Rumble Roses: The Dominatrix Vs Becky (FF,F-Dom,fist,catfight,ncon)
by LilGuy ([email protected])
Ms Spencer turns bad

Becky was happy to fight in a match against Ms Spencer it was an honor. After
all Ms Spencer had helped her turn from a life of crime, booze and otherwise
bad behavior.

The match was no rules. They didn't need rules after all; people in the ring
could be trusted. It was a friendly fight. Becky walked in the ring with her
cheerleader outfit and short panties. Her tight shirt barely held in her
breasts that was like two cannonballs.

Then the music played and the lights turned out. Becky couldn't see. She
heard a crack of a riding crop and turned and saw Ms Spencer dressed in
dominatrix outfit.

"Your been a naughty girl," Ms Spencer (aka The Dominatrix) said.

"Ms Spencer what gotten into you?" Becky said.

"Fun, that's what gotten into me. And what going to get into you... is my by
boot in your ass!" the dominatrix said.

The bell rang. The Dominatrix slammed into Becky knocked the wind out of her
with punches to the gut. She swung Becky into the ring post with her back
hitting. The riding crops cracked across Becky making her screamed.

"Feel the pain, dog...FEEL IT!!!" The Dominatrix laughed.

Crack! Crack!! Crack!!!

The crowd counted to 20.

"You're making this quite easy silly girl. Those tits make for a good

Becky falls to her knees crying. The Dominatrix lifted her chin up with the
riding crop.

"Ahhh did I hurt you too much?" The Dominatrix asked.

"Yes," Becky whimpered.


The Dominatrix flipped her over and gave a stomp to her pussy. She grabbed
her panties and ripped them off, swung it around and tossed it to the crowd.

"No, this is not fair play," Becky gasped.

Becky tackled her while she was waving to the crowd and started slapping her.

"Sorry Ms Spencer, this for you own good," Becky said.

Ms Spencer wrapped her legs around her and flipped beck over on her face.
With that she took her skirt off. Ms Spencer wrapped Becky legs around her
in a wheel barrel hold and started to spank her now bare ass.

Becky cried.

"Take it you little wimp. TAKE THE PAIN!!!" Ms Spencer/The dominatrix said

The humiliated Becky was force to walk around the ring on her hands as Ms
Spencer held and spanked her.

"Hurry," Ms Spencer scolded, "you wouldn't believe how much fun this is.
I see that this the only way kids listen. A good beating is the way to
straighten them out. Quit you whimper Ms Welsh. Crying won't save you"

After 10 minutes her ass was red. She lifted her up and slammed her on the
ground in the barrel position. She was on top of Becky and took off her
shirt. A pink bra was underneath. Her cheeks were red with embarrassment.

"Don't be shy girly," Ms Spencer said.

She tore off her the bra showing a nice pair of tits. She grabbed Becky from
behind and pulled her arms and legs. Ms Spencer uses her knee to hold Becky.
She began squeeze her breast.

"Ohhh Ms Spencer!" Becky moaned.

Despite the pain she was getting wet.

"Why you little slut."

The crowd was cheering.

She dropped Becky and dragged her by her legs. She tied her upside down in
the ropes making her wet pussy explode. She places a foot on her neck.

"Now for the final move," The Dominatrix said.

She licked her fingers and started finger fucking her. Two fingers turned to
three, three turned to four and then she had her whole fist in there. Ms
Spencer cruelly kept her on the edge only to bring her back. Becky was
tapping out as she screamed with an orgasm. Ms Spencer just kept going on
causing cum to spray all over the ring.

The Dominatrix twisted her nipples adding pleasure to pain. She suckled her
pusssy and licked the on-coming juices.

"Oh Ms Spencer," Becky moaned "I can't take any more!"

"Tough," the dominatrix laughed.

She finished after some more torture. Ms spencer licked her fingers and
dropped Becky down.

"What have I told you about cleaning up your messes Ms Welsh."

Becky licked up her cum off the ring as the Dominatrix place her heel in
Becky's ass hole... Becky felt humiliated.

"Lay on your back!" Dominatrix ordered.

She did as told. She places a foot on Ms Welsh and counted to three. She then
snapped a leash on her and walked out of the ring.

The End


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