea hesitated. It was a difficult decision but Destiny had already made
the first move. And Irene wouldn't have set them up if she suspected danger.
She nodded. "Yes I will, what is it?"

"Take off your clothing and bandage," Destiny said plainly. She saw Andrea
hesitate again and looked at met her eyes. "Trust me." Andrea carefully took
her shirt off, to reveal her breasts supported by the tight bandage beneath
them. She then sat down on a log and took off her boots and pants. "You're
bandage as well please." Andrea did as she was told and was soon completely

Destiny tipped the thermos on its side and some thick green liquid emptied
into her cupped hand. She then put the thermos on the ground and walked over.
"This is the protoplasm you saw in the ship but it has been modified. I began
work on configuring it to human DNA when I heard you were injured a week ago.
I've been working on it since and I think it's ready. It should heal your
wounds the rest of the way. Was Irene correct when she told me that your ribs
had been surgically mended and your internal bleeding cleared up?"

"Yeah, that's right," Andrea said still a little hesitant.

"Good. This can't heal that but it can fix your bruising. Are you suffering
from any other ailments?"

She nodded. "I've still got what's left of a bladder infection."

"It should work on that as well," Destiny smeared the protoplasm between her
two hands and pressed them just below Andrea's breasts on her rib cage. She
began gently massaging the area. "This should only take a few minutes to
clear up. The massage helps it get into the pores and speeds up the process
of healing." She put some more on her hands after about thirty seconds and
rubbed that in to her ribs as well. Andrea noticed the swelling was
immediately going down.

As promised, a few minutes later there was no sign of bruising on her ribs.
Destiny grabbed another handful and rubbed it along the underside of her
breasts to reach the small amount of bruising there. Andrea found herself
getting turned on by the gentle touching. But, as quickly as it had started,
it had finished. Destiny was already moving on to her stomach and abdomen
before applying a little more to her leg where she was shot.

Within fifteen minutes Andrea found that her bruising had completely
vanished. "That's pretty amazing stuff."

"Yes it is," Destiny said. "Can you lay on your back please?"

Andrea did so, this time without question. She felt so much better now that
the bruising was gone, she was ready to run a marathon.

Destiny knelt beside Andrea and gently spread her legs. She coated her right
hand with the protoplasm and began rubbing it into Andrea's urethra. The slow
circular motion did nothing to stop her from being aroused and Destiny's hand
occasionally applied pressure to her clit or labia, making her want to buck
her hips in pleasure. She hadn't had any kind of sexual activity in over a
week and she was pretty horny.

Andrea instinctually bucked her hips as Destiny's palm slid over her clit and
Destiny misunderstood. "I'm sorry if it's painful, I'm not very good with the
female form, despite what I may look like."

"No, problem," Andrea said figuring it was probably best not to tell her she
was just aroused.

Andrea found herself disappointed when Destiny took her hand away to
spread more liquid onto it. But this time, when she brought it back she held
Andrea's labia open. "This may hurt a bit. I'm not sure." She pressed two
fingers into Andrea's vagina and curled them around to reach a nerve cluster
on the other side of her bladder. Unfortunately it was also her G spot.
Andrea bucked her hips instinctively and Destiny quickly massaged in the
protoplasm before removing her fingers and capping the thermos once more.
"All done," she said. "How do you feel?"

"Great," Andrea said telling the complete truth. She stood up and stretched
for a few seconds. "Excellent. 100 percent."

"Good," Destiny said. "I'm glad I could finally help instead of hinder."

Andrea nodded appreciatively. "So what was the favour you wanted?"

"To be honest," she said. "I want to meet the Zentradi friend of yours. Zog,
I think his name is."

"Why?" Andrea said sceptically.

"Because I've never met a Zentradi and Irene said he wasn't what she
expected. I want to see for myself."

"I guess we can arrange that. But if you try anything, I have my weapons

They started walking. It was a good two hour walk away to keep him at safe
distance from the Coalition's patrols and Andrea finally arrived at his
clearing with Claire. He was sitting off to the side whistling. "Zog,"
Andrea called out.

"Andrea," he said looking over happily. "You're back. I was wondering how
much longer you would make me wait here."

"I'm sorry about that. Sometimes I forget that you can't come anywhere near
the tower."

"Yes well do try to remember. It gets awfully boring out here. Who's your


"That's an unusual name," Zog said.

"I'm an Invid," Destiny clarified without hesitation.

Zog stood up angrily and looked at the horizon. "What did you bring her here
for, Andrea?"

"She wanted to meet you. I don't think she's a threat to anyone so I didn't
see the harm."

"You didn't see that harm?" He said skeptically. "Now she knows my position.
She could send a fleet after me."

"Will you stop being paranoid for a minute? Irene already knows where you
are. If the Invid wanted to send anyone they would have weeks ago."

Zog grumbled, realizing the truth behind Andrea's words and sat down again,
still none to impressed. "What do you want?" He asked coldly.

"I..." Destiny wasn't sure what to say now that she was there. "I just wanted
to meet a Zentradi. I've never met one before.

"Well, now you have. Off you go." He gestured casually into the forest.
Andrea glared at him and he sighed. "Please accept my apologies. The Great
Andrea has vouched for you and we all know she's always right, don't we," he
said sarcastically. "My name is Zog, humbly at your service," he did a bit
of a bowing motion from his sitting position and feeling he made his point,
looked away as if he was ready to ignore the two of them.

"Maybe we should go," Andrea said to Destiny quietly. Destiny only shook her
head. She walked closer to Zog so she was within his arms reach.

"Careful, I may crush you with my arm. Like all Zentradi I have a horrible
violent temper." Apparently his sarcasm knew no bounds, Andrea thought to

"I'm not here to argue with you, Zog. I just wanted to talk. We, the Invid I
mean, have made some pretty terrible mistakes over the last few years. We
tend to get over-emotional and allow our pain or anger to guide our actions
instead of our wits."

"I could have told you that," he said.

Destiny ignored him. "I just want to say sorry."

That got his attention. He turned to look down at her and raised an eyebrow
suspiciously, as if she were up to something. "Go on."

"I can't apologize on behalf of my race, but I can apologize for them. As I
said I've never met a Zentradi before. I don't know what I would have done
if I met one a year ago, but I'm attempting to open my eyes to outside
perceptions of us, among other things. And, for all the other Invid that are
still too angry to be here, including Irene, I'm sorry that your race has
been treated so poorly after the war was over."

"I see..." He knelt down so his head was near to the ground and looked her
in the eyes. Destiny stood her ground. There was a long moment of silence
and Andrea didn't dare to guess what was going through either of their heads.
Finally, Zog spoke up again. "Apology accepted. Find a keg or two of beer and
come back here tomorrow. We'll have a drink together." Andrea's eyes went
wide. She couldn't believe that the two of them were actually both being

"I'll be here," Destiny said with a smile. "See you then."


Destiny began walking away. Andrea looked over her shoulder to give Zog a
strange look and he only shrugged happily. Andrea jogged to catch up to
Destiny and walked beside her out of the small glade.

They walked for a few more minutes before Destiny spoke up. "Listen, I was
thinking. Now that the All Mother has apologized to you, in a sense, maybe
we can open up some sort of negotiations between Invid and humans. You know,
figure out some kind of compromise that works for everyone."

"Damn are you full of surprises today."

"I'm just trying to make things better."

Well, opening up negotiations is what I've been trying to do," Andrea said.

"I know, but now you have someone to listen to you. I was thinking we could
meet with Irene and Claire at the same time to get a few extra opinions on

"Does that mean I can bring a few people?"

"Sure, but I'm pretty sure the All Mother will only listen to you. She
respects you. She doesn't respect many humans."

"Will the she follow along with any of the things we agree upon?"

"I suspect so," Destiny said. "I can discuss anything we go over with her
and get some kind of reaction but if Irene, Claire and I can all agree on
something I'm sure she will abide by it as well."

"What about the Coalition? They may not listen to what I think is fair. They
may want an all or nothing approach."

"We can deal with that bridge when we come to it. For now let's just start

"Agreed. When do you want to start?"

"How about now? Irene and Claire are both available."

"Okay," Andrea nodded. "But it will have to be out here. I wouldn't suggest
discussing it in the tower."

"I'll tell them to meet us here then. It should only take them about thirty
minutes." Destiny stopped walking and sat down. Andrea did the same thing
across the path from her. There was a silence for nearly ten minutes before
Andrea finally caved and asked the question she desperately wanted to ask.

"Why the change of heart?"

"Because you were right Andrea. With everything you said to me back in Salt
Lake, and in Chetumal. If we had sat down and talked on either of those
occasions we could have saved a great deal of bloodshed. I just didn't want
to believe that humans were capable of reason."

Andrea laughed. "I felt the same way about Invid for a while." There was
another short pause. "What changed your mind about us?"

Destiny smiled. "The same thing that changed your mind about us. Irene."

Andrea smiled back. "Who would have thought, eh?"

* * *

The first afternoon talk went well but not much got accomplished. There
wasn't any fighting per say but neither side really got a chance to bring up
any issues. The meeting mainly centered on establishing and then correcting
each sides opinions of the other. Something both parties knew in their hearts
but had to be done nonetheless for clarities sake.

They agreed to meet again in two days at noon and Claire suggested that
Andrea should tell the Coalition that she was considering opening up talks
with the Invid to gauge their response to the matter before mentioning that
talks were actually already underway.

* * *

"And then what happened?" Kitty asked. Andrea had been telling her about the
days events and Andrea had just finished explaining her interactions with
Claire and Zog.

"Then I met with the three Invid around here to see if we could work out
some kind of fair deal for land and whatnot. Unfortunately nothing yet, but
they're willing to meet with me again tomorrow."

"Well that's good news," Kitty said enthusiastically. "And you're completely
healed now?"

"Yeah," Andrea said. "Near as I can tell, not a thing wrong. I feel great."

"Wow," Kitty said and walked over to sit on the bed beside Andrea. "Listen,
you remember back when we left Jewel behind and I made you agree to have sex
with me on a regular basis for me to agree to it?"

"Yeah," Andrea said not sure where Kitty was going.

"Well you don't have to if you don't want to. I was thinking about it and
it wasn't really a fair thing to ask. So if you don't want to anymore, you
know... Just let me know, okay?"

Andrea was more than a little surprised. "Why would you assume I didn't want

"You've been gone for a couple months now. That's a long time. People change
over that amount of time and..." Andrea interrupted her with a kiss, thinking
it was probably the best way to shut her up and convince her that she didn't
plan to back out of their agreement.

Kitty immediately melted into Andrea's arms and opened her mouth slightly to
let her tongue out. It met with Andrea's and the two French kissed for a
short time before Kitty moved a hand to Andrea breast and began massaging it.
"I'm not backing out of our deal. Nor do I want to."

"In that case," Kitty said, reaching for the bottom of Andrea's shirt. "In
that case I have plans for you."

"Is that so?" Andrea said, already wet. She wanted nothing more then a little
bit of sex. Or a lot of it, for that matter. Kitty lifted Andrea's shirt over
her heard to reveal her firm B-cup breasts and already hard nipples. Kitty
laid Andrea down on her back and lifted her arms high towards the headboard
of the bed. Her calves dangled over the end of the bed and with a quick
motion, Kitty pulled something out of a drawer and blindfolded her. A few
seconds later another silk scarf came out and tied Andrea's wrists to the
headboard. She laid there helpless and topless, but looking forward to what
was about to happen with unprecedented anticipation.

Kitty grasped, Andrea's breasts and palmed them firmly. She rubbed her hands
back and forth, enjoying the feel of the warm, soft skin against her hands.
Andrea, enjoyed the feeling more. Her labia swelled and she was so wet that
small drops were coming out of her vagina. Her nipples felt painfully tight.
When Kitty knelt down to take one into her mouth it hardly helped the matter.
"Ohhhh," Andrea moaned and arched her back. Kitty let the one nipple out of
her mouth and dragged her tongue to Andrea's other breast, leaving a wet line
crossing her cleavage.

When Kitty was finished with Andrea's other nipple, she released her breasts
and Andrea felt nothing for a short while. Kitty was getting undressed. In
no time at all her shirt was removed and small breasts exposed. Her slight
frame led into a narrow waist and hips before becoming obscured in tight
sweatpants. Kitty arched her thumbs into the waistbands and took them off as
well to reveal her tight ass and bald pubic area. She walked to the end of
the bed and grabbed Andrea's pants. Slowly, she brought them down to her
pubic hair and down past her hips, relishing in the view as Andrea's partly
grown back landing strip inched into sight. Kitty licked her lips and her
hands disappeared again.

"Where do you keep going?" Andrea asked, a little frustrated by the lack of
actual sex so far.

"I'm just getting things ready," she said playfully. Andrea heard the small
bar fridge open and Kitty came back over. "I'm kind of hungry."

"Hungry for what?" Andrea asked, hoping it would involve her somehow.

"A sundae."

Andrea suddenly felt something extremely cold on her nipple. "huuuuhhhhhh,"
she gasped. It began to melt immediately and slid down into her cleavage. Her
nipple got even harder, if that's possible, and her sternum started getting
cold as it continued to melt and dribble past her collar bone. "What is

"Ice cream," Kitty said matter-of-factly. "What else are you going to make a
sundae with?" She felt another spoonful on her other nipple and gasped loudly
again. Kitty then grabbed the two half melted pieces, and placing them in the
palm of each hand pressed them into Andrea's nipples once more. This time
however, she kept her hand there to keep the cold in one spot. She rubbed
Andrea's breasts like before and small streams of melted ice cream dribbled
out from Kitty's palms, down the smooth curve of her breasts.

She suddenly felt another spoonful in her bellybutton and that one was left
there to melt at its own will. Kitty went away again and felt her return at
the base of the bed with a hand on each thigh and tongue on Andrea's pussy.
She licked up and down a few times, getting a good taste for her lover before
withdrawing her tongue. "You're wet," she said.

"Huh," Andrea breathed. "I wonder why?"

Kitty giggled, "you ready?"

"For what?"

"The sundae." Andrea felt something cold press against the entrance to her
pussy. "I'm not a big fan of cold dishes so I thought I'd warm it up." With
two fingers, Kitty pushed a large glob of freezing cold ice cream inside
Andrea's body. She then followed with another spoonful. "Lift your hips up
so it doesn't drip out," she said and Andrea did as instructed. She put her
feet at the base of the mattress and lifted up so her butt was in the air.
A shiver went through her body as the ice cream started to melt inside her.

As she was about to shiver a second time, she felt something press up against
her pussy again, but this time it wasn't cold. It squirted a thick liquid
inside. "Chocolate sauce," Kitty explained before shovelling in another scoop
of ice cream.

"Unnnnh, it's so cold," Andrea said as a shiver went over her again. Her
nipples were still painfully hard and her clit was protruding well out from
its cover. There was another squirt of chocolate sauce and then Kitty shoved
in something small and firm.

"Strawberries," she clarified. She put in about four and Andrea was feeling
very full. Not to mention the fact that all the ice cream had yet to melt.
Her insides were getting numb but the feelings that her clit was sending to
the rest of her body was unbelievable. Kitty pressed one more scoop of ice
cream in with two fingers and then came back with another firm object.
"Cherry, to top it off," she said and pressed it in. Andrea's labia slowly
closed around it and a stream of white drizzled out of her, down past her
ass hole and along her butt.

Kitty licked at the drop from her asshole back up to her pussy to clean it
up and Andrea shivered again. She figured it hadn't even half melted yet.
Kitty's tongue played at the entrance to her pussy just briefly before
disappearing again. Andrea wondered what she was up to now when she felt the
same cold feeling against her ass. "Whoa, whoa," Andrea said as a finger
shoved in a spoonful of ice cream. "It's too cold. Whoa." She shivered
violently and her nipples felt as if they were about to explode. Her clit
was the biggest it has ever been and by far the most sensitive. Just Kitty's
breathing from a few inches away was nearing her to climax. Another spoonful
went into her ass with a constant but gentle shove from Kitty's finger.
"Mmmmmm," Andrea moaned. "What is it with you and playing with my ass?"

"I like your ass," Kitty said simply.

A squirt of chocolate sauce entered Andrea as if in answer, followed by
another spoonful of ice cream and a few strawberries. Kitty had to put her
palm against Andrea's pussy to keep anything from popping out as she shoved
the third strawberry past her sphincter and into her rectum. Andrea felt
incredibly full while at the same time felt like she desperately needed to
use the bathroom. Kitty shoved in one more spoonful of ice cream and finally
finished it off with the cherry. Andrea shuddered again and moaned loudly.
Her rectum closed around the tip of Kitty's finger with a quiet wet "schluck"
sound and as if on cue, there was a knock on the door. "Shit," Andrea said
quietly. "Who is it?" For some reason she looked at the time. 7:58. Why did
that time seem important?

"It's Jack."

"Fuck," she said to herself a little louder than intended.

"What?" He said from the other side of the door, "can I come in?"

"Just a minute," Andrea said and tried to stand but found herself still tied.
"Shit, shit, shit. Kitty can you untie me?"

"Uh, sure," she said not quite sure what all the fuss was about. "But you
should just tell him to come later."

"I can't," Andrea said. "We arranged a time already." Kitty freed her hands.
"Grab me a towel, okay?"

"Sure," she went to the bathroom and Andrea undid the blindfold. She stood up
quickly and rushed over to the door. In one motion she grabbed the towel as
Kitty came out of the bathroom and gestured for her to go back. Andrea
wrapped the towel around her breasts and opened the door as casually as she
was able. The ice cream still hadn't melted and she felt so stuffed that she
had to stand with her legs slightly apart.

"Hey Jack," she said as casually as she could. She could feel a dribble of
ice cream trailing down her thigh. It wouldn't be long until it would be
below the towel. "Eyes up," she said catching him as is gaze drifted

"Sorry," he smiled in a way that Andrea thought was somehow too sheepish for
a general. "I'm a little early... I'm guessing you're not quite ready?"

"Uh, no, sorry. It's taking longer then I thought."

"Ah," he stood there a moment as if unsure of what to say. "Did you get the

"Dress?" Andrea didn't remember seeing a dress around.

"In the box by the door."

"Oh yeah, it's beautiful." She forced a smile and hopped her bluff would

"Great," he hesitated again for a minute as another awkward pause filled the

"Do you want to wait inside?" Andrea blurted out without thinking. Inwardly
she cringed at the stupid idea.

"Sure," he said. Andrea didn't even know why she was being so foolish. She
never had to keep it from him that Kitty was in the room with her. But now
that she had her hiding in the bathroom she didn't have much choice. Andrea
opened the door for him and looked around for the box he mentioned. She found
it sitting on a chair and picked it up. With a smile she took it hurriedly
into the bathroom. At this point there were two trails of liquid, each going
down her inner right thigh. One had reached her knee and the other, from her
ass, was still a little higher up.

He sat down on the bed and she closed the bathroom door. Kitty was sitting
on the side of the tub waiting for her. "Did you just invite him in?" She
said quietly. She was still naked and leaning forward with her elbows on her
knees. Andrea looked down at her and couldn't help but admire the way her
small breasts pushed together.

"I couldn't help it," she whispered. "I couldn't think of what else to say."

"How about, ‘I'll meet you at the restaurant,' or wherever you two are

"Look, it's done now. I should just get ready and head off." Andrea shuddered
and was reminded about the ice cream inside her. It was mostly melted now and
trickling out at a good speed.

Kitty smiled and looked down at the white trail flowing down Andrea's thighs.
She dragged her finger along one of the trails and tasted it. "Mmm, you're
not going anywhere until I'm done with you. He'll just have to wait."

"Honestly Kitty, I'd love to stay but..." She was interrupted as Kitty
inserted a pointer finger into Andrea's cold, wet and full pussy to the
second knuckle. She curled it upwards, feeling the rougher skin that
identified Andrea's G spot and pulled, guiding Andrea until the standing
woman was next to her. Andrea's crotch was about head high so Kitty
wasted no time withdrawing her finger and digging her tongue into the
strawberries and cream filled hole in front of her. The sides of her
breasts pressed against Andrea's thighs and she felt the sticky ice
cream that had been rolling down smear onto her chest. "huuuh," Andrea
gasped as Kitty's warm tongue balanced off the cold and began to warm
her insides back up again.

Kitty relished in the taste of her home made ‘sundae' and took her time
eating out Andrea's pussy. Meanwhile, Andrea was in heaven. Her chest was
flushed and she put her arms on the shower rod to hold her balance. Her
raised arms lifted her breasts and pointed her stiff nipples upwards. Then,
to allow Kitty easier access lifted a leg onto the rim of the tub beside
Kitty. The brunette took the hint and grabbing Andrea by the ass leaned
into her work, smearing her nose against Andrea's clit while her tongue
continued to warm her lovers' innards.

Suddenly, without warning Kitty grabbed Andrea's leg that was still standing
straight off the floor and pulled it towards her by the knee. Andrea's
stomach sunk as her legs gave way and she shifted her weight to her arms,
hoping that the shower rod could support her. It did. At least for the time
being. Kitty, still holding Andrea's leg by the knee as if without a care,
wrapped it around her head and then did the same to her other one. Without
hesitation she buried her face in Andrea's crotch, tonguing at her insides
before licking up and down her slit and then returning inside once more.

"Mmph," Andrea bucked, causing her stomach to tighten and the muscles in her
arms to clench. She swung slightly but couldn't go far thanks to Kitty's face
in her sex and when Kitty rubbed her tongue back and forth across her clit,
she bucked again and her muscles tightened further. "Unnnh, keep doing that."
Andrea shut her eyes tightly as Kitty continued to tongue at her clit
vigorously. Andrea's pussy began to tighten and then bucked once more into
Kitty's face as an orgasm washed over her. Her arms felt weak and she got
light headed. Briefly, she thought she was going to fall but managed to
support herself. But the added weight on the shower rod made it creak and
Andrea felt it shudder.

With a sudden jerk, it gave way and popped out of each side of the wall. She
fell to the ground on her back with a large thump and the shower rod clanged
on the tile. "Are you okay?" Kitty and Jack said in unison. Jack was
immediately on the other side of the door and probably didn't hear Kitty over
his own voice and the wood separating the two.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Andrea said at a normal volume, still laying on the floor.
Her back felt a little sore but her pussy was still pulsing from orgasm and
she found herself more than a little distracted from the pain. She was trying
to keep her voice steady through her pussy's convulsions. "The shower rod
just fell right off."

"I'll go phone maintenance right away," Jack said. "I can get them to come up
in an hour once we're gone."

"Sounds good," Andrea said. "I'm just finishing up here. I'll be a few more

"No hurry," Jack said. "I already let the restaurant know we'd be a little

"Mmm," Andrea moaned quietly as the last pulses from her nether region
tapered off. Kitty reached down and gently inserted a finger back inside
Andrea's sex. Andrea twitched as it made its way inside. Once Kitty had
driven it home, she pulled it out and brought it up to her lips. Sexily
she slipped it into her mouth and sucked it clean.

"You taste like chocolate ice cream," she said with a smile. "I wonder what
your ass tastes like." Kitty didn't wait for a response. She grabbed Andrea
by the hips and helped her stand. Then turned her around and bent her over
the counter. There was another quiet thud as her knee hit the cupboard door.

"Don't worry, I'm okay Jack." Her breath gave out on the last word as Kitty
shoved a finger all the way into her ass. It was still pretty full thanks
to the strawberries and the ice cream that had yet to find its way out and
Kitty's finger forced a few more drops to make their exit. "Mmph," Andrea
moaned quietly. "You're evil," she said to Kitty only half joking as the
finger curled inside her and she felt another wave of pleasure wash over
her. She shuddered and Kitty removed her finger.

She felt movement behind her and Kitty's sticky hands pressed against her
buttocks. They spread her cheeks open and after a moment, Andrea felt a warm
object in the space between her pussy and ass. It was obviously Kitty's
tongue and it played there for a moment before dipping down to taste Andrea's
pussy. Andrea shuddered again, still sensitive from the recent orgasm and the
cold. Kitty moved her tongue back out and dragged it upwards to her ass. A
few seconds later the small pink organ was making its way into Andrea's
rectum and she turned on the tap on high to cover up the noise of her next:

Andrea had instinctively puckered up her rear hole and Kitty couldn't get
very far inside. "Come on, relax," she whispered. "Relax or I'll make you
stay here all night."

Andrea sighed in pleasure as Kitty's tongue flickered at the entrance to her
back hole and she did relax, as best as she was able. As soon as Kitty felt
Andrea's sphincter loosen slightly she shoved her tongue in as far as it
could go. She immediately tasted chocolate ice cream once again and she felt
a bit of a lump that used to be a strawberry but had since been crushed,
probably thanks to Andrea's orgasm. With a little effort, Kitty managed to
get her tongue underneath it and then slid it in between her tongue and the
roof of Andrea's rectum towards its point of entrance.

Kitty curled her tongue and then withdrew it, taking the mashed strawberry
into her mouth. She bit into it a couple of times, pleasantly surprised
that it tasted just like a strawberry in ice cream and swallowed. "This is
definitely how I'm going to eat all my desserts in the future." She dug her
tongue in and with a little more effort scooped out another one, this time
bringing some more chocolate sauce with it. "Or would you rather I find
another way?"

"Mmm," Andrea moaned as she pressed her tongue in for a third time to go
searching for the final strawberry. "Any orifice you want is at your
disposal, twenty-four/seven."

Kitty finally removed the third one. "I'll take you up on that." Kitty dug
her tongue in one final time and played around for a few minutes. Andrea
was incredibly turned on again and could only look at her own bent over
reflection in the mirror. The sink was starting to fill with water despite
the open drain so she turned the tap off. "Turn around, I want to fuck you...
right... now..."

Andrea turned as she was told and Kitty pressed into her. Her small breasts
pushed against Andrea's average sized ones and she lifted Andrea's butt onto
the counter. Andrea was only about half sitting on the sink, so her pussy
was still easily reachable. Kitty lifted a leg gracefully over Andrea's and
pressed her pussy up even tighter against her lovers sex. Andrea's entire
pubic area was slick with cum and ‘sundae' runoff and when Kitty began to
slide her sex against Andrea's it moved incredibly easily.

Soon Kitty had an arm around Andrea's waist and another around her shoulder
and was bucking hard against her. The brisk motion was forcing their labia
apart, thus exposing their clits to each other. It didn't take much longer
until Andrea tensed up again and breathing heavily, clenched her muscles and
buried her face into Kitty's neck. Her hard nipples pressed into the flesh
on Kitty's chest.

When Kitty felt the first few pulses of liquid from Andrea's slick pussy
flow against her clit, she immediately stopped bucking and held Andrea
ightly as her own orgasm sent her into small convulsions. "I love you,"
Kitty said quietly as she held Andrea's head against her shoulder. Andrea
didn't speak, she only continued to twitch against her partner, now covered
in a thin layer of sweat.

Eventually Andrea responded, but wasn't able to say the same words back, "I

The two held each other for another minute or two and Andrea realized that
she had probably been in the bathroom a good twenty minutes without even
starting to get ready. "I really have to get ready."

Kitty smiled. "Let's get you ready then."

While Andrea wiped some of the cum and ice cream residue off of her with a
damp cloth, Kitty unpacked the dress that Andrea got from Jack and unpacked
it. It was black and looked like it was pretty revealing for a formal dress.
Kitty lowered it next to the floor so Andrea could step into it while she
wiped her chest clean of sweat. Andrea turned to the mirror and finding some
makeup on the counter put on some light red lipstick and some darker eye
shadow that would go with the black in the dress.

Meanwhile Kitty had lifted the strapless dress into position and carefully
zipped it up at the back. Andrea looked at it to find it was indeed rather
revealing but she instantly fell in love with it. It went down to her ankles
but had a long slit down her right leg that went all the way up the outside
of her leg just slightly passed her crotch. If she was leaning forward at
just the right angle, someone might get a surprising view considering she
wore no underwear.

It was tight along the waist and hips, all the way up to the top of her
breasts where it ended just an inch or two above her nipples. The back was
tied in several places with tightly crossed laces, but for the most part
remained entirely bare from the shoulders down to where one could get a
slight hint of the crack of her ass. The front, on the other hand had a
stripe of transparent material that ran from just on the inside of each
nipple down gradually getting wider until it reached her hips and ended
only mili-meters above her pubic hair. Four long black triangles, as if
they were spokes on the end of a wheel broke up the transparent fabric over
her stomach and tapered to a point about two thirds of the way to the other
side of her torso. "Wow," was all Kitty could say.

"Sorry?" Came Jack's reply from the other side of the door. Andrea was now
concentrating on her hair, getting the tangles out of it so the curls floated
down to her mid back. Two stray curls hung down over her face which Andrea
found particularly satisfying.

"Heels," Andrea said thinking quickly. "I can't find any proper shoes."

"They're in the box with the dress," Jack said. Kitty immediately went
through it and pulled out a pair of two inch slender, high-heels. Andrea
stepped into them and looked to Kitty.

"How do I look?" She asked matter-of-factly.

"Like the hottest damn thing I've ever seen," Kitty said truthfully. She
grabbed Andrea's hand and moved it to her pussy. "Feel. I think I'm wetter
then I've ever been before." Andrea felt and Kitty wasn't joking. She was
literally dripping.

"Am I ready?"

Kitty looked her up and down. She admired the dress once more before looking
to Andrea's face. Her make-up had been applied well and considering she had
rarely seen Andrea in the stuff it made the affect even more striking. She
put on a slight amount of blush for Andrea and took another step back. She
looked in the make-up kit and found a package of tiny reflective sparkles.
She let a few fall over Andrea's cleavage and collar bone. "You're done. Go
have fun."

Andrea smiled and opened the door once Kitty had a chance to get out of
sight. She walked out. "Sorry that took so long but I promise I'm ready to
go," Andrea said already feeling bad that Jack had been waiting for nearly
an hour.

His jaw went slack when he saw her. "What?" He said, not having heard. His
mind was obviously elsewhere.

"I said I'm sorry I'm late."

He shook his head. "I could have waited ten years for just a glimpse of you
like this and not been disappointed."

Andrea couldn't help but blush. She did feel incredibly sexy. Jack was
staring into her brown eyes, heightened by the hint of dark eye shadow.

"Don't mention it," he said and offered an elbow towards her. Andrea wrapped
her hand in it and moved with him towards the door.

"You picked out a beautiful dress."

He laughed awkwardly. "To be honest I got the shop keeper to pick it out. I
have such bad taste I figured I would ruin it if I even looked at it. I had
no idea she would pick something so..."


"Yeah... Hope you don't mind."

"I just said it was beautiful didn't I?"

He laughed again, this time feeling a little more like himself. "Yeah. Yeah
you did." He closed the door behind them and they made their way to dinner.

* * *

Andrea was instantly impressed with the restaurant. It was obviously not just
a place for drinks and judging by the looks of the clients it served the
towers more elite members. They were brought to a quiet two person table in a
secluded corner and given menus. Andrea noticed more than a few gazes her way
from a lot of the men in the room.

"So," Jack said after picking up a menu. "What do you want to eat?"

"I have no idea," Andrea said looking at her own list of food. Half the stuff
she didn't even recognize. "Calamari?" She asked.

"Deep fried squid."


"Snails in a cream sauce." Andrea made a disgusted face as he said it. "It's
not for everyone but it is pretty good," he said with a smile.


"Toast with tomatoes and herbs and stuff on top of it."

"That one sounds like a good start."

Jack turned to the waiter, "we'll get an order of bruschetta to start

"Of course," the waiter said and headed towards the kitchen.

"So what do you think of the place?" Jack said.

"It's..." she was a little short on words. "Fancy."

"It is that," he said. "Do you mind if I do something a little

Andrea raised an eyebrow. "What's that?"

"I want to talk business for a few minutes."

Andrea laughed, expecting something entirely different. "Sure. But only a few
minutes. I actually have some business for you too."

"Alright then. I'll go first. We (and by we I mean the Coalition) have a bit
of a problem."


"You've heard that a quarter million people have moved her recently?"

"Yeah. I heard about that."

"Well with all those people we have about fifty thousand that want to join
the military but our training facility can only take about five thousand of
those people."

"That still leaves an awful lot of new recruits on the waiting list."


"So what does that have to do with me?"

"I want to recruit you again."

"For what," Andrea said suspiciously.

"To train as many people as you can handle. I'm sure between you and your
people you can take a few thousand off the list at least. Help us work
through the numbers."

Andrea shook her head and took a sip of water. "I told you I don't work for

Jack frowned. "I see your opinion of us hasn't changed."

"Why would it? Don't get me wrong Jack, I think you're a great guy and I'm
very grateful for everything you've done for me. But one good person does
not a good army make."

Jack hesitated, "what if I told you, that you don't have to give the army

Andrea perked up at this. "What do you mean? What would be the point then?"

"I can give you as many people as you can train. You can use our facilities
and report to us, but in the end, you won't answer to us."

"What could possibly be the advantage in that. From your point of view I
mean. I'm sure the higher ups don't exactly like me."

"Hah. Well I'm a higher up. I like you. And so does General Holland I'd say.
That's two of the people on the council."

"Somehow I doubt two is a majority."

"True, but most of the others have no reason to dislike you. Besides, I'm the
military advisor so it's my decision in the end. And I believe that if it
came down to it, and we needed your services, that you would choose to help
us because I believe that what we do, we do because it's right."

Andrea had to admit she was tempted. "I train them in my own style. My own


"I'll train them outside of the tower."

Jack nodded, "agreed again."

"Do you have enough weapons for them?"

"That depends on how many you can take."

"I'll take all of them. All or nothing."

Jack looked a little surprised at that. "Andrea, we're talking about 45,000
people here. Even you can't handle training that many at one time."

"I'll make it work," Andrea said as he looked back at her sceptically.

"I'm not sure if you understand what..." He stopped talking as Andrea shook
her head. "No, of course you understand what you're saying." He stopped once
more for a drink of water. "This one I'll have to clear with the council."

"You do that. Don't forget to let me know what they say."

"Hah, no. Of course not." He looked around briefly and noticed the wine list
on the side of the table. "Oh, I'm sorry. Did you want some wine or champagne
or something?" He picked it up to look over it.

"Well you did say you were going to get me drunk."

"Hm, I guess I did at that. I hear the raspberry chardonnay is a good choice.
In the mood for something a little more unusual?"


"Excellent." He flagged down a waiter and ordered a bottle. "So what business
did you have for me?"

"I wanted to know what the Coalition's stand point would be if I were to open
up negotiations with the Invid."

"How would you do that. As yet we have been unable to even contact them, let
alone open up negotiations."

"Let's just say I have an ‘in,'" Andrea said. "So? What would you say?"

He thought for a moment. "I'd say it's a good route to go. I would want a
Coalition representative to sit in on the talks."

"That may not be possible. I think they'll only talk to me."

"I see. In that case..." He stopped talking while the bottle of chardonnay
was placed on the table and glasses poured. "In that case, I imagine I'd have
to oppose the idea. Without a Coalition representative there, we have now way
of guaranteeing our interests are being considered. Like it or not Andrea,
there are six million people that are either in the military or in cities
under our control. That's one fifth the population of the America's."

"And I'm looking out for the other four fifths."

"That may be so, but they don't know that. You can't tell people what they

"Do you want the Invid gone?"

He sighed. "Of course I do, but let's face it, the chances of that happening
through negotiations are minimal to zero."

"We won't know until we try."

"True." He took a sip of his drink. "Listen, Andrea. I don't want to upset
you with matters of state, especially since you took the time to dress up
like this and meet me on a date, but who made you humanities ambassador?"


"Hm? I don't understand."

"I said I got it by default, when no one else wanted the job."

"What do you think the Coalition is trying to do?"

"Well they're sure as hell not ambassadors. Military or political leaders
can't be ambassadors Jack. Their position forces them to lose their interest
in those that haven't joined them."

"And how many people are under your command Andrea? In York and Oaxaca?"

Andrea looked surprised. She didn't think he knew about her expanding
military force. "How do you know about that?"

"We do have Coalition agents in both aforementioned cities. You have to keep
track of the places not under your control. To make sure they don't end up as
enemies. Are you going to end up that way?"

"I suppose that depends on you and the rest of the council, doesn't it?"

There was an awkward silence for a few minutes. Eventually Jack spoke. "Well,
enough business for one day, what do you say to that?"

"I couldn't agree more."

The rest of dinner was a little awkward for a while but after a few glasses
of chardonnay, it settled back into the casual friendly routine that she so
often experienced with Jack.

By the time the two were leaving, they had finished off the first bottle and
made it most of the way through a second. Andrea was feeling a little light
headed but more obvious then that, she was horny. Alcohol always made her

The two left the restaurant together and Andrea was hoping that the night
wasn't quite over. "You want to come back to my room for a while?" She said.
She was more than conscious of how good she looked in the dress and played it
up to the best of her ability, walking with her hips and keeping her back
straight with her chest forward.

"I have something I want to show you first," Jack said. He grabbed her
gently by the elbow and led her into the elevator. The got out at floor 21
and walked down the hall until he arrived at an inconspicuous looking door.
"After you," he said and Andrea opened it and walked inside. Jack followed
and closed the door behind him.

"Where's a light? I can't see anything." Jack flicked the light on and Andrea
got a good look around. It was a closet. "A closet?" She said repeating her

"It's the only civilian place in the tower that doesn't have any surveillance
equipment. No one can listen to what we say in here."

"You mean people have listened to everything I've said since I arrived here?"
Andrea was more upset than surprised. Her horny thoughts immediately vanished
as Jack nodded.

"It's not my idea, but it does allow us to keep track of security risks
inside the building."

"So I'm a security risk?" Now she was getting angry.

"Quite frankly, yes. At least from the perspective of the council."

"And what about from your perspective?"

"I think you're the most honorable person I know. And I /know/ you're a
security risk, but I also /know/ that you won't cause any trouble unless we
give you reason to."

Andrea felt a little better after hearing that. "So why did you bring me

"I wanted to tell you that I can arrange for you to get all of the new
recruits. But I also want to tell you that the Espionage Minister will put
some of his people in with them. If you step out of line, they'll take you

"I can handle myself."

"I know you can, but you also need to know what you're getting yourself into.
It's going to be a dangerous job. I won't even know who the spies are."

Andrea nodded, "I appreciate the warning."

"There's something else you should know as well," he said. He walked over to
a small bench and sat down. "They're only offering you these people so that
they can get on your good side. They think that if they let you use their
facilities, their people and their teaching methods that you'll be easier to
control if you become someone they think needs dealing with."

"I notice you're using the word "they" a lot but you're the only one who
knows me well enough to suggest and implement a plan like that."

"True, it was my idea. I suggested that they make friends with you, instead
of enemies and it's a recommendation that I still stick with."

Andrea nodded. "Thank-you for being honest with me."

He smiled. "I really do want to be your friend, Andrea. I like you a great

"I know. I like you too." They paused for a minute and Andrea walked over.
She grabbed him around the lower back and slowly pressed her body up against
his. She then moved in for a kiss but waited once her lips were nearly at
his, to make sure he wanted the same. She felt butterflies in her stomach
and hadn't been this nervous about a kiss since she made out with Keri for
the first time.

Just as she hoped, he met her lips with his own and kissed her passionately.
He pulled her close to him and ran his hands down her back until they stopped
on her ass. Andrea broke the kiss and looked up at him. He was only an inch
or two taller when she was wearing her heels. "I have something I need to
tell you too."

"Go ahead," he said listening intently.

Andrea hesitated a moment, "as you may have guessed from how many times
you've seen me naked, I'm not too worried about other people seeing me that
way." He nodded encouraging her to go on. "Well, I'm also not too worried
about having sex with other people either. I just wanted you to know that
it's not a matter of loyalty to me, it's a matter of freedom. If we keep
going down this road, I don't think it's something I can do to stick
exclusively to you."

"I see..." He was obviously disappointed.

"I'm sorry, I just wanted to tell you before we got any further. I didn't
want you to get hurt."

He nodded, "I appreciate you being straight with me. Maybe it is a good idea
if we take things a little slowly so I have time to think about it."

Andrea nodded slowly. She had a frown on her face and gave him a hug. "If we
can make something out of this then that's great. I just don't want to screw
it up."

"Me either. And I don't want to loose you just because I can't share. Let me
think about it, okay?"

Andrea nodded again. "Maybe we should get going then."

"Maybe we should."

"See you tomorrow?"

Jack smiled. "Mind if I ask you a question first?"

"Sure, go ahead."

"Why do you do what you do?" Andrea gave him a strange look. "I mean, why are
you always in the thick of things. I can't get one damn report about a major
event in North America without you being in it. Why put yourself in so much
danger all the time?"

"Honestly?" Andrea thought for a minute. "The Invid attack, the Resistance,
the Coalition... the gangs. All these groups are looking out for themselves
and no one else. I guess I see this whole situation as an opportunity. Thanks
to the Invid our race has been set back to square one. Now we have the chance
to start making some changes. The way we eat, the way we treat ourselves,
or each other, the way we have sex, the way we live. We can build a better
world, but we're too busy fighting each other like we used to do, that we're
not getting anywhere.

"I'm trying to build a new, better world, not restore the old shitty one.
That's why I do what I do. If I grow old and die to see humanity still
fighting with each other... well, I don't know. It's just not right. You
know what I mean?"

Jack nodded. "Thanks for explaining it to me. I'll see you later, Andrea."

"See you."

* * *

Andrea was on her way back to her quarters when the elevator doors opened to
reveal Ed standing inside. "Hot damn," were the first words out of his mouth
upon seeing her in the dress. "Ah hope you're goin' up."

"I am now," Andrea said coyly and stepped into the elevator. "What have you
been up to since we got here?"

"Oh me? Ah'm still explorin.' There's an awful lot t' take in around this

"Tell me about it," Andrea said. "What are you up to now?"

"Ah was just heading back to mah room t' relax. You?"

"Just going to do the same. I was out to dinner with Jack."


"He's a general on the council here. We've helped each other out a bit so
decided to go get something to eat."

"Must have been a fancy restaurant."

Andrea nodded. "Too fancy. Did you know that once you reach a certain point,
the fancier a place gets, each meal gets proportionately smaller and more

"Ah can't say ah did know that." The elevator dinged and the doors opened.

Ed exited and Andrea turned to the elevator operator, "thanks."

"My pleasure Ms.," he said and the doors closed.

Ed looked puzzled. "What exactly does that guy do?"

"Pushes the buttons, near as I can tell. That's about it."

"Huh..." Ed reached his door. "You uh... You want to come in for a minute?"

"Yeah, that would be nice."

Ed opened the door for her and she walked through. "They set me up with a
nice room."

Andrea looked around. It was actually a pretty nice set up as far as hotels
went. But that was becoming somewhat expected in Trump Towers. "I can see

Ed suddenly looked down awkwardly. "Look, Andrea, ah have kind of an awkward
question to ask you."


Ed hesitated a bit. "Ah wanted to know where we stand. You know, as an item
as it were."

Andrea's heart hit her stomach. She didn't want another one of these
conversations. "I think..." She sighed. "I think maybe we shouldn't think
too much about it."

"Andrea, ah can take the truth, ah just need to know it."

Andrea looked him in the eyes as if to gauge whether or not he really could.
"Honestly Ed, I'm afraid to commit to a relationship because I don't think it
would be fair. Not to you or anyone else. Too many people are interested and
I'm happy with the way things are now."

He nodded in understanding. "So where exactly does that put us then?"

Andrea shrugged slightly and took a few steps towards him. "Good friends?"

"Ah can deal with good friends."

"And of course, if you're okay with it, I'm always up for a little sport

"In that case, are you doin' anything right now? Ah don't mean to pull the
pity card, but it'd probably make me feel better."

Andrea smiled, "that depends on whether or not you can get me out of this

"Knowin' you ah may not have to." Ed reached out for her and Andrea embraced
him. Ed pulled away after a minute and looked her in the eyes briefly before
kissing her lightly on the lips, slowly working up to more passion. "So what
have we got down here?" He said slipping a hand past the leg slit in the
dress and towards her sex. It was wet and he found a clear lack of underwear.
"Hah, looks like ah was right."

"Well you do know me."

Ed currently had his back to the bed so he hiked up Andrea's dress past her
knees and sat down on the bed, taking her with him. Andrea straddled him and
kissed him once more, this time getting a little more passionate as she felt
the rough fabric of his jeans rub between her thighs. "You sure this is
okay?" He said stopping long enough to ask and get a clear answer.

"Of course I'm sure. I may be a little more ready then most people to drop my
pants, but I still only do it with people I care about."

"Ah know that, that's why I was checking."

Andrea smiled. "I do care about you, you know."

"Well ah know you used to. But with mah doppelganger runnin' around I didn't
know if that changed nothin' or not."

"You're still you. I know that and so does my pussy."

"Well, good enough then."

"What, don't you want me to prove it to you?" Andrea said while reaching
between them to undo his pants.

"Maybe it couldn't hurt."

Andrea kissed him again and he wrapped his arms around her waist, pinning her
arms between them. With a bit of fumbling, she finally got his zipper down
and pulled his stiffening member out of his boxer shorts. She gave it a few
slow strokes and it quickly grew to full size. By this point Ed was necking
her and she fumbled a bit more with his cock before managing to get its head
to its destination.

"Mmmm," Andrea moaned as she sat down on him, pushing his dick all the way
inside her with one stroke. "I love doing this with you."

"Same here," he said. "You always feel, mmm, perfect." He let go of her back
with his right hand and slid it around her body to her breast. Delicately he
began massaging it through the dress while Andrea moved up and down on his
cock, feeling it press against the soft pink tissue inside her.

Andrea gave into the sensations and let her head roll back. The move exposed
more of her neck for Ed to kiss and he took full advantage of it. His one arm
on her back was supporting Andrea to stop her from falling backwards all the
way but she continued to do the real work, casually raising and lowering her
hips in rhythm. After a few minutes she stopped that and began to grind
against him. She could feel his pants against her ass but paid the feeling no
heed. Her stomach flexed back and forth under her dress as she ground into
his sex as hard as she could.

Ed switched support hands so that her other breast could get some attention
and Andrea moaned again. "Hurry up and cum. I'm not going to be long," she
said breathily. The stray curl over her face was becoming matted to her
forehead and her cleavage becoming shiny with sweat. She didn't feel too
tired physically but she was definitely close. The angle she was at was
causing Ed's cock to rub against her G-spot.

"I'm not quite there yet," Ed breathed hoarsely. Andrea didn't hear him. She
rotated her hips around him a few more times and suddenly, unable to control
herself came hard. Ed had to pull her back up tightly against him so she
didn't fall backwards as she began to shudder in his grasp.

"Oooohhhmm," her pussy clamped around Ed's cock and spasmed but it didn't
trigger an equal reaction in Ed. Andrea's pulsing sex and the new coat of
liquid covering his cock only turned him on more. He tried to thrust upwards
a few times, encouraging her to continue but Andrea was quite happy to take
a break. "You didn't get off," she said plainly.

"Uh yeah. But don't worry, ah'll be fine. It was good even without it."
Still, despite his words, he couldn't help but feel a pang of disappointment
when Andrea lifted her pussy off of him and left his soaking wet cock to fend
for itself. He quickly changed her perceptions however as Andrea dropped to
her knees and licked solidly once up the length of his shaft. "Ohhh," he
moaned. "Does this mean you're not done with me yet?"

"Hmm," Andrea smiled. "Not even close."

The second she finished speaking she closed her mouth around the head of his
cock. She could taste herself predominantly on him and still didn't much care
for the idea of that but was more concerned about making sure he enjoyed
himself. "Don't stop now," he moaned and as if in response, Andrea lowered
her head to take his full member into her mouth. Her lips were immediately
glossy with her cum and his cock was immediately smeared lightly with her
lipstick. She flicked her tongue around the head of his dick to try and get
him to enjoy the feeling before lifting her mouth away from him until only
the tip of him was still inside.

Andrea smiled and licked the tip before plunging him back inside her a second
time. He moved his hands to her hair and Andrea continued the same type of
rhythm for another minute or two before he had all he could take and she felt
him tense up. Andrea used the opportunity to tongue at the bottom of his cock
head and the first spurt of his orgasm shot hard onto the roof of her mouth.
She could feel it dripping down to her tongue when the second spurt followed
the first ones course.

Ed moaned and shot a few more before finally laying back exhausted. Andrea
swallowed the full mouthful with over two gulps and then ran her tongue
around the inside of her mouth to find and swallow any cum that stuck there.

Andrea was still in a high from her own orgasm and stood up on slightly
wobbling legs. Her dress fell back into position and she walked around to sit
on the side of the bed where Ed's legs were hanging off. "How was that?" She

"Do you have to ask? It was amazing, as always. Although you seem t' really
like mah cum. Ah always end up inside your mouth at the end."

"Hm," Andrea smiled. "I guess so." She paused for a moment, happy to relax
and come down a bit before leaving. Then, after a few minutes she said,
"Sorry Ed, but I should head off."

"That's okay," he said a little disappointed. "As long as ah can see you
tomorrow sometime."

"Yeah, of course. Have a good night."

"Thanks, you too."

Andrea stood up and removed the smudged lipstick before heading out into the
hall and walking a few doors to her room. She opened the door and was more
than a little surprised to find Thunder inside sitting on a chair by the
table. Tess was there too "What are you doing here?" She said pleasantly
surprised. "And why her?"

"I guess when you spend a night naked next to two beautiful women you just
want more."

Andrea laughed at the joke. "Seriously..."

"Well, apparently you're too good to come see me so I figured I'd come see
you instead. And as for her... she missed you. As I understand it you've been
ill lately so she probably hasn't had much chance to visit."

Andrea smiled and walked over to him. He stood and she hugged him, her head
pressed softly into his shoulder. "I'm sorry. Things have been really crazy."

"I know. I just haven't had a chance to talk to you in months and decided I
couldn't wait any longer. Next time you go somewhere you sure as hell better
take me with you."

"You've got a deal."

"So," he said casually. "Who are you trying to knock out?"

"Knock out?" Andrea didn't understand what he meant.

Thunder stepped back to get a good look at her, "the dress. If someone saw
you in that unprepared you could give them a heart attack or something."

"Hah, thanks for the compliment but I don't think it looks that good."

"Obviously your room doesn't have a mirror."

"Why aren't we just full of witticisms today."

"What can I say, it's hard not to be happy when the woman of your dreams
comes back after two months."

"The woman of your dreams? I think you're getting a little too much altitude
in this tower."

"On the contrary, I feel great. One thing I've had is time and I've thought
it all over several times."

"Thought what over?" Andrea was beginning to grow a little concerned about
where this was heading.

"Why are you so afraid of commitment?" Thunder said changing the subject

"I'm not."

"Prove it then."

"How..." Andrea was still a little concerned.

"I left a gift for you in the bathroom."

"In the bathroom?"

Thunder smiled. "It was the only place I could think to hide it in a suite
with only two rooms." Andrea walked cautiously over to the bathroom and
paused at the door. "It won't bite you. Well... it bit me a few times, but
I think that's all done with now."

Andrea raised an eyebrow and opened the door. On the counter was a display of
flowers with a hand carved wooden box in the approximate shape of a coyote.
Thunder was obviously not a professionally, but it was also obvious he had
put a lot of work in to compensate.

"It's a native tradition..." He paused, "okay, it's actually just my families
tradition but when you run around wearing a loin cloth, you can say things
like that and people believe you."

Andrea laughed. "I hope you didn't just make fun of your people."

He went serious for a moment. "No, I have a great deal of respect for our
ways, but they can seem rather strange to outsiders."

"I suppose so." Andrea looked at the box and the flowers for a moment. "What
is it?" Thunder looked a little disappointed. "I was hoping you'd be able to
see for yourself."

"Hah, no I mean the tradition. I can tell it's a coyote." Andrea's resolve
was already fading. She found herself very impressed with the gesture.

"Oh, my apologies. I suppose I'm a little defensive about it."

"You don't have to be. It's beautiful."

"Thank-you." He walked up behind her and stood just on the other side of the
bathroom door. "My family gives a hand carved box to those they're interested
in solidifying a relationship with. Nothing so formal as marriage, but still
a promise to be with someone when they need you."

Andrea lifted onto her tip toes and kissed him. "It's beautiful but I don't
think I can keep that promise."

"Well, see I thought about that too and I came to the conclusion that I could
live with sharing you with others if you could live with coming back to me
when it counts."

Andrea kissed him again, this time harder. "Let me think about it okay?"


"Either way, this whole thing is very sweet." Andrea kissed him again.

"I'm glad you think so."

The whole thing put Andrea in a much better mood and she was starting to feel
a little flirtatious. She grabbed one of the daffodils from the display and
put the stem in her cleavage. The flower sunk until the petals were an inch
or two above her dress line. Its stem was visible behind the clear fabric
below. "What do you think?"

Thunder was catching on to her flirting and returned with some of his own.
"It's stunning but I still like your other flower better."

"Well, if you help me out of this dress I could probably arrange to let you
have a look."

"Mmm, sounds like fun." Without hesitation he reached around her and pulled
at one of the laces keeping the back of it on. He undid another two, leaving
only the bottom one left and as he pulled the last string there was a knock
at the door. "I'll get it," he said noticing that there was now nothing
holding the top of her dress on.

"No that's okay. It's my room." Andrea clutched the fabric to her breasts and
the rest hung limply at her sides. She opened the door with her free hand to
see Irene on the other side.

"Hey!" Irene gave her a passionate and lengthy kiss on the lips before
inviting herself through the door.

"Hi," Andrea closed the door realizing there was no point in trying to shoe
her back out again. It wouldn't work without hurt feelings. "What are you
doing here Irene?"

"I missed you. I still haven't really seen you since you got back, just
talked to you."

"Oh," Andrea said, not sure what else to say.

"Oh, hi Thunder," Irene said as she saw him near the bathroom door.

"Hello, Irene."

"What are you two doing in here?"

"Uh," Andrea was stumbling. "We're..."

"It's private," Thunder interrupted.

"Oh really?" Irene's excitement grew. "Can I stay and watch?"

Thunder sighed and looked over to Andrea as if to say 'it's up to you.' After
thinking about it for a minute, Andrea answered by moving the hand that was
holding up the top of her dress. The fabric flopped forward and hung from
where the dress was still tight along her waist leaving her completely naked
from the belly button up. "Just keep out of the way, okay?"

"Deal," Irene said and happily moved over to the table in the corner. She
took a seat where Thunder was earlier and grabbed Tess, gently putting the
coyote onto her lap. Tess didn't have enough room to lay down but seemed
happy enough to be sitting and get the extra attention.

Meanwhile Andrea put a sway in her hips and moved towards Thunder. While
walking she hooked her thumbs in the dress and slowly pulled it down passed
her hips. It hit the ground and she stepped out of the mound of fabric to
reveal that the high heels was all she had left on. "What did I do to deserve
this?" Thunder said, half astounded with his luck.

"Enough with the compliments, You've gotten this far haven't you?" Andrea put
her hands on his shoulders and pushed him down onto the bed.

"You're the boss," he said playfully.

"And don't you forget it," she said before she straddled his stomach and took
off two pillow cases and his shirt. She then used the pillow cases to tie his
hands to the headboard. Thunder could feel Andrea's wet pussy rub against his
stomach as she knelt over him to finish the knots. He also found himself
looking at a great view of her stomach and hanging breasts, the later of
which occasionally brushed against his face as she moved while tying him.

Once finished, she sat back up again, displaying her firm breasts and tight
stomach to him from a different angle. Andrea backed down the bed until his
soft cock was in front of her face and she took it into her mouth. It was
easy to get it all in at first but he was quickly becoming hard. Andrea
forgot how big he was as his full twelve inches soon made itself known. She
was forced to bob up and down on the upper half of his sex while using her
hand to pump the rest. It was actually quite a feat of coordination and it
took her a minute to get the rhythm right.

"Ohhh, where did you learn to do that?" Thunder let his body go slack and
enjoy the blow job. Andrea was flicking her tongue over the tip of his cock
each time she pulled her head back in her motions. "Never mind, probably best
I don't know."

"Mmm," Andrea acknowledged through his dick. She flicked her tongue over it
again and felt it flex. He was definitely enjoying himself.

Thunder looked down his body to see Andrea looking up at him as she
seductively swallowed him once more. She was able to take about one quarter
of him inside her mouth directly and as she continued to swallow Thunder
gasped as he felt his cock head enter into her throat. She gagged as he
passed her reflex but she managed to get it under control quickly and
continue swallowing. She'd taken a few guys in all the way but never someone
of Thunder's size. She was determined to try.

"Andrea, you don't have to..." Thunder stopped talking and gasped as Andrea
started to work on swallowing the second half of his cock. "I mean you..." He
was cut short again as Andrea's fingertips found his balls. She started to
massage them and pushed in another couple inches. Andrea gagged again as his
cock's thickest part went down her throat and a few seconds later he was
completely buried inside her mouth. Her lips were pressed against his soft
pubic hair at the base of his member and she could feel him twitching inside
her mouth. Thunder gasped and the twitching continued. Andrea moved her hands
to his ass and used the grip to hold him tightly inside her.

Andrea knew whatever she was doing was working. He was making regular grunts
and moans, and she wasn't doing anything at all except for a few subconscious
movements from her throat. "Ohh, Andrea. You are so good at this." A few more
seconds passed and he grabbed her gently to move her head away. With a wet
pop, he exited her mouth and suddenly she could taste a small amount of cum.

"Did you just cum?" She said half-astonished. She hadn't felt or tasted
anything at all.

"Are you kidding?" He said exhausted with his cock already softening. "I
thought I was going to put a hole through you."

"Oh," Andrea said. "I guess you were too far in." She had to admit she felt a
little disappointed. She was hoping to have him cum inside one of her other
holes. "You think you're up for another round?"

"Hah, are you kidding? Of course I am." He looked down at his limp cock and
smiled. "Just give me a few minutes."

Andrea was feeling a little impatient. Suddenly a wicked grin came over her.
"I've got an idea."


"Have you ever wanted to do someone anally before?"

Thunder gave her a queer look, "have you been into the Invid flower again?"

Andrea laughed, "no, of course I haven't."

"Then what the hell are you thinking, woman? I don't mean to brag, but it'll
just be painful for you, and if it's painful for you then it's no fun for

"I'm a big girl now Thunder, I know what I'm doing. Have you wanted to or

"I..." he sighed. "It's something I've thought about trying, yes."

"Well good then," Andrea said. "Let's give it a try."

"Are you sure about this, Andrea?"

"Of course I'm sure. Besides, if it doesn't fit it doesn't fit. But it's at
least worth a try. And I have an idea on how to make it easier anyway."

"Oh? How's that?"

Andrea smiled. "Wait and see."

"Mmm, I can't wait," said Irene from her spot in the corner. Andrea had
completely forgot she was even present and startled at the voice. She looked
over to see Tessa on the floor beside her. Irene was naked with leg draped
over the arm of her chair and two fingers gently probing her pussy. It was
making quiet wet "schluck" noises each time she pushed in or out.

Thunder followed her gaze over and stared into Irene's splayed legs. Each
time her two fingers came out glistening before dipping back inside again.
Her large (and quite literally) impossibly firm breasts were rocking slightly
with each wrist movement. He started to get hard again.

Andrea looked back over to him to notice him half hard already. "Oh no you
don't," she said. It was already about seven inches long. "Look away, think
about something else."

"What? Why?" He said changing his gaze to watch her face.

"Because I want to get you inside me before you're completely hard. Otherwise
it /will/ be impossible." Andrea mounted him and grabbed his cock, facing
him on the bed.

"Oh. Um... Do they have any sports teams here?" Andrea felt it shrinking

"I don't know, I think there's a soccer team," Andrea said while pushing his
semi-hard cock-head against the entrance to her ass. It was still wet from
his earlier blow job and without being too large, went in fairly easily.
After the head was in things became a little more difficult. In it's soft
state, it was hard to push any more in without a lot of manipulation which,
incidently, caused his dick to harden again.

"Are they any good?" Thunder continued.

"I don't know, I haven't watched them." She was currently working more of him
inside her. It was about halfway in and Andrea was already feeling a little
stuffed. "I assume they're pretty good. They have a large population base to
draw from." Andrea grabbed him again and stuffed in another inch. She leaned
backwards, supporting herself with one arm to make the angle a little easier.
It also gave Thunder a great view and she felt his cock flex and grow,
filling her up even more. "Don't look. You're not allowed to look," Andrea
said smiling at the irony.

"Okay, okay," he shut his eyes. "But this way I'll just imagine it and it'll
be the same." Andrea shoved in a little more. There was only about an inch of
his soft cock left outside of her body.

"It doesn't need to work for long. Only a couple more seconds," she groaned
and tensed her face as he went in the final amount. "There," she said. Her
butt cheeks were pressed solidly onto his thighs and she knew that the real
struggle was just beginning. As he grew it would be just as hard to keep him
inside her.

"There, what?" His eyes were still closed.

"Open your eyes. You can get hard now."

Thunder obeyed. Andrea was still leaning far back exposing her stomach and
breasts to his gaze and Irene had now worked three fingers into her soaked
pussy. Her small tuff of blonde pubic hair had been matted flat against her
skin from her own juices. Andrea felt Thunder's cock twitch again and begin
to grow.

"She's that much of a turn on, is she?" Andrea said feigning jealousy.

"Not just her," Thunder smiled back and brought her gaze back to Andrea.
"Personally I like the athletic look over the Barbi look anyway." He turned
to Irene. "No offence Irene, you're still gorgeous."

"What's a Barbi?"

Andrea chucked to herself. "Never mind Irene. Take it as a compliment."

"Oh... Okay. Thanks."

"No problem," Thunder said, still getting harder.

"Ooo," Andrea flinched as Thunder's cock expanded in her by a fair sized

"You okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." She flinched again as he kept expanding. She smiled in an
attempt to ease his mind. "Just a little tight."

"Oh tell me about it," he said. "It feels incredible."

"Mmm, it feels good for me too." For the most part, Andrea was telling the
truth. It felt good being so filled up but it was certainly stretching her a
bit and some angles got a little uncomfortable. However, as long as she leant
back, it pressed on her G spot from the other side and felt great.

He grew a little more and then stopped. Andrea rocked her hips slightly in an
effort to get him all the way hard but he had just stopped growing. "What's
wrong?" She knew he was only about three quarters there.

"I'm just too worried I'm going to hurt you."

"Let me worry about that, will you?"

"I can't. I'm still thinking about it either way."

Andrea sighed, "sometimes you're just too good a guy Thunder."

"I'm not sure how to take that," he said with a smile. "Any ideas?"

"What's the problem?" Irene said from her corner.

"He's not hard yet," Andrea said.

"Oh, I bet I can fix that," Irene said and withdrew her fingers from her
pussy. A drop of moisture collected on the underside of her middle finger as
she stood up and walked a few steps to the bed.

Without hesitation, she placed her wet hand on Andrea's breast and her other
hand on her back to help support her as she laid into the other woman with an
aggressive French kiss. Irene frantically massaged Andrea's breast, spreading
her own lubricant over Andrea's chest as she intensified the kiss even
further. Thunder immediately started getting harder and Andrea wrapped her
arms around Irene's neck, melting into the kiss.

"Umph," she moaned through the lip play as Thunder stretched her further.
Irene seemed to pick up on the hint and leaned Andrea further backwards
until she was at a forty-five degree angle to the bed. She was suddenly
very grateful for Irene's superhuman strength.

Thunder continued to grow at record speed as he looked from Irene's perfect
ass, up her curved hips to her left breast, just jutting out from behind her
back. He then followed her arm across to Andrea's glistening right nipple,
till pointing skywards thanks to the angle of her back. It was a great angle,
down past her taught stomach, extremely short pubic hair and splayed legs
which happened to give him a great view of her wet, gaping pussy and his own
cock, buried deep in her ass. He felt himself stiffen the rest of the way and
stretch Andrea's warm tight bowels to the max.

"Unnnnnnhh," Andrea half whined, half moaned into Irene's mouth. "Oh, God,"
she said breaking the kiss. "You're huge."

Andrea was already sweating from her brow and chest. "Guess my job's done,"
Irene kissed her one more time, and then stepped back to her chair before
firmly embedding her three fingers back inside her pussy. "You two are
really hot," she added.

"Thanks," Andrea gasped, still adjusting to the size. She had to admit it was
hurting more than she thought it would but she was hardly about to give up
now. She got him to fit, so it was just a matter of getting used to it before
going further.

"You sure you're okay?" Thunder asked looking concerned again.

"Oh don't you start down that road again." Andrea was breathing heavy and
still sweating. Her right breast was still red from where Irene had been
massaging it and she sat up a little straighter. "Unph" The move let his
cock inside slightly further and Andrea wasn't expecting it. "How does it

"Damned amazing. And it gives me a great view of your body."

Andrea smiled and sat up a little straighter still until she was more or less
perpendicular to Thunder. Her wildly arched back was the only giveaway that
she had a twelve inch long cock inside her ass. From Thunder's point of view
hough, her arched back only jutted her ribs and breasts forward, giving him
another excellent view. Then, slowly, Andrea started moving upwards. She put
one hand behind her to stop her from falling backwards and the other she
brought up to her left breast, more concerned with putting on a show for
Thunder then actually playing with herself.

When Andrea's ass was almost completely vacant, she plunged back down
on him, filling her up once more and causing another moan to escape her
slightly parted mouth. She was still sweating but the pain was subsiding and
the tension in her face lessening. It was starting to get more fun. Thunder
stared at her open pussy as she moved up and down on his cock with more
speed. He felt like he was going to cum.

"Any other sports teams in town?"

"What - huhn" she breathed heavily with each motion that sent him plowing
into her once more, "are you doing – hunh – talking about sports - huhn - at
a time like this."

"I'm going to cum if I don't and I never want this to end."

"While I - huhn - appreciate your - huhn - enthusiasm," she breathed heavily
for a minute while she continued pumping up and down, "I can't just - huhn -
do this all day."

"Then untie me. I'll take over." Andrea stopped her motions for a minute to
think. He was deep inside her again and her butt cheeks were hot and sweaty
on his thighs. Her pussy was soaked from arousal. "Come on," he pleaded.
"Untie me." He was all to conscious of her ass pulsing around his cock and
tried to think of something other then the tight, loose, tight, loose

"Okay," she said and leaning forward managed to grab the pillow cases and
untie them, while still keeping the tip of his cock inside her rear hole.
When he was free, she sat back to her previous position, burying him inside
her once more. Her skin was glistening from sweat and her right nipple even
more so, thanks to Irene's pre-cum. "What do you want me to do?"

"Face the other way," he said after a few seconds of thinking. "But don't let
it come out. We may never get it back in again."

"Hah, don't I know it," Andrea said, and used her rear as a pivot point to
turn. Thunder grabbed her under the armpits to help her balance and slowly,
she spun around Thunder's dick. It was a strange feeling but pleasurable and
soon Andrea found herself facing Irene, with her back to Thunder. "Now what?"

"Hands and knees," Thunder said.

Andrea obeyed and the two quickly found themselves in a doggy style position.
Thunder reached around and grabbed Andrea's slippery right breast before
pushing himself all the way into her once more. "Unnnnnh," Andrea's face
tensed again. The new position let him bury himself further and she was till
trying to get used to his size in the first place. "Don't stop," she said,
not wanting to discourage him. She didn't.

With newfound vigour, Thunder began humping her hard and fast. Andrea could
swear she kept hearing him mumble to himself about sports or the weather
or some other inane topic but it was hard to concentrate, let alone hear,
through her own heavy breathing. Her face and chest were flushed beat red
and after about ten minutes of pounding her insides, he stopped, fully
inside her once more. "You're turn for a while," he said as if he was
thinking that being furiously pounded internally by a 12 inch long rod
qualified as a ‘break.' Andrea was still just as sweaty as he was, but more
then happy to go the extra mile for a good time.

They positioned themselves so that he was on his back once more and Andrea
rode him again, this time facing Irene, for about five or ten minutes. By
the time she was done, he still hadn't cum but she was getting surprisingly
close. She didn't think it would be possible to have an orgasm with any kind
of other stimulation but it seemed to be working. Since she had been going
so long, Thunder's cock was moving in and out of her ass as easily as it
would in her pussy.

"Okay, I'm good to go again," he said.

Andrea stopped with his cock embedded in her once more, "well you're the
boss," Andrea said playfully. "What's the plan now?"

He thought for a minute, enjoying the freedom Andrea was giving him. "Irene,
can you move that footrest up against the wall over there?" He pointed to a
flat section of the wall.

"Yeah, sure," she said happily. The footrest was about two feet wide and
about a foot tall. She picked it up and set it down right against the wall.
That done, she went back and sat down, wasting no time inserting her fingers
back into her pussy. Her thighs were completely soaked and there was a wet
patch on the chair beneath her crotch. It looked like she had already cum
once or twice.

Meanwhile, Thunder sat up and shuffled to the edge of the bed, with Andrea
still in his lap. He grabbed her by the thighs and stood up, walking over to
what was about to be Andrea's new stool. He put her down on it and pressed up
against her from behind. The pressure forced her stomach, chest and cheek
into the wall and the height of the stool helped counteract Thunder's seven
foot tall frame. Only a few seconds later, he was pumping in and out of
Andrea once more, this time with both of them standing up.

Each of Thunder's thrusts pushed her stomach hard into the wall and it only
took a few of them before Andrea started feeling sore. "Stop," she moaned as
he withdrew most of the way out of her ass. "It hurts."

"Oh, I'm sorry. We'll stop." He started pulling out of her ass but quickly
she reached behind her and grabbing him by the butt, shoved him back in with
a little more strength then she had intended.

"Unph," she said hitting the wall once more. "That's not what I meant. The
wall hurts, not my ass."

"Oh," he said understanding. "Back to the bed then?"

"Uh uh. There's always a solution. I'll bet Irene wouldn't mind being a
cushion for me."

"Ooo, can I?" She was already excited about the idea.

"If you want, sure," Thunder said pulling Andrea away from the wall and onto
the edge of the footrest. Irene was quickly on her feet and climbed onto the
step with Andrea, facing her. She rested her back and butt against the wall
and then grabbed Andrea by the hips to pull her closer.

Instantly Andrea found herself sandwiched between two warm bodies and she
started to sweat even more. Her slippery chest and stomach rubbed against
Irene's dry skin and created a pleasant friction. Andrea wrapped her arms
around Irene's waist tightly and put her chin over the other woman's
shoulder. At that point, Thunder plowed into her ass once more and Irene
did an excellent job as her cushion. "Unnnnh," Andrea moaned into Irene's
ear. Each time Thunder thrust forward she moaned again, turning Irene on
more and more.

Another nice side effect was the way her breasts mashed into the other
woman's. It was providing some extra stimulation on her nipples and bringing
her ever closer to her precious orgasm. "Thunder?" She said.


"Stop thinking about - unnnnh - the weather. Unnnh - I want you - unnnnh - to
cum." Andrea's hands slipped down to Irene's ass and squeezed tightly as she
was forced hard against her body once more.

"I've never heard you moan like this," Irene whispered into Andrea's ear.

"Unnnnh, I've never been - unnnnh - fucked like this before," Andrea
whispered back.

"Do you like it?"

"Unnnnh - do I ever."

"Can I fuck you like this some time?"

"Anytime you'd - unnnnh - like."

"What are you two girls talking about," Thunder said, as if entertained by
their whispering.

"She's talking about what a great lay... or stand, you are," Irene said for
Andrea. "She doesn't need to though. I can feel how wet she is on my thigh."

That did it for Thunder. Irene's comment combined with nearly thirty minutes
of anal sex finally finished him off. He buried himself deep inside Andrea's
ass and came harder then he ever had in his life. He grabbed Andrea's hips
tightly to stop from falling backwards as his strength left him.

Andrea on the other hand was pushed over the edge when she felt Thunder push
in deep. Her breasts shoved against Irene's hard enough to mesh them into one
and she felt the first spurt of semen deep, deep in her rectum. It felt like
it was practically at her stomach. Her pussy and ass clenched and her thighs
tightened around Irene's left leg. "Unnnnnnnnhhh," Her pussy spurted out a
batch of her own cum and it was quickly followed by a few more, each one
drenching Irene's leg before trickling down in small streams towards her

Thunder pulled out of her ass and immediately backed up to sit on the bed.
Andrea was still in orgasm though, so Irene brought a hand around and
stuffed a finger deep where Thunder's cock had just been. Andrea continued
to convulse in Irene's hold. Her orgasm was so powerful it took a few minutes
just to wind down enough to move. By the time she pulled her sweaty body off
of Irene there was a full flowing trail of cum down her thigh and right down
to her ankle.

"I've never cum like that," Andrea said stepping back but forgetting about
the drop down. Irene kept the finger in Andrea's ass and used it to pull her
back towards her. "Ahh," Andrea moaned again and another small stream of cum
trickled onto Irene and down her leg. "What the hell was that for?" She said
in a minute when she had recovered again.

"You were going to fall off. It's a step down, remember?"

"Oh, right. Thanks."

"My pleasure," Irene said and pulled her finger out of Andrea's rear.

Andrea stepped down and flopped face first onto the bed beside Thunder. "What
time is it?" he asked.

Andrea looked at a clock, "ten-fifteen."

He jumped up, "ten-fifteen? Damn-it, I'm late. I was supposed to meet with
someone at ten." He quickly found his pants and started to put them on when
Irene moved over and grabbed him by the shoulders.

"If you're already fifteen minutes late, what's another five?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean I watched all that and I didn't even get to taste cum?" Irene dropped
to her knees. "Give a girl a break, huh? At least let me clean you up."

Thunder looked to Andrea apologetically but Andrea was barely conscious. She
was just looking over with a smile. "If it's okay with you it's okay with
me," Andrea said and closed her eyes.

That was enough for Irene. Before Thunder even spoke, his limp cock was
disappearing into Irene's mouth. "Doesn't that taste bad?" He said.

Irene pulled her mouth away leaving his entire member glistening with saliva.
"Nothing that comes out of Andrea tastes bad," she said and swallowed him
once more. He was hard in two minutes, and came three after that. When Irene
felt the first spurt of cum, she pulled back to collect it all in her mouth.
He finally finished twitching and Irene found herself with a full mouthful of

Thunder on the other hand quickly put his pants on and was leaving the room
before his shirt was even buttoned up. Irene smiled when she saw him walk
with a bit of a limp. He was obviously still feeling it.

Irene, still all smiles walked over to Andrea, who still had her eyes closed
and put her hands on Andrea's butt. She knelt on the bed and spread her
cheeks wide, "what are you doing, Irene?" Andrea asked opening her eyes. All
she could see were two of the most gorgeous long legs she had ever seen,
kneeling down in front of her vision. There were still visible lines where
her own cum had dried on the skin.

Irene didn't answer her question however. She just looked into Andrea's still
gaping pink rosebud that had managed to go a little red through the nights
activities. She slowly moved her face closer, trying to get Andrea to
anticipate what was coming next, and when her mouth finally arrived at its
target, she opened it and stuck her tongue inside Andrea's ass. Thunder's cum
was still in her mouth and flowed out in large globs into the puckered hole
beneath it.

"What are you doing?" Andrea asked, more curious then disgusted. She wouldn't
put any taboo past Irene.

Irene flashed a wicked, cum filled grin, "saving it for later." With a final
lick to deposit what was left of the cum in her mouth, Irene sat up on the
edge of the bed, "well I don't know about you, but I don't think I've ever
been so horny."

Andrea sighed, "I don't think I've ever been so exhausted."

"Yeah, you were sweating a lot. Do you want some water or something?"

"That would be great," Andrea said and Irene took off to the bathroom.

Irene came back a minute later with a full glass of water. "Here you go," she
said and sat on the side of the bed. "Don't be mad okay?"

"Mad at what?" Andrea said propping herself up on her elbows to drink.

"Just promise you won't be mad."

Andrea shrugged, not seeing the harm. "Okay, I promise."

Irene sat back so she could look Andrea in the eye. "I kind of invited a few
other people to join us tonight when I heard Thunder was leaving. I did it
without thinking you would be so tired so they're kind of coming right over."

"What?" Andrea would have jumped up if she wasn't so exhausted. "Who? How

"Just three. Your slaves. You promised you wouldn't be mad."

Andrea calmed herself, realizing that mad wouldn't get her anywhere "My

"You know, Claire, Tracy and Lee."

Andrea sighed. "They're not my slaves. Besides, one of them is the general's

"See, that's why they're coming. I kind of thought that since you essentially
freed them and said they could do whatever they wanted now that it might be
nice to repay you for it. So I told Claire to ask Tracy and Lee, and they all
said that they thought that was a good idea... Although Tracy and Lee said
don't expect anything from them after tonight cause I guess they're a couple

"So they're all coming here now?"

"Well, in about twenty minutes. They have to pick up some stuff first. But
don't worry they all agreed to stay ‘till dawn so there'll be lots of time."

"'till dawn? What time is that?"

"About seven-thirty."

"Are you telling me that they plan to have sex with me for eight, no nine

Irene nodded her head. "Mm hmm. Is that okay? I'd like to stay too if I'm

"What? But I..."

"Please, Andrea? I think this will mean a lot to them. And if you just let
it, it'll be the best night of your life. It's already off to a great start
and they haven't even got here yet, right?"

"I guess, but..."

"Please?" Irene was practically begging. "Please, Andrea? I'll do anything
you want for... for the next week if you do this. Please?"

"Fine, let's do it." Andrea started to get up but Irene stopped her.

"Whoa, where do you think you're going?"

"I don't know, to get cleaned up before they get here?"

"No way. I told you I was saving that cum for later so don't let any drip

"I can't stay on my stomach indefinitely."

"Just until they get here. I'll think of something then."

"Uh huh..." That said, Andrea was more than happy to rest. She splayed out on
the bed and tried to recover some of her strength because she knew she was
going to need it.

* * *

Andrea exhisted in a daze for about twenty minutes when there was a knock on
her room door. "I'll get it," Irene said cheerfully and walked over to open
it. She stood aside so that Claire, Tracy and Lee could enter. They were all
dressed normally and quickly noticed Andrea laying naked, face down on the
bed. Andrea looked over to them and saw that Claire was carrying a couple of

"It looks like you two got started without us," Claire said.

"No, not really," Irene said. "But she just had sex with Thunder and it was
really hot."

"And really exhausting by the looks of it," Lee added.

"That and the fact that Irene won't let me get up." Andrea said

"Oh? How come?"

"It's a secret," Irene quickly jumped in. "So what all did you bring Claire?"

"Uh, all kinds of stuff. Where do you want me to put it?"

"Just on the bed in front of Andrea, is good," Irene said. Obviously she was
the mastermind of the evenings activities.

"Listen," Andrea said, feeling a little guilty. "You guys don't have to do
anything you don't want to. I'm just glad I could help you out and that's
good enough for me."

Lee knelt down beside the bed next to Andrea and talked to her quietly. The
other three girls went to converse at the other end of the room. "It was our
idea. Tracy and I talked to Irene about it this morning because we wanted to
do something to repay you. She said you didn't have a lot of use for money
since you got everything for free around here anyway so then I thought of
this. I asked Claire if she wanted to come too and she did."

"I'm just trying to say that if you feel uncomfortable or something you don't
have to do this."

"None of us are uncomfortable Andrea. After what we went through a little
group sex among friends is nothing. Mind you after this, Tracy and I have
agreed to only have sex with each other, but that doesn't start until well
into tomorrow. So just lay back and enjoy okay?" She leaned closer and
kissed Andrea gently on the mouth. It was a sensitive, thankful kiss and
Andrea immediately felt tingles flow through her body. "Mmm," Lee moaned
as she parted her lips and rubbed her tongue gently across Andrea's lower
lips. For someone who wasn't very experienced in sex, she was a natural.

Andrea parted her own lips and pressed her tongue gingerly against Lee's
as if testing to see if the younger woman would flinch. She did quite the
opposite. Lee met Andrea's tongue with vigour and leaned further into the
kiss, moaning quietly to herself as the lip play turned them both on.

Lee kissed Andrea slowly and passionately for a few more minutes before
backing away with one last nibble to Andrea's lower lip. She looked over her
shoulder towards the other three women, "I'll warm her up while you guys
figure out what we're doing exactly."

(***** Okay everyone sorry to interrupt as things are just getting going
here but go drink a glass of champagne cause you're now reading the 500th
page of Invid Invasion. I think the story will end before I reach 1000 but
nonetheless thanks for sticking with me so long and I hope you'll be here
for the next couple hundred! *****)

In one simple uninhibited moment, Lee reached to the bottom of her shirt and
yanked it up over her head. Her small naked breasts pointed upwards with her
raised arms. Her chest was well proportioned to her lithe frame and as she
shimmied out of her pants, Andrea marvelled at her well defined curves. She
was pretty well defined for her age and Andrea caught herself staring. Andrea
looked away, after realizing she had spent the last few seconds staring at
Lee's light blond pubic hair, and turned her head to look straight in front
of her.

"You're allowed to look," Lee said with a shake of her hips. "That's the
whole reason I'm naked after all."

Andrea looked back over to Lee and the young blonde knelt down again. This
time the position visibly pushed her breasts together and forward only a
short distance from Andrea's face. Andrea looked upwards to meet her
potential lovers gaze.

Lee grabbed Andrea's chin gently but firmly and looked her in the eyes.
"Listen to me, Andrea. I know what I'm doing, I'm not making a mistake, and
I'm not going to regret this in the morning. So lie back and enjoy this
because how often in your life are you going to have four beautiful women
all trying their best to please you sexually? Let us do this for you."

Andrea nodded. "Sorry I'm so uptight. I'll relax, I promise."

"Good," Lee smiled.

"Just keep in mind that I've already had sex with three people today so I'm
a little sensitive."

"Three people?" Lee seemed a little surprised at that but quickly regained
her composure. "Good for you." She got onto the bed with Andrea and straddled
her lower back. "Do you guys have any oil in that bag?" Lee said over her

"Uh, yeah I think so," Claire said and Andrea looked to see her walking over
towards them with a bottle. She handed it to Lee and went back to the others.

"Thanks," Lee said and squirted some into her hands. She warmed it up for a
minute and then pressed her hands down on Andrea's shoulders. She began to
rub the oil in along Andrea's muscular naked back.

"Oh yeah," Andrea moaned. "Where did you learn to give a massage like that?"
Her skin was tingling all over and her muscles instantly relaxed.

"It's a Holland family gift." Lee smiled, "although normally I would do it
with my clothes on."

"Mmm, it's better this way." When Lee leaned forward, Andrea could feel the
moist heat from Lee's pussy against her back. Andrea could tell that she was
turned on as well.

Lee's massage slowly worked it's way down passed her neck and shoulder
blades. Eventually Lee had to back up onto Andrea's legs as her hands
caressed down passed her mid back and eventually reached her tail bone.

Just when Andrea thought Lee was going to go lower, she stopped, put some
more oil in her hands and moved down to Andrea's feet. "Mmm," Andrea moaned
again as Lee rubbed it into the soles of her feet and along her toes. "You
are good at this."

"Thanks," Lee said and began moving the massage back upwards, slowly along
her calves, then to her knee and up her thighs. Again, Andrea thought Lee
was finally going to reach her ass when she pulled away. She grunted in
disappointment. "What? Can't a girl put some more oil on her hands?"

"The oil is fine, you're being a tease."

"Is that what I'm being," Lee said with a seductive grin. She looked over her
head briefly to see Tracy watching her and she smiled lovingly before turning
back to Andrea. "Maybe you should come out and tell me what you want then?"

Andrea was having far to much fun to be intimidated by that game, "I want you
to massage my ass."

"The hole or the cheeks?" Lee said with another grin. "You've got to be more

"Both," Andrea said without really thinking about it.

Lee's hands came back down on Andrea's hot skin and this time rubbed the
glistening oil onto Andrea's ass, slowly working towards her crack. When Lee
had spent a little extra time on Andrea's cheeks, she spread them apart and
looked at Andrea's pink rosebud. It was still slack and opened slightly when
Lee pulled her cheeks apart. "You look a little red," Lee said instinctively.

"Yeah well, having twelve inches of dick inside your ass will do that to

"Twelve inches?" Lee gasped. "Wow, no wonder you want a rub inside and out.
Does it hurt?"

"Not really. Just a little tender."

"Hm," Lee said putting some more oil on her fingers. She rubbed them up and
down the crack of Andrea's ass, just barely brushing her fingertips against
the skin. It sent shivers through Andrea's body and she greatly anticipated
Lee putting a finger inside her.

Eventually, after a few minutes of teasing Lee circled a fingertip around
Andrea's anus. Her circling continued, each time getting smaller inside until
her finger met empty space and dipped into Andrea's ass to the first knuckle.

"Mmm," Andrea moaned at the cooling sensation of the oil. Maybe she was a
little more sore than she thought she was.

Encouraged, Lee put a little more oil on her finger and began slowly working
it around the inside perimeter of Andrea's nether hole. After a couple
minutes of that, her finger was in to the second knuckle.

"It feels wet," Lee said and removed her finger slowly. There was a tiny glob
of white goo clinging to the end of it. "Did he cum inside you?"

"How'd you guess?" Andrea said still a little dopey from the great rub. "If
you don't want to continue, you don't have to."

"Andrea?" Lee said as a plea to get her to look. Andrea cranked her head
around and glanced over her shoulder just in time to see Lee seductively
stick out her tongue and rub the tip of her finger along it before
inserting the whole thing into her mouth. She sucked it clean and it
exited her mouth with a barely audible pop. "Is that answer enough for

Andrea smiled and lowered her head back down on the pillow. She felt a finger
gently plunge into her ass once more, this time not stopping after the second
knuckle. "Mmm," came another quiet moan from Andrea. Lee's finger continued
to circle around her interiors and after a few minutes of internal massage,
Lee pulled out and in Andrea's sight, licked her finger clean once more.

"Okay turn over," Lee said. "I've got to do the front now."

"Irene says I'm not allowed."

"Oh, did she," Lee said getting off the bed and crossing the room. Andrea
watched as the young naked blonde talked to Irene (another naked blonde). It
was interesting seeing them both naked beside each other, Andrea thought.
Irene's hair was straight blonde and longer, whereas Lee's was a more dirty
blonde color. They were about the same height but Lee had to be thirty pounds
lighter then Irene. Lee was a lot skinnier in the waist and hips with longer
slender legs. Irene on the other hand had a good amount of weight on Lee in
the chest alone. Overall she was simply more filled out, with wider hips and
a little bit of baby fat on her flat stomach.

When Andrea saw them standing close talking to each other they could almost
be sisters. She started getting wet just watching the two of them talk,
looking from one body type to the other, relishing in both. She felt like she
wanted to devour them both and subconsciously began to rub her own breast
enthusiastically. Irene looked over and smiled. Lee followed her gaze, and
Andrea suddenly feeling self-conscious stopped.

Irene said something to them and Claire headed over towards the bed with a
rubber object of some kind in her hand. Andrea was quickly distracted however
as Irene practically pounced on Lee, driving her back up against the wall.
They kissed hard and while they did, Tracy began to get undressed.

Lee was moaning through Irene's kissing and their hands quickly found each
others breasts. The young blonde wrapped a leg around her assailant and
kissed back as hard as she was getting. Tracy hurried up with her undressing
and finally done hurried over to where the two were making out.

"They're putting on a show for you," Claire whispered into Andrea's ear.
Suddenly Andrea felt a slight pressure on her ass hole. She looked back to
see Claire slowly inserting a butt plug. "Irene's request," Claire said as
she pushed it the rest of the way in and rolled Andrea over. Andrea pushed
a couple of pillows between her and the headboard and used them to move
into more of a sitting position. Meanwhile, Claire got undressed and
Andrea's eyes went back to the show.

Tracy was standing next to the two while they French kissed with passion and
upon seeing her they stopped and the three women looked between each other
as if trying to figure out how to proceed. After a few seconds of unspoken
confusion, instinct took over and Lee pulled Tracy close before planting an
even more passionate, not to mention aggressive, kiss on her. They were
biting at each others lips and tongue while simultaneously, Irene lowered
herself to Lee's right breast and began licking, kissing and biting at her

Lee realized she was currently the centrepiece of the show and raised her
left arm, bent at the elbow, high above her head in passion. It also had the
nice side effect of elevating the breast Irene wasn't working over and it
gave Andrea a better angle of her lithe frame, now stretched out along the

Andrea felt wet hands on her collarbone and neck. Claire was naked and
continuing the massage that Lee had started. She removed the pillows behind
Andrea's back and slipped in, in their place. Andrea could feel Claire's
large breasts press into her back, her long smooth legs on the outside of
her own and her hands slide over her slippery skin. It turned her on even

Meanwhile, Irene was snaking her tongue down to Lee's pussy and Tracy had
brought a hand up to the young woman's shiny, saliva coated nipple. Within
a few seconds, Tracy was squeezing and massaging Lee's small breast while
Irene snaked her tongue mercilessly into her pussy. "Mmm," Lee squeaked.

Claire's hands were now spending a little extra time on Andrea's breasts,
massaging the oil into them as Irene continued to lap at the pussy in front
of her lips. Lee wrapped a leg around Irene again, this time wrapping it
around her neck and Andrea had a completely unobstructed view of her pubic
area, stomach and ribcage. Her pelvis was jutting forward to the point where
the bone could clearly be seen under the skin. The same could be said for
her abs and rib cage thanks to her arched back and raised arm.

Lee started breathing heavily, each time making a slightly louder "unn,"
sound on the exhale. Elsewhere, Claire was done with Andrea's breasts. She
had since rubbed the oil into her stomach and was now dipping her two hands
between the horny woman's thighs. "Oooh," Andrea and Lee moaned in unison
as their pussies were being stimulated.

Andrea watched Lee begin to writhe. Her stomach was flexing in and out
heavily with her breaths and her breasts shook with each movement. Her
breathing was becoming more ragged and with each exhale she continued to
make a loud, high pitched, "unnn." Tracy tried to quiet her moaning by
placing her lips over Lee's but after a few seconds of passionate kissing
Lee parted lips and again came out with a loud, "unnn." Andrea could tell
the blonde wasn't far from orgasm.

After a few more minutes, Lee's body clenched and she let out another loud,
long "Ummmnnnnnnhhhh." Irene reached around to grab onto her ass and dug
her mouth even deeper into the pussy in front of her. Lee began to twitch
violently and the moan continued. It was a hell of a turn on for Andrea and
as Claire's finger dipped into her pussy, it nearly made her cum right there.

Irene pulled away and turned to face Andrea. As she did so, Lee lost her
support and slumped to the ground in post orgasmic bliss. "Well then," Irene
said looking at Andrea with her cum stained lips and chin. "Don't think I've
forgotten about you."

"Don't think any of us have," Tracy added. "Although Lee may take a few
minutes to join us," she said looking back at her small framed lover. She
was still slumped on the floor with back against the wall and eyes closed,
breathing heavily. A hand was at her pussy, slowly and gently massaging it
as the aftershocks wore off.

While Lee wound down from her orgasm, Tracy picked up the bag that Claire had
originally brought in and went over to the bed. She dumped it out at Andrea's
feet while simultaneously stealing a glance of two of Claire's fingers up
Andrea's pussy. Andrea, the only brunette in the room, was barely able to
concentrate on Tracy's display in front of her. Claire's fingers were working
wonders, slowly moving in and out of her sex. Her skin shone in the low light
of the room thanks to the oil and Tracy began picking up items from the bag
one by one.

"Now pay attention Andrea, because you have to pick two of these items for
us to use on you tonight," Tracy said with a smile. "Well it was going to be
three but you're already using the butt plug and the oil."

"Doesn't that leave one?" Andrea said a little hazily.

"I don't know, my math isn't very good," Tracy said with a wicked smile. "You

Andrea nodded and Tracy began holding the items up one by one. Four double
dildos, two large strap-ons, two sets of half a dozen small balls on a single
string (Andrea wasn't quite sure what they were for), a dildo that appeared
to be made of ice, a pass for the famous pleasure dome on the top floor, hand
cuffs, a couple lengths of silk rope, two half litre bottles that were filled
with a white liquid, and a can of whip cream. "Wow," Andrea said as Tracy put
the can of whipped cream back on the bed at her feet. "That's a lot of

"Pick two," she said smiling. "We're trying to expand your horizons a bit."

Andrea laughed, "like my horizons need expanding." She thought for a minute
about her options. The pass for the pleasure dome obviously couldn't be used
tonight so that would buy here at least a few hours of rest most likely. She
decided to start with that one. "Okay... The pleasure dome pass."

"That's one," Tracy confirmed. "What's the other?"

Andrea thought again. The fingers in her pussy were continuing to arouse her
and she wanted nothing more then to just lay back and enjoy the night. She
thought of what would probably appease that desire the best, "the hand
cuffs," she said after a few moments.

Tracy picked the hand cuffs and the pass up and set them aside on Andrea's
table. "Do we tell her now?" Lee said standing up on shaky legs. She started
walking over to Tracy's side.

"Tell me what?" Andrea asked confused.

Tracy nodded at Lee and she smiled, "You have to use all of them. We knew
you'd pick conservatively so we're going to use everything you didn't choose
on you tonight. The others, you have to use up within the next little while."

"You're kidding," Andrea said looking at the pile of sexual related items at
her feet. "It'll take all night to use all of those."

"Well I do believe she's finally getting the idea," Tracy said to Lee. Lee
returned the comment with a smile and Tracy continued. "Don't worry, Andrea.
You'll love it, I promise."

Claire withdrew her sticky fingers from Andrea's pussy and dragged them
slowly up her toned abs until arriving at her targets right breast. She began
massaging it like before, this time focusing on Andrea's already hard nipple.
"What to start with, what to start with," Tracy said playfully picking up a
strap-on and putting it back down again. "How about this?" She said picking
up the whipped cream. "No, maybe we should use the this," she picked up the
ice dildo. "After all this won't be much use in another half hour or so."

"Where did you get all of that stuff?" Andrea said a little astonished.

"I paid for it," Irene said. "I just gave Claire some money to pick it up."

"I'm guessing I probably shouldn't ask where you got the money?"

"Why not?" Irene said simply.

Andrea chucked to herself, "never mind."

"So, the ice dildo it is. You think you're ready for this, Andrea?"

"Beats me," she said. "But why don't you use a two in one?"

"Oh?" Tracy said intrigued.

"The ropes," Andrea said gesturing with her hand.

"Good idea," Tracy smiled and grabbed a length of it. "You want to help me
out Irene?"

"Sure," Irene said and grabbed the other length. Within a few minutes,
Andrea found herself tied spread eagle with a wrist or ankle locked beside
each bedpost. Claire was still underneath her and now had both hands firmly
planted on Andrea's breasts, rubbing and pinching enthusiastically. Andrea
was starting to get a little flushed. Irene was the one holding the dildo
and started it at Andrea's feet. Over the course of about thirty seconds,
she slowly dragged it up her calf, her thigh and then rubbed it back and
forth across her pubic area. The last sequence of movements made her shudder
and before she had stopped, she found the dildo pressed against her clit.

"Ahhh," Andrea yelped. "That's cold."

"Of course it's cold, silly. Why don't you ask Tracy and Lee to warm you up?"

Andrea looked between the two women briefly as if to ask non-verbally.
"What?" Lee said, having a little fun. "I couldn't hear you."

Irene slowly moved the dildo downwards and pushed it into Andrea's sex.
"Ahhh," she yelped again. "Please, warm me up."

Tracy and Lee jumped at the chance. With a gesture to Claire, they got her to
move her hands off of Andrea's breasts and the two women each latched on to
one with their hot mouths. Andrea's nipples instantly grew more erect as the
found a new moist home in-between her two lovers' teeth. She yelped again,
but this time not from the cold.

Down below, Irene was moving the dildo in and out of Andrea's now cold pussy
quickly. It wasn't taking long to melt at first and within the first couple
minutes was already down to about half size. After that however, things moved
a little slower. Tracy and Lee kept up their relentless assault on Andrea's
breasts, but her insides had gone down in temperature and she found it was
causing the dildo to slow its melting process. She also started to shiver,
much as she had earlier when Kitty had played with the ice cream.

"Ooo," Andrea started to make quiet noises as her sex became slippery with
water and her nipples stiff with arousal. Either Tracy or Lee, she wasn't
sure which, had moved a hand down to her crotch and was slowly teasing her
clit while Irene's dildo moved in and out. After another few minutes it had
halved in size once more.

"Oops," Irene said suddenly and Andrea lifted her head to discover the

"Oops?" Andrea asked a little concerned. "What's the oops?"

"I accidently let go of it and it slipped inside. That's okay though, I know
how to help get it out." Irene backed away a bit and lowered her mouth to
Andrea's lower lips. Seductively she stuck out her tongue and pressed it
Andrea's labia. The warm tongue against her cold lips felt amazing and Andrea
tilted her head back in pleasure.

"Ooooohhhh," Andrea moaned in a low tone. Irene's tongue was working magic
around her crotch, restoring heat to the outer lips. A few seconds later,
Irene dipped her tongue inside and Andrea felt her insides suddenly warm.
Again, the warm tongue on her cold sensitive skin produced an even greater
reaction then normal and Andrea let out another low "ooooooohhhh." She
wished desperately to wrap her legs around Irene's head but no matter how
many times she tried, they were still tied to the bed. Her body tensed and
flexed as Irene's tongue dug deeper and soon the only remnants of the ice
dildo was a small trickle of water that the blonde at her crotch was eagerly
lapping up. "I need to pee," Andrea said as the thought suddenly hit her.
It was becoming a much more powerful need as her pussy warmed up.

"Go ahead, I'm not stopping you," Irene said into Andrea's pussy.

"I'm tied down," Andrea said as if Irene didn't get it.

"So? Go ahead. It'll be fun."

Andrea lifted her head and looked down at the blonde between her legs as if
to gauge whether or not she was serious. Not getting a good feel, she spoke,
"Are you serious?"

"Of course I'm serious," Irene said lifting her mouth up for a moment. "I
think it's sexy. Go ahead."

Tracy and Lee both lifted up their heads to look. They seemed as surprised
as Andrea. "You're sure," Andrea said confirming one more time.

"Of horsh I'm shure," Irene said muffled by Andrea's pussy. "Ho ahead."

Convinced enough, Andrea lent back and relaxed her bladder happy enough to
have relief. The heat of her own pee actually did a lot to warm her up, even
without direct contact and as the stream trickled to a start, Irene locked
her mouth against her urethras and began to swallow. As the stream got going
it became to much and although continuing to swallow hastily, it began
leaking down her chin. Taking a break to catch up, Irene moved her mouth away
and the stream continued at full force, arching up to hit her breasts and
cover them in a shiny coat of urine. The liquid rolled down Irene's large,
perfectly round breasts, dripping off her nipples onto her thighs, or flowing
down her stomach towards her own pussy in streams.

When Andrea was nearly done, Irene returned to her pussy and let her mouth
fill once more with the last amount of liquid before parting from Andrea's
sex. Irene then knelt forward on hands and knees and began to dog-walk over
top of Andrea's body. Urine dripped off her chest and pubic hair onto
Andrea's smooth stomach and upturned breasts as her face approached Andrea's.
Just when Andrea was about to turn her head to avoid the impending kiss,
Irene veered to the right and locked lips with Claire.

The two Invid French kissed, exchanging Andrea's fluids until it had either
leaked out over Claire's face or been swallowed between the two of them.
Andrea was still staring opened eyed when Irene sat up straddling Andrea's
stomach and displayed her urine slick torso to the rest of the room. "Mmm,
tasty," she said and licked her lips. The three humans continued to stare
at her in surprised awe.

"So what toy's next?" Irene said casually, backing up off of Andrea.

"Easy choice," Tracy said picking up the whipped cream. "She's mine for a few

"If you say so," Claire said and shimmied out from underneath her.

"I thought /I/ was yours," Lee said playfully. The comment earned her a
passionate kiss from Tracy and a smile.

"A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do," Tracy said shaking the can of
cream. She walked over to Andrea and sprayed a bit on each nipple. She did
the same over Andrea's belly button and crotch. "You look good enough to

"Mmm," Andrea said. "By all means go ahead."

Tracy knelt down and licked up the glob of cream on Andrea's right nipple.
She made a bit of a grimace as if it didn't taste particularly nice. "Euch,
oil and cream doesn't go together."

"Hah, I'll bet. As long as it's not me that grossed you out."

"Impossible," Tracy said. She then moved back and shook the can again and
looked at Andrea's pussy. "I'll bet this cream goes well with your cream."

"One way to find out," Andrea said writhing in her bonds. She couldn't wait
to have Tracy go down on her.

Tracy nearly emptied the can into Andrea's pussy and the rest she smeared
around the outside. She then gave Andrea a few playful licks and backed away
with a chin and mouth covered in white cream.

"So who's next?" She said.

"Mmm," Irene walked over. "My turn. And I want my snack." She laid down on
her back and grabbing Andrea by the hips, lifted her butt off the bed. With
a little effort, she shimmied her head under Andrea's ass and took one hand
off her lovers hips to slowly remove the butt plug.

Andrea moaned as it came out with a quiet "schlock." Irene's chin was
instantly greeted with a trail of dripping cum and she quickly moved her
mouth up to catch the rest of it. Thunder had really unloaded and after a
short time, Irene was swallowing half a mouthful.

Simultaneously, the whipped cream from Andrea's pussy was melting and
trailing out from inside her down to Irene's chin.

Andrea closed her eyes in bliss as she felt the blonde Invid's long tongue
snake inside of her ass. She started moving her tongue in and out, which
not only removed more of Thunder's deeply imbedded cum, but also added to
Andrea's arousal by no small amount.

As Irene continued to enjoy her ‘snack,' she wrapped her arms around Andrea's
hips and one of her palms found her lovers clit. She started to rub, slowly
in circles while her tongue snaked further inside as if trying to detach and
go all the way up Andrea's ass.

"Mmm," Andrea moaned as the palm on her clit turned into two well trained
fingers. Meanwhile, Irene's tongue pressed precious mili-meters further and
Andrea gasped again. "Someone fuck me." The request was more of a demand and
it came out hoarsely. She was still trying to catch her breath when Tracy
started helping Lee into a strap-on. "Hurry," Andrea pleaded. She wanted
something inside her desperately.

Finally, Lee was kneeling on the bed and straddling Irene's breasts. The
cream was providing plenty of lubrication so without wasting any time, Lee
lined the ten inch dildo up with Andrea's pussy and slowly pushed forward.
The head of it popped in and Andrea let out a loud, "ohhhh." Lee paused
there and leant forward. She put a hand on Andrea's right breast and propped
herself up with her other one. She started to massage gently as she slowly
pushed forward with her hips, slowly imbedding the dildo further.

"Faster," Andrea moaned out but when Lee heard the comment she decided a
little teasing was in order and started to pull it back out again. "Bitch,"
Andrea said playfully and Lee pulled all the way out.

"What did you say?" The fake cock was bouncing up and down slightly with
Lee's minor motions. Lee was still teasing.

"I called you a bitch and you're only proving it."

"Well, look who's the little trash talker in bed," Lee said smiling to Tracy.
Tracy only nodded in acknowledgement. "If you really think I'm a bitch maybe
I should start playing the part," she said back to Andrea. Without waiting
for a response, she lined the dildo up again and shoved in all ten inches in
one thrust. At the same time, she grabbed Andrea's breasts, one in each hand,
and squeezed hard.

The hard thrust forced Andrea's body to rock back and as a consequence,
Irene's tongue slipped out of her ass. "Don't stop," Andrea moaned, talking
to both Irene and Lee as her two holes were impaled in different ways.
"Ohhhh," her eyes rolled back and she wished she could wrap her legs around
Lee's hips.

Each of Lee's thrusts was accompanied by a wet "schlop" sound thanks to the
wetness of Andrea's sex. She started getting more and more aggressive with
each moment as if trying to play up the bad girl. Lee's breasts flailed as
wildly as Andrea's, as each thrust brought more sweat to her body and more
carnal drive to her mind.

"She sure has gotten into the mood," Claire said to Tracy as she watched the
16 year old pound Andrea harder and harder. Meanwhile, in Andrea's other
hole, Irene was still digging desperately for any remnants of Thunder's cum.
Occasionally she would manage to scoop out a glob and swallow it with what
appeared to be genuine delight.

Trying to keep her eyes on the action, Claire went over to the side of the
bed and grabbed one of the bottles of white liquid. "Do you know what this
is?" She said to Andrea.

"Ah," Andrea moaned as Lee thrust against her again. "No."

"It's cum," Claire said. "Pure, 100 percent cum." She looked to Lee, still
pounding Andrea aggressively. "I'll bet Lee's never tasted it before, have
you Lee?"

"Not, ungh, guy cum." Lee was still working over Andrea's oil covered breasts
as she humped her.

"You want to try it?" Claire said with a wicked smile. "I bet it'll turn
Andrea on to no end."

"Is that, ungh, true?"

"Mmmm," Andrea moaned as Lee slowed down her pumping to talk. It let Irene's
tongue reach a little deeper inside her ass. "Yeah, that's true. Unngh, I've
never seen anyone do something like that. Unngh, I've always just done it

"Well, in that case," Lee said, sitting straight up so that her but was flat
on the bed and her knees to the side, under Andrea's splayed legs, "I think
I'll give it a try."

She took the bottle from Claire and started to unscrew the lid. "Wait," Irene
said, squirming out from underneath her lover. "I want to watch too. Give me
a minute."

The blonde wiped her mouth and reached across the bed for the other strap-on.
She put it on in record time and shuffled back underneath Andrea once more.
Except this time, she worked herself all the way under Andrea so that her
dildo would have access to her lovers now free rear hole. She propped her
head up on a pillow so she was cheek to cheek with Andrea and looking over
her shoulder. It gave her a pretty good view of Lee's lithe, muscular frame
from the bellybutton up. "Someone put me in her," Irene said not being able
to see what she was doing under Andrea.

"I got it," Tracy said moving over to get a better view herself. She licked
her lips seductively at Lee before grabbing Irene's strap-on and slowly
pushing the head inside Andrea's well lubed ass. "Okay, Irene. You're good
to go."

"Mmm, then so is Lee," Irene said giving her hips a constant push upwards
and burying the ten inch dildo further and further into Andrea's ass.

"Unnngh," Andrea clenched her eyes shut as Irene shoved into her. Lee's
strokes in her pussy had slowed to a slow, casual thrusting of the hips that
didn't bring her any closer to orgasm but certainly felt nice while Irene was
concentrating on burying the dildo to the hilt. After about six inches Irene
stopped, pulled back, and thrust in again. "Unnnnnnnngghhhh," Andrea moaned
louder and longer as it made it in another two. One more time, Irene backed
out and shoved in again, this time with more force.

With a loud "schluck," from the dildo and an even louder, "ohhhhhhhnnnnnnn,"
from Andrea, all ten inches found their way home. She opened her eyes again
to see Lee removing the cap and tossing it aside.

Conscious that the other four women were watching her intently, Lee made a
show out of it. She brought the tip of the bottle up to her nose and inhaled
deeply. She didn't particularly like the scent but this wasn't her night, it
was Andrea's. She licked her lips in ‘anticipation,' and flicked her tongue
inside the bottle just enough to grab her first taste. "Unngh," Andrea said
as Lee's casual thrusting and Irene's more potent ones lined up for a
simultaneous push inwards.

Irene took Lee's previous position, playing with Andrea's breasts and Lee
decided that the time for teasing was over. She turned to the side about
thirty degrees so Andrea had a good view and tilted her head back. Then,
with a wide open mouth she up-ended the bottle a few inches away and let
it pour between her waiting lips.

Her mouth quickly filled with the salty taste and she started to swallow.
Her first gulp was met with a gag and thus her swallowing stopped. The
liquid kept pouring out of the bottle however and within seconds was
rolling in streams down her chin before either continuing down her neck
or dripping onto her small breasts. Throughout her attempts to swallow
the bottle of cum, she continued to rock her hips back and forth slowly.

After recovering from her first attempt at swallowing, Lee made another try,
this time succeeding in getting a large gulp down her throat. She began to
gulp madly, trying to empty her mouth but it continued to overflow onto her
breasts and roll in long thick lines down the curves of her breasts and

Nearly finished the bottle, she gagged again and bucked forward slightly.
The move put her forehead in the liquids path and the remainder of the bottle
emptied onto her face.

When Lee and Irene thrust simultaneously inside her again, Andrea lost
control and came. Hard.

Her body bucked on the two dildo's but Irene held her tight against her chest
to stop her from going too far. As her pussy and ass clenched around the fake
cocks inside her, Andrea watched the streams of cum flow over Lee's curves.

Lee's chin was plastered with it. It had collected in her eyes and then
rolled down the sides of her nose before trailing down the front of her neck
and sliding over her breasts. A good portion of it had flowed all the way
down past her belly button and had collected where her crotch met with
Andrea's. Each time she pulled back on a thrust, strands of stringy liquid
connected their legs, pussies and pubic hair.

"Uuunngh," Andrea bucked again from thinking about it and Irene pulled her
back, forcing her to feel the heat of the blonde's breasts, and the buds of
her nipples against her skin.

Keeping her fake dick deep inside Andrea, Lee reached over and grabbed the
other bottle. With Andrea still watching, she opened it up, drank a few good
gulps and then turned it on its side slightly, as if it was oil and she
didn't want to waste too much in one spot. She kept eye contact with Andrea
while slowly pouring it out over her own chest and stomach, and then turning
the bottle on the bucking form in front of her.

The cum dribbled across Andrea's toned stomach, up in between her breasts,
around each nipple, and eventually up to her face where Andrea had opened
her mouth to swallow as it was provided. "I've never done anything so kinky
in my life," Lee said smiling through the thick cream on her face. She took
another gulp and the bottle was about half empty. "I don't know what to do
with the rest," she said truthfully. Andrea and herself were completely
covered in the stuff and no amount of cum was going to change that.

"Finish it," Andrea said, well on her way to a second orgasm.

"If you say so," she said, secretly feeling a little full already. She
upended the bottle, this time directly into her mouth and drank about half
what was left before stopping and reaching out for Tracy. When Tracy arrived,
grabbed her tightly by the arm and laid into her with a passionate kiss. At
the same time, she transferred what there was of the seed in her mouth, into
her girlfriends.'

When Andrea saw the dribble of cum roll down Tracy's chin from the kiss, she
nearly came again. Irene was still moving in and out of her tight ass and she
had a great view of the two women's bodies as they made out passionately in
front of her.

Finally the kiss broke and Lee gulped down the rest of the bottle, gagging
once more at the end before leaning down to share a second passionate kiss
with Andrea. Her torso was so gooey that when she leant forward long stringy
drops fled from her body like it was raining and landed on Andrea's skin.

Andrea was so horny she met Lee's kiss open mouthed and wasn't surprised to
find a mouthful of cum rush in-between her own lips. As soon as the bitter
salty taste hit her tongue, she came a second time. It was slightly more
subdued but she still clutched Lee close to her as if her life depended on
it. Finally, the orgasm subsided and Andrea rested completely spent
sandwiched between two gorgeous blondes. Within a minute, she had fallen

* * *

Andrea came back to consciousness not long later in just about the same
position. She had been untied and Lee was still on top of her. Their sticky
breasts were mashed into each other and Andrea instinctively moved her hands
around to cup Lee's ass. "You ready for another round?" Lee said, her mouth
just mili-meters from Andrea's. She was so close that her lip occasionally
brushed Andrea's and each time it lit her nerves on fire.

* * *

Andrea rolled awake with a vain attempt to block the morning sun from her
eyes. She looked at the clock to see it was nearly ten and rolled over again
to go back to sleep. Suddenly she noticed that no one was in the bed with
her. She sat up awkwardly and looked around. The room was empty. "I think I
just had the kinkiest dream of my life," Andrea said to herself. "Or maybe
not," she added after feeling the rawness of her pussy and the two strings
hanging out of her ass. The anal beads were still in there.

She stood up, still naked from the night before and walked slowly to the
bathroom. A quick shower later she was feeling a lot better and at least a
little more awake. It was a bit of an effort to find her clothing but when
she finally tracked it down, she got dressed and headed to the floors
restaurant for breakfast. She left the anal beads where they were, hoping
someone would get a chance to discover them later on that day.

She was just about done eating when Chris walked in, "hey Andrea, where the
hell were you all night?"

"Just kind of busy. Why?"

"I was trying to track you down. Did you get my message?"


"Are you done eating?"

Andrea looked at the last three bites of egg. "Yeah, I'm done."

"Come on downstairs with me then."

Andrea stood up. "Chris, what the hell is going on?"

"They're building me a ship."

She started walking with him towards the elevator. "A ship?"

"Yeah, so I can get back to the fleet. And guess who's heading up the

* * *

"Bob?" Andrea said astonished, seeing him in a lab coat with eyes sparkling
behind his thick glasses. They were in a large bay room that took up space
on the first few floors.

"A... Andrea! Long time, no s... see." He put down a clipboard he was holding
and walked over.

"How are you doing, Bob?" Andrea said and gave him a hug.

"Oh, y... you know. I just got another p... promotion." He pushed his glasses
up the bridge of his nose.

"Chris was telling me you're in charge of designing a ship for him to get
back to the fleet in."

"Yeah, t... that's right."

Andrea raised an eyebrow, "isn't that a bit far from medicine?"

"W... well not really, I mean microbiology is all a... about uh, atoms and
orbiting p... protons and n... neutrons and stuff. Space is pretty much the
same way. Orbiting planets around a star, you know..."

Andrea looked at him sceptically and he looked back seriously.

Suddenly he started to laugh, "no no, I'm just k... kidding."

Andrea cracked a smile, "you had me going for a minute."

"I... I guess I'm developing a sense of h... humor after all." He walked over
to a large drawing board where some blueprints were tacked on and gestured
for Andrea to follow. "Seriously though, for whatever reason, the Coalition
doesn't have a... any experience with spacecraft. In fact, from t... talking
to them last night they seem to t... think it's downright impossible."

"So in other words..."

"Because I've read every space flight text book I can get my h... hands on,
all of a s... sudden I'm the resident e... expert. Guess my nerdy heritage is
coming in h... handy after all."

"Ha, guess so," Andrea said. "So how's it going?"

Bob frowned. "Honesty, it's a g... gong show around here. I'm trying to get
these people to do what I tell them but I swear, every time I come up with a
new idea they tell me it's i... impossible to do. Talk about a lack of c...
confidence." He looked to Chris, "speaking of w... which, Chris could you go
t... talk to Jim in propulsion and explain how t... thrusters work?"

Chris sighed. "I'll get on it right away." He turned to Andrea, "this could
take a while."

"Good luck."

"Thanks," Chris said before walking off to an office at the back of the room.

"Hey, Andrea?" It was Jack's voice coming from behind her. Andrea turned to
look at him. "Figured you'd be here. I wanted to talk to you."

"Yeah, sure Jack. What's up?"

Before Jack could get started Bob interrupted. "I... I should get back to
work. I'll catch up with you later, o... okay?"

"Sure, Bob. I can't wait," Andrea said with a smile. Bob smiled back and
walked off.

Jack waited until he was out of earshot and leaned forward excitedly. "You're
got them. It's official."

"The troops you mean?" Andrea was naturally happy with the outcome but wanted
to limit her show of emotion.

"Of course I mean the troops."

"Good. Can you send word to have as many as can possibly make it meet at the
southern city limit in two hours?"

"What, you want to start with them already?"

"45,000 people is an awful lot to train, Jack. I have to get started."

"Hm, I suppose you're right. Just remember what I told you last night okay?"
Jack was referring to his comment about spies courtesy of the espionage
department on the council.

"Don't worry, I remember."

"Well, two hours it is then."

"Thank-you," Andrea said. "And tell the others that can't make it to get
there as soon as possible. I'll probably be there pretty late.

"You're welcome, and I will do that."

"Dinner tomorrow?"

Jack smiled, "wouldn't miss it for the world."

* * *

Andrea had rounded up Aria and then proceeded south. By the time she got to
city limits there were already a few thousand people there and more arriving
every minute. "So what the fuck is it exactly you want me to do with these
chumps again?" Aria said.

"I want you to help me teach them how to fight," Andrea said. She had begun
to size the group up visually. They were about what she expected. Most of
them looked between 18 and 30, largely male, and none of them particularly
well off by the looks of things.

"Why the fuck do you want me teaching anyone to fight?"

"Because I have a feeling you know what you're doing."

That seemed to be enough for Aria and she let the topic drop The two stood
there in silence for a while watching more people arrive when suddenly Aria
spoke once more. "I'm not going to help you."

"What do you mean you're not going to help me? Why?"

"Because you haven't told me what the fuck you're training all these shit
heads for. Why the hell do you want to help these Coalition bastards?"

Andrea could tell Aria wasn't going to take ‘just because' as an answer.
Andrea grabbed her by the shoulder and walked her behind some trees. "I'm
not here to hold the Coalition's hand, Aria."

"Hah, could have fooled me."

"Oh give me a little credit will you?"

"Why should I? York, Oaxaca, now here. What the hell do you need an army

Andrea looked around but saw no one. "You better listen, because we're not
going to talk about this again, you got that?"

"Oh fuck, just spit it out already."

"The Coalition is an expansionist military dictatorship and sooner or later
things are going to start going very, very wrong. When that happens someone
needs to be ready for them. Right now I have the third largest military on
the continent under my control and it's nowhere near big enough. So I will
gratefully take a 45,000 person boost if it means increasing the odds of
defending against them when they decide to go all out hostile. Not to even
mention the Invid. They're so unpredictable, they could decide any day now
that the human race needs to become extinct and start blowing everyone up
again. If that happens the Coalition doesn't have enough forces and they're
going to need everyone they can get."

"What the fuck didn't you just say that for then?"

Andrea was caught off guard, but she was starting to get used to that when
Aria was around, "so you'll help?"

"Of course I'll fuckin' help. But it's a dangerous game you're playing,
faking alliances with two enemies."

"I know, but I don't have much other choice do I?"

"S'pose not."

"One other thing to watch out for... There's going to be spies. The head of
espionage on the council is going to be planting people to keep an eye on me.
So watch what you say and if you think someone is working for the Coalition,
give them the boot."

"You got it," Aria started walking back to her original location.

"Metaphorically, not literally."

"Hah, you wish."

* * *

It was an hour later and Andrea figured about half of her 'new recruits' had
made it. She sighed to herself as she realized she still didn't know exactly
what she was going to be doing, let alone how she was going to do it. "Aria?"

"Yeah?" Aria said.

"I completely fucked myself over."

"I could have told you that."

Andrea took a deep breath and reached for a loudspeaker. "Can I get some
quiet please?"

There wasn't much change. The crowd was buzzing in anticipation and it wasn't
silenced easily. "Can I borrow that for a minute?" Aria asked with her hand

"Be my guest," Andrea said and handed over the loudspeaker.

Aria put it up to her mouth and yelled into it. "Shut the fuck up, maggots."
She put it down and looked to Andrea with a smile. "I've always wanted to say
that." She lifted it back up again and there was a little more silence. "I
said shut the fuck up or you're all suspended from training right now."

Andrea looked at her surprised.

"Relax," Aria said with the loudspeaker down again. "I'm not going to..." Her
gaze was caught by someone in the crowd and she handed the loudspeaker back
to Andrea. "You there," she yelled out while pointing. There was a bit of
confusion as to who she was talking to. "Brown jacket, blue shirt," she added
and the guy she singled out looked at her curiously. "You're out. Go the fuck
home. We're not going to tolerate your crap around here."

"But sir., I was just standing here."

Aria mimicked him, "but sir, I was just... Beat it ass hole. Tell him,

Andrea was still shocked that Aria had just picked someone out of the crowd
to dismiss, seemingly at random. Andrea realized right then and there that
she could either trust the woman, implicitly, or tell her to go packing right
now. When she noticed there had already been a bit of a pause while she had
thought it over, she didn't want to hesitate any further. "You heard the
woman. Get the hell out. I don't want to see your face around here again."

Aria smiled and walked over to Andrea. She leaned close and whispered in her
ear, "you just got rid of your first Coalition spy. And not a very good one
at that."

The crowd shifted as the average looking man made his way through. Andrea
tried to focus on him to see what he was feeling. She'd done it by accident
before so maybe it wasn't that hard to do it on purpose. Suddenly, as he
passed she got a feeling of anger, but also a strong sense of nuisance. As
if he was merely inconvenienced by being kicked out. He wasn't really
concerned with it at all. Looks like Aria was right.

"Now, as I was trying to say," Andrea said through the loudspeaker. "Today
is going to be a little more informal. I want you to get to know each other
and I want to go through and meet each of you. That means it's going to take
me a while, so most of you will have to be patient. Once I've talked to you,
you can head off. . After today, when on duty, you will call me sir, ma'am,
or General Robertson. Although I'm not officially affiliated with them, we
are going to use their ranking system for the sake of simplicity. We'll meet
again here Monday morning at 8 a.m."

Andrea paced a bit as she talked. "You also might note, that because I am not
officially affiliated with the Coalition, neither are any of you, although we
will be participating in their missions when I feel it is appropriate. If
that's a problem for anyone, now is the time to leave, because after today,
if you're in, you're in. We are going to be a military of the people, for the

"Moving speech, "general." Now you want to give me the damn thing so I can do
this right?"

"What do you mean, 'do this right?'"

"Oh for God's sake. What country are you in, Andrea."

Andrea sighed, "I don't know, what used to be Venezuela, I guess."

"Right. And what language do they speak in Venezuela, Andrea?"

"Fuck," Andrea said to herself.

"No, wrong answer, but I think you get the idea. I figure maybe ten percent
understood what you just told them."

"I didn't even think about it. Everyone in the Coalition speaks English."

"Yeah well, all the people moving to the city speak Spanish."

"The most I know of Spanish is 'aloha,'" Andrea said.

"That's not Spanish."

"Exactly my point."

Aria sighed. "So you going to give me that thing or what?"

"You know the language?"

Aria made a more forceful gesture with her hand and Andrea gave it to her.
Aria put it to her mouth and began to speak. Andrea didn't understand a word
of it. After a minute or so, the crowd applauded politely. "I think they like
you," Aria said sarcastically and gave the loud speaker back. "You want me to
come around with you while you talk to these guys and translate?"

"How'd you guess?" Andrea said with a smile. She made her way into the crowd
with the intent to learn basic Spanish by the end of the day. 'Hah, piece of
cake,' she thought to herself as the first person started talking at an
exceedingly high rate.

The process was slow going, since Aria had to translate. Andrea had already
realized she needed to set up a chain of command which means she was forced
to ask each person about previous military experience. She found herself
giving out a few random promotions all the way up to lieutenant before the
day was done and she also ended up kicking out another dozen Coalition spies.
Thanks to her listening in on people's emotions, and Aria's keen character
judging, she picked them out without much trouble. She smiled to herself when
she realized that the espionage minister would be furious.

While she was going through the short interviews she came across an English
speaking man by the name of Tony. She immediately got feelings of concern,
suspicion and uneasy anticipation. Doubtlessly another spy. Andrea was just
opening her mouth to tell him to take a hike when Aria grabbed her arm and
pulled her aside.

"No." They had gotten out of the man's earshot.

"No what?"

"It's a mistake to get rid of him."

"Why? He's one of the most obvious yet."

"I know that's the point. You can read him like a fucking book."


"So I'm telling you he's going to turn. He'll be more loyal to us within a
month then he ever has been to those Coalition bastards. Trust me on this."

"You're sure?" Andrea was a little sceptical.

"Of course I'm fuckin' sure. You want a God-damn formal letter or what?"

"Alright, alright." Andrea walked back to Tony. "Welcome aboard, Lieutenant."

He smiled and shook her hand. "Thank-you, sir."

Things went on to the same end until about six the next morning. Andrea was
past exhaustion when the last person left. "Damn I'm tired," she said to Aria
as the two were walking back towards Trump Towers. "I didn't sleep last night

"Whatever, I've gone nearly a week without sleep before. You'll be fine."

"We're going to have to do this again tomorrow for the rest of the people
that didn't show today. Hopefully it won't take quite as long."

"Shouldn't. I figure we got through about three quarters of 'em." Aria smiled
to herself, "The Coalition's going to be shitting bricks when they find out
we sent all their agents home."

Andrea couldn't help but smile at that too. "I am looking forward to their
reaction, I must say. Keep in mind though there's probably still a few of the
really good ones out there."

"Bah, we'll get 'em all over the next couple weeks. I'm going to go get a
beer. You want to come with?"

"Now? It's six in the morning!"

"Wrong," Aria said. "It's six at night. When you've been up all night it's
not morning until the sun comes up."

"What do you call that, then?" Andrea said pointing to the first signs of
light at the horizon.

"A pain in my fucking ass. You comin' or not?"

Andrea shook her head. "Next time. I have a meeting with the Invid at noon.
I want to get some sleep before then."

"Your loss," Aria said. "I'll catch you later."

"Later," Andrea said and Aria started walking in a different direction.

* * *

There was a loud knocking on the door and Andrea rolled over in bed. "Unngh,
what?" She wasn't impressed about being woken up as she had only been asleep
a few hours. The knocking continued. "What?" She said louder.

"It's Jack."

"Damn-it," she said to herself and stood up. She was naked, as usual when she
slept and walked over to open the door. With a quick turn of the wrist to
unlock the deadbolt, she swung the door open. "Can I help you?"

"You're naked again," he said stepping inside.

"I was sleeping. I sleep naked because it is too damn hot here at night to do

"The tower is air-conditioned, Andrea."

"What are you doing here Jack? It's 9:30."

"I thought you'd be up."

"Well I was up... Three hours ago. And now I'm damn tired."

"Oh. Uh, sorry. I didn't actually mean to be a bother. I can come back in a
few hours." He turned to leave.

"No, no, forget it. I'm sorry I'm being a bitch. Come on in and sit down."

"Don't worry about it," he said taking a seat in a chair. Andrea sat down on
the bed, opposite him. She rubbed her eyes and looked up at him.

"So what do you want?"

"I just wanted to see how it went yesterday. If you were there until three
hours ago, that was a hell of a long speech."

"Hah, I wish," Andrea said. "No, barely any of them even speak English so
there's not much point in speeches is there." Andrea sighed. "How do you
guys do it? Training so many people that speak another language."

"Well for one we don't. We train them in groups of 5000 not 45,000. Other
then that, we just put them all in an English as a second language class
before they can join."

"Why don't you guys just learn Spanish?"

He shrugged. "Beats me. It's just how we do it." He paused and his gaze
drifted down to her firm average sized breasts and upturned nipples before
he caught himself and looked back at her face. Andrea smiled to herself but
didn't say anything and he continued, "I'm still not sure why you were there
until six this morning. Did you talk to everyone there or something?"

"Actually I did."

Jack looked surprised. "Seriously? All of them?'

"All that were there. We figure I only got to about three quarters of the

"That explains it," Jack said to himself.

"Explains what?"

"The head of espionage. He was livid at the meeting this morning. Said you
picked out nearly all of his spies and sent them packing. He doesn't know
how you did it."

Andrea laughed. "Well give him my regards when you see him next. Tell him
he rest will be joining the others shortly."

"Seriously though, Andrea. If you want my advice, I'd let a few of them stay.
It'll keep people less suspicious of you and make things a lot easier for you
in the long run."

Andrea shook her head. "Sorry Jack. I've got no room for spies in my army.
Period. And you can tell the head of Espionage I said that too."

He nodded solemnly. "Your call."

"Look, I don't mean to be rude, but do you mind if I get back to sleep for a
couple of hours? I'm still exhausted."

"Yeah, sure no problem." He stood up. "By the way, you left something under
the table. Have a good sleep, Andrea."

"You too," she said and as soon as he was gone, immediately looked to see
what he meant. There sitting on the floor and quite probably visible when
approaching it, was one of her double dildos from the other night. "Oh
hell," she said to herself and turned red with embarrassment.

* * *

She awoke a couple of hours later and quickly started off towards the
clearing where she was supposed to meet the other Invid. It was the better
part of half an hour to walk there and she ended up arriving just before
noon. Destiny was already there and Irene had told her through their
apparent telepathic link that she would be along in a few minutes with

"How has your day gone?" Destiny asked as Andrea sat down on a tree stump.
There were a few new ones conveniently placed. Andrea figured Destiny was
trying to set up a more comfortable area for discussing.

"Busy," Andrea responded. "Very, very busy."

"Oh. If you'd like to schedule for another time, that's no problem."

"Most definitely not. These meetings are highest priority for me."

"Mm, I'm glad you think so. For me also. Our race has been here four years
and never has anyone thought of anything so radical as sitting down to
discuss the situation."

"Well I'm glad we are now."

As if on cue, Irene and Claire entered by the same path Andrea did. "Hi,"
Irene said happily.

"Hey," Andrea and Destiny said back.

"So, should we get started?" Andrea said, looking to Destiny.

The Invid frowned before responding. "There is one minor thing I have to
mention to you, that's changed since our last meeting."

"Oh?" Andrea said. Her concern was growing.

"Someone else has decided to join our talks, and seeing as freedom is the
nature of these discussions I couldn't find any reason to tell him no."

"Who?" Andrea asked, still concerned.

"You've met him before."

"Who?" Andrea repeated with a little more urgency.

"Why, yours truly, toots," came a voice from behind her. "Or should I say

Andrea turned, immediately recognizing the voice. "Cliff."

/One Month Later:/

"Okay, listen up everyone," Andrea said to the latest group of 1000 trainees.
"Aria and I are going to start the demonstration now. I want everyone to pay
particular attention to where all the strikes come from. Keep a close eye on
footwork and decoy blows as they almost always give away the next move if you
know how to look for it." Andrea looked to her daily sparring partner.

"Do you have to ask?" Aria said already in a fighting stance.

"Try not to bruise me too badly. I'm still hurting from last time."

Aria grinned devilishly, "I didn't know you were such a fuckin' sissy,

"Oh, so we're going the trash talk route are we?"

"Always. Now quit yapping and try to hit me."

Andrea took a quick step forward and tried to hit Aria with a right hook.
It was easily blocked. The group watching the two women were paying great
attention to the fight. It had gotten to the point where their bouts were
actually rather famous. Many of the off duty trainees came down to watch
as well but Andrea didn't know the full reason why. Andrea always lost
against Aria but never by much. The recruits had started a betting pool
to predict when Andrea was going to win her first fight and there was
always a fair bit of money riding on it.

"You're distracted today," Aria said to Andrea as she threw her own punch.
The two women had discovered that the recruits couldn't hear them if they
kept their voices a little lower. Not that they ever had anything overly
secret to say, but it did seem to keep things more personal.

"A bit," Andrea said before speaking up to talk to the others. "You'll
notice how she fights more aggressively then most. Instead of keeping one
arm for..." Andrea was cut off as she deflected another blow. "One arm for
defence and one for offence, she uses both aggressively." Andrea threw one
of her own and defended another few. "Normally it's not a very sound
strategy, but when your opponent doesn't get a chance to strike you, you
don't need a lot of defence."

"What's eating at ya?" Aria said continuing their conversation in-between
punches and kicks.

"These peace talks. Ever since Cliff showed up we've gotten nowhere and he
knows it. Hell, he's all smiles about it."

"Sounds like he needs an ass kicking," Aria spoke up to talk to the rest,
"notice she's dropping her elbow when she's distracted. If I wasn't so
fucking nice this fight would be over right there."

"Oh, is that so?" Andrea was feeling a little more competitive then normal.

"Hah, keep up that fuckin' sloppy posture and half ass trash talk and we'll
see if that's so."

The fight was going on for longer then normal and it caused a few more people
to drift over and watch.

"Anyway, I can't do anything to him or it'd make me untrustworthy and the
rest of the talks would be useless." Andrea attacked with a little more anger
than normal and Aria barely deflected the hit. "It's so damned frustrating to
finally have these talks, and then have it ruined by some asshole with a
grudge." She punched again, this time making contact.

"Sounds like you should do something about that."

"Like what? I can't attack him, I can't tell him to leave. There's nothing I
can do other then sit on my ass and hope he suddenly becomes reasonable." She
threw another quick series of punches and this time sent Aria reeling back.
She was taking hits now, but each time dishing out a bigger one in exchange.
With Aria off guard, Andrea did a quick spin around the woman and put her
into a hold before using the new leverage to throw her to the ground.

Aria hit the dirt with a thud and the fight was over. She sat up and rubbed
her shoulder. "Maybe you just need to think outside of the box."

"Pair off," Andrea said to the group and they started to disperse throughout
the field. A few big winners had huge grins on their faces and the rest were
simply content to test their skills. "You may be right," Andrea said to Aria
while helping her up. "Do you mind if I borrow you for a while later this

"I had a feeling you might say that." Aria turned her attention to a couple
of people still standing around. "What the fuck are you guys staring at. The
General said to pair the fuck off." The group of people quickly got going.

"Even after a month that's taking some getting used to."

"What? Being called a fucking General? That's what happens when you're in
charge of a God damn military. I think it has a nice ring to it personally."

"I guess so." Andrea looked around her at all the people fighting as if they
only had a vague idea how to do so. "I think it might be the wrong call to
start them with all the advanced lessons. These guys don't even know how to
throw a punch."

"Andrea, you're trying to create a whole fucking army from scratch in a
matter of months. You don't have time for the basics. You ask me, you need
to be harder on 'em during the day and easier on 'em at night."

"What the hell does that mean?"

Aria sighed. "It means bust their balls when they're training and then go
have some drinks with them at night. Be a friend off duty and their worst
fucking enemy out here. That's the only way to train them as fast as you
want and not have them all drop out of this army thing of yours."

"Yeah, you might be right."

"Of course I'm fuckin' right. Say what you want about the Yellows, but their
membership was increasing faster than the other gangs."

"Guess I better go bust some ass then. If you can meet me back here at 4:00
that would be great."

"I'll be here..." Aria smiled mischievously, "General."

* * *

It was 4:15 and Aria still hadn't shown up. Andrea had taken Aria's advice by
going harder on the troops and it had made it a difficult day. She planned to
make it up to them that night by exchanging one of her extra proto-culture
cells for a hell of a lot of beer.

"Finally," Andrea muttered to herself as Aria came into sight wearing her
spiked armour. She walked over to meet her. "What took you so long?"

"None of your damn business. I'm here now aren't I?"

"Fine, we should get going."

"No rush," Aria said casually as she started walking.

"What do you mean no rush? The meeting is half an hour from here and it
starts in fifteen minutes."

"Trust the fuck-head, Andrea."

Andrea laughed. "Did you just refer to yourself as a fuck-head?"

"Just trust the fuck-head," Aria was smiling and Andrea couldn't figure out
if she was joking or serious.

Andrea laughed again. "Okay, whatever you say."

* * *

It was nearly 5:00 when the two women arrived at the clearing. The four Invid
were waiting around impatiently and Aria looked like she was working up a
good mad.

"There you are, I was beginning to get worried," Destiny said. She looked to
Aria, "Why has she come with you?"

Andrea shrugged and looked to Cliff as she responded, "She wanted to
participate and seeing that freedom is the nature of these talks, I thought
I couldn't fairly say no. Besides, the things we're talking about are so
important I thought it would be a good idea to have someone else along to
help verify information on my part. Just to make sure I don't remember
anything incorrectly and the like."

"Well forgive me for saying so," Cliff said, "but it doesn't exactly show
how important you think these talks are when you're half an hour late."

Andrea had hoped he wouldn't pick up on that. The last thing she wanted was
another fight. Aria on the other hand...

"Are you just bitching at me because I'm late?" Aria turned to Cliff and
approached him aggressively. Andrea looked to Destiny questioningly and then
back to Aria. "Hey, I asked you a question."

Cliff straightened his back and stood tall. "Yeah. I don't think it's
appropriate for you to just stroll in here whenever you like. This isn't
some country club, this is world altering..."

Aria interrupted him. "World altering, eh? For your information I had to wash
my fucking hair so I didn't come here looking like shit. And I don't dress up
for anyone."

"Your hair doesn't look washed to me."

"Are you calling me a fucking liar?" Aria gave him a hard shove that knocked
him back a few steps. She approached him again. "If you think I'm a liar,
just tell me to my face. I can take it." She gave him another shove backwards
and Claire got up to get involved. Destiny put a hand on Claire's arm to hold
her back and Claire sat back down.

"If you're so sure you can take it, yeah. I'm calling you a liar."

"Well fuck you too. I didn't come all this way just to be called some useless
fucking bitch." She shoved him again and by now the two of them were at the
far end of the clearing and continuing their verbal fight. Andrea didn't want
to waste the opportunity so she sat down with the others.

"Sorry about that," Andrea said to Destiny. "I don't know what's gotten into

"The same thing that has gotten into Cliff I suppose."

"Well I don't know about you, but I'm happy to continue without them until
they're ready to sit down."

"I agree. They can fight it out over there and join us when they're ready. I
believe yesterday we were discussing the possibility of a public apology for
the initial attack?"

"I'd actually rather go on to a different topic if you don't mind," Andrea
said wanting to take advantage of Cliff's absence.

"Of course."

"Can you go over again exactly why you're here and not somewhere else?"

"Essentially, the answer is as simple as the question. There is no other
planet on which our flower grows. And as you know, without it, we can't

"But what about changing the atmosphere of an uninhabited planet? That's
what we started doing with Mars. I find it hard to believe that if the
flower can grow on your planet, and it can grow here, that it can't grow
anywhere else in the galaxy."

"That, I'm afraid, is something of a misconception. Indeed, the flower can
grow on many planets but most of them are under control of the Masters. They
have extremely aggressive policies towards planets where the flower is
involved and quickly take them over. Since they failed in that endeavour on
Earth, they are less likely to return and thus it makes an excellent
strategic position for us."

"In other words you're saying that you could leave and try another planet any
time you want? You just don't because it's not convenient?"

"It's not a matter of convenience, it's a matter of safety."

"What about our safety? We deserve our own planet just as much as you do."

"As it happens, I agree," Destiny said. "But things are the way they are and
we are both here now."

"Maybe that's what needs to change. Maybe it's time you guys start taking
care of yourselves and let us do the same."

"I'm just not sure that's a feasible option. We've invested too many
resources and too much time to just walk away now."

"Just keep in mind how much I've done for the Invid. I personally saved the
All Mother, I've publicly gone against the Coalition, I've talked instead of
just randomly firing at you guys..."

"And we all appreciate each of those things. But asking us to leave the
planet is huge, Andrea."

"Okay, how about this? Why don't you have your people scout out past Earth,
farther away from the Masters and see if you can find a suitable planet? Keep
Earth as a buffer between you and them and go from there. That way you'd know
if the Masters were coming because they'd hit here first."

"Not exactly a great option for humans," Destiny said.

"No, but as far as I'm concerned it's an improvement."

She sighed. "We'll have to think about it. Give us a few days before we meet
again and we'll go from there."

"Sounds like a plan," Andrea said. "Thanks for being open to it."

"You're most welcome."

Andrea shouted to the other end of the clearing, "come on, Aria. We're

"About fucking time," Andrea heard her say, mostly to Cliff before walking
over towards her. "I'm so sick of that guy I could puke out my fucking

"Thanks, Aria, that's a nice image," Andrea said.

"No problem."

Andrea and Aria started to walk away and Cliff, frustrated that he missed
the meeting turned to leave in another direction. "Andrea?" Destiny called
out before long. "Can I see you for another minute please?"

"Yeah sure," Andrea said.

"Fuck, do you want me to wait around for you?" Aria asked.

Andrea looked to see Cliff already out of the clearing. "No, go ahead. I'll
catch you tomorrow."

"Okay. Later."

Irene and Claire also departed and Andrea was left alone in the clearing with

"Clever plan with Cliff," Destiny said. "He's not going to be happy with

"Bah, let him stew. Aria will keep him busy as long as she needs to."

"I can believe that." Destiny was avoiding eye contact and Andrea was
actually surprised to see she looked nervous.

"What's wrong?"

"Oh, nothing. Nothing's wrong. It's just... I didn't want to pester you..."

Andrea crossed her arms and leaned against a tree. "Don't worry about it.
What do you want to ask?"

"You remember last month, I was saying I had never had sex before and wanted
you to show me?"

Now it was Andrea's turn to feel a little nervous. "Yeah."

"Well, I'm still interested, if you ever change your mind."

"It's not that I'm not interested, I just haven't decided yet."

"Hah," Destiny chuckled nervously. "If you're still undecided then you're not

"It's not that," Andrea said, standing straight up and moving towards the
Invid. "It just hasn't felt right to really talk about it with Cliff around
all the time."

"Then you'll be happy to know he's already in his ship and heading back to a
hive for the next few days. I don't think he likes being around you any more
than you do around him."

"Good," Andrea said.

Destiny took a step towards Andrea so they were almost touching. "Show me."
Their lips were inches away and their breasts even closer. Destiny had her
hands down at her sides awkwardly, not sure what to do with them. "Please?"
She spoke breathily in anticipation.

"This can't interfere with our talks," Andrea said starting to give in.

"No, it just can't interfere negatively with our talks," Destiny said
smiling. "And don't worry. It won't." She leaned forward slightly feeling
encouraged. Her large, firm breasts touched lightly against Andrea's and
her hands brushed against Andrea's wrists.

Andrea finally stopped hesitating and gently grabbed Destiny's hands with her
own. She decided to start slow and leant forward to meet the Invid's lips. It
was a light experimental kiss and Andrea realized it was probably Destiny's
first time at that too.

A moment later, their lips parted and Destiny breathed in deeply. She licked
her lips, wetting them slightly and Andrea watched them glisten for a moment
before meeting Destiny's gaze with her own. "That was nice," Destiny said.

"We haven't even started yet," Andrea replied and leant forward for another
kiss. This time she let go of the other woman's hands and wrapped her arms
around her tightly. She pressed her lips against Destiny's and kissed harder,
more passionately, but still a little reserved.

As the kiss continued to grow, Andrea opened her mouth more until after
nearly a minute of light kisses, Andrea pressed her tongue into the tall
blonde's mouth. There was a moment of hesitation but soon after, Andrea
felt Destiny's own wet tongue make contact with hers fleetingly.

Destiny continued to test the feeling by touching briefly and then moving
away. After a few more times, Andrea had enough, and still gripping the other
woman tightly, pushed forward hard, dipping the blonde and pushing her tongue
far into her mouth. Destiny was forced to meet Andrea's tongue with her own
and the two French kissed passionately for quite some time.

Finally, after several minutes, Andrea lifted Destiny back up straight again
and pulled her tongue and lips away. Destiny stared at Andrea hungrily, now
breathing heavily. In a moment of extreme speed, Destiny moved her hands
onto Andrea's shoulders and pushed her back against a tree. With Andrea
essentially pinned, she forced a continuation of the kiss, this time rougher
and even more passionate. "Can I see you naked?" Destiny breathed into
Andrea's ear.

Andrea felt a lump of excitement in her stomach. "Of course," she said
breathily. She pulled away from the tree and spun quickly to exchange their
positions. Now that she was pressing up against Destiny she continued to kiss
aggressively but her hands reached down to undo her pants. At the same time,
Destiny pulled at her own skintight black clothing until it split down the
middle. Careful not to break the kiss, she pulled it off her arms and let the
top half of the jumpsuit hang down casually from her hips. Andrea finally got
her pants undone and slid them down her long tanned legs.

Destiny reached a hand between them and gently ran her fingers through
Andrea's short coarse pubic hair. It had finally had a chance to re-grow and
was back to its normal self. Destiny continued to run her hands up and down
gently, exploring the difference between the hair of Andrea's trimmed landing
strip and the smooth skin on either side of it. "Mmm," Andrea moaned as
Destiny's hand reached low enough to briefly touch her labia.

Andrea took a step back so she could remove Destiny's jumpsuit the rest of
the way but the blonde Invid stopped her before she got the chance. "I want
to look at you for a minute," Destiny said, dropping her gaze from Andrea's
face towards the white tank top that covered her breasts and stomach. It
suddenly ended at her bellybutton and from there it was smooth, tanned skin,
down her hips, her crotch and her shapely legs. "You're not what I expected,"
Destiny said.

"Oh?" Andrea said trying her best not to be offended.

"Oh, I mean no offence. You're absolutely beautiful," she said as she reached
at Andrea's tank top and pulled it up over her breasts and head. She gasped
as she saw Andrea's breasts come into view. "Wow."

Andrea smiled. "They're not as nice as yours."

"Really? You don't think so?" Destiny looked down at her own breasts as if
puzzled. "I always found them rather... clunky."

Andrea laughed. "Clunky?"

The other woman nodded. "They're too big. They get in the way when I'm
running or fighting. It would be nice to have smaller ones like yours. All
of us have such large breasts, to be honest I didn't expect yours to be so
small." Again, Destiny saw a rather offended look on Andrea's face. "I just
mean comparatively." Destiny ran the back of her hand up Andrea's arm and
then down the side of her left breast towards her toned ribcage and stomach.
Destiny was still in a bit of a haze "Your muscles are so clear."

Andrea flushed. She wasn't used to being examined like that. "Why is it that
the Invid all have the same build?"

"What do you mean?"

"Blonde hair, blue eyes, tall, busty, pale skin, you know."

"It was determined that this," she gestured to herself, "is the most widely
appreciated human shape. And so, we all match it. It's mainly for information
gathering purposes. People simply respond the best to this form."

"Makes sense I guess."

Destiny's hands were still lightly caressing Andrea's bare skin. They were
exploring the dips between her ribs, the firmness of her abs, her soft ass
and breasts. It was making it difficult to concentrate. "Can I ask you what
your favourite is?"


"Body type," Destiny clarified.

"To be honest, among females anyway, I like small. Height isn't a concern,
but small breasts, skinny, narrow hips. Not really sure why, but that's what
does it for me the most."

"So then I'm the opposite of your preferences."

"Mm, don't take it like that," Andrea said, looking down at Destiny's large
but perky breasts. Her lightly coloured, dollar sized nipples pointed upwards
slightly and were already stiff. Andrea stepped forward seductively and put
her hands on Destiny's hips. "Think of it as a much appreciated change of
scenery." Andrea hooked her thumbs in between the tight jumpsuit around the
blonde's hips and the soft milky flesh inside it. As she pulled gently and
slowly the black material slid down Destiny's hips and revealed a tinge of
blonde pubic hair. "I have to admit, I do like blondes," Andrea said looking
down at the untrimmed curls poking above the jumpsuit.

Andrea stopped pulling it down and pressed her right palm flat against
Destiny's belly with fingers pointed downwards. Excitedly she slid her
fingers down so the tips of them pressed into Destiny's pubes. She felt the
coarse hairs on her fingertips and continued to slide her hand in farther
until her palm felt the same bristles her fingers did. She only stopped when
her middle finger touched the smooth soft skin of Destiny's pussy and she
leaned forward to kiss the other woman once more.

Andrea shivered when Destiny wrapped her hands around Andrea's waist and
grabbed onto her ass tightly. The blonde returned the kiss with vigour and
Andrea couldn't help but get wet.

She was trying to move slowly, so as not to overwhelm the other woman but
Destiny didn't seem to be interested in that. She grabbed her own jumpsuit
and shoved it down the rest of her hips so Andrea had easier access to her
sex. "Is this what Irene calls teasing?" Destiny said.

Andrea smiled. "It's called taking it slowly."

"I don't like slow," Destiny whispered into Andrea's ear. She then stuck her
tongue out and dragged it across Andrea's ear lobe. Andrea shuddered. "Irene
told me you like that."

"Irene was right," Andrea said breathily. "But we should still take it slow
for your first time."

Destiny smiled. "I told you, I don't like slow." She stuck her tongue out
further, this time licking further at Andrea's ear and sucking her lobe into
her mouth. Andrea shuddered once more. "What do you say?" Destiny whispered.
"Shall we get this party started?" She stuck her tongue back out and Andrea's
legs turned to jelly. She wanted the other woman, badly.

Without further hesitation, Andrea grabbed Destiny by the arms and turned
them around again. With the clearing now behind Destiny, Andrea shoved the
other woman to the ground and landed on top of her. The jumpsuit was still
around the Invid's ankles but Andrea had no interest in removing it. She
slipped a leg between Destiny's and lined her pussy up with her lovers. A
moment later, her wet sex touched with Destiny's and both women shuddered
in pleasure.

Andrea stayed in a sitting position and began to thrust into her blonde
lover. Each new motion rubbed her clit against the Invid's sex and she was
quickly getting close to orgasm. The two women writhed together as Andrea
started to get sweaty from the work. "You're even more beautiful when you're
sweating," Destiny said with a smile.

"You're even more beautiful when you're writhing naked on the ground."

"Mm," Destiny moaned happily. "I've never felt anything this nice before."

Andrea moved her hands up to Destiny's breasts and began to knead the
large mounds. "It gets better," Andrea said with a smile and Destiny's eyes


"Wait and see," Andrea said getting low on breath. She humped the blonde
woman relentlessly for nearly ten minutes before she started to see Destiny's
muscles tighten. The two had been making quiet and sometimes not so quiet
moans on a fairly regular basis. Andrea herself had been holding off orgasm
for most of that time, not wanting to cum before the woman beneath her.

Even Destiny was starting to get sweaty, as Andrea had been going at a hard
pace the entire time. The Invid's breasts were reddened from Andrea's rather
vigorous kneading and her nipples painfully hard. "I feel strange," she said
as her body shuddered beneath Andrea's latest thrust.

"It's okay," Andrea said. "Just enjoy it." Andrea released her grip on
Destiny's breasts and looked down to see them bouncing back and forth with
each motion. The blonde's stomach tightened and her hand gripped Andrea's
hips tightly. "Close your eyes," Andrea said. "Enjoy it."

Destiny did as she was told. He eyes closed and her neck tilted backwards.
She began to sweat on her brow and between her flushed breasts. A low
guttural moan started from the back of her throat and morphed its way into
a loud higher pitched sound and Andrea felt a pulse of warm liquid on her
pussy. The beautiful woman in climax beneath her, along with the feel of
her cum against her sex, sent her into her own orgasm. Her arms felt weak
and she collapsed on top of Destiny as their pussies pulsed against each
other. They clung to each other tightly as they gasped into each other's

Finally, the orgasm subsided and the heat of their bodies against each other
continued to encourage their sweating. Destiny felt slippery below Andrea's
own muscular body.

The Invid was speechless for a while, not even attempting to speak and when
she finally did try it, no sound came out. Eventually her vocal cords worked
again. "Thank-you."

"Mm, the pleasure was mine, believe me."

There was a quiet pause and Destiny smiled and chuckled to herself.

"What?" Andrea asked.

"Oh, nothing. I think I understand your race much better now, that's all."

"Oh? How so?" Andrea propped herself up on her elbows so she could see
Destiny clearly. Her breasts hung down and brushed against the Invid's
casually as she looked into the other woman's eyes.

"At first I thought all your people knew was violence and hate. But that's
not the case at all."

"I'm glad you realize that."

Destiny nodded. "You have to understand, we... The Invid I mean, we do things
in moderation. Moderate pleasure, moderate anger, we keep things as close to
neutral as possible so nothing gets overwhelming. But you, or rather humans:
you're a people of extremes. Extreme good, extreme bad, extreme..." she
smiled, "pleasure." She sighed again as one of the aftershocks of her recent
orgasm shook through her. Andrea noticed her hands were shaking. "Yes, I
understand you all much better indeed."

* * *

"Andrea, Andrea," Andrea stopped and turned to see Chris jogging out of
the launch bay and up to his sister. "I'm glad I caught you. Can I have a

"Uh, yeah, of course. What's up?"

"Um," Chris looked up and down the hall, "can we go somewhere private?"

"I know just the place."

Andrea headed straight to the closet she had visited with Jack earlier.
Supposedly, it was the only place in the tower without some kind of listening
device. When she closed the door, Chris looked around curiously. "When I said
private I wasn't exactly thinking closet."

"It's the only place in the tower that isn't bugged."

"Now how in the hell would you know something like that?"

Andrea smiled. "Friends in high places. What's up, Chris?"

"Well, the rumour around this place is you've had some contact with the

Andrea sighed, "Oh great. Can you please not get all big brother on me? I get
enough of that from Tristen."

"Is it true?"

Andrea paused a moment, hesitant to answer. "Yeah, it's true."

"I want to ask a couple questions, if that's okay."

Andrea looked at him quizzically. "Wwwhat's this about Chris?"

"You remember how I told you that we were getting our butts kicked by some
Invid faction?"


"Well that wasn't exactly the whole story. See, the big-shots think that
there are two possibilities. One, the Invid here are expanding."

"Unlikely," Andrea interrupted.

"Or two," Chris continued, "there's another faction of them out there. One
of the main purposes I'm here is to find out which one is the truth."

"It's probably the Regent."

"The Regent?"

Andrea nodded. "There are two Invid leaders. The Regis, and the Regent.
Apparently the Regis is the 'good' one. So if you're dealing with the Regent
out there, chances are he's pretty ruthless."

"So the Regis is the one that's on Earth?"

Andrea nodded. "That's right."

"How do you know this?"

Andrea sighed, not wanting to answer. "I'm not going to give you a lecture,

"I'm in communication with them. Hell, I probably know more about them then
any other human on the planet."

"How many ships in the solar system?"

"About a million."

"Seriously?" Chris said, astonished. "A million?"

"That's what they tell me."

"Our best guess was fifty thousand and it was too much then."

"Well, what can I say, they've been expanding. Right now the trick is to just
not piss them off."

"Yeah, no kidding."

"Can you tell me anything else?"

Andrea nodded. "What do you want to know?"

* * *

Andrea got back to her quarters in another hour or so and was surprised to
find Kitty missing. The lithe brunette had spent most of her time there and
nearly every night sleeping in the same bed. Andrea was actually beginning
to like the idea of a regular person under the sheets with her every night.
She walked over to the small table and picked up a note.

'In town to do some shopping, I'll be back later tonight. Kitty.'

Suddenly, the phone began to ring. Andrea jumped. She still wasn't used to
the sudden noise and the few calls she actually received weren't helping her
to grow accustomed to it. She picked it up. "Hello?"

"Hello, is this Andrea Robertson?"

"Yes, who's this?"

"My name is Donna, I'm a secretary for the council. The Emperor would like
to meet with you in an hour."

"I see. I'll be there shortly."

"Thank-you, I'll let him know."

Andrea hung up and looked around for something to wear. She had her usual
tank top and pants, or her formal dress. Neither seemed particularly
appropriate. "Great," she said to herself. "Guess I have a stop to make."

A few minutes later, Andrea found herself the towers main tailor, looking
through the shelves desperately for something to wear. "Can I help you Ms?"

"Yeah, I'm meeting with the head of the council in an hour and you're
currently looking at my entire wardrobe," Andrea gestured to her usual
outfit. "What do people normally wear?"

"To meet with the Emperor you mean?" The man breathed out emphatically.
"You're not in the Coalition I'm guessing?"

"No, not exactly. Why?"

"Normally people just wear their dress uniforms."

Andrea nodded, an idea coming to her, "Do you have any Coalition uniforms
in stock?"

"Absolutely, but we can't give any out unless you're a member of the

"What if you modified the design?"

He thought about it for a minute, "I suppose that would be acceptable. But
you said you only have an hour?"

"Hm, more like fifty minutes, now."

"I had best get started then. How would you like it modified?"

"The pants you can leave the same. Get rid of those damn skull patches on
the shoulders, and see if you can't modify some of the fabric lines into
a different formation. Change the seams from red to something less
intimidating. I don't know. I'm sure you know better then I do."

"Of course. What rank?"

Andrea smiled to herself, "General."

The tailor raised an eyebrow. "You realize the rank won't be the least bit
permissible in any legal way."

"It will be in my military."

"Wait a minute," he said looking at her more in depth. "Are you Andrea

"How do you know my name?"

"My sister is under your command. She's quite fond of the way you're running
things so far."

"Really?" Andrea smiled. "That's good to know."

"How long did you say I had to make the alterations?"

Andrea looked at her watch, "forty-five minutes."

"I'll have it done in forty. See you soon." He took off in a near run to the
back room. Since Andrea didn't have anywhere to go, she simply sat down and
waited. He came back about five minutes later to take some measurements and
was off again to the back. After about fifteen minutes had elapsed he came
out once more, this time holding a skirt. "I hope you don't mind, female
dress uniforms are usually skirts, unless specifically requested otherwise."

"No, it'll do fine, thank-you."

"No problem. Go ahead and find some shoes and try them on. I'll still be a
while with the top."

"Sure, thanks."

Andrea picked out a pair of shoes and got changed in the dressing room. The
skirt went down to just above her knees and had a fairly long slit up one
side to make walking easier. It fit quite well. She went back into the main
room and sat down once more.

About five minutes before she had to meet with the Emperor, the tailor came
back out into the shop and held up the uniform.

"Wow," Andrea said looking at it. It looked nothing like the Coalition
uniforms. The skull patches were indeed removed, and in their place was a
sword placed diagonally across a seal in Latin. The fabric lines were
completely different, and in Andrea's opinion much nicer looking. The
coalition's red and black had been exchanged for a blue/grey combination
and overall a much softer look. "It's very impressive work. Where did you
get the patch?"

"Ah, I collect them and I had a few extras. The sword is Excalibur. King
Arthur's sword."

"What does it say?"

"In English? 'What man is a man, who does not try to make the world better?'"
Andrea nodded impressed and he continued. "Go try it on. You only have a few
more minutes I believe."

Andrea looked at her watch to see four minutes remaining. "Shit," she said
quietly and hurried to the dressing room. She had already done her hair and
it was a quick matter to remove her tank top and put on the rest of the
uniform. It hugged her body tightly, but not in an overtly sexual manner. It
was a good fit. She walked back into the main room carrying her old clothes.
"I'd better get moving. Can I leave these here and pay when I get back?"

He nodded. "Of course. I'll see you then."

Andrea smiled and hurried to the elevator. A few minutes later she was in the
Emperor's waiting room and Jack was there waiting for her. "Andrea, about
time, I thought you were going to be late."

Andrea looked at her watch, "nah, I've still got thirty seconds left."

"Listen, I wanted to give you a heads up before you go in there. Have you
noticed how every member of the council is male?" Andrea nodded. "Well that's
not a coincidence if you get my drift."

"Oh, I see. Thanks."

"No problem," Jack said moving over to the door into the Emperor's room. "I
didn't know you had your own uniform."

"I had it made."

He nodded and noticed her 'rank'. "It looks good on you... General."

Andrea smiled and Jack opened the door. Andrea walked in first and was
somewhat relieved when Jack followed her through. The Emperor was an old man
of about seventy years. His hair was grey and he had a bit of a belly on him,
but overall looked to be in very good shape for his age. Andrea also noticed
another General was present in the room, standing to the Emperor's side. She
recognized him from the council but couldn't remember what department he

"So this is the great Andrea," the Emperor said in an unfriendly tone.

"It's good to meet you," Andrea said, ignoring the bad vibes she was picking
up from him. Andrea glanced over to the other General. "Forgive me, but I was
under the impression that I was to meet with just you."

A dark look came over the Emperor's face but it quickly passed into one a
little lighter, but still just as scary. "Surely you would permit me to have
one or two of my advisors present when we talk."

"Of course, I didn't mean..."

"No, of course you didn't. You remember General Ellis, the head of

Andrea's heart sank. Jack was right, she should have left more of the spies
in her military and simply kept an eye on them. "Nice to see you again," she
said politely.


Andrea looked behind her to see Jack standing next to the door. She turned
her attention back to the Emperor. "So, what can I do for you?"

"I'm sorry?" The Emperor said.

"What can I do for you?"

He repeated her, "what can I do for you, sir." It was Andrea's turn to be
surprised. "You will address me as "sir."

Andrea took a step forward and he shifted in his seat. "I will address you in
the same manner as I would address anyone else. I am not in the Coalition and
you are not my commanding officer."

The Emperor looked irritated. "This was obviously a mistake calling you here.
Your kind is just not very good in formal situations."

"Excuse me?" Andrea was growing angry. "My kind?"

"Females," he said. "I was against you being put in command from the
beginning but the council thought it would be a good idea. It is obvious to
me that they were wrong. You're released from my service. I will take the men
back and train them in a proper Coalition manner."

"You still seem a little confused. I don't work for you. You can't release me
from your service because I am not under it."

Jack took a step forward and put a hand on Andrea's shoulder. "Andrea,

"Don't what? Did you know about this?"

"Of course not. I..."

"Please don't get involved in this, General," the Emperor said. "I will deal
with this female myself."

"My name is Andrea, not 'this female.'"

"I know your name, girl and I'll be sending the order to recall my troops
within the hour. You're dismissed."

Jack moved towards the door and opened it for Andrea. She didn't move.
"What's this about? Is this about your spies being turned back?" Suddenly,
a revelation hit her. "Of course. You said you were against me having a
military in the first place. But you already knew about York and Oaxaca so
you only gave me more troops so you could keep an eye on me."

"That is preposterous."

"No, it's not. It's the truth. You figured I wouldn't get around to training
all of them for months so you gave them all to me so you could plant your
people and spy on me. Try to find out what the rest of the military
capabilities are in my other cities. But now that I've turned back all your
people, you don't want to let me keep them, do you? You'd rather just take
them back and be done with the whole damn thing."

"Don't flatter yourself. If we wanted people in your organization they would
be in your organization. No one is good enough to find all our operatives."

"Ah, you're thinking of Emilio and Tony aren't you?"

The Emperor stood from his chair, obviously furious. "I will not be made a
fool by a woman. I'm recalling the army. Dismissed."

"I think you'll find that they don't want to go." She paused a minute for
effect, "including Tony and Emilio."

"What? Are you saying they've betrayed the Coalition?"

"Not at all, I'm saying they've switched sides. Both of them explicitly told
me that they would not give any kind of intelligence that could hurt the
Coalition and I have not asked them for any."

The Emperor was getting red in the face. "If you won't give them back we will
take them by force."

"And risk a civil war over fifty thousand people? I just met a man in the
tower today whose sister was under my command. The people you let me train
are not just random people. They're friends and family of those that work
for you. And I may be just a girl, but I don't know if all of your troops
would stand for a war against people they know. What do you think?"

His jaw tightened into a scowl. "I said you were dismissed."

"Yes, I believe you did." Andrea stayed put, making eye contact with him for
a few moments longer in an attempt to make a point. Finally, she turned and
exited the room. She glared at Jack as she passed him and went straight to
the elevator.

A few minutes later she arrived at her room and went inside. She let out a
quiet sigh of relief and collapsed onto the bed. She was nervous to say the
least and having a pretty good panic attack. She had just made enemies with
the head of the Coalition and even if he couldn't take his men back he would
think of something.

Andrea heard a toilet flush and sat up just in time to see Kitty coming out
of the bathroom. "Oh, hey," she said. "I didn't hear you come in."

"Mm," Andrea said putting her head back down on the bed.

"Bad day?"

"You have no idea."

"Your uniform looks good on you."

Andrea smiled. "Thanks."

"Listen, why don't you change and I'll give you a back massage or something."

Andrea sat up again. "Oh shit, I left all my clothes at the tailor shop. I
said I'd come back to pay him for this thing."

"Oh. Well don't worry, I'll go get it for you."

Andrea smiled again and put her head down once more. "Thanks."

"No problem. I'll be right back, okay?"

"Sure. Money is in the pocket of the pants he has."


Kitty left and a short time after there was a knock on the door. Andrea went
over to answer it. She opened it to see Jack standing on the other side.
"What did you just do?"

All the anger came rushing back to Andrea with those five words. "What did I
do? What did I do? Oh, don't even think about giving me that shit, Jack."

"You just alienated the God-damn Emperor, Andrea."

"No, he did that all by himself, thank-you very much. I'm not about to kiss
ass to some tyrant to get him to like me. Either he's a good man or he's

"So why are you mad at me then?"

"Maybe because you did such a great job of standing up for me Jack. What's
the matter with all you army idiots? As soon as you get in a room with your
C/O your dicks all go limp and you're afraid to speak your mind."

"That's how things work, Andrea. Not everything is how you imagine it in your
little army."

"Maybe it should be."

"It doesn't work that way. People need strict orders to function. As soon as
they start questioning they start talking back."

"And your fragile egos can't handle that, eh?"

"Damn-it, Andrea," Jack said. "An army where everyone has their own say
doesn't work. People have known that for thousands of years."

"Oh no? Then why are an average of ten Coalition officers a day defecting and
joining me?"


"And the number's going up, Jack. Last week it was five. Just yesterday I got
a Lieutenant. A Lieutenant, Jack! He's been with you idiots for fifteen years
and joined me after one month."

Jack was silenced for a minute. "You could make a very dangerous enemy for
the Coalition."

Andrea sighed. She was calmer now. "I don't want to be your enemy."

"And I don't want to be yours."

"So what are we going to do about it?" Andrea said.

"I don't know," Jack said. He took a step closer and Andrea held her ground.
He took another step so he was directly in front of her and Andrea wasn't
sure what he was up to. It didn't feel like he was threatening at all. "We
haven't been on a date in a couple weeks."

"I've been busy."

Jack nodded. "I know. But you're not busy now."

"What's that supposed to mea..." Her words stopped as Jack leaned forward to
kiss her. Andrea was too stunned to move and as the kiss continued, Kitty
opened the door, holding Andrea's clothing. She dropped them when she saw her
and Andrea broke the kiss. Before she even looked at Kitty, she knew it was
going to be bad.

"Andrea?" Kitty said a little astonished. "You couldn't wait five minutes
while I was gone?"

Jack turned to Kitty, "It's my fault, I..."

"Forget it, I... I have to go," Kitty said and left the room in a hurry.

"I think you better go too Jack," Andrea said.

"But... It's not like we've never kissed before."

"I think you need to re-evaluate what you really want from me."

"I don't understand."

"Do you want an obedient, Coalition supporting wife, or do you want me?
Because I'm not going to be both." Andrea shuffled past him. "If you'll
excuse me I have to go make sure Kitty is okay." She closed the door
behind her, leaving Jack alone in her room.

Andrea went straight to Kitty's room and knocked on the door. "Yeah?" Kitty
answered, sounding as if she was still crying.

"It's me."

There was a sniff and Andrea heard Kitty get up and walk to the door. She
opened it slowly and stepped aside so Andrea could come in.

"I'm sorry Kitty," Andrea said after they had closed the door.

"No, it's my fault." Kitty wiped a tear from her cheek. "I know that you'll
never be exclusively mine, but this last month has just felt so perfect. It's
felt like it's just been you and me."

"It has," Andrea said. "Since that one night with Irene and everyone, and I
guess earlier today with Destiny, it's just been us."

"You had sex with the Invid negotiator?" Kitty sniffed again but was getting
herself under control.

Andrea nodded. "Just the one time. She's been asking me for a couple months
now. She'd never done it with anyone before and wanted to learn with me."

"Oh..." Kitty said, apparently undecided as to how she should feel about it.
"Anyway, I'm just getting more attached to you then I should be. I'm sorry.
I think I should just spend the night here for a while."

Andrea shook her head. "Don't be ridiculous. For one, that kiss with Jack
wasn't my idea and I would have broken it up whether you came in or not."


Andrea nodded. "And two, I've enjoyed the last month just as much as you
have. I don't want it to change either."

Kitty leaned forward and gave Andrea a hug. She pressed her cheek up against
Andrea's shoulder and held her tightly. "I'm sorry I overreacted."

"Don't worry about it, okay? Let's just let this be resolved. The last thing
I want today is another open-ended fight."

Kitty nodded. "You're right, I'm sorry. You've had a bad day."

"Hah, yeah."

"Listen, it's still early and that pass to the pleasure dome has been sitting
on your night table for a month. Why don't you go up there and relax. Just
take the night off, you know?"

Andrea nodded. "Maybe that's a good idea."

"I know it's a good idea," Kitty said moving closer and grabbing Andrea's
hips. She leaned forward and kissed her gently on the mouth. "So why don't
you go up there and relax?"

"I think I will," Andrea said. "In a few minutes."

"Why a few minutes?"

Andrea leaned in and kissed her back hard and passionately. "Why do you

"You're sexy in uniform." Kitty put a gentle hand on Andrea's breast and the
other one slid up her thigh towards her pussy. "You're not wet yet."

"I've only had a few seconds. Give me a minute," Andrea said.

Kitty smiled. "I can't wait that long." She dropped to her knees and put her
head under Andrea's skirt. She couldn't see what she was doing but she was
familiar enough with Andrea's body that it was just as easy to find her
destination. Her nose quickly scouted out her lovers scent and her tongue
darted out to touch Andrea's slit.

"Mmm," Andrea moaned as Kitty's tongue dipped in between her labia searching
for the entrance into her sex. It quickly found it and pressed inwards,
lapping at the few drops of moisture forming.

"That's a little better," Kitty said, now able to taste Andrea's arousal. She
licked her tongue up the length of her lover's sex and pressed the wet organ
into her clit. Andrea moaned again and lifted a leg to wrap around Kitty's
neck. She was only standing on one leg now so Kitty supported her by grabbing
her ass tightly as Andrea reached out to put one hand on the wall and the
other on Kitty's head through the fabric of her skirt.

"Unnnh," Andrea moaned as Kitty continued tonguing Andrea's clit. "Don't

"Like I would," Kitty said before going back to work. Her tongue worked
circles around Andrea's clit or ran the length of her slit, dipping into the
depths of her pussy whenever the opportunity presented itself.

Andrea couldn't take much more and when Kitty's wet tongue hit her sensitive
nub, she felt lightheaded and began to shake. Her orgasm quickly followed and
Kitty moved her mouth down to lap up any cum that made it out of Andrea's
sex. "Oh Kitty," Andrea said still shaking and having trouble holding her
balance. "Maybe I should just stay with you all night."

Kitty wiggled out from under Andrea's skirt and stood up. Her lips, nose and
chin were covered and shining with Andrea's cum. "No. You go have fun. I'll
be in your room when you get back. And I'll have a surprise for you."

"A surprise?"

"But you can't get it until at least midnight. That means you have to be up
there for the next four hours at least."

Andrea sighed. "You don't like making my life easy do you?"

"Heh," Kitty smiled. "Go change and head upstairs lover."

"If you insist," Andrea said and left the room."

* * *

Andrea had changed into her normal tank top and pants combo and was headed up
to the so-called Pleasure Dome on the top floor. She went in through a tinted
revolving door almost straight out of the elevator and saw a receptionist
sitting at a desk to her right. She looked briefly surprised as an attractive
nude woman walked down the hall and entered a room casually. Andrea looked to
the receptionist and immediately found that she too was an attractive naked

A desk plate said her name was Jasper. She had a gold stud in her right
nipple and a ring in her left one with an attached chain that hung down
tautly to her crotch. Andrea wondered what it was connected too. She also
had a large, impressive looking tattoo on her toned stomach of a dragon
breathing fire from a cave. The string of fire wrapped around her side
and disappeared somewhere on her back. She had another tattoo of an angel
on her shoulder. Her hair was cut short and was a bright red colour.

"Hi, my name's Jasper," she said.

"Hi," Andrea said a little stunned.

"First time?"


"Ah, well it's 200 credits an hour or 600 for the evening."

"Oh, I've got a pass," Andrea said digging into her pocket. She handed it
over and Jasper reached out to take it. Andrea noticed her breast lift up
and the chain tighten as she did so. It pulled on her nipple slightly. She
looked downwards again and noticed an attractive crystal jewel in the other
woman's belly button, but the chain itself went lower.

"Okay, this will get you one stay, for as long as you like."

"As long as I like?"

The woman nodded. We have some nice bedrooms in the back, but there's not
too many so occasionally you have to share. Some people have weeklong
vacations here.

"Really?" Andrea said.

"Would I lie to you?" Jasper said with a friendly smile.

"I hope you don't take this the wrong way but I know a horse with the same
name as you."

"Hah, kinky."

Andrea flushed for a minute at the woman's insinuation.

"So who'd you have to fuck to get this pass? I know it wasn't me, I'd
remember you."

"No one actually, it was a gift."

"Ah, maybe your friend then."

"Her name's Irene."

"Blonde hair, big tits? Oh yeah, I remember her. She spent an hour with me;
I gave it to her for half price. It still cost her a fortune. You've got a
good friend there." Jasper leaned forward. "And an amazingly beautiful one
too. Hopefully you're not letting her pass you by."

"What is this place?" Andrea asked, not able to hold the question back any

Jasper raised a well-manicured eyebrow sceptically. "You don't know?"

"Well I know it's a pretty popular as a place to relax, but that's about it."

Jasper laughed. "Let me put it this way, sexy. We would have called it the
sex dome if the tower administration allowed it."

"Ah," Andrea said, finally understanding the rest of the picture.

"See that line over there?" Jasper pointed to a thin red line that stretched
across the floor not far from where Andrea stood. Andrea nodded. "There's no
clothing allowed past that line. You can change in the booths behind you if
you like, but personally I prefer the show."

"Why would you put privacy change booths in a place where everyone is always

"Oh, it's just a mental thing. Some people like to be a certain person most
of the time and free of their inhibitions here. The booth gives them a place
to transition between the two."

"I see. Well, I'll give you the show."

"Excellent," Jasper said and sat back in her chair. Again the chain grew
tight against her stomach, ribs and breast. Andrea lowered her hands to the
base of her shirt and lifted the whole thing over her head. It came off
inside out and she dropped it on Jasper's desk. She then kicked out of her
shoes and wiggled her hips while she lowered her pants. Slowly her brown
landing strip came into view and finally the full V of her crotch before
her smooth legs were completely exposed. She bent over at the waist and
picked up her pants.

"So what do I do with them?"

"There are lockers in the next room." Jasper made a note on some paper and
stood up. For the first time, Andrea could see the chain's end point. Or at
least what she thought was it. It disappeared into Jasper's slit and seemed
to go inside her pussy. She reached out her hand to take Andrea's pants and
shoes and then picked the shirt up from her desk. She turned and walked
through an open doorway behind the desk. Her back had another large tattoo
and Andrea looked at her ass as she left to see about two feet of chain
hanging down and brushing against her thighs and knees. Was that hanging
out of her asshole? "Yes, it is coming from where you think it is," Jasper
said as she disappeared out of sight. She came back a moment later. "You're
locker 55."

"Okay, thanks. Can I go in now?"

"You bet."

Andrea turned and started to walk in when Jasper called out. "Hey listen.
I'm off shift in about fifteen minutes. If you want to wait around I can
show you the place. It takes up the entire floor and some areas are
multi-story so it's a lot to explore on your own."

"Sure," Andrea said turning around to face her again. "I'm not in a rush."

"Excellent," Jasper said. "And if you're lucky, I'll show you how long this
chain really is."

"Hey Jasper," a tall, handsome man said. He just entered through the
revolving door and was already taking his shirt off before he went in around
the desk.

"Jason! Of all the days you could be early, you sure picked a good one."

"Hah," Jason turned to Andrea as he started shimmying out of his pants,
"she's showing you around hey?"

"Yeah, does she give the tour often?"

Jason shook his head and Jasper responded for him. "Only with people I like.
Maybe once a month."

"I feel privileged," Andrea said with a smile.

"And so you should," Jason said. "I sure as hell wish I was the one getting
off shift."

"Don't listen to him," Jasper said coming around to the front of the desk.
"He's just a big flirt."

"Oh and you're not," Andrea said crossing her arms under her breasts. It had
the effect of pushing them together and out.

"No," Jasper said reaching out to pinch one of Andrea's nipples playfully.
"I'm not." She put an arm around Andrea's waist and began walking. "So, you
hear to relax? Or to get fucked silly?"

Andrea smiled, "how about first one, and then the other."

"Good answer," Jasper said. "So off to your right here, is the games room. In
there you've got stuff like dice and card games with random deeds or actions
on them, games like twister, you heard of twister?"

"Back when I was a kid."

"Hah, it's a lot more fun when you're naked."

"I'll bet."

"And, over here," Jasper continued, "is our first stop. The sauna."

"The sauna?"

"Don't tell me you've never been in a sauna before."

"Actually I haven't."

"Then I'm excited for you. You're going to love this." Jasper opened the door
for her and steam immediately came rushing out. Andrea walked in to see about
a dozen other people sitting in the round room. There were benches that went
around the perimeter like stadium seating and while most of the first couple
levels were a little busier, the last few were by the large part empty.

"It's hot," Andrea said already starting to sweat.

"No kiddin," Jasper said. "Come on," she grabbed Andrea by the hand and led
her up a few layers of steps. "It's not quite as hot up here. Better for
beginners." They got up to the top row and sat down. It was still hot enough
to keep the two of them sweating, but not quite as humid as down below. It
was a little easier for Andrea to breathe. "Lie down, I'll give you a rub."

Andrea turned and lay down on her stomach. She let her head hang comfortably
off the side of the bench and relaxed her muscles in the heat. She head
Jasper moving and could feel the chain brush against her leg as she straddled
her ass. The chain finally came to rest down the length of her ass crack.
Somehow it turned her on, knowing the other end of it was connected to
Jasper's nipple after passing through her asshole. She felt Jasper's warm,
slick thighs press down on her ass and the feeling was quickly followed by
soft hands on her shoulders. "Mmm," Andrea moaned as the red haired woman
started massing her.

Over the next ten minutes, Jasper's massage slowly made its way down Andrea's
back until it reached her ass. She didn't stop there however and for the next
few minutes, Jasper kneaded the soft flesh there. Andrea let out another moan
again and felt Jasper's right hand leave her cheek. It quickly made itself
known again, this time on her thigh. Except there was only one finger slowly
snaking along her skin as the other hand continued to massage her ass.

The finger slowly made it up her thigh right up to her sex. Slowly, Jasper
ran it in-between Andrea's labia and upward until it reached her tight
puckered anus. Andrea's heart raced. "Do you like anal play?" Jasper
whispered to her.

"Sometimes," Andrea said. "Depends who it's with I suppose."

"Good. Then you'll like it with me." Slowly, Jasper continued to tease
Andrea's rosebud. She swirled her finger around the outside of it as if
urging it to relax. Then, gently she began almost picking at it. She
Inserted only millimetres of her finger inside before sliding it down
and out once more. Andrea couldn't help but feel incredibly relaxed,
and incredibly aroused.

"That feels amazing," Andrea said truthfully. She closed her eyes and enjoyed
the sensations.

"It's supposed to," Jasper said as she began circling her finger around the
crinkled hole once more. Figuring that Andrea was relaxed enough, she slowly
started pushing the tip of her finger inside. Over about thirty seconds of
agonizingly slow movements, her pointer finger was in to the first knuckle.
Andrea let out a guttural moan. "You like?" Jasper said.

"Oh, I like," Andrea said enthusiastically. "But go faster."

"Sorry, Andrea. No can do. Asses need slow, if you really want it to feel
good. And I mean really good. You have to go so slow it's almost painful."

"Right now I'd rather have you go so fast it's almost painful."

Jasper smiled to herself and curled her finger inside of Andrea slightly. It
pressed against Andrea's inner walls and forced out another moan. "See? You
would have missed that if I just shoved it in."

"I don't care, just stick it in there."

"Patience, Andrea," Jasper said, still smiling. She moved her finger around
in circles once again, not taking it out or putting it any further in. Andrea
moaned again and Jasper withdrew it. This time, Andrea let out a sigh, but
the finger quickly found its way back. Jasper pushed it a little further and
over another minute of light, casual pumping it was in to the second knuckle.
"How does it feel now?"

"It's still amazing," Andrea said with a smile. "So relaxing."

"Good. It's supposed to be. If you want to get fucked in the ass, just ask
one of these guys around here. But if you want to be relaxed from the inside
out, let me do what I do best."

"Okay. As long as I can do it with someone when you're done with me."

Jasper's finger stopped and she looked down into the centre of the room.
"Does anyone here want to fuck Andrea in the ass when I'm done with her?"

Andrea's eyes jarred open. She hadn't expected Jasper to actually offer. Let
alone to a whole room. Five people seemed to respond favourably and came up a
few rows of benches to watch while they waited. Andrea looked back at Jasper
with worried eyes. "Don't worry, I'll take care of you. You'll love it, I
promise." She turned to the men now watching. "Patience guys, I still have a
little work to do here."

Jasper went back to Andrea's ass and repeated the same process. She circled
her finger around inside Andrea's rectum before removing it and then casually
pumping it for a few minutes, but never going further then the second
knuckle. "You ready for the rest?" Jasper whispered seductively. Andrea could
only nod. "Good."

Slowly, Jasper worked her finger back in to the second knuckle and then
continued further until another minute later it was buried to the hilt. She
began to slowly curl it inside and she moved her wrist around to let her
finger apply gentle pressure on each part of Andrea's inner walls. She then
brought her digit back out again and slowly reinserted it.

The in and out motion continued for another few minutes, continuing to relax
Andrea, and yes arouse her at the same time. Then, one time Jasper pulled her
finger out and it didn't go back in. The men watching saw Jasper stick it in
her mouth, seductively licking it clean and then, Andrea felt two hands on
her ass, one with a wet pointer finger and each hand pulled her cheeks apart
as far as they could comfortably go.

Andrea felt the warm moist air against the inside of her rectum. Her hole
was being kept open and it felt strange to feel air against her insides. She
instinctively alternated between tightening and relaxing her sphincter. It
gave Jasper and the others a nice view that swapped between a long pink
tunnel, eventually fading to darkness and the pink tissue of her rectum as
it crinkled closed only a short distance away from the normal opening to her
back end.

She was still sweating quite a bit from her heat and a drop of it rolled
slowly down her ass. Andrea could feel it as it trickled down but it stopped
suddenly when Jasper pressed her tongue against it and licked the salty water
up. She then kissed Andrea's cheeks a few more times before slowly making her
way towards the gaping hole, still being held open wide.

Finally, Jasper kissed it gently with her lips as someone would kiss another
on the first date. Then, as passion took over she kissed again, this time
harder. And a third time, slowly extending her tongue and flicking it over
the stretched tissue around the perimeter of her back door.

Having teased enough, Jasper continued to hold Andrea's cheeks wide apart
and dug in with her tongue, sticking it as far as it would go. She licked at
Andrea's ass enthusiastically and it was only about thirty seconds of work
before, despite her grip, the whole thing tightened closed around her tongue
and held it in place. Andrea was coming.

Her breathing increased threefold and her body began to shake. Overall, it
was a tame orgasm that still somehow served the purpose of relaxing her. She
thought of Jasper's tongue, stuck far up her ass and the image made her cum
harder through the second part of her climax. Finally, it passed and with one
final, fully engaging lick, Jasper withdrew her tongue. "She's all yours
boys," Jasper said happily and got out of the way. Again Andrea felt Jaspers
chain slide across her thigh. "So here's the deal. It'll be one at a time, I
pick who goes in what order and when you cum, do it on her back. Oh, and take
it slow. This is about relaxing, not getting a quick orgasm."

Jasper disappeared for a minute out the main door and came back seconds later
with a couple of pillows. "Get that gorgeous ass up in the air," Jasper said
to Andrea once she got back.

"Yes ma'am," Andrea said, smiling. She lifted her butt off the bench and
Jasper stuck the pillows under her stomach. When Andrea lay back down it was
not only more comfortable, but also stuck her ass up higher in the air, thus
making access easier for the five men to get into her.

Jasper picked the first guy to go and seemed to be going from smallest to
largest. The heat of the sauna combined with Jasper's rather vigilant tongue
provided more then enough lubrication but just to be on the safe side, before
Jasper let the first guy get started, she leaned over and in one long stroke,
took the man's hard cock all the way into her mouth.

"Whoa, careful or I'm not even going to make it to her ass," the guy said
after feeling Jasper's throat wrapped tightly around the end of his cock. He
wasn't very large, only about five inches, but it was still too much to fit
inside without the head of his member going the extra mile.

After two strokes, Jasper backed away, leaving his cock with a healthy
coating of saliva on it. She held it by the base and carefully led him to
Andrea's rear entrance. "Ready, Andrea?" Jasper asked once he had arrived
behind her.

"Hell yes," Andrea said enthusiastically. She still wanted some rougher sex,
but had a feeling she wasn't going to get it just yet.

With Jasper's help, the man put his cock head gently against Andrea's rosebud
and slowly started to push. Once he was in position, Jasper held Andrea's
cheeks apart to make things easier. In one slow, relentless shove, Jasper
helped him bury his entire cock into her ass. "How does that feel?" Jasper

"Ohhh," Andrea moaned in response. The cock felt great. It wasn't large
enough to be any discomfort and was well enough lubricated that as he moved
in and out he didn't encounter too much friction.

"Good," Jasper said. She turned to talk to the man inside Andrea, "don't go
any faster then that."

Jasper moved away and found the next person that was going to take over. She
got down to her knees and as was the case with the first man, she took him
into her mouth with one long motion. This guy was about an inch longer but
still fairly easy for her to deep throat. She continued slowly moving back
and forth on him while the first guy had his way with Andrea.

"You've got a really tight ass," he said trying not to increase the speed of
his thrusting.

"You've got a really nice dick," Andrea said in response. And she was telling
the truth. It still felt great, but he wasn't moving fast enough for Andrea
to get very close to orgasm. "Harder," Andrea said shoving her ass back
against him.

Jasper popped the second guy's cock out of her mouth. "Uh uh. Don't listen to
her. Keep going the same speed."

"I don't think it matters who I listen to," the guy said as he shoved in one
more time and pulled completely out. "I'm going to cum."

Jasper gave the second guys cock-head one final lick and repositioned herself
so she could watch. He had quite a bit of cum and the first spurt made it all
the way to Andrea's shoulder blades. The next couple had nearly as much range
and they left long lines of semen across the length of her back. His last few
spurts were smaller and mostly gathered in the small of her back.

Andrea moaned, feeling the hot sperm on her naked skin. It felt good to feel
it trailing across her shapely back.

When the man had finished milking his dick, he gave Andrea a pat on the ass
and said. "Thanks, lady. That was really great."

"Mm, my pleasure," Andrea said and watched him as he descended back down the
benches and headed out the sauna door.

By the time the door had shut behind him, Jasper already had the second guy's
cock at her wide-open rear. This time the man behind her held her cheeks
apart and Jasper did the work to line him up properly. "Ready for the next
one?" She asked. "He's a little bigger."

"Oh, I'm ready. Just get it in me."

"Okay, you're the boss," Jasper said and guided the head of his member
inside. Andrea's ass was actually getting quite well lubricated thanks to
the copious amounts of saliva Jasper had been leaving on their cocks and
the second man's six-inch cock went in with no trouble at all.

"Ohhhh," Andrea moaned for a little longer this time. When the man's thighs
finally hit her ass she relaxed into it and he began slowly moving in and

"You know the routine now," Jasper said to the man. "Don't change your

He nodded and slid his hands to Andrea's hips. "Damn, she is tight," the man
said to Jasper. "That last guy wasn't kidding."

"And you have just as nice a cock," Andrea said with jagged breath.

Like before, Jasper moved over to the next man and deep-throated him the same
way. It took a little more effort with him, since he was a good eight inches
long and wider. She gagged as he first went down, but quickly got her reflex
under control and continued to prep him for Andrea's ass.

Meanwhile, Andrea was moaning more regularly. Low, guttural moans of
pleasure, like one would make when getting a vigorous massage. "Harder,"
Andrea pleaded but her request went unanswered. As instructed, the man
simply moved at the same pace, until he too had had enough and pulled
his member from Andrea's rear with a quiet "schluck" sound.

Andrea let out a sigh of pleasure as he exited her and soon felt another line
of cum land on her back. This one nearly reached her hair and trailed down
over a shoulder blade and down her ribs. The next few strands were just as
ambitious and again, he milked what was left out over her upper ass. It
quickly pooled with the rest of the cum, still resting in the small of her
back. By now plenty had collected there and thanks to her raised hips, any
overflow slowly rolled down the soft centreline of her back, up towards her

This time Jasper didn't ask if Andrea was ready or not. She simply spread the
cheeks and guided the third, larger man in-between them. Andrea felt the hard
cock-head press against her opened hole and quickly slip inside. This time,
she began to feel a little stretched as his eight inches snaked its way home.

He rocked in and out of her at the same speed as the others, and still she
tried desperately to get closer to orgasm. She wasn't having any luck.

After a few minutes, the third guy came and was replaced by the fourth of
about equal size. When the fourth finally pulled out and ejaculated over her
back she could feel rivers of cum moving around her skin. There was quite a
bit on her now and she couldn't move without it sending the streams off in
new directions. The back of her hair at her neck was starting to get matted
with it.

"Are you ready?" Jasper asked one more time before inserting the final guy.
Andrea wasn't sure how big he was but judging from the knob she felt pressing
against her rosebud he was no underachiever.

"Ready," Andrea answered.

She felt pressure on her ass and slowly the head of his member pushed through
her widened opening. "Unnnnngh," Andrea moaned as he kept moving forward. It
felt tight. Much tighter than the previous men. The two hands left her ass
cheeks and Jasper came around to below and in front of Andrea.

"What do you think?" Jasper asked, as the man behind her friend continued to
push forward.

"Oh my God," Andrea moaned. "How big is he?"

"Nearly a foot, but we worked you up to it. You'll be fine."

"Unnngh," Andrea moaned again. It felt like his dick was never ending. "How
much more?"

Jasper sat up straighter and looked down Andrea's back. She sat back down
again in her previous position, "about three inches. It's most of the way

"I've never been all the way inside someone's ass before," the guy said.
"I'm going to give it one last push, okay?"

"Absolutely," Jasper answered for Andrea. She then leaned closer and
whispered next to Andrea's ear. "Just between you and me, how much have you
actually taken up there before?"

"Unnn," Andrea groaned again. Her face was tense and somehow it wasn't quite
so relaxing anymore. "About the same. Twelve inches or so."

"Ah, piece of cake then," Jasper said. "You told me earlier you wanted to get
fucked hard?"

Andrea nodded. With a solid push, the man behind her shoved the rest of the
way home. "Ahhhh," Andrea moaned, attracting the attention of a few other
people in the sauna. The heat was starting to make her light headed. "Yes,"
Andrea answered.

"Tell me now. Tell me you want to get fucked in the ass."

Andrea grunted again as he gave a little rock of the hips while still inside
her. "I want... Ohhhh, I want to get fucked in the ass."

"How hard do you want it?"

The man behind her was slowly moving out now and Andrea let out a sigh of
pleasure. It always seemed to feel better on the way out then on the way in.
"Hard," was Andrea's only answer.

Jasper smiled "You heard the lady," she said to the man. "Fuck her hard."

"You got it," he said before his hands moved from her ass to her hips. Jasper
continued to watch Andrea's face.

The man pulled most of the way out and then slammed back in hard, making
Andrea cringe as her whole body jumped forward. "Unnngh," she moaned loudly.
A few more spectators looked up towards them. The man behind her started
pumping harder and harder, faster and faster. Soon his cock was just a blur
as it moved in and out of her crinkled hole, ramming the soft tissue inside
her with all the force he could muster. Andrea was constantly moaning. Her
hands tightened into fists and the orgasm that she had been waiting for was
finally beginning to approach. "Don't you, unnngh, dare, unnnngh, cum yet,"
she moaned not wanting him to cum before her long awaited climax.

"Oh don't worry about that. I've got a little endurance left in my yet," he

"Good-unnngh," Andrea moaned. Over the next five minutes or so, Andrea felt
more and more of her body begin to tingle. It started in her hands and feet
and soon travelled up her limbs and to her breasts and pussy. Then, it spread
through her stomach and chest like wildfire and she flailed her head back and
gasped for air as her orgasm finally hit her.

Her ass and pussy clamped down tightly. So tightly, that it was all her
partner could do to move in and out a slight amount. Whenever Andrea caught
her breath she let out a long low moan and then panted until she could moan
once more. She sweated even more than before and her entire body was covered
in a glossy coating.

The man behind her suddenly reached his own climax and pulled out quickly.
Unfortunately he was a little late and most of his first strand emptied just
a short distance into Andrea's bowels and over the crack of her ass. The
rest emptied out over her back with the other loads and the man let himself
collapse backwards onto one of the benches. "Wow," he said. "Thank-you so

Andrea was still shaking from orgasm and not able to respond. Jasper went
around behind her again and looked at Andrea's gaping asshole and cum
drenched back. "Beautiful," she said and bent down. Without hesitation she
licked the length of Andrea's crack, slurping up the cum that was rolling
down before jamming her tongue into Andrea's back door, trying to get any
of the precious liquid that was lost inside.

When Andrea felt Jasper's soft, wet tongue slip inside her hole her sensitive
nerves lit on fire once again and she let out another long moan before
collapsing into orgasm for the second time in as many minutes. Her whole body
was shaking uncontrollably and continued to do so until at long lengths,
Jasper removed her tongue. Over the next minute or so, Andrea's body slowly
calmed, still giving out the occasional shudder before returning again to
relative normality.

While Andrea calmed, Jasper returned to Andrea's back rub. "Believe it or
not, this stuff is great for massages," Jasper said as her hands became
coated in the gooey white cum. "How does your ass feel?"

"Okay, actually," Andrea said with some surprise in her voice. After the
pounding she just took she expected it to be burning. "I feel really light
headed though."

Jasper continued rubbing the cum into Andrea's back. It piled up around her
fingers and clumped randomly across Andrea's skin. "I can imagine. The heat
combined with the exercise must be a bit much. We'll get you out of here in
a few minutes."

"Mmm, no rush," Andrea said enjoying the backrub. It felt just as good as
before, if not better and this time Jasper occasionally slipped a finger
into her gaping ass to help cool down her insides.

Jasper continued for a few more minutes. The moist air was keeping the cum
from hardening and it did work quite well as a "massage oil." She finished
up and when Andrea was looking licked up the length of her own gooey palm.
"Are you a cum kind of girl?" Jasper asked as she licked the length of her
hand again.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean do you like to eat cum?"

Andrea shrugged. "It's okay I guess. I was never all that crazy about it."

"Ah," Jasper said licking a finger clean. "Too bad. I find it's kind of like
coffee or alcohol. Once you get a taste for it you love the stuff. Do you
want this hand?" She held out her untouched, cum drenched palm.

"Uh, no I'll pass. You go ahead."

"I think I'm done anyway," Jasper said. She looked around for somewhere to
wipe it and eventually settled on her own left breast. The one that had the
nipple stud. Once she finished wiping her palm she turned her hand around
and wiped the back over Andrea's chest. "There," she said with a smile. "Now
you're shiny from both sides."

Andrea gave a weak laugh. "Thanks."

"Come on. I know the perfect place to go see next."

And with that, the two women walked out of the sauna.

* * *

The heavy lid slid into place above the two women. Andrea was on the bottom,
lying on her back and Jasper was on top, pushing her breasts hard into
Andrea's. Jasper had suggested something called a sensory deprivation
chamber. Basically a small pod with enough room for one person (even though
two currently shared it) that was completely sound and light proof. "Listen,"
Jasper whispered.

Andrea did as she was instructed. At first, she couldn't hear anything but
as a few seconds passed Andrea began to hear more noises. A constant 'thump,
thump, thump' that at first she wasn't sure what to make of. Pretty soon a
second rhythm joined with the first and Andrea realized that it was her and
Jasper's heart.

"Nice isn't it?" Jasper said quietly again. Her voice sounded amplified in
the chamber so she wasn't speaking too loudly. "If you want relaxation, this
is the place to go."

"Yeah, no kidding," Andrea said softly. The two women rested in silence for
a few minutes with their bodies pressed tightly up against one another.
Andrea could feel the skinny chain snake across her skin "Jasper?"


"Thanks for spending this time with me. I really appreciate it."

"My pleasure," Jasper said.

Andrea could feel the redhead's breath against her cheek so she knew she was
close, but despite all her trying, she couldn't even make out an outline in
the darkness. "Andrea?" Jasper said breathily. "Can I kiss you?"

Andrea chuckled. "An hour ago you had your tongue up my ass. Of course you
can kiss me."

"No, you don't understand. I mean really kiss you."

Andrea wasn't sure exactly what Jasper was talking about but she figured the
best way to cut to the chase would be to lift her head until their lips
touched. She felt the other woman's lips lightly against her own while she
slid her hands up the sides of the redhead's body.

Jasper returned the soft kiss. It was more of an intimate caress then
anything and it instantly got her nipples hard and pussy wet. Her right hand
continued to reach up and eventually she pushed it between them and latched
on to Jasper's cum slippery left breast. She could feel the stud in the palm
of her hand and Jasper's nipple felt just as hard. "You're a little turned
on, I think," Andrea said playfully.

"A little?" Jasper said before going back to the kiss once more. Andrea
continued to massage her lover's breast while they made out in the darkness.
Andrea had never been kissed quite in the same way before. There was a
passion and intimacy she hadn't expected and the feelings of completeness
were travelling down her body in waves before they finally reached her pussy.

Se could feel Jasper's smooth shapely thigh rest against her crotch and as
the two continued their kissing, she felt as if she was getting closer to
orgasm. A few more minutes passed and suddenly her pussy clamped and her
muscles tightened. "Not possible," she thought to herself as her body rocked
with an orgasm. Only her lips and tongue were being touched but she couldn't
hold back. It was just as strong as the one she had in the sauna.

Jasper continued to kiss delicately while Andrea's right hand clenched down
on her slippery breast and Andrea's breath turned ragged. Eventually she came
down and Jasper moved a leg over one of Andrea's so that the orgasmic woman's
thigh was against her pussy. Then, she started rocking back and forth,
humping against Andrea's leg.

When Andrea came down from orgasm, all she could hear was Jasper's heartbeat
and ragged breathing, accompanied by quiet wet sloppy sounds as her soaked
pussy rubbed against her thigh. It was hypnotic to listen to it and after a
short time the ragged breaths came with soft sexy moans of pleasure and a
louder, "schluck, schluck, schluck," from Jasper's pussy against her leg.

Andrea began massaging the redhead's breast once again adding to the wet
sounds the two were making. She could feel Jasper's chain tight between her
thigh and the other woman's slit, rubbing up and down gently, adding to each
motion of her hips. Soon she moaned again, this time louder and a few seconds
later it was Jasper's turn for orgasm. She shook above Andrea, her cum
stained breast shaking in Andrea's hand, while the other one brushed against
iteself. The chain stretched tightly back to her convulsing pussy and clinked
quietly with itself as Jasper's pussy and ass tightened around it.

Eventually her breathing slowed and Andrea listened to her lungs taking in
big gulps of air before expelling it soon after. "Wow," Jasper whispered,
and collapsed upon Andrea once again.

* * *

Andrea had fallen asleep and had no idea what time it was when Jasper finally
opened the lid and let in the outer room's light. She felt a little more
energetic as she stepped out of the chamber and Jasper grabbed her by the
hand to lead her out of the room. "Where too now?" Andrea asked.

Jasper looked at a nearby clock. It was just after 11:00. "I've got an idea."

"Should I be worried?" Andrea joked.

"Only if you don't like games."


"Well, more of a contest really," Jasper said. "Come on, you'll see."

The two women entered a different larger room. It was fairly empty in regards
to furniture but there were a good twenty or thirty people inside. Jasper
led Andrea to a desk at the front where she signed Andrea's name. She then
gestured Andrea's over to the side of the desk where there was a thin
paintbrush in a small bucket of red paint. "Turn around," Jasper said.

Andrea did so, not exactly sure what to expect. She felt the soft bristles
of the brush on her back making a figure eight and then as quickly as it had
begun, it was gone. "We've got to keep track of everyone somehow," Jasper
said. "You're lucky number eight."

"Great," Andrea said, trying to must up some enthusiasm. "Now what exactly
am I doing here?"

"Like I said it's a contest. There's four rounds and in each one two people
get eliminated. The goal varies from round to round though, so to be honest
I don't know what exactly you're going to be doing here."

"I see," Andrea said. "When does it start?"

"Looks like they were just waiting for the eighth person. I'm sure they'll
start any minute."

"If there's only eight contestants why are there so many people here?"

Jasper smiled. "Volunteers."

"I see," Andrea said clearly not understanding.

"Okay, listen up everyone." A tall attractive man had walked into the middle
of the room and was speaking. "We have all eight people we need now and
we're going to get started. As usual, the contests winner will get a gift
certificate good for three hours back here in the pleasure dome to be used
at their convenience. Now, on to the rules.

"There will be four rounds," he continued on. "In each of the four rounds,
two of you eight will be eliminated from the competition. Each round will
have its own special rules but the object is to get your partner to orgasm
as quickly as possible. The first round is unique from the others in that
it has no special guidelines. You're free to use whatever means you like
to expedite your partner's climax.

"So, we need eight volunteers." And with that, the man walked through the
small crowd and began picking out random people. Andrea found herself paired
up with a middle-aged man. His hair was beginning to go grey and he had a bit
of a beer belly. Andrea looked down to see his cock was average sized but
already getting hard.

She'd never had sex with anyone near his age before but despite her initial
reluctance, something about it seemed to turn her on. She'd never had a thing
for older men, but he was kind of cute in his own way. And he was certainly
eager. Andrea didn't think she'd have much trouble making it past the first

The rest of the volunteers were lined up and Andrea noticed that Jasper
wasn't one of them. She was leaning against a wall with a grin on her face
and watching as things began to get started.

"Go," The man orchestrating the contest said suddenly. Andrea stood confused
for a moment while the three people to her left practically jumped on their
partners. The man immediately to her right got stuck with another male and
seemed a little confused as to where to begin.

After a brief moment Andrea realized she had better get started and brought
her "partner" down to the ground. She was starting to get a little bit wet so
decided to get straight to the point. She straddled him and grabbed his stiff
cock in her right hand. Without hesitation she slipped the head of it into
her pussy and sat down.

She was still dry enough that there was an abnormal amount of friction and it
was slightly uncomfortable but she was wet enough to let it go in smoothly
without pain. She knew it was a good choice when the man beneath her moaned
and rolled his head back.

Andrea smiled as she lifted herself most of the way off his cock before
slowly moving back down again. He was watching every move of her body, from
the tightening of her stomach, to the up and down motion of her breasts to
the way her hair curled around her face. When Andrea stopped the up and down
motion to replace it with a circular gyration of the hips while he was
completely inside her, he couldn't hold back any longer.

She felt his first blast of cum deep in her sex and pulled off quickly so
there would be accessible proof that he was in fact coming. The next shot
from his cock hit her pussy square between the lips and covered it in a
white, sticky goo before either dripping off or rolling down her thighs.
His next few spurts mostly just covered his own dick in the white stuff
and Andrea stood the rest of the way. She gestured the organizer over.

"That certainly didn't take you long," he said after coming over and seeing
the small puddle of white cream around the man's cock. He looked to her
crotch to see a trail of semen rolling down her thigh. "The old fashioned
approach, eh?"

"It worked," Andrea said casually. "What place did I finish?'

"First. At least for this round. Have a seat and watch the rest of the show."

Andrea did as he recommended. She helped the middle-aged man back onto his
feet again and gave him a pat on the shoulder as she walked away towards
Jasper. "Well, that wasn't a very good show," Jasper said playfully.
"Although watching you grind your hips around like that was the sexiest
thing I've seen all month."

"Mm," Andrea smiled. "If you're good I'll give you a personal show later."

"If that's not motivation to be good I don't know what is."

They smiled at each other before turning their heads back to the contest.
Another woman had finished with a sexy young thing writhing in orgasm beneath
her. Next was one of the male contestants and another two women followed him.
Last place was Andrea's neighbour and another man she hadn't paid too much
attention to.

Once they were finished, they were politely directed over to the side to
watch the rest of the contest and the four women and two men went back to the
centre of the room with the host. "For this next round," the host said, "each
contestant will get a random object from this box." He held up a small
brushed-metal container. He reached in and pulled out a string of anal beads.
He handed them to one of the women standing beside Andrea.

"You will have to use whatever object and only whatever object is given to
you. Kissing and touching are acceptable as long as they aren't to any sexual
organ or the face. And for the purposes of this contest, the volunteers' anus
counts as a sexual organ."

'Damn,' Andrea thought to herself. She had thought that would be a good way
to gain the upper hand.

The next item out of the box was a double dildo and it went to Andrea. She
hoped desperately she'd be lucky enough to get a female volunteer for this
one. She wasn't quite sure how much the average guy in the crowd would enjoy

The host went through the rest of them handing out toys as he went and when
he picked new volunteers Andrea was in fact lucky enough to get a female
partner. She looked to be in her mid thirties with short brown hair and an
untrimmed muff. Her breasts were sagging slightly but they were a good size
with stiff attractive looking nipples. She leaned over to Andrea and
whispered to her. "I should warn you I'm not particularly attracted to
girls. This could take some doing on your part."

Andrea nodded. "Thanks for the heads up."

"Go," the host said again suddenly and Andrea guided her partner to the
padded floor once more. This time she didn't hesitate and immediately stuck
one half of the double dildo into her pussy. It was wet from the previous
man's cum and her own lubrication so the oversized phallus went in easily.
She then knelt down and straddled the brunette. She rubbed the other end of
the dildo across the other woman's slit and when Andrea thought she was wet
enough, began to shove it in.

Andrea's partner had one tight pussy. The dildo eventually went in but it
took a lot of doing and the rest of the volunteers were already on their way
to orgasm. Andrea grabbed the brunette's leg, pointed it high in the air and
held it while she thrust back and forth. Her wet pussy slapped against the
brunettes as the dildo completely disappeared between the two with each shove
of the hips.

Andrea was enjoying the feeling but quickly realized she was the only one.
The brunette was so tight, and Andrea's pussy so wet, thanks to some leftover
cum, that the dildo wasn't moving inside her partner at all. A woman moaned
in orgasm to her right and she saw a wet spot from her spread across a blonde
woman's stomach. The first person had already cum. Andrea's mind raced as she
thought about other options. At this rate she'd be here all night trying to
get her partner off. Then, as she looked to the woman with the anal beads an
idea hit her.

Andrea pulled back in one long stroke, each second revealing more and more of
the slick plastic rod inside her until she was completely free of it and it
hung out of the brunette's hairy sex indifferently. Then, she raised her hips
slightly and guided the head of the dildo into her tight asshole.

It took a bit of work to drive the plastic phallus home and by the time she
did, the second person had already cum. She felt her butt press up against
her partner's thighs and knew it was time to get started. With a little
effort she clenched her ass tightly and still holding the other woman's leg,
lay down on her side and shoved her hips away from the brunette.

The older woman moaned as the dildo slid from her pussy, only to be shoved in
hard again a moment later. Again Andrea felt her butt against the brunette's
thighs and this time it was accompanied with a loud slapping sound as their
flesh collided. Andrea pumped her hips faster and saw one more woman moan in
orgasm. Her partner had to be next or she'd be eliminated from the

Andrea picked up the speed of her humping once more and held tightly onto the
brunette's long leg. Her cheek was hugging the other woman's foot and she got
an idea. While she continued to pound into the now moaning older woman she
pulled her head away from her foot and returned to give a long lick from her
heel up the sole of her foot and finally flick her tongue across her middle

"Ooo," the other woman moaned and Andrea knew she was on to something. She
continued to rock her hips hard as she took the brunettes big toe into her
mouth and sucked. "Ohhhh," she moaned again and Andrea gave her another
lick, this time width wise across the underside of her toes.

That did it and the brunette moaned in orgasm. Andrea felt wetness against
her ass as the older woman's pussy pulsed against her warm flesh. Andrea
immediately got the hosts attention and narrowly placed in fourth. She
removed the dildo and stood up to watch the other two finish off. They were
both men she noticed, which would leave all women in the semi-final.
"Interesting," she said quietly to herself.

While the two men were quick to get their partners off, it was just a little
too far behind the others. The host walked back to the centre again with the
four women remaining in the contest "Well, well, well," he said. "Since we've
got an all female group left, I'm going to take all male volunteers for this
next round." He got the men together and lined them up with their partners.
Andrea was quite happy to find she got one hell of a hot guy. Tall, dark and
handsome. He was muscular and had a great smile to boot. She would enjoy
getting him off.

"Okay girls," the host continued. "The only rule is you can't use your hands,
or any part below your waist. "Go."

As expected, all four women went straight into the blowjob approach. Andrea
quickly tasted her partner's stiff and extremely large cock. He was bigger
than even Thunder and she knew she wouldn't be able to deep throat him. She
swallowed about half his cock before she had to come up for air again gagging
slightly. His member was coated in a thin sheen of saliva and Andrea got an
idea. She grabbed him by the back and lifted her body up from her kneeling
position to something more akin to squatting. The position placed his wet
cock right between her breasts.

Once he was roughly in position, Andrea grabbed her own boobs and squished
them around his cock. She didn't have very large breasts so thanks to the
size of his sex, she couldn't completely envelop it between them, but it
would have to do. She began moving up and down. Every time his cock head
poked out between her tits, she bent her neck down and took the tip into
her mouth. Then it would disappear back into her cleavage once more.

Andrea looked to her immediate left to see one man moaning with his dick
still in the girl's mouth. Andrea got an idea and looked up at her own
partner. "Look at that," she said gesturing with her head while she
continued moving him up and down between her breasts. "Isn't that hot?"
She said, taking one hand off her own breast to grab his. She placed it
on her left tit to take over for her own left hand.

The woman to her left now had the man out of her mouth and her head tilted
back to show the host her pink tongue poking out from a pool of white milky
semen. Once the host had seen it, but before the woman could spit or swallow,
Andrea grabbed her by the arm and roughly pulled her over. Then, she used
all her coordination to continue moving up and down while simultaneously
French kissing the other woman hard on the mouth. The other woman was mildly
surprised but didn't resist and Andrea was careful not to swallow so the
white jizz rolled down her chin seductively.

When her partner saw Andrea's tongue emerge from the other woman's mouth,
covered in a thick white fluid he couldn't take it anymore. He pushed up
hard and Andrea stopped the kiss to turn to him. His cock exploded with
cum, sending torrents of it over her face and chest. She had never seen
that much from one person before and by the time he was done her lips,
chin, nose and cheeks were drenched. Almost as drenched with it as her
collarbone and cleavage was. Andrea licked the salty cum off her lips and
stood up, all smiles. She had made it into the final.

She glanced over at Jasper but only received a wink in response. Jasper then
moved over to the host and privately exchanged a few words.

"I've talked with my colleague here," the host said after the last two men
had cum. "And we've decided to do an unusual final event. The two volunteers
will be myself and Jasper."

There was a buzz of shocked excitement through the onlookers. Jasper took
over for him. "Normally people who work here wouldn't participate in the
contest, but since there's two of us, for two contestants, it should keep
it pretty fair."

"The special rules are where the challenge comes in," the host said, taking
over his roll once more. "You two may not touch anything I earlier specified
as sexual organs on either Jasper or myself. You're going to have to make us
cum through whatever other means you can think of."

"You're kidding," Andrea said. She had no idea how she was going to make
either of them cum without touching their sex.

"No, not kidding," Jasper said. "We already flipped a coin and I'll be taking
Karla here. That means you get Jake, Andrea."

So Jake was his name, Andrea thought, looking at him as if for the first
time. "Go," he said with a smile.

Andrea and Karla both stood around for a minute, thinking about what to do.
Finally, Andrea was the first to act. She realized that before she could get
Jake off, she'd have to get him incredibly turned on. And for that, she
didn't have to touch him at all.

She swayed her hips seductively a couple of times and pushed a finger into
her pussy. Then, still getting started, she dragged her finger slowly up
through her pubic hairs, across her stomach and towards her smooth, firm,
cum coated breast. She finally pulled her finger away once it had flicked
her hard nipple and moved it up to her mouth. She licked her lips again and
took her finger into her mouth, sucking it as if it were a miniature cock.
She noticed Jake start to get hard.

"You two are both really damned hot," Jake said, looking between the two.

"Eyes on me, cowboy," Andrea said while shoving her slick chest out for
emphasis. They were both still standing but Andrea was a couple of feet away
from him. She began rubbing her breasts as seductively as she could. Her
nipples poked out from between her fingers as she started getting turned on.
The hands on her chest were sending tingles down through her body until her
pussy felt ready to explode.

She continued to let her soft palms glide over her slick breasts but realized
she had to keep upping the ante. Her right hand pushed her boob up towards
her face and she bent at the neck to give it a slow lick. Her breast wasn't
huge so her lick was fairly short in length but the 'clean' spot it left,
seemed to have the desired effect on Jake. "I'm starting to regret this no
touch rule," Jake said.

Andrea smiled. "By the time we're done, I'm going to make it the mistake of
your life." When she spoke his cock twitched as he imagined the possibilities
had his rules been more liberal. "Lie down," she ordered.

"Yes ma'am," he said eager to oblige. He quickly got down on his back with
arms out to the sides. Andrea looked over to see Jasper in a similar position
and the other girl on top of her, rubbing her crotch around in circles on
Jasper's stomach. Andrea tore her eyes away and looked back to Jake. "Those
two are putting on a hell of a show," Andrea said.

"I hadn't noticed," Jake said, staring at Andrea glistening breasts. "I've
been thinking of someone else."

Andrea smiled. It was time to get this show on the road.

Andrea spent the next ten minutes doing everything she could think of to
herself and it was obvious that Jake was well beyond aroused. He cock was
oozing pre-cum and it was all Andrea could do not to lap it up with her
tongue, or stick it deep into her soaking wet sex.

Finally she decided she had better start touching him as much as possible or
all her work would be hopeless. She straddled his hips and bent over to give
his chest a long lick with her tongue. She looked down at the line of wet
flesh and softly blew on it. She saw the hairs on his arms stand up so she
didn't back down. She did it again in a different spot. Then again.

After a minute or so of the same she abandoned that technique to go after
his nipples. She was lucky in that sense, since Jasper's were off limits
for obvious reasons. Andrea licked sucked and bit and Jake moaned out in
pleasure. "Don't stop, Andrea," he moaned. Andrea didn't, but after a minute
she did abandon his nipples and go to his ear. Hell, if it worked for her,
she thought.

She pressed her tongue into his ear and took his ear lobe into her mouth when
suddenly she heard an orgasmic moan coming from her left. It was Jasper, and
somehow it sounded a little forced. A moment later, Andrea felt something
warm and wet splash against her belly. Jake was coming.

Andrea was a little suspicious of her female companion however, as the orgasm
didn't sound as 'real' as the ones she had witnessed earlier in the night.
Although it was possible that the previous ones had just taken something out
of her and she didn't have the energy to put into a full-fledged climax.
Either way, she had lost but she had fun.

Jake recovered after a few minutes and stood up once more. Meanwhile, Andrea
had already stood and was looking down at her body. Her pussy was matted with
cum, her stomach had a couple long strands on it from Jake's orgasm, and her
breasts were shiny with it. Not to mention her back, from earlier. She walked
over to Jasper and helped her up, "is there anywhere around here that I could
have a shower?"

Jasper looked Andrea over. "Are you sure? I think the look suits you."

Andrea smiled, "I'm sure."

"Suit yourself. We can hit one up in a second here. When you're all done,
just meet me at room 15."

"Room 15?" Andrea asked.

"Yeah. You'll love it. I promise."

* * *

Andrea enjoyed her all too brief shower, but she was looking forward to
meeting Jasper again. She had been enjoying herself immensely and after all
the teasing and games, had never been so horny in her life.

Jasper was outside room 15 as promised. "Come on, we only have another minute
or two to get inside." Jasper opened the door and Andrea entered. Jasper
followed immediately and closed the door behind her. A latch clicked into
place and the door was locked.

Andrea looked around the room. It was large and the floor was made of a soft
rubbery surface. It had no windows. There were seven men and three other
women in the room and everyone was pretty attractive. "What's this all
about?" Andrea said quietly to Jasper.

"The Coalition has invented a sound damper. In a second it'll kick in and you
won't be able to hear anything. The lights are going to go out too so don't
freak out okay?"

"What? Why are the lights going out?"

Jasper leaned over close and cupped one of Andrea's breasts gently. She
whispered into her ear, "sometimes it's fun to have sex with a stranger."

Andrea opened her mouth to question but before she got the first word out it
suddenly went dark and she heard nothing. Jaspers comforting hand left her
breast and Andrea soon found herself feeling very lost and confused. All her
senses seemed useless. She couldn't smell a thing and there was nothing to
touch or taste. At least not yet.

A few minutes passed and Andrea eventually decided it was in her best
interest to move. She started walking forward slowly with her hands in front
of her. She had only gone a few steps when somebody else found her. She
jumped as a hand touched her midsection. She felt the hand grab hold of her
hip gently and hold on while the person moved to grab hold of her hip on the
other side. She could tell the person was standing behind her by the hot
breath on her back.

The person behind her pressed up against her and she could feel his warm skin
against her shoulders and ass. She knew it was a guy because she could feel
his stiff cock against her butt. It was a little wet and a hand left her hip
for just a moment. She jumped again as his cock touched against her asshole
and he shoved. Andrea moaned as his dick slid into her the first few inches
but strangely no sound came out. His hand went back to her hip and he shoved
forward again. This time the force of it shoved her forward and Andrea lost
her balance. Her arms flailed as she tried to grab hold of something and
luckily, someone was in front of her within arms reach. She held on and the
man behind her pushed harder until he was buried to the hilt inside her rear.

She assumed he had already been inside someone else for his cock to go in so
easily and the thought kind of turned her on.

Meanwhile, the person in front of her turned and pressed up against her
chest. Andrea found herself sandwiched between two people. One had a cock in
her ass and the other was kissing her hard against the mouth. She know this
one was male too as she felt his sex brush lightly along her thigh.

The man in front of her slid his hands from her breasts, down the sides of
her body all the way down to just above her knees. His kissing stopped so
that he could reach down that low and Andrea felt his hair brush against her
stomach and ribcage. He held her legs tightly, still above the knee and began
to stand up. He must have been a strong one because he was picking her up as
he went.

Andrea felt the cock in her ass slowly move out as her weight was lifted off
the ground and her legs moved into a sitting position. She wrapped her legs
around the man in front of her in the hopes to regain some stability and the
man behind her picked up the slack to support her back and ass. Only the tip
of his cock was inside her and she wanted it the rest of the way in her once
more. She tried to let her body sink but she was too well supported. She was
still thinking about what to do when she felt the other man's dick rub
against her pussy.

Without hesitation she reached down and pressed his sex to her own. He shoved
upwards and in one stroke was completely buried inside her. Then, the two
finally got some coordination and lowered Andrea down slightly so the dick in
her ass found it's way back inside her.

Andrea let out another moan as the two long cocks inside her filled her up.
She felt as if she were floating, high above the ground with no thoughts to
consequences. She couldn't touch the ground any more than she could control
the speed of their thrusts or the ferocity of their passion. She soon found
herself jarring up and down relentlessly as they took turns shoving into her
as hard as they were able.

She was getting close to orgasm when the one in front of her started getting
weak. He slowly lowered her feet back down to the ground and started to push
back while he thrust in and out of her. Andrea would have fallen backwards if
it weren't for the man in her back door. He was still pumping inside of her
as if his life depended on it but Andrea was tired of standing.

Andrea reached behind her with one hand and grabbed his wet cock when it
pulled most of the way out of her rectum. Then she did the same to the one
in her pussy and held them in place, with the tips just inside her. She
started pushing back with her ass as if to indicate she wanted to sit down.
The man behind her got the right idea and while keeping himself inside her,
slowly worked into a sitting position before lying down on his back.

Andrea and the person in front of her moved in tandem with him and soon she
found herself laying on her back, impaled once more deep into her rear. The
man in her pussy got his rhythm back as well and pressed himself deep into
her once again. He began kissing her and Andrea kissed back, relishing the
strange sensations that accompanied sex with someone you couldn't see or

She jumped in surprise every time someone caressed her leg or squeezed her
breast. But despite the random gropes she received every now and then she
still found herself incredibly excited and she was getting very close to

When she was a few seconds away the man in her pussy began to cum with no
warning. He unloaded into her, filling her pussy with sperm before suddenly
pulling out and disappearing from her grasp. Andrea wanted to cum desperately
but with no more stimulation to her pussy she was holding on the brink. She
grasped around desperately hoping that someone new had come into range and
she was lucky enough to grab onto a slim arm.

She didn't put much thought into who it was, only that she wanted to climax.
She used her grip on the person's arm to pull them close and quickly found
their head. Whoever they were, they had long hair and Andrea grabbed hold of
it as well. She shoved down towards her sex and her new partner quickly found
themselves with a mouthful of cum-filled pussy.

Andrea let out a silent moan again as whoever it was began to eat her out.
Between that and the cock relentlessly trying to get further up her rectum,
Andrea came. Her ass squeezed the man's cock so tight he couldn't move in or
out as her pussy pulsed around the other person's tongue.

Finally, the person's tongue left her slimy pussy and her ass relaxed enough
that the person behind her could continue. Her body rocked up and down with
the hard pumps from each thrust and she felt the person who had gone down on
her slide up her body. It was definitely a woman, Andrea thought as she felt
the other person's breasts slide up her stomach until they mashed into her
own boobs tightly. The woman above her had larger breasts then she did and
they felt nice.

Andrea reached her arms around to hold her new lover tightly and, not
thinking, reached up to kiss her. She immediately tasted cum mixed with her
own juices on the other woman's wet lips. They were still stringy when the
other woman pressed her tongue up against Andrea's mouth to deepen the kiss.
At that point Andrea had no other option but to kiss back and so she did just

The woman above her scissored her legs and Andrea felt her warm pussy touch
someone else's. She was surprised at how much of a turn on it was to have no
sense but touch and taste. The man behind her had one hand on Andrea's breast
and the other on her lover's ass as he continued pounding her. Only a few
minutes later he shoved in hard on final time and Andrea felt warmth spread
through her bowels. He was definitely coming.

When he finished, she decided she wanted to concentrate her energies on just
the other woman so she grabbed hold of her tightly and rolled the two of them
off the man beneath her. Andrea immediately found herself on top and by then
it was her turn to do the thrusting.

In Andrea's current position, it wasn't long until she had another cock up
her ass or a random hand groping her breast. She had another orgasm with the
woman beneath her and then her partner rolled out and went off somewhere
else. Andrea was already exhausted so she simply lay on her stomach while the
guy behind her had his way with her rear end. He came as well and removed

Andrea finally had a break for a few minutes and tried her best to fully
enjoy it. After relaxing for a few minutes, Andrea decided it was time to
get back in the fray. She crawled forward, intending to suck whatever body
part touched her first. It was a woman's breast. The woman was in a sitting
position, bouncing up and down on someone's cock and Andrea had run head
first into her chest. Without hesitation, Andrea knelt forward and took her
nipple into her mouth.

She was still on all fours and suddenly jumped when a man came up behind
her and helped himself to her pussy. He was big but he fit and each time he
shoved forward Andrea pressed into the woman's left tit with her tongue. She
felt the woman shudder and moved a hand down immediately to rub her clit and
help her through her orgasm. She began twitching more fiercely until finally
coming down from it and disappearing from Andrea's grasp. The man she was on
was still there, however.

She moved from hands to elbows and licked up the length of his rock hard
cock. Apparently he hadn't cum yet. He tasted of the woman's cum and Andrea
lapped it up eagerly. Within a minute, she was deep-throating him as the man
behind her continued to do her doggy style. In a few minutes, the man in her
mouth came, but Andrea wasn't in the mood to swallow it. Her mouth filled up
with his cum and when he finally stopped spurting, Andrea turned to the side
and spit it out over the floor. She could feel it trail from her mouth in a
couple of long strands. Each thread swung back and forth, hanging from her
lip as the man behind her kept pounding her until he was replaced by two
women. They each ate out one of her lower holes.

Things went on that way for quite a while. When someone finished with her, or
she with them, it wasn't long until a replacement showed up. Occasionally she
got a break for a few minutes and enjoyed it to its fullest extent but when
it was time for action, she was more than eager to oblige.

Finally, the lights came back on. She was on her back with her hips raised
and a man was smashing in and out of her pussy hard. "Unh, unh, unh," she
grunted with each rapid thrust. She could hear herself now and she was
surprised at how much noise she was actually making. When Jasper saw the two
of them, still going at it strong, she crawled over on hands and knees.

Andrea watched as the chain still hung down from her lover's nipples and then
disappeared into her pussy and ass. "How do you keep that thing inside you
all the time," Andrea asked lazily as Jasper finally approached. The chain
swung with Jasper's movements.

"Why don't we get a private room and you can find out," Jasper said coyly.
She leaned forward the last few inches and kissed Andrea passionately on the
mouth. That was enough to set her off and she shuddered. Her pussy pulsed
around the cock inside it and the man pulled out and came over her stomach
and trimmed pubic hair. When he finished, Jasper broke the kiss and
repositioned herself to lick up a long line of the man's semen and swallow.
She looked back to Andrea sexily, with a bead of cum on her lip. "So? What
do you say?"

Andrea smiled. "Right now?"

Jasper nodded. "Right now."

Andrea found the energy to spring up and grabbed Jasper by the hand before
heading for the door.

Jasper took the lead once they were outside however, and quickly brought the
two of them to a private room. It had all the items of a motel room including
a large, comfortable looking bed. Jasper shoved Andrea down onto it and then
stepped up on top of it. Andrea had a great view in-between the redhead's
legs and could clearly see the chain going from nipple, to pussy, to ass,
and then hanging down to knee length. "Guess how long it is," Jasper said

Andrea was still mesmerized with the woman's crotch. She was watching the
chain lightly sway as it hung down from her ass. "Three feet?"

"Oh you can do better then that," Jasper said. There's at least three feet
outside of my body."

"Five then?" Andrea guessed, thinking that a little high.


"Six?" Andrea guessed. Jasper shook her head and made a higher motion.
"Seven? Eight?"

"It's a thin chain, Andrea."

"Ten?" Andrea looked astonished.

Jasper decided to let Andrea out of her misery. "Thirteen feet."

Andrea stared open mouthed. "Can I see?"

"I was hoping you'd ask that," Jasper said with a smile.

Andrea propped herself up with a couple pillows and pulled Jasper closer.
Then, she grabbed the end of the chain and slowly pulled. Andrea saw the
first link slowly come out of Jasper's puckered anus. Then the second, and
the third. She was in awe by the time the tenth link came out, but really
she had only pulled out about six inches so far.

She continued to pull the thin chain, gradually revealing more and more.
Pretty soon she had almost four feet outside Jasper's body. Andrea laughed
when the last four inches came out all at once. "Holy, shit," Andrea said.
"How do you fit all that?"

Jasper smiled. "Like I said, it's a skinny chain." She paused a minute and
so did Andrea. "What are you waiting for? Aren't you going to do the rest?"

"Mm," Andrea smiled. "All in good time." She sat up and stuck her tongue out
to give Jasper's exposed, and slightly open, asshole a tentative lick. She
obviously took good care of herself because it tasted fine so Andrea went in
for a deeper run, licking across her crack until her tongue pushed against
her anus and slipped inside.

"Ooo," Jasper let out a high-pitched moan. "You're good."

"Damn right I'm good," Andrea said going in for another lick before flicking
her tongue around the exterior of the hole. Jasper moaned again and Andrea
sat back where she was before. She gave the chain a sharp yank and Jasper
almost lost her footing as a good two feet came rushing out from her pussy.
Andrea yanked one more time and pulled the last three feet out. Jasper
collapsed to her knees from the hard pull and Andrea quickly swept her up in
her arms and kissed her hard on the mouth. "You are one sexy girl."

"I could say the same about you," Jasper said. She then kissed Andrea again
and leaned back. "I've got an idea."


"Hands up," Jasper said. Andrea complied.

Jasper reached between her legs and pulled the entire chain forward so it
piled on Andrea's stomach. She then grabbed it by the middle and began
tying Andrea's wrists together. Andrea could feel the wetness on the chain
from Jasper's aroused pussy as it tightened around her wrists. It felt
surprisingly smooth, Andrea thought to herself. Of course it would have to
be, otherwise it would catch going in and out.

Once Jasper had Andrea's wrists tied she pushed them back to the headboard
and tied them there. It was incredibly sexy, Andrea thought, knowing that
her wrists were tied above her by the same chain that attached to Jasper's
nipple. Jasper had about six feet of length to manoeuvre with, but that
should be more than enough to get into just about any position she wanted.

Andrea jumped slightly as a loud knock echoed through the room. It came from
the door.

"Come back later, we're kind of tied up," Jasper said with a bit of a giggle.

"It's Jake. The boss wants to see you right away. Says it's important."

Jasper sighed. "This'll just take a minute." She reached up to her breast
and unclamped the chain. It came loose from her nipple ring and hung from
Andrea's wrists. "Don't go anywhere," Jasper said with a smile. "I'm not
done with you yet."

"You better not be," Andrea said smiling back. Jasper exited the room.

A few minutes later, Andrea was just starting to get anxious when the door
opened. She was surprised to see the person standing there wasn't Jasper.
It was another woman. She was Latino, about 5'10," muscular, dark haired
and was wearing bright red lipstick. As expected, she was just as naked as
everyone else on the floor and she had a dark but trimmed bush. "Sorry this
rooms taken," Andrea said trying to go for the polite but firm approach.

"Oh, I know," the woman said, locking the door behind her. She was holding
something behind her back that Andrea couldn't quite make out. "There's been
a change of plans."

"I'm honestly not that interested in a change of plans."

"I don't care if you're interested or not," the woman said. "I'm here on
direct authority of the Emperor and I'm not going away."

Andrea suddenly felt fear wash over her. What point was the Emperor trying
to make? "If you're just planning to rape me or something, you can go fuck
yourself. It wouldn't be the first time and you won't destroy my psyche or
whatever else he has planned."

The woman smiled. "I'm not /just/ planning to rape you. That's only the
start. From there, I have a few surprises in store before the big finish.
My name's Julia by the way."

"A pleasure, I'm sure," Andrea said sarcastically.

"It will be for me," Julia smiled.

"Where's Jasper?" Andrea felt a little concerned for her friend's safety.

"Oh, she's fine, I assure you. She'll be taking the blame once you and I are
all finished."

"You're going to try and kill me, aren't you?" Andrea wasn't too happy about
the realization.

Julia dropped whatever she was holding behind her back beside the bed where
Andrea couldn't see. "I'm supposed to make it look like a murder/rape. It
seems one of the dome's employees got a little carried away. It'll be quite
the scandal I'm sure, but they've decided that it's a better solution then
having you running around with your own personal army."

"Ah. Don't suppose you want to join up?"

Julia laughed. "No, somehow I doubt the pay is as good."

"Yeah, you're probably right about that," Andrea said.

"Well, let's get started shall we?" Julia reached down beside the bed and
pulled out a sheathed hunting knife. She removed it from the leather and
discarded the sheath where she had picked it up from. "I've always found
in these types of situations it's good to instil a little fear from the

Andrea tried to back up a bit as Julia straddled her but with her arms tied
there was nowhere she could go. She bent her elbows to back up towards the
headboard but it only gained her a few inches. She was feeling quite fearful.
She had no idea how she was going to get out of this situation. Julia kept
getting closer and the knife was gleaming in the room's light.

"Imagine turning on the morning news," Julia began as she shifted closer.
She was now straddling Andrea's stomach and brought the knife up to her
face. Slowly, as she spoke, she moved the blade gently and harmlessly along
Andrea's cheek. "The leader of the third largest military force on the
continent was found dead today..." Julia brought the knife blade down along
her jaw and neck, careful not to cut any skin. "She had been raped
repeatedly..." Andrea caught her breath as Julia shuffled down over her hips
and the shining blade skimmed along her left breast towards the nipple. "Her
stomach, vagina and rectum were found to contain the semen of multiple
unknown males and her body was..." She flicked Andrea's nipple with the
blade, still not drawing any blood, but Andrea could feel the sharpness of
the knife. "Sexually mutilated by Jasper Harrington: former pleasure dome

"What do you think?" Julia said sitting back and removing the knife from
Andrea's skin. Andrea finally felt it safe to breath again but tried not to
show how scared she really was.

"I think it's a load of shit. The story will never fly."

"Oh? Why not?"

"Because come tomorrow, I'll still be alive."

"Hah, don't flatter yourself. This isn't going to go on that long."

"That's not what I mean."

"Ah yes, you think someone is going to rescue you." Julia paused for a
minute and shuffled down further. She looked at Andrea's splayed legs and
cum drenched pussy. "You sure do have a lot of cum inside you. Maybe we
should clean some of that out."

Andrea didn't say anything. All she could think of were sarcastic remarks
and she wasn't sure that would help her much in her current situation. Julia
put herself between Andrea's legs and grabbed each one by the knee. "You look
pretty flexible," she said casually. "Would you say so?"

"What does that have to do with anything?" Andrea said.

"There's something I've always wanted to see but none of my previous victims
had been flexible enough... Or female enough for that matter," she smiled to
herself. "Let's give it a try, shall we?"

Without waiting for response, Julia lifted Andrea's knees high into the air
and then pushed then back towards the back of the bed. When her knees reached
her ears, Andrea started to feel the stretch get a little painful. Julia
pushed further and held them just slightly behind Andrea's head. She then
pushed them together and interlocked them behind Andrea's head. The tension
of her muscles kept up a constant pressure to straighten them back out again,
but in their current position it only forced her neck to bend and her head to
come forward. She quickly found herself staring passed her own pussy. "And,
lick," Julia said with a grin on her face.

"You've got to be kidding," Andrea said, more then a little disgusted.

"Has any part of the last five minutes seemed like I was kidding?" Again
Andrea didn't respond. "I thought not. Now lick." Julia shifted her hands so
she held Andrea's legs with her left hand, while her right grabbed her by the
hair and shoved her mouth into her own pussy. It was incredibly uncomfortable
being crunched up into such a tight ball but tasting cum out of her own sex
quickly overrode her discomfort. She had tasted herself more than a few times
by proxy and had tasted cum much more frequently then that, but for some
reason what she was doing at that moment seemed much grosser then either.

The thought of it alone was enough to make her gag when her tongue first
touched the salty sperm that coated her labia. Julia kept pushing harder and
Andrea soon found her lips pressed inside her lower ones. The Latino woman
held her in that position for a while and used her grip on Andrea's hair to
smear her face around her pussy before finally letting Andrea come up for
air. Her mouth was covered in strands of the gooey stuff as she gasped for
air and before she knew it, Julia had her face back down there again.

"Come on now," Julia said. "This doesn't stop until there's no more cum in
your pussy so it's in your best interests to get it over with."

Andrea couldn't speak but knew she had to stall as long as possible for a
chance at rescue so she continued to be uncooperative.

"You are quite the stubborn little bitch," Julia said as she continued to rub
Andrea's face around her gooey crotch. She grabbed the knife again. "Start
playing along or I'll start using this thing." Andrea grimaced but did want
to keep all her body parts intact. She stuck out her tongue and felt it dip
into her pussy. It was an intriguing sensation to feel the familiar warmth
in her pussy while at the same time tasting the mixture of male and female
cum. Having her own labia surrounding her tongue was certainly not her idea
of a good time, but it didn't feel half bad from one end.

"There we go, that's a good girl," Julia said as she saw Andrea's tongue come
out of her pussy with a load of white goo. "Get yourself nice and cleaned

Andrea gagged again as she swallowed the first load of cum and the second
didn't prove to be much easier. Her legs were falling asleep and she wasn't
close to done. She went back for the third and fourth load and gagged each
time she had to swallow. It was more a mental reaction then a physical one
but nonetheless she was happy when five minutes later she was all done. Her
pussy was covered in a thin layer of saliva, but nothing else. "There," she
said hoping Julia would let her straighten out and un-kink her body.

"But you're only half done," Julia said shoving on Andrea's head a little
harder. She found her mouth next to her asshole but not quite touching.

"Oh come on, I can't even reach," Andrea said frustrated.

"I'm sure if you try, you'll be able to work something out." Julia pushed
harder but Andrea's body was at its limit. She couldn't get any closer.
"Stick out your tongue," Julia ordered. Andrea did so and the tip of it
just barely touched her slightly open rosebud. Andrea could taste the salty
cum. "There, see?"

"And how am I supposed to get any of it out exactly?"

"Oh for God's sake," Julia said now as frustrated as Andrea. "You're smart
girl. Try pushing. That should bring it out to the surface."

"Yeah, that's not all it could bring out to the surface. I'm not eating my
own shit."

"Then you'll have to be careful how hard you push, won't you?" Julia said.
Then as if to emphasize the end of the conversation, she pushed hard on
Andrea's head again. The constant pressure was beginning to hurt so Andrea
got to work, tentatively pushing to bring a little bit of the left over cum
to within the reach of her tongue. She licked up the first bit and gagged
once more. This time she couldn't stop until she had coughed it back up
again and she looked up at Julia pleadingly.

"Oh don't give me that look," Julia said. "Just get down to business."

Andrea pushed again and licked up a little more of the white stuff. This time
she managed to get it down without gagging. It took her nearly another ten
minutes to get the rest since she didn't want to risk eating something even
less desirable. When she finally gulped down the last morsel with only a
slight dry heave, Julia let go of her legs and they immediately fell back
onto the bed. Julia leaned down and French kissed Andrea, hard on the mouth.
"Mm, tasty. I almost regret letting you do it."

"I'm sorry to disappoint."

"Nonsense, nonsense. With a body like yours that'd be impossible." Julia
moved back over to straddle Andrea's hips. "Absolutely impossible." Julia
stabbed the knife into the mattress all the way to the hilt.

Andrea tried to back away again as Julia's hands slid from Andrea's
midsection up towards her breasts. "You know what my favourite part of a
woman is?"

"Don't tell me her eyes," Andrea said still feeling a little disobedient.

"No, don't be ridiculous. Her breasts."

"Ah," Andrea said.

"And your breasts," Julia continued, "Are absolutely gorgeous."

"Not that that'll help me much I imagine," Andrea said.

"Hah, no. Quite the opposite most likely," Julia said as she grasped one in
each hand and squeezed painfully hard. "I suppose I'm one of the unlucky
ones. I don't have a lot of feeling in my tits, so it always seems a little
strange when other women have more then me." Julia squeezed again and Andrea
winced. "It's a little hard to tell how much strength to use. How hard to
grasp, you know that sort of thing. And if there's one thing about another
woman's tits, it's that you can never squeeze too hard." Julia squeezed the
hardest yet and Andrea yelped. Her chest was already getting red. "I think
it's time to get those sexy dark nipples of yours nice and hard." She
squeezed again.

"If you think squeezing the hell out of them is going to turn me on you're
sadly mistaken."

"True, I suppose," Julia said. "I guess we'll have to try another route."
She lowered herself down Andrea's body and gave her left nipple a quick
lick. It almost immediately responded. Julia continued to tongue at Andrea's
nipples for a few more minutes and in no time they were fully engorged.
"There, that's better," Julia said and bit one almost hard enough to draw
blood. Andrea yelped again and Julia did the same to the other.

Julia then reached off the side of the bed and pulled up two clothespins.
Andrea's eyes went wide. She wasn't looking forward to where things were
going. The Spanish woman moved the first one to her left nipple and held
it open on either side of the protruding nub. "You ever had anything
clamped on your nipple before?" Andrea didn't answer. "I thought not."

Suddenly Julia released her grip on the clothespin and it snapped closed on
Andrea's nipple. "Ahhh," Andrea jumped at the sudden pain. Julia moved the
second pin to her right side and held it open like before. Suddenly, she let
go and it closed just as suddenly on her other nipple. "Unnn," she jumped
again. Her breasts were red and her nipples were getting puffy.

With Andrea's nipples clamped, Julie moved all the way up Andrea's body until
she was straddling her face and looking down towards her feet. "Now's your
chance to show what you learned during that practice on yourself earlier,"
Julia said as she pressed her pussy down over Andrea's face. "Make me cum."

Andrea complied, still feeling rather attached to her different appendages.
But she didn't want to go too fast. She was still hoping to stall for time.
Slowly she dipped her tongue into Julia's sex and could immediately taste her
arousal. Apparently she got off on a slightly more forceful variety of sex.

As Andrea licked, Julia put more pressure on Andrea's face. She quickly
realised that the dominant woman wasn't going to let her come up for air
until she was done so again she was forced to do things quickly. She moved
her tongue up to Julia's clit and began licking, sucking and even biting.
Julia gasped as Andrea continued to roughly assault the woman's clit but
she was running out of time.

Feeling low on air she desperately attacked the tiny nub with her mouth one
last time before she felt Julia tense and the woman's cum flowed into her
mouth. But Julia didn't get up. As her orgasm continued, Andrea felt weak.
Her toes and fingertips tingled and then suddenly, everything faded to black.

* * *

Andrea woke up no longer tied to the bed. She was hogtied. Her arms were
behind her back, her legs bent at the knee behind her and all four limbs were
tied together at the wrists and ankles. She was grateful that at least now
her hands were together so she had a chance to untie her bonds. Of course she
was in a slightly more compromising position and her nipples still had the
clothespins on them. They were sore as hell. That thought was quickly pushed
out of her mind however since she was more than a little concerned after
realizing that her previous blackout could have been her last moments on
Earth. She was going to have to find a way out of her situation as soon as

"Ah, welcome back," Julia said. She was holding a cat o'nine tails. Its long
leather handle branched off into nine small whips. Andrea's eyes went wide
and Julia smiled at the response. "My favourite toy," she said with a smile.
"Don't worry, it actually hurts less then a regular whip... At first." She
kneeled on the bed. "Of course, normally one would whip a person's back but
considering your arms and legs are in the way we may have to get creative."
Julia briefly let go of the whip and rolled Andrea onto her back. At least
sort of. To stay straight on her back without rolling over, Andrea had to
balance on her knees and shoulders with her back arched and breasts pointed
high into the air.

"This is so exciting, isn't it?" Julia said, picking up the whip again. "Now
I would expect someone in good shape such as yourself to be able to balance
like that while I do as I wish. If you fall to your side or try to roll away
I'll..." She paused thinking a moment. "Well the knife seems to be a good
deterrent doesn't it. Let's just say if you fall to your side there won't be
anything for those clothespins to clip on to anymore. Understood?"

Andrea nodded, still wide eyed. She'd never felt so at the mercy of anyone in
her life. Damn her for letting Jasper tie her up like that. If she weren't
tied she would have had a chance from the beginning.

Her thoughts were interrupted as the whip suddenly came down across her
stomach in nine different places. Julia wasn't using much force, however, and
it didn't hurt nearly as bad as she had expected. It left her skin red where
it hit and she easily kept her balance. She also realized that with her hands
currently out of sight it was the perfect opportunity to try and get her
hands free. She began to frantically work under her back trying to loosen the
tight knot

Another strike came down over her stomach and this time one of the tails hit
her right breast. Andrea yelped as not only the lash itself hurt, but also
the clothespin that rocked back and forth from the jiggle of her breast. The
next few lashes were more painful as more of them landed on the soft flesh of
her breasts. Andrea continued trying to free herself and after the fifth lash
she finally felt something give. The knot was still tied, but it was a little
looser. If she had the time to put more effort into it she would be able to
eventually free herself.

She stopped working and clenched her fists however, when the next lash came
down over her stomach and breasts. One of them had hit her pussy and she let
out a moan of pain. "How did that feel, huh bitch?"

"What did I ever do to you?" Andrea said before another lash came down again,
this time two or three tails hitting her sex. "Ahhhh."

"You're an enemy of the Coalition. That's enough."

"That kind of blind loyalty will only make you a slave to them."

"Shut the fuck up." Julia came down with another lash, this time hard enough
to break the skin on her stomach. Andrea winced and fumbled with the chain
that was binding her hands once again. It was slower going now since Julia
had not only picked up the pace, but strengthened her blows as well. Each
time it drew blood and soon there were little cuts covering her stomach
breasts and thighs.

With each blow Andrea nearly fell sideways and it took all her strength to
stay on her back. She didn't have much chance to work on her bonds until the
last lash fell across her chest and shook one of the clothespins free. Her
nipple was large and puffy and hurt like a bitch. When the clothespin
released all the blood came rushing back and that hurt as much as the initial
clamp. She grimaced through the pain and loosened the chain on her wrists
once more. Julia then turned the whip around and jammed the six-inch handle
of it into her pussy. "Unnnnhhh," Andrea moaned as it went in with one shove.

"Here comes the real fun," Julia said moving to stand over Andrea's body on
the bed. "I think the only thing that actually hurts worse then all those
little blisters and cuts is whatever you use to sanitize them. Not that
you'll live long enough for infection to set in... It's just the principle
of the thing."

"What the hell are you talking about now?" Andrea said feeling some of her
urge to backtalk returning with the promise of freed hands. She tried to
disguise her moving around underneath her back as much as possible as she
frantically tried to loosen the chain one final small amount.

Julia released the last nipple clamp and tossed it aside. "You're about to
find out." Julia was smiling and Andrea was not looking forward to whatever
came next. Her only hope was that she could get free before whatever came
next started to affect her.

She was almost free when she felt sudden wetness combined with a sharp pain
on her ribcage. She looked up to see a stream of urine coming out of Julia's
pussy and landing over her cut up body. "Unnnnhhh," she moaned out loud as
the urine sent burning pain through her torso. "Fuuuuuuuck," Andrea said
through clenched teeth. No other word seemed to do it justice.

All her muscles tensed and she lost the ability to concentrate on loosening
the chain. Fortunately for her, she had done enough. The sudden strain from
her tensed muscles put enough pressure on the chain to loosen it the last
amount she needed.

As the stream from Julia's pussy came to an end, Andrea worked on unwrapping
her ankles and wrists so she was ready to lash out when the time came. Until
then, she continued playing helpless.

"Well Andrea,' Julia started. "I'm afraid to say that I think you and I are
just about finished with each other." She stepped aside and kneeled down on
the bed beside Andrea. Her hand went to the knife, still embedded in the
mattress. "The next thing this knife tastes won't be foam from the mattress."

"You got that right," Andrea said as Julia gripped the handle.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means I find it ironic that your knot, one of a career killer, is
actually easier to get out of then Jasper's." With that, Andrea quickly
rolled to the side and off the bed. With her hands free she removed the
whip handle from her pussy with a quiet "schluck" and gripped it tightly.

"Isn't that something," Julia said lunging at Andrea with the knife. But
Andrea was in her own element now and she came up quicker with the whip.
"Ah," the nine tails slashed across Julia's face leaving more then a few
long streaks of blood. Her attempt to dodge sent her reeling backwards
onto the bed and Andrea pounced on her, quickly grabbing her wrist and
taking the knife.

"Surrender and I won't kill you," Andrea said hoping to end the fight now.

Julia spat. "I never leave a mission incomplete." She kicked Andrea off and
lunged at her again, this time unarmed. Andrea came up defensively with the
knife and it plunged into Julia's torso. She gasped and fell backwards one
more time. A moment later, she was dead.

Andrea stared at her for a moment, trying to figure out her next move. She
would have to leave the tower with her friends as soon as possible. Once the
Emperor found out she was still alive he could choose to take her out right
away. "Shit," Andrea said to herself realizing how serious her predicament
was. There were no clothes in the room and the bed sheet was soaked so she
simply dropped the whip and still holding the knife, she went out the main
door. A young man was walking by and stopped in his tracks when he saw her.
"Please, don't hurt me. I'm just here on vacation.

"Where's Jasper?" Andrea said, ignoring his plea.

"W... Who?"

"Jasper. She has bright red hair, lots of tattoos."

"I saw some uniformed guy take her into room three. Looked like she was in
trouble. Just don't hurt me, please."

Andrea ignored his last comment again and walked right by him. She found
room three as quickly as possible. Sure enough, there was an armed, clothed,
Coalition officer standing outside the door. He hadn't seen her yet and he
was a short distance away. The hall was empty, so Andrea ran straight at him
while he was still looking the other way and tackled him to the ground. In
one swift movement she grabbed his sidearm and hit him on the back of the
head with it. He fell unconscious and Andrea opened the door to the room. She
quickly dragged him in.

"Andrea!" Jasper said standing up off the bed and coming over. "Holy shit,
are you okay?" She had seen all the cuts and her glistening skin. Andrea
imagined she didn't smell all that nice either.

"Just peachy. Come on, we have to go." Andrea let go of the officer when his
feet passed through the door and went back towards it with Jasper.

"Why, what's going on?"

"Someone just tried to kill me."


"A Coalition assassin. You were scheduled to take the fall for it."

"Are you serious?"

"Does it look like I'm joking?" Andrea said gesturing downwards.

Jasper didn't bother to answer directly. "What do you want me to do?"

"Just come with me if you don't want to spend the rest of your life in jail."

Jasper nodded. "Okay."

"How do we get out of here?"

"There's a fire door in the back that has a broken alarm. We can use that

"Okay let's go."

* * *

The two women made it back to Andrea's room fairly easily thanks to Jasper's
knowledge of the tower. She stormed through her main door and into her room.
"Kitty, you here?"

"Ready for your present?" Kitty said playfully. She came out of the bathroom
in skimpy white, see through lingerie. She immediately struck a bit of a pose
and then she noticed Jasper. Her face went to one of surprise and as she
noticed Andrea's wounds it shifted again to one of concern. "What happened?"

"The Coalition just tried to kill me. I need you to round up Ed, Irene,
Aria and Thunder. Tell them they have to get out of the tower as quickly as
possible. Tell them to meet at Zog's clearing. Jasper here will go with you
and I'll catch up as quick as I can."

"What about Tracy, Lee and Bob? Not to mention your brother."

"I think Tracy and Lee will be fine. As for Bob and Chris, I have to go see
them in person."

"Are you sure that's a good idea?"

"Nope. But it's the only thing I can do. Do you have an extra set of clothes
for Jasper?"

"Uh, yeah, I think so." Kitty went to her bag and pulled out a tight t-shirt
and shorts. "It'll be even tighter on someone who actually has breasts," she
said half-jokingly, "but it should work."

"Thanks," Jasper said and put the clothes on. Her nipple rings were painfully
obvious through the tight white fabric and it rode up in her midsection
thanks to her larger bust. But it covered the important parts. Meanwhile,
Andrea went to her own bag and pulled out her t-shirt and pants. She went to
the bathroom with them and Kitty and Jasper left.

Andrea had a one-minute shower, just to wash off the urine and help clean out
her cuts a bit. She didn't even dry herself off before putting on her clothes
and rushing out the door with the stolen gun in hand, and her normal one in a
holster on her belt. She was lucky they had always let her take weapons in
the tower.

Her course was straight to Bob's quarters. She knocked on the door hard.
"Y... Yeah?" Bob said with sleep still in his voice.

"It's me, open up."

"Of course, j... just a minute." Andrea heard him scramble out of bed and
make his way to the door. It opened and Andrea let herself in. "W... what's

"How fast can you launch the ship?"

"Uh..." he fumbled around the night table for his glasses and put them on.
"A... about three days?"

"I thought the hull was complete a week ago."

"Of course, i... it was the first thing we made a... after the engine but..."

"If you've got the hull and you've got the engine then why can't it fly?"

"Well... t... the chair isn't installed yet. The oxygen tanks aren't f...
filled. Communications is out, minus the distress s... signal, main power is
at h... half..."

"How long to fill the oxygen?"

"That's only about an h... hour but..." It looked as if he was going to go on
but stopped. "What is this about, A... Andrea?"

"The Coalition just tried to kill me. I don't think they're going to let me
launch in three days. It's now or never."

"Oh dear..."

"If we strip it down to bare m... minimums, I could probably get it into
space in about s... six hours. But it wouldn't do much more than fly."

"That's all we need Bob. Round up whomever you can trust of the team and get
them down there. I'll go get Chris."

"O... Okay."

Andrea hurried out and went to Chris's room. The door was unlocked so Andrea
let herself inside. "Chris!"

"Yeah?" He said, starting out of bed. "What's wrong?" Andrea grabbed his
clothes from a chair and threw it at him.

"We have to get to the launch bay."


"Because you're leaving tonight. The Coalition just tried to have me killed.
We've got to get you out of here before they lock out the tower."

He was already getting dressed. "Okay. Does Bob know?"

"He's on his way."

Chris nodded and the two left his room.

* * *

Two hours had passed and Andrea was surprised that she had yet to hear from
the Coalition. The first thing Andrea had done was to take out the camera's
in the launch bay but she got a little comfort from knowing that her friends
would be long safe by now.

Finally, Andrea heard a radio transmission through the speakers. "Andrea
Robertson. Surrender your hostages and exit the bay immediately."

"Hostages?" Andrea said quietly to herself. She smiled. The Coalition had
obviously mistaken the reason she took out the cameras. That would give her
a chance and it also explained why it took them so long to respond. They
were treading carefully. Andrea walked over to a phone and picked it up.
"I'm assuming you guys are already on the phone line?"

"State your demands," a tough sounding man said.

"To talk to General Johnson for starters," Andrea said without hesitation.
"Phone me back when you get him on the line." Andrea hung up and hurried
over to Bob. "You're going to have to hurry. I don't know how long I can
keep them occupied."

Bob nodded. "W... we're going as fast as we c... can, Andrea."

"I know." The phone rang and Andrea walked back towards it. She picked it

"Andrea, what the hell are you doing?"

"Come down here and talk to me in person, Jack." She hung up the phone again
and waited. Hopefully that would buy her another few minutes.

Three minutes later there was a loud knock on the door. Andrea smiled and
walked over. She stood aside as she opened it so no one on the other side
would get a shot at her. Jack walked in and she shut and locked it once
more. She was glad she happened to be in a launch bay. The reinforced doors
would provide an excellent barrier between the Coalition and her.

"Andrea, what the hell are you doing?" Jack repeated after he was inside.
Andrea ignored him as she finished locking the door. "I said..."

"I heard what you said." She was still holding the stolen gun in her right

"That's Coalition issue if I'm not mistaken," Jack said looking at it.

"I stole it off an officer I assaulted."

"Ah, I see."

"I just survived my first political assassination attempt."

"What are you talking about? And why aren't these people..." Andrea put a
hand up to his mouth and a finger over her own to indicate quiet. She grabbed
him by the arm and brought him over to Bob.

"What do you have that's really loud?" She said to Bob.

"Uh... T... The saw should work for what I th... think you have in mind." He
walked over and turned it on. Andrea joined him with Jack.

"Thanks, Bob."

"No problem." He went back to work and Andrea turned to Jack. "Okay, now you
can talk."

"You trying to give us a little privacy? It's not going to matter because I'm
not going to be on your side about it."

"You want to hear me out first?" Jack frowned and crossed his arms. Andrea
continued. "The Emperor just sent someone to try and kill me."

"I find that more then a trifle unbelievable. The Emperor doesn't resort to
that sort of thing."

"Oh really?" Andrea said and lifted her shirt up passed her breasts.

"What happened?"

"They were supposed to make it look like a murder / rape when I was up in the
dome. She did her share of the latter, I'll tell you that."


"Yeah, Jack. She."

"Are you okay?"

"DOES IT LOOK LIKE I'M FUCKING OKAY?" Andrea was yelling as she dropped her
shirt. She realized a moment after her burst that the towers surveillance
devices probably picked that up and she made an effort to lower her voice.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean it like that."

"I'm really sick of hearing 'I'm sorry' out of you, Jack. Are you going to
just keep saying it or are you actually going to help me out for once?"

Jack frowned and hesitated. "What do you want?"

"Three hours. That's it. I just need three more hours." Jack was still
frowning and he looked less then enthusiastic. "You owe me, Jack. Besides,
these people obviously aren't hostages and they're certainly not in danger."

He was still hesitant. "I'll see what I can do."


"I should wait around in here for five or ten minutes longer before I go
back. Just to buy you the extra few minutes."

Andrea nodded. "Good idea." She paused for a minute, thinking. "I need to
get out of here when the ship launches and I don't want to start a war to
do it."

Jack sighed. "Beats the hell out of me. Taking hostages is a pretty good way
to start a war."

"Look around, do they look like hostages?"

"No, Andrea they don't. But it doesn't matter. If what you say is true then
the Emperor will force you to take a hit in the media. It doesn't matter if
it's true or not. You're going to get bad publicity."

Andrea sighed. "As long as everyone is alive, I guess I can deal with bad

"Good, because there's not a damn thing I can do about it. You've got to take
some of the hits yourself, Andrea."

"Some of the hits? I've taken all of the hits so far. It's been non-stop. You
might as well throw a spring on my ass because I keep taking them and coming
back for more." Andrea sighed. "Some of the hits," She said to herself as if
it were funny.

"Your best chance of escape is through the fire door. When you launch it'll
set off all the alarms and they won't know which are which. If you can think
of a distraction, I can pull our men off the back doors and move them
somewhere else. That part is up to you."

"Thank-you," Andrea said now calm again. "I..." She turned to look at him.
"Just thank-you for always believing me."

"Just remember all this next time you say I don't stick up for you. This is
as likely to get me killed as it is you."

"I know," Andrea said quietly. "I know." She walked back over to Bob to see
how she could help out. Jack stayed a few more minutes and then left through
the main door. Andrea locked it after him.

* * *

It was nearly three hours later and Chris was preparing to get into the
plane. Andrea watched, remembering the words of wisdom he left her the last
time he left. This time he wasn't even coming over to her. He was going to
leave without saying good-bye. Andrea stood and walked over to the small
shuttle as he was entering the hatch. "Chris, wait."

He stopped in the doorway and turned to look at her. "What is it?"

Andrea was a little speechless. "Weren't you going to say good-bye?"

"I don't like good-bye's."

"You didn't used to mind them," Andrea said.

"Things change. People change." He made a motion to go inside again and
Andrea climbed the stairs after him.

"Chris, wait."

"What is it Andrea?"

Andrea leaned forward and hugged him. "I know you've changed. So have I. But
I'm going to miss you anyway. Try and get back here again soon. I'll see what
I can do to clean this place up for you first." Andrea broke the hug and took
a step back.

"I'll miss you too, sis. Say hi to Tristen for me." He made another move to
go inside and Andrea stopped him once more.

"One more thing." Chris stopped again. "Last time we did this you gave me
some 'words of truth,' as you put them. Well I've got some for you now."
Chris stepped out of the doorway and stood on the platform, closer to Andrea.
"You uh..." Andrea hesitated. "You've always been a good person. And you
always will be. Things'll work out for you."

Chris looked a little stunned. "That's it? I mean, no offence, but I was
expecting something a little deeper."

"It doesn't get any deeper then that Chris. That's all there is."

"Hm. Guess so. See you later, Andrea."

"See you." Andrea stepped off the platform and Chris entered the ship. Andrea
looked over to Bob on her right. "How long until he lifts off?"

"A... About five minutes."

Andrea nodded. "Good. Is there a radio in here I can use?"

"Over by the w... wall." Bob pointed.

"Thanks," Andrea said and moved over to it. Before picking it up she closed
her eyes and tried her best to concentrate. "Irene?" She thought out loud,
hoping her link with the other Invid would connect them. There was a short
pause and Irene answered.

"Hi, Andrea."

"Hi. Are you near Aria?"

"Uh huh. Do you want me to tell her something?"

"Yeah, can you tell her not to do what I'm about to say over the radio?"

"Why would you say something to her over the radio if you didn't want her to
do it?"

"Just tell her, okay?"

"Okay." There was another pause. "She just called me names but I think she
heard me before she started swearing."

"Okay good. Thanks."

"You're welcome. Bye."

"Bye," Andrea thought to her friend, and picked up the radio. She encoded it
the best she was able, knowing that the Coalition would be able to break it
without a problem, and spoke into it. "Aria, come in please?"

There was a pause and Aria picked up. "Yeah? What the fuck do you want?"

"I'm trapped in the tower here. I need you to bring the troops. Get them out
front of the place. With a little luck they'll be more willing to talk if
they think I'm here in force."

"You sure? The Coalition would tear them to pieces if anything happened."

"Just do it, okay?"

"Yeah, okay fine."

Andrea hung up the radio. Hopefully that would be the distraction that Jack
needed to pull troops off the fire escape. Andrea walked back over to Bob.
"You coming with me when I take off?"

"H... honestly, I think I might stay here."

"You sure?"

"D... Despite the Coalition, I c... can do a lot of good h... here."

Andrea nodded. "You're probably right. I'll be seeing you, Bob."

"Y... you too."

Andrea walked over to the fire escape and waited. A couple minutes passed and
the side of the building opened. The ships engines fired and a few seconds
later it was out of the bay, heading into orbit. Andrea watched in silent awe
as the first space ship to leave Earth in four years took off to try and make
it past the Invid. She hoped Chris could make it, but didn't have any more
time to waste. She exited the fire escape door and when she reached the
bottom floor, she found no one outside. "Thanks, Jack," she said to herself
and took off into the heart of the city.

* * *

"Andrea?" It was Irene's voice. Andrea was sleeping rather restlessly when
she heard it?"

"Yeah?" Andrea said aloud.

"You don't have to speak out loud. I'm in your head." Irene sounded sad.

"Oh, sorry. Are you okay, Irene?"

"No. Can you come see us? We're at the usual spot."

"Us? Who's us?"

"Um, Destiny, Claire and me."

Andrea's eyes widened a bit at that. She sat up and moved to her clothes.
"Yeah, sure. I'll be right there." She got dressed and hurried towards the
usual clearing.

About twenty minutes later, Andrea was there and the three Invid were sitting
in a semi-circle. Irene still looked ready to cry but the other two seemed
fairly neutral. "What's going on?" Andrea said approaching the group.
"Where's Cliff?"

"Cliff wasn't invited," Claire said.


"We've got some good news for you, Andrea."

"Good news?" Andrea said still surprised. "What kind of good news could make
Irene so upset?"

"We talked your proposition over with the All Mother. We're leaving."

"You're what?" Andrea said, now completely floored. "Leaving? Just like

"Just like that. In light of recent events she decided that humans are more
trouble than they're worth. We're going to use Earth as a buffer and try
another planet. She liked that idea."

"When are you leaving?"

"Tomorrow morning."

Andrea was speechless. She stood there awestruck and eventually collapsed
into some semblance of a sitting position.

"We're never going to see each other again," Irene said with tears rolling
down her cheek. "I don't want to lose you." Irene rushed over and gave Andrea
a strong hug. Andrea was still too shocked to return it.

"I'm sure... I'm sure it'll be okay, Irene," Andrea said, attempting to
comfort her.

Irene sniffed. "Maybe. But I'll miss you."

Andrea sighed. "I'll miss you too."


Andrea nodded. A year ago she never would have thought she would be missing
an Invid. "Really." Andrea broke the hug and stood up. "So that's it, huh?
Just like that?"

"That's it," Destiny said. "Although, we have a gift for you. Something for
you to remember us by."

"A gift," Andrea said.

Destiny reached behind her and lifted up a folded black piece of cloth. It
seemed to be the same fabric that their clothes were made out of. "It's a
body suit. Fitted for you." She stood up and held it by the shoulders so
that it hung down in front of her. "Try it on."

Andrea smiled. She began to get undressed and while she did so, Claire said,
"It's alive, you know. It's self-cleaning, and self repairing. If you cut it,
it will heal itself and if you injure yourself somehow it can alter itself to
apply pressure to wounds and the like."

"You're kidding," Andrea said now naked. She took the suit from Destiny.
"That's amazing."

Andrea stepped into it and lifted it up onto her shoulders and put her arms
through the sleeves. It stopped at her wrists but included boots that were
extremely comfortable. There was a slit down one side from her neck down
past her breast to her waist. Andrea couldn't find a zipper to do it up.
"How do I seal it?"

"Just close it at the top. It'll meld itself together."

Andrea did so and watched in amazement as the seam disappeared to form a
solid jumpsuit. It was very comfortable and very skin tight. Her nipples
showed through easily and so did all of her muscle definition. "Thank-you,"
she said honestly.

"You're welcome," Destiny said. She walked over and gave Andrea a hard hug.
"And thank-you."

"For what?"

"For educating me." Destiny stepped back and Claire came in for her turn.
She hugged Andrea tightly.

"Thank-you," Claire said.

Andrea wasn't sure what to say. "You're welcome," was all that would come

Eventually Claire stepped away and Irene came in for another hug. Claire and
Destiny each gave her a respectful nod and left the clearing. Irene stayed,
and continued to hold her friend well into the night.* *

* * *

"Are you sure you know what you're doing?" Aria asked as Andrea, still
dressed in her new 'Invid suit' began walking away from camp with nothing
more then her .45 to defend herself.

"I'm sure I know what I'm doing."

"Fuck," Aria said to herself and began walking with Andrea. It was dawn and
she was heading off to meet her troops. To meet her troops right outside
Trump Towers as she had done for the last month. "Are you /sure/ you know
what you're doing?"

"Aria, I'm sure," Andrea said trying not to be aggravated. "If I don't go,
the Coalition will take them back and I'll lose half my army."

"And if you do fucking go, they could shoot you on sight."

"No, they'll try and arrest me first."

"Fuck. Like that's a whole lot better."

"Trust me."

"I don't fuckin' trust you, okay? That's why I'm coming with you." She picked
up her bag and began to follow.

"Are you sure you know what you're doing?" Andrea said with a smile."

"Ha ha. We'll see who's fucking laughing when you have a sniper bullet in
your brain."

"Oh ye of little faith."

"Fuck you."

Andrea smiled and patted Aria on the shoulder. "You're a good friend, Aria."

"And a stupid one. I can't believe we're going to go back there after they
just tried to have you whacked."

* * *

Andrea got to Trump Towers about an hour later. Her usual training group
was there, and so was most of the rest of them. Apparently word about the
previous evening had already spread. At the head of them were four power
armoured Coalition soldiers. Andrea smiled as they approached them. "You
guys worried that two isn't enough this time?" Andrea turned to Aria,
"maybe they do learn from their mistakes."

"Hah, I fuckin' doubt it," Aria said.

"Are you Andrea Robertson?" one of them said ignoring the two of them.

"Yeah, I am," Andrea said. She was all too aware of her troops listening with
breathless anticipation. They didn't know what was about to happen, but they
knew it could be bad.

"You're under arrest for terrorism."

"Terrorism," Andrea said repeating it. "I see. You mind if I tell them?"
Andrea gestured to the group of soldiers.

The Coalition officer hesitated but eventually nodded. "Go ahead."

"Thank-you." She looked to Aria. "Can you translate when I'm done each


Andrea spoke up so as many as possible could hear her. "As many of you have
heard I'm in some trouble with the Coalition for something they haven't quite
described to me yet. I suspect it came from a meeting with the Emperor that
ended rather poorly. Regardless, they want to arrest me and I can only assume
put me on trial."

Andrea paused and took a deep breath before she started again. "What you
haven't heard, is that for the last month and a half I have been conducting
secret negotiations with the Invid." There were some gasps and murmurs of
surprise throughout the crowd but they quickly hushed again eager to hear
more. "The negotiations have ranged from reparations to public apologies to
farming policies of the Invid flower.

"Well I have some good news. While there won't be any reparations or public
apologies, they have agreed to something rather substantial."

"What's that?" One of the crowd members said. "They goin' to torture one in
six people instead of one in five?"

"They're going to leave." The crowd was dead silent. Andrea had never been
anywhere so quiet. It was as if the wind, the birds and their breathing had
suddenly ceased. "By the time you all go to sleep tonight, Earth will be
free again."

There was stunned silence for nearly a full minute and then suddenly the
crowd erupted into a roaring cheer. Andrea turned to the Coalition officer
with a big smile on her face. "Well I don't know about you, but I think my
popularity just went through the roof. I think you'll be wanting to drop
those charges now."

The officer was nearly as stunned as the crowd. "I... I'll have to clear that
with my C/O."

"You do that then."

"Uh, yes ma'am." Andrea heard him click on his radio behind his helmet. "Uh,
Captain? You'll never believe what just happened."

Suddenly, as if on cue, the first Invid ship began climbing into the
atmosphere along the horizon. More and more followed them until the sky was
nearly as black as when they invaded. As Andrea watched the black cloud of
slips slowly disappear into space, she thought about the ease of her
negotiations and of something her father once said.

"Things are generally easy for one of two reasons, Andrea. They're easy
because they're meant to be. Because they're the absolute right thing and
everyone can see it, or... Or much more frequently, they're easy because
someone is missing something important from the big picture."

As she watched the last ships disappear out of sight, she got a sinking
feeling and couldn't help but wonder... What was she missing?

End Part 16

Next: Six chapters left as Andrea takes a well-deserved vacation to Cuba.
But when she gets there, she finds the country had a unique deal with the
invading aliens and now their way of life is falling apart. It's not over
yet folks!


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