Roseanne (mmFFff, inc, orgy)
by Raven Freak

Roseanne was sitting in the kitchen all by herself when D.J. walked in and
sat down beside her at the table. He rested his head in his hands and looked
her straight in the face. She looked back at him, wondering what he was up
to. For a while, he said nothing, but continued looking at her. Finally, he

"Mom, what does sex feel like?", he asked.

Roseanne was stunned. He almost never mentioned sex to anyone, let alone
her. She wanted to run from the room but instead, she embraced his question.

"C'm here, let me show you", she said as she led him into the bedroom.

D.J. was only fifteen but she figured that he'd better learn about sex now.
And who better then his own mother. She told him to sit on the bed while
she began to strip for him. D.J. got pretty excited and his cock began to

She started by taking off her shirt, which revealed her massive, bra covered
tits. Then she unhooked her bra and let her gigantic boobs flop free.
D.J.'s eyes widened at the sight of them. She dropped her pants to the floor.
She was wearing while panties, which she also took off and threw to one side.
By this time, D.J. had his hand on his pants, massaging his hard-on.

Roseanne walked over to her son and took one of her huge boobs in her hand.
She then put it to his mouth. He licked and sucked on it like he'd been
doing this forever.

Roseanne threw her head back enjoying her son's lips on her nipples. While
he was sucking on her boob, she thrust her hand down into his pants. The
young boy jumped with surprise.

She took her tit out of his mouth and began to undress him. When he was
completely naked, she laid down on the bed and told him to get on top of her.
He did so without question, anticipating the pleasure he was going to have.

He took his hard cock in his hand and guided it to his mother's opening, then
thrust inside her. He thrust in and out hard while his mother moaned her
pleasure. Just then, Darlene walked into the room. D.J. stopped dead in his

"What the hell are you two doing?" Darlene asked.

"D.J. asked me what sex feels like so I'm showing him," Roseanne answered,
then said, "Get undressed and join us."

Darlene complied, undressing as fast as she could. She quickly moved over to
her mother and sat on her face. Darlene had a very contented look on her
face. She felt that this was her natural place to be, on top of her mom's
face. Roseanne quickly went to work, licking and sucking her daughter's clit
as she moaned in delight as D.J. continued fucking her.

All three were moaning so loudly that it caught the attention of Jackie in
the next room. She stood up and walked over to the doorway of Roseanne's
bedroom. She stood there for a few moments, not making a sound. She then
unbuttoned her pants and thrust a hand inside her now damp panties. Watching
those three get it on really turned her on. She dropped her pants to the
floor, took a step into the room, her nice legs moved as if by a will of
their own.

Jackie walked over and knelt down and began to suck on Darlene's nipples, as
Darlene road her mothers face. Jackie and Darlene began to french each
other, and fondle each others breasts. Then they began to touch each others
clits, then Jackie had one of Darnel's fingers inside her slit, as Darlene
began to finger fuck her Aunt. D.J. was still fucking his mother wildly as
Roseanne ate out her daughter.

As D.J. pumped into his mother, Darlene reached over further and pulled his
head to her, and began to kiss her little brother. At that moment D.J. began
to come in his mother.

After he was through, D.J. slid his dick out of his mother and rolled off
her, but instead of getting up he started to suck on Darlene's boobs. Jackie
was quick to lap up the juices that coated her young nephews still rigid
cock. D.J. looked down in surprise at his Aunt sucking on him, and his
erection was instant. Darlene smiled at her younger brother, leaned over,
and kissed him again deeply on the lips. Her tongue parted his lips and
wrapped itself around his tongue. Jackie was still happily sucking away on
the young boys cock when Darlene came all over her mother's face.

Roseanne was quick to lap up her daughter's juices. Darlene continued to
moan in delight while she continued to kiss her brother. That's when they
heard the door slammed. The four of them stopped. Jackie got up and went to
the doorway to see who it was. She looked around the corner to see Becky and
Mark come into the kitchen.

Jackie put her shirt on and walked into the kitchen, her beautiful legs still
bare, and completely naked from under her shirt.

The young couple stared at her in amazement. She grabbed onto them and
dragged them into the bedroom. When Mark and Becky saw what was going on,
they were shocked. Then, Becky finally spoke.

"Hey Mark, looks like fun," she said lifting her shirt over her head.

After a moments hesitation, Mark joined in, taking off his jacket and
removing his shoes. When he was completely naked, he grabbed Jackie by the
waist and dragged her to the floor. He went right to work, licking and
sucking on her pussy while his wife looked on, smiling. He then took her
shirt off over her head and threw it aside. He mounted Jackie's nice slender
body, and planted his swollen cock head at her sex opening and thrust it into
her. Mark fucked her deeply while Becky fingered herself enjoying the show.
Just then, Becky felt a hand on her shoulder.

She turned around to see Darlene motioning her to lie down on the bed. Becky
noticed that her sister was wearing a strap-on cock. A big black one that
contrasted nicely with her pale skin.

Darlene straddled her sister and shoved the dildo into her wet hole and began
to fucked her deeply. She moaned loudly while her sister rode her for all
she they worth.

Suddenly, just when Becky was about to cum, there was a loud noise coming
from outside. It sounded like a car door slamming. Becky had cumming when
Roseanne told everyone to get dressed and clean up. When Dan came through
the back door, everyone was sitting in the living room watching TV as if
nothing had happened.

Although, Becky looked a little breathless.



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