Roswell: The Girls Of Roswell - Liz And Izabel (ff)
by HaRkOnIn ([email protected])

It's another crowded busy day at The Crash Down. Customers are coming and
going. The front door of the place is swinging open and shut like a
revolving door. It's almost mezmorizing. Atleast to the employees anyway.
As usual, Liz is taking care of waiting on customers, while Maria is stuck
once again as she always is, with doing the dirty work. But today, she
really didn't mind it. Especially after what happened between her and Liz
a few nights ago. After that night, Maria's attitude and feelings towards
her best friend completely changed. And it apparently changed Liz's
feelings towards Maria as well, because every time they passed eachother
going about their duties, they gave eachother a beautiful smile.

Just then, through the front door came Max, Tes, and Izabel. Michael of
course was in the back cooking. If he were up front paying any attention at
all, he would complete the alien foursome. On any typical day, he usually
was hanging out with the rest of the group, but today, he was called into
work because the new cook Liz's father hired a couple days prior took the
day off to go to some party.

Maria was carrying a try full of dirty dishes to the bus cart. As she passed
Izabel, she suddenly became very nervous. Izabel always made her nervous,
ever since the day she found out that her, Max, Tess, and Michael were all
aliens. Even though she grew to like Izabel very much, and became friends
with her, she was still nervous around her.

Suddenly, Izabel's stare directly into her eyes made Maria drop the tray of
dishes. It came crashing to the floor and she dropped to her knees and began
picking up the broken pieces of ceramic plates and cups. Liz looked at her
from across the room and immediately went to her and started helping. Izabel
slid out of her seet and knelt down beside Maria and began to help as well.

Maria: Izabel, you don't have to do that, I'll get it.

Izabel: It's okay, I mean I caused you to do it.

Liz: What do you mean?

Maria: (Embarassed) Well, ever since I found out about this whole alien
thing, every time I see Izabel, I get really nervous.

Izabel: Maria, I thought you were over that. I told you, I would never do
anything to hurt you.

Maria: I know, I just can't help it. It gives me the creeps.

Liz: Maria, calm down, it's okay. Look, why don't you go in the back and
see what you can do to help Michael. I'll take care of this.

Maria: (Getting up) Okay.

Liz finished picking up the dishes. Izabel was just about to get up and sit
back down but Liz grabbed her arm and pulled her back down.

Izabel: What?

Liz: Iz, can you stick around after closing? I really need to talk to you.

Izabel: Ummm, I gotta get home soon, can't it wait?

Liz: I guess.

Izabel: What's this about?

Liz: (Standing up) Nevermind. It can wait.

Izabel: You sure?

Liz: Yeah.

Liz picked up the tray and carried it to the back and dumped all the broken
pieces into the trash. Michael was leaping between the grill and the sink
doing the dishes, jamming to some heavy metal music on the radio.

Liz: Michael, could you turn that down please? People are complaining
about it up front.

Michael reached up on the shelf just above the sink and turned the radio down
a notch and gave Liz a quick smile and continued doing the dishes. Liz
backed out of the door and went back to waiting on customers.

Later That Night

It's around midnight, and the place was just about empty. Michael let the
last customer out and locked the door. Then he turned around and saw Izabel
sitting at a table in a sicluded corner.

Michael: (Walking to her) What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to
go home or something?

Izabel: Yeah, but Liz said she needed to talk to me about something. It
sounded kinda important, so I'm waiting for her.

Michael: I'll go tell her you're here.

Izabel: NO! It's okay, she'll see me here whenever she's not busy.

Michael: It's no problem Iz, I'm on my way out anyway.

Izabel: Michael! It's okay. Go home.

Michael shrugged and unlocked the front door and left. In the back, Liz and
Maria were changing out of their uniforms. Both girls getting dressed, the
whole time staring at eachother's bra & panty covered bodies. Both getting
a little turned on. Both thinking about what happened a few nights ago and
getting really hot.

But instead of jumping at the opportunity Maria was offering, Liz simply
turned around and reached into her locker and grabbed a pair of clean shorts
and a T-Shirt and put them on. Maria shrugged and figured Liz was just too
tired, and put her clothes on as well, then Maria went out the back door and
went home. Since Liz and her family lived in the apartment in the back of
The Crash Down, Liz stayed. Placing her uniform in a plastic bag to take
upstairs to wash, she set it in the corner near the steps up to her apartment
and went through the kitchen to the front of the restaurant to make sure
everything was locked up.

Izabel: (As she passes her) Liz!

Liz, startled turned to face Izabel with a surprised look on her face.
Izabel stood up and crossed the room and stood in front of her.

Liz: Izabel? I thought you had to go home.

Izabel: I know, I decided to stick around. You said you wanted to talk
to me about something?

Liz: Well yeah, but you didn't have to wait. It could have waited for
another day. I don't want you to get in trouble.

Izabel: Don't be silly. We're friends right? And you sounded urgent
when you said you had something you wanted to talk to me about.

Liz: (Smiling) Well it's not really that urgent. I.... I just wanted to
ask you a couple personal questions, that's all. I've had this on my mind
for the past 3 days, and I just have to talk to somebody about it or I'll
absolutely go nuts.

Liz pulled a chair away from the nearest table and sat down. Izabel pulled
another chair from the same table and put it directly in front of her and
sat down in it, crossing her right leg over her left. As she did this, she
looked up at Liz, and noticed her staring.

Izabel: Liz, what's going on?

Liz: Izabel, I think I'm changing.

Izabel: What do you mean?

Liz: You know....

Izabel: (Catching the hint) Oh you mean, you're becoming sexually active.

Liz: Right. But it's not what you think.

Izabel: Liz, it's nothing to be worried about. Actually we were all
wondering what was taking you and Max so long to finally do it.

Liz: (Wide eyed) Max? I think you got the wrong idea.

Izabel: (Uncrossing her legs and leaning forward) Wait a minute. I thought
you and Max were together.

Liz: We are... But.... I'm not sexually active with him.

Izabel: Then who? Come on, I won't tell him, I promise.

Liz: Iz, you don't understand.

Izabel: (Excited) Come on, tell me!

Liz: Okay! Geeez, calm down.

Liz slid down in her chair a bit to get comfortable, and was expecting
Izabel to totally flip at what she was about to tell her.

Liz: It's Maria! Okay? I think I'm in love with her.

Izabel's jaw dropped to the floor. She stared into Liz's eyes wide eyed.
A picture of Maria appearing in her head. She almost laughed. But when she
saw how sincere Liz was, she piped up and just sat there, not saying a word.

Liz: Say something.

Izabel: (Clearing her throat) I.. I don't know what to say.

Liz: Well? Is it stupid or what?

Izabel: No Liz, it's not uncommon for girls to make out with eachother.

Liz: (Laughing) Oh we weren't just making out.

Izabel: You know what I mean. It's not uncommon for girls to have sex
together these days. It's the 90s. (Sitting back) I mean.... My mom and I
get together every night and do it.

Liz: (Surprised) You do?

Izabel: Yeah. She gets really lonely when my dad is out of town on

Liz: So she goes to you for sex?

Izabel: Yeah. I mean it didn't start out that way. Usually when my dad
went away on business, she would come into my room and sleep with me. One
night things got a little out of control when she walked into my bedroom
and caught me playing with myself. Instead of giving me a pep talk about
teenagers and sex and how wrong it is to do it until you're married like
parents usually do, she laid down next to me and watched me finger myself
to my first orgasm. I then had several more after that when she pulled my
finger out of my pussy and repaced it with her own. Oh it was so erotic.

Liz closed he eyes and began to feel herself getting wet between her legs.
This story Izabel was telling her about her and her mother was really getting
her hot and horny.

Liz: (In a soft sesual voice) Then what happened after that?

Izabel: (Smiling) Liz Parker, I do believe you're getting turned on by this.

Liz: (Smiling) Just shut up and tell me.

Izabel: (Stiffling A Laugh) Well...

* * *

"Mmmmmmm oh momma, do it to me..... Hhhhh give it to me momma!"

"Oh I intend to sweet heart. Momma intends to keep her finger inside you
until you squiart your juices all over her hand."

"Mmmm yes! Oooooh momma... Oh that feels so good... Play with me momma...
Play with your daugher's pussy..... Mmmmmmm"

"Mmmmmm do you like it when mommy plays with you baby?"

"Mmmm hhhhhh yes mommy, I love it! Hhhhhhhh. Play with me mommy. OOooHHHH

"YES! That's it sweet heart. CUM for your mother! Squirt your sweet juices
all over me!"

* * *

Izabel: After that, I was hooked. When she was finished fingering me, she
put her face between my legs and licked me clean. And then..

Izabel was suddenly interrupted. When her mind came to it's senses and she
pulled herself out of her flash she was having to that day, she looked up and
saw Liz sitting in her lap.. Liz had straddled Izabel's legs, and was now
sitting in her lap, her face inches away from hers.

Izabel: (Smiling) My goodness. You really are horny aren't you.

Liz: Hhhhh yep.

Izabel: So what are you going to do about it baby?

Liz: (Puting her armos around her neck) Well... First I'm gonna do this...

Liz leaned forward slightly and pressed her lips to Izabel's and began
kissing kissing her slowly and passionately at first, but when she realized
that her action was being reciprocated, feeling Izabel's armos around her,
she began moving faster. As they kissed, Izabel felt Liz's body suddenly
shake out of control on top of her.

Izabel: Ooooh that feels good Liz. Shake baby... Mmmmm..

Izabel pulled Liz closer so that their breasts were touching, then held her
there with her left arm and slid her right hand between Liz's legs and was
sent into utter shock when she felt the entire crotch area of her panties
soaked. Liz was cuming uncontrollably in her underwear.

Izabel: Oh my god Liz. Jesus! I've never seen anybody cum so much.

Liz: Hhhh I'm still cuming... Mmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!! OH GOD! MMMmmmmmmmmm!!

Liz had cum so much that the front of Izabel's light blue skirt was now
completely soaked. Liz had cumed so much, that she cumed through her
panties, through her shorts, and all over Izabel.

Izabel: Oooooh that's it baby. That's it! Squirt your juices al over me.

Just then, Izabel felt an orgasm overtake her, and her entire body stiffened
very tightly. She moaned and screamed the whole time, until finally, she
let loose, and relaxed. Liz began to relax from exhaustion, but couldn't
help herself. She just had to continue, even though her body was aching from
all the times she cumed. Liz slid her armos down Izabel's back and grabbed
the hem line of her T-Shirt and pulled it up. Izabel put her arms in the air
and allowed her to take it off. When Liz got Izabel's shirt off, she put her
hands on her shoulders for support and leaned back a little to take a look at
what Izabel was wearing under her T-Shirt, and was very surprised to see....

Liz: Ooooh easy access.

Izabel: Yep.. No panties either. I hate wearing underclothing. It's so

Liz: (Smiling) Me too, but my dad makes me wear it.

Liz stood up and removed her shorts, and her shirt, showing Izabel her bra
and underwear. Izabel then watched Liz reach behind her back and unhook her
bra and let it fall to the floor. As Liz began to pull her panties down,
she saw Izabel do something very erotic. Izabel reached down and picked up
Liz's bra and put it on herself. After eraching behind her and hooking it
and straightening her tits up, realizing that they were too big for it,
litterally bulging out, stretching it to kindom cum, she simply smiled and
reached down and picked up Liz's panties after she stepped out of them,
then she stood up and stepped into them. She bent down slightly and began
pulling them up to her waiste with a little trouble, but managed to get them
all the way up. They were kind of tight on her, and this made Izabel moan
in utter delight as she felt the coldness of Liz's juices upon her pussy.

Liz: Perfect fit.

Izabel: (Smiling) Yep.

The two girls put their arms around eachother and embraced eachother in a
long soft hug. Then they kissed eachother passionately, and Liz grabbed her
shorts and T-Shirt and was about to go up to her apartment for the night but
something stopped her. A feeling. She turned around and saw Izabel cupping
her tits, feeling her underwear on her body. It was a very erotic gesture,
but Liz just couldn't do anymore. Izabel looked up at her and smiled.

Liz: Tell you what. You can keep these.

Liz handed her T-Shirt and shorts to Izabel, who then took them and put them

Izabel: And you can keep my clothes.

Liz: Thanks.

Izabel watched Liz step into her blue skirt and slide her white T-Shirt on.
The two girls embraced eachother in another long soft hug and passionate
kiss, then Liz went upstairs, and Izabel walked home, getting turned on more
and more each time she took a step as she felt the coldness of Liz's soaked
panties between her legs. When she finally got home, she found her mother
laying on the couch in the living room naked, reading a book. Apparently
waiting up for her. And at that moment, Izabel knew what was going to happen

The End


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