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Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Maria/Michael

Keywords: mf, f-dom

Summary: Michael's been a bad boy and Maria has had it with him.

Author's Notes: This is my first attempt at NC-17 fic and if that's not
enough, it had to be a BDSM fic. It's pretty soft-core but it still contains
domination and sex so if you don't like those, skip this fic.

Roswell: Crime And Punishment Part 1
by Aelita

You open the door. It takes less than a second for you drop the scowl when
you see me standing outside. A tiny surprised smile curves the corner of your
lips as your eyes drink in my appearance. Don't worry sugar. I'll wipe it

I enter and sharply turn around. You lock the door and open you mouth to ask
what I'm doing here but I'm faster. I push you forcefully and your back hits
the door. Astonishment flashes on your face but you're not angry. My hand is
still resting on your chest and you're waiting. You don't know what you're
waiting for, you just know you should.

"I'm sick and tired of your controlling our relationship. You decide when we
break up, you decide when we get back together. You decide when and where to
drag me for a make out session." I take a step closer, my face so close to
yours you can feel my breath. Thank you Fredericks for selling 9 inch heeled
shoes. "So today we will have a little reversal of roles. Think you can
handle it?" I rise my eyebrow and stare at you, hoping that I sound as
confident as want to.

I can see you struggling within yourself. You want to play this game. I know
you do. I can feel it pouring of off you. But you're scared. Can't blame you.
You're a control freak. Giving up control is hard even in games like this, it
requires ultimate trust. So the million dollar question is... do you have
this trust in me?

You'll have to trust me with more than just your body. Your body is tough and
strong. But despite the front you put up, I know your mind is fragile... your
heart... your self-respect... don't worry honey. I'll be gentle. I'll never
hurt you.

Something in your eyes changes and I see you've reached the decision. Your
lips move but I clasp my hand on them before you make a sound. "Nah-uh. The
first rule is you will not talk unless I tell you to talk. I don't want to
hear one sound out of you without my permission. Is that clear?" You nod
silently and I feel a little light-headed. You do trust me. I let a light
smile touch my lips and my fingers slide off your mouth in a gentle caress.
"Good boy."

I walk into the room, suddenly not sure of my next step. I had it all planned
but now I can't remember one thing. I turn around and look at you watching

"Do you like what you see?" You nod eagerly and I know you're not just saying
this. "I chose this outfit just for you." I pirouette once. I like sexy
clothes but this is too much even for me. Leather skirt is way too short,
showing off a tiny line of naked skin where the black thigh highs end. Black
leather corset narrows my waist and at the same time pushes up my breasts
almost to the point of the falling out, yet making them look bigger. My
make-up is heavier than usual and my hair are swept up in a French twist with
a few loose curls framing my face. I feel a sexy and lascivious... but it's
strangely liberating.

Regular Maria would never wear this outfit. Whoever I am now is not
as important as the fact that she can do anything she wants with no
consequences. Because once the outfit comes off, she disappears.

I sit on the couch and spread my legs a little. Your eyes widen and you gulp
as you realize that there is nothing underneath that tiny excuse for a skirt.
Any other time you'd be all over me by now, but even though we've never
played this game before, you know the rules. You hands curl into tight fists
but you keep yourself under control and stand still. I smile at you, pleased.

"Very good boy." I murmur and call you with my finger. "Come here." You take
a few steps toward me and stop when your feet almost touch mine.

"I want you on your knees." You slowly fall on your knees between my legs,
your hands on your sides. I lean forward and caress your face with my

"Well well well. If you proceed this way I may not get a chance to punish
you." Something flashes in your eyes, is it fear? Or desire? I touch your
lips gently with mine. You're not sure whether to respond or stand still.
Your body overrules your mind and your lips yield under mine. I deepen the
kiss, my teeth grazing your delicious lips. You're breath shallows and you
lean forward, your hands grab the couch to prevent from grabbing me. I
whisper into your mouth, "I want your tong. Give it to me." You obey by
thrusting it into my mouth. I suck on it gently at first, but increasing
the force slowly. A moan escapes your mouth and I push you away, groaning
inwardly. I don't want to stop either but I have to play by the rules also.
You gasp as you steady yourself and try to catch your breath.

I sigh disappointedly. "And you were doing so good." You brows frown in
confusion. "I said not a sound." Recognition flickers in your eyes, quickly
followed by alarm at what I'm going to do next. "Get up and take two steps
back." You do so, observing me cautiously, not sure what to expect from me.

"Take off your shirt." You grab it eagerly but I shake my head. "Slowly." I
cross my legs and see a flash of distress in your eyes at the loss of a view.
You gradually unbutton the shirt and shrug it off. "Now the rest." I see a
tint of blush on your cheeks and bite my lip to hide a smile. I've seen you
naked many times before but this time it's different. The lights are bright
in the room, I'm still dressed and show no intentions of getting rid of my
clothes. My intense stare increases your self-consciousness and if you were
moving any slower... I'd cum before you finish. Because you have definitely
nothing to be embarrassed about. My eyes roam over every aspect of your
amazing body... well-defined muscles of your chest and stomach... your
arms... did I ever tell you how fascinating your arms are? They're ravishing.
But what about you isn't?

Your blush deepens as you see my eyes proceed lower to your rock-hard

You like me watching you. You cock jerks slightly when I lick my lips. I
can't believe such a simple gesture could cause a reaction.

My breath quickens, I feel flushed just from the view and I have a wild urge
to push you onto the floor and fuck your brains out right there.

I settle for walking up to you and letting my hands explore every striking
muscle I can find. I circle you like a shark circles a prey. I start with
stroking your naked chest and stomach, watching as you hold your breath as
my hands move lower... slowly changing direction when I'm less than an inch
away from your erection to the back and running my nails up and down your
back lightly. I create an imaginative trail from your shoulder blade to
your left ear and follow it with my tong, stopping for teasing love bites
every now and then. Your breath is raspy and I can feel the muscles on your
back tighten.

I let my warm breath tickle your ear as I speak softly.

"Lesson number one." My hands grab your ass and you tense up. I rub it gently
and feel you relaxing a little. I leave one of my hands on it as I move to
stand to the side of you. You turn your head and look at me.

God you're beautiful.

I slowly squat down until your erection is right in front of me. "This..." I
run my tong along the length of your cock and watch you bite your lip to keep
from crying out loud. "... is what good boys get." Your jaws are so tight I
get the feeling your teeth hurt but you keep silent. You're good but I have
the advantage. My lips wrap around the tip of your shaft and I gradually take
it into my mouth. As I pull my head away, I suck lightly and this time you
can't handle it, you can't stiffen the groan.

I take my mouth of your hard rock erection and stand up, locking my eyes with
yours. The lust in them is almost enough to start a fire. "This..." my hand
raises and slaps your ass sharply but not even strong enough to leave a mark,
"... is what bad boys get." You gasp and your hips jerk forward, more from
the surprise than pain, but you don't break the stare and the desire isn't
withering. My hand runs up your back to the neck and I pull you closer to my
face. I brush your lips with mine and whisper. "It's up to you who you'd
rather be."

I sit back on the couch and resume watching you. One of my hands starts to
dance on the edge of my confining corset, lightly brushing against my
breasts. I roll my head back a little and sigh deeply as the warmth starts
to swirl inside my body, traveling form the hard nipples to the sensitive
nub between my folds. Your eyes bulge as my breasts rise and almost fall
out of it. One of the nipples managed to escape and is peaking out now. I
pinch it slightly and start rolling it gently with my fingers, moaning
softly. Through the lashes I see you swallow hard. My hand proceeds to the
left and releases the other breast as well.

"Mmmmm... this feels good... oh god... mmmmm..."

The room is filled with the sound of my sultry voice as I kneed my breasts
and play with my nipples, and your harsh breathing as you can't move your
eyes away.

* * *

I spread my legs even farther and start rocking my ass in slow, sensuous
manner. My skirt rides up and I'm almost as naked as you are. Your tong darts
out and licks your lips, but I can see you imagining that you're licking
something else. Your cock jerks and throbs in response to your imaginings.

"Come here." This time you don't wait for command and kneel in front of
me. "Like the view?" You nod. I take your hands and put them on top of my
thighs, where the naked skin begins, only inches away from my wet center.
Your fingers twitch but you keep your hands where I placed them. Your mouth
is open and you lick your lips again. "Would you like a taste?" You nod
even more vigorously.

I smile wickedly. My hand snakes down and you watch mesmerized as my fingers
slide between my outerlips and start caressing my hot core. I moan louder and
dip my middle finger inside, my body jerking in response. You tighten your
hold on my thighs unwillingly, your fingers almost bruising me with the force
it takes you to control yourself. Not that I mind. I slide another finger in,
letting my other hand drop from caressing my breast and strike my clit
lightly. Knowledge that you're watching me intently sends jolts of fire
through my body. I can almost feel your eyes on me, igniting more craving for
you to touch me.

I don't think you see or feel anything except what my fingers are doing now.
The desire and need you project excite me even more than I thought possible.
I take my fingers out and this time I'm the one who has to bite down a moan
of disappointment. I outline your lips with them and you breath in deeply the
scent of my arousal.

"Go on. Taste it."

You grab both digits with your mouth and suck them fiercely. I close my eyes
as your tong glides around them and your teeth graze them barely.

"Enough." You stop immediately and pull your mouth away. I can't take it. I
grab your hair and pull you in for a harsh, almost brutal kiss. You're not
the only one having hard time controlling yourself. You seem to realize it
because you respond just as savagely. When I pull away we are both out of
breath and groan with desire. I don't have the heart to reprimand you this
time. Especially since your hands are still in the same place.

"I think it's time to put that talented tong of yours to a better use."

I push down your head lightly though there is no need. You're too eager as
it is. I gasp harshly at the first touch of your tong. I don't know how you
do it but you always manage to find just the perfect spot. You twist you
tongue around my clit and my hips jerk up. You put a little pressure with
your hands to keep them steady as you let your tong dance on my most
sensitive parts. I feel my back arching and my fingers dig into your hair.
I think I'm groaning but I'm not sure. I'm not sure of anything but your

You sink a little lower and your tong enters me, I feel my muscles starting
to clench and this time I scream.


Your fingers replace the tong inside of me, pumping me as you suck on my

Fuck control. I wanna cum.

You feel it. You enter third finger into me and start moving faster as my
hips rock harder and harder against your head. I feel like I'm about to float
away, warmness at the bottom of my stomach turning into burning sensation
that threatens to engulf me whole. I grab your shoulders tightly, digging my
nails into your skin, writhing against your hand and my body convulses with
a silent scream as orgasm takes over.

I loose a few minutes. When I come to I see you staring at me. The expression
on your face is indescribable. A mix of amazement... desire... and strangely
satisfaction. You slowly withdraw fingers from my sex and lean in for a
gentle kiss which I accept zealously.

"Someone's been a bad boy." You smirk into my mouth but don't deny it. I pull
away and trace your cheekbone with my nail. "I didn't tell you to use your
fingers, did I?" you shake your head. There is a slight change in your
demeanor. You seem to be more accepting, more into the game. Is it because
while watching me cum you realized how intangible the sense of control is?

"Then someone will have to be punished, won't he?" For a second I sense the
remains of resistance in you. Your internal struggle between submission and
defiance is evident in the mulish expression on your face. You stare into my
eyes and nod. The last traces of fear are gone.

"Get up." You take a few steps back. I take out a silk scarf from my purse
and wrap it around your eyes. I take off my clothes finally and stifle a
giggle as I watch your face grimace at not knowing what's going on around

I lead you to the other side of the room and sit on the bed. You're standing
in front of me, your erection right before my mouth.

"Clasp your hands behind your head." You comply, your cock twitches as the
warm breath from my mouth brushes it when I talk.

My head descends and I take you in my mouth gently. I start out torturously
slow, increasing the force and speed gradually. Involuntarily you start
rocking your hips lightly and it gives me an idea. I pull away and weary for
a second. This might be a step too far but I can't not try it.

I turn you so that you're standing sideways to me and wrap my fingers
loosely around your shaft. I start jerking you off, my touch is still too
light to allow you to cum. I let my other hand rest on your ass, keeping
you from moving your hips. You last about three seconds and start rocking
again, moaning softly. Your body is redolent with the odors of sweat and

I stop pumping you but I tighten the grasp barely. You freeze and grunt,
your posture begging me to continue. I feel myself getting wet just at the
thought of what I'm about to do. Am I normal? I don't know. Right now I
don't give a damn.

My hand raises and lands on your ass with a loud smack. Your hips jerk
forward and as they do, I tighten the hold on your cock. My hand flashes
down again almost immediately with a little more force and this time you
buck even harder. A loud groan escapes your mouth, an encouraging sound.

You don't know whether the fire radiating through your body is coming from
the sting of the slap or the friction between my hand and your cock and you
don't care. The feelings of pleasure and pain interlace with each other,
complimenting one another.

Determinedly I spank you a few times more, watching as your cheeks tighten
and relax... your cock slides in my hand... and your skin reddens a little
with each blow. Your groans grow louder and more urgent. Your ball tighten
and I know that one more thrust and it'll be over.

I take my hands off and walk around you. I push you and you blindly follow
my direction as you fall on your back on the bed. I straddle you and rip off
that goddamenned blindfold. I want to see you. Your eyes are wide and frantic
as you beg for release.

I shift so that the tip of your cock is touching my dripping slit. Your hands
grab my thighs and you push up, but so do I and you're deprived the pleasure
of entering me. If you're the one being punished than why am I feeling

"Maria." You can't take it anymore, your harsh voice is pleading me.

"Maria what?"

"Please let me fuck you."

One smooth thrust you are inside my pussy to the hilt, shafting me deeply
and powerfully, your thickness stretching me wide.

The aroma of lust is surrounding us, taking me closer to the edge.

I raise my hips and feel you moving away from me, your cock almost sliding
out completely and just when it's tip is almost out we both thrust toward
each other powerfully, our pelvises crushing against each other... we
repeat... again and again...

My hands drop on your shoulders for support and my nails dig into your
flesh. You'll have marks tomorrow. My marks. That thought releases
something animalistic in me. I lean over with a growl and reach for the
juncture between your shoulder and your neck with my teeth.

The sharpness of the bite triggers something in you and your thrusts increase
in force and speed, chanting my name in hoarse howls.

My body starts convulsing as my climax builds and I thrash harder and harder
in perfect sync with you.

We both groan... no it's not a groan. It's a scream. I feel sourness in my
throat so it must be loud but I barely hear it. All my senses are lost. I
can't hear... I can't see... all I feel is every inch of your cock sliding
inside me and the hard bone of your pelvis rubbing my clit harshly.

I'm exploding. There is no other way to say it. My whole body is burning up,
every part of it tightens into a steel knot and suddenly breaks into a
million cells, each one flying into a different direction and I see stars...


I feel your hips jerk against me with each pulsation that tears through you
as you cum and your warmth fills me.

I fall on you, completely drained. If the wold started collapsing around us,
I doubt either one would move. Your hands wrap around my back and caress me
lightly. Slowly, in unison, our breathing calms and slows. You roll carefully
so that we're lying on the sides, still wrapped in each other and kiss me
lightly. I don't have energy to even kiss you back.

As I fall into a light dreamless slumber I hear you whispering,

"I don't know what I've done to deserve this but you have to let me know so
I'll do it again."


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