Note: For those of you who have not played the game Aisha and Dixie are both
hot blonde Texan girls with really big boobs. Dixie wears a white outfit with
cow-spot patterns and Aisha wears white pants and a silver bikini top. Reiko
is a hot Japanese chick who wears a red bikini top and red leather shorts

Rumble Roses: Dixie's Humiliating Defeat (FF,BDSM,viol,voy,cons,ncon)
by Hamster

Dixie Clements didn't understand why Aisha was so pissed at her. Aisha was
incredibly pissed by the way. Aisha let her know that with the merciless way
she was beating on her. Apparently Aisha was still holding a grudge from high
school and she just wasn't ready to let it go. As soon as she had come into
the ring Aisha had suckered her and hit her with a cowbell. Dixie hadn't
recovered since. She had Dixie by the hair and was hammering down on her
shoulder over and over in a brutal and violent manner.

Smash, smash, smash.

Twisting her wrist, Aisha lifted her to her feet and then Irish-Whipped her
into the ropes. Dixie bounced off the ropes then got caught by a nasty
clothesline that sent the blonde flipping through the air head-over-heels.
Dixie landed on the mat with a loud thud. Dixie looked up at the lights in
the arena. She stared at them dumbly. She almost felt as if the lights were
staring and pointing.

Wow, she sure is getting her ass kicked! The lights seemed to say.

The crowd was cheering wildly, which didn't help in the least. Aisha picked
her up and powerbombed her. She powerbombed her again. It didn't hurt anymore
of course Dixie couldn't feel her legs either.

"ONE!" shouted the crowd at once. Uh-oh.

"TWO!!" Shouted the crowd at once. NO!

Instinctively Dixie kicked out of the pin and rolled out of the ring and onto
the floor. She needed to catch a breath. She willed herself to her hands and
knees than stood. Aisha was already there to commence with more punishment. A
kick to the gut, a DDT, kick to the stomach, repeat, repeat. The sexy Texan
cowgirl was starting to hate her job. She was barely aware when Aisha tossed
her in the ring then followed after her. Another spinning DDT. Aisha picked
up Dixie by her blonde hair and gave the other wrestler a hard chop across
the breasts.

SMACK!!! The crowd hooted.

Dixie cried out in pain and clutched at her breasts in agony. Aisha delivered
another loud chop that echoed through the arena. Dixie collapsed backwards.
Aisha put her arms beneath Dixie's shoulder and her hand on the back of
Dixie's head. She pushed Dixie's head forward as she jammed a knee into
Dixie's back and pulled her back backwards. This submission maneuver was just
too much. Dixie blacked out.

Aisha picked up her opponent and threw her over a shoulder. Aisha made her
way to the back with Dixie as her prize.

Later in Aisha's private dressing room...

When Dixie came to she was completely naked and hog-tied.

"uuungh What's going? Hey whatcha you doing girl? Why am I tied up, I'm gonna
whoop that ass of yours but good if ya don't let me go." Dixie threatened.

"Girl you ain't in any position to be making no threats." Aisha said. "Dang
I beat you but good."

"Lousy cheater." Dixie said.

"Excuses, excuses. I won, so I get to decide what my prize is and I thought
that I'd just take that hot little ole hick body o' yours." Aisha said.

"What???" Demanded Dixie as she began to struggle "What are you talking

"Don't be ignorant Dixie. I'm into girls and you have the best body I've laid
my eyes on in awhile now. You were always the prettiest, richest and most
popular girl back in high school. Always walking around like you are better
than me. I think you need a lesson in humility. So I've decided to fuck you
nice and proper." Aisha said.

"No, stop don't." Dixie didn't mind the idea of having sex with Aisha so much
and she would have been glad to do it if Aisha had gone about it properly.
THIS however was humiliating. Dixie began to struggle harder but she was
hog-tied good and tight. Aisha approached the helpless Texan from behind and
cupped her pussy. She let a finger stroke the outside briefly. "Stop that you

"Don't think so." Aisha responded. Aisha grabbed a collar and fixed it around
Dixie's neck. "You are going to be a good little girl and do just exactly
what I say."

Aisha got a remote with a red button on it and pressed it. She pressed the
button and an electric shock coursed through Dixie's body. Every nerve in
Dixie's body felt as if it was on fire. Dixie thrashed violently.

"AIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" The blonde Texan screamed.

"Did that hurt? Well shoot that was on the lightest setting here let my put
it on high." Aisha said.

"NO, please. I'll do whatever you want." Dixie said as her body turned hot
and crimson.

"Anything?" Aisha asked.

"Yes." Dixie said with averted eyes.

"Good." The pop star replied. "Now lay on your back I wanna ride you like a
bucking bronco yee-haw."

Aisha untied Dixie and let the woman lay on her back. Aisha straddled Dixie's
waist and began to grind her pussy against Dixie's as she squeezed the other
woman's big tits. Dixie squealed as Aisha's fingers dug into the soft flesh
of her breasts.

As she clutched the big tits Aisha laughed mockingly. "That's some big tits
ya'll got there. I guess it's true everything is bigger and better in Texas.
Now open that pretty mouth nice and big cause I'm about to sit on your face."

Dixie obeyed as the pop star spread her legs and sat on Dixie open mouth.
Dixie's tongue dove into the sweet depths of Aisha's pussy and swirled around
inside making the blonde popstar rock and moan with ecstasy. Pleasure coursed
through her with each swipe of the cowgirl's tongue. Suddenly from out of
nowhere Aisha was violently knocked off of Dixie and slammed to the ground.

There in her red two-piece stood Reiko. She reached down and swiped the
controller from Aisha then kicked the popstar in the face.

"REIKO!" Dixie exclaimed.

"Quick Dixie, give me that rope." Reiko said.

After Dixie handed Reiko the rope the Japanese wrestler quickly hog-tied

"You saved me from that bitch." Dixie said.

"Of course I did." Reiko said. "You're my best friend."

"I don't know how to repay you." Dixie said.

Reiko approached Dixie and brazenly grabbed the surprised cowgirl's massive

"I think you can come up with something." Reiko said.

Dixie smiled and then kissed her friend. As Aisha looked on jealously Dixie
began to help Reiko out of her cloths. Once the sexy Japanese wrestler was
completely naked Dixie and Reiko began to kiss as they felt up each other's
breasts and asses. They fell to the ground and got into the 69' position
and were soon noisily eating out each other's pussy's. They were moaning
into each other's cunts as they enjoyed each other's tongue fuckings. Poor
Aisha could only look on in frustration.
_ _ _

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