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owned by myself, and this story is a complete work of fiction.

Roseanne: DJ The Pervert Part 1 (bf,inc)
by Doug Wherr
Chapter 1

The first time Becky caught DJ peeping on her in the shower, she let it go,
but after he'd been doing it every day for a week, she got pretty pissed off.
She tried telling her parents, but they didn't do anything about it, so Becky
devised a plan of her own.

One morning, Becky went into the bathroom and undressed for a shower. She
kept on a bathing suit so she wouldn't have to expose herself to DJ. She
turned on the shower and waited. DJ crept in the bathroom in his bathrobe
like he'd been doing every day the past week, pretending to be going in for
his own shower and not knowing Becky was already there. Once Becky saw him,
she jumped out of the shower and ripped off DJ's bathrobe. She grabbed a
camera that she brought in with her and took a picture of DJ completely
naked. "Now, if you don't stop looking at me in the shower," she yelled at
him, "I'm going to show this picture to all of the girls at your school. Got

DJ stood there for a second and then began to cry.

"Oh God," Becky said as she realized what she had done to her brother. She
embraced him and began to apologize, trying to calm him down. "I'm sorry, DJ,
I just didn't want you looking at me when I was naked. I won't show that
picture to anyone. I'm really really sorry..."

As she was apologizing to DJ, she felt something poking her leg. It was DJ's
4 inch erect cock. He didn't acknowledge the fact that he was hard, but Becky
blushed as she realized that her breasts pushing up against DJ's face when
she hugged him was what made him get an erection. She didn't even know that
he could get erections: he was still a prepubescent boy, not even 12 yet.
Then something occurred to her.

"DJ," she said, "When you were looking at me in the shower, were you...doing
anything else?"

"You mean rubbing my penis?" he said.


"Yeah, I was. Why?"

Becky had been hoping that once he grew up a bit, she could have some sexual
fun with him, and now she was wondering if she could start early, considering
the circumstances. "DJ, would you like for me to teach you about sex?"

"I already know a lot about sex," he said.

"Well have you actually done anything?" Becky asked.

DJ put his head down. "No," he said.

Becky smiled. "Would you like to?"

DJ got exited at the thought of actually doing something with his sister who
he'd been admiring. "Sure!" he said.

Becky slipped off her bikini bottoms, revealing her bald pussy. She had grown
some hair there before, but she always shaved it in case she had a sexual
encounter. "Now, DJ, I want you to lick all around my pussy."

DJ did as his sister asked. He started licking her pussy lips, the inside of
her pussy, and her clit which was exposing itself. She became very wet and
hot as her brother went back and forth from her clit to just inside of her
pussy with his tongue. She untied her bikini top and threw it aside, letting
DJ see the round, B cup tits and tiny pink nipples he always jacked off to.
DJ got more excited seeing them, and started going faster.

"Yes, DJ, that's it!" she moaned. Her body started to tremble and her pussy
juices started flowing onto DJ's face. He kept going all through her orgasm,
giving her the best pleasure she ever had.

Once it was over, she told DJ to stop. "You did great, DJ. Now, how about I
suck on your cock?"

"That sounds great!" he said.

Becky got down on her knees in front of DJ so that her mouth was level with
his still hard cock. She took it all in her mouth and started sucking. As she
began bobbing her head back and forth, she began playing with his balls. DJ
moaned while getting his first blow job. He reached down and played with
Becky's tits, bouncing them up and down and tweaking her nipples. After a few
minutes, and Becky going as fast as she could go, DJ began to cum. A very
large load of semen shot into Becky's mouth, filling it up completely. With a
few gulps, she drank all of it. She then licked off the remaining cum from
her brother's dick.

"That was great, DJ. Meet me again tomorrow morning, and I'll show you how to

"I'll be there."


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