Roswell: Maria's Initiation (Ff,mF,mf,inc,voy)
by Bob Decker - [email protected]

Maria DeLuca sat on the edge of her bed staring at a picture of her
boyfriend, Michael Guerin. "Spaceboy ... " she sighed "I love you so much but
you make it so difficult," she whispered. She had just finished her shift at
the Crashdown Cafe so she was still wearing the waitresses uniform - a green
dress with a short skirt covered with a silver apron in the form of the
classic grey alien's head with large black eyes that served as pockets. A
pair of silver antennas on her head completed the outfit. Maria had always
thought it silly but she lived and worked in Roswell, New Mexico, center of
the universe for crashed aliens, and she was surrounded by references to them
from the UFO museum to inflatable green dolls. She smiled ... the aliens she
knew weren't green or grey, they were quite cute and good looking ... and she
was in love with one of them ... Michael.

He was going to meet her here in an hour and she should have been getting
ready for an evening out with him but instead she was daydreaming and staring
at his picture. She was about to get up when she felt a strange, tingling
sensation between her legs. Now she felt hot all over ... looking at a
picture of Michael was having a strange effect on her lately ... and instead
of getting up she raised her legs onto the bed and pulled up her skirt. She
slid a hand down over her stomach and across her panties. She groaned as her
hand felt the wet patch on the crotch of her panties. She realized that she
was going to be late for Michael's date but in this state she knew that she
had to relieve herself or she'd be restless all evening. She raised her hips
and pulled off her panties, raising them to her face to smell her own
fragrance before tossing them onto the bed next to her. Her green eyes
sparkled as she slowly slid a finger across her wet slit all the while gazing
at Michael's image, imagining that it was he who was touching her private
parts. She moaned loudly with excitement, then bit her lip to stifle the
noise because her mother was in the kitchen downstairs.

Her eyes closed as her finger rubbed the top of her slit in a circular
motion, occasionally sliding further down and dipping between the lips into
her hole. Her fingers glistened wetly with her juices as she continued to
rub her exposed clit. Maria's eyes were still closed and she was in total
ecstasy when the door opened suddenly and her mother, Amy DeLuca came in
holding a plate with biscuits and a glass of lemonade. "Maria, I thought
you might be hungry ..." she began before her eyes saw Maria on the bed,
then she gasped and the plate fell to the floor with a crash, biscuits and
lemonade flying everywhere.

"Mom!" Maria screamed as she sat up on the bed trying to pull her skirt
down to cover her nudity. Mrs DeLuca was very angry and was on the verge of
grounding her daughter for a whole year ... my god, she thought, her baby
had been masturbating ... then she remembered with a start that her "baby"
was seventeen years old and at that age she too have been very active
sexually. Her anger subsided and she came to a decision. It was time to
initiate her daughter into adulthood just like her mother had done to her
all those years ago. She smiled reassuringly at Maria who was blushing
furiously and frantically trying to put on her panties but failing miserably.

"Don't move, I'll be back in a moment," she told her in as stern a voice as
she could muster and she left the room. Maria didn't know what to expect next
but she was sure it wasn't going to be anything good for her. Besides, she
was feeling like she could die of shame ... what was her mother going to
think of her ... that she was a shameless slut!? Why, oh why hadn't she
locked the door? She was trying to think of a good excuse to explain away
what she had been doing when her mother popped back into the bedroom carrying
a small elongated box. Mrs DeLuca sat down on the bed near her daughter.
Maria stammered something about having an itch on her thighs and ...
"Ssssshhh, honey. I know exactly what you were doing and it's nothing to be
ashamed of. I do it too sometimes." This revelation shocked Maria. Her mother
was admitting to her that she masturbated!? Amy DeLuca opened the box she
carried and took out a long cylindrical object, about an inch in diameter,
and bright green in color.

"Do you know what this is?" Amy asked her surprised daughter.

"No Mom," Maria replied a bit too quickly. She had a puzzled look on her face
but in reality she knew all too well what that thing was and she was blushing
as she looked at her mother holding one in her hands. At one end the object
was blunt, while at the other end it had an almost spherical bulge which
tapered off into a point. Painted on the bulge was the usual grey alien face
- large black eyes, two tiny holes for nostrils and a small slit of a mouth.
It was similar to the other thinga-majigs that her mother peddled to the
tourists who came to Roswell, but Maria realized that this particular item
was something that her mother would certainly not sell during one of the car
boot sales the local church organized every Sunday.

"It's a dildo," Mrs. DeLuca told her stunned daughter, "we women use it to

"Mom!" Maria interrupted her, embarrassed by what her mother had been about
to say. Of course she knew what a dildo was ... what she couldn't understand
was why her mother was brandishing one before her.

"Maria, now listen and don't interrupt," she told her sternly. "Today I'm
going to show you how we women give pleasure to each other when the men we
love, leave us." Tears filled her eyes as she remembered her husband, the
father Maria hadn't known. She glanced at the picture of Michael Guerin and
she knew that someday even he would leave her daughter ... it's how men
were, Amy knew. She wiped the tears away. "Maria, relax and lie down."
Maria was still in shock so she obeyed. "Now spread your legs," Amy DeLuca

"What!?" Maria gasped, sure that she had misunderstood what her mother had
just said.

"I said spread your legs," Amy repeated.

"But, Mom ....!?" Maria whined, extremely embarrassed at what she was being
asked to do ... she knew it was her mother, but she had just been in an
aroused state and she was all wet between her legs and she didn't want her
mother to see her that way.

"Maria, obey," Amy snapped in the tone of voice which Maria remembered from
when she was younger and her mother had caught her stealing from the cookie
jar. She obeyed reflexively, parting her naked legs exposing her groin.
"Good girl," her mother mumbled as she put the green dildo into her mouth
and ran her tongue over it until it was wet all over with her saliva.

"What are you doing with that?" Maria gasped in amazement, but a moment later
Amy DeLuca had bent down over her daughter and with two fingers of her left
hand spread her labia and positioned the dildo between the puffy cunt lips.

"This might hurt a bit," she warned her now speechless daughter as she
pushed the dildo into Maria's exposed hole. Maria gasped as the cold metal
penetrated her and she instinctively closed her legs but her mother was in
the way. "Ok Maria," Amy said as the dildo's bulge with the painted alien
head disappeared entirely into Maria, "at first it will feel strange having
something like this inside you but you'll get used to it very soon." She
continued to push the dildo in until it was buried to at least 5 inches of
its length, then she said, "Now here comes the fun part." Amy pushed a small
button embedded in the base of the dildo and it lit up with an eerie green
glow ... it also began to vibrate.

Maria whimpered at first ... she had never felt anything like this, not even
when she had allowed Michael to stick one finger up her cunt! Then she began
to pant and moan loudly as her mother twisted the dildo slightly and it
began to have a tremendous erotic effect on her. Mrs DeLuca turned off the
vibrator. "Did you like that honey?"

"Oh yes Mom! That was great," Maria humped her groin reflexively at her
mother's hand ... a small part of her brain couldn't believe she was actually
doing this ... "please turn it back on."

Amy DeLuca grinned at her horny daughter, "See I told you that was going to
be fun. Now let me get into a better position for this." She climbed onto
the bed and knelt between her daughter's legs, bending over until her face
was level with Maria's crotch. Her nostrils flared as she smelled her
daughter's flowing juices.

"Mom? What are you doing?" Maria said the surprise at this new turn of events
evident in her voice. But Mrs. DeLuca didn't answer - instead she turned the
vibrator back on. Maria tossed her head back as the vibrating dildo caused
waves of ecstasy to spread from between her legs, so she didn't see her
mother stick her tongue out and lick her wet snatch around where the dildo
penetrated Maria, but she did feel it and she groaned, "Mooooommmmm stop!!!"
partly disgusted at what her mother was doing and partly enjoying the
incredible sensation at having a tongue touch her there. But Amy didn't stop.
She continued lapping at Maria's puffy cunt lips and at the exposed inner
pink flesh of her daughter's pussy. Simultaneously she began to pull the
dildo in and out and twist it gently as it vibrated in her daughter's hole.

Maria Was overcome by ecstasy and all she could do was grasp at the bed
covers, moan like an animal in heat and buck her hips wildly at her mother's
face as she wished the dildo would go even deeper into her vagina! Her mother
obliged until only one inch of the glowing green dildo was visible between
Maria's legs. Besides pleasing Maria, Amy DeLuca need to gratify herself ...
tasting her daughter's juices and inhaling the pungent yet fragrant aroma had
turned her on and her own juices were flowing freely soaking her panties and
inner thighs. She reached back with her one free hand and pulled up her long
skirt until her butt was exposed, then she pulled aside her panties and slid
a couple of fingers into her own cunt.

Mother and daughter were too consumed by passion and lust to notice that the
bedroom door had swung open.

Michael Guerin had a date with Maria at 7pm and he knew that if he was late
she wouldn't speak to him for a week so he had arrived several minutes early.
He had rung the doorbell and waited but no one had answered. The light in one
of the windows upstairs was on so someone was at home ... maybe something had
happened to Maria or her mother...? Michael was worried so he decided to go
in. The door was locked but that wasn't a problem for him - he pressed his
hand against the lock and it glowed briefly and the door opened as his alien
powers re-arranged the lock's molecules. "Maria? Mrs DeLuca?" he called but
he there was no reply. He did hear strange moaning sounds from upstairs ...
now he was very worried so he raced up the stairs three at a time and pushed
open Maria's bedroom door expecting to see everything except what he actually

Mrs. DeLuca was kneeling on the bed her naked butt raised up in the air,
fingers inserted between her pussy lips, the slit wide open glistening and
pink between the fleshy folds. Michael had an instant hardon which only
doubled when he looked beyond Mrs DeLuca and saw Maria also lying on the
bed her legs spread wide apart, feet in the air and what appeared to be her
mother eating her out!!

"Holy shit!" Michael whispered as he automatically put a hand over the bulge
in his trousers and began to rub it, highly aroused by the incestuous scene
of mother and daughter consumed in a sex act. The two women hadn't noticed
him yet so he quietly stood near the door, pulled down his zipper and freed
his hard cock from his pants. He began to jack off as he continued to watch
Amy DeLuca pleasure his girlfriend and her daughter, Maria. Minutes passed
and he couldn't stand to watch without doing anything any longer. He was
transfixed by the sight of Mrs. DeLuca's cunt as she rubbed herself. For a
women in her mid-thirties, Mrs. DeLuca still had a great figure and her butt
was perfectly shaped without any extra fat. Unable to stop himself, Michael
stepped forward and placed both hands on Mrs. DeLuca's ass. She jumped,
startled and twisted her head around ... "Michael!?" she gasped. Maria was
still in the throes of passion but she too cried ... "Michael!?"

"Yeah, it's me" he said grinning at the older woman and younger teenager.

"This is not what you think it is," Amy DeLuca stammered wondering how she
was going to explain this to the boy, then she noticed that he had pulled
his cock out of his pants and was jerking it with his hand! "Michael what
are you doing with that?" she asked with a frown on her face knowing that
this was soon going to get out of control.

"I don't know exactly what you two are doing but you look great," he told
Mrs. DeLuca who blushed at the compliment. "Now shut up and just continue
what you were doing before I came in," Michael ordered.

Mrs. DeLuca realized that Michael's hormones were raging and that no amount
of arguing was going to stop him from what she guessed he had decided to
do. So she relented ... after all she hadn't had a man for ages ... Sheriff
Valenti had never made it past the preliminaries before being called by his
deputy. She winked at him and said, "I'd really like to see whether your
cock is good enough for my baby."

This made Maria say "Mom! What are you going on about ... Michael, go away!
Can't you see you're embarrassing me?" She just couldn't believe what her
mother had just said to her boyfriend .. though she should have expected
anything from her mother today after all she had just been through.

Michael didn't obey Maria, instead he pressed his body against Mrs. DeLuca's
butt and she grabbed his cock with her wet fingers, guiding it against her
hole. Michael pushed forward and it penetrated Amy's cunt. "Wow! you're so
tight and hot, Mrs. DeLuca," he said as Maria looked around her mother and
saw Michael humping her raised ass. Her green eyes opened wide in shock and
she felt a twinge of jealousy. But that feeling soon passed as her mother
began to lick her clit with a renewed fervor. Minutes passed as the three
of them were locked against each other in ecstasy, then Maria cried "Mom!
I'm gonna cum now!" and her hips began to buck wildly at her mother's face.
Amy pulled out the dildo from her daughter's cunt as she came. Maria gasped
loudly, once, twice and then three times, her back arching off the bed then
flopping back down as rivulets of thick pussy juice flowed out of the gaping
pink hole, down between her buttocks and pooled on the bed sheets. The
pungent aroma filled the room exciting Michael so much that he suddenly
jerked his cock out and came over Mrs. DeLuca's ass cheeks in creamy spurts
of jism.

Maria lay gasping for breath on the bed, totally exhausted. Her mother stood
up, wiped the stick mess off her butt with a hand which she then licked
clean. "Mmmmmh," she murmured her eyes glazed over with lust, "it's been a
long time since I've tasted that." Then she turned to Michael who stood
there, his hand still holding his cock and his mouth opening and closing in
amazement at what Mrs. DeLuca had just done. "Now you take good care of my
daughter, you hear?" she told Michael and pointed to the bed.

Michael nodded, "Yes ma'am I will," he finally had found his tongue.

"Then what are you waiting for?" she asked, "I bet at your age you still
have lots of cum in those nice balls of yours," she said squeezing his ball
sac gently. Michael's dick had gone soft but now as Amy DeLuca touched him
it stiffened again immediately. He grinned, then jumped on the bed next to
Maria. This was an offer he couldn't refuse!

Mrs. DeLuca sat down on a chair in a corner of the room to watch as Michael
pushed a stunned Maria onto her side, lifted up her right thigh and pushed
his cock into her dripping wet and tight seventeen year old pussy and began
to fuck her hard. It happened so fast that Maria didn't even have the time
let alone the presence of mind to stop him ... she just lay there as her
boyfriend reamed her cunt for the first time ... in front of her own mother!!
Not only that but her mother had just been ramming a dildo into her pussy and
licking her clit ... Maria knew that mother's weren't supposed to do that ...
it was incest ... totally wrong ... but Maria didn't care now. All she knew
was that she had enjoyed it tremendously and she was enjoying the feel of
Michael's cock in her now ... so much so that she came again with an even
larger orgasm that the one she had had previously. Michael rode it out inside
her feeling Maria's vaginal walls contracting against his cock, then he
withdrew and came as well spraying jizz all over Maria's blonde pubic hair
and onto her flat stomach.

Maria and Michael both slept then. When Michael awoke, Mrs. DeLuca wasn't
there but she had left a note for Michael near the door.

"Don't tell Maria," the note said, "but you can visit me whenever you want a
good fuck! Love, Amy."

Michael grinned ... he would never have imagined that Maria's mom, so
protective of her teenage daughter was such a slut. He didn't mind at all ...
'Whoever had said that earth girls were easy sure got it right,' he thought
as he went back near the bed and caressed Maria's milky white thighs and
pulled open her blouse to expose her small perky tits. Michael's cock was
rock hard again and he said .... "Maria, wake up ..."

The End


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