Rumble Roses: Sgt Dixie Clemings Vs Reiko (FF,F-dom,catfight,ncon)
by LilGuy ([email protected])

Reiko stands in the ring dressed in her tight little red shirt and a red bra
that shows off her small but perky breasts. Dixie had challenged her to a
fight. Reiko never turns down a challenge. She figures it would be a fun
match. Reiko's body was nice and toned today. Her abs were flat as a ironing

Then Dixie's music played. It was different. Reiko didn't know it but Dixie
turned heel. She was tired of being the goody two shoes. She was tired of
losing matches. She was going to get dirty. She was Sergeant Clemens now. She
came out in a stripper's outfit, that made her look like a cop. Dixie's
looked even more muscular and toned. Be she knew it Rieko had been stuck
between Dixie's muscular legs as they squeeze her ribs. Dixie breasts were
up to the smaller Rieko's face. They were showing ample amounts of cleavage.
Dixie tapped her on the head.

"Aren't you a little short? This is not a kid's match," Dixie said.

Rekio blushed. "I am an adult!"

"Hmmmm, you could have fooled me by those small breasts," Dixie smirked.

Reiko put up her fists. The bell rang. Dixie clotheslined her before she
could react with a powerful blow sending Reiko spinning. Dixie stomped on
her pussy. Reiko screamed. She wasn't use to just dirty tactics.

"Time for a ride girl!" Dixie said and grabbed her hair.

She went to tossed her but Reiko kicked by stretching her legs. She went for
a few jabs to the ribs and tits and followed it with a leg sweep and knock
Dixie down. Reiko ran up the top rope and went for a dive move.

Dixie got up and caught her by the neck.

"Bad move girly. You can use all that jumping bean tricks all you want, but
end of the day American muscle will always win. She slammed Reiko on the
ground. Reiko laid there. Dixie circles her like a tigress.

She wrapped her legs around Reiko from behind and parted them out making her
screamed in pain. Dixie went under her bra and started to squeeze her breast.
Reiko tried to fight her off but Dixie had a good hold. Her hand was just the
right size to cup them.

"Call this back in my place "milking the cow", but of course we won't get
much from these small fries."

Despite the pain Reiko found herself getting wet. She was blushed with
embarrassment. Dixie was good. She never had her tits handle like this. Dixie
massages the nipples, driving her crazy. She undid the bra on Reiko so the
world could see.

"Time to respect the law!" Dixie said.

"Please stop...nooooo!!!"

Dixie kissed her and explored her mouth. She nibbled on Reiko neck and ears.
She licked her tears.

"Always thought you had a nice little body, mmm tight little ass. Nice and
fun size," Dixie laughed.

She put her hands down Reiko shorts and started to finger her cunt.

"Why you dirty girl...I due believe you're wet. Mmmmm, liquid gold," Dixie

Reiko was moaning loudly as Dixie finger fucked her. She tried to fight the
urge, but couldn't. Dixie was now massaging one breast while suckling the
other. Dixie use her other hand to finger her. The pain and pleasure was too
much. She came. Dixie showed no mercy plunging her finger deeper. Reiko
begged as she tapped out. Her pussy cumming and cumming.

"Not so fast little lady. This going to be a count out!"

She pulled her finger out and licked her finger clean. Dixie pulled off
Reiko's clothes and put her over her shoulder in a vicious back breaker.
Rekio screamed in pain as Dixie casually walked the ring with her in that
position. She slammed Reiko on the floor.

She smiled and went to get her handcuffs. She handcuffed Reiko and took out
a nightstick. She fucked Reiko pussy with it.

"Ooooooooohhhhhhhh god!!!"

"Hmmmm look like your oil is low, girly. Now stand still before I hogtie
you," Dixie said.

"Who's the champion?" Dixie said.

"You are...Dixie is!"

"That not my name girl!"

"Sergernt Clemming!" Rekio screamed.

When she was finished Reiko was passed out. Dixie placed a foot on her and
counted to three. She slapped her awake. Dixie was the new champ.

"Get my belt!" Dixie ordered.

Rieko grabbed the belt and brought it to Dixie. Rieko quickly kissed her

"Not going to break any more of my laws, as in the law against pissing me off
and disobeying me."

"No, mistress," Rieko said both broken and smitten.

Dixie put her over her shoulder.

"Then lets go," Dixie smiled.

The End


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