Roswell: The Girls Of Roswell - Liz And Her Mother (Ff,inc)
by HaRkOnIn ([email protected])

Liz: Mom, what are you doing?

Liz walked into the kitchen in the upstairs apartment of the Crash Down,
where her and her mom and dad lived. Her mother had apparently gone nuts
with baking and cooking. Pots and pans everywhere, food being prepared on
the counter behind her, all sorts of different dishes. Pasta, hamburger,
steak, several pie plates with crusts in them.

Mom: Oh hello dear. I'm just getting ready for your father to come home
from his business trip.

Liz: What business trip?

Mom: You know hunny. Remeber last week when he said he was going to Santa
Fe to see if he could open another Crash Down location there, to start a

Liz: I remember him mentioning something about it, but I thought it was a

Mom: Yeah, so did I, but apparently he was serious about it. He left this
morning, and said he'd be back tomorrow night.

Liz: So what's with all the cooking?

Mom: Oh you know how I get when I miss your dad. Gotta keep myself busy.

Liz just stood there, leaning up against the counter behind her mother,
admiring the beautiful outfit she was wearing. She always thought her mother
looked so beautiful. Sometimes when Liz would look at herself in the mirror
before going to school every morning, she would stare at herself and note how
much she looked like her mom. Beautiful long black hair, thin body, nice
curves, almost breath taking.

Her mom was wearing a casual outfit for it being so hot. A black sports bra,
black spandex pants, and matching sandals. And her hair was tied up in a
ponytail. Staring at her mom for a while, Liz realized that her mom was
wearing HER clothes.

Liz: Mom? Why are you wearing my clothes?

Mom: Oh I'm sorry dear, I didn't think you would mind. It's laundry day
and I didn't have anything to wear.

Liz smiled brightly at her, letting her know that it was okay. Her mom
turned back around and continued chopping and slicing. As she did this,
Liz continued to stare at her, realizing that her mother looked a hell
of a lot better in her clothes than she did. It kinda made Liz jealous.
But stopping for a moment and looking at herself, Liz realized it wasn't
jealousy. Sitting there staring at her mother, was actually turning her
on. Liz put her hand between her legs and realized that she was dripping,
soaking her shorts with juices. She closed her eyes, trying to hold back
what she was feeling.

She knew what she had to do, in order to overcome this, but she didn't want
her mother to know that she actually preffered women over men. She didn't
know how her mom would react to knowing something like that. But just then,
as she watched her mom holding a big serving spoon to her mouth, licking off
some cherry pie filling, her tongue carressing that spoon, Liz couldn't stop

As her mother continued with the serving spoon, Liz quietly hopped off the
counter and slowly walked up behind her mom. She wasn't really quit sure
what to do, or how her mom would react, but Liz couldn't stop. She just
HAD to do something. She heard more chopping going on. Good, her mom was
busy doing something, maybe she wouldn't notice what she was about to do.

With both hands, Liz reached out and put her hands on her mom's hips and
just rested them there for a moment. Her mom continued chopping, either not
noticing, or not caring about what Liz was doing to her. Stepping a little
closer behind her mom, Liz began to grip her hips a litle tighter. The
chopping continued. Liz was kinda hurt that her mom wasn't paying any
attention to her. So she made a decision. She was going to get her mother
involved in sexual activities with her, even if she had to die trying.

Keeping the same pressure on her mother's hips as before, Liz began moving
her hands up a little, and around her stomach, resting them there for a
moment. The chopping stopped. This was the moment where Liz was either
going to have to go to her room and take care of herself with her fingers,
or where her mom was actually going to join in the festivities. Liz was
kinda scared. She didn't know what was going to happen next. Just then,
before the chopping continued, she heard her mom say something in a low

Mom: Mmmmm that feels good baby, don't stop.

Liz didn't know whether to be absolutely extatic or upset. Her mom sure
wasn't being a very big help. Liz wanted her to be more spacific about what
she wanted. To Liz, it meant that what she was doing to her mother, was
relaxing, and not doing to her what Liz had hoped. But she decided to take
a chance. Liz stepped as close to her mom as she could, making sure that
her whole body was pressed up against her mother's, and she slid her arms
around her from behind, as if to give her a soft loving hug. But when her
strength loosened up, Her mom was still chopping. Liz was pissed now.

She decided to take things further. She reached behind her on the counter
and found the squeeze bottle of honey that her mom was using as a topping
for the cherry pies she was making. She opened the pal of her left hand and
squeezed as much of the honey into it as it could hold, then set the bottle
back down on the counter. Then with her right hand, she pulled open the
waste band of her mother's spandex pants, and slid her left hand inside, the
waste band of the spandex making a snapping sound against her wrist. This
time she got her mother's full attention.

Her mom jumped slightly at the feeling of the cold honey dripping down the
front of her pussy. She tried to pull away, but when she felt her daughter's
fingers carressing her, it felt so good, that she stopped dead in her tracks
and allowed herself to be fondled.

Mom: Mmmmm hhhhhhh....

Liz: Oooooooh do you like this mom?

Mom: Mmmmmmm... Mmmmm hmmmm....

Liz: Oooooh do you want me to stop?

Mom: Mmmmmmm hhhhhh, No..... Please..... Don't stop.... Ooooh that feels

Liz's mom threw her head back, rubbing her hair in her daughter's face.
This turned Liz on big time. She cocked her head to the left and let her
mom's head rest on her right shoulder. As her mom's head rested on her
right shoulder, Liz brought her mouth to her ear and began nibbling on it.
As she felt her daughter's breath in her ear, and her fingers slowly
taking her to an orgasm, Liz's mom reached out in front of her, on the
counter was a big 3 gallon jar of honey that she used to fill the bottle
with. Successfully getting the cap unscrewed, she opened up the front of
her pants and dumped a huge glob of honey all down the front of herself
and put the jar back on the counter and stood there in shock as she felt
her daughter's hand moving all over between her legs, spreading the huge
glob of honey to every drivace it would reach.

The honey her mom had dumped into her pants was now seeping through the
spandex material and running down her legs, making a big sticky mess on the
floor. Liz enjoyed this so much, that she began removing her mom's pants,
then her sports bra, then her underwear, and then removed her own clothes,
and as the two women stood naked in front of eachother, LIz put her arms
around her mother and began to kneel down. Her mom did the same. Mother
and daughter were now on their knees, on the kitchen floor, naked in front
of eachother, and Liz reached up to the counter and took the jar of honey,
the lid was still off of it.

She put the rim of the jar up to her mother's breasts and tipped it slightly,
letting gobs and gobs of honey ooz down her mom's chest. Liz then set the
jar down on the floor between them, and with both hands, she began to spread
the honey all over her mom's tits, then she began to smother it around her
stomach, and then between her legs and inside her pussy. Liz's mom had her
head thrown' back, eyes closed, moaning softly the whole time.

When Liz was finished spreading honey all over her mom's body, she grabbed
the jar of honey and dumped huge gobs of it all over herself, and did the
same. Then she pushed her mom on her back slightly, her mom brought her legs
around the front of her and laid down. The floor was cold and sticky, but
she didn't appear to care.

When her mom was completely flat on her back on the floor, Liz got on top
of her and laid down on her. Their stomachs and breasts squishing together.

Liz: I love you mom.

Mom: Mmmmmmm I love you too baby.

Her mother's eyes widened as she felt her daughter's lips touch hers. She
then closed her eyes and felt in absolute heaven as she felt her daughter's
tongue carressing her own, and then moving around the inside of her mouth,
leaving no corner of her mouth uncovered with her own spit.

When Liz was done doing that, she stood up and turned around so that her
feet were at her mother's head, and she lowered her pussy over her mom's
face and was surprised when she felt her mom's hands grab her hips and pull
her down. Liz let out a scream as she felt her mom shove her tongue inside
her. This excited her so much, that Liz bent down begween her mother's
legs and began wildly licking the honey off of the inside and outside of
her pussy. It wasn't long before the house was filled with loud screams
of ecstacy until finally it all ended in 2 loud groans, as the two women
squirted their juices into eachother's mouths. It was a day to remember.
For bot of them.

The End


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